The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1933. BLYgHEVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER KBWB PAGE SEVEN Here Is a Wet Smack Hostility to,NRA. Program Is Developing in Many Quarters. )!V KODNKV DUTCHKK Ci-urk-r News Washinnltm Corn!- 1 -' Xpondenl WASHINGTON.— General Join)-., iic-n's wc.storn barnstorming tour I'M !i']' NRA is move than a mere ef-' Itrl to ai>ix>a<« dissatisfied farmers. NRA is under (ire on oilier fronts and Uie administration, dis- Ui'.kod. decided on a major coun- i Bottle, Carrying Name, I Floated Against Current rosslng Lake Ontario hut July, ,lisb Muriel lliuks dropped a e»lod bottle, contuhilng a unto with In 1 ! 1 name and address. Into lie \vnler. Hi mill). Ihi- ixillli 1 was re- luiiird lo her by William Jcnklu- '.011 of Oxlumash, Wash., why said lit 1 found ii In n Lake Michigan liiyixiii at llir Century ol rionriwi Ex|»Mllon. M;s.s Harks wonders how Ihe bot- tlc- cculd lloal against curienls. HLT.i':;i!!y prevull'IU iK'lWVCt] UlkeS Glilarl-j aiirt Michigan. Father, Like Son—a Singer ter-propaijanda neaclion to Johnson's attack on Henry Ford, which was backed by PifsSdent Roosevelt himself, has bf.en a little sour. Some administration iolk-s have chalked up an error for "the ginneral." fceltnu thai he should have waited lor a more (•Iran-cut, case against the aulcmobile manufacturer. The cllorl io make support of NRA a [latriotic duty, reminiscent of war days, is somewhat bosgecl. The Ilcarsi press bombards the recovery organization daily and many Republican ne\vspai>ers are anticipating the parly attack expected in Iho next Congress. Representative James M. neck. a. O. P. pundit, has let loose a slashing attack en ccnstilulionality of the recovery act. Hostility of steel and other big interests is rccogniaKl. NRA people in the field have reported an increased disgruntlcment. Capital Ibiuk* labor is getting too much, and vice versa. Confusion of policy at Washington, headquarters irks many business men, who tell sad stories alxml visits here in attempts to learn things. Altogether, Warhorse Johnson has a job 0:1 his hands. After 17 days Sam Dunton, olficlr,! photographer ol Ne\v York's aquarium, has the Cho and Ho'.cha, the kissing gouramis. Aiut lire they in deep water! The scandalous goings-on were revealed when ihe two small fish, newly arrived from Holland, wen- placed on exhibition. First a woman tlHorwl. Tlien a little toy said, "Hey, Ma, just like Mae West." But when Sain Dunton decided IP snap the loving 'i3lr tor the aqusriiim publication, Cha and llotclia didn't bile. That Is-nol lor 17 dayo-unlll Mv. Dunton caught tliein making up on a big scale afler a lover's quarrel, ns shovn ut;ove. 5ISTER ' MARY'S KITCHE bake two hours In n moder- BV S1STEH MAUV NEA Service Writer We all arc alert Tor ways aiv means to economize without sacri- | £ . fkc of quality and food value. And cheap cuts of meat both tempt and perplex us. Il is perfectly true tint seme cuts of meat arc less expensive per pound than others. But, if :o:e fuel must he used in ceokinr itc oven. To make Hie stuffing mix 1 tea ipcon salt, onion and ]>ep]XT with bitad crumbs. Melt Ihe fat in tlic ho! wiitcv and pour over crumbs. Sever and lei stand five or len minutes. Mix lightly with A Jerk. keeping the suilling light. The s'.uft- ing shouid be jnsl moist enough to | iickl together, bill • nol sticky or I p.isty. i Casserole With Vegetables ! One flank steak, prepared paste, I 1 lo 2 cups diced carrots. 2 cups J diced potatoes, 1-2 cup diced turnip, 1 large onion, 1 teaspoon 1-4 teaspoon ncp;>cr, 1 cup .. Seized as Shield boiling \valer. Spread meot with paste as in preceding recipe. Cut meat to fit cr.sserolc. Oil casserole well with bacon fat. 11 the sleak is cut in j Ihree pieces, pul one-lhiril of the j the "cheap cm." if there is less C.11- vegetables in the casserole, Me meat in the whole and if more . lal ;gjng |n layers and slicing the icunds must bs purchased for a O n:cii through tlicm. Season with salt and pepper and add a piece of meat. Continue layer for layer! CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Baitam Everyone who has called on Mo tlicr knolvs that she has had \vliat is called three major operations in audition to several minors and by tlie aid of the doctor just barclj escaped tire surgeon's knife 'this summer. She now says that while ii\ a convalescent state ol health bbe read everything the Bible hai to say about baptism and that re- uarciless of-wlpt Joe or. any of Irs kind had to 'say, they arc or had been r,H wet on the proposition lhat she hart felt and argued nL leal, the merit o! the cheap cut :s such is nil. However, there's always of meat aiicl vegetables until all out, so if we plan to cook these | Is used. Add boiling . water, cover cms that require long cooking 1 closely and bake an hour and one- vhile the oven is going for baking, he cost of the fuel is decreased. The waste in a bony piece is made up in the delicious flavor of the dish because casserole tones naif in the morning an done hour at diner time. Serve from casserole. Tlie long cooking and the vinegar break down the tough ti-l- Black Bear Signaled for "Lift" MONTHEAU (Ul 1 )— The "hllch- ikuii;' 1 hubll has spread to the ovj Scotia woods. Two Saint John men — 11. A. Woorden anil J. 1!. Clinic— reuorl lhat vdiilc ti'iivcllng by automobile on a lonely road near An.ien oiu- uli;hl they were confronted by « hUi;v finVro waving Its arms In tin- adopted manner of a hilcli hlk- cr. When Ihe-y no! within a (e« yards ef the fUjure, they fount! that It was a huge blauk boar imiall en l\.i hJUiifhi'.s In Ihe middle o! the read. MuslH'Usm SliariM'llcd Haznr LONDON' lUI'l— The Hon. Gll- Vert Colcrljce usos u compass tc uki' his ra^or blades last Ioniser !e lay.s Ihe used blade on llic \vin- ow sill so that it points dm [OL'ih. Terrestrial inagiielisin. hi loins, keeps It sharp. icmbine vegetables with meat in | sues of the meat and leave it very such a way lhat all juices airJ fla- palatable and nourishing. vor aro preserved. _^ ^^ Home-makers can do much to make it possible for the butcher to sell the choice cuts at a more reasonable rale. If women demand porterhouse exclusively the butcher finds. himself with flank steak' and chuck roasts on his hands to such an extent that he must charge a seemingly exorbitant price tor the meat he docs sell to 'make up lor what he can't market. Saturday morning when t h e Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Chilled apple" sauce, cereal, cream, ccdflsh balls, comb-read, milk, collce. LUNCHEON. Cream o! tomato soup, loast slicks,- collage cheese and heart lettuce salad, raisin cookies, miik. lea. DINNER: Rolled flank steak, created celery, baked squash, carrot straws ai:d home-made p:cklts Seized by a flceluf robber for a shield while ho waged ft Bun duel T.'ith police, Mlsa Edna Klngsley. 20, above, Toledo, O., I stc:.03raiibcr, wag slain by a b'lllct. from the bandit's iilslol as she struggled to escape. Tlio robber, Donald J. Elliott. 20. was captured and cbargcd with murder, Kinming Hcrsc Qbvyril I,igU NOTTINGHAM, England <U1') — loralio, truck hcrse. is a vlctlu >f liabil. He tolled and ran nwa; null lie reached an InLTsjclIra hen flopped obediently lor UK •cii trallic .light. Indiana Thieves Gassed Chickens Before Theft WiMlASIl, Hid. tUI'l -Chicken roosts, equlpiicd wllh gns musks, would be ap|>ivdal!!d by Wnbasli county farmus. according to Wnync Ullle. nuullry ralwr near Thlrvos, wlio slolc (J08 chickens from a rixal on Utll^s farm. g« cii fowh lo (|iilct their Ktniawks, he Woman Revenue Collector — CLAHKSBUnO, W, Vn. (UP) — ^ Miss Hay !•'. Cunnell ot Clarksburg, <• recently appointed by Waller R. Tluirmoiid, Internal revenue collet-' '~T t i tor for Die stale, as.his deputy. Is! ',', ! '|| believed the cnly woman In tho »-:! inllcn holding a similar post. - —- , SI for BP"" BILIOUSNESS Ijl Smir fiiomnck. M i HI das and headache M A bliuiiK Oilor of g;is was nollce.- able in Ihe clilvkcn hmr.ic \ Ihe tlU'fi was discovered the momlng, 1/llle said, :ind se.v.u. — ^»-»«»•.«» •>«mi^k» — <;ead dilrkens not taken smelled. HS; CONST IPATIOH Hf tlK'n^ly ul ijiis. V now tiuKcr-nctor rou'rs o licur uioro of In lh° tuluro t» Knrlco C»nj»o Jr.. «OD or iliu lain Heiruiiolllan ouera »tnr. (•or young CaruEo. eliown uere m ro- lonrBiil. Ims uocn slBicd "> ° "'"' imiiy in New York to nine • leatllug role In a forllicoinlui Spanish musical nroiliu-llou. Faithful Watch Dog Left !1 Life Income by Mistress p ciiii.uccmu;. ohio. iui'» —A'si \uitdwlo:[, "Juck, 1 ' lier sole cam- i?i |i:inlCMi und prcU-ctor In her sub- |ii urbiiti luiine lu're. Is left Ihe In- ^] ™i:e frosn n to.OOO fund set up In ;S tilt 1 '.nil ol the late Mary H. Sm.ii'l, 69 cnler.'d for probate recently. Tlie money Is left In Irusl In Oi'.inlr.s Allen Smurt. n nephew, ol \V.ill!ngIiiril. Cunn., nnd Is to be un\l lo provide n homi' anil good fi:«l fur Ihe doR as binj us he ""'"• . il Ite.i.l Courier NOWS "Wsuit Ads 11 A Ifciw Milk ii'iufe A I'lislvui'i/.Ml .Milk rimia 14 CRAIG'S DAIRY ('.ililucc llant Hail 5 llvails DAYTON, Oi'c. ail')—A Jersey V/cikrtU'UI cabbage i>latil at the Adp'ljerl Smith r ; inn bore live pel foci heads, each tvelgliini; about a |)ouml. U grew in a llclil of l.OCfl normal planls. Rciirt Courier News Wunl Ads. iJim. r>ti\^ ini>« *...- ....— — u- c.iaiutUti> 11UJH*'"B until L >i >- i . ... ,., , the- lime that the method used by . Qven ls llot f0i . bakingj put in mls | c.uuied cnerry. cobbler, milk, cof- her church could not help bul be j the one and only true baptism. that she is now ready to meet oil comers and avgue out the question to her entire satisfaction. Joe says that the litlle that Mother found in Ihe Bible by inference only lhat her method (as she calls it) of baptism has gone to her head just as it has of all her kind.-- I tell them bolh that they are like a lot of eimrch folks, get so interested in rolled flank of beef. Then at I dinner time reheat the oven for an | hour and bake the extra vegetable ' pudding while the meat- is finishing. Tiie meat will cook some in its own heat and the heat of the cool- j in^ oven in the morning EO an hour at dinner time is plenty of lime to fee. Read Courier News Want Ads. plarkhird llunfcr Got Gei'se WICHITA, Kan. I UP) —W. H (Lucky BilU Stanley armed him- scli with a shoigun and went into the back yard to drive away flock of blackbirds. As Stanley aimed at the birds, a flock of yc came within range. He killed four geese. The blackbirds escaped. 01 af Thatoff, champion skater, says Bf HANES Wonderwear: ll:crcughly cook Ihe dish. Tliere is no wasle in bane, and Ism that tlicy'lcsc night of the | ff in flank steak. Score ihe steak teachings ol the man who said.jj^ "I am the Way of Life." and that' "none come to ihe Father except through me." (Copyrighted.) Three Grouse Shot at Once ST. CLOUD, Minn. lUPi—Three bi'.ds with one shot, and witnesses to prove his feat, was the story told by James Norton. He said he hap a bead on one grouse when twu others api>eared. He wailed for ihem to line up before he shot. have Ihe butcher do ii be-fore prcpnrin° for Ihe oven. Rolled Hank Steak One (Link s:eak. 1 teaspoon mustard, 2 teaspoons call. 1 teaspoon sugar. ?. tablespoons vinegar. 2 cups coarse stale bread crumbs. •! tablespoons melted butter or meat drippings, 1 tablespoon minced onion, 1-2 teaspoon pepper, 2 tablespoons hot water. ' Make a paste of mustard. 1 teaspoon suit, sugar and vinegar Spread meat with this paste, cover with Ih2 sf.ifTing and roll ' jc-Uy roll. Do nol roll too tightly The child pomiltitlon of En S -i«^ause the stuffing inns', have Innd increased 40 per cent bc-! ro =«i to expand. Bind scciirelj men 1831 and 1931. ' K ''^ "ft cord, dredge with flou: Take Care of Your EYES \Vliy not have us cxi your eyes or your children's e\cw now? ViVrc lirupiircd lo do this with Lite latest scicntilic mctli- oda. We Test Your Kyes We Grind the Lenses We Make ihe Glasses All Work Guaranteed Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store /. L. Guard, Optometrist Here are the teas recommended to you by cooking school teachers Cooking school teachers recommend India tea to you became there's more to il. More fragrance. More strength! Theie popular brands of tea contain India Tea. They ore available in your neighborhood! Ask your grocer for one by brand name. And, to be ture that you get genuine India Tea, look (or the Map-of-lndia trademark on the package. AIinVAV I'iSKly Hiffgly or STifcu-ay Stares Al.TL'S A" Dealers AMEIJIC'.AX I.ADV All Dealers ASTOK INDIA All Dralcrs BANQUET INDIA CKYI.OX All l>caleri EIO-Kr\ Imlcijcmlcnt Grnccns 1'AL'ST All Dealers FESTAL IIAU. All Uraltrs FOKISES' QCALITV All Dealers FKEXCIi MAKKKT All Dr.ilcrs ('.()!.IDA' DKir All Dealers fJHAXT CABIN TKA BAM.S All Dealers I.KillT Ol-' ASIA Inili'pcnilcnl Crocrfs .MONARCH Independent Cirnrers MOHN1NG JOY All Healers O|.|;KO Mcsrtrs & Itexall Sl"res ]'Kl!)i; or INDIA Ml Dealers S\XTA ri; All Defers KoniX All Dealers UAXNT.Y'S FINEST All Itealrrs RIBBON All Dealers ©— Warmest in the world, and I have lots of freedom THERE'S no such person as Olaf Thatoff. But thousandssaywhat we say he said. No matter how wicked the Winter—they wear, and swear by, HANF.S! Shove your legs into the fluffy lining ... poke your arms through the sleeves . . . button the heavy, soft ribs across your chest . . . and let the thermometer dive! HANES is knit and cut to true sizes, and marked by an honest measure. You can reach to the top of your closet, without it pinching the crotch! Buttonholes, cuffs, and seams arc sewed to last the life of the warm Fabric. Slock-up for Winter with Wonder- wear. P. H. Hancs Knitting Co., Winston- Salcm, N. C. There are tit sorts * Cocking scliscl leochen Vnow Ihcl India gro*> Ihe woild'l fin«l leol Thty recon-icnd India Tea lo you knowing Ira! il will bring ycu grea'.nr lea sal- lsfo<lion.,.and Ihal il will coil you no r=r« lhan Ihot which you would hav» lo pay for ordinary Ital. Io get Q1T1- ulni Indio T»o, look for Iho lrod«mmk (abore)on lh«pacVog«blfcni you buyl — shirts and drawers js veil as union suits. The Heavy- \eeifbl Cfiampioa if illiutrileti. fOR EVERY SEASON drinlti. Addrctst India T*o flvreau,,fi2 faavtr St., N« York City. INDIA TEA HANES UNDEIIWEAR Is DislriliuU'il At M'holc.s;tlc liy WM. R. MOORE'S Memphis, Tcnn. Jn every wardrobe there should be a HART SCHAFFNER &MARX Four Star Twist $ 25 IN 1 OWHKKK else will you find » falmc that sticids up so well under liitrdcsl wear. A suit of Four Star Twist liokls its sliiipc even after ;i haltering ordeal thai makes the man inside it begin to wonder how his own shape is holding. And all this with no sacrifice of style ... as you ?ce. Whether there's one or twenty-one suits in your wardrobe, be sure to sec Four Star Twists here with 72 Bench Taitori-:-; features. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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