Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1897
Page 19
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We're Out-talked Often—Out-done Never. Some Facts Pointed Out Plainly WHEN, Ofl WHEN, Will This Makers and sellers in one means more satisfaction — better qualities, and lower prices for patrons Summer is gone! All hail the Autumn! The various depart meuts of "The Hub," in Men's Clothing, Youth's Clothing, Children's •Clothing, Hats, Men's and Boy's Furnishings are filled with "The .Best." Roof chorus a welcome to you aqd the new season. On Monday next we shall make a formal exhibition of what we have done to deserve the title ot "best," each line has been made upon the merits of worth. Each Garment has been secured for exclusive showing here whenever possible, Each price sounds the keynote of the iall campaign that is to be conducted under our leadership, "best, •cheapest." Stock and store alike are in prime condition, never better prepared to serve you—and do us credit—-than now. For the inaugural week we have lighted the beacons of special opportunity. A multitude of choice values are bent by the hand of our enterprise to do homage to your visit of inspection. They are bargains ot our will,expressing our appreciation of past favors.We bespeak for them the reception they are worthy of, and congratulate you upon the saving and satisfaction they bring you. Come as a guest, where no purse in needed to insure your welcome. -Come as a purchaser if you please, with our assurance that you never laid hands on such values at »uch prices as will be ofiered as features • of the Autumn Opening. Awful Broken! Drought be THE HUB. *iarry Frank's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. Given away free with every $20.00 purchase for cash, one handsome Hat and Coat Hack, see in •coupon card free. our window. Come and get Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR, THIS FALL . > For <A Suit or Overcoat :Be Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. Farmers Are Becoming Dlaeonraged— The Wheat That Has Been Sown Is Dead. There Is no rain in sight, according to the state weather bureau and farmers are greatly discouraged by Che prolonged drought which is simply killing wheat sprouts. Indications are for a bad crop of wheat next year, without the greater portion of it now in, is reaown. Just now it seems that there has been no rainfall for years. The ground is dry for several feet beneath the surface, dry as dust. The last heavy rainfall was on July 25, over two months ago, at which time .91 of an inch fell. A few weeks ago there was a small dash ot ra,ln one morning, barely sufficient, to lay the dust. Bain has never been needed more than at this time. Assistant Barrett, of the Purdue experiment station, Lafayette, has prepared a chart relative to the weather which has predominated in Indiana for the last seventeen years. This shows tee normal rainfall for September as 3.25 Inches, and for October 1,45 incb.es The Jail this September was odly .05 inches,', making a shortage o: 3.20 Inches for the month, taking the normal fall as u basis. The average faU for the ten years from 1889 to 1870 was 2.64 inches. The greatest fall for September occurred in 1894, and was 6 63 inches. The month just passed was the dryest b far that has occurred in years, the next lowest fall occurring in 1882 when the gauge showed only . 3( inches for the month. The weathe: last monoh was also far hotter than the average. Notice to Gag Consumers. All annual contracts on the 6 pay ment plan expire October 1st. Al consumers having such contracts, anc desiring to continue the use of fc should call at the office between the 1st and 10th, of October, and make payment. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each aionth. LOGANSPOKT & WABA.SH VALLEY GAS Co. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Chi- WHO LOST! History of a Counterfeit Bill. Tea Dollar 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. R. HENING & co.(C. O. Heffley, Successor, to The Equitable Produce and Stock Exchange. Capital Stock J100.000, fully paid. Members •of Consolidated Produce and Stock Exchange. . We furnish our customers dally market re-port* over our private wires in this cicv. We respectfully solicit your patronage through •our local correspondents W. W. Miltier A. K. But I din K. Tt. Intl. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. Peru Oil Stock It yon want to buy oil shares in the various Peru Oil Companies call at Branch of Peru Oil Exchange Hoome 6 and 8 Masonic Temple. •Call On- James T. Cockburn George A. Gamble. •Central Telephone SS5. Mutual Telephone 1S6 Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Cpatairs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bondi written in first class com- V»uie*. Money to loan 8 per cent, . S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. LTNDRRTAKHRB Call! promptly attended to Day or Night, 61S Broadway. TXLXPHOKX - Office, «8. Kroeger, 182 «*raln. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property call on SRTH M. VRLSRY, —304 Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of f25 and upward ' nterect on sumi over *500 6 per cent. HENRY WEBER, Toe Merchant Tailor, doe* first class work. Styllgh and well flt- tiag clothes'made. Cleaning- and repair- Ing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. GEOBGE W. EODEFEU Real Esitate, Loans. Bought, Sol d or Kiohao«Ml. Money «n «onv«c» or porwnai aeouritr- C or w>it| to in« at No. 31 Bel Birar av -twdo it* to i rfkarl l;et street oner to loan y. Call on me «nua.ea»t GITY NRWS. Fall and winter shoes at Walden's, Butterscotch at Wright & Britton's "Our Step-Husbind" at the opera house next Monday night. The Overshtners are about to close a deal for the purchase of the Marion telephone plant. Dr. A. S. Dobbs, of Gas City, occupied the M. E. pulpit last Sunday at Royal Center. Mr. Wm,Klstler,of Fords Crossing, intends to take & trip to the Klondyke regions in the spring. A postofflce was established at Ambier, Pulaski county, Indiana.and Bella Stout appointed postmistress. The great scenic comedy-drama, "Our Step-Husoand," will appear at the opora house next Monday night. Henry Myers, of Fords Crossing, who suffered a paralytic stroke some time ago, is reported as being not improved. Wabash Times: "Sam Jones and wife returned from Logansport last night, where they have been visiting friends for several days." At the state meeting at Muncie of the Woman's Synodical society of the Presbyterian church, the donations for missionary work from the Logansport Presbytery were reported as »59T. William, the young son of Thomas Wisely, of Royal Center, fell from a wagon a few days ago and sustained a fracture oJ! the left arm. D*. Frank Kistler, of that town, dressed the injured member. Eli Perkinii will give a lecture at the Christian church, Young America, on Nov. 9th. An admission lee of 50> cents will be charged. The net proceeds of same wilf go ward enlarging the school library. Two suits were filed yesterday against David Loftus. one in favor of the Columbia, Brewing company and the other in 1'avor of Robert Kreaz- berger. Both suits are brought to secure judgments on accounts held by the above creditors. The Junior Epworth League of Royal Center has elected the following officers: President, Susie Lawrence; first vice president, Dora Wlsley; second vice president, Belle McGarady; third vice president, Bella Conn,' fourth vice president, Zulu Conn; secretary, Nellie Kramer: assistant secretary, Mabel Vickers; treasurer, Gertie Rhode*. A banker, sauntering home for his dinner, saw a 110 bill lying on the curbstone. Of course be picked it up and took the number tn order to fine the owner. While at home, his wife remarked that the butcher bad sent in a bill amounting to 810. The only money he had with him was the bll he had found, which he gave to her and she paid the butcher. The butcher paid it to a farmer for a salt and the farmer paid it to the merchant, who in turn paid it to the washerwoman, and she owing the banker a note of $10, went to the banker and paid the note, The banker recognized the bill as the one he found and which up to that time, had 8ettled»$50 of debt. On careful examination he found the bill was counterfeit. Now will some of financial friends tell us what been lost in this transaction and whom if any, RICH COMEDY our had by In tne Play "Our Step fiusband"— At Dulan's Monday Sight. Among the coming attractions at the opera house will be Seymour S. TlbbaPs latest comedy melodramatic success, entitled "Our Step Husband." The play contains many elements that cannot fail to make It one of the most popular attractions of the season. The dialogue is crisp and bright, the scenes are natural and the characters true to life. The company presenting "Our Step Husband" is headed by the well-known character actors, Mr. Charles C. Osborne and Wlii A, Baron, who are well supported 'by a cast of the leading artists in their profession. Numerous pleasing specialties are Introduced during the action of the play. "Our Step Husband" will be seen at Dolan's Monday night. MUST PA! AT BiSK. A Peculiar Case Where Justice Seems to be Injustice. The appellate court has held in the case of Perry R. Tulley against the Citizens' state bank of Plainfield that money must be paid at a bank before the bank is responsible for the funds. In this case Tulley borrowed $2,675 from the bank, giving his note for the amount. He paid Harlan Hadley, the president of the bank, at odd times, the money borrowed. These payments were made at various places, part of them at Atlanta, G-a. Tulley instructed Hadley to apply the money on his note held by the bank, bnt this Hadley failed to do. The bank sued Talley on the note and got judgment. The judgment was affirmed by the appellate court. Agents Wanted To canvass farmers. Apply at 31 OJ Market, over Flanegin's hardware store. Buy your shoes of Walden. Victor.Wise has returned to cago. Genuine marten collars, only 14,98. —Trade Palace. Mrs. J. G. Rogers is at Dayton, 0., visiting friends. Wm. Winters, of Rochester, was n the city yesterday. Mr. B. Mollett has recovered from a three months' illness. Born to Mr. and Mrs.Henry Smith, f Royal Center, a son. Miss Hattie Terrei, of Royal Center, is at Winamac. J. H. Gibson, of Fords Crossing, is erecting a new dwelling. ' Officer Kleckner ia again on duty alter an illness of several days. Arthur Baiter bar returned from a professional trip to Hantington. Something nice in chocolates at Wright & Britton's, 321 Pearl St, George Dale, of Frankfort, is in the city, visiting relatives for a few days. The Deer Creek schools opened last Monday with Edgar Hinkle as principal. Mias Bessie Patrick is rapidly recovering from an attack of typhoid fever, Charles Brown, of Hertford City, who has been visiting here, returned home today. Mrs. T. J. Immel is at Connersville on a three weeks' visit with her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Mount. Frankfort Crescent: "Miss Pearl Linn today left for a visit at Camden and Logansport with relatives." The Epworth league of Royal Center will hold a social at the Heudee hall next Saturday evening. W. L. Overholaer has entered the senior class of the dental department of the Northwestern university, at Chicago. Will Medland is suffering from a scalp wound received from a falling brick while at work on the Gelger building. The Pastime Athletic club foot ball team has challenged the Frankfort club and will shortly play a date in that city. Mesdames D. P. Putnam, Rodney Strain and William McDonald are at Muncie, attending the Ladies' Syn- odical meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graffis entertained a number of their friends last evening in a very pleasant manner at their home on Linden avenue. Henry N. Schriver and Miss Ruth McNamara were married Wednesday evening at the home of 'Squire Laing, that magistrate officiating. The members of the Baptist church of Royal Center beautified the interior of their church by the addition of new carpet and other improvements for the winter. Mrs. P. B. Morris, of Du Quoin, Ills., and Joel S. Ray, of Arcola, [11s., who were guests of Mrs. J. E. Sutton during the Ray-Custer wedding, have departed for their homes. Mrs. J. A. Needham and daughter Ida, of Glendora, Cal., will arrive from New Castle tomorrow, where they have been visiting their old home, to visit B. •F. Keesllng and family. The order of Eastern Star of Logansport have invited the order of £okonn to visit them on the 25th of this month. It is understood that he invitation will be accepted by a arge number of the order of that city. The funeral of Robert, the one- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Jordon, will be held tomorrow morn- ng at 10 o'clock from the Pleasant Hill church, Rev. West, officiating. Interment will be made 'n Pleasant Hill cemetery. A short time ago Roy and PLaran Deckner, sons of Charles Kleckner, tarted on their wheels on a trip to r isit relatives in eastern Pennsylvania. Word has been received at lome that they reached their destination last Saturday, having made the trip in ten days, a distance of about 900 iniies or more. The time made by the boys is better than the average, considering the steep ascents nd rough road? over a portion of the route. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. ~f 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. Men's Suits Boys' " Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters Boys' " " "' Children's " " " -MACKINTOSHES.—Fall and Winter Underwear, "' " " Hats and Caps, " " " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. " " j" Gloves and Mittens, " " " Neckwear. » Children's Department Complete j We have used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection of our present FALL STOCK, and undoubtedly have the finest line of goods, in all departments ever offered the citizens of this county, at very Lowest Prices, Call and see us. We will be glad to show onr croods, and are satisfitd we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. !I THE HOOSIEB HEN. Her Worth Depicted Pen. by a Glowing AMUSEMENTS, Hood's Smoke the^Oohuubia cigar ftimulace the itomaeo, rouse lie liver, core biliousness, hesdacbe, dizziness, •cmr itomacli, constipation, mtf. Pric« 2S c*nt». Sold by » XL* only Pill* W take with Houd'i Gil Hamilton, of the Thorntown Argus, pays this poetic tribute to the hen. "We have read of Maud on a summer day, who raked barefooted the new mown hay; we have read of the maid in the early morn, who milked the cow with the crumpled horn, and we've read the lay that the poets sing, of the rustling corn and the lowers of spring; but of all the lays of the tongue and pen, there's naught ike the lays of the Indiana hen. Jong, long before Maud raked her hay, the Hoosier hen began to lay, and ere the milk maid stirs a peg, the hen is up and has dropped her egg; corn must rustle and the flowers must spring if they keep up with the barnyard ring. If Maud is needing i hat or gown, she goes to the store! ind obtains her suit with a basket _ull of fresh hen fruit; if the milk maid's beau makes a Sunday call, she loesn't feed him on milk at all, but works up eggs in a custard pie and tuffs him full of chicken fry; and when the old msn wants a horn, does he take to the druggist a load of corn? Not much. He simply robs a nest, o town he goes—you know the rest. He lingers, and he talks perchance, of true reform and correct finance, while his good wife stays at home and scowls, but Is saved from want by those self same fowls, for while the husband lingers there she watches the cackling hens with care and gathers the eggs and ttie eggs she'll hide, till she gets enough to stem the tide. Then hail, all hail the Hoosier hen, the greatest blessing of all to men. Throw up your hats and make Rome howl for the persevering barnyard fowl. Corn may be king, but It is plainly seen that the Hoosier hen is the Indiana queen." Old, Young People. People age quickly in this American life, and instances of presierva- tion of youthful strength and vigor in mature years are pointed to as remsirkable. We are educated DO believe In early decay of physical beauty and strength, especially in our women, and permit the decline to continue with, a passing sigh. Most women have a worn look in the early twenties, the figure loses its roundness, the face the glow of youth, and from that time on they age rapidly. All this is wrong and unnecessary. Let everybody to whom this word may come, men and women alike, learn from skilled experience the cause of your trouble, and secure this invaluable advice. Dr. Greene, discoverer of the famous Nerrora, and many other wonderful remeiaies, invites consultation at the office of Dr. ; Greene's remedies, 148 State street, Chicago, Ills., either by personal call at his office or by letter through the mail,and in either case advice and consultation will be absolutely free of charge. This offer Is for everjbody, old and young, rich and poor, and thousands of happy people testify today tc, the practical nature of this experienced advice and the marvelous curative power of his remedies. Don'ii be satisfied to grow old prematurely when the advice of this famous physician Is at your disposal for the ask- icg, wholly free of charge. Items From Koble. The meeting which was to have been held at the Bed school .booae last Saturday night to see itbout furnishing wood toi the winter was postponed one week. There will be preaching at Webb chapel Sunday by Rev. Will Sinurt. Everyone [cordially invited to attend. #% D OLAN'8 OPERA HOUriB. WM. DOLAK, MA1CACHE. Monday October n, '97. The Eminent Character Aotciw and Comedians. Chas.Q.Osborne & WiU A. BarM -IN— OUR STEPWAND Management F, A. Yinney. Elaborate Scenery, Startling Effects, •£• Pleasing Specialties if Touching Pathos, Delicious Comedy. PRICES..25c, 35c, 50c, and 76c. Seats on sale at Joneton's drug store. XHH City National Bank. LOGANSPOKT, INC. CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, i I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Presl P. R. FOWLBII, Cashier. -DIRECTORS- j John Gray, I. N Crawford. J. T. Elliott Dr. W. H. Beli. A. P. Jen*B, W, C. Perm oc It, Shidelet. fieo. W. Funk and John C. Loan money on persons! and collateral security. Buy and sell Government bond). Will pay 3 per cem per annum on oertlfloataj of deposits, whan deposited six months ; 8 per cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults, for rat* keeping of valuable papers, rented at trott (6 to (15 per year. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREN .fS. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. I. &. P. and It. S. A M. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hive just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any lotel, including hot and cold witer, electric' "jght and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner «m Proprietor. THR First National Bank, CAPITAX|»250,000 A. J. MTJRDOCK, PKEsrDKOT, Tf. W. BOSS, CASHTEB, J. F. BROOKMEYER, AJSBT. DIBICXOBS; A.J. Knrdock. W. H. Brinxhum, DMinti Uhi.B.8. Bice. B.F. Yantto, i M. 2*rwoou. W, T. Wflion- _ _ prcwipUr and in all its dene. to Ciutomen taught tor. StrMff auium fund ¥•!•«•••• .

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