The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 8
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WCKT _B! J YTH7i;Vn,!.R,.(ARK.)'COUT?raR NEWS THURSDAY, NOVKMKF.U 2, If):!: 1 , Wilson School News STAFF caitor-tn-chlef, .Alia Nicholson ] as usl]ers Atsirlanl editor. Gwendolyn Cirorr Sports editor. Claude Shaw CruJp Rrtiorfm Raymond IVirlon Dnrmon nnd Wayne Douglas served Heynrlers, Juyce M.iiui . Qiii-ntin JfrnitK 1 sor, VirKle r. floors _A]ama<'(> of Tom Thumb Given hy Wilson (Ihildron Cicver ;n iis simplicity. MIC mar- rhpc ol Master To:n 't'lniinti, Wcs- !:•;• A]>;>le. and Miss, Jennie June. 13:.ra Uean Cannon, was pre-'-iHi.'d I-'iJday r.iglii at 7:30. in Hie Wilson hi™h "schixj: auditorium, with M.I.S- u-r John Hughon as niinlMi-r. pre- Tiie nUar was banked with ferns ti!!i! autumn (lowers. Preceding the ct lemony. Miss Mnry Virginia Piow- ers saiu. "Oil. Promise Me." Thj bridal party advanced la the aittir to ill'.- wedding inarch from L.i:ens:m. The brides maids were beautiful in their floor length mod- eii of paste! orgnnrty. Miss Bi-tly Fc-rgiLsen in blue. .Miss .Mary Virginia Vlnccnl in orchid. Miss Glo- lia Aslnnore in 5100:1. and Miss Dorothy Ann Sullivan in pink. Each carried bouquets of Mis? Jean Hollowoll. as maid of Following the Tom Thiimh wedding the third, fourth, fifth and sixth giadcx presented, with much nui.sle. i-oEcr, and glamor, the op- eictta, "SIccpiiiK Beauty." Mary Fran res Reeciiold, as Princess Ro.|sa .ind Hiierry Wlnlord, as Prince Cliarjiilng, wc-rr sfjiendid T7T their •clive voles. From ihe oi»n- in» scene with the christening of Princess Rosa, throughout Hie .".read, when sixteen year? later I hi- princess prlrks her finger with iiillie. while trylmj to learn to weave, i nan old lower rcom of the castle, wlic-re she had been forljld- to u". the ]?M holds intense interest. Diie to evil efforts of the F.vll faliy. played by Keltic Lan- inim, the entire Ii<»ns['hu!d, watch- over Ijy the ni-elve (joo<l fnlrles, slept until n hundred years Jater, vken Prince Cliannln penltrs the e;<v.!e to awaken the hon.->ehokl. On M-cliiB the Princess )« lilnns of h love for her. The King and Queen •4!ve a ball in their honor, and hap*s reigns supreme. Graduates of Wilson High Have .Many Occupations As nigh school students are busy nboiit their work, their minds turn toward the time when they will grnduntod. Not .so long ago n group of boys and girls were worlf- ng toward [graduation. Some of the fifteen, are continuing to study, v.lille otiiers are Three Members Added to Junior Glee Club 'i'lirce new members. Edna Tray•or, Frances Stieeler and Luella Jones, luive been ntlded to the ...„ ., Junior g!ec elnb roll during Ihe horiiir. wore a floor lengtli mode! l la ''- *'ff' ! of green organdy and carried an The' members nave learned scv- crm .bmiqi:ct of yeUow chrysan- j eral ni-w songs. At the last inccl- tr.t-mnms. Master David N'ornian Morris, as m:?be.irer, u-as :ln*scd in a while requires equal rcprescnttillon boys and girls in offlCM. The president and other officers of Ihe Slmwnee council gracious- j ly accepted an Im1t»tlon to visit' of place with Its health posler nt the to Group Discussion, Nole Your fnlr, Progress, Develop initiative, Pie- pare to Assume Responsibility," by Orad* Four Willis Jerome, The Health House tlie Fourth. At the first meeting we liarl an to show the visiting officers over the school and to receive them Into the weekly meeting. veslliijj in home or maybe work- daughter or the New Baptist pas- ing, fiiliy Friizit-r, IXm Hudson, and Hay Mann, who were star atliletcs and :i popular trio, arc attending «-hon] at. Artonssis fitate College, Jcnesljoro. with otlier elaMmatcs. Marjorle Illl! and Eileen Brown aie students at'Central College, Conway, Ark. Juanitn Oretr, Fannie Dcnliam, Minnie Molicr. and Virginia Ffi- •<us-on preferred one another's coin- council. M«mbers of I prade exhibited at the Wilson' election of officers, which tire m glad I School mid Community Fnlr won follows: President, I.ols Gene first place In the Intermediate div- Greer; vice-president, Lewis Hay- Lslon. Tiie house wns stuccoed lor Stotts; secretary. Jlminie student .counell with pnts antl had a i-alsln cblm- Grain; treasurer, Cieorf-e Brewer; 1 ney, graham cracker loof. letlucp ' reiwi'ter, Htith Shnv, r . window rurlaiiui. brown broad ! Mcris. [inine and dried apricot foundation and bordered path, and srlieddr-il wheat fence. The lawn fiunlliire. foiuualn, and bird bath were made of turnips, the v.aul- '' ent-r, who cultivated neat rows ofi carrots and corn behind a picket Wattle fence of carrots and beam, was "Inter No«" Caughley of Memphis, tor, visited Joyce Mann the week end of October 20. • Pauline Robinson visited New in Capital Society Circle Hendrix, former student of Wilson High. In Kevll. Kentucky, the- weekend of Oct. 20. Miss Emma c. Halrston Mrs. Maud Siccl In Hulbcrt, the weekend of Oct. 50. Gene Brown vsled her sstcr Eleen. in Conway. Oct. 22. Nettle Litton spent the weekend -I also made of u turnip. t Blue birds perched on i;any for another year so they are of Oct. 20 In Memphis with her iiikliif n business course In Osce- ohi, ArX'.. from Mrs. Andress. Claude Pipkin Ls studying at, Urauglin'.s llusiness ColK-gn, Memphis. Amelia DouKlas, who wishes to be. imrse. will enter training In N'oveinlje.]'. ai U;e UaptLst hospital, Memphis. Those •lualulng at horns for line of the 1'. T. A., the club sang, 'The Rainbow." and "Hiawatha's 13 rolhers." .vail and carric-d the ring oil a i viiile =miri piliow. lie wai follo'.v-! _ . cJ by the llltle fjirls, Alice : JCHOOl LampUS Improved Ann Davids:n, i;i blue nrRandy. i V?t:y Goorimnn. in p!nr: organdy, and Betty Jack Milliran, in yei- I P J\V organdy, \U;o scattered roso pct.ils in lha bride's path. The bride. v:!io cnurod on the nny. of Paul Priest, as hrr father, v.a', lovely in whl'.e orsanily. fihe v.'re a cap of old luce from which lell the train of ivhi'.c tulle, carrice: by Harold Traylor, us train l-taror." She was met at the altar by the bridegroom and his best man, John Eliis Ebl.intfer. where tu the strains ;if -Love's Old Sn-ctt Song" the double rinj service u'iis read in the pretence of a large audience. Billy Liuiwig, Percy Hollowx-ll, aeorge a rest, bcfori- taking life's work In hand are: Kate flowell. Totnmle Plllman, and Lucille Marlindale. Uob Crews an<l Junior Westbrook. have decided 10 work a year to see which they prefer, further education or the schedule of a business man. Wilson Student Council Draws up Constitution The regular meeting of the stu- parents. Jen-el Tyler visited her sister, Mrs. O. L. Bird, the weekend of Oct. 20. ... roof, bird bath, and fences, and hralthy chltdren raced under the carrot wlektl gate toward Happy Town. Tills project wa sthc work of Ihe entire Fourth urarte under the .sui>ervis!on of Miss Emma Clairr- Hair.stoti. Fiftli flraile Murricc* Gciforlh. John no:i»l:is. Maomt Porter ^nd Kathryn Clay have been absent. Nettie ttila Un- Memphls visitors last week were: nuni, Mnry Frances Hegcnold. Ev- Ruby Crain, Bdythc Mllllcan. Alia' ercti Billiard, Miui:arei Ciuodwin. Nicholson, Gilbert Lynch, Levuda 1 Helen Kcece, Junior Hudson. Paul iiovce, und Carolyn Culloin. Charles Walden und JImmie Easley went on a Fox hunt near HarrLsbiirK Saturday night, Oct. '21, Geau Annohle. Dan Be.ill unit Jimmy Ferguson have not boon absent or lardy. Two new pupils are Karie Altensworlh mid Dorothy I*aml. At the foolbLitl game Marled, a fev: of tlie fifth grade girls sold barbecue sandwiches. They made two dollars. The money is to lw used for materials for our room. The fifth Kr.ide home tno'.her.s are Mrs. Bob Goodwin :uid Mrs. Ed. Beall. Junior Art Club On the first meeting, Sept. 14. the Junior Art. club elected officers us follows: president, Dever- lon Clayton; vice-president, Eula Davis Cullom; secretary, Virginia Rapp; treasurer, Gladys Speck; reporter, Gene [Brown: program committee. Elolse Pitlinnn. Eula , Davis Cullem, Gladys Speck; social giaiis. The following pupils took committee, Gene Brown. Louis ~ - - Seventh Grade Home HfK)j n The .seventh uradc met on October 13. for a Home Fioom pro- I ! With the beginning of the school year of 11)3^-34 plans were begun for the Improvement of the school campus. Already much lias been done toward the realization of these plnns. Concrete steps and platform have been placed at both the east and west entrances of the school house. To Ihe seniors of 1932 goes the honor of being the first to start an Improvement of this type. They placed a concrete platform dirccliy in front, of the building. The Seniors of 1933 further carried out their ideas by erecting concrete steps at the main entrance. Thursday & Friday Matinee 2:30—lOc - 25c «1-15—1 Op - 3!ic presiding. A constitution was presented by Mlton Clinton. It will be. rittllicd nfu'r are iniulc. ci'itein alterniillons Qp^fgtta I Third Grade i The grade is taking part in the 1 pail: 'Keep Physically Pli When To Study. Great Atmosphr i-e." "Dudget me." by Decide Study by Ruth Shaw; Your Time, niscrimin- Virgil Barton; "Secure Friday nlghl, Sherry, Equipment. Ulill/c Textbooks." by ...... WInford. is Prince Charming. The Jimmie Grain; -Concentrate," by A new sen-Ice credit system has fairies In the third grade are George Brewer; "Write Assign- been adopted by the council. The Charlene Goode, and Jean Davis ,nent. Review Rapiulv." by Mary mojor changes In the system are Frazier. ' —- - — follows: R O X Y Wed - and Thurs(|a y ^^ •• * Matinee 2:30 Night 0-.|5 'LADIES MUST LOVE' With JUNE KN1CHT, NEK. HAMILTON, SALLY O'NKILL, DOROTHY IHIRttliSS mul .MARY CARLISLE FOX NEWS - - -COAIKDY FRIDAY - SATURDAY TOM John Hughen is the preacher in 1. Twelve service credits each the Tom Thumb wedding to be semester Instead of Wn will be re- given by the first and second quired. grades. 'L Possibility, of. holding, as Maxine Hooker, Omella Griffin many offices In clubs as one Is Mildred Fay. and Donald Cannon' elected to. are new pupils. 3. Abolition of the rule wldch The third grade won second Hili: "Vlbiializ'j Conditions and Relationships, Discover Short Cuts. Learn Key Words. Check Your Work. Apply Each Fact Learned," by Barbara Clinton: "Do Your liest. Recall Major Issues," by Wnrron Speck; "Increase Your Vocabulary. Grasp Fundamentals." i by Lois Gene Grecr; "Contribute I (Dachraeli Plintol A relalivo newcomer ID Washington society is Mrs. Augustlno Louergaii, wife of the U. S. senator from Connecticut. Mrs. Lonergau, whuse homo Is In Hartford, is shown here ID a aa* 'pciiraiu "BUDDY" ROGERS iAMKS DUNN, JUNK KNIGHT, LILLIAN ROTH. CLIFF EDWARDS, LILIAN 150NL), DOHOTHY LEE and I.ONA ANDRK "TAKE A CHANCE" Both Old and New Subscribers May Get Every Player a Star'. Every Stnr an Knter- liiincr! Look! 1 g l\ n i 100 Gorgeous Showgirls! THE BIGGEST MCS1CAI, COMEDY HIT OF THE YEAH; NOW ON THE SCREEN "AI-TEK 5J WEEKS ON BROADWAY! FUN? . . , We Col It! KOMANCti? . . . Here it Is! GIR!,S V MUSIC? . . . Look and Listen! Mickey Mouse Cartoon Musical Short "That Goes Double" Kuss Colombo anil Orchestra THE GREAT AMERICAN WEEKLY WITH WORLD 1 YEAR EACH ONOR 'jK^iifw^^UN T ED SERIAL - - - CARTOON Coming Attractions WEEK OF NOVEMBER Sib III/ SUNDAY - MONDAY, NOV. r, - li .Maurice Chevalier in THE WAY TO LOVE' Paramount News - - Our (Jung Comedy one of our BIG VAUDEVILLE!! Ritz - Saturday - - On the Stage In Person 'Junior Arkansas Travelers' Good Old Mountain Music plaved bv a Heal Hillbilly Kind ' Good Dancing - - Singing - - And Comedy On the Screen - - ; "Devils In Love' With LORETTA YOUNG NO ADVANCE IN PRICES HOlrV Y ° U Sitnply ° rd0r the Courier News an <l both magazines delivered im^ 11. '" - VOUr h ° mC f ° r twclve months — °r- » J'ou are lucky enough to already y a " nZeUSt<1 C ° ntimiC dclivor >' of thc C°»™«- Ne «s for another 12 months and 60 cents n mnnth ^ BUm ^ Vof the 2 mil « ll «nes and the Courier No ws vou pav GO cents down and bU «nts a month to the corner boy for 12 months. Simple, isn't il? Here's What You Get Liberty (Weekly) - - . 12 Months) ALL THREE Woman's World - - - 12 Months ONLY 6Oc And The Courier News - - 12 Months TUESDAY' - WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7 - 8 Ricardo Cortex, Richard Dennett, Elizabeth Young and Sharon Lynne in 'BIG EXECUTIVE 5 Paramount News - - Comedy • THURSDAY - FRIDAY, NOV. n - 10 .Jack Pearl and Jimmy Durante in 1EET THE BARON' Novelty Reel - - Eugene Palletlc Comedy SATURDAY, NOV. 11 Bob Steele in 'YOUNG BLOOD' Buck .font's Serial - - Cartoon SUNDAY - MONDAY, NOV. 5 - (i Bill Hnyd, .Mac Clark and 1'at O'Hrien in TLAMING GOLD' Travel Reel - - Comedy TUKSDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, NOV. 7-S-,!'. Kay Francis, Walter Huston, Nils Aslhcr and Phillips Holmes in , 'STORM AT DAYBREAK' Fox News - - Taxi Boys Comedy llonn p.iyment, plus monthly payments of COc to Hit carrier for 12 morths. For Further Information Phone 306 and We Will Have a Carrier Boy Pick Up Your Offer or If You Prefer— Use This" Coupon . Drop in Mai! EtKlosIn* COf, or Give Thli Order to You- Curler. THE COURIER NEWS, Blythevine, Ark. I hereby agree to subscribe to. or extend my present subscription lor the courier News for twelve montte trom this date, and also for the following 2 magazines; LIBERTY (Weekly) ........... i WOMAN'S WORLD .............. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 1 year I Bin now paying GO rents and agree to pay your regular carrier CO cents per month for twelve months. 1 fully understand that this contract cannot be cancelled without Immediate discontinuance of tlie magazine subscriptions. s '3 ncd ................ • ................. Address . , ............................... Town ...................... q., ( ,, BIG DOUBLE SHOW FRIDAY - SATURDAY, NOV. 10-11 ON THE STAGE PURCKU/S STAGE CIRCUS And Carnival of Fuu ROGS MONKEYS PONIES CLOWNS ACROBATS JUGGLERS AER1ALISTS SPKIAL KIDDIE MATINEE Saturday Morning, Nov. 11, 10 O'clock Admission 3c — For the —ON THE SCREEN— Donald Cook in WRY OF THE JUNGLE' Also Shorts and Crcighton Chancj Serial

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