Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 23, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! "Neckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWEN TBR, LEGISLATIVE XOTES, Resolution Imr«dncrdbv Mr. fllalei man Condemning the Cleveland Administration'* Hawvlun Policy 1* Adopted. Indlanspolls, Jan. 22. Senator Collett introduced a bill appropriating for the Northern Hospital for tbe Insane $205,000. It is proposed to build two annexes to the hospital. Senator Collett also introduced a bill relating to supervisors; one to establish the term of county assessor; one to amend the law relating to the election of county superintendents. YOUR NAME LV PfiUiT. THE HATTER. The bill providing for the establish- mint of a State Soldiers' Homo at Lafayette was recommended for pie. uage after it had made the appropriation $100,000 Instead of 1150,000 as at 8ratproposed. Representative Siutes. man urged that the bill bo referred to the committfle on Ways acd Meane, not to kill it, but In order that the appropriation be carefully inspected. After some discussion this was done. Kerns of a Percontl Character Con. ccrnlng .Log^importers and Their In the city yesterday: M. Frank of Chlcego. L. C. Jones of Brook. A. E. Bolce of Fowler. Jacob Stepp of Wioamac. Ira H. Drake of Morocco. g|S. R. Streator of Wolcott. Samuel Stern of Kokomo. Marion Hanna of Id iville. W. N. Durbinof inderson. F. N. Arvin of Valparaiso, W. N. Durbln of Ander-ion. A. B. Jenkines of Kentland. Charlei King of Clncinnaii. G. A. Hargreaverof Remington. Wm. Reorke and J. C. Jonea of Wioamac. Robert Hilliard, tho "Nominee for Congress." G. M. Eler. L. A. Barr, B. P. Hayes and J. F. Kroet of Crown Point. Cut Price No 2. Ladies Jersey Brand rubbers 2 and 8 I5o. Ladies Sprint: Heel Caudee Rubbers 3 to 5 25a Children* Heel .Rubbers 7 to 10 iQe, Misses Heel Rubbers Caudoe and Goodyear )3e. Ladies Stofni Rubbers 2 and 3 ; isc. Ladies Frenob Heel Candee 1 to 4 igc. Misses Caodee Alaskas H?el 18 to 1 . 35c. Misses Candee Alaska Spring-13 to 1 S5c, Ladies '• " " 2 and 3 50c. Childrens " -• - o to 10 25c. Misses High Button Arctics Heel worth $J «$c. $2.98 MEN'S F1«E SHOES I WOKTII *:».50. H4. HH.r,n I See Window. GOING f\Wf\Y. Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T, E. F'LURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER & YOUNG, TttB PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS. An interesting feature of the House I today was the introduction by Repre- Isentative Stutesmau or a resolution j condemning "every phase of the for. I elgn policy of P/esldent Cleveland in I relation to the little republic of I Hawaii," also demanding that iheUni- I led States keep a man.of war at tbe j islands, and favoring the annexation lof the islands at the earliest possible I moment. Mr. Stute*man made a strong I speech In favor of the resolution. A I motion of a Democratic member to J refer the resolution to the Committee Ion military affairs was defeated. The I resolution was then adopted. 97 &0 DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, JAN. 28. THE VITAL SPARK IN FOREIGN CLlMES. Locaii!N]>ort IVdjilo Who Will .Si>ou MLurc uu uToiir ol IMslant I.iuulM. Mrn. Ruth Forrest oxpocts to take a trip lip the Mediterranean this spring. She will join a tourldt party under charge of VVm. W Spangler of Bloom- Ingtoa, lad., who has' specially char- tored-the steamer "Frlosland," which will sail from-New York, February G. The trip will consume about GO days, and among the many points of later' est the party will visit the following: Bermudas, Gibraltar Jerusalem, Constantinople, Pompeii and Rome. Mr. W. C Pennock, Master Meohnn- io of the Pan Handle shops expects to take a irip on the continent soon to ; be gone about two months. It is understood Mr. Pennock intended go'. ing abroad last year, but wae prevented : by reason of the strike. These special tourist parties are becoming quite popu.arof late years and are managed so that an individual can tako a foreign trip at a reasonable expense with perfect safety and satin- faction and while possibly not having B£y acquaintances la the party to start K|^i. yet bavo the- assurance that all members of the party will bo perfectly agreeable and in position to do more sightseeing than undur different circumstances. THODOIl VERY FAINT, WAS STILL BDKNINti IN WARREN KNOWLES' BREAST. Won! Ro««>lve«l From Mi« IIr<<l3fil<> a l». m Todnj- Would Indicate Th» H« .Ill-lit IjtiMt Two l>uy» Long Il« HUB u "Wonderful < onNtlluttou— On« Clmnce In Oiio iluudrrit for III Jticnvuiy—Wajdeii A»k« A Her III Victim. A«kn fur Hip Jlonie. The town of Lincoln, Spencer J county, Ind,, puts forth a claim to the proposed Slate Soldiers' Homo. Lafayette has been hard after tha j Home, but Lincoln claims that H has j something of a claim to the Homo I from tho f«ct that Abraham Lincoln's 1 boyhood's days wore passed there. [Tbofaotihat Lifayotto already has a ] State institution in Purdue university lifl also urged ngnlnst that city. Accld<-l>* To An Aclor. John Billing!?, a member of "The omioeo'' Co., accidsntly came in con- •jtaot with tho one thousand pound : jwelght used In raising too drop cur Italn at Dolan's opera house last night Jacd received an ugly scalp wound. Awarded I Highest Honors—World'5 Fair. DR; At 1 a. m. today Warren Knowlea was still fighting the battle of life and death. It has been a fight between an almost Inevitably fatal injury and a well developed, robust constitution. The ball that crushed through the lung of Warron Knowles will probably bo the eventual cause of hia death, but he Is making a noble fight for life. He was worse early yesterday evening than at any time since the shooting, being taken with violent fits of vomiting. For almost 60 hours he has been kept alive by hia strong will and la spite of the predictions of his attend ants Last night i he had poasibly one chance in one hundred of recovering. Ho wa> able to talk to his father, H A Kciowles of Virginia, Ilia , yesterday. Tho father says that Warren has always been truthful boy, and tha he thoroughly believes that the ojured young man tolls the truth vbon he says that he did not bring on ho fight with Worden and Ellis; that he was unamred, and trying to avoid a moating when tho deed was com. mltted. H. A, Knowles ia an ex- Deputy Sheriff at Virginia, 111., and la evidently a self-respecting and well io do citizon. Warron Kaowlea, the wounded man, bus been a carpenter, and spent three years in tho West, irhero he gained tho good health and strong physique which is at present standing' him In such good stead. Harry Worden was visited at the jail by his father yesterday. Tho weipon with which Wcrden la said to have committed the attempt at murder, has not yet been found Yesterday Worden .asked tha attendants at the jail. '-How's tha feller tnat got shot?" He still keep A lengthy debate followed tha report of the committee on military affairsDwhlch favored the indefinite postponemt nt of tho bill providing that the American flag be floated from every school building in the State. Some of the members spoke ia favor of the bill on patrioilc grounds Others argued that it wae an unnecessary expanse as nea-h every school house in the State already has a lUg over it. Chairman Melendy of the committee said that this was the case and it would ba extravagance to spend $75.000 annually under the clrcumsiances. Seven old soldiers 10 said were innmbers of the committee making the adverse report. Representative Moore said some- hing was needed to teach patriotism n the public schools and called alien Ion to the fact that the histories used n the public scHools do not provide essons on patriotism. The report of he committee, killing the bill, was dopted. OS A BI« SCALE. l« The JSew Asirmbly at Bang fleluu I'lmined. It is said that a Chicago architect at work on the plans for the pro- joaed Presbyterian Chautauqua As , VL u« aLL UUU embl y to be '"cated at what will be ts thought that I known as Lake Winona. The build, ing for tho Assembly will Include a hotel of SOO or 400 rooms. The audl torlum will hold 6,000 people, -and there will be a music .hall, lecture rooms, a church acd plenty of cottagos. Lots for the building of small cottages are included ia the general plan, and bee.idbS selling tho cottages, there will be summer homes for rent by the Association There is now little doubt that Bass Liko will secure the location of the Assembly. A Slight Accident. Miss Saepurd, a teacher in the first reader grade on tho oouih Side, was slightly burned Monday In an explosion of natural gas which was caused by a high wind. Toe explosion caused much, excitement for' a few moments. John Owncil the Corn. John Gleason, aa employe at the quarries, was before tho Mayor yes terflay, charged wiih being drunk. Ha plead guilty, made arrangements for settlement and was allowed to go. uu his innocent front, but tha ato>- told by EUls makes his chances fo being believed very slender. In OlUeu Times People overlooked tbe importance o permanently beneficial effdcta and were satUfied wiih transient action >ut no *ih*t it is generally known that >yrup o* F\gt will permanently cure habitual constipation, well-informed people will not buy other laxatives, wblch act for a time, but finally injure the system. CREAM JAWNG POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. pu» Grape Cream (/Tartar Powder. Free terdaj's Jcsrna', wa? rendered la a inn Ammonia, Alum cuny other adulterant' »«ry pleasing and entdrtalstteg mari- A Planing Kni«>r«al«MiPBt, . The program of ^tha G. A R enter, tain men t that waa published in yea- terdaj's Jcsrna', wa? rendered la a 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, nsr last erenlDg. Brousht Jit-re fur BnriaL The bofl^ of the young daughter of Mrf. Edward Moore, was brought here yesterday from Winona, Minn., where the child died Sunday. The burial was made at Adamt-boro. For Smie. Two large jnuiee in splendid condi tlon, harness, fluur wagon suitable for dray, and one wheat wagon. MRS. E. BCCHEB, , No. 114 Fourth St. The KBCB C»ved Ia. A new air drill in operation at tho tenneth quarries, was recently completely dentroyed by the caring In of a ledge of rock. The drill wae valued AttraUoa! Su The new three degree ritual for tbe Sons of Veteraoi came ia latt evening nd will be exemplified at tbe Camp tonight A lull attendance Is desired. Waltf r Uhl is at Chicago. Dr N, W. Cady has returned from Indianapolis. Mr*. Ed Newcomb Is the guoat of Marlon relatives. Miss Amelia Strecker was at Wabash over Sunday. Mike Long of Peru, is visiting friends In the city. Jesse Woods has left for a trio through Virginia. Mr. and Mra. Andrew Stevens were last week in London. Rev. D. I. Hobbs will hold services at Elwood ttls evening. James Porter and Hugh Shannaban were at Rockfield Monday. C. V Renberger made a business trip to Fc. Wayne yesterday. Mies Inez McGrewof Duluth, Minn IB visiting friends in the city. Harry Burgonan returned from a ten days'visit at Chicago yesterday Marlon News: Juhn G-tllagbor, of 'rOgassport, was iu town last tveoiog Soth M. Vdlsey and wife reached bom* jesterdf.y from their bridal trip. Miss Ella Walker of South Bend was a guest of friends in tho city yes terday..- George Kitchens and wife were at Twelve Mile yesterday, tbe guests of friends. M. Forncrff. jr., and Tula the musi clans, will play at Monticello for a reception today. J. D. Lindrey of Lafayette, was here for a ehort time yesterday on hli way to Kansas City. Mrs Lucy Metaker, of Danver, led Is visiting C S. Stewart and other Logansport relatives. Lafayette Courier: Miss Nettie Loula of West Lafayette is visiting friend* at Logansport. Miss Loretta O'Connoll has gone to her home in Peru after visiting friends In the city a few days. Ben Frank bos returned to his home at Delaware. Oalo, after a visit with relatives in Logansport. David Brlcker and wife of Ft. Wayne are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bricker of this city. Mrs, James McComba has returned from Mexico. Ind.. where she had been attend'ng a sick relative. V G. Flomerfelt of Walton was in tbe city yesterday on his way to the home of a elck sister at Covlngtoo, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Henry H-ihn of Elwood, are visliiog Mr?. Hahn'a moth er, Mrs. Amanda Bantz. of Janal street. Miss Bertha Seybold who has b en visiting Mrs. H-nry Homer In Washington townehip returoed home yesterday. John Petrie and Gallop Hineostien of Huntingdon who have been visiting friends in the city returned home yes terday. Dr. W. R. Francis of Marioc was I the city last night visiting friendc, aad attending Hilliard's "The Nominee." Lafayette Call: Trustee W. D. Pratt and C. S. Hi-ffley of ihe Star Dry Goods Store, ca.ie down from Lo^acs port this morning. Wabash Plain .">aaler: Otto Sli'z?r of Logans-port was Ia the city today Mrs. Joe Kuotts went to Logane- port this morning. Mr. and Mrs. BSary S'«tne^ wem to their home at Toledo. Ohio, ye-ter- day, after visiting with their daughter, Mrs. M. J. Fisher. Peru Chronicle: Judge WlnSeld and Qulncy Myers, attorneys of Loea.cs- port, were in'attendance at the Circuit Court ibis morning. .. Mltises Widdie Fomz ani Sarah Covert rt turned yea. terday from a short visit in Loeana- port Mr: and UN.-Wit) Haasstt visited relatives and friends at Lo- gatuport.. yesterday. ...Mis* Delia- .Ladie.-< Lined Lace Shoes worth §1.35 Too Mens Heavy Rubbers worth C5c 40c liens Extra Heavy Rubbers wort.h 7.1s ., 50c MeusFelt Boots dad low Cat Oi-ers worth $1.50 s)Sc. Wens Kip Boots, Heavy Sale, worth $2 Sji.25 Mens Rubber Boor.s worth ^O.^O *.l.)t Ladies Calf Shoes wo rli %\.y: QSt OTTO KRAUS. Big Bargains in Overcoats. p I A J.G. BRIDGE. o R G A N S BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS HAS?,. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. O Small wood is visiting ia Loganepoit :. ..Misses Lucy Klirglesmlth, Georgia Cockley and Barney Charters spent Sunday In Loganeport. Huritington Herald: T. J. Legg of Logansport wae a visitor In the city over Sunday. Mr. Leg? Is the High Chief Ranger of the Independent Order of Foresters and bis visit hero was to inspect the lodge. Marion Chronicle: Wits Ada Wllks of Lngansport is visiting Mies Mabel '.lood on South Washington street-. Jack Kaylor, the day operator at tbe i Pan Handle, was in Logansport jea- torday.. ..Jack Gall is visiting in Logansport. STINE STILL SDBV1TBS. The Man Who Wax \tck ,\e»- Year : « Ma.l.ccl- In the 'Tho Nominee For Concn-.-m." Robert Billiard has come and gone leaving only the most pleasant thoughts behind him in ihe minds of theater roers of Lo-jansport. Today handsome "Bob" Billiard has many admirers here who would go to seo him again should he revisit ths city. Hilliard'a liveliness, his vivacity and flow or eplritf; the chee-fulaeiS with which, in "ThaNominee," he scientif- icaliy ;prevarioat f s to his suspicious mother-in-law, is refreshing to his heirers, and while they frown on his sporting tendencies they pat him on the back and heartily enjoy liis escapades and his Ingenious way of avoid ine the corn. Mr Hilliar-Te support includes Miss Marie Dl Campl, who wag here with "The Charity Ball" early in the season. The remainder of tbe parts necessary to tho presentation are well! taken and tbe play la ft most enjoyable one. Henry Siine had his heud almost- ctft off by an unknown tramp New Year's day at a place east of the Pan Handle shops. Tho man who did the cutucg, and his companions, were never found. Oae wanderer was held for a time on suspicion, but wris rfttci 0 ' d. . Yesterday S:ioo wae discharged from S:. Joseph 8 bocpltsj, where he has been since the cutting occurred. The tonible gash that H was thought would end his life, bus healed an 90 that he id a,blo to travel, and he loft yesterday for bis former homo near Chillicothe, Ohio, where ho Inu-nds securing work. His desire for t',:ve! and constant restlessness ssein to have been cured with the heaHng iy, of hie almost fatal woucd. A PRAXK OF THE WiXD. A Child Jtllnwn Frcm n co i'tr Attemio*. G. A. H. . The special meeting called fo Wednesday evening, January 23d, i postponed until Tuesday evening-, Jac uary 29. I. N WATKIKS, Adj't Married. John R. Glosjer and Bertha were united Jo marriage at 10 ye«terd*y by 'Squire Eight Office. Melser a. . m. at • hia . All persona indebted to the late Edocund Bucher irUI, please call at 114 fourth street, at or c* and settle. MM. E EUCHKB. The only way to curs catarrh I« to purify the blood. Hood's Sar*apa r rllla purifies the blood and tone* up be whole t jttcm. Bertha Pfiefer, who goes to school north of the Davis bridge, bad a v :rr narrow eseipo from a terrible dc.itfc. while on the way homo Monday i-wc- ing during the high wind. She *a« blown over the abutment of the bridge to the ice below, wblch wae broken and grinding in a frlgbiful manner at tbe point where «be wae thrown. It seemed that her death was certain, but her father, who wae OD t ie way to meet her, eaw her f»!i -iod beard her frantic screams, and q>r -kly reached her side. The child was - .v C and was only slightly hnrt in thet«rri- ble fall from tbe bridge. Are Yon Ever „ by a buzzing or roaring tound So your bead? Have jou difficulty ;ln be-iri g distinctly? Are you troubled vim a continual dropping of mucous, i'ma- ting tbe throat and earning you to cough? I« your breath affected and accompanied with If so. you haT« catarrh a*d t* at once procure a bottle of Klj'i C talm, the fc-ett known remedy. Ia m will give Instant relief. Felt boot*, buckle arctiet »cd A ka'», cheap at Brown'g Sre tale. >m. !'a«

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