The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER n, 1949 Reduced Crops Avert Controls Restrictions Avoided In Midwest by Cuts In Harvest Estimates By Ovid A. Martin WASHINGTON, Nov. 11. Midwestern farmers apparcnly have been saved form rigid crop production controls in 1950 by harvest- time reductions in this year's official production estimates. During the summer growing season, controls appeared inevitable next, year on two major midwestern crops—corn and wheat. But wheat failed to turn out as well as had been forecast. As a consequence, the Agriculture De- .partment announced in July that •Ejieat marketing quotas would not •Ve necessary next year. Corn appeared to be in line lor qtiotas until the Agriculture Department issued a semi-final report yesterday showing a decline Df 113,000,000 bushels in prospect, for this crop. The revised estimate is a crop ol 3,358,000.000 bushels. This reduction in corn apparently has pulled It down below'the level at which, witter farm laws, the department would be required to propose marketing quotas. No Una', decision is expected. however, untii after the December crop report is issued. Already Controlled Southern- farmers on the other hand, have been less fortunate with respect to controls. Marketing quotas already have been prochilmc^ for 1950 crops of cotton, flue-cured and hurley tobacco, and peanuts. The department also has under consideration a proposal to invoke marketing quotas on rice. But a reduction, in the rice crop estimate yesterday make have gone far toward ruling out quotas.for this crop. Midwestern farmers will produce next year's^ corn .and wheat crops under government plating allot k ments. Allotments tell a farmer just how much laud he should plant to a given crop. While lie Is free to ignore them, only those farmers complying are eligible for government price supports on the crops. 'Quotas are much more restrictive than allotments in their effect on « "'production. Sales in excess of a cnto- .a are subject to a he.ivy penalty tax. Because they are more restrictive, they must be approved by at least two thirds of tlie growers voting in a referendum. 'Notorious' Burglary Suspect Is Nabbed by FBI, St. Louis Officers - ST. LOUIS, Nov. 11—(.-Pi—Henry W. Bostleman, 54, described by the FBI as one of .the most notorious burglars and safe crackers in the country, was to be arraigned today in a case involving a $«[,195 Jewel; thett>-~. r.i..»j»._v.,;,:..,,, The sensational robbery was staged at Richmond, Va., last February. Bostleman, an ex-convict, w a s Arrested 1 a t"e yesterday by FBI agents and St. Louis' defectives as he drove up to his expensively- furnished apartment here. He did not offer resistance. Two other men and a woman were arrested in Kansas City earlier this month as suspects in the same jewelry store burglary. Gerald B. Norris agent in charge of the FBI office here, said Bostle- ^ian is -charged with interstate ^ransportnlfon of stolen properly. He said the man has been involved 1n dozens of burglaries, department store holdups, bank robberies and safe crackings. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS New Policies Develop for W. Germany PARIS, Nov. 11— (/!•>— The Benelux nations have approved a new policy toward West Germany, drafted by the Big Three Western foreign ministers and nuthorilive- ly believed to be more liberal than that in the past. The policy, not yet published, was drawn by America's Dean Acheson, Britain's Ernest Bevin and France's Robert Schuman. The Benelux nations _ Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg—arc closely associated with the big three In economic and military affairs. "You can see by our face.s we are not dissatisfied," said Belgium's Foreign Minister Paul Van Zeelaud a s he Irtt tlie Big Three conference with Dirk If. Slikker of tho Netherlands and Joseph Been of Luxembourg. A few minutes after the parley the Big Three representatives left the French foreign minister on the Qual jyorsay. Secretary Acheson said they will convene later for a final session. Although no one attending the secret conlercwe •would comment, the neiv allied policy was believed to Include: A plan to cm-tail sharply the dismantling of German plants for war reparations in return for West Germany's agreement, to cooperate with allied controls over such war potential industries as the Ruin Valley complex. 'Extension to West Germany of the right to have consular representatives in foreign countries, provided they are appointed through the (hrec-power high commission. Admission to associate iiiembi'i- ship in the council of Europe for •West Germany and the Saar Devfey is Determined To Balance State Budget Without Hiking Taxes ALBANY ,N.Y., Nov. n—fflv- Governor Dewcy has Indicated that New York state's budget for tile next fiscal year might reach a record high. He said he was "determined" to balance it without ncfl- taxes. Dewey let be known that the state's outlay for next year—a gubernatorial election year—might top the record 3330,200.000 budget ot the current fiscal year, which provoked a Republican revolt in the 19« legislative session. 1 ' Bight Killed, 13 Injured When Trucks Collide GILA BEND. Ariz.. Nov. 11. (ft— Eight men lost their lives and 13 more were Injured last, night when a truck filled vriih.'cotton pickers smashed into a semi-trailer on a highway 17 miles east of here. None of the dead has been "identified. The men were. recruited in the Los Angeles area. Three ot.tlic injured are in critical condition. The others are reported in serious condition. Hurt in Fall from Truck HIAWATEIA, K;.s.. Nov. ll-« —Raymond Dortson, 35, Effingham, was injured critically yesterday in a fall from a truck on' U.S. Highway 38 near here. He suffered a broken neck and sever head Injury. He was lakcn to a hospital at S. Joseph, Mo. HoardingBlamed For Costly Coffee 132 Million Unnecded Pounds Bought Since Price Jumps Began By Jack K. Ky'an NEW YORK, Nov. 11. (;]•)—American consumers have bought at least 132.000,000 more pounds of coffee than they needed since the steep price advance began five weeks ago. (he National Coffee Association estimated yesterday. "That's hoarded coffee which normally would be In our green coffee stocks m warehouses," said W. F. Williamson, secretary-manager of the Association. "Is It anj wonder that roasting firms are as much as six weeks behind on deliveries even though coffee Imporl.s are heading for an all-time record? There's no question but that present excessive demand is entirely artificial and unhealthy." he said Krarh Kecoril Highs Coffee prices all the way down the line, from producer to retailer have reached record highs in recent weeks. Green coffee beans which roasting concerns could buy at 29 cents a pound In September now sell at 51 to 52 ccnt-s. At the wholesale roasted coffee level, nationally-advertised brands which sold at 53 cents a pound two 'months ago now are quoted at 70 to 75 cents. Many roasters have abandoned fixed prices and arc taking orders only, on a basis of price prevailing on date of shipment—which may six weeks away. Retail prices have climbed more slowly because much of the coffee being sold now was purchased bj stores 'wfore the price spiral got well under way. Bag-packed coffee averaged 49 to 50 cents in major chain stores this week, national vacuum-packed tins 05 to no cents Those prices arc well below inventory replacement costs, trade sources said, and will have to be noosied unless the green market d'.ops soon. \S'hal are the chances of n break in the market? "Naturally few traders will go very far out on a limb with price predictions." Williamson said. "But the feeling generally is that -the situation is coming to a climax even though there are no Immediate signs ot a break. Ki'imrfs Slarl Trice .Tump 'The payoff will be when the consumers start drinking up all that noardcd roffce, 1 ' The price started up originally on reports of drought threatening the new cofice crop In Brazil (it will be harvested next summer), floods which trimmed supplies In Guatemala and Mexico, hurricane damage in Haiti, political disturbances in Colombia. The U.S. Agriculture Department said its surveys indicate produc.'iu: areas have about 20.000.000 bags available export ' market which currently is consuming at the rate of 32.000.000 bags a year "Current stocks in the U.S., together with supplies available in producing areas, should prevent ncute shortagR nt consumer outlet." in the immediate future," the department said. Missourian Re-Elected KANSAS CITY, Nov. 11. (/?) — John M. Rankey, Arkansas City, Kas... will serve another year as president of , the Missouri Valley Wholesale Grocers' Association. He was re-elected to the post yesterday at the semi-annual three-day convention. PAGE FIVE NEW GUNS FOR THE NAVY-The experimental- ship, USS M'^15 1,10,, ciirnos this new twin-barrelled, six-inch gun mount, A -.fined for both surface fire and nnli-.irerafi. A minimum crew of e CJn opeiaie he mount. The plaslic bubble, giving all-around vision (arrow), allows one cflicci- lo control the lire direction Stock Exchange Head Favors Probe of RFC INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 11. M>, _ Emil Schram, former chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, favors Congressional investigation of the RFC. Schram, president of the New Vork Stock Exchange, snid In an Interview yesterday he thought Congress should take a good look into RFC lending practices of recent years. Senators Fnlbright (D-Ark) and Capeharl (R-ind) have asked for a Senate investigation of recent RFC loans. Med Center Gets Prior Claim on Building Funds LITTLE ROCK. Nov. II. M>|—The Arkansas Board of Health has voted to give the proposed state medical center here first claim on federal hospital construction aid in 1951 About 54,000.000 In. such federal money is expected to be available tor Arkansas that year. The board yesterday a! 50 approved a matching formula of !4 state or local money for every S6 in federal funds. Both the medical center priority and the matching formula had been recommended by the Arkansas Hospital Advisory Committee. State Gets Allotment WASHINGTON, Nov. 11. M>, _ Arkansas has been allotted S26t,{CS by the federal government for planning of public works. State, county and city governments are eligible to share the funds distributed yesterday by (lie General Services Administration. Fired Worker Is Held For Slaying Ex-Boss LAWTON. Okla., Nov. 11. (/!>,—A dismissed worker Is being held .n the fatal shooting of James T Downen, chief of civilian personnel at Fort sill. Downen, 45, was shot at his here last night. A. H. Parish, 35 was arrested at the slain man's home shortly after the shooting. No charges have been filed. Farlsh was quoted by Patrolma: H. L. Fan-is as saying: "yes, I did it. j'weiil out to talk to the man about a job. We got Into a little argument, but there was no struggle." Agri Secretary Gets Blame for Sugar Situation The worries of soft drink bottlers and olher sugar users about a ixxs- siblc sugar shortage and higher su- 8ar prices resulting from ad.nlnLs- tration of the 1048 Sugur Act will lie discussed at the bottlers' meeting in Detroit next week, according to Jimmle Sanders of the Pensi-Cola Bottling Company of Blythevlllc. Mr. Sanders will attend the meeting, the 3Lst annual convention of the American Bottlers of' Cnrtxmal- cd Beverages, on • November 14-17. He is also president of the Arkansas State Bottlers A.ssociatlon. "Housewives arc beginning lo Join soil drink manufacturers and other commercial sugar users In Ihc-lr concern over government-administration of the sugar program," Mr. Sanders said, "The program, which specifics the total amount of sugar wlucli may be distributed to United States consumers by domestic and offshore producers, has ucci. holding our supply so tight that a shortage could develop almost overnight if filnpping schedules were Interrupted. This possibility u ] so results in an artiliclally high price for a com- morlity which costs the American publi" S140,(MO,u:>0 more per jcur, every lime the .sugar price i one cent per pound. "All that is ncccwsnry to assure adequate supplies fliid realistic prices Is for the SecrcUiry of Agriculture to permit more .sugar to come Into the country. Tills he cun do by increasing the 101Q .supply llgiuc to reflect the Increase of 300,(JOO ions by which distrlbnUiui to dale exceeds that diirine the siunc period in 19'!8," Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses from the office of Miss Elizabeth lilythc, county clerk yesterday: George Whealon and Miss Na- dme Wheeler, both of Manila. - Joe Dewaync Newton and Miss Geneva Elmorc, bolh of Manila WARNING ORDER I" (he Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawb.1 District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Juanita Jelfrles, PIU. vs - No. 10,918 J. D. Jeffries, Jr., Dft. The defendant j. D. Jeffries, Jr. Ls hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and. answer the O.sceola at Germantown, Tcnn Jeffries. Dated this 22 day of August, 1940. Harvey Morris, Cleik Percy A..-Wright, atly. for plaintiff. H. G. Partlow atty, ad lltem. 11[4-11-18-23 ATTENTION All Automotive Men Tuesday, lov. 15lh At the Armory on South 2nd St. A Presentation by the Champion Spark Pliig Co. Pictures in Color of All Auto, Air and Boat Races Other Interesting And Helpful Entertainment We Urge You To Be Our Guest At This Program Refreshments MOM SUPPLY CO. 316 W. Ash Fri.-Saf. • land of Lawlessness! 6:30 filth Robert Stoc Ann Rurherford R.'.korJ Oi 2 Big Hits kwffi ALSO CARTOON First Hlylheville Showing • "Sun.-iMon. Big Added Attraction BLYTHEVILLE5 ONLY" ALL WHITE THEATRF. "Where Family Fun Costs So Little" Fri.-Saf. • Open (i:30 TWO BIG HITS Music — Thrills — Chills r A Howling uuuoie Hit Show .... You'll Howl and Scream from Start lo Finish Also — Latest News — ; yVa1t Disney Cartoon WAUN'ING ORDKH In the Clianeery Courl, Clilfka- i:iwb:i District, Mississippi County, Arkausns. Horace Boyd Godwin, Pltf. vs . No. lifts* Wanda Godwin, Oft. Tlio defendant Wnndn Godwin Is l.c.cby wimied to appear within thirty di.ys in the court .mined In llic enption hereof find Drawer tho complaint ot Ilia plaintiff Horace Haled this 20 day of October 1SHO. Hinvcy Morris, clerk Boyd Godwin. By Betty Hull, D. o. Percy Wright, attorney tor pltte- 10-28 11-i 11-11 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Safunlay "SHADOWS OF THE WEST" with Whip Wilson Cartoon ami Serial Carbon black has been produced by the U.S. Bureau of Mines by exploding acetylene gas in helium SAT, N'lTt: OIVJ, SJJOIV "JACK POT JITTERS" "III. Jlfiss * Alafielc Also C'artoim Sunday, Monday & Tuesday "THE BIG STEAL" with Hubert iMIIchum, William llclldlv, anil Jane tircer Warner News .t Short i=i=s=^^S NEW Box Opens Week Uayi I:N p.m. Mailnet Saturday & Sindijri Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cant. Showing Manila, Ark. Shows EVERY NIGHT Friday 'UNKNOWN ISLAND" Also Sliorli Saturday "SAN ANTONE AMBUSH" with Muntc Hal* Also Shorts SATURDAY OWL SHOW "G-MEN" with James Cagnejr Also Short! 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