The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1935 TINS LIGHT Hlllei'csqtio Program of Generals and Admirals Before Congress BV KODNKV nU'l'CHER Washington Cor respondent WASHINGTON—Wlicn the war clotiils scud around over Enron?, everybody here begins to remember how we got into Hie last t>j>r war and to wonder whether we will have bettor luck next time. The War and Navy Departments have some ambitious plans to turn thte government into a military dictatorship in event of war. These plans arc embodied in seven bills which the generals and admirals <h'cw up and planned lo rush thru Congress when war actually came along. They mew up the Constitution more than am r New Deal proposal to date. Military and naval men are terribly sore at Senator Bennett Clark ol Missouri because he found om about the bills and insisted on introducing them in peacetime, when Congress could get a good look at them, without being stampeded into a possibly Hittcresqiie program which would !» comfortable only 10 certain brass hats. DanKer of r.isc-ism CJark happens to have been a wartime colonel who was attached to the army general stall. But they couldn't stop him and (he bilk arc now being considered by the Senate munitions committee, which will report out some wartime lc»- isiation, but doesn't like the army- navy bills at all. One objection is thai the bills appear (<> ennlcmplaU: either a mass military attack on Hie United Stales, which feiv senators jwncvc possible— tliauks lo our gcogruplifa isolalj'oii—or :l great war of aggression, such as most civilians here oppose. Another is that at some future time they might suddenly be dragged in. for purposes of Fascist rule, HI the case of a mere war with some weak, minor country which would uc no national emergency tit, all Life ami Death iWcrs The bills, if they became law. would enipmver the president to confiscate private property and enable him to abolish freedom of the press; compel registration for the draft of every citizen over 18, all of whom would then be at the president's command and subject to court-martial for failure to appear upon call to duty; provide for licensing all forms o[ business in such way as .40 confer' life-and- ileath powers and authorize the drafting of tobor as well as soldiers' lisa, or i-liild labor even niiirhl lie necessary, according (,, (i le "ImHislrial MoMliyalion 1'lan" of wliirh (he bills are a part. The plan also speaks of diverting as many as possible, or 10000000 employed women and girls over 1C _ BLgPHEMLLB, TARE,J] .COUBIEB EEW3 jea Scallops Win Oceans of Approval 11V MAKV K. l)A(i(!i: NEA Service .Stall' Writer I have planned- toddy's Lenten dinner mound one of my favorite sen-food dishes, scallops. Incidentally, while the family will cheer for this meal, it might, bo a good day to ask. in a few friends. With the scallops, clone with sjw- Bhctii after n method which I shall hereinafter explain, serve turnip cups nilwi with buttered new peas, .salad of cress with apple and orange slices, ami pineapple sherbet. Sr.illops YcntimitlR One pint scallops, 1-4 pound spaghetti, 1-2 cup sliced mushrooms. 1-2 cup ham cut in match- like pieces, 4 tablespoons biillcr, i tablespoon lemon juice. 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, minced paisley. Look over scallops and parboil in then- own liquor In a shallow sauce pun for three minutes. Drain and saute in butter for five minutes. Arrange on a bed <<f •spaghetti prcpavcd as follows: Pnl the ends of spaghetti into a kettle of boiling sailed water. As ends soften submerge sticks until entire length is under water Boil rapidly for fifteen minutes! Allow 2 teaspoons, salt for each quart of water. Drain. Saute mushrooms ami ham in butter for —scallops ventimlllc. ten minutes. Add to cooked spa- shclll with 1-2 cup bouillon. (Dissolve 1 bouillon culje In 1-2 cup toiling water.) Mix spaghetti mixture well and place in a shallow baking dish. Add scallops and pom- over them Ihc browned butter in which they were cooked, sprinkle with lemon Jufcc, salt and pepper and minced pcrslSy. Put In a hot oven for ten minutes to make very hot and serve Ut once, Cress .'ind Apple Sauce One Ini'tic Bermuda onion, i large tart apple, 1 large orange. French dressing, mayonnaise, cross. Peel onion am! cut in thin slices. Cover with toiling water and let stand just sixty seconds. Drain and drop into ice water. Let stand fifteen minutes and pat dry between paper towels. Marinate for l hour in lemon juice and oil. Pf.rc and core apple and cut. In half inch slices, making rings. Peel orange nnd cut In half inch slices. Put an orange slice on a lied of cress. Add a slice of onion anri top with apple slice. Pour on 1 French dressing and nil cavity of apple slice with mayonnaise. I'iocapiilc Sherbet One cup shredded pineapple, 1 cfip sugar, 1 cup water, 4 tablespoons lemon juice. 1 teaspoon granulated gelatin, 'i egg whiles. Add gelatin lo 4 tablespoons cold I'.'iiter and let stand over hot water mull dissolved. Cook pineapple, siignr and water for ten minutes. Add gelatin and let stand mill! cool. Add lemon juice and tun: Inlo freezing tray or pack In -1 parts ice lo I part salt. Partially freeze and acid whiles of eggs benien until wnr. neat thoroughly and finish freezing. Allow two or three hours for mixture t freeze. Egg shells are covered with natural mucilaginous coating which delays entrance of harmful germ; inlo tiie Interior. Wishing the eggs softens this viscid coating and hastens Its deterioration. HEADACHE CapiulinecoTifnina several ingredients which RCt together to K'IVC (juioker relief for hoaJaclic BS well M imiru due lu fresh cold*. nruralKia, nnil for imi&eular am! joint achas. Ask for apniihiG Liquid or llio modified for- uln. CayudinoTablclB. lOc, 30c, GOc. CAPUDINE END SPECIALS Tells Rotarians of B. andjP. .W. Emblem Miss Margaret Moore, of the Business and Professional Women's club, lold members of the notary club, in a luncheon meeting today at the Hotel Noble about the emblem of the organiz-' -,a"on. Tins was done ns a part of he program of the National Business and Profe.ssional Week's observance. She described the emblem whicJi embodies victory in achievements . the scroll of learning, the torch of wisdom, the ship of commerce and the winged wand of lieralrt. These are aims of the group which now Ims organizations in all of the 48 states, the District of Columbia Alaska, Canada and a number of foreign countries. Read Couri =I «ews Want Ads. Waili Ool Yonr 79,200 Feet of KidntyTubts The, "I'aint-H-Y on rs el f - • ' I -Enamel" for Ktimidirf, A n I os nnd Kvcrylhiiijr. Around Home. Leaves _\o Knisli Marks! Prince Albert, Lb. Can Pictures, Large Etchings 25c Fisliing Tackle Boxes, Steel 89c Pyrox Flower Spray Floating Rath Soap, 6 bars ;!25c Spark Plugs 39c - 79c Pepsodeiit Tooth Paste 39c SSS Spring Tonic jl.19. $1.79 Crazy Crystals EverReady Razor Complcle With 2 Hladcs ami 25r Tnhe Shnviiiff Cream All For 29c Evening In Paris Face Powder with Perfume and Cream P,ouge $1.10 Electric Vibrator $1.29 "•• CLIPTHI3 COUPON Magnifying Make-Up Mirror 19c Cutex Lip Stick 50c Cutex Hand Cream 50c NuVel San. Napkins, 12s 15c and need ^a'nlnj'ou?^ « bowels. Ask yi>"- -' - °:" 110 *s Ruptured? Then come and see our Expert Truss fitter here fo'r one dav Sadirtfay, March 23rd. 10 A M until 7 p. M. ' Robinson Drug Co. ,i ill L-ri i RawOjsteraGood ' Jis ftttftoil «'»"''«"«•> B«ll«r 'ffi^M^i^««* ifa^ffl^iTotss I LnL 2^KaM ! )od >' racily <^j- \ J Weak Mca Use Out imp'i'^t 8 "?- an?o 11 elements. Haw nystcn rich in Uirs'o clo- I merits. OSTfU'IX. prrpAretl from rnw ova- tora contAiiu thn-s pci>-riinlvrr3 sn<l adJnl I to-Take Ublc'tTnKTl'l'ilV.. For mm nnd women. Urine luckaco OSTKHX nl apccir.1 i i doltRhu-*! vilh nr-.c j>f p tKit younscr, mil; crrcfum' . on. (>f.l SI . If not PRICELESS INFORMATION j \—for tho?os\ifTcring from Jui.cERs, VOOK DIG'K.S* • TION. ACID nVSPF.FSrA. SOUR STOMACH. C.VSSI- • p s '' ? . F ' A RT lt;JR N - <;ON * FOR.THE'SAFE TREATMENT OF I younger,ma^crrcfunilst'rii'cotthisiwrkAee LSPECIAUi&is week.7.9c J Second Main at Broadway PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATVRDAV Ihose l>n a . s (;.,„., A | S ()l|r , jHxon( i|1H| ()s(T(|t;i ^.^^ I)H[TO ( . ni)rt - jn ^^ w . th J|)irhc(s Oiijv ^•••^••••'"••••'•^WjMa^^ esisa^iissm^Kitya^mi3swasB& Vrill MI 111% B ?:'«,,..„ MM, r^,s 1 • iMflLl ; ssasea jramTOip^aBiK^^ <.'li(ii)S, Mi. Mr Citlli'ls, Pound ttTOvm^^ l>l,n. of ,Mi?: ttmBSE^ W r fl'l?A '/i Ui. - lite FRESH-BREAD'ffilfl 1 FRFSHFfifiS ,, "K a_84H J iORi ilnJUiJ I)()xe» j^O SvSHSssras Cinmlrv (' » Caraiy Bars ^ i C'tiramcl N«l, lion- 6-11) pail 1.02 MHafffissjaBSHHRs Ginger Ale lite Sqtim-rjs, Hutlo HolK .. aBBBBHZ^^ Hlntc Street (Jiiiii-l Jar " APPLES m i> I'me fane rnc HIQ-M,. Cloth. ]{ :ls . QL MEAL '"IS'sTr PORK * " EAiV>s c - c - 9^' * Ultli :; i, ar ,, ( , c iins £j 2 for 2 zaasaai^ra^ fllJS, .C . mm seeafe, PIIMPKJN c - r - -7 u: I UIMrililN 1,,,-jre Can i•> DC i.ux ore 2 2'/ 2 Cans for tfJ QOUACH WhUc or re' MlUfidll Yellow, u,. 3 BEANS a'S c- 25 ("rij i) Hnarls iCsu-h Each ^& Jnirv Morifia ^ Counlry CU (i Smiill or :! Tall Cans ('. ('.. 'I'hiy, N'o. 2 Can !(li Slatnhird, Nn. 2 Cans for

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