The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Farm Lobbyists Demanding Addilipnai Cuts and Further Price Increase, WASHINGTON.—The • farm recovery act is working so well in certain Instances that AAA loaders already are forced to fight efforts or farm organization lobbyists and iwlitidans for further crop restrictions and price Increases. •Take lobncco. The price for fluc- curcd is now about (!0 per cent above parity. In the case ol each farm commodity, parity is the yoal of Hie AAA act and program. But politicians him so-called farm lenders from tobacco states ure'de- manding a higher processing t:ix. with further production cuts and benefit payments ii-hich itiil force prices still higher. It dm-sn't <lo Secretary Wallace any goml to tell this pressure group thai lie has no legal I'ighl lo runlimic iirocrs&iiiK (axes ami benefit payments for any Icnglh of lime afler a crop lias ratchet! ils .vru-war |iarily | price bavcd nil farm buying MDM- rr. The lobbyists want to go ahead with the KeJT-Smilh compulsory control act. which penalize.'; with n stiff tax any grower who raises more than his quota. "Why shouldn't «e?" they demand. "Look nt tin- lingo profits the clsarct manufacturers arc milking!" This Evidence that farm groups arc following in the footsteps of agriculture und .seeking a permanent "scarcity economy" Is very disturbing lo Wnlbee. BLYTH1WJLLE (AUK.); COURIER NEWS ''Come On, 13oy; Jump And You're Safe" i^§ y w^M&^SM'&myytffK Sprliiu hoods spreadhiB over Ihe lowlands nf cli'lit midwest and southern stales brought, hundreds ol little trat'criJes as thousands of families alj.-indimcd their liomtw Ijcfoa- the rising walcr. Here the camera recorded one such Incident, as ctmrles Monlijomuiy nt Kemictl. Mo., went to the rescue ot his dog savins him from the slump-to]) on which he found him, sill in;; mnrconurt and tcrror-.slricken \ ^--'' the lowlands ol right, midwest Fleming Baby Dies Cicneva Plcinlujf. month-oid ,da«slUcr of Mr. anil Mrs. w. A. Hcmins, died at llie family home about cisht miles soutluvi'st ol Blytheville. nt six 0 ' C -i Qck this iiuimliiR. Funeral scrvlci-s were, held this afternoon ami interment was made at- North Sawba cemetery. Till- L p. Moss Undertaking company was In charge of fifricVal nvrani;cincnts. . The deceased Is survived by.' u*- sidcr her parents, six brothers and four sisters. Vienna Trofcssor to [.whirr VIENNA (UP) - Professor u n Arthur Haas, noted physcist, will lecture next winter in the nrexcl : Instilulc ol PIiiliHlclphia. it is announced here. Professor Haas previously lias lectured at Yale Uni- Topic lor Women o!' (loiinl-v . Lair.fscaphiB will be the theme of mi nil-day meeting of the County Council of Home Demonstration chilis. Ui lie held i\L tho Woman's club Saturday. Officers ami other representatives of llic 45 cluls 1 . in (hi: county are expected lo atk'iid. What members of the cn;l)l clnu.i learned wlien attending the recent IniHlseiipini! school at Marion will \x (old. Kepresentiillvcs of the Hound Lake, Luxora, Dycss, Marie, likron. Hall Moon. Osccola and Whitlon chilis will report the district school, held March lli. Followini; me winning of the national Ccrtillcalc f Award last year by the county group, plans arc being made to win another luvtm! this s'enr. In, taking up landscaping as one' of the 'projects in llic bcautl- flcnllon program, thi'se pluiscs are to be stressed: cleaning np yard, making a plan, underpinning Ihe house, terracing grounds, sodding yard, planting .sluide trees, .screen planning, plain ing of imtrvc shrubs, placing clollies line in back yard, keeping chickens out, ol Iront ynrd, ImviiiR well kepi step.;. giilDS, and drives, keep cutting of shrubs In hand, (ho planting of perennial !li>wci.s anil the planning ol annuals. Lcaclivillc Man Caught While Breaking Window I.KACirviU.E, Ark.—Tom I^Bg Wiw arrested early Tuescliiy morning by Jim Ciinnlnfe' night marshu], while breaking a window In the Eni'Lot! and Byrd wholesale .store, IjCgg was turned over lo W, Ci. Haney, constable, and was taken to Hlylhcville lo face a charge of at- lempted robbery. Ancient Clock's Music Box Lacks Three Tunes . <U1') — Mrs. lilctiard !•;. Norton, socially prominent uiiitron, is searching lor Ihrce pic-lievolulionary tunes wltlmii), whlcli an elalmratc grand- ialher's clock, . built in 176'J, is not complete. In •addition lo two faces which tell time to tlie hour, minute and .second, mill show the course of the planets from day to day. l other two laces possess an inlri- cnte iniisii; liox. Twenty-one of the original tunes which were popular when (he cluck was built still pray perfectly. hilt, the other [luce ancient meltxllcs urc so Indistinct that the music Is. unintelligible. According lo the dials these tunc.s are "Address lo Sleep," "Seamen's Hymn" and "Lady Anthem." Tiiu tunes were popular when the clock was new, Mrs. Norton said lint nut even the Library of Congress has copies or them now. TOO 1,ATK TO ()I,ASS1I'Y Oood ALFALFA hay from $12 lo $21) ton. D. a Giuner, Armorel, Alii - 2l-pk-2!l INTi;i(-ciTV THUCIvlNC CO. Call :i(jl for cpilck pickup and delivery service on freight, WHS. H'ENIIEl.l, 1'1111,1,11'S, A S t. WK SELl, ALL KINDS Building Materials WE ALSO KKLL Co 11 on Seed UtilVI'A I'INE It), WILEY -1 STONEV1LLE. Grow Ions; atripls cotton, 1!;. inch, which is lax free. " Conic to oec us and let's renew our friendship. "Tile Fanner's Friend" Phone 275 W. Main at Cotton Hull n. «. Film MS Says Increased Allowance for Gas Evaporation Barred by Debt Act I.nTI.K HOCK, March 21. (UP) -Last of three hills thai had Jeopardized the state's highway hon-l ivfimdinu program wa s vetoed to- diiy by Cioi'. J.'M. i.'ntrcll. It was Senate Hill MO, b y Si-nv lor J. W. Livingston of Camden thin would have exempted three per cent )l fia.soline from taxiition butiuis- >l oynixmilion. in vetoing the nica- -iire llic governor wild: "It lias l)Rcn the law for six years I hat the allowance for cvaporaiiu-i is on,- |Kir cent. There are manv woo claim they have made acluii'! .CM:; ami found the evaporation is CES than one pti- C (; n i,. What it is <>" n •""«• There can l, e ,' m objection to iii, allowance- far ac- liiai evaporation. Perhaps .stun" contmimiK tests shoukl be made to arrive approximately at the actual (•nipnration 111 this stale. Various lnnd.s of cases are alleircled cliilVi- "Al thu lime the ix-riiiKilni. ];,«• was dueled the one per cent -,l- lowiiiice for evaporation existed A change in this law to three per cent would mean a loss to the hi"h- way fund of approximately $200061) per amiiun. This is forbidden'], v terms of the refundln.r act •• Head Courier Little Rock Evangelist Coming to Manila Sunday I MANILA, Ark.—The Rev. John w : Kllbcuro, tittle Hock, one of (he outstanding evangelists of Ihe Baptist- church In Arkansas, will start a two weeks' revival at Manila Sunday, March ,24. The Hcv. Mr. Kilbourn will discuss f!!l)le themes. He has had nutch experience us an evangelist. Hi; held a good meeting j H Lsach- ville Jast. Dcceinlicr. Hcv. K M. "athi'lalil Is the pastor. California's Sliortesl Trail SACHAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—Tile .shortest trial in Ihe history ol Sacramento County, was recorded u'hen Frank Morris, negro was sentenced to from rive years to life In prison for .stealing 35 cents. The trial lusted -10 minutes. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 11)35 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T, . Anaconda cop] llclh. Sice] Chrysler Cities Service , Coca Cola Cicn. Am. Tank Gen. ICIcctrlc Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKcsson-rioljbins .. Montgomery Ward New York Central ..'. Packard Phillips Petroleum I?!idio Corp St. I.ouis-S. P. Simmons Bed Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Smelting .... U. U. Steel ... 102 3-1 NEW Cotton March May July Oct. Dec an Spots Fortk Col ton YORK, March ai tup) closed very steady. open high tow close 10C9 1069 1035 HIM 101(1 101V 1Q« 1072 1081 1081 jtM9 1075 1013 1043 Mil. 1035 t 1052 1052 1Q19 I04-! I 1055 1055 1025 lOHi | M "5' closed steady at 1105, up 5. J "' y open high low C i 0 , May Oti 1-4 94 5-8 93 04" July 00 3-4 32 3-8 SO 1-a oj Chicago Corn "I"-' 11 high low clo ™ 1-1 ''9 l-t 77 1-4 78 ™ 3 - B 75 13 1-B 73 l-Sf 3-1 I New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar v| (UP) Cotton clewed slciidy. oiicn high low dose 10531) 10V1 1072 1010 1065 1075 1075 10-15 IOC!) 10-H 10-11 I01IJ l() 3 2 I0-!(i 1010 1013 JU-H March May July Oct Deo .fan Spot:! closed steady at 1035, oil's! Head Courier News Want Ads. 'For Sale or Trade Some desirable income city property lo sell ill prices thai are right or will iraclc for I'nrm property. See me. G. G. CAUWLL 7i)7 - --..., of electing IG "i., r.ii "n" " ""' ""- 111 "" '" 1>- lieli! in lilythevillc. April '' 15, to fill the nni>.\pin>d term of Mr. Beavers. The tioard of County Elect Ion Commissioners will receive ccrtinc-ite- of nomiimtion up to and including Tuesday. March ao 1035 The certificates of nomination win have to cany the necessary number of I names of qualified electors, togciiier with a receipt from c Cilv Treasurer for the sum of Sl.OO. This March 21, 1035. CECIL SJfANE, '> . — we invite you locomcahdsccourncwCi>iIcrrcn's"clcpartmcnt" T * r the -most iiKcrcsdng place iu town. Here boys and fiirls will SCC in the funaicst characters ... all the animals they read about in story books .. .'Icfunts, giraffes, 1 monkeys, cubby bears and^ldj>etcr Rabbit lumsc|f. Be : sure to come and JM iftciii. i • J To Celebrate the Ol)cnln^nd--iol^rk't}^accaMn^ih'^propct\ -.nanncr we-arc offering these special '^Opening Pay"^Valuu nt) A Word with Mothers Poll Parrot shoes arc smaH—yci, but tliat'i not half the stop/. They're good for gtoxving fcr.t ... flexible, comfortable and made of all leather to give Ions wear and genuine economy. to $ ^EE and WASH SUITS For I:\cj5iilar I'Vllnr.s Ji'Ciilar "luviiiaii" slylr-; |>,i- " fullers" . . . Vat-(lyer| f,-iliii rs [(, a i w j a lol. (,f vviisliinjr \\-illioiit !»s ing t licit- color. Imiey Temple fP [.urge 1QC Kiith rocs SIX.KS ^ TO i!i - J'ANTIKS - VJiS'l-S - SLU'S to 81,50 GUM.;; -, / '• a '"' )lc(<? lil "' "1 '1C* «l>!'rr- J L klct.s in DalUiir; fw - both j. \ —\vitli slylus ;iiid fabrics fh;it ;trc ;is l>righl ;tm linji as "liright Jiyes" sell' . . . Rvcry motlicr lias ;t liUk: j(irl will simply iidore tluwc (iMHliiiig S Temple FroeUs. iL'Kli WASH FROG Si/,o, 1 lu JO --BA'I (STES —I.IN IONS —OKIJANDJICS —SEKUSUCKIiliS —I'UIN'TS Wo MiBKCst thcic new C-inda Wash Frocta lor ilin.>,s or phiy... Ucaiillfnl new prims and .solid colors... New sleeve details. ..Appealing collar lines...Now .styles thai will appeal to "Little Sister" or the High. School Miss.

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