The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AhK,) OOUHllSH NEWa . THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2. Km Red Raider-Green Waver Eastern Eleven Musi Beat Tulanc lo Remain On List Of Unbeaten. n.r NI:A smii-i- NttV YORK. Nov. a.--The C'.in-n Wave ct T»IHIH>, asiummu miiil defeats by Tcx-is A. anil M. and Gi'cn;i:i. i-; rolling ii|i from the scuih intent oil submc-remi; Hie Hed Haiders of the ClieiiiiiiBQ. Jutt how far the Wave pro- gif.v.cs di pends on the dam Andy Kerr Ins constructed of his forward wall M Connie lliis season. Tiic two jqiwils meet at Yankee Stadium li;i'i». Nov. •!. in an inti-r- n-cticnnr cocteit which imimUes lo b" Colyiie'-'. lira bi;: ibis year-rk-^itc- the lo'.ieli lime the Kcrrmen had in bcalinn New York rjiiiversfly mid ihe lie with Lafuy- t-ttc. ; Tulanc 'has procresscd since taking it on the chin i" three (lames Tlinnjh beaten by Georgia, llcir Melm-'-s Hiuiul had to hold like money •lender's clinch in the li half to'ke-,-0 Tulnne from wtnnins. After in? Georgia game, the Wave iUirted' rolling, taking Maryland. 30-0. «iid Georgia Tech. 1-0. n»d dropping a hrarl-lncakcr to Au- bum. • The 'Te:-li game indicated how IRV Teil 'Cox's outfit has cone In the coup'.t- of w«-ks. Tecii svss the team that Kentucky, e<J out-' cf llii- real stroiii: outfits in the' south, Jubl inriiiawd to r.o:-e out, 7-6. Thf mentor nns unciv- erert ru "couple of backfU-ld ciars wlio were just wiiat lie needed to st'.A- Ihe required spaik to the off;n."i\ One uf tlie:n Is -Ilucky" nrvnn.' whose 101-yard touch dovn run Georuia 't'ech w:is ;li" MMsin of vicloiy. An- otbe:' V, .Ice I.oftin. 190 pounds of Hr.ei-sinashtnn fullback. The • s--.i:'!icrn squad will brink tri o' couple of the best ends in the bij-.lnW in Dick Hardy nut Citnrll-.i Kyle, and one of the best P'.'.nlc!^ in the comi'.ry in "Llttli Pi;-.-:C':;tr'- Roberts. {'liarlr,- Holraii . calls him inn' <>f the liarks in l!ic nallnn. He Op^Way I j^ mm WILL CLASH IU HUM low; /in Gciser Is Leading Ra'/ Drive for Southwestern Title. lly M:A Servire FAYKTTRVH.I,E. Ark.. Nov. '2. • Klvin Gi-lscr n the blue riliboii hog of Hit University of Arkansas Kazorback tic yen. TJih; quiet, pallseafanl-inannsred halfback' plaviny htis br;cn largely responsible Kir the Porker.-; winning lliel:- ttirue conference tilt- mid, keeping them ;it the lop uf Die KoiilhwirSU'i n Conference. Tin- poMlian of blocking back ir,fMi'l keep ficlscr Irnni grabbing lie :'bi-v. In I lie rrccnl S-0 win over Sdiilhi'rn Mfthe^lW. the team A-liicli held thn league lead Jointly iviili (he Rnzorbacks. Elvln's- (ii-lcl soal from llic 15-vnrd line from the' f-.idi; of the field was the ddinf, factor of the p:une. Two wiiek-s previously lie had been Hi:- nffi nslve malnslav In Un; when dfVCtoiKd and thrown on tlie screen. 22 Sons, Loset Them All | CROYDON, F)ng. (UP) — The ! tragedy o[ motherhood has fallen ' heavily on "Nanny" Hfartfleld, 80. Slic has had 22 sons ar.d lott Ihem all. Ten were killed !n the World War, three kere killed by n runaway horse and tlie other nine have'died of various illnesses. Sinkey, Welch, Dooley,; Sullivan and Meroney to; Mov ; €S) Taken ;„ Dark Get in Ring Together. NQW Foim<} p oss ;|,l e Koincthlng new in mat silirac- ~ ' . ! linns will be presented fans who. LONDON. ,UPi-Movies can be i attend Monday night's card at the lnl:cn in tiie dark wllh the new 'armory here. .infra-red ray camera. Promoters and local I.e3io:i ]X>sls, : A Him o! two m;n plajlng cards, .sponsors of the pi-oyranis, will of- ' lnvl.slb!e lo tire eye but illuminated for a liallle royal will) malmen in-', bv a dull red light in one corner Head of Ixwer.-i pnrtlcipatir.s whicli' 0 ; ij lc room, will mean of course thai every-;J L jthing will l>e permissible. ' Hve wrestlers' who have appear-; dlstlncUy clear Iowa Hogi Cheat Museum Of Prehistoric Remains IOWA CITY, Iowa tUP) — The Eteedinew of Iowa hogs cost ihn University of Iowa possible additions to its collection of prehistoric animal remains. University scientists discovered ancient bones believed to be those of a giant mastodon (hat roamed Iowa thousands of years aso. At night when digging ceased ih? pot was covered by a stakcd- dottn canvas. One night an amateur scit-nttsi .removed the canvas, neglected to rtplace It and forgot to c-?o. ; r LT? fjfite leading into liie hog lo:. When the scientists returned to complete their digging only tho traces of marauding hogs remained. ed here and are known to the fans' I for what they are \vorth will t;ike I I part In Hie fray with no lio'.ds bar-; i . red. Wlien three men have been loosed from the riiii4. knocked out lor otherwise disqualified tin- re-1 • imiinins pair will thc-n proceed 10 i:i\in Gi'lspi . . . lieads Ark - wro.stlc to n decision, two out of :ui!.iis Itaiurliarks In Kip «f South- , t i lrcc .falls. wii.trni Cimfcreiu-c Heap. j e ff Koland, local boxin^ and' ! wrestling commissioner and one A~vn..~.*. i\ r«.|n .,.-.,i- nnvlnr nnrllr\- 1 II 1J \] 1 i Of the IllO-St eiltllUsillSic Of Illllt *'""!=" bn/nS^ fuSed ffi^Sh Diamonds Held Value jfans . rald todr ,, tliat Areh ,j m ,. for the m::;et victory of the Porkers J n Slump, Expert SayS i^'J.^ [Q aPc " 1 V .,j refcrce*'?!! the tin- n s nn OUR | . , fl ^ ^^^ balllc royal. Whether Frogs. NEW YOKK. (UP)— A business . Is belk-ved indicated by tile . . Colgate Jnt Lufliii . - lirst quarter- hr has fillcil tin 1 i Pi-Hs at fullliiii-k. 'I^o . two [enm.s hail an odt working agreement tills year — iieilhvi- team was 10 scout t'n other—-.vhlrh sboultl make for priic and excltcmt-nl. Kerr- lr> in nv;ain with n bag lull oT triple reverses, double spinners, mmdruple laterals and irJckv - forward pass Plays which would - confiLse nn Indian solli- sayer. He that tht- team is as t;c<i:l.. rts that championship .squpd of last year which was "1111beateii: iinticri, nnscortrl- on—and unlnvlft-d." The Ibackflcld. with the exception of - Claire 1-yon. hns liccn woiklnp' loeetber for two years. Charlicf Soleau. qunrierback. Is suiv [ ~" '--iiciri- mention, while •Jr.r'.: .F,-!ttJ> and Hobby Siimue' stand linck for no man. T>-.e n3»- fellnw Jbyon, who leplaces Whilcy Ark. hns filtirrl into the conibina- lion perfectly.- This' quarict, liamlllni: Ken's plays with the rhythm of a magician, have earned Hie litle of "Thv Four Kotidinis of Hamilton." Tubiir will find on; whetlirr or not liie're arc rabbits r.j> .sleeves: plr.vers of otlier days were not giv en "nicknames . . . their own name. 1 . | seemed fiilllclriit . - . they culled . Jin. Thorpe just that—Jim Thorpfi i —and wlu-n they culled him lit' .•;.i!H' . . . Nevers was always Er- j ill- . . . m-niiy Friedman and j larry Neftainn, I In; MichlEan pass-' 'ho now are pro rivals, arc; illicit by their rl:;lit niune.s . . . used !o call Hoston "Willli-"! odd they never chitniiCd thai I to "Rln UHl" I e mori' that come lo mind, •cc:illlii(» pictures Dial hitvu Indeil: •Sliipwrcck" Kelly of Ken-.uck 1 ,", •PUB" Rentiwr, Pur]ik- pllcdrlvcr; •Buckets" Gnldenbcrg, the tmiEh Illtlc Jewish b:y from Wisconsin: Choclau" Kelly and "Lone Star" Diet/., tin: bin Injuns; "lirlck" MullCT, who i? down i!i llic books as having heaved a fostb.ill 70 yards; "Sweilc" Oberlander, "Tlny"| niDinhlll, "Fira'.s" Clenicnus, i 'Clilck" llnrley—and s'i on. each jnnflltH! ijack u memory of mighty . deeds. I Gc-iser. off Hie field, never would be suspected of having Ihe Inmln- l g ^ c ;.;, m , nl „, ,i, t . ,ii ; ,moncl market, ary nuulitii-s which he shows I" B M , vls , lU or t he depression '" ' athletics. He i.s one of Ihe most , • .' ( di amom l prices was nna^uminx personalities critics » f ^ U) , 933 b[ll nav . have tncnlloncd hi many years in ' iliese parts. 1'ootball Ls not his only bill to fiiuii 1 . He performs with n lacl- turnily iiiisiirpnsscd in these Orark hills, 'without so much ns n sigh he leaps from tlie. broad jump board <md lands 23 feel and li desirublu goods is searce and | pnci.s are higher. With the abandonment of the standard diamond prices 1«it;;in -.u soar. Ths Olamond Cor- I pjL'iitiou London, which con- try!.-- DO per cent of the diamond inches iiwny. seeminirly without ef- p l;l P l ' ; -. ra ^ ; lort. lie Hikes tlie clashes without | .'.".'.". u .,. n .^. ,"' trouble and no words, nncl hurls n javelin 1UO feet. ( Elvln comes from the IHtle town f Slloam Springs, lie weiehs about S5. nncl .stands 5 feet 8 in his bcd- rfl!ll !,lipptI.S. WiUi tin- eyes of the Southwestern Conference all arucd on the inheraUled Arkaivsas rise to the op this season, you are bound Lo lear more about Klvin before tin year is out. Hooks and Slides Braucher l)l!t YOU KXO\y THAT— On his ]H-rroniumce iiKtiliisl Fordhani alom.-. Alaoama's Inllbnek Miliard "Dixie" How- c'.l rates M-rbtis nil-star-consideration . . . This I00-po'.m:l ^peL'cl.slcr l:ui been avei.iglnj •\'.l yarclr. en p'.tnts ... in his own territory-ho uMtfd n .spiral B5 yaids against the Volunteers ... in the first four Sjiimt-s of the season llowcll carried the ball for yams of 3'_>C yar:l5. ir.orc than 80 jx-r . . . and averaged six yards p?r crack . . . with sev- eii [oi\\avd passes In the first four cunies, Dixie nvcr.ig.xl 1G yaids per try. li's not Hie lniK':yiinin, nnr IK it till 1 nalln]iln^ ilcvv'i!-li \.-l" nii:li;i:i:iiv4. II'c Tola Sa^il^;l of'-y llij'b K.-lii'Jl. l.«"i ^ Kill •=. «ll" Ilil?-- In pl:l*nil, n In |,:.iy.i f»iitli.ill. Tlie rnin-: l,-ii^<-i a nuaiioi 1 of an iiieli iliiik to j:iv,- him iinriiiiil vlstiin mid prolcut Ijis eyvs iliiiini; a meanwhile steadfastly s scale of prices and IU position. So while n-.ics of cvtry kind declined in :it years diamond prices have b:-.n uirtc'.ed but litt:e. The fDve- tnol diamonds would accu- :i:-.-l.itc- as a result, of the depres- j:u:i and jirices would fall sharply liuve proved to be false, experts Undscy svill accept the invitation to enter the ring with five of the gnini and groan nrlist.s i.s not known. 71ie wrestlers wlio :ire hinted to scramble in Ihe f:-Cc-for-aii are Charles oinkey, Hoy Welch, David 3ooley. Ilo-JKh House Sullivan and Mike Meroney. Tlie range from light heavies to heavy heavies. i According to Roland the battle royal has been staged with great success at Union City and other Tennessee towns recently. Drive in Comfort this winter ARVIN Hot Water Car HEATERS Easily Installed, Smart Models, Greater Capacity SO LOW EVERYONE CAN BUY Iturnec Jrurinc Fire M«lin; GREAT BAUHINOTON', Mass. CUp)_\vhile fire companies from more than a score of nearby communities wt-"c attending a meeting here, the home, of MLss Margaret Daivey was praciicitlly leveled by fire" ALL-AMEBICA .PROSPECTS Cold Weather Starting' is Easily the New 13 Plate Mastered with FORD BATTERY 6 Guaranteed for 15 months ... Built for heavy duty and quicker starting. And You L- Old Batttry HATTERIES RECHARGED AND REPAIRED Phillips Motor Co. Fanner fiassnl Gruiincllioss 1NGEUSOLL. Out. IUl'1 — A novel method for ridding liis farm of groundhogs has been adopted by one fanner lu-re. He drove his Irnctor lulo one cf the infesle:! I fields, attached n rtibbrr hose to j tl'.c- exhaust and placed the hose : in the burrows. The animals were j smothered by the monoxide gas. BY JIMMY DONAHUE , Nlw\ Service Sports Writer When "Biff" Jones says a foot- bail player Is of All-America caliber, yon can depend on it that the ly is plenty good . . . for "Biff." while coaching Army, turned out quite a few All-America stars - - . probably the most brilliant lieiiw Red Cagle. . . . Jones, now coach AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS LiUUSHllNG UP SPOUTS By Lanier $fe *•& X.ilnc anil I-'amc Up and down the Pnc-ific Coast they are calling Rosenberg, t'.'.c Trojan;' big bad guard, "Alley Oo?" . . . which seems to be the pvir.e nickname nf the year . . . and Rosenberg, whose real name is Aaron,-is JIIE; about ihe i;esv p.uarcl cf if-.e;season. ..Iriter'estins: anil picturesque nickname of Rosenberg's .... after the. little cave-man character in the -comic strip . . .-and recalling sctii' of tlic particular':-,- apt names.of oilier years . . . names in iv.'hlch the gridiron abo'.::u!s. Glicsts juiil I'csis There was tbe Ga'.lcpinj Ghnsl. old Red Grange himself .... find Sleepy .Tim Crow-ley, the only one ot the l'o;ir Honcmrn to receive a i>et monicker . . . which brings ' lo mind ti'.ey n?ver nick- nsm5d! Knutc, though ihr- words "the Sage of South Bend" prota- b'.y have been printed several million times. "Special Delivery Al" Marsters was a name with lots of .meaning ... a; was the : . live name they hung on Mi-.-ier Welch of Purdue . . . "Pest" . . . ' and "Ughthorsc Harry" Wilson who went charging up and down iho . field like Pickett's Cavalry. Remember "Frcsty" PcSers? . . . who was ji:st the kind of lad 111- neme implied when lie stood bad and put loi to that oval! : . coal "as a November night ... some of the names implied linc-smash- > Ing ability . . . such as "Five -Yards"; McCarthy . . . and that ol(? Kansas cyclone, "Jarring Jim" ; Bausctv. . . and "Crashln' Chris" '; Chrls'.cnsen of Utah . . . This year -, Ksrisas State has & h«rd-hlttlng -. .back called "Ramming Ralph" Grai ' li»m. • i y . Jim and Ernie , 61 tht gr«»k»t footb«H OWE UANO VIE WS THE BALL nt Louisiana State, has declared that Abe- Micknl. a sophomore who .; already hailed as a triple-threat man. is good enough for rating on mythical eleven ... so we'll have lo consider young Mickul . . . The kid is the junior mem- iber of Jones' pony b.ickficld that jK-rforms behind a 200-pound line . runs, passes and kicks wel jer.oneh lo suit "Bift" . . . whicli I Is well enough to .suit any coach Six Letters . From Home Each Week Woman Visits Fair Dressedin 1893 Cowen CHICAGO. IUP1 — in 1891 MKs Mnry Wliite i-uinc lu-re to ttio Columbian Exposition in a Art.". which slu- had mnde for lieiwll. Ir. 1933 Miss Mary While i-anu to Cbicngo to A Ceiiluiy nt 1'ra- CFS In the same dn-.vs. liolli tbe dress and Mis:, Vi'hili- were chaused somewhat, the dn-<s luivlng had its total area rrdii.- % ci n six to eiRlil y.irds of fine ?ilk. nnrl Miss White lnvin» b,vAe.l perceptibly under tin- weight of 40 nddecf years. Nevertheless, belli still weve a>l.- lo put in a full day at the Fair. California Rattler Upset Old Time Tradition PCffiTERVIM.E Oil illP)—The old s^yinT that a rittlosnikt 1 strikes only in ."-.-ll-clcfi-u-e .mil would rMher rim llun fiiht. iri jus: so nnrli f.xa1:i!i\ in liic onini'n r.r Sfi- llnnzc:- ('. A. Mullen Mtill"n cnm'? acrois a rattier 0:1 n trail n?nr I'er:- !hf other dav. Kerij'n^r one cy? en it. he «a'.k»d by Thf snaV-e rraw'.pcl after him.' rolled, and striirk. hr said. Mill-1 I IPH continued to walk. The snakr-i c^wert him. coiled a^ain. and 1 I 'truck a second time. This was re- . Ipfated several times, he said. I Mullen tl'.en :^>i7.ed a rock and (killed the reptile. It hart 12 There will be many a day that other eludes will prevent you from wnling lo those al school, and there will be many a time that you aren't in the mood to,write them along newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rale. It's like gelling six letters a week from home at only $A.OO 4 Per School Year COURIER NEWS

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