The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York on July 22, 1952 · 2
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The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York · 2

Ithaca, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
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TWO THE ITHACA JOURNAL, ITHACA. N. Y.. TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 22, 1952 Stevenson Not Strict Party Man J By CHARLES B. SEIB Gannett News Service Chicago New Dealers and Fair . u N, - d Democratic convention boom for1 Illinois Governor Adlai Steven- son resuus m nis nommauon TjEconomic Advisers indicates the a i6S unc' u .-if 'slackening off in the flow of gov- Although Stevenson-who still e t funds , come untn refuses to make an overt bid for,. . the nomination-is being pushed , program of spending by many party leaders ;the only , g0Vfast as first pPlanned8 iZ ,Tn rSSnd from now on the strike may nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower.i , .. , ir his record contains much that:! dn iu: J, will go down hard with President Truman and his friends. Even the most enthusiasitc ad- ministration supporter would boom is traced to the defense pro-have trouble fitting Stevenson j gram that a truce and letdown into the new Deal -Fair Deal! might ultimately take a lot of mold. His statements and actions 'zip out of the economy, over the last few years stamp him J Immediate effect of a truce, as middle-of-the-roader with a however, might be slight, because passion for economy and an aver-'so much of the armament pro-sion to governmental corruption.' gram has already been set and In general. Stevenson seems to follow the administration's foreign policy. But it is in the domestic field that he frequently strays from the administration's path. Here are some revealing statements, gleaned from his speeches and writings over the last few years, which point up his deviation from the New Deal-Fair Deal line: The role of government "I think government should be as small in L scope and as local in character as possible. . . . Tax spending should not be far from the areas where the taxes are collected. . . . "The true function of a political leader in a democracy is not to impose his will upon the peo ple but to aid them in making proper choices." Corruption in government "Keeping government clean., is a continuing problem. One corrupt official is too many. ... A dishonest official is as faithless to his party as he is to his office. . . . "If there is Democratic dirt, let us clean it up and turn the flashlight into every dark corner. . . . The faithless must be exposed and rooted out of every place of public trust." Federal spending "I hope and pray that history will never record that the Democratic Party foundered on the rocks of fiscal irresponsibility . after leading America boldly, wisely, courageously, through two world wars and the most extensive social revolution in the shortest period of time in history." The welfare state "I don't like government doles. I don't like subsidies. I don't like any interference with free markets, free men and free enterprise. I like freedom to succeed or fail. . . . "We should be clear that government has a responsibility only when the family and the individual have exerted every effort and then, because of unavoidable circumstances, have not been able to maintain a decent standard of ex- i istence. I "It is for the latter group, those who fall by the wayside, and for this group only, that we have the public assistance provisions of our so-called 'social security laws. . . . Government, through its public assistance and social welfare programs should seek to enhance but not to supplant the duty of the individual and of the family to provide for their own health and welfare." Foreign affairs "(We must) thread our way between imperialism and isolationism, between the disavowal of the responsibilities of our power and the assertion of our power beyond our resources." HeadWinds Thwart Flight of 'Copters Goose Bay, Labrador (JP) Two military air transport service helicopters were back here today after head winds thwarted a flight to Narsarssuak, Green land, longest leg of a planned trans-Atlantic flight. The Sikorsky H-19s were forced back after completing a third of the 770-mile hop to Narsarssuak, known in World War 2 at Bluie West One. From Narsarssuak, they head for Keflavik, Iceland, then to Prestwick, Scotland, and eventually to Germany. Illinois was admitted to statehood in 1818, but not until 1915 did its state legislature authorize a state flag. There are approximately 250,-000 workers employed in processing and delivering dairy products in the United States. Ultra-violet light has power to kill microbes. great Want to Save $$$ Fresh Cracked Candled and Cartoned EGGS 45c - Open daily g a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. GIF EGG STATION 1001 W. SENECA ST. In the rear of the building Plenty of free parking space BUSINESS MIRROR bv Sam Strike May Delay Recession New York (JP) The steel i strike is stretching out the time table for the long-feared post-de fense slump. Even a quick truce in Korea with its almost inevitable letdown !in zeal for speedy rearmament fect on timing by the strike Armament spending was slated to reach its peak late this year. much difference. True, so much of the industrial is in tne worKs. Heat Relief Not Likely By the Associated Press The weatherman offered little hope of relief today from the hot and humid conditions in many sections of the nation. The hottest weather was ex pected in the southern half of the country with the northern sections getting near normal temperatures. High temperatures in the 90s were common Monday. At Bly-the, Calif., the mercury climbed to 109. Las Vegas, Nev., had 108 and Hill City, Kan., 104. But in Lewistown, Mont., the mercury got up to 63. Showers were numerous from Ohio, in the Eastern Great Lakes region, across New York and New England. Binghamton reported 2.27 inches of rainfall. Most of the country, however, had sunny weather. U.S. Force Trains Near Red China Pearl Harbor (JP) A major U.S. task force is exercising this week off the coast of Red China, Admiral Arthur W. Radford, commander of the Pacific fleet, said Monday. Radford called the operation a "training and familiarization program," but it was regarded here as a show of the flag and a show of force on the sea approaches to Communist China. Parents, 3 Children Killed in Crash Centralia, HI. (JP) Five members of one family, the parents and three children, were killed Monday night in a truck-automobile collision. A fourth child riding in the family's pickup tr,uck suffered serious burns. The truck caught fire after, the crash about 10 miles east of Centralia. Two men in the car were injured. Dead were Claude H. Snyder, 37, Kell, 111.; his wife, Wanda, 28; Melvin Snyder, 14, and Lois Snyder, 3, Snyder's children by a previous marriage, and Louise Lewis, 4, Mrs. Snyder's daughter by a previous marriage. Seriously burned was Snyder's daughter, Claudine, 15. Invisible Paint Introduced Hollywood (JP) A 75-year-old inventor in this capital of showmanship has come up with an invisible paint it takes black light to see it. John T. (Pop) Shannon, who dabbled in fluorescent lighting effects for Flo Ziegfeld as far back as 1907, is the creator of this new effect. He unveiled it for a gas appliance manufacturer at a recent cooking school. Patrons saw appliances change from their normal white enamel to flowing bright-colored hues when the auditorium lights went off and black lights wer ; turned on. The general public knows black light best as the method of marking hands of patrons at racetracks, dance halls, fairs and other events instead of using pass-out checks. "Summer Theatre ot Its Beit" Triple Cities Playhouse Masonic Temple, 66 Main St. BINGHAMTON 3-1671-4-4032 TONIGHT thru SATURDAY Matinee Tomorrow 2:00 P.M. EVA GABOR IX "HER CARDBOARD LOVER" WEEK OF JULY 28 THRU AUG. 2 MISCHA A ITER In "THE HAPPYTIME" EVES. MON. TO SAT. 8:15 P.M. J Reserved Seats $1.90, $2.50, $3.10 I Special Unreserved Sections: $1.25 !l (' MATS. WED. & SAT. 2 P.M. ( (' Entire Theatre, Gen. Admission $1.25 (' Box Office Open 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. 'i I I except Sun. ' Dawson The steel strike's real drag on the economy will be later this! year in the civilian field. And its indirect effects seem sure to vail V v v 1 iiuu liAfc Jtai, . . , ., Aiier ine simce eras u win; take two to 4 weeks lor tne steel industry to regain us oia pace. .ttxmameni ana aeieiibc-auppui t - ing industries will get first call on the steel. Civilian goods makers will sit at the second table. Even Wash ington insists if the Reds stop stalling in Korea and sign a truce. Steel users have had 7 -weeks now in which to use up their in ventories of the metal. Many can see the bottom of the barrel. And with shoppers showing more buying interest in things made of metal, gadgets aren't the glut on the markets they once were. Steel users, therefore, should be eager to order steel and make more goods. And the steel mills once they start up again should be assured of selling all they can for months ahead. Sheriffs Recfnest Working Harmony Lake Placid (JP) The New York State Sheriffs' Association holds that the key to efficient law enforcement is working har mony" among police agencies and not "bureaucratic plans imposed I1C IS, 1(1.. That was the gist of a report! Browns: Extra fancy heavy-submitted Monday to the 18thjweights 65c; mediums, 58c; pul-annual sheriffs conference byjiets 47c, Louis R. Yagunda, association! LIVE POULTRY Grade A un-counsel and executive director. ess otherwise specified By ex-The sheriffs adopted the report at press fowls, reds, 3133c; blacks, their first business session "What we need in this above all is a better understand ing and working harmony that will bind all police agencies into a sincere, voluntary, cooperative unit," the report affirmed. "For it is by such unity, without subordination of one group to the other, that the best results can be obtained." . The report stated that "law enforcement through bureaucratic plans arbitrarily imposed on localities will not work because they are contrary to every conception of home rule." The report added: "We ask for cooperation and the right to carry out police protection under the principles of home rule. That means enforcement at the local level by police, deputy sheriffs, aided by outside assistance only when needed." Prospector Sought In Slaying Crater Lake, Ore. (JP) Offi cers intensified a search for a 67- nection with the slaying of two vacationing moior iirm execu tives. The bodies ,of A. Mones, 56, Concord, Calif., and C. P. Cul- hane, about the same age, Detroit, I iviicii., were iouna in mis ooutn-ern Oregon national park Mon day. Police speculated that George Dunkin, a prospector sought in he killing of a state Pohceman was in the area, Lumbermen Asked To Carnival Coudersport, Pa. The first Lumbermen's Carnival will , held Aug. 15 and 16 at Cherry Springs State Park on Route 44, southeast of this city. It will be sponsored by the Penn-York Lumbermen's Club. New York State lumbermen have been invited. The event will feature loggers' contests, horse-pulling contests, equipment and machinery exhib-' its, sawmill demonstrations, and i state forestry exhibits. ITHACA SAT. JULY THE WORLD ITS FIELD ITS TRIUMPHS REACH BEYOND THE SEAS! THE COLOSSUS OF ALL AMUSEMENTS 800 PEOPLE 600 ISO AREHIC STABS 258 WILD ANIMALS 15 ELEPHANTS 15 5000-SEATS-5000 $i,7BB,Bfla mum $7.4118 DAILY EXPENSES CRISTIANI Family Greatest Equestrians of ail time CHAMBERTY Troupe Champions of the Flying Trapeze ZACCHINNI Shot from the Mouth of Cannon 220 ft. GORGEOUS STREET PARADE 11A.M. TWICE DAILY 2 & 8 P.M. DOOR OF CM 1 7 . M. e BACK TO PRE-WAR PRICES ADULTS $1 e CHILDREN 50c ALL TICKETS TtUS TAX RESERVE AND ADMISSION TICKETS ON SALE CIRCI S DAY AT WHELAN'S DEIG STORE FAIRGROUNDS j Steels, Motors Decline By Fractions ( i ir C4l j New iork (JP) Steels and motors sagged today in a stock market that otherwise was well mixed along a fairly narrow price 1 jjnei Trading was at a very quiet pace less than a million shares for an entire day. That compares with Monday's extremely low 780,000 shares. The steel and motor divisions lost fractions. Railroads were highly mixed and had some wide movers. Other major segments of the market moved within a fractional range with few exceptions. Market Quotations NEW YORK DAIRY. POULTRY BUTTER Receipts, 622,068 lbs. Creamery higher than 92 score (AA) 16c; 9z score (A; 71V2c; 90 score (B) 70c; 89 score (C) 70c. (New tubs add c a pound over irriTTA New York spot quotations. . (These quotations are based oni the bulk of the reported wholesale sales to jobbers and large re tailers and include premiums.) Nearby: White: Extra fancy heavy ,weiehts 6OV2C; fancy heavy- weights, 60c; mediums, 59c; pul- 34(?t!36c: rocks. 23(531c: turkev statehens, 3840c; young toms, 34 -Jbc; old roosters, 1820c. DRESSED POULTRY (Fresh or frozen) fowls dry packed in boxes or barrels, frozen 31 Jc; ducks, Long Island, 2729c; old roosters, 2527c; turkeys, young hens, 4446c; young toms, 38 40c. BUFFALO LIVESTOCK CATTLE Receipts, 100. Good fat dairy-type cows, $22.0022.50; canners, $15.0019.00; good fat dairy-type slaughter heifers, $26.0027.00; good sausage bulls, $27.5028.50. CALVES Receipts, 100. Good to choice, $34.0035.00; common and culls, ?24.0030.00. HOGS Receipts, 200. Good and choice, 170-225 lb. N. Y. State hogs, $22.50(2)23.00; good to choice 300-600 lb. sows, $$15.5017.50; boars, $9.00 12.00. LAMBS and SHEEP Receipts, 100. One lot of mixed 'ewes and wethers cleared early at $30.00; asking $31.00 for choice. i. , A Sidewalk Merchants L,(lSll 111 OR LOCltS Nanle-s Ifalw rr tt ing sidewalk mercn SrS,l"ft!r.e.C.a!h:1ng.!Monday night by C. J. Blanford. on the current heat w port city, State and municipal officials, upset by the number of employes ariving at work in their shirt- sleeves, have decreed men without coats will be barred from their of- fices. But the sidewalk merchants came to their rescue, establishing themselves outside principal buildings with a stock of jackets of various sizes. Now. employes still can travel to work in shirt- sieevea comiori, rent jackets out side the office and step in, properly attired. There are three Norwegian and three Russian settlements on Vest Spitsbergen, largest island of the Spitsbergen archipelago. Air Conditioned LAST TIMES TODAY IN TECHNICOLOR "RED MOUNTAIN" ALAN LADD-LIZABETH SCOTT WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY rouNG MAN WITH IDEAS ...ANO SVC tDEASf I M-G-M'f love and laugh not glenn ford ruth Roman denise darcel "young man with ideas' r n , -.u ; -.mi urn. .i .i i i i. .in - L.nrnii. i mini : ! ill KEYNOTER at the Democratic convention was Governor Paul Dever of Massachusetts. Mossadegh's Return Voted in Iran I Tehran, Iran-UP)-Iran's Par- 'iiiameni overwhelmingly renomi- LnUJ'irnknwin "KIT fc fn A a nV n- . . . n,TC m"u-.u nationalist rioting and disorder! had force the more moderate, 2:30 a.m. (1:30 p.m. Monday,mac from the capital, spotted Ahmed Qavam from the office. EDT), but were forced to pull j eight unidentified images on one Qavam's announced determina-jback down at 9:30 a.m. in theiOf his radars the area surveil-tion to seek a settlement of Iran's face of counterattacking Chinese! lance scope, with a range of pos-oil dispute w-ith Britain set off and heavy Red artillery fire. sibly 70 miles. Communist-strengthened nation-1 Once the Chinese had regained The images were slow-moving. alist mobs who screamed through the streets for his death and bat- reported, U.S. Fifth Air Force tied with police and troops. J planes plastered the area with Twenty persons reportedly were' flaming gasoline, killed in the fighting which raged j U.N. tanks and artillery shelled through the capital Monday. Dis-,the area with a tremendous bar- orders erupted in other parts of the country. Qavam resigned Monday afternoon. Mossadegh, the aged national ist hero who pushed nationaliza tion of Iran's British-operated oil industry to completion last year.jment factory between Samdung quit the premiership last week and Pyongyang, the Norm ss.o-after Shah Mohammed Reza Pah! rean capital. The Fifth Air Force Ipvi rpfused to let him be war said about 50 Thunderjects de- minister as well as premier. As war minister, he would have controlled the army and police. Announcement of Qavam's resignation Monday afternoon produced immediate scenes of wild delirium as thousands of nationalists sang and danced in the streets and shouted for Mossadegh's return to office. July Milk Price May Reach 4.28 New York (JP) A uniform price of $4.28 per hundredweight (46.5 quarts) is forecast for dairy farmers for July milk deliveries to pool-approved plants in the six-state New York milkshed. TU. : 4 .1 nnJ,,nn Llli fast differential for July is 6.8 cents for each 10th of a pound of fat above or below the 3.5 cent standard. rri. 3 ave in this;market administrator of the New York metropolitan milk marketing area. Some of Soviet's Inventions Work Hong Kong (JP) Industrial trial and error in Red China, as reported by Peiping's official Peoples Daily: "Workers in the Harbin branch of the Northeast (Manchurian) Engineering Co. have improved and invented 215 kinds of tools, of which 54 are satisfactory." YOU CAN INSTALL IT op I VERMICULITE Objects Fitting Spotted by Radar, Pilots in Washington Area By jack KLlLtuut Washington (JP) The Airil;phthnt t-n airline mlots and Force today investigated reports a newsman saw eerie lights fitting Flight 807, southbound from Na-that several "flying saucers' had the generai description of flying tional Airport, soon reported see-been spotted by radar virtually in!saucers the same njght. iing seven objects between Wash-its own back yard On the Outskirts! nffiinlc rmilr? nnt immediatelv insrton and Martinshurir W.V. He Of the nations capital. Not only were unidentified ob- jects seen on radar indicating Reds Retake 'Old Baldy' At Hisli Cost Bv MILO FARNETI Seoul, Korea-W-Chinese in- fantrymen today recaptured the!mto flying saucer reports. jf""1 V"C crest of Old Baldy in the 5th day Such reporLs, officials had said Vnlk i ' ?l , ec,., v, . v,- fLo,ii .fl.:Of New ork. He said the weather the Reds more than 1,000 casualties. U.N. infantrymen still held the southeast slope of the bitterly;month. contested hill west of Chorwon on; The flying saucers over the cap-the Korean Western Front. Baldyjital were reported late Monday, overlooks both the U.N. and Com-'about 36 hours after the incident munist lines of defense. Associated Press Correspondent George McArthur at the front said about 200 Chinese pushed through heavy U.N. tank and artilleryisources: 1 1, U U.N. troops reached the top the top of Old Baldy, McArthur rage. Chinese artillery knocked out three tanks in the morning fighting. U.N. fighter-bombers again hit a railroad repair center and ce stroyed three buildings, damaged a tunnel and made six direct hits on a locomotive repair shed. Other planes flew close support missions along the 155-mile front, which was relatively quiet except around Old Baldy. The weather was hot and humid. Rain falls almost daily and the temperature soars to 100 degrees. Truce Session Short Munsan. Korea (JP) Korean armistice negotiators met for onlyi 5 minutes today in the shortest! session at Panmunjom since se- cret talks on the prisoner ex-: change deadlock began July 4. j Another executive session was scheduled for Wednesday. j j Cleopatra wore pearl earrings worth, in todaya wrrency a -; hn "d ? ha" ? iM! S'i tony. It is believed that Egypt had the first lighthouse where beacon fires were maintained by priests, j DNIVCDSI7I THEATRE WfUABO STRAIGHT HtV FRI. On Stage SAT. The Summer Players in YES M'LORD By William Douglas Home Air $4 AA Curtain Conditioned I.UU 8:30 All Seats Reserved Straight Ticket Office EASILY YOURSELF Just pour Zonolite Granular Fill between the joists in your attic, and between studs in your sidewalls, and you sea! your home for year-round comfort! Yes, it's as easy as that. Any-body can do it. Flows in solid around pipes, braces, etc. is virtually non-uttling will outlast your home-fireproof, rotproof, vermin-proof. Cooler in summer! Warmer in winter! ROBINSON & CARPENTER LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES Over 50 Years of Dependable Service 206 TAUGHANNOCK BLVD. Phones 2337 - 2338 Description of Flying Saucers 'actual substance instead of mere nn whpthpr this was the first time radar has p;cked up flying saucers. Some said it was. All speed, at other times hanging al-agreed it was unusual. most motionless. The objects also were different! He was careful in his report, and from the average reported saucer! later in an interview, not to iden-in that they traveled at a relative- ,tify the objects as flying saucers, ly slow speed, as well as later I He described them as "like fall-disclosing the customary burst ing stars without tails." that far outspeeds normal air-! Another airlineri Capital-Na- P eS' u- . a !tional Airlines Flight 610, also re- One thing was certain: A ted seei H ht folovvi lt nTUHg inVf- gn T-", T?,g.from Richmond. Va, to within 4 made by the Air Technical Intel-miles of Washington; ligence Center, Wright-Patterson i , . . , , Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.! which has been set up to look faster than at ajiy time since the initial flood in 1947. The current average is about 100 sightings a ctually occurred. This is the story as pieced to gether from Air Force reports, persons involved, and other An operator at (he Air Traffic Control Center at Washington Na- actional Airport, across the Poto 1 going probably 100 to 130 miles an hour. And they were flying, in the vicinity of nearby Andrews Air Force Base. ' The control center, operated by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, notified the Air Force and also asked planes in the air if they could see anything. That was around midnight. MUSICALS UNDER THE BIG TOP FINGER LAKES LYEIC. CIRCUS SVantatelet on Rout 20 Phon: Skaneattl 992 THIS WEEK ONLY BLOOMER GIRL lu.l-W.d.: $1.20. 1.80, 2.40, 3.00. Thurj. Sun.. $1.80, 2 40, 3.00, 3.60. Sat. Mat.: $.90. 1.50. 2.10, 2.70. LYRIC CIRCUS. Dept. I SKANEATELES, N Y. Phon. 992 STARTS TOMORROW Shows at 2:00 - 6:45 - 9:00 The Thrills, The Spectacle, The Romance Of A Great Novel Comes To Life - fl YOUR I vsv YZSiz ji4 "Hi- STARTS THURSDAY . THRU SATURDAY ANOTHER FINE ATTRACTION FOR STRAND PATRONS CORNEL AIR CONDITIONED rtn m n Wednesday SHOWS AT 7:00-9:00 FEATIRK AT 7:48-9:50 FIRST ITHACA SHOWING wmf mm . ucomiM niTt STARTS THURSDAY DOIBLE FEATI'RE GEORGE RAFT in "LOAN SHARK" , ALSO MARIF WINDSOR in "OUTLAW WOMEN" Capt. S. C. (Casey) Pierman of Detroit. Dilotine Carital Airline sairl thpv rhaneed nare. some times moving at tremendous v"" u cu sia ne savfta "ving was clear and calm, and what he saw wasn't an optical illusion it was orange colored, round, moved swiftly and soundlessly, and he did not think it could have been a plane, balloon, or meteor. TONIGHT THE INFORMER with Victor McLaglen 7 & 9:15 (JQq tax incl. Air Conditioned CNEVESJIVY THEATRE WTULARD STRAIGHT HAUL DUSK TIME-SHOW TIME FAMILY NITE TONIGHT $1.20 A CARLOAD LAST TIM KS TONIGHT JANK RI'SSELI. nd GROITHO MARX in "DOUBLE DYNAMITE" ANN HLVTII nd I)AVI1 FARRAR in "GO'.DEN HORDE" IV TKCHMCOI.OR IjAST FEATL RK 12:20 7 WED. TIltlRS. JOHN I.I ND JFFF CHANDLER BATTLE AT APACHE PASS" Color 1y Technicolor M ICHKI.F, MORGAN "FABIOLA" CHILDREN CARS FREE LAST TIMES TODAY FEATI'RE AT 2:13-7:09-9:11 "Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie" Color l.v J erhnirolor . David Wayne Jean I'etera PLCS Lateat Newa Erenta Feature at 2:12 - 7:00 9:12 M C M l exciting adaptation ot RAFAEL SABATINl'S A Color HlffMCO (06 atorrina GRANGER-PARKER LEIGH-FERRER HENRY NINA Wilcoxon Foch LEWIS RICHARD Stone -Anderson ' AnM-G M Picture a h wr b fe t a TODAY & WEDNESDAY Feature At 2:19 - 7:19 - 9:19 MIGHTIEST SCREEN THRILLI FAY WRAY RCBT. ARMSTRONG BRUCE CABOT WILDE -TERESA WRIGHT ALIF0RNIA CONQUEST Hco BYTtCHNICOLOKi AIR CONDITIONED TONIGHT THRU THUR. TRUMANSBURG Winner of 4 Academy Awarda - "A Streetcar Named Desire tTARRINS IVIEN LEIGHanoMARLON BRANDC

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