The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 23, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DO MUTANT NKWKPAPPR AW wr\nrnni*A cr» Ams\*.n** « *..« _~._, VOLUME xxxiv—NU. 213, Blythevllle Courier BlythevlUe Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader TJIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI m,YTHJ.;vn,UC, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAV, NOVMIJJKK 2:i, MKJ7 Dudes, Killed By Early Marksmen, Given lo Hospital Wallace Says Method Would Be Best For Cotton, Corn Farmers WICHITA, Kons.. Nov. 23. (UP) —.Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace today pro|»sed re-enactment """of processing taxis on cotton and wheat to finance n f\x l.' iminii tinliire und tlicy forgot to :mcmber that the forbidden jlngs of life are often the most alluring to man. Tills cost tliem their lives and so yesterday tlii-y --- - •„,- ""oined the patients' truys :md point middle course program t-t " le sla "' dlnlm? tulle nt the Bly- pioductJo)) control. !>.....«.. > He said he believed Ihe supreme court would uphold constitutionality of un "equitaulii and sound" farm program. His pro- •posals, if enacted into law said, would help the farmers open. Statutes provide, it is "make an orderly retreat lo ,ui acreage in line' with the needs of available, mark els." in iv^tiuji ilJJUHLSC Q r 0 U t 11 an ever normal granary r> , TT^ 'i-ve supplies stored on ihe KOOSCVelt Urges Lommit- in plpVAt^l-t! ry, p, I /~11 tees lo bkidy Charges * Wallace sjioke uf a meeting of orphanage, .southwest wheat producers. His program for wheat: 1. Planning to gain that share of (lie world wheat markft which will bring wheat farmers thtir maximum prosperity. .2 Setting' of acreage goals- in line with needs of the soil and of domestic acid world markets. 3. ProlEctlori ' against drouth through an with rese „. farm or In elevators. 4. Crop insurance. 5. Retirement of sub-marginal lands. G. Price adjustment payments. Neither wheat farmers nor cotton farmers could depend on subsidies from the general treasury over a period of years, he said, because of shifts in congressional -ser.timent. "Therefore"" he explained, "it would seem that with both cotton and wheat the sensible thing would be to let the commodities themselves bear the load in the form cf tariff equalizing taxes levied »t the point of the first processing." Tells Of Old Plot To , ' Kill John L. Lewis ,:SPRJNOFIELD, ' 111., Nov. 23 tOT)i-'A' ; plot-to kilL-Johif-fr Lewjs. chairman : qOue Committee J° r -Jnflli-strial Organization , was charged by a witness in the trial of 41 defendants today' for an alleged bombing .conspiracy . Marion Ensor, Chicago, testified m United Slates district court that when DC conferred with Russell " as "^' a 'defendant in Peoria 1, Wagner, said he "had been hired by the Progressive Miners of America-to kill John L Lewis" the inference was that this was m'rn years' ago. Germany About Ready For "HandM)H" Policy LONDON; Nov. 23 (UP)—Germany is prepared to adopt an altitude of complete neutrality In the Spanish civil war, a usually well inforced source said today , The statement followed closely n report that Soviet Russia was preparing to abandon any active role in Spain because of her preoccupation with the Par East. The present v«Port said Adolf Hitler had informed Viscount Hall- fax, lord president of tlie council during his visit to Berlin that Germany has no interest i n the Spanish conflict beyond preventing the spread of Communism's encroachment westward. Against Utilities WASHINGTON,'Nov. 23 (UP)- Presidenl Roosevelt today dispatched to three congressional committees si report, by ihe New York state power authority charging private utility interests with "gross exaggeration" in estimating costs of i>ower generated by government hydro-electric projects anc! "gross understatement" of modem steam generation costs. In tellers to chairmen of the house committees on flood control, I'iver.s and harbors and mllltarv affairs Mr. Roosevelt said: "It is in the public interest that if there are two sides to any question both sides should be fairly and freely laid before-the pub- '"In : view of. J.lie..widespread_-,pub- liciiy given to statements- niYrt ngflres issued by private, individuals .or private cojiimiltee-s T believe that this repor^.-^ll be'-of interest and help to iyoii and ' to the public." i' ' •' A lot'ta the evil in this world is due to thoughtlessness: Hfost of our roughest, toughest characters have . a sweet stde to their nature but i .•ometimes it takes a shock to brln? it out. I had a blackshcep uncle down home that usc'ta be the "bully" of the toa'i). He was always lookln' for a fight and he had whipped so many of our cilteens that the people pot to thinkin' he was a brute Finally one day a stranger came to town and when my uncle picked on htm and started a fight, the stranger knocked him down. My uncle got up and Ihe stranger knocked him down again. Tills kept up until finally the D<;aut >' « dazzling as Cleopatra' stranger got mad and he got rny -1*'H1 reign again in Egypt when uncle doffii and put his fiiigers Fn'rida Zulficar, above, 17-year-ol hup the sldew-alk and It was theu that lookers and says "Boys, It' ati't right for two men to be! poundln' each other like this!" wild ducks, eiironte. ;ulf waters, paused lo rest wca here, serene in Hie their pre-lnintlnu season flight would be safe und nn- I'ventfuJ. But their avinn minds did not count on the vagaries of Jfl Hurling Destruelion on Chim ~" ' " - - SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bid 111 ry, DILL 1 U U Ihevlllc hospital. Otto Oiimmings. stalp game warden, presented the tliieks to the 'lospital after coiillscutliitf them from the over anxious killers, who couldn't wait for tlic season to lei-stood, that all name eoiidscai- d must be islvcn lo some Institution such a.s a hospital, school or Administration Admits "No Possibility" Of Favorable Committee Action WASHINGTON, Nov. 33. <U!>>-- Chuirmuii .[elm j. O'Connuv (Dem. N. Y.>, ol (lie house ruli".; committee, announced today thm ihe house- Iciidevslilp hud determined there was "no ixisslbilltv" ol 111- vorablc action by his committee, on Die n'ligcs and hour.-; bill. "Tlic leadership," O'Connor announced In u formal .statement, "has exhausted every possible effort to secure u sullicleiil number or votes in the rules committee lo report out a resolution for lhi> consideration of the wages ftiul hours Dill and flint thai tln r e Is no possibility of the bill bel-ig con.sldi.wd by that method." Kevisfs Corporate Tax- Rates WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (UP>~ '1'lie douse ways and means tax sub-committee today tentiUh. h adopted a plnn revising Hie co,- porlle tax structure Including normal corporation levies ami the undistributed profit.': tux. The committee agreed: 1. To give corporations earning 425.000.000 a year or less total exemption from the undistributed profits mx and to raise their normal lux to 12 1-2 per cent on the (1st $5,000 and 14 per cent on the next S2D.OOOO. 'i. To place a top rate of 20 per cent on the incomes of coi petitions earning more than $25,WO with a minimum of 1C per cent contingent «|»n earnings retained by the corporation. Ninety Employes Of Postal Telegraph At St. Louis Goes To Washington In. Interest Of Farm Program tra Crawford, secretory" of the ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 33 —A .sit .down strike or union- em"' fjloycSjOf the Postal Telegraph and'' Cable .^company's main office here today.; disrupted service in the St. Louis area, i •. > , •,&bout 90 of the .IOC telegrapher.^ antT telephone operators .-were! af-, union, a C. f. O. affiliate. ' county famm «» Egypt's Nexl ^Cleopatra" of an vnt oiuctvuui miu iv v*»-a uicu uiai ~ o,uceii by marriage to niy uncle's kindly nature came out. young King Farouk on January 5^;.S P .!L U £^ P {»S3; *>- 1M8 - A >«» <" atcl > "> »«<* "" w ' .ministers have hid no hand betrothal Is popular with Fa-1 Dec. roiuYs subjects, | May was cailed because of a local controversy Involving reinstatement of six employe. 1 !. Tlie demand by the national organization was for a closed shop and wage Increases. Thf union asked that the minimum wage scale for machine operators be increased from $15 to $27.50 per week. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 23 (UPO- Slocks rallied to net gains of one to two points today after a break to new lows since June 3, 1935 In the averages. A. T. &. T V -U 3-J Ar.«oc. D. G 71-2 Belli. Steel 46 1-2 Boeing Air 22 3-8 Chrysler 1 Coca Cola Gen. Ek'C Gen. Mot Int. Harvest Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central „ Packard 47-3 the Phillips Pet. lUulio Schenly Dist Simmons . . Eocony Vac. Std. Oil N. J. 55 I-: 112 33 S-! 32 7-J 5fi •13 i-2 U. S. Smelt U. S. Steel Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Nov. 23. (UP)—Hogs: receipts. 10.000. Top. 7.83 Medium weights. 7.70-7.75 Bulk sows. 7.25-7.50 Cattle: receipts, 5.000. Slaughter steers, 8.00-15.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 5.50-7.75 Slaughter heifers, 5.25-11.00 Beef cows. 4.75-5.T5 Cutters and low cutters, 3.50-4.50 Chicago Wheat open high 917-8 92 low close 886-8 897 .... , Cotmty ; Federal Court JONESB0RO, Ark,, -Nov. .— Three former Mississippi . oof|nly posluiaslcrs entered " ple'ns or"jju))- ty lo charges of embezzlement of ----- ..... — — . Abandoned by the clilnwe, Nanking, seat of the Nationalist gov- " aslnl fumls " efore J " d % e Thoraijs emnienl,' will be visited by Ihe same screaming, leaded denth that was rained upon Shanghai and thc Railway Administration build- ,< OMI Ing In Clmpei, (op photo, its broken windows vacant nnd storing to sillily to attest tlie Intensity of barrages laid (town by advancing Japanese V*' [ ™ P°Hurling a constant deluge of dcslruction are light Held batteries lower lc " ce(l to pholo. their empty .shell, piled upon the .round. un vln, ,„',. ..."v E «"i ten(l ; -„: t'exan Says Million More Idle Offers Program WAHIlING'l'ON, Nov. 2:t (UP) — Gas Fumes Are Fatal To Family imiDGEPOUT, Conn., Nov. 2:t. UJ')--A family of live os nccl- di'lilnlly asphyxiated Kxluy l>y gas boy, , . n er , Nov « (UP)-^r Hep. Miuiry Maverick <0oin., Tox,) home by iwltce, .summoned by i. imcse ndvnniic milts crashing- rc-venled to<l,,y h,- had been ml- neighbor who. fnnrli., f the Yeo- oppaslt on woro 01i!rno 801 ; i!rninonl BOII1W » have been undo |) ! flcwl on ,l mrl lnl( ' v Idle und t _. „ v Illue employment sinew start of the Indu.slilal recession In toiuuci 1 , Miw«rk-k, crltiel/lnj; gbrtm'- 111, ^, ,„ incut moves to meet Die recession, World War, noted Hint the number of persons on WPA work relief rolls, hud rls- (•Ji only slightly slnco curly fje\>* Mnverwik presented n three-|x)lnl prowm for recovery. Ho urged Unit tlu> New Deal avoid n deflationary policy. The Muvi'rli'k program: 1. Prevention.of exorbitant prices and price combines among monopolies through nntl'trmt legislation revision. 2. Immediate Inauguration of a housing program to Include shim clearance projects. Maverick advocated construction of at least fiOO.- 000 homes annually for the next du- cnde to replace outmoded and unlit dwcltngs. • 3. Adequate care for the unemployed, despite the fuel tlmt federal government relief costs would amount far byond tlie scale provided miller the $1,500,000.00 WPA appropriation for the current fiscal year. .A deflationary policy, said Mnv- erlt'k, will unemployment rapidly. Then, six months from . - . ">«»» Imd owBlopt. Irlcd to nrousS today to Imvo swept by past by culllnij ,«t tn« and W.tslh, itpurlxlmately 1 00 ' Yiibiniiu, iHilhorlties said, ciimn Sen- here from Detroit, lie was u un- ,. " of Toronto nnd nerved with h . , now, he said, the cry will go up for increased spending ami it will cost much more to stop Hie downward business spiral, f Thl'.?.e ; ,.E.r o m t iyi.ississipDi, 'Pleas.'-Ju C. Trimble In federal court here yesterday. Robot Chlsholm. C-l. pleaded luklng $69 from the Dyc.w post olflce nnd «-ns sentenced to five years In n federal !!ary. Frances Smothermnn ot and government officials have moved lo Chung-king TO which .she Inter rrpnld. miles up Ihe Yangtze, now the. temporary capital. ' ..... Mayor Urges Closing Of 'Business Houses Thursday e; mm mat everyone mlglil cn-i ^wiiday on Thnnkss.ivhiB.!\Vi!l Preach At Union Hold Final Rites For Thanksgiving Services Mrs. Rella Turner, 661 w e dnesday_Nighl Mayor Marion Williams Issued a urodlamatlon today declaring Thursday a holiday' nnd asking that all businesses of the city be closed so that everyone mlghl joy the The Ifev. S. Salmon, who the Home, , her son at Orauite City 111 Sun- lllon Timnk5 lvnio. service o'clock t ,7 : m.-uiiE.-;,u»J 11LVIU IU C.iU Ol flay Services were conducted by the Frst Baptist Church. oastor of Granite City, assisted bv T, , ,„ , o,_ n ,...:... . ,i The music will ;c under 38 1-2 Stcele. 'i 5-8 as !-a „ „... 21 1-2 W. M. Woodard. She was 66* yciirs H 1-8 of age. Interment was made in Lester , rccllon .. undcr thc rtl " nnd Texas Corp 3G 3-4 Cemetery with the German Un- IT ° c " 53 1-2. riertaking company in charge. York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Cotton closed steady. open high low clo.w 771 185 771 781 776 783 775 7&3 782 794 782 794 7M 800 78G 800 791 803 791 8o;> 800 812 79!) include a duet by Alvln Marvin Graves, prelude and offertory on Ihe organ by Airs. Murray Smalt, nnd congregational sing- Tile Rev. F. M. Sweet, pastor of the Lake Stret Methodist Church, will give the opening prayer; the Habbl Herman Pollach. of Temple Israel, will read the scripture from Amos and the Psalms; and the UP>- Rev. Eupha D. Beasley. of the Dec Jan Mar May Julv Oct First church of the Nazarene, will 1 say the benediction. Tlie silver offering will hi 1 given lo charity. North Zndli Grows Cotton Uli ,„;, „„„. CALCUTTA (UP) — Attempts to closed steady at 799. up 5. 8™ w cotton In the North-Central \'ew Orleans Province of India Is meeting with , success. So far about 250 hundred- NEW ORLEANS. Nov. B . (UP, —Cotton closed sis to eight po'nis 91 l-tt y* CUO-U «'J7-8 i, V Y— <.<suv i~ *•••• 91 915-8 881-4 S93-8 g oday °" a stead >' ™arkel. open hi^li low close Chicago Corn crop *""* ' i Dec, ! .'nn. Mcr. Moy open high low close Julv 537-8 545-8 531-2 641-8 Oct. open 792 793 784 800 8CO 802 802 £05 809 810 818 792 193 798 109 Germans Test Small Auto BERLIN (UP) — A "poor man's Wi2 [car" has been perfected by Qer- hnan mechanics and is being test- I ed. The velilclD. known as the 505 COS 310 567-8 571-4 561-2 567-81 Spot.i'dosed steady at 80.1, up 0 miles an hour, runs 40 nillc.5 on a gallon of gasoline, Is a. sedan. iHistniislress at Dell for nine years. She wns arraigned but sentence wns deferred. Jennie B. Arnold admitted Inking $173 from the post office nt Basselt. She was also arraigned but not sentenced. sece . The Delta Products company ot p ™™'}* tt!c , ^s tit the rtlson, also in Mlsslssliml county. ! mlu lle '"" de n hole lBr e° Wilson, also in Mississippi county was fined $50 nnd cosU-i for allegedly misrepresenting thcamounl Doors Of County Jail Onen • f elk Fmnrv T upen , UtllS, tmpiy i, ns Vomnti. siTri.'ttiry of tlie Y. M. o. .. hl.s wife, KliwilH'lh, nml their nice fhlldien, two n'rls nnd n bodies were found l n their The Bootery Criiindlim forcM iliirJnu "'n proxlmntely five miles cast of Wu-, sili. key point of defenses uetweeu the Yangtze river and Jikc Tni. it, is about, 70 miles from Stiimglml. .;_;; Wjilns llnmiKr Offense Heavy rains In the area, the oflldal reported, had held up the liipnnese advance to n certain cx- Icnl. Tin! advance guard received iiippllcs from nlrplaises wlilcli new llicm from Shitnghal. There were no omcl&l reports that Wusih liad been captured. Japanese aut!ioritle« claimed that Its fall would mean the collapse of ihc strong Chinese Wuslh- Klanh'ln defense lines, the last slKcnblc obstacle confronting the JnpniiMO before Nanking, Reports from Nanking sold thttt the Chinese were making prepaf- Ulon for n Inst stand dofeiuo of thc evnoiiated capital. Thousands of Chinese troops were pouring into the city, taking over the homes of residents who had fl&d, No Ileply to Messaire ^i-- authorities indicated that Generalissimo Clilang Kali ;liek hud not replied to u "pef- ionnl message", advising h'lm tp iUiTCiKler, A Jiipaiiesc plane flew, iver Nauklne yesterday and dropped the liittei- nddre.«cd to him'. Tlic said they did not believe flint the Chinese troops' 'would filch" a letter addressed tp ; 'Jiclr comiiinnder-ln-ciilcf but they ' 'cporlcd that no answer had been" forlhcomlng from Nanking. Tlie JJnne, which delivered the mes-~ ;age, wns the first, tp. fly over • .Vnnklnu since (ho govcrrimBnt of- icially abandoned .the: capital and removed Us niUiistrlDS to " . . five dollars were stolen from the Ooodyeiir Service store, •tlu West Mnln slrcet, nnd nine dollars from The Doolcry, 215 West Main street, by intruders vim apparently effected their en'- inincc in n slmllur iminncr Inst night. Police Chief K. A. Hlcc doubts lhal the burglnrles were both committed Ijy Ihc .same person, however. A. li. Uultry, mnnn'ner ot the Goodyeiir store, missed hU lock box this inonilng when he was wepni'liis to put thc money Into Ihe register.'A .search revealed the smply box In the coal bin. This store hns no safe but money Is kept In a lock box, officers snld,, According- to Mr. Dnltry, tlic employes remained at the store Inst night to Instill! n new display window und Ihcy did not 'cavo until 11:30 o'clock, How tha burglar enlocd the bulldlnj! li a mystery. If he did not enter through the con) clinic, ho, snld. , Tim theory has been advanced tliiit" tin'-rbbbnr hid In Uiu stoi'i !onictline before closing and re- maiiicd UlCre until evcryo»t;"liad Jc^t and Iheii(.walked mil the door •by; UiralnK ' [tie spring lock. The fcoal cliuto is iargc enough tlmt u iAtnll.i'.pcrjipiy,'could have nulled hjjnsjijf throug(i the o|Knlii(;. •Ufhjj.' Baijtery.|s loss wns dlscov- swd.'jby ilie, owner, Jolt Holand, 4 7:M o'clock' lost night when ho went Into 1 tliii store. The nine dollars hud been taken from the cash register, where It Is kept for :haiiBe. The • snfc-apparently had not been tampered wllli and (he :ntnider pushed a different key, tlinn Is used by (he employes, to jpcn the reglslcr. The burglar apparently entered the store through n conl chute In a small .compartment of Ihe store room. Locked French doors separated ttie store room from the front of flic presumably gained but the thief enlrniicc by tit the center crawl through at the top of the doors. o7protein"oirn"TOcit"o'r roHo'iT'secd When'Mr. Roland went Into the meal In interstnte commerce. back room he discovered the French doors pusher) open and an examination revealed the money gone. This is the sixth time tills store burglarized, three of the losses having been sustained In For the first Unit In many months the county jail wns empty today. Jailer E. G. "Pete" Skinner said that there had only been a very few In Jnll. since thc seven prisoners sentenced at the recent •erm of court, were removed to stnte prisons and that this inorn- 'np thc last prisoner was freed on bond. Tilts is the first time the county jail has been without prisoners since Mr. Skinner assumed charge eight months ngo. Will Attend Dinner in Honor Of Judge Trimble Several Blythevllle attorneys plan to attend a dinner, which is to be given by the Cralsrieaci county bar association at Jonesboro tonight In honor of F.dcrul District Jiidee, Tliomos C. Trimble, who Is holding his first term of court at Jonesboro this week, Judge Trimble wns appointed by President Roosevelt several months ngo to succeed the iale •ludge John E. Martineau. The appointment Is for life. Burns Prove Fatal To 75 Year Old Negress Mary Qlynn, 75-yoar-old negro who was severely burned yesterday morning when her house was <lo•' by flre, died last Directing Cost of Living Probe --.. . uv inuibin, IV.LUVYI. 0= mi. 6wx>yea Dy nre, died ijsi iiigut-. People's Car," has a speed of 50 The woman did not awaken until neighbors pulled her from (he burning bed. Directing President Roosevelt's high cost of living investigation and the effect upon prices of "monopolistic practices and other unwholesome methods ot competition," Is the task of W. A. Ayres, above,, chairman o£ the federal trade".commission. Upon his report will depend future "big stick" actions o! the iil'trusts.^ Chinese Resistance Stiffens Somewhat But Advance's- Still Continue SHANGHAI, Nov. from Nanking. A Jnpam-se, nnny oflldal rft'- |»rlcd that the Chinese were bo- pushed back nt a point •••••*. .' Clmnslia. -.Nelson Leiivfs"Nauklne x '"'"'••'' ' Uiiltc'd States Ainbassqdor Neli" •ion T. Johnson and'otii'er foreign ambassadors and nationalists offt- Jlnlly abandoned Nanking today ind proceeded aboard gunboats up tlie Yangtze river towar Hankow. Johnson planned to make 'several ilops, enionto to Hankow, and nge Americans between tliBtpolnb mil Nanking to Join him aboard Die gunboat Luzon. In Shanghai the stale lottery mis trnnswerred •to"' 1 Hankow- in :ompllnnce with the Japanese: demands Hint Chinese organizations ,eave the Internnllonal settlement ind the-French concession. Helloble rcuorfs safd that the French authorities had closed down 5evernl radio stations. In the concession belonging lo Chinese government branches. The attitude of authorities "of Mie International settlement, dominated by Great Britain nnd the Uniled Stntes, appeared to be one )f "cooperation" with the Japan-' esc, who Jind tlireatened to taka ivcr nil Chinese rights in the for- found it neces- More Canadian Eggs For British Breakfasts MONTREAL (UP)-Canadlan eggs ore becoming Increasingly popular on the British breakfast table. Agriculture department officials predicted shipments to Great Britain this full would be l,250,(Mfl dozen, a 37 per cent Increase from 912.COO dozen last year. Saskatchewan,. Manitoba and Ontario Me' the .chief exporting provinces. \ -,r-i" IJr. J. JL Bripldey Buys ; -Littler Rbck Hospital 'LITTLE ROCK, NOV. 23 cup) —Sale of the -Research Hospital here to Dr..John E, Brinkley of Del Rio, Tex., was announced today by Dr. 1. L. Marshall, owner of the building and equipment, The, purchase price was not made public. Friends of the Del Rio "gland specialist" said he planned io ex- irend $40,000 In remodeling and refurnishing the hospital. ' '• WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, wami- cr in north portion Wednesday and partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy tonight, followed .by rain law tonight or Wednesday; somewhat wanner Wednesday; lowest temperature tortight, 32 to 36. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 38, minimum 22, partly cloudy, according to Bem- ud F. Nprrts, official' weather observer. • • " ..'-..

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