The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1931
Page 4
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£AGE FOUR BLYTHEVrLLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAHCir 13, 1931 THE BLYTHEV1LLE COUK1ER NEWS THE COUSISR NEWS CO., PUULJSKEB8 0. R. DACCOCK, EdlWr W. \», HA1NKS. Advertising Manager fc* National Advertising Representative*: fhe Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, toiiade!phla ; Atlanta, Dalits, &tu Ar.ioalo, Baa Vranusco. Chicago, si. Louis. Published Every Alttrnoon Except Sunday. Entered ss second class matter 6t tho post otlice at lilythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1917. Served by Hie United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES Dy carrier In Hie clly ol Blytncvlllo, 15o per week or {6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol 6t miles, »3.00 per year, H.SO (or six mouthE, 85c for three months; .uy mail In pcslal zones two to six, Inclusive, C3.50 per year, In zones seven «:d sight, per year, payable In edrsnc*. Mr. Alexander's Record Mr. Alexander is entitled lo all tlic satisfaction li • can srcl out of the house resolution which gave him n vote of faith and confidence, lie ncwl.s somebody's faith and coiiliileiict.', and ul'U'i- what transpired in the closing days of the state Irgislaturo lie is nol likely to lind much of il at home. Ihe thing- that citizens of Blythe- villc and the Chickasawba district of iMisM'sippi county arc jjointf lo remember itboul Mr. Alexander's record in the 48th mineral assembly is that he is the man who is responsible for their being taxed to pay for somebody else's road'-. They will remember that he knowingly and delib.nitely, over the protests of his cotistiluenls, and in defiance of every rule of justice and fail- dealing, betrayed the trust minuted in him by a majority of the pcojil: of this county. While (he unjust division of turn- back funds, by which road districts in the south end of liie county will gvl all or most of Mississippi county's share of state money, is and will continue b be the chief issue so far as Mr. Alexander is concerned, an examination of the platform on which he was elected lo office lasl, fall in connection with his record at Little Koclt the past two moulds throws some additional light on the faithfulness with wdich he has served liU constituents. . Mr. Alexander's published platform of last, fall, and his legislative, record on its various planks, follows: "1. 1 favor the income lax law." Tlv: income tax was not an issue in Uie recent session of the legislature. "2. Better schools without increased taxes." • The legislature increased taxes without making any provision for hotter schools. If. Mr. Alexander's voice was raised to do anything about it il WES not heard here. "3. Bank jcuaranly law 1 introduced in 1929." A bad law which Jir. Alexander was .wise enough not to introduce again. "4. Rcappcinionmeiit of slate so as to give Mi-sis.sippi county her share of representation." On this issue vital to this county and eastern Arkansas Mr. Alexander did exactly nothing. "5. Absolute abolition of comity farm to private individuals." This was accomplished, so far us concerns Mississippi county, by Judge '/>. B. Harrison. The question was not raised in the legislature. "6. Amendment to auto law .so as to create Imrmony with acljoiliing states." Mr. . Alexander introduced and obtained passage in the house of a bill for this luirijoj-c. "7. Continuation of Martiiicau road law which 1 helped pass." Mr. Alexander's achievement nloug this line was chielly lo. impose upon the Chickasawba district of thi.s county a major portion of the burden' of paying for roads in the O.sceola district. "8. I favor a safe and sane salary law for (ho officers of MJssissipiii comity." Mr. Alexander obtain:d Ihe tabling of a salary law which, had passed the senate. A St|iiinl cil the Cotton Grower's Barometer Sliiilstlcs art the barurnc'.cr of ihe coltoii trade. forecaMlnj prlrc v.-rnllu-r. Everybody knows that the iiiuie cotton (lie world rulses. the every br,! L > cf It will bo worlli, anil the more cotton the world cairles over fruin one crop year liilo the next, the less elbow loom there will be In the market for the new crop. The other day the cotton Iraile barometer took a dip. when C. O, Moser, vice president of the American Cotton Co-operaiivc Association, predicted a. carry-over, as of July 31 next, of 8.7CO.OOO bales, and declared tlu/rc is more cotton in existence "I the pietenl time than can be sold. The nlcrt barometer watchers on UiC New Vork Collon Exchange ran no chances. Operations under way lor a rhc tame lo a standstill, and the innrkcl tooi; a reactionary linn. When a cotton broker or trailer fails to call the turn on future price trends, lie i^lill lias a chance to retrieve Uio situation without mp- plIiiK loss. When a collon grower puts nil his available furnls, extends his credit, anil invests a whole year's kvbor mid issu of kuul hi a co'.lon crop, lie has no chtuice lo .switch over If Ihe opeiation proves to be n profitlesi one. He musl abide by the decisions lie at planting time. —Arkansas Young Shibllng, lieavywclght. contender, used to be referred lo ns a down-anti-onlcr. Bui now that he has purchased a hotel in Florida it's more likely he'll have his Ins-nnd-ouis. The new ch'.ct justice of the Florida Supreme Court fcrmerly \uis a cool;. He'll still see to it, however, that law violators will (jet Iheir jiu>t drsscrU. A bridyc pluycr with 13 spades, points out the office Euge, bids fair to succeed. Cggs being used in Armenia for money. II imisl uc easy Ihera to drop a. fortune. "At least," Eald (he f:lluw with the mumps. "I'm having a gland lime." The brief speech of Justice Holmes on the occasion of his 90th birthday may ue justified in this rhyme, written many years ngo: "Solid men of Boston banislt Ions |»tations. Solid men of Boston make no long orations." The man who went through the wnr without a scratch now wears wool™ underwear e;ich winter. SIDE GLANCES By George 12 Clark lion Is not. usually advised as n I'CUine ir.;nsurc, but U to be -used ivlion there Is a certain history of exposure and evidence of .susceptl- Ijlllty. For the ether diseases there are no specific measures of prevention. In general, the cultivation of health by proper hygiene is the mosl healthful measure for vhe prevention of disease. If the child attends school In a community where reasonable car,? is taken to prevent exposure in school, and if the parents exercise Intelligence relative to the contacts made by the child outside of school hours, It is likely to be able to avoid much unnecessary Infection. The Editor's Letter Box MOTMER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP .„_. , . ThatK ii !{Uii(l Kii'I— "i say aVmul iilllUie?" : Thai Gasoline Tas Mon?y I I have just finished reading your i sp!c:icii:l editorial In the Blythcvllh , Coi.rier Nc'.vs about the \vay Chick- .asawba dislricl lias been misreprc- | tented by Mr. E. E. Alcxiinder. II ij i high time that we were clecMUi? some man that would no', do ; diabolical things that have b;sn i (lone against the people In this dis- ' trict concerning [he law which wili I give the big land-owners in the i .'south end of the county the cxtn ' turn-back of 1 cent gasoline lax for Ihe psymsnt nl bands which ! buill roads iu that pan cf Ihe : county. And it will be 20 years be| fore Chickasawba district will he ', able lo get any of the turn-tick .money. Every i>ei'son, in this end of the county lint buys gasoline wi!l l» helping to pay for something that (hey are net getting any benefit' from. In oilier \vords. Mr. Alexander was a party to Hie stealing i of gasoline ta.v which this end of v.'hal else do mnnima lintl papa .the county was entitled (o. for e. \ few land-owners who receive all the benefits in Osceola district. This is net fair or just in any sense. Every taxpayer in Chickisaftba district has a perfect right to resent this ikind of representation. Not only did Mr. Alexander dc I this, but when was given an cripcr- lunlly to correct the damage "done ^WASHINGTON LETTER lHfS£ CHEMUSES ROLL ABOUT me. BOTTOM OF THE SEA, ON THEIK. BACKS CK fOR An9 PROTECTIVE SPIKES OH ALL S1P£S OFTHEIK. GL08E-HkE SHELL'S. HEAL7HY ELEPHANT IN IHE PHILAVZlPHli. 1OOLOSICAL . HAS A O4.ILV AATKM Or VSSBTA&LSS ANP t& f OATS 4NO .. =. My George "^V. r itoi)Ni:v UUTC:III:I: Well, thr yo<xi wcuifin came back ; nnd joined auc'.her Church and and .she >ti!l inpists that my lhat she had i:?c'.i pei'fcctly hajwy Ouircli lias n lo'. of hypocrites in as the women of (he Church look- it and I c:in't dispiit'j or aiRuc with ed to her for leadership or at least her for 1 cioa't know. 1 told i'_?r it,' Ihey did practically everything she' WG'.ild bD a!::iost a miracle if a feiv [ told them to do. didn't :;et in I asked her how I • There v.-;i.s a feeling for several | erately staged Ihe cheapest kind _. NKA Service Writer j months aimm;; others thai Raskobi riramalics by coming into Ihe Hous; WASHINGTON. — Nov.- l:nv is { had virtually "bouiiht out" the par-;of Representatives In a wheclrrt- Mr. John J. Raskob back a^.nn as j (y. Mcst fVmccrats, accustomed i chair, and surrounded by a 'f-v a politic;;! lisuc, more of im v.v.if , to hnrd lii.its. were sincerely urate- j Iriends asked that he mi«!u call up than he mis In the 1S3B rai.:i::us:i j ful for Rn-.kcb's linaiiciu^. but u i (or altciilion some matters v.-r.ich ! lo Ciiickasawba district, he :l?lib- j could tell one if there wa,s onsj. and i kind of a ' bl > why si-.j singled my Church! lo that it wasn't, j much nion- to than tin 1 He-'iv:'.s (H':v publicans, try as they ivouiii. vvt-re i nb'o to make him in the ro:isres- | cf 11'.; curse has been taken out of I sional campaign of 11)30. Yen imiy hear more aboii'. him \ pc.rty's new fund-raising plan lhat, of ccurfc, ty adoption of the j senator Nel; whicli was introduced sou which would give , i Cliickasuivba district only whit was from llnoals cf memUir. of, \ V rll, P.a«kol, has now stiv"."i up due it. which would rive this di- both paitics in the next yea, or so . th3 arys r-r.inst him to a -.•:•- lria ],„,[ O r th '.'];",.,' h ' thnii of anyone else in poli'.v.; ex- pitch. The progressives in Ihe j::iv!y, tax . n' e ask ^j that's. B No 507b" jpirl away as a political issue wlv.k- Ks- | Fr.inUlin Roosevelt or New York FRPTr c Chairman Jouelt :';icn^c i j mvc turned n:i him or are pv,3-! " out and 1 askerl he: 1 if t Store were ] any in iiin Church she was in now, •• She s'tkl there v:ns net o:ic. Tint J r 1 . fc-.v yj?.r.i back xvhcn she joined, ibis church she bescm t.ilkim nbo'Jt ho-.v all the numbers should ! act lhat if there were any in j ihe Church they all get out as;ii r>> they found out she M'aa -ouiiji; in. Tr.ui rt;< FKAXCO-AMEKICAN' PACT On -March 13, 1778. the Mart; de No^illes. F:eiuh umba^ndcr hi London. pninJuncwI to the BrUHi his country rcc th? ii:i!'jp:-nctcn^e ol u:; American colonies, and that it I'ift'u toM me hou" she had • v.,vn?cl MS ' of the othei ! 5?™™™°."' Clm;-!.' 1 !"?: lli.u .-lie hnd gone nboui the country pointing out a few of . . the hypocrites: and that she felt; Io '""'<l a ^^ d friendship and like slie had done some GOC<! with , commerce with them, tome o: t!i> 'aciicr-. She to'.d me of: To th? struggling ralonic? this ;• one that had alncsl quit EOiiie to nsws was received with great Church on tr? account of so many ; thuslnsm. In Europe, however, the! PLES OF SEED CORN | i> : ut were no; sincere: that she • readier, was different. Lord 3; bile at. let alone prove iiimsr.lf able I Middle-of-the-road politicians,I IK>;S ' "'"e hunrircd iiomuis oi purc- ;0 chew, i including moderate wets, bilieve an [ br e'i. 50-day Reid's Yellow Dent All lifh R9:-kob ii-!. umlerlaken i atlcuipt to pnl Ihe eommittee on ; Eecl1 corn !1 "t ! shall send out in is to finance the parly p":r,ona!lv, \ i.icnrd as to H-iskob's "home rule": one-pound packages to farm owu- :;mke It Boort and wel. fiirnii-h U, I prohibition ricis will be a sericus «- who may make writlen ap- wilh a ccnservalive palk-v. fct up cric.r and licnce may be counlerl-plication, in the order in which 111" nr.Uontil commUlvc :i> a Kuirt- nnionj his persour.! opposition even ; the applications are received, un- OUT OUR WAY By Williams botly for tl*^ natiorv.U convention ami to name Us nrxt. prtsi- dentlal candidate. At le:'.:-t. so il if :!n'y would vote wet (is commit- supply is exhausted. I numbers iown. f n show-(shall r.r.t Iw able lo supply evcry- ! one v.ho applies. The supply ot •E. And the belief lint he is r.;-. top of (lint, of rouvse, the Re-, ssed is insufficient. Those who may up lo all those thinp.s is what' puWieans are sharpening their! make application and do not re- imkcs Ras!:cb. himself and his pol-: knives for Rns'xch and (I'.al is^eive a package, of the seed may it IPS. Giicli a major isM 1 .:. , bound (o affect ll'.r- chairman's pa-; Jtnow that the supply was cx- llpsels rrcccilrii''! : sil'on in his o'.vn party lo the ex-1 hauslcd before their application A national chairman's ,:npvcce- i:nl that Uomnrrats fear he may! was reachrd. I am making this enough gocci ones to keep the work , treaty. were . so showed her resentment of the' She said «l'.e fc!'. it b.:r duty to' Within a month France anrl Er.g- i tell me Chuvcli: land were at war. and Spain sir;, i advccncy of such nu miprr- • become a j statement in advance, so lhai chose number of imprc, edented l?a.'fcoh hns important streiiglh in j who are disappoinred may know it |iro;:os:ils is nsiprcceiU'iitcclly bold.'the potent Drmo:ralic wet eli'-|; 5 110 t £n u i t O f m inc. Thovo arc many who ntlnurc Rns- incut, the crtisenativc t-mnp in U'M j sh;>n exncc , eAc)l ( arm ov . n « r koband believe he ir, ri,;!,. in soni? parly which wauls it to appeal to . v ,. ho ' m;1 kes'a P piicatioo for a packer nil of his Indies. But bis pcsi-. bu b'jsmiw. tho-e w!-.o hkc him. , " ' lira 1-is also been made corre-^ b.-causc A! Smitli likes him: others: age . 01 t -" s bc -« to ullte " ll ° '»- \.ooH-i-ooK'! /oo voo \<UOVM y VNC.UL, \F me S THP.T IKMHUT 1 HAD I K2UK1O GuiuT>-/ G 'T { T'Fl&vAT M^ (I MEMER HAVE, f DO FER COM oocv^ VASE. wTM ? «\Ti-ne . TrtE>-f out VJOICE, PROVE. UMBE.COMIW' A SXlUV- TOO MOCK OF A GBJ"ft£ MAM -T DO -TVU-S. BE EMOtO CASE. J COURT MARTiAV. AviO CuwT perhai: om. Elill to In tl'.e first r.lac.', R-jskol) lias been tV? object of ron--idei:i'j!c pcr- i-cr.r.i dislike v.'ithiii thr- ;v.rty. lie I'.nvc it inrmilc'.y tin 1 te:-l b.'Uvecn- | Slates dominion only as far west'i order in wliicb iiioir applications as the Mississippi river. are received untii the supply 1 - -- -_ have on hau-.i is exhausted. ] Cicdit Ei'.r,i;:c! l:j luvcn lo Funk i j Brra. Sced Company. Bloomrrnton.. Illinois, who i:ave contributed the, seed f om tli-'ribuling. I may add ' Ihnt this cor:;p-i!y is ivprc-entetl by the sens :»1 en-? of (lie p:cnc;-r j farmers of lllir/jis, -,vbo began sectl. breeding and growing n-.any years ago, and tliat ll:e sour, have con-; tinned Ihe vort: since His death of' the fadifr. They are reliable grov:-; ers of pure-bred seed corn. | EARL PAGE. Commissioner of Agriculture. Announcements r ,. , ceec'in- vrir -irii rnii-i- niim it The c ourier .\ev;s lias been au. n:,d as r. politic-ail v.'il finnl.y tie- "LI. ,. jear .«•. c th, p am nm . md |o ^ lolloping f.-ntl 0:1 whether the ]:?.rlys mcsl ; C1 l"^ f ? u "> '•>• Hands of ""M ,.„.„,„„.„„„,,,,.. object to Hie will infUiis-.'.al leaibr, dcca'i lhat neighbor for pianlmg neM ye.r. | ^ '^ —:;-• ^ ^ mll]lidpal ;ii:ri hi 1 : theories '.rill l» any help to I v.-ant the fsrniers to iinaerstar.ii j C i cc ti 0 n to be held Auril 7' - nrmorr;i'.k- fiiecfis. Those boy- first oi all that I am reakins this I clocsirn orpnnlzoiion il i-,er had will deteimine wlicllicr tboy wn:it distribution of pure-bred see:! corn' a:ul took car-? cf It* b'.lls. nut ;: R;-'kdi labrl ;•!! ti'.eir candid ite. !or ibe sole purpose of gelling | Ibero were many \vho fel'. his se- or in tncir platfcrui Meanwhile. [ a 5 train of pure-bred seed -•ctinn by Al Smith sav,- t!ii- fki'.itli tiio drureo to <v; Ihe clmman established on as many farms as .03 much (o swallow. A":l ctlierr.; or fades a: a nalional issue ,K,?sib!e. ti. is net my' pin-pus; to who consider him'.y an ox- will depend rn i!io extent of his ' twi: swe.'t rea.-oti.-.bleiicss. ,! Kcc]) A.way From Contagion It You Would Avoid Disease r.V 1)1!. MOK1HS FIS1IUKIS Ilir cninmrn rniiia^.: n. discaso ivrliuk' nu-:i5lff. scaiK-t d-vtr, ilipli Ibnii. wlv.'r.i'iiiu c!iicken-ix>x ai'.cl time rlin-.ilrt r'.'.;"c aftor II-.- np- ]:."ani:ifr o' III.' v:i-.h In make CCM- (i:'n ' the child is not iufccli- nuimps. mis lor other rhildreii. Tlic time! farmers of the slate askine n n:.;:islcs. iTC(iiirod is ir-i:.illy Iwo weeks in .ur.t! them "any free seed:, as a "seed Santa Clnns." merely supplying planting sscd to Mivel \ liic farmers Ibe cosl of thr se'.d. j : but I would have them kr.o\v U :.i fnr Ihe specific purpose ol en-! ablins as ninny RS possiKe tp !:et! a gocd start of an approved .'-train! no charity in (his matter. 1 r.'.irrly in the interest of belter lit.iUurc in the slate. I may say in this connection 1 icccive many letters from I-or M.-iyor A. r,. 1'AinPlELD NEILL REED (Re-Election. 2nd Term) W. C. LAWLER J'nr t'ily Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (re-election, 2nd Serm) Stonevjllc No. 1 planting B8cd inch iinil .sixteenth staple, saral before any rain.;, bi;; Ijoll, easy picking, ttinis out well .tt KIM. Price $50.00 per ton. Less than ton §3.00 per hundred 01- will exchange ono for Uvo for yood prime scerl. J.H. Smart, 1123 West Main 1'honc 551 The promuwii of Ihi . f. involve., priiwaniv tho [join recp'.;* k,-"!:ir.!; tl-.'in. 11 l,-':e- irriiii on.' if. M-VCII days ('ays sl:nu!d for <!i;ililiu-.-:.i I" « : .;-. ::;< ,'!t?r tliv ai" ; r.:".nr.- li.-i-n e\p:.«.-i 1.) ,;: Innn Hie chili! is 1:1 iinitirii louiact wil: io ::vcii <<,ivs fur i-cir'.el fev- ollifr <-:ii:t:r r. :UK! then r.iih s"Vi:i to 14 :!nys for. pioviilfd it ii.iv ; -.up :•• ,i coii'^liir.x coacli: from 10 lo H In muni]:.-, rnn-.-ict wi'ii o!!ic: cliil- a.r^slc-. ami 110:1: 14 days rircn wicks for chicken-pox. the '- to you -- rc- three riays for to thrrr Ii i-i li'.ei.-iove. -^.if' If.; o'' II is i rhiiilrcu if p.ncn'-s v,i!i lv crrlain ihit il : 1V.-.U thi-ir own cl'.ilrinn. wiien they .cany ii:i- rlis-ear,- (lernian menhir.. 10 days in mens- j m;u , | 1avr t 0 dislribul?." i nnrt live ci iy.« in scnrlct fever. ! ,|.,e"Rt.s fall on deaf car.=. for i; :s In whcopir.: rounb. at least 211 ,, c \ cr my p-n-jioEe to make iiwi:,- IJIM- a (lev die lirsl; erimina'.c distributions of feed In tin- -.\ :i:i";'.) uc..".rr, r;! tjsfy tlie curio-=ily o{ f.irnn t-^. n-:r lo ixrform an act of charily. These iff A clistribulions are r.ni_ '.n be rryarrlctl solely as vifo loi ir.dividunls. but ^is a contnb'ition! to bcllfr agricuHuvc. enabliiii; Hie', The Man Who O^vos a Car Tn tile year 1!>29 fiiore woix- ;!l.UOO iralfii 1 accidents canst'd liy motor cars. Ti-.a-c wove l,2(Hi,(H)0 inj'.in'tl. A car atcitlciit (K-i-urri-d cvory 1(J miniucs. The total economic cost was SStriO.IKin.OdD.Ol). A small premium paid l'ur protection is much hotter than a claim or judgment without it. Si-c us lirsl. W. M. Burns Insurance Agency I'hsinu ai3 ^ in :,o'. IKr- conr.ut irn:-. n! i." 1 rc.'.:em'ier txri;:l .r-u-i whirl! o tiu'i '.i::it coii^l:- r tl.v '.-.ilcs fr«m rjoocl f.inntri of the Ha!;: to ticl n start of pnr-cbred K.C:! fcr their own use and to later distribute among (heir neighbor:-. I vniil sincere co-oi:cralors who :!:c in'.c-e.'led in bellcr s:cd and v.i'.o v-:th o'J'.c.' i-hi',^ tv:i pii-.i-."iir,;'.- by !!:r rhy;i-: i. If safe v,U! iiav: lo: itc!^i\l fcr the tnr.c men- mi'. c'.ioucli I.TCIl I will plain and cultivate the oop; ,-a lure, ana be able nest year lo luvc; , ] a surplus of gcod-putc-brod •..••i-i | • io sell to lliclr nelgiibors. nnrt iluis, lo:; • ex'.rnrl approved varieties ot pure-•.i- i;v.-; ni-it Ibioushoul the >!:<l'.'. t shall supply all applicauU in Dr.PaulF.BIcCufchen Dentist STEELE, MO, Phone 85

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