The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYl'HEVILLE, (AUK,) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 21, Cotton Program Offers Opportunity to Make Farms Self-Sufficient The primary object, of the col- ton adjustment program is 10 raise the pvlce ol cotion, but the- opportunity is offered the farmer who signs a 1935 cotion contract to put his farm on n self suflic- Ing basis, says J. E. Cut/, county Under terms of Hie contract, rented acres can be used luv Uiv prodiicilon of food anil ted crops for home lite where (here 1 L ; n shortage of Ihcse crops on I ho farm, providing the pliintini; of any kina of toou and (ecd crops on the rented acres doe.s mil re- le-aEe other acres, for tile pioiluc- tloti of cash crops for .siU\ The only requirement luiminf, i the use ot rented acres tor Icon I Mrs. 11 \,. Koynolds, active mom- and feed production is thai cropr I i < l th In u liiislue ^ jnd 110 Brown be used r,i homo or on UK It «n<! \\ men r!no is t-vtv. in laun where they arc produced, and (^manorial relations rhalrman. thai crops grown be used at noun or" on the farm where they un produced, and that the giwvin of. such crops does uoi cause uj shifting of crops that would re- Decrees Imvr been granted In va- leate other acres lor the proiliic- rjlirm to plnmlllls In three unccn- lloh of cash crops for sale, tested divorce cases by chancellor The present livc-iu-honie pro- J. I- 1 . CJautnoy ol .Joue.sboro. tirani being conducted in this I ueuevu Wifersan \vn s county colls fur the production or Visitors Expected for Purim Entertainment The Purim holiday will be celebrated |n this city with an ent«r- laimncnt, sponsored \>y tlic Jewish Ladies Aid Sunday afternoon at the Woman's club at. which time visitors are expected from a number of nearby towns. The children will have a masquerade party with prizw given loi Hie test costumes. In l!ic program for ailults there will be u play In which Miss Mil jdvc'.t liiiug, nf Hlytticvtllo, Mlssci Itulh Goldberg, Llllliin Jallce. Ra- incllc Welnbers. Hose liiibEitolcin Virginia Niekol.s and Rebecca Nickols. of Osceolii, will tak3 parl. Tlic feature «1 me p.osram : un address by flabb) Miller, o Icletia. Three Divorces Granted an adequate supply ot Imlts «ml vegetables, and other necctMiry food crops. In following a program of ihls kind, it. is necessary to"tlcvotc a sizable jilot of land to garden vegetables, home orchard, and such crops us sweet potatoes, ^ melons, cane lot sovgrmm, peanuts, j field peas, pop corn, pumpkins,, turnips, and grain crops, pemmn-j cnt and whiter pasture and hay' crofts £ufflclent to feed properly the livestock kepi on the farm. The use of rented acres ills into tliis program admirably, because these acres can be utilized to produce the feeds, vegetables, jniri fruits neceisary to carrying out a well rounded hve-iu-honif program, provided Hie oj llwsc acres noes not release oilier acres thai have formerly been used lor this purpose. given u divorce from John WlUtcrfon. Ouiei- Slaller was divorced from Georgia Lee stallcr, and Gail Davidson from John Davidson. H. a. Hudson, Mmiltii attorney represented the phiimills. Head Courier News Want Ads New Members Enroll in 40 and 8 4-il Club Five new inembers Joined • io and" 8 ,4-H club at a recent meeting. They arc Kachel Adki.s- KOJJ, Maiy Paul Bnrnrs, Marie Jamerson, Baplmc Harris nml Au- nfs; Mae Jamerson. iReports- \vere made' l>,v ,^Kuchc AdKisson, ' Ba;Mcs. Dora Jfiv boe, Annie Mae Jamcrsnn, Bvelyi Kirk, Annie ivfac Williams. Jack Adkisson, Nils Welch, Opal Weld' Vci'tlie Russell and 'i'om Haslutl Ji Songs were selected by ihe sun captain, Opal Henron. Mrs. Imo jjene Adkisson »'i« present. Whistles Buy 48-Acre Tract Near A. J. Stotl anc| Ida B. ScotL Iwve Old :t •IB-acre tvatt ol |i|tid; Hear to c. IJ. WJ^He and rcne Whistle In a deed recorded in tte circuit, clerk's office tills Clean Thiff CAMDniDDB, Mass. (UP) — If the tiller who stole a bureau from the plaz'r.i ot Jacob Aldeman usc<t the loot, lie found In tlw drawers, Ills body and soul sljould be cleansed. Tlic drawers contained 10 Bibles and four bathing suits. W. H. Liviugslou Dies al Mathislttii, Miss, . II. LiviiiBston, fathrr ol .1. I.niugMon. ilied nl his IIOIIIL- Malliibinn, last nl^liL er;!! ticrvices will IK; UcUl at hat elty tomorrow. Mr. ami Mrs. J. !•'. Livingston nd family motored down early odiiy tor the luncrul, Ruptured? 'i'licn come !ind sec our Expert 'J'IIJM filler lierc for one (lay, Saturday, March 23i'd. 10 A. M. until 7 P. M. Robinson Drug Co. Jilythevllle School of l!c;iiity Culture Open Soon 1st Nal'l, Bank Bldg. l''or Details See Mrs. Bcrrynibii At Elaine Beauty Shop WE WANT A NAME! The forma! oituninj.; of u now Service Station aL the state line will he held in ;i few days. \V. J. Wumlerlicli and James Sitnriers, o]icrulor.s rjf the station, will give as a pt'iv.c for the best suggestion: £0 GALLONS GAS 5 QTS. OF MOTOH OIL AND Contest Closes Midutglit, March 2I> or Mail Your Kcidtcs to Conrior News Positive belief For gtchy Sklii (Inollnji atitl r.onlliin^ filue Slnr 'Hilmetil incllsonlhc skin, send lug 'sled medicines deeply In'.o |iorcs vherc It quickly kills ilch, letter, sJf, cc'/nn^, Tuot Ifcli, riuKU'orm, c.. Money JjacU if first Jar fails. ICE GROCERY '.I 1 . H. VAN ItlBBEK, Ownci- ;ttui Operator located in Old P. O. iiltlg., Ill Kast Main St., Hlyluevillc ' PHONE 2;H '*Com|iare Prices, Duality and ijervicti" WK DKUVijlt Cut TliiH Ail Out aiid Savo—Tlicsu Prices Gond March H2nd (o l!9lh«-Subjecl to Sfocls ami Jiadical Market Chnngcs. ruuonucG .t vnurrs {>rjii[;cK, .luiuy anil Sivccl, I>o^en Ulc Bnlhuiss, I-'iiMcy Fruit, Lb , 5c Tiunips, Frtsli :uul Tender, l.b l!5c Lettuce, Stivul cit:; Celery, Jtuiihu St;t!k .. 12i: Katlnj 1'olatnfl, Red, IMi. 15c; Sack .. S2.15 While Potatoes, M>. l-tu; 1'cel; 2flr; S!i. Sl.'iS Sirrct PoUluos, 2's, Ll>. l!5c; Bushel .. 75e Grfou Ouiuiis, litmcU ^c ;Lcmuus, Do/. 17e FRESH MEATS Uuuon, lYj-. Sliceil, .1,1). 25e; Hiinllcis, llj Z7u U'iitmislii Cream Cliceso, l.b :• 15u 1'ork Shoulder Slcaii, M>. Kc; Kcisl, Lti. 'ita Old), nutter Tux I'alrt, l.b '^Oc I'ey. llaby licet Btcnli, ll> 171'jc; Uo'.isl, ill 1'iViv: Mixed SausnBu or Hamburger, H Lbs ^Se Ileus, Kit, [''uney, Full Dressed, t.t). .. 21!!ic Pure Ijiril, Ib 17!lu; Coiinlry .Smuacc, Ib 1T,5^ Sugar, Pure Cane, 5 Ibs. 24c, ID Lbs. 47c, 100 Lbs. $4.65 Smiling faces fill big pIacc»-Jn factories, offices, everywhere. Smiles reflect lienllliKiiUs'.reiiEtli that winners must hnvc. To keep mulling, keep healthy. , Don't let, ccmsttpciUoti clog your Intestines, causing biliousness, licatlachc, raliow complexion, bad breath, • loss of appetite, llrcd feeling. .Clear away-!he iicmble In tha caey v.ay inilllorohave done Mnca ISiO. Tliedfovd's Black- Dri'ight sit night, relief -in the morning. Ninety-five years ol Btcadiiy- gtowing use Is your proof that Black-Draught Is an eilecUps tesattve. At all drug CANNEU OOOUH l!fl 31nntc I'fJclu's. A'u. 'i'/i Can 17'iic IE. U. PiiifJiHiie, Crnslicd, No. 2]-j C'.'in .. 19u I'ii! 1'caelics, No. 2 t';iu S l-3r niackticrtics, Uij It., Nu. '!. Can \'.v. Apr\ts, "Fanny Solid 1',-ielc", Can lllc Anile Kiiucc, "Old' Fiichtcn", No. S Can ,. ]3c • T.iblo Teuelirs, "Siinu'i-n", No. y,'. Can .. 15e Ulil Judge CnlFee, "Calendar 1'rce'', J;u- IKIc tn>:litiit I'ostum, illciliinn 25e; Lai^e .. -He lltiiiz ISc^ns, "All Varieties", fan .. a l-3r l : vcs,li Linn UE.IIIS, N». 2 (^n 12t CclLigc Milk, I! Small m 3 Tall Cans .. J9c Mustard, '^!Jiy[lo\vci'", Q'.MVt Jar ll)u 5'irklcs, Scui 1 or 1)111, "Ala. Girt", (J«a'l- 15c lilyihfvilli: UD.ins, SphiaeH or 1'cas, Can 8 1-iu 1'iirc Fruit Vrremcs, All Fliivors, 10 01. 20e Smrhinc S.vnip. CJiMM Can ISc; Gallon ir.c Salinnn, 1-1,1). Can Chum lOe; Pink .. 12c No. a;.; (Jsu Kra.ul 9r; lluntlny T,.K n,OUll - MUAlj & CEREALS Gold Mttl'll I'luur, 5 II). :!3c; 24-lll. 5. SI-IS Gi-ld Medal Alciil, u II). ^3c; 2-l-lb. sk. S5c Oinc'4'.i Horn-, 5 Ib. 13t; 10 Ib. GOu; 20 Ib. SI.15 Uinc^u I'luur, 20-1". Kk. anil Sifter .. $l.:>7 \VliHevvatcr, IS Ib. 5Sc; 24 tt> S1.05; Mil. Si-Ira B. .lalir, S 11) -K>c\ \i Ib. (iOcj 24 Ib. sk. $1.10 OW Trail Flour, K 11). 35c; ^4 Ib. $1.00; lib! $7.50 iSliililcy Wonder Flour, K Ib. Me; 24 II). S5c; BW. lln WomH S7.'i3 Sunn- Kin? flour. <H. Ji. Only), 12 II). 45c; 21 Ib. 85c; ISbl SB.15 SUiulard Cream Meal, 1U II). Cloth 35u; 21-Ll), Saek "5c rauc;iUc Flour, Washbiivn, a'.ic; rillsbury )2!ic Sivitmdnun Cake Hour, Bulk, Ib. lOc; 2 3-4 Lb. liox -3c Skinner's Kalsin, 13i:; Spaelietti C',ic Crystal Wedding Premium Oals, tin. lOe; Is 'U'~: Golilcn Drip Corn Flakes, Box T. Quaker I'ulTrd Wlical, liox lOc Kclloje's AH-l!raii, Ka\ l,r\KH A: Cllsi'l). !,!>. ('.in ^k; 3-l,b. t',\n .VIl: .Snuw Drill. 1,1). ('an Mr: 3-t,b. UllckcC .. S7r Wesson Oil. Tint Kit; Cnml!. Slirser Stl -I9c lil-inf!>. JBBS Vcg. ;j-l,b. CJD i'i'c; t-tb but CIc t'rraimi Oil. To! Svilad ,t I'ryliig. I 1 1 We; <|l Sic Swill's .Icivrl. I,l>. 15c, J-lb tin GOc; 8 11) S1.1S Hake White, W><~- Vegetable, l.b :. ir>i: r«ic 1-itJ. iJirlcdr. 1-H 1 . rln. Trie; lluckci 7;«- I'urc lord, l^iclcde, K-lb. i-tn. 51.33; bkt SI.W I'mu l.aul, t-acledc, 5R-II). Not Can .. S8.ll Vrrii'nr. Oil. !'nr S.-itads nr I'ryinir. G.ll Jl.'U Ha!,r. \Ybitf-. SW:; Veg. -18-lb Nrt On SG.Ti liumko. "It's Wondciriil'. 1'icsli. 8-lb Sl,'!3 HULK GOODS S|Hshcl(i. Mm; Sljlc, rackage .... Ill,- Illiick rrpper, LI). !7c; Cocoanul, liv^l). rrnclir:;, Chuice (.Jr-ule, Lb ll!'-c Kv,i|). Apvkots, Clioicc (iradc, Lb. .. t'.VAV. I'rimrb, Choice BN-PCI Slic, Lb. Ev3|>. A]i|drs, Choice and I'rcsb, Lb, .. I k Pine Kin CntTcr. "We tiriiid U". 3 Lbri, M Itto^m Susar, "Old Fashioned", Lb fi Hier. fancy Whole Head, Lb 5 Cream Meal, Lb. 3c; H. or s. U. Hour, Lb. rintii or Limn Itrans or K. b'. t'e.-us, 1/E>. 0>slcr Shell, Lb. IVjr; Corn Chops. Lb. : Salt, itlrdliini Coirsc, Lb I lUc '/it !ic Pure Egg Noodles, 1-Lb. Cellophane Package .... 15c NOTIONS Bird Seed mid Conditioner, "I'ct", Box lot; Vimir. Anliicnlic, r,il| Vinl 25c nubbin; Alcohol. "Kiss nf lx)ve". Pinl I So Wf. nf Maeiirsb, W-ide. 1'lnt 2SJ Atb-.Mo Prliolcum Jelly, 3 Jais lOc Srkool Tablets. 75 Wide SliccLs for -c Pirating Toittt Soai<. C liig ISars Sot Atftida Light Globes, Up (o 73 Wall, a. 19c TeiiEtro, "SticI Salve". 25c Value ISe Cnmay, Valinollvc or I'rolcx Toilrt Soap 4!~c Kdilhcin Tiwuc, :i (iolk ,. 19c Tiiincntine or Castov QU. l;;. 0 J. Bottle 4c CLOSK (HITS — NO HEFUNDS Uluc Il3ttft (Jhdrtvs and Jim, Gal tr>r. Tooth Paste, IVligiicsla. $!,oa A'alue. U9c rrrsian Dates, Imporlcd, 1 3-1 Ib. I'k;. 19c Salad DiTbbhiE, 8 07. 8c; IS at- 12c; gl. lie Ublij's Afiticots. No. 1 Lb. Can l!';c. Xnus Xuts, Mixed, Lb 15c Salt, .Itftcrson Island. 5(1 .Lbs 5oe FrcHrvcs, Imitation, All Flavor, PI 13c; Qt 23t Snn-Biilc Cleanser, 2 Cans Uc H A K ColTee. Qt. Jar 2lr; !; Oal. .Ini lac Gsl. Can Xomalpes 49o Plneapjlt. fbciiics Me JMciu Salad DscsshiE, Gal. Jat — KID for -constipation "A Comparison' 1 UiKhl Qualify ;U Rile Prices, Plus IMivci.v ai»l Comleutia Service Tiadc With VAN THE KITE PRICE MAN 1 LUlc I''OJ{ HBNT OK SAU5 8 acics laml. 4 loom lioiise and batn. i-evctal oulb'.dld- tn:s. ideal localion lor thiry, chicken talking and tiuck farming, elwe to to\vn on Highway. I'lionc w'3l or y:5 1'. H. Van Bibbcv at storo. NftA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES NRA LIBERTY GASH GHOCE& SPEND YOUR SCUIP HEUB ' Customers Scales in Our Store—Guaranteed 16 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday U Potafoe U. S. No. 1 White Poti nil lc Lard S»ow White Compound POIJJK! 13'c CARROTS Liirgi 1 , Fresh ftnnclt Sc SPINACH Fresh Pound SQUASH While. I't'oslt arid Tender Pound SAUSAGE JiroofeflcW Links 1'otinil 32 c ROUND STEAK ° Good K. C. Beef I'otind 22 c Mustard or Turnip Hunch 5c CORN Standard Size 2 Can 8c GRAPE FRUIT Florida. SO's Kach 3c KRAUT New BaiTt'l Pound 4Sc BRAINS Pure Pork 1'otind 15c lananas • ^F lOc SNAP! BEANS CELERY Fresh mid Tender Pound .him In i Tic 7ic BOLCCNA.SAUSAGE %a& LIVER Beef or Pork Pound 15c Domino, Cloth Bag 10 Us. - - 50c Paper Bag, 10 Pounds GROUND BEEF Heal Fresh Pound lOc APPIFS wincsap - li ' ancy Pound MILK Van 6c Sn '3c Uwil T Pound lOc MACKEREL Nice Si/.c ' Each 5c MINCE MEAT ,v DILL PICKLES School Girl Size 2 for CRACKERS Economy 2-Lb. Box Home Grown Fresh liuuvh IJc SPAGHETTI Or Alacaroni 3 Boxes NAVY BEANS' PEAS Fresh Stock . . Pound 4ic Slohely's Honey Pod No. 2 Can 16c Flour Curt; Country 1'ound Mary Jane Plain or Self Rising 2.1-Lh. Sack Sc 20c 85c ROAST Veal or liecf. Chuck Pound 12c DRESSED HENS AND FRYERS SALMON Chum Tall Can 9ic PORK & BEANS >lm ^ 25c PRUNES Large 40/50 Size found 8c STEAMBOAT SYRUP toV" Can - - -I5c STOKELY HOMINY Sgg SOAP, -k 7c t', & G. •1 Largo Hars 15c Suntiv Brook Pound 29c Lettuce Heads Clnvorlcitf 1' Pound I COCONUT Baker's Premium 1/2 1,1). Cake 31c 23c Southern Stvle Yellow l,a))cl Cm, COCOA Hershcy 12ic Lemons -» 12c KALE Fresh. Home Grown MACKEREL CHERRIES 7 " Tall Can Biicli 7c Red Sour i'Hted No. ~i Can Dean's M,. 31c CANOVA COFFEE Ib. OA A "IT SUllK IS (iOOD H nn £lj\f COFFKK" Can TOMATOES Slokcly s No. Z '/, 1,1* Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH ir "(iOOU TO TUB LAST UKOP"LU. 29c LIBBYS SPECIAL PEACHES l 'S ct c a rnRW (!ol(ll!l1 Banlum lAJIVil No. 2 Ca Can NO. 2 Can PICKLES Sour orQ Sl-15 c PEAS KHAIJT JUICE N caMr nic Can «2 m 'No. 2 inc Can 1U VEAL LOAF „ 12° WATOES,.,, 4',' 1C CALUMET U;ti a..'S22 c BUTTER Ijroukliel l 1 ,. 3f GRAPENUT rLA S & BEANS W- E. C Brand. Can 0 SPAGHETTI Beechnut Can Slaud-OlC <ird u2 JELLO MOPS SpcdM te L 11 . U-oz. Bottle COCOA Lb. Box TOMATO baker's 1AC JUICK CampbcllCC Stokcly. Can u DEL MONTE SPECIALS PEACHES No - 2 ^nl8 c TOMATO SAUCE'S, yMABEANS Sm - ( gai5 c COFFEE Del Monl l u . SARDINES - Oval £i--9 c ASPARAGUS. 5To» 25' 9r»c PEARS u rge TyNora_^i5! PRUNES-No^t Can 16 C

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