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Ithaca URNAL Phone Wrarther Burran forecast: Western New York Partly cloudy and much cooler tonight. Lowest temperature in 40b. Partly cloudy, rather windy and cooler Sunday. For detailed report, see Page 4. Your want ad to The Ithaca Jonrnal for quirk service. Dial 2321 before 10 a.m. and yonr want ad will be in tuo line day's Journal at 3 p.m. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, THE GREATEST NEWSGATHERING ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD 135th YEAR No. 107 TWELVE PAGES ITHACA, N.Y., SATURDAY MAY 6, 1950 PRICE FIVE CENTS The Weathrr Jo i Acheson Calls for Unity Senate Cuts $250 Million From Foreign Aid Measure Of Western Nations To Meet Red Challenge Midw est Storm Causes 7 Deaths, Heavy Damage By the Associated Press An early May storm, powered by tornadic winds, slashed a. path of destruction across the Midwest Friday. Seven persons were killed and scores Property damage across a nine-state area was expected to mount into the millions of dollars. The violent winds which reached gusts of 100 miles an hour in some areas battered the north central states all day and into the night. Tornadoes struck at two areas in Minnesota. -Late Sport EDWIN B. HAAKINSON Washington (AP) Secretary of State leaving for Europe, called on the nations of the West today to rally their forces with "utmost vigor" to meet the global challenge of communism. "Free men and free nations everywhere will face increasingly crucial tests in the years immediately ahead," Washington (JP) The administration's big foreign-aid authorization was safely through the Seriate today, shorn of, a quarier of a billion dollars but otherwise Columbia Hoy Field' p.m. The p.m., the Today's Cornell baseball game on was started at 2 change from 3:30 Acheson declared. "sssi I fairly intact. I iz -k The statement was given out by the State Department. The aim was to emphasize the hopes he holds of in There were prospects, however, that the $3,122,450,000 figure approved by a 60-to-8 vote Friday creasing unity of the Western powers in diplomatic con ferences in London during the next 2 weeks. original game time, was made in the hopes of completing a game in the -face of threatening weather. In the event of a postponement, Cornell could not play Columbia Monday because it is already scheduled night would be subjected to a de- After declaring that the imme diate future will bring "increas icxiiiiiieu economy aiive wuen voting starts on a later bill providing the cash. ingly crucial tests" in the Communist struggle, Acheson added: in nlav r)iiniin hprp that I "What we seek at London is to AFTER A TORNADO whistled through I buildings lies strewn on the ground. Ten Great Bend, the wreckage of some persons were hospitalized and some 40 others were treated for minor injuries. Britain Glided For Handling Of Fuelis Case accelerate mobilization of the moral and material- strength of the free world. The free world President Truman's $45 million dayi "Point Four" program of aid to! the underdeveloped areas of the world squeaked by on a margin, "pv of one vote 37 to 36. And only, I lAITI flPl'iltCI a 40-to-40 tie which in the Sen-. V111WV1 LO ate is a losing vote prevented a'rw, t1 "I $500 million cut in the European! I ri lfTllt Recovery Program, instead of the! lU 1 lclllL contains vast untapped moral and material resources. We must de There were snow, rain, hail and blinding dust. Flood waters plagued some sections. A huge low pressure area extended over the entire north central part of the nation. The storm was over Northern Minnesota early today. High winds continued over most of the Midwest but the U.S. Weather Bureau said they would diminish' during the day. The storm moderated as it moved northeastward into Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Browder, Fields Face Contempt Citations velop those reserves to the best of our ability. We should be doing so even if international communism did not exist. As things are we must do so with utmost Dewey Soon To Reveal Future Plans By JACK BELL Washington (JP) Three senators assailed Great Britain today for withholding full coopera Security Cut $2o0 million slash eventually approved. Marshall Plan Funds Cut The administration's request for a third year of the Senate Communist investigators Sll'dll 's EggS Valued Damage Widespread Marshall Plan was the only one Washington (JP) Adminis vigor." Acheson declared he was "much encouraged" by his recent talks with both Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress and by receipt of "invaluable assistance" from Republican ad There was widespread damage Frederick Vender-1-At $250 Stolen homes, business buildings. jriL kjiuiii homes, business buildings, of several programs in the bill tration" leaders today promised a tion from the United States in the Klaus Fuchs atomic spying case. Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo), a member of the Senate-House atomic committee, told a reporter he was shocked at re to Din Jieia De citea ior conxempi, to suffer a cut. of Congress automobiles, power lines, poles and signs. Livestock losses were These tight votes plus a bit visers John roster uuiies ana By JOHN MOONEY Gannett News Service Albany In response to urgent pleas of party leaders to make up his mind, Governor Dewey will soon reveal whether he himself will be a candidate for Buffalo (JP) Two swan's eggs disappeared from a moated enclosure at the Buffalo Zoo. Curator Joseph A. Abgott said iignt to restore cuts voted in a social security expansion bill by the Senate finance committee. Senate Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois and his assistant, Senator Myers of Pennsylvania, said they would press for "sever John Sherman Cooper. Edward P. Morgan, attorney for a Senate foreign relations subcommittee, told reporters he has drafted a citation resolution for The meetings in Paris and Lon ter economy speech by Senator McKellar (D-Tenn), chairman of the powerful appropriations committee heralded trouble when Congress gets around to supplying the money for the aid pro-! grams. a i ii ii vvtic ktiuicii. ixc don are being held in the shadow of a prediction by the U.S. State and Defense Departments that by,. their value at $250, relations committee. Ilcj based on the cost of buying cyg- al liberalizing amendments" to the heavy in some states. Three persons lost their lives in the storm which swept ver Iowa. Two were killed in Wisconsin and one each in Nebraska and Texas. Two traffic deaths in Illinois were attributed to the storm. The strong winds whipped freshly fallen snow across the western prairie lands of the Da- This is one aftermath of the legislation when it is called up 1954 Russia will be in a position i am recommending mat Doin nets, men be cited for contempt," Mor-' for debate. to overpower the United States ports that Britain has agreed to give the FBI only limited opportunity to question Fuchs, convicted of passing atomic secrets to Soviet agents. Senators Bridges (R-NH) and Ferguson (R-Mich) said information the FBI might get from Fuchs may be vital to defense plans under the North Atlantic Pact and ought not to be denied this country. There has been on official statement but reliable reports are The measure that emerged from the Senate merely authorizes the programs and fixes a t5p limit to both in atomic weapons and con ventional arms. Drop Forecast gan added. Browder, former chief of the American Communist Party, and Field, wealthy New Yorker, re- This announcement followed the committee's decision to recommend broadening the coverage of the old-age and survivors' insurance program but with cuts in House-approved increases in federal grants for old-age assistance. $300,000 raising dinner Thursday night in New York City where Dewey delivered an Old-fashioned slam-bang political speech that captured the imagination of his audience. He was importuned by State Chairman William F. Pfeiffer and others to make an early decision on his own plans. This, they held, Informed officials here forecast decisions to (1) expand the work of the North Atlantic Treaty provide for iusea 10 answer many questions In Quality when they testified before the be spent on them during the 1951 fiscal year that begins July 1. The actual money must be provided separately in an appropriations bill. House Votes Reduction The House previously had vot closer cooperation among the kotas and Nebraska. Some 6 inches blanketed Central and Western Nebraska. The winds of hurricane force extended through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnsota and Wisconsin. Texas and Oklahoma When the measure will be Of Teachers that the British insist on fixing conditions under which FBI United States, Britain, and France, and (c) study steps toward ending the occupation of subcommittee last week. The subcommittee is investigating charges by Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) that the State Department is harboring a lot of Communists and Red sympathizers. would be only fair to State Comp called up for action in the Senate is uncertain, but' a vast expansion of the social security system is a key part of the administration's agents can talk to Fuchs an ar ed $20 million less for foreign aid, with the extra cut made in the Point Four Proeram. That and rangement the FBI is said to re were "about back to normal" aft troller Frank C. Moore, Lieutenant Governor Joe Hanley, Speaker Oswald D. Heck, and others who are nursing private er Thursday night's tornadoes umvi Jiiiiiui uixVl VllVVi tv 111 gard as inadequate if it is to get at the bottom of the atomic spying system. which killed one person and in Germany. Groundwork Laid The groundwork for these decisions has been laid in conferences already under way in London, it was learned. Acheson was to take off by to be ironed out by a Senate-House conference committee. ambitions. jured severaL others. Tornadic New York (JP) A decline in the quality of New York State teaching was foreseen today as the result of a threatened state teacher shortage of 3,000 to 4,000 next Fall. The prediction was made by A senator who asked that his Interpreted 2 Ways Senator Ty dings (D-Md), the subcommittee chairman, instructed Morgan a week ago to prepare contempt citations against both Browder and Field. Field, for one thing, refused to tell the subcommittee whether he While any senator who voted with the administration could In Albany, the Governor's Protest Parts Left Out Lucas and both members of the finance committee, objected to the committee's elimination of provisions granting total and permanent disability benefits and boosting the wage base 6n which tax contributions and benefit payments are figured. speech" and actions at. the plane from Washington this after name not be used publicly said even these unsatisfactory arrangements were not agreed to by the British except under pressure exerted by high American officials. were interpreted two ways. Some claim partial credit for the narrow victories in the Point Four and Marshall Plan tests, the distinction was awarded by common winds also struck Kansas Thursday night, injuring 52. Temperatures behind the storm were cool, with readings in the 30's in the western plains. In contrast, sultry, hot spring weather was the rule on the advance edge of the low pressure area. The wind storm struck with James A. Cullen, a Mt. Vernon high school teacher who is state saw him opening his own campaign for reelection. Others held noon and reach Paris Sunday morning for initial talks with French Foreign Minister Schu- is or ever had been a Communist. Rights Cited He cited his rights under the director of the National. Ed uca tion Association. it really was a swan song mark Johnson said he thinks this man. He will fly to London Tues They said, however, they would Constitution and said his answer consent to Senator Taylor Taylor, who was vicepresiden- ing-Dewey's departure from the amounts to "very shabby treatment of the security problem" by might tend to incriminate him. vote to recommend tlje measure day tor meetings, wun tmusn to the Senate as "a substantial Foreign Minister Bevin. Schuman tial candidate on Henry Wallace's It came Friday after the release of a national report on school conditions that forecast a nationwide teacher shortage of 75,000. Browder cited no grounds for his refusal to answer questions. will "show up in London later in step forward in meeting the mini violent fury at the twin ports of Duluth, and Superior, on Lake Superior. There was much damage to the week. mum secrity needs of the people." Morgan's announcement came as investigators laid plans to get The committee voted earlier this week to keep the present Progressive Party ticket in 1948, had been one of the Senate's most vigorous critics of the Marshall Plan and other aid programs. He had argued in the past that such projects be administered started by Monday on a study of poltical scene. Some, too, are of the belief that Pfeiffer, in publicly calling for the renomination of the old team, Dewey, Hanley, Moore, and Attorney General Goldstein, put his finger on the probable ultimate outcome. When Pfeiffer made-this observation, Dewey seemed not too pleased, but for what reason was not disclosed. Officials here said the three will review their policies throughout the world particularly those involving efforts to stop communism in the Far East, relations 000 waee base but to increase by State Department loyalty files Cullen said the state's shortage would be about 600 high school instructors with the balance in the elementary grades. It would result, Cullen said, in an average of 90 per tent benefit the British, adding: "They ought to give us full and complete cooperation so' that the whole case can be fully explored and so that any aides or assistants of. Fuchs in this country can he unearthed." Ferguson noted in a separate interview that the information Fuchs admitted giving the Russians came from this country, where the British scientist worked in the atomic project during made available by President Tru man. by the United Nations. Taylor Reverses Stand The files to be examined by the buildings. Trees were uprooted, power lines snapped and. plate glass windows caved in. At least twp homes in Duluth were demolished. The damage in Superior alone was estimated at several million dollars. The winds, accompanied by heavy rain, reached velocities of 88 MPH. The main business district and wraterfront areas in Su Friday he unexpectedly re hiring poorly-trained substitutes, enlarging- classes beyond their between the West arid Russia, and the problem of the future of Germany. They are expected also to reach working agreements on actions they will advocate in the 12- versed his field, saying he was most efficient size, and shifting convinced the United States must payments for those already retired under the old-age and survivors insurance program. The House voted to raise the wage base to $3,600 and benefits by 70 per cent. Wage Base Criticized Lucas and Myers contended in a statement that "the most serious weakness" in the Senate committee formula is the con some high school teachers to Senate foreign relations subcommittee cover 81 persons cited by McCarthy as either Communists, fellow travelers or otherwise bad security risks. McCarthy reportedly is planning to blast the administration try "to halt the spread of communism." He then voted with the administration pn- every test. the war. nation North Atlantic Council meeting to be held in London the In addition to the Point Four perior were hardest hit by the storm, which lasted only one following week. Acheson Confident elementary work, which requires different training. In some cases, he said, schools would have to go on a half-time schedule in order to ration the teacher supply. Cullen said the 'only solution was a long-term one making Priest Loses Life In Rectory Fire and Marshall Plan authorizations the bill contained $100 million to continue aid to the Republic of Associates said Acheson leaves The dinner 1 failed to produce convincing proof that Dewey would be the unanimous choice at the Saratoga Springs convention, Sept. 6 and 7, if he decides to run again. It was believed possible that Dewey in the next few day will consult further with party leaders arid with the reluctant county chairmen whose professions of loyalty and support Dewey has some reason to doubt at this time. What Dewey May Want Belief was prevalent, too, that Dewey may be holding off his here with a strong conviction that! the West still has the power of eventual cold wrar victory in its hands. Korea, another $100 million to aid anti-Communists in the China area, and $27,450,000 for Arab tonight for releasing only the State Department records on those cases to the committee, which is investigating his charges that a lot of Communists and Red sympathizers have infiltrated the department. McCarthy Wants FBI Files He has insisted that the inquiry minute. Four were injured in Superior and 13 in Duluth. Twelve Persons Hurt Twelve persons were injured, two critically, by tornadic. winds which, ripped near Horton, Kan. There were heavy livestock losses and damage to farm homes. Flood waters threatened Crooks-ton, and Grand Forks, the profession more attractive by cutting down overwork and tinuance of the $3,000 wage base. In its action Friday, the committee voted to slash to $45 million a House-approved increase of $275 million in annual federal grants to the states for public assistance and child welfare programs. These grants now' total about $1,100,000,000 annually. refugees in the Palestine area Albany A Catholic priest died today in a rectory fire at suburban Altamont. TUr Dn-r Tr.U XT n.Ut CO They said he is confident the North American' and Westerni raising pay standards. "We must improve the salary European governments will make A'u tk t'pastor of St. Lucys Church, was group must have access to FBI! SmaJl Business Plan Praised schedule in New York State with the mayimum at $fi flflfl in mani? files as well. N.D. The Red Cross evacuated McCarthy told reporters he Dstate arMS and tn $7 nnn close their ranks, politically by smoke while try-economically, and to throw save fans.h of their resources into a firemen found Father Boldts hnnv nn tnp flnnr rif hiQ ctnrlv rin scores of families at Crookston would have plenty to say regard- decision in the hope of getting agreement on a candidate for governor, and other offices. The top place, if another man can be gotten by compromise, would be as the Red Lake River rose tojing the files issue in a speech to new armaments nrnfram tinner the second floor of the two-story Washington (JP) A. new submitted by President Tru night before a convention of mid- me Aiieiiiuc rati. Acheston is due to tell Schu frame building. The fire, believed to have been a person of the Governor's choice, man and Bevin that in these en- rfpavnr ih Wpst is wnrkinff caused by defective wiring, ap one on whom he could rely to for teachers in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties," Cullen said. "There should be a single schedule for both elementary and grade school teachers," he added. In 'order to maintain teaching quality, he said, classes should be kept relatively small. "There should be a reduction The committee refused to go along with the House on increasing federal funds for old-age assistance on the theory that the higher benefits proposed under the retirement system will lessen the need. It decided on further broadening of the coverage of the retirement system to bring in a total of over 8 million including 1 million farm workers cn a compulsory basis and to permit nearly 2 million more persons to participate on a voluntary basis. against definite time limits with Parently had been smouldering 22.2 feet, nearly 6 feet above flood stage. Grand Forks faced a new flood threat from the Red River after 24 hours of rain and snow. Fire, fanned by the high winds, destroyed 2,000 sheep and a large feeding barn at the St. Joseph, stockyards. Firemen were unable to control the blaze, for several hours before it was western Young Republicans in Chicago. A nationwide radio broadcast (ABC) of his address is scheduled (8:30 p.m., EDT). Mr. Truman at first refused to let the Senate committee have a look at any government loyalty files. Two days ago he agreed to make State Department data carry out his administrative policies and programs. But more important the candidate would have to agree to Dowey as chairman of the New York State delegation to the GOP national con- respect to Germany and Russia. Concerning Germany, he has accepted an estimate made by U.S. High Commissioner John J. Mc- discovered about 6 a.m. by 'John Armstrong, a milkman and chief of the Altamont Volunteer Fire Clov that the Western cowers Company. in the clerical load on teachers vention in 1952 so Dewey could Hies available in which was whipped by wind but not FBI gusts up to 76 MPH. Loss was es-'the 81 cases. so their energies can be turned man to aid small businessmen drew high praise today from Senate Democrats and sharp criticism from Senator Wherry- (R-Neb). The program, sent to Congress in a special message late Friday, calls for government insurance of loans to small business and for creation of investment companies to make long term loans. It got a cool reception in New York banking circles. Senators Lucas (D-IU), May-bank (D-SC), and Sparkman (D-Ala), who were informed in advance of the President's proposals, called them sound and constructive. have' only about 18 months left! Unable to break through the in which to work out the fate of. front door, he turned in an alarm. thP nrnmipd nation, insofar as; Coroner J. Gregory Nealon be a major influence in shaping to creative Work." iThruway Urged they control it. yards company official. gave a decision of accidental death due to asphyxiation. He said he believed Father Boldt had Would End Occupation For Wartime Use Acheson believes, therefore, the national ticket that year. Persons very close to the Governor, members of his innermost circle, were divided at the dinner on whether Dewey will run again. Some were positive' one way, others equally certain the other. Talk that Lieutenant Governor that preliminary steps must be died a half-hour before the fire Catholic Veterans Praise McCarthy Woman Sends $500 Laundry Washes It llhtnv "TVTve? New York (JP) Fred W. Fisch, taken now to start winding up; was discovered. director of the New York State the occupation and to bring Ger- The fire wrecked the interior the North Atlantic of the rectory. Leo Marion, a Department of Public Works, many into trustee of the parish, estimated Albany (JP) The Catholic Schreiber sent $500 to the eterans of New ork wereijr says the proposed jxew i or community They said they would push for The time element in relation to, damage at $5,000. Hanley would not be placed on Farley Deplores Swelling Budgets New York (JP) James A. Farley says operation of the federal government will cost $6 trillion ($6,000 for the year 2,000 if national budgets increase in proportion to the last 50 years. The former Democratic national chairman and postmaster general also predicted "20 million men and women" would be on the federal The present national budget is the 1950 ticket Drovoked a scene action at this session of Congress. Thruway will have a definite effect on state economy as. well as provide an important highway artery in case of war. just prior to the dinner. Mrs. chairman of the bank- Russia is fixed for Acheson byj the decisions of the State and that the world situation is better Defense Departments that thejnow than in 1946 and that this Western nations have no morel country's defense budget next ing committee, promised to start on record today praise of the Mrs Schreiber, who came to sincerity and intent' of Senator Albany from Germany as a dis-McCarthy (R-Wis) in charging placed erson 2 months ago, sent there are Communists in a bundle of wash Wednes-State Department. day -McCarthy's charges, led to the! In the bundle was a European-current investigation by the Sen- style bianket cover, similar to a Fisch spoke Friday before the hearings on the proposals not later than June 1. than 4 years in which to build up year will be smaller. New York State Society of Pro Some officials believe that in fessional Engineers, meeting on their combined strength for de- Mildred Taylor of Wayne County, James J. Beach of Genesee, and Senator Henry Neddo of Washington County, all county leaders, headed a delegation, it was reported, which demanded of Chairman Pfeiffer whether Hanley was to get the go-by this the near future Mr. Truman may "current traffic Droblem progress fense against the Soviet Union. in New York State." The problem as Acheson some further 'statement of nnn w.i. auc veterans ana auxii- Mrs Ocer the New York City toiit is to line up against Russia a.his views on this subject to ex- $40 billion. There are currently about two million people on the iary members at the group's 14th that famiw R.n in well-armed coalition exactly what he had in the United States. Canada. year. Pieirter assured them sucn annual convention also adopted jwere in a smallf blue cloth bag Friday a resolution calling for pinned inside the blanket cover, the united States to reestablish After- tVio nor- hri keon i Buffalo Thruway, Fisch said, a truck load of milk could be delivered to New York, "$28 cheaper than over the present highways." For wartime traffic movements Senator Humphrey (D-Minn), a member of the new special Senate small business committee, said Truman's program "charts a course of action that has long been needed and that will offer hope and incentive to the American economy." But Wherry, the Senate Republican leader, said small businessmen want less government spending, lower taxes and less interference by government in their business. was not the case and subsequently from the rostrum urged re- federal payroll. Farley told the 30th annual conference of the National Association of Mutual Savings the Western European nations. These major points of Ache-son's position add up to an argu- There was not only surprise and consternation in some State Department quarters at the President's remark, but lawmakers diplomatic relations with Spain. dered the following a clerk nomination of "the team," includ ui- resoiuuon sam- in the laundry noticed a blue the proposed road would provide ment that while there is no immi- ing Hanley. a openly critical. It was ruuui; uisciuiures nave snown Sp0t Cn it. "12 additional lanes to evacuate nent danger of war so long asjwere that at least there is some basis fnr tho iSolief tViot Jamestown College President Named Friday "If this increase isn't checked, w-e shall find ourselves living under a form of government which is utterly different from that in which we were born and under which our forefathers built a great coun i This led to discovery of the money. About the same time, Mrs. Schreiber remembered the people out of New York City," he the West continues to grow learned that there was concern in said." stronger, there is urgent needlthe Defense Department as welL The Thruway will have no for action to. insure.the necessary Representative W. Sterling traffic signals and cars, will belstrength by 1954. jCole (R-NY) told the House Fri- vm. i i UlUb kllC pill ment of State has not, even now, fully rid itself of all Communists. Former Publisher Dies Jday the President's statement Position Weakened Jamestown (JP) Dr. Carlyle able to move at speeds up to 75 miles per hour. Various spurs Diplomatic officials feel that: was "untimely, ill-advsed and Los Angeles (JP) Frank J. C. Ring, superintendent of schools here, has been elected president Carlisle, 84, former publisher of. along the proposed route will connect with the Pennsylvania state spies and such ahen-minded peo-money. She ran to the laundry, in plE- tears. The investigation "may direct-! There, waiting for her, was a ly cause all other departments of bundle of freshly laundered our national, state and local gov- greenbacks. In her excitement, ernment to take stock' of them-'she left with the money but with-selves as Americans." jout her laundry. try." He praised the findings of the commission on organization of the executive branch of the government headed by former Pres because this is to be his central deplorable," coming as it did at a theme, Acheson's position has; time when defense leaders are been weakened somewhat byj using troubled world conditions President Truman's news confer-'as an argument for greater mil-ence comments last Wednesday litary funds. of the new Jamestown Com- the Los Engeles Evening Express munity College, subject to ap-and in his early years a news-proval of the State University paperman in New York, Chicago trustees. 'and St Louis, died Friday. line, Canada and Schenectady. Fisch said no grade along the route would exceed 3 per cent ident Herbert Hoover.

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