The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER. 2, 1933 BLYTHEVULE, (ARK,.) COURIEH NEWS BEER KtRIS Philharmonic Orche s t r a I'layi; in Huge Milwaukee Palm Garden. MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UP)-Sincc the riHinn of beer, iiuich has l>een lieanl of Kenuiellitlikeil—that Imp|)y CiPi-nmn uttnosiilierc lliat defies Fiijllsh translation. It is hesL ex- eniplini'd liei'e al the weekly con- terls of tlie Milwaukee I'liillinr- inotiSc Oi'Chestra. In the Viennese pilin garden nl the FiiB'e^ Club, said to be the latest of. its kind In the world, more ilian 1.500 persons gather one niRlit each MTrk lo listen to music and lo drink lieer. All sodal are represented. ] Knclety inntioiu, sludt:i!s. aged men uml women, and even liavel- ing Kal(-:,inen. Roth bottled and dr.imjlit beer nre served. "Set-nil';" arc avnllnhle loo for those who cnre lo brhu; nloii}; other kinds of liQiior. hut. there are few rccinefil.s fof anything but bwr. Hundreds of tables covi'i-ei) with checkered clollis .snr- loiind one section of orthodox con- fr.-rt .seats. Waiter? and members of the au- (llr-nee alike hum with the music, lap their feet and drum wllh their fineprs. The concerts were started early j in the summer by Dr. Frank Laird Waller, director of the orchestra, :i r , an cxpctinvit. The success of the first concert led to a summer fciies and now they aie being continued throughout the fall. U. S. Spoils Kidnap Plot PAGE NINfc Woman Forces Opponent to Drop-Dangerous Card? Today's Contract Problem I llmv slumlil Xorlli ami t I *'.oiuli luijul.^. ^liowii here, -l^tf' lilil'! If S.nuli [ilaya It :\ r.lam riniiiiiil n: Hnlis. and W(sl I'lu-n^ llio I,ii.:- ni' ilhunuiuls. liuw i-luniUl Houlli lilay Ills cm ils? 4 i; J 'j S 2 V N'mii * i t, -t :! * D '.i > : \V 1 s I).Ml., I mind) A ' V A K Q 'j I 3 « A J., A K J T 3 First Fatality In Farm Strike Irrigation May Save State Cranberry Crop Solution to Previous Contract Problem ;aml :i Hub relumed. We.'-l winning West rehirui'd :i dhmiond wlilelt M: Iivitif IviimiM'il and led u ''lu'j. v.h:-li :he trumped In iliim- mv willi tin' i-li'.lii :>! lii'iiri.i. I A iliiini'iiid was let! [ruin dummy. , :il'.d 11 limpid wilh I lie live of IH-.uis Amnlin dub then wns led, jim wlili'li l-.'.isl discarded Hie iiui'i'n i"l dbnuincls. Mis. Irvine iruni]H-tl in ihiiniuy with tlie Irn of ln'iirls .:'i:il n'timu-d :i dluiiiuml. Irsimp- 1 !i''-' In hi-i- nun hinul wllh (lie j : i vi n of lii'inls. i K:IM was liclplrs.* If he Irlmipeil jw.ili llu. qim-n nf hearts, fill he li'cnild ilti was lo vln hlx MV of ..spailr.-;. 1)>K If lu> ivln-.ed in tninil) 1 !:n«l iilsr;udi'<l :i spnile. nil Mrs. li 1 ' Villr ||;,|[ 1 0 do Wll . ; |,| ]., ;il | ;i ,.),.,,),, I |iim':uil dliinmv's niiirn, nnd her jri)!iii:nt iva;; in:ni.'. | Itinh Hints [.ikr I'.rll ! KART C'.RKI'INV/ICII. H I. llll'l |- A li»';il ixI'.hLy is |);nm Hoek. :i . bi;; iHilildei \\tinli nuiy r.uslly IM|" : 'kfd by liiinil. bill wiilch i-jiniwt Ibi' llSVltllllll'll. Wlh'll ttlll:: m'JV:<l ill in-wlure.s n (Ici-p. l/.>!l-hke tone. Iiiiiijhs. arcnrdlni: t-i liiulltlnn. "•••(i Drum llwk [» ,Ml) i-iinnclls . Wls, (Ul'l-Oiieof UK- wolld'r, greatest cranberry inr !ir«':i:.. s\vani]i nnd liojj lands in n ilii'ie, will lx> flooded sliorlly In .111 rllorl lo snve tills yoar's cro|), wllli water brought Irnin \Vln"oii- MII li.iiiUI-.. 15 mill's away. Tlie \vnler will lli»\v itilo n dllrli IIHW lirlni: eini-.liiirlril at a eo-il nt ifMili-xi l)i-i-:iii!ii! of (Ivy wallii-r. •Hi' ii.iiilx.-1-i-y i-i'iip rl|K-iii<[| lain , Mil-- JT..I-. liaiM-r; fear UiaL Mie '::"li! usll lie lo:;l unlpss Iliure I; |'i in thi> Muiiiip land hi keep 1 1,111 iln- frnsl. mouse on EL match ijnlied « box In the kitchen ot Qunlch's honj. Tobby, Ihe family cat, was attracted by tlie flames and cliascd ttje mouse. Tlicn Rover, the dog, chased llio cat, but made tlie mlstnke 3l upsetting a can of kerosene on the Maze. ' •» The fire spread rapidly and firemen were nimble to plaec U under control because Hie nParef.t lire hydrant wns n Imlt a mile away;.; Hover, Tobliy and tlie mouse were binned lo death. • 40 Mrinrim—Ku( XI Vulrs ,'. I.OWKI.f,, Mass. (Ul>)—Aniiomh : mayoralty candidate In the rS- ] !•:'-•! pihnni'le.s here had Maybn It Was Belter I That They Did Die L-ers on his rainpnlgn comiiilltw I In one precinct, lie received only :n votes. „• IMRK. Mli-h. iUl')-'l'hc il" 1 Hint eliavil the t \il. ttiat "I :i>i'<l tile inoii'.c. Uml nil' a maleli i III. 1 iu'iv n'l'inlly pi-rlsliril in the Evidence of Hie £ovcrnmciit.'s (lUick notion In Us onU-kldnnpIng drive was the arrest in New York of three young men for nn alleged threat ] j'" to kill Dr. Willard P. B^ach,-wealthy physician ot tlie Bronx, and duct his 10-year-old grendson, Willard P. Ucach, 'Jrd (above), miles 0 . Dr. Beach paid them S500. Secret service agent.; from the capital Hew to New York where, in cu-optialion will) local police, llicy mas- t|ia-r:MtC'd in various disguises to ii'ap tin SXISIKCIS. HV WM, L. .MoKKNNKV Scfn-Ury, Anifrlcau Itrtilse l.fague Fancy plays in bridge arc nol.. IIU] ( . i(( . hard to make if you simply are \^. - ^/!. __! l ^ n1 ^ i:layln^ for an extra trick. If you { *MI^^HBMMH linve your contiaci made, yon cnn;B litlle experimenllns lor ltio;B Kli-:il ileiiili vli'llm In Hi (liiniil f.irm Ktrlkii "'mi K.'lland, llcrki', Win., Blatu nenr AHullsim, Win., lie. wllli :IO ullier iikkc-u li'iiuU"il to halt a mtlk IM l'\'lliuul wuu unai incil.. Tl hrDlhcrH, Kriilik, jack and llar- vey MvDurlson.' \vi:ie arn v :?ii i il la I cuimealuri ultli Hie lihuoiim;. | G. G. Caudill Crni-nl Insumirf IOC N. Broadway. riione 797 However, when you Mastadon's Tusk Stirs Excavation Work in Iowa HAMPTON, Iowa (UP)—The 12- foct tusk of a mastedon discovered on the W. S. Huerman farm near here has bct'n the of rc- iif:v.-erl interest in geology. .Workers in a gravel pit, who discovered Ihc giant tusk, at first lielievcil it to be part of n petrified tree trunk. It was finally identified as the tusk of a pre-historlc animal by I'rof. E. J. Cahle of the rciencc department of Iowa Stale Teachers College. scheduled for deportation to r)arrmnntri Ma« Plane 1 ranee. American authorities said l«nniOUin, ITiaSS., TianS they were |»\v;rless to aid him because he can produce neither a passport, nor a birth certificate. Woodflcld. a sailor, claims he wns born In Delaware county, but M.-arch of the iccord.s failed to reveal a birth i.crrlifiotc. > Sailor Seeks to Prove That He Really Was Born CHESTER, Pa. (UP) - Unless Michael Woodfield of Chester can prove shortly !lu:t he actually was lorn, he will be listed as a mall without a country. He has Wn In Jail at Modelo _Pri s c-n,_Barcelona, Spain. and._is Oregon Indians at River For Fall Salmon Run THE DALLES, Ore. (UP)—Ore- gen Indians aie gathered at their traditional fishing grounds along the Columbia river for Ihe full .salmon run. Since time immemorial Hcdmen have come iheie in the fall to catch the great flslv dry them lor winter food supplies. - The men capture the salmon from the turbulent waters, by spear and bj dif net. The sttuaws clean ani dry the fiesh. Right of the Indians to fish without Interference was estab lithed this year in a federal cour; have to make a squeeze play, or • an elimination or end play to mnke ' your contract, you nenerally will find the going very (oush. This was the. sltunllon which : confronted Mrs. Murjoile Irvine of Philadelphia, when she was com-; Fines for Street Loafers DARTMOUTH, Mass. (UP) There'll be no more loitcrng on the street corners to watch (he girls pass, if the police of this ;own can prevent It. The police have an article In the warrant for the next town meeiinK, whereby a fine of $20 wotitu be imposed for such violations. Kangaroo Population Drops in Australia SAT.T LAKE CITY. <UP>—The kangaroo business in Australia is not what it used to be, P. White. New South Wales, here on a visit, raid. Ordinary people seldom see the animals. The kangaroo is one of many useless animals in Australia, White said. They may be used only foj zoos.and occasionally for hides; but are seen only In .the Interior rc- glons. • --'•'. A K107 V A K 7 G 2 « 'J AJ 9 62 &9S4 2 A A.1C VQ!M K Q J D 10 U -t Duplicate—N. nnd S. Vul. Opouing load—4 K. Soulli IVi'sl Xinlh 'i V I'-'ss -I W I'ast Pass Pass pciing in the recent eastern Pennsylvania tournament at Reading. Tlie bidding was normal. East's opening lead wns the king of diamonds, won in dummy with the ace. Mrs. Irvine then took two rounds of trump, which set up East's queen. A small club was led and won In dummy willi the ncc We Can Now Sell HOMES Belonging to the AMERICAN BUILDING & 1.Q AN ASSOCIATION CHEAP Morse & Kirshner FOR CASH AGENTS NOTICE Tax Payers in Drainage District No. 17 A siiiTinl aiuii'itl to you is nwilo »t (his lime thilt y«n p;iy yiinr l!»;t:i laxi-s ;tl nni'i-. Tlie siii'resst'ul fiilniiiiiition of tho District's rvlinuni-iiifr through the Ki'CDiislnK'liou l''iriiini'i.> Ccirponitiim depumls, in n lai'Ki' mniMiri', upon Iho KIKK! fnilh of Ihc (axpHvers (i) tin- fxk'iil (hut this year's taxes lie paiil. There , is nolhiiiK lo In- Kuine<l liv waiting us (he tnx for lii.'IH anil former years will nut 'lie afTeeteil by the To make il possible for yon to pay your taxes, a special reduced rale lo four per cenl wns procured for Ibis year, a reduction of one-third from last year's lax. Only a short (ime remains before the bonks will be closed and I am depending upon the hind owners for their full co-operation., CLIFTON H. SCOTT, I'Vderiil Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen Of Mississippi County, Arkunsas. PRICES ARE LOWER AT GRABER'S NEW DRESSES at prices far below what you would expect Months ago we planned our limiiif; on the basis of prices rising and slocked our warehouses chock full of Fall and Winter goods at the old prices . . . Today we arc soiling at Ihe s:\me low prices we would have been had there been no disturbance in markets . . . You will Iiml i( best to always do your shopping at Grabers . . . The place where you really gel values and where you can shop with the utmost confidence. 3 Chic silk and \vool Dresses in n wide range of colors and new styles ...Solid colors, soire with conlrnsiing trims, new sleeve details, metal buttons, jabots anil other Important fashion trends are sliuv/t? in this group at. Despite higher pruHiction costs nn<l market shortages, leave It. to us to imenrlh marvetoiii; values for yon! These dresses \vould justify a higher price.. .Beautiful mnv styles.. .Colors of Toast. Brown, Chinese Blue niitl Red. Blue Eagle Blue. Browns, etc... Sizes 14 to 20 ami 35 to 50. Rclter (Irrssc.i nro cominhncUng higher prices, but Ctraber's prices arc still low... And here in iliesc two groups ol lovrly drosses is everylhlng your fnshion- iibli 1 soul could de.sire. . .New slylc clctnils as dt'.sli-jnca by (he lending women's stylists. ..AH the clever crca- HDIIS that have cruigiu Paris fnvor. . .All at two low prices. Newly Arrived Millinery •7f BERETS! TURBANS! BRIMH! L) You can bel on one of ne'.Uy " nrrived models.. .The desired materials and colors. $1.98 $2.98 LADIES SLIPPERS Pumps - Straps - Ties - Oxfords Patents. K Ids and Sucrles in do?.en. [ ; of atlr.iclive new models ...U:atk, Blue Eagle Bine and other wanted colors. $.98 g $L98 $2.45 $3.5(1 S4 $5 A mast nttr.-iclive eroiip of Silk. Wool mid Jcr.-j;y Dresses neatly tailored, shown In solid colors, prints and plalils ...All sizes. .98 Children's Shoes All Styles and Sizes 98c $125 $1.39 $1.49 a Fine-Fall SUITS If it's coiri'cl ^t ;/les. r.e-w paUfni yood ntliny qniilitii-p, Unr uonlfn Jiilirirs. I'XjK-rl tnilorins mill proper u U trillions you want, at ji price. . .Grrilcr'.i linvc il for you $0.95 $10.50 0.95 $10 Hi (MIXC10 SK1MJK SUITS (Jeiuiine 111 iiuuce, all wool bine Serge Suit, new models. A real value. Only 2 I'ANT SUITS .Special group of 2-panl Suil.- sii<iwn in paKcrns In appeal to young men. new (PI 0 PA Klyles just arrived $IOi JU Men's Fall Hals New Shapes and Colors •1.291.5^1.982,65 Beautifully Furred Winter COATS Purchased Before Price Advance One lot of nth ;iclive fur trim- /* nieil DroH.s Co:ils, the senaon's ^ itLwfir styles and colors, liought lirt'nro Hie priciw ndvaiiro;! nnd priced accordingly. Tiro beautiful siocps of Drew Coals lavishly trimmed \vlth (nr nn collars and cults, genuine silk crepe linines. all the wanted nntiimn clindes. SM.9f> Values ?lli.75 Values $ 10 $ 12 50 Others at $15, $J9.75 and $25 POLO COATS Ladies and Children's Raiif coats Ileltcd .slyliv:, rub- berlivd p I n I d - (nt'f. material In colors • of .red. green anil brown. Sixes- for children,; and wo .TUST AltniVKD! Ancllier shipment ol at tract ivv I'olo CoaU and Tweed Spoil Ccal.s..,All new flyles and fine quality mall-rials, well inilorcd at a price yon \\ai\l [o pay. .Values yon can'l duplicate. 7 SPOUT COATS An otit.sinnding group of Polo and Tweed Sport Coats . . . Smarl,. new styles, all colors, exceptionally well tailored, beautiful fabrics. for ^ea ; ,nud • women; 10 SHEEPSKIN COATS, leatherette. Sizes 4 to 18 .IUMPKRS, for men, Blanket lined $2.79 $1,39 UNIONSUITSV mens Kiavy fieeced. Sizes 3f> to -tC « SWEATERS, hoys' slipover. Sues 30 lo 3f> , ,^ ™ , t -„ LUMBER JACKS, men's blue UNIOrSSUlTS, mens heavy7Al. Melton cloth, ribbed. Sizes 3(i <o 46 '" zipper style iMOCCASIN TOK, PLAIN TOK AND CAP TOK, LEATHER OR COMPOSITION SOLES 111:11 n uiuu " $2.98 WORK SHOES $1.25 $1.79 $O8 $2.45 $2,98 MENS SWEATERS 79c 98c 1.251.491.98 2.50 Children's COATS Snug, warm Coals In season's iv.fist favored fabrics and colois. Some with turn to match. $3.50 $4.98 $5.98 MEN'S DRESS SHOES Bnl or Blucher styles In Plain Toe. Cop Ice nnd Wing-Tip, leother or rubber lieels.. .Eaeli shoe an niil'.l^iulin^ i:iiirc... Complete range of si?^s and \\idths. $1.98 $0.45 $0.98 $0.50 $C Indies' Silk HOSE Full fashioned, 42 cunge Cliiftmi. sitk from top to toe. .All new colors. 69 c DRESS PANTS MENS BOOTS New styles nnd patterns for men nnd Men's I^nther BocU in all toe.'i. lea- yonn? men. , 1lcr or com |x>sitto:i soles 98c $1.98 $2.50 . •$2.98 $3.50 $3.98 G RABER'C DEPARTMENT STORES ^^^J BLANKETS TOxSO. sinRle" GfixSO, double 69e $1.98 J>Gx7(i, double 70x80, double |1.19 ' $2.49 70x80, double 72x81. double $135 COTTON BATTS Full 3 I,h. COMFOKTS, 72x78, attractive colors. Each QOJLTS,; 72x78, bcauti- fPI Aft •fHl-pn(chwork designs v-*-' *^ ri.ANNELETTE, 3(i inch, solid and fancy colors, lights and darks. Yard IMMN'l'S, regular lac ily, 36 inches wide. Yd UNIONSU1TS, for hoys, heavy ribbed. Sizes •! to 16 UNIONSUITS, for boys, fleered ribbed, si/es -i to Ifi I'NiONSUlTS. hoys anr! girls, lapcti waist with JJTC and JTAC buttons w <JJ On Ihe Old Grand .Leader Corner Arkansas .IKRSKY . ,''ji BLOOMERS ' Children's ICC 15 C 25 ( Itecular 29° Kxlra Si/cs -35°

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