The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1950
Page 7
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JUNE 1, 1950 BLYTITEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Acheson's Talk Irritates GOP Democrats Pleased By Question and Answer Session )bituaries </P) — WASHINGTON, June 1 itfecretary of State Acheson's ques- Pion and answer session with Congress pleased Democrats but left Republicans cold today. Senator Lucas of Illinois, the Democratic leader, told reporters he thinks Acheson's appearance helped cement friendly relations between the State Department am Congress. Senator Wlierry of Nebraska, the GOP floor lender, said, on Hie contrary, he doesn't think tha yesterdays unusual meeting in the Library of Congress auditorium "changed anything, one way the other." Rop. Arends (R-I11) said Ache son left a lot of questions un answered. Acheson's Real Test Acheson's real test of his rein tions with the legislators will com with an appearance before the Sen ate Foreign Relations nnd Armc Services Ccinmittccs tomorrow the foreign arms program, When* said. t . ' "Acheson just used Congress as window dressing for a radio speech," the Nebraska senator complained. "His talk was so general and the questions and answers so general Hint nobody learned anything new. t "He says we are going to go into TOull partnership with the North At- ^nntic Treaty nations. We'll find out what we are fcoing to have to give up and what it will cast us ' when he unfolds the foreign arms program, I suppose." .' Proposal Expected Acheson is expected to propose that this country spend $1,225,000,000 a second year 'effort to help Western Europe rearm against the threat of communism. He talked yesterday of the need for this country to take [he lead in strengthening the collective military forces of the United States and Atlantic Pact nations. As a report on Acheson's conferences with British, French and other foreign ministers, Lucns said he was pleased with the proceedings. However, the democratic leader added that- he doesn't expect cabinet members to trot up to Capitol KiN for similar meetings with the 1 a wniake rs e ve ry time a ny body in Congress wants to know what's go 7 Ing on inside the administration. "It will have to be an extraordinary occasion,-just as this one ^ras," Lucas said. iifres Conducted For C. E. Holder Services for Charles Eugene Hold- of Greenville, Miss., brother of Mrs. Gladys Recce of Hlytheville, vere conducted at 4 p,m, yesterday the First Baptist Church of Greenville. Mr. Holder, a farmer and sales representative, was 53. Dr. E. D. Elliott, pastor, conducted the funeral. Burial was In reenville. Mr. Holder died Tuesday night after a heart attack at his home In Greenville. Other survivors are his wife, Mrs Helen Holder; a daughter, Charlene Holder of Gecnville; two brothers, S. S. Holder of Batcsville, Miss., and o: T. Holder, Sr., of Corinth, Miss. PAGEANT Continued from Page I. Ball which will find Jack StanTcup's orchestra playing for dancers at the Women's Exhibit Building at Walk- cr Park. test. June 9, Mr. Chamblin The donee is to begin at 10 p.m following the Miss Blytheville con- pointed out inn- Haley Field will be sprayed with insecticide to control annoying in sects. Persons desiring information con cerninE? entry in the event may cal Mrs. Harp at 4390. State Tax Officer Namct LITTLE ROCK, June 1. (/PJ—Go\ ernor McMnlh today appointc Henry (Pat) Mullis, Dumas -attor ncy. to the Arkansas Tax Co mm is sion. ' Mullis succeeds Arnold Sike Paris, who resigned recently to ac cept a McMath apiwmtment chairman of the Arkansas Board Review. 9 Navy Men Die In Plane Crash QUONSET, R. I., June 1. (/!•)— Nino Navy men perished today when a twin-engine patrol plfine crashed and burned at (his naval air base wliilc making an emergency landing. The plane was reported enroiite to Argcntta, Newfoundland, wh<:n engine trouble developed 23 minuf.03 after leaving here. Commander Haymonrt Gltisgow. In charge of public Information, said the pilot and co-pilot escaped —Courier News IMiulo WINS CONGRATULATIONS— Hardy Aston (lelU manager of the Kroger Store here, receives congratulations from George Berg of Mcm- lils, branch manager, for the victory the Blytheville store scored in a iles contest. Looking on. Is Marvin Ray, district supervisor. Croger Store Here Wins Sales Event Johnson Asks Draft Powers for President WASHINGTON, June 1. (/P) — Secretary of Defense Johnson pleaded with congress today to give President Truman power to draft men into the armed services in time of emergency* He won partial ' support from Senator Kn owl and (R-Calif), who said he Is changing his views because of what he called the possibility ol an atomic attack on tho United States. For finishing In first place in a lies contest, the personnel of tire Croger Store in Blytheville lost ight won themselves a round of hicken dinners. With Branch Manager George Berg of Memphis as host, some 30 mployees of the Kroger Store here were gitests last night at n banciuct at the Razorback Inn. The Kroger Store here won the sales contest over 13 other stores MI this district, which Included Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. Sleepy Communist Youths Trek Toward East German Homes zonal frontier all was quiet. Police reported a few Inte-comers amonf, the returning youths were straggling across the border in iwos and three and quickly hopping into trains o busses when they reached the west ern side of the zone line. The yonths had passed througl the iron curtain almost a week i\g lo hail Joseph Stalin in Berlin. Bu enronto home those who reachc I.uebcck loudly defied orders thn they turn In their names or tak a medical examination. LUEBECK, Germany, June l. they piled their straw hedding onEo —Ten thousand sleepy Communist, camp fires in an attempt to keep youths marooned for two nights just inside the Soviet zone started moving toward their East German iiorncs today after calling off their sitdov-n strike. The blue-shirted boys and girls accepted west German police de- mantis that they give their names or submit to medical examinations before cossing the border. They hart been camping in the chilly border "no man's land," refusing to heed the police orders, night when they reached the East-West zonal fron- SUPERBOMBER CARRIES ITS OWN SPARES—Two complete spare engines ready to InstaU ore carried in micelles (arrow) attached to the underside oi the fuselage of [his B-38-B Super- bomber, seen nt Fairfiold-Sulsun Air Force Base, Cali(., after its first military lest flight Carrying spare engines makes the Ions-range bomber more self-siiniL'ient when operating far from home base. Subpena Voted in U.S. Check of Army Funds WASHINGTON, June 1. (/T)— The House today voted Its Armed Services Committee power to sitb- m Sully Dcwey to testify in tile Investigation of the Army tinniice center In St. Ixuils. A subcommittee, headed by Rep. Kilday (D-Tcx), Is Investigating alleged communism nncl maladminis- tration at the center which >uir.<llcs service men's allotment and family benefit checks. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., June 1. (/!') (USDA)— Hogs 11,500; fairly active; weights 180 Ibs steady to 2o, mostly 10 to 15, lower than Wednesday's average; lighter weights 25 lower; sows steady to mostly 25 lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 10.75-85; top 20.00 for several loiuls; 250-270 Ibs mostly 19.25-51); few to 19.05; 270300 Ibs 18.25-19.25; odd lots 320350 Ibs 17.25-75; 140-170 Ibs 17.5019.50; 100-130 Ibs 13.15-17.00; sows 400 Ibs down 16.50-11.00; few at 17.25; J10-500 Ibs 15.50-10.25; heavier weights 11.25-15.25; slags 10.5012.50. Cattle 1GOO; calves 1700; prices generally .steady except for decline of 1.00 on vcalors; high good and low choice Blears 31.25; other loads and lots medium and good steers 20.10-30,25; few cutter ami common 24.00; good heifers and mixed yearlings 28.00-29.50; common and medium 23.00-21; good cows 21.5022.50; common and medium 19.00- 21.CO; canners and cutters largcli Senate Group Okays Two Truman Nominees WASHINGTON. June I. Wj—Two of President Truman's latest nominations for important administration posts were approved unanimously today by the Senate Banking Committee. They are: Edward Lcc Norton, Birmingham, Ala.. Investment banker and rad'o station owner, for a H-ycar UTITI to the federal reserve board of governors tit $16.000 a year Roy Blough. Chicago University professor and former government tax expert, for the vacant tlilrJ place as one of the president's economic advisors at $16.000 annually. 15.00-13.50. warm. This morning they shuffled last lines of police and watchful German doctors who pave them a quick lookover for any possible contagious diseases contracted in their crowded Berlin quarters. There were no incident's in the early hours. Western police said j doctors found no illness among the youths. After the border medical checkup, the young Reds wound In a long column toward Lucbeck's main railway station where they were to take trains to their West German homes. They appeared too tired even to chant Communist songs as they had clone yesterday. All Quiet Elsewhere Elsewhere along the East-West RED CROSS Continued from Page 1. port on trie 1950 drive In the ab %*enc« of Mr. .West, chairman. l ' A'total of $8,644.31 was raised tn Blytheville and $4,358.94 was received from outlying communities, he satd. This totaled $13,003.29 of the $14,782 quota. Following last night's meeting, Mr. Jledel and Mr. Cure, workers in the clean-up drive, turned in $71 to reduce the balance to be collected to $1,707.71. Reporting on case work done last year by the chapter, - Mrs. Floyd Haralson, executive secretary, said 757 limited service cases were handled. These are cases not d'irectly a Red Cross responsibil i ty bti t which are not handled by any other similar agency. Art 11 a] Cases Total S47 Actual Red Cross cases totaled 847, she said, including 271, active service, 331 veteran and 299 civilian cases. A total of 150 cases were Investigated for other agencies such B s the Blytheville Wei fare Fund, the Veterans Administration and other Red Cross chapter. Other cases handled but which did not fall into any specific classification totaled 15. I This was a total of 1.769 caso.s: for the year, or an overage of nine- plus cases per working day. Types of service rendered Included socinl histories, military leave verifications, reports for the VA and military authorities, assistance on applications for family allowances, assistance in securing other government benefits, and counsel in family and personal problems. Financial assistance given in 193 ^ cases totaled $2,089.64. A total nf ?'$321.31 was spent by the chapter In aid in eight one-family fires. Junior Activities Reviewed The water safety program here lost year was discontinued because of the polio epidemic. Mrs,, Haral- Kon said, but is scheduled to be held this year in Blytheville and Manila Junior Red Cross activities last year, she said, included sending 32 gift boxes to children overseas, 50 Christmas ^ifts to Navy men in Millington Naval Hospital In Tennessee, and 25 sifts to children In the State Hospital at Little Rock Two Junior Red Crors represents lives, Charles Kinningham am Nancy Damon, were sent to tin Junior Red Cross camp last year. Hermon Carllon headed the nom Inatlng committee which nnmcc candidates elected to chapter of Itces last night. On the cnmtnitte were J. Wilson Henry. Mrs. C. Mo dinner and Mrs. Haralson. Mrs. Hnralsnn said this morninf that contributions lo the 1950 fund drive not reported lo d.nte include S37 from LcachviUe, $140 from Armorel, $52 from Barfielri and 525 from the Biytheville air base. Rent Control Voting Whitsun rally in Berlin. Youths Give In The weary youths capitulated after a sleepless night during whicl agreed to vote tomorrow on Pres No better coffee values urn be found anywhere! FRESH FRU.TS AND Jjfij, ^ _ VIGETABLES^ ^ Fresh Fruit — 2 Ib. BAN&N&S 250 10 Lb POTATOES 590 IGA Family Swift's, by Piece ORIOLE MM - !b. 43c Swift's Smoked PICNICS FLOUR 25 Ibs. 1.9; Green OMB AGE ib .50 Per M Ft. Builders Supply So. Hiway 61 JARS ZINC CftP S? ime CAPS, DOI. Kennel Rations m DOd FOOD 2 for Pfitton'i Horn*. MiLK Kerr Reg. Fruit Jars ; Pts. - Doz. 75c Kerr Reg. 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