The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX -$ 1 26,000 Quarlel of Mi/c Kampouris, Myers am SlicAvs Sluff. EDITOK'S NOTIJ: Tills is an- otlior iif :i scries of :irllcli>s uii blf league lr:ilnl]] K ramps. II <lls- eusfrs lirospirts of Ilic l.'lllrlll- iviti H«ls. ny HARK'Y OHAVSON Sports Editor, NEA Scrvlre TAMPA, Ph.— Charley Dressen Is a lillte fellow, but does Ihlngs In a big way. When Drosscu cumi! up fiom Nashville to manage tlie Cincinnati dub last summer, lie nu- iiounn-d Ills intention of denning house, n»<l lie hasn't done a linlf- wny job. you wouldn't know the Reds. Not a single player being used regularly by Cincinnati In the Grapefruit League this spring contributed lo the Hods' one 'mg tnil- spin ill 1934. True, Alc-.x Knmpour- Is, dlniimittvc secpix! baseman, reported in July, but illness shelved ttie Greek youngster before lie had nnicli of a chance to prove his worth. '• •Pitchers Paul Derringer. Benny Prc-y, and SI Johnson; Catcher Ernie Lombard!; and Outfielder Chick Hafey nrc likely to be the only holdo'rcrs wlicn the Cincinnati entry opens the National League campaign on April 1C, . Dressen is opornllng on the very i sound theory that, inasmuch as the' • aggregation finished Insl In 11)34, chunges cannot possibly l>c for the worse. I doubt that any major tongue entry ever launched a season with an entire infield of untried recruits, such as the Reds Intend lo do this ..year. Billy Myers, Lewis Rlgys, Johnny Mize, and Kampourls haven't looked .half bad thus Cur, with Myers nnd Riggs topping Hie batting order, the huge. Mlzc'ln the cleanup position, nnd Kampouris hilling seventh. Tiin KscLiprd Cant Chain dang Three or the qumtel. were pur- ROXY Mnlincc — • Friday, Stilurdny itiul Stiniluy Only WEDNESDAY - . One Day Only Holiday For Wives cjiascd from SI. Louis Cardinal subsidiaries. The four represent on outlay of t 20,000. The Reds paid Rochester $55,000 for Ihe left-hand littting and right-hand ' throwing Ml70, despite » report that the 20-iWimd first baseman had » bad leg. The Qlanl.s gave Columbus $28 000 for Sliorlstop Myers, nnd swapped him to ihe lieds wlion Dick liar- loll was obtained from tin- Phillies. Myers went In exchange, for Pitcher Allyn Stout iinti innelder Mnrt- Kociilg. Knnipouiis wus purchased from aeniniwilo for $23,(WO. ami Third mseman i{i(j BS fro,,, coliimljiui Inr Mlzo, Kampourls, Myers, and Rings fed their responsibility and an- ImsMlng |(k<. yo u , 18 nnetlon- et'i's. Their average age Is 23 Mlzo was .signed by Prank m,. K . ey. brother or Hranch. head of the far-flung cnndliinl [ Rtm jiy s ( cm as n .semi-profession,,). /; c , starred nt Piedmont college, which Is situated In his home town, 13cm n rest Cla Mlxc hit .339 for Rochester In 1D34 Kampouris is the son of a Sac-' i-amenio barber, nnd broke In in the Const League. Myers, who many suspect will .«ni o,a to be tl 1D fi ( m . or , hc |ot s Ihe son of the shcrlir of Cnm- uerland Coimly. p«. Myers and niggs, n stubby-nosed facol-lrish product of the University of North Carolina, helped Co- iimbus to Ihe American Assocla- lo" ling lust season. Criwiey Spent Dough |.ik c Water A recapitulation reveals that I owe) croslcy. Jr., the nuito and •efrigerator magnate/ lii' his nrst/ "•-I- ns president ofJ Cincinnati (I $310,500 for the Immediate lellvery of new talent and its'fil-' lure development. Croslcy Invested $100.000 in fur,,, ctllbs ., mw working agreements with Toronto and other minor organljuilloiu. "• n- Your Wives! ' ' Thc Wife Is AdmiUcd FRRK Witli Hiisband With One I'ltid Admission. . Wed. and Thursday MAT. & NIGHT— 1 Op FOR H|PLANNEDTtf£ CRIME; ...And dared the\ - ii'ho/e world to prove \ BLYTfiEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pitchers neo'l nichmonfl, ot Baltimore, mid Tony Frcitas, of St. Paul; and Catcher Henry Erlek- son, of Louisville. Di-pKsen predicts Unit Pitcher Schott, recalled f :'0ni Toronto, nlone will more tht.a make up for the ?100.000 Ciuilcy invreled In minor league connections. Schott, ii Immisoim! c foot 3 inch, IBti- jiounil rlglit-liander. not w , |,, nB ngo was iituylnii shortstop for i, Cincinnati high .school. He won 18 nnd losl 0 for 'roronto. "nut building a baseball club Is n loi more dllllcult, than bulldlni; radios and refrlgeral-jis," rc-neets President Crosley. pmishij; his t'spcndltnrps. fear of prevention, hut takes off itil restrictions that were written into the original bill. Sunday gnmes !n Lltllo nnck have (wen sloped at C P M which mnde ii mtJuv Ijjconvcuk'jil' on Ihe days double-headers wen- iM'l'ii; played. Under the provisions of Baker Ijlll. Dairies can b;- played legally on Hunday mom- Ing, bill II I,, doubtful If Hie l«-:iJ niaiuiKi-iJii'iii will du iinyihhif [,, uiituwmla: hurchmen. " ' By Harry Gray son for Ival Goodman, a letl- mml hilling untneldcr. A like amount went, to UK Angeles for nlchcr Gllly Campbell, and les- er amounts for Oullk'lders Samny nyrd, of the Yankees, nnd Irirlln Pool, of the Const Lcaitue- No l\Vf-,| To Wiiidi I'Vir (lon.sluhic in Arkiinsjis on Sunday I.-I'ITLK ROCK, Ark,—Arkansas ball players don't need lo keep one eye on the lookout, for the "law" (If they cvi-r dfcb ami the other on llm )>nll during Sunday games now. The stale legislature In the closing lioitrs of the recent, session made perfect its score loi- liberalization by Including Hie repeals of the age-old statute which made it a criminal olfensc to knock out a few Dies on Sunday nflcrnoon. The baseball bill wiis the lust on Hie list nnd came near 'being; overlooked In the last-dny rusll but a friend of. the sport pulled Din. bill from beneath, a .slack and cd It on top, where lt-reiich- 1 ' CIK|| »B' " clerk a few hours ihe Icgi.slaturp went om of c. • > s advantuge'of n special bill which originally was enroled to ptnnll, Sunday gnm'es'in Littfe liock diivllig certain hours. 1 most of the larfjc rcountJes or (hose Including, cities llilylhcvllle, tor In- stnncej Imve held leferendum elections, thereby lesnll/lng Die'.sport Some cities Just went ahead and Plnycd, but this new act not, only liorrnllK Ihnm to play, without 24 of 25 1)111 Kimsail, cluck Oh'coola Imp- .shooter, paced UK- u L .| (f jn ;l shoot ;il i In, lilythr.'viJIi' .ski' i Icluli yesterday W he n | 1P [,in,.il in a mnl curd ol 24 | nr .,.|,. , JIM or as. Trailing Hmend were Mr,x Mil- K-r and Joe linger, tied for swinil pliiw. with M out of yj, «,„• llmldlraton wus next in line ulili 20 Illls. lU-Miiliir shools are held cirli Sunday. Louisville Ball Club Trains at Union City UNION CITY, Teim.-Tlic Louis- vllle Colimcls of the Amerlcnn As- soclnlion are loud In u,Hr ])ra isi. of lialnlng conditions In this Tennessee city • of 7,000 persons. 'I he Cellini-Is ,wcre welcomed in emhiislasllc. : fashion when they made their- appearance, here. In addition to .splendid hotel nc- cominodutlons wlmt has Impresieil the Colonols junsl hns W-n the hall diamond, it would |, C envied by many u team in organized ball. Us grandstand hns a seating crl- linelly of 2^00 and the playing Meld Is all that possibly could lie desired by lmy major' team for conditioning work. The part- Is «1 by the city and some of ~-.JC days, nnd it may not lie long,. Union city l.s K oli) B to be i S'l 1 . PETEfSSnuilo, Fla.-Round- i ina IliL- bases will) n»; New York ' Yankees: •' ' i (idoly rioinff. 1 iiinljlilon Is to'ilde ' u molijri'jele from i]]c Yankee Siti- • tlK- pilclier's box. . . . Before he i obtained Ins Iwo-year conlract'at i SiO.COO. someone , asked 1 ,- Come;. when he was (jolng "10 start hlt- ling. . - . "What's thc use of Iciiriifn;; how to hit on this club? 1 replied Ihe great left-hander. "It won't pay me for pitching" (iomez regales the New York pruly witii tides or Jiipan—co.UUf) persons nt (jawifrs, mid so.o'JO coming on bicycles, . . . L.efiy is afritid of demist-:, and tlitinde.r drives iiii'ii I fi'din Hie darkest, conjines of a ilngutit. . , . Johnny liruaca rc- limled foe fcolbull at Vale but conldiri play It. ... Asked why he ciiine out, Ilmaca explained liial he liked Ihe Kind on the iiidnlnj.; table. . . . The Yanks call W/dter Brown, tli« aiifi-ixmnd (aie-man crowd from Newark, "the pilehcr who swallowed a laxicab.", . - . Jimmy •Uc-Sliong's clcigynmn fatlH-r named liim Jume.s Urooklyn UeSliong because . thei-e are so many chinches across Ihe bridge. . . . DcShoiiK slrmns the nkiilelf. and -refers to his ninny suits as garments •Clifford \ieiloii, overhand Jc-Jl-hamler, l.s- eoititis if trial, despite'tiie : facl that he \voii only six games while losing 20 for Ilnltliiiorc. '.'... ,..-Melton pitched eight two-lilt .contests lor tile dc- in some kind of a league. The Colonels were lirst attiael- ed hero because the iiKk-pemlcnt team here beat the tar out of thc Colonels when they barnstormed throng]] tills section last fall. Reel- root Lake, where Joe Cantillon used to fish and collect many of his quaint stories, is bin L'O miles away. moralized Orioles. . . . johnny Murphy's father holds a political Job in Tammany Hall. IliifTlne Ho«ls Strikes, Too Red muring bowls on star teams at Nokomls, 111, which also is Jim Bottomlcy's old home town Vilo Tamulis sounds like a" liatr tonic, but, he Is a sqiJnUy .soiitli- r l):iw : who scored a hit wiih Joe McCarlhy-.In,blanking the AAA's with two bingles hist full, fiiraell Voii "Atiii. wus a classmate of Slevd llamas al Penn State. - - This left-hander injured the middle finger of'.his pitching hand " year ago wlicn he rammed his list through a window in rescuing his do-j as his home burned al Franklin, N. J. , . . HI S inelfect- iveness In 193^ was attributed to Ihe injury, but Van Atta believes lie iijjatn Iras 'full use of the hand. ... .-Johnny Allen first practiced pitching in the renr of i'.hfttel.'Ji'i.a.'small North Carolina town, where he ucted as clerk . . Gerald Walker, of the Tigers never (nils to remind Allen of ihe 11 consecutive bases on balls h» mice issued in an International I*ai>uc Bttine. . . . Bill Dickey has regained the weight he lost and about which he worried In 1934. Columbia Lou's Collejiate ', * -Lou Ciehrig wchl. ba'rc-fiea'rtfd until his bride, made him 'don a sitimnior last summer. . UK never had an overcoat until he purchased one in Paris last winter ... Huge Waller Brown lost his hook when up -with the Yankees lost season. . . . "i know wrong Hvilh you," salii Laz/en. "Your .ringers are. oil the seams when you. lift -your - hands above your head, but slip off when you bring your;hands down" observed .ail ,,this from WEDNESDAY, MARCH '20, M35 '' second base. ... Red Rolfe keeps a record of what pitchers throw him and where batters hit the ball. . . . Ben Chapman once challenged a fan in th c j e jx field stand at the Yankee Stadium, . . . The fan was Johnny Broderlck, ace ov the Manhattan iwlice department's strong arm squad. . . Myril Honi; is Die son of Willie Hoag, the old Coast League pitcher. . . . Karlu Combs' greatest innbliion when in the smaller leagues wus to play with ihe tonlsvlilc Colonels. . . He «'iijs nilscd in ol' Kalmuck. Harvard .Man 50 Years CAMBR1DOE, Ma«. (OP)—John „, ;2 on Saturday, lh e i 3 i h April, 1935. the followin" c real estate, to-svlt: The North Thirty-two acres of the Nonhwesi On-n- ter iNWli) or the Norii'wl'i . Quarter (NWS) of Section Twenty-three ch) Townshin Fifteen (15) North, Kange Eleven (11) East of thc Hflh Principal Merldimi, In Mississippi County, Arkansas TERMS OP SALE: On a credit or three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said Skehtm, 72, has been nt Harvard University for 50 years—but he never expects to get a degree, lie is the gate watchman at the entrance lo Harvard yard. Celebrating his golden nnnireranry, he said he had no idea of retiring. NOTICl: OK COMTllIKSIOXnil'K SAI.I-: Notice is hereby given, ihnt in pursuance of the authority and directions contained hi the- de- cretal Older uf ll<e Chancery Court of Mississippi Comity, for Ihe Chickasawba District, made and entered on Ihe a7lh day of FV.tyuary, 1934, in a certain cause (Sol 'g-a«.- then pending therein between The-Federal Land Bank of St. l/oui-s, a corporation, complainant, nnd Hairy Taylor, ct nl., defendants, . the undersigned, as Commissioner, 'of said court, will offer for sa'e nt public vendue to the highest bidder, at the South door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in the City of Blytheville. in - Ihe County of Mississippi, for thc Blytheville District, within the hours pre-; *ciilied by law ror judicial sales, cause, with approved security | bearing interest nt the rate or H V e Per Cent. (5'S) per annum from date of sale mull paid, and a ; •lien being reiaincd on the piem- ' Ises .sold io secure Ihe payment of ihe purchase money, niven iiiK(c-r ]fiy hand tills I8th : day of March, 1930. R. L. CiAlNEs Commissioner in Chancery. : 20-27-3 Expert Truss Fitter here Saturday. March 23rd lo A. M. mull 7 p. M. come fn'p,- K . Consultation. Robinson Drug Co. Now' Located at North Second ADDING MACHINE "& TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU .:. DON EDWARDS, Proprielor All ml kfs of rebuilt Tjprwrilers, Adding Machines and Cal— > i , eulators— (t o,utstahdin0 "- ,«""'" - fe and CHEVROLET; THE NEW STANDARD CHEVROLET ;^ t . World'* lowest-priced six •THE' NW MASTER DE |fxE\CHEVROLl||« ; v 4;.._' ' Mristocrai of low-priced cars "' "JSlfl . C'OK you who win a quality inolor car ... one that •*- gives cxecplional pcrfonnaiira and operating economy, yet sells at the iroM's lonvst price for a «ix . . . the out-' standing value of ihe ycur is the New Standard ChoTrolet. fl unilcs rpmlily nit!, economy to a degree never before approached in Chevrolet history. Yon will know this when yon view its trim heanly . . . experience its performance -Vihcrcsdlto/Chevrolervredsioti manufacture. . . and find out how much mgncy it .will »avo yon in orwraiing rosls as well as in ifiirchase price. The I93a r»ow Standard Chevrolet brings you all thc following qnallly nJvantagM! BoJy l,y Fi t l, Pr (ivttli Me, Draft Vcntila- lion) ... Improved Master Blue-Flame Engine . . . Prrsjute- Mrcan, O,ling . E,,ra-R«ggcd X Frame . . . Wt.thrrproof Calilc-Conlrollrd Drakes. 46S S 560 AND UP. Liu pace of Kac Sitaiiiatd ItoaJsra- at Flint, Midi., J.ffii. iff,;, bumpers, tparv lira <mA tire IK};, if,,' Hit price is (20.00 oiHiViono!. l'iin-s AND UP. IJtt price of Matter (.mipe at Flint, Mich., $560. t hmpcn, cpnra lire and tire foci, the list price u $25.00 aiMilionol. Prka snl'jnt to chants inlhail notice. Knee- Action optional a t (20.00 o(ra. CHEVROLET FOR 1935 rnp.vRot.nT MOTOU COMPANY. DK-rnorr, r Ch , k ,-, r,,, r .1 General Motors Value DEAI.ER ADVERTISEMENT OETyour desircn for quality as high as yon'inay . .. ti.c ^-J new Master De Luxe Chevrolet will gratify ihcm— and add the gracious touch of luxury, licautifully styled S . : longer and larger than last year's Chevrolet . . . built to the highest standards of quality manufacture... it is the aristocrat of low-priced cars. It provides a kind of motoring you have never Irecn able lo buy before at Chevrolet prices. A new and finer kind of performance, comfort and gliding smoothness, that inspires pride ns well as satisfaction. See your; Chevrolet dealer, lor full iiiforiiialion—ioj.iy! TUeMaster De LuioChcvroletistlioonlycnrllint brings >-on.ill llicite quality failures! Turret-Top Iloily lij- Hslicr (with No Draft Ventilation) . . . Improved Knec-Adion Hide . . . Jilnc- Klame Yalvc-in-Head Engine willi IVc-ssiirc-Slrcniii Oiling . .. \VcatherproofCalilc-CoiitroHc<lUr3k<u...Sbock-rroof Steering. CHEVROLET FOR QUALITY AT LOW COST SHOUSE-L111 VROLET CO, Bll/theville, Ark. WEDNESDAY - One Day Only Holiday For Wives Husbands Entertain Your Wives! :•. The Wife Is Admitted FREE With Husband With One . ' Pnitl Admission. Last Time Today MAT.—2:00 - lOc & 25c KITE—C:45 - J.Oc & 35c Wallace l^cery in 'THE MIGHTY fa -,. BARNUM' • PaniniounT Ncyys Comedy Thursday & Friday I-OOK AT THE HUJI THE CASI' AT THE ' GIRLS! THKII.L TO THE ROMANCE!' "MARVKI, AT Tllfi" SPECTACLES! 300 of Thoie GloHfud j Cold Dlgg»f Ol/Ji) J In Boijjy «erVeley'i A Biggaii Spulodsil '^i DICK I'OWFn'' ADOII'HF MEN.TOU, GLORIA STUART, ALICE BRADY, 'HIGH HERBERT, GLEN I) A FARRELL and Frank MrHUGH Cartoon - - Comtil.v COMING SUNDAY UIG STAGK SHOW POT POURW 8—I5IG ACTS—8 And Regular Screen Show

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