Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 4, 1891 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 2
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HOLD BREVITIES. 5 cake butter neither tin id do not remove the paper sis quite cold. lake.—One-half cup butter, nffar, three of flouv, one- five eggs, two tea- 1 bilking powder. £ht burn sliould be tied up irn- $ in baking powder laid upon Hli- This will usually prevent ;,tion. 13 ut if the wound does Jid become sore, bathe it with rts of raw linseed oil and lime :\fter the inflammation is out i zinc salve, which can be pro--. om the druggist. :on Patties.—To one quart bowl •? crumbs adci half a pint of boil'..; let it become cold, and then grated rind of two lemons, one;of a pound of butter beaten to j three eggs well beaten, and ;j\l of sugar; butter som'e cups A pour in the mixture and bake ISntv minutes; when done turn ?;'and .serve with mint sauce.— " Oijerald. :j'y pale'color in meat is a sign / cisUnimal was poor in blood, and IS meat is wanting in nutritive :§| the cause of the bloodlessness |Si have tmen some serious dis- . S«i deep reddish purple color • fShat the animal has not been t int that it died a natural death. *c-like appearance, produced by |g>f fat interposed 'between the rs, is possessed by none but : Pie.—Cream, two teaspoon- Itter, with three-fourths of a Iwhite sugar; beat in the juice |.nge and half of the grated £he juice and grated peel of aon, stirring till quite light; [fie"well-beaten yelks of three bake with undercrust; whip £s stiff with two tablespoon- 1 sugur and spread over i the -pUSf'p'Kt'e them in the olor slightly.—X. Y. World. 1 Ke Crust—One quart of sift- hue even teacup^ul of lard, and butter; one teacupful of ice Jid a teaspoonful of salt. Rub land salt into the flour till it is crumbly; add the ice water and fl it is "a smooth dough; wash and/have it as cold and firm tble; divide it into three parts; [the paste and dot it all over s : «it from one part of the butt-inkle' with flour, roll xip and fli owt, repeating this till the i gone. If the crust can now be lie jce for an hour it will be flakv. This amount will good-sized pies. Enough. Item crusts can be taken off (Ting 1 in the butter, thus mak- op crust richer. Lard alone nake a flaky paste, though it Ite a perfectly tender one.—Bos- et fm Pudding.—One large cup of i.one of bread crumbs; two cups k,washed currants; one cup of eked); one teasyoonful of l^orirtb pound candied bund brown sugar; one ot; two eggs, well beaten; J cup of ; finely chopped meat, renough to make a stiff batter, bread crumbs first with the ken the suet, the sugar and spice, lie fruit and grated carrot; lastly ^ , and milk. Either pour into a [pudding mold, well greased, or well-floured pudding cloth, and i six to eight hours, and be sure er is boiling when the pudding lit .in. Keep boiling by adding water as it wastes. Pud~ Sauce. -T- One large spoonful , one-half pint milk, one large nfnl butter, sugar to taste; rub the • and flour together, have the milk J and rub into the flour until it .is all pte smooth;,let it just boil; serve in auce ta-een.—Detroit Free Press. 'DOWN THE VALLEY. was n its struggles it sways nice a ballooVa—— \s it nears the mountain* th.:e vaporl - : -• •• ITU condensed and become, heavier, anc|°™ pK0 "' is the weight increases the struggle be\ . omes fiercer.. There is no by-play oi| died at hls hunder and lightning; only a black, set, Wednes- menaeing cloud fighting itself. Up! Up! Up! Ah! Heaven help them! There^i^ othing but animal life in the valley so ar as we can see, but every on-looker tters a groan of despair as he sees the loud suddenly fall out of sight behind he peaks. What does that signify? It means that the cloud could not lift itself dgh enough to clear the mountain, nd that when its lower edge tit hat tall peak on a line with us here came a cloudburst The tons of vater held in that big cloud fell to arth with a force you can scarcely con- eive. Trees were made, into matchwood. Rocks weighing a thousand tons •ere whirled about. Boulders which i hundred horses could not pull from Jieir beds were sent flying down the mountain, side like marbles. Every handful of earth, every tree, shrub, /ine, flower, every stone, rock and boulder which could have been moved by the blast of a hundred pounds of x>wder, is swept in one awful ava- anche into the mouth of the valley! We hear the crasK. We feel the mountain quiver under us. We are rarned of what is coming-, Every liv- ng thing below us has heard the crash and felt the quiver. Instinct tells them what has happened and warns them to flee. In ten-seconds every living thing in sight in the valley is rushing down ts length. Here and there a dee- turns o the right or left, and finds a place where he can ascend, and a big wolf scrambles up the almost perpendicular )ank at our feet and there ^lies, crouch- ind whining in terror. Look up the valley. No man will ever see such a sight twice in his lif e- ime. There is a wall across tho valley —a wall of roaring, tumbling, seething, fo.aming waters. Its height is eight or ten feet and its speed is that of a railroad train. The buffaloes were the 'urthest up the valley. Watch them coming. The herd numbers about fifty, and every animal runs for his life. Sfow buffalo, deer,, wolf, horse and lare are coming in a wild mob, and close behind them that foam-crested wave of death. As it reaches the trees they melt away. As it tears along the sides of the valley great rocks are loosened and carried along. The rush is led by a sorrel horse—his new coat shining like velvet—his eyes full of excitement—his ears laid fiat back. He is two hundred feet ahead of every thing, and we wave our hats and cheer him as he passes us. Roll! Tumble! Foam! Crash!" The waters are littered with trunk and branch and bush. The noise is deafening. The power is so great that the mountain ,is shaken. We clutch the buslies at our side and hold our breath as the wave strikes. i Minnies' Work of » Cloudbnrst Between Monntatn Kang-es. fere, between the fir-covered sides of l^parallel ranges of mountains, is a py half a mile wide and, ten miles t, its upper end beginning far up in fgrim hills. It winds about like , and here and there tt is crossec creek which seems a thread o: ^trailing along the green grass, petof grass'and flowers—here re a grove—birds flying up ant r-a warm and gentle sun -pouring pm out of a clear June sky. As down upon -ftiis valley we are pf paradise. Never a sqene r -th »ore peaceful. One swinging lammSjck under one of those green besideVhe brook would find him rnear to the peace and quietnes. jnn as any spot on earth affords, a herd of buffaloes grazing ^valley. There are deer in ^Three or four wild horse i the brook, while other e..-grass a few yard Scamper to and fro in __C6d, and there is nothing to fin the most timid. The peacefu Irice is so powerful that we husl ices as we look down, bme awful convulsion of natur [/grim mountains were heaved u; the bowels of the earth—grim , desolate—landmarks of a mightj .t of elements. At the same tim j created this valley as an off set mountain is desolation and de- Ihere is beauty and contentment k there!" , ' ' Tip among- the dark hills we see t cloud rising up into the clea iBut for ite blackness one migh it a signal smoke made by th It, is a cloud trying to lif ler the mountain from the eas t began forming fifty mile id it has traveled slowly an V the windings of rivers am Id exacted tribute from ponds —drops, gills, .quarts, barrels Biter have been absorbed an , the cloud traveled and th jjuntains were magnets whie (from its first formation, lifts itself -up and up, ^n It is over. Looking' up the valley -we see _ w }iat! Never a blade of grass or flower or bush or tree! Simply a track of desolation which nature can not restore in a dozen years. Down the valley—the same sight. Nothing left behind but rock and mud. A paradise has been turned into desolation almost in the twinkling of an eye. Where peace and plenty reigned a quarter of an hour ago is now a channel of ruin—a valley of despair —an acreage over which tV-e wolf may prowl and the serpent crawl without finding- food.—Detroit Free Press, KINDNESS TO ANIMALS. An Era of Frojrress TVliIch Benefits the Brate Croatian. One of the best signs of the time is the greater regard the mass of men have for the domestic animals that serve them. It shows a progression in civilization nothing else could. When the millenium comes, to which the world has always been looking, it will doubtless be a much more comprehensive blessing than most can now imag ine. In the nature of things the companions and servants of man amon_ the brute creation must share so far as their capacity allows in the benefits i confers. Certaiuly the era . which brings universal peace and good wil among men can iiot be without a mos' beneficial effect on the brute creature; vphich have for ages been man's com panions and servants. Who that has witnessed the cruelty of barbarian man to animals can wonder at the expression of the Apostle that the "whole creation groaneth until now, being bur dened," because of human wrong doing. In the better day coming the domestic animals will be none the less com panions to man than they are now. In their way they seem to be preparin^ for the companionship which must. be theirs unless they fall altogether out of line with human progress. Between, them and man there is a vast differ ence, a vast and probably an impassable gulf fixed. Yet the love and affec tion that may exist between domesti animals an<i their owners, or rather their keepers, often at least seems to bridge this - gulf; who shal say that it does not at least reader som sort of communication possible. Horse men who really love their horsus often credit them with almost human intelli gence. And as cows receive more lovin^ care then- appreciation of it increases until, as their owners say, they seem almost like one of the family whom they serve. It will be long before outrageou cruelty to domestic animals will be en tirely suppressed. But it is fortunately for - them, as fortunate also for human progress and development, that thes cruelties to speechless brutes are a last placed under the ban of,human laws, designed not less for the protec tion of animals than for the benefit o the men whom they restrain from act of -unnecessary cruelty. The dominion of th« brute creation is,'we believe given to mon. We would not den; him this in any point where, human benefit depends on the "'suffering an< .••all animal • cs ill-adapted, „. , for it can not 'Christianity, or even with con ni producing a progressive .icy. But the time has come ivj-vKi, riot at all abandoning man's dominion over the brute creation, lie shall recognize his higher duty, if not for their sake at least for his own, to give them the t-ivntrni-nt that must come from one rilled with Mu* spirit of benevolence for --'!'nst.on I'.iidii'ct, GOOD SAW HORSE. Jnat the Thing Needed by Farmers In Timber Countries. -One of the best saw horses I have jver seen is made of a log six to eight feet long and eight inches in diameter. Four legs arc put into it with an inch- and-a-half auger and six pins set in the x>p in the same manner. These are to hold the wood to be cut as shown in the engraving-. When a stick has been placed in the rack it must be slid under a. small chain which hangs over the main body of the horse and between two of the pins which are near tog-ether. This chain hangs in a loop low enough to almost touch the ground. A piece of board four feet long and • three to four inches wide completes the arrangement When the stick has been placed where it is wished to saw it, the foot is put upon the board and the stick to be Bawed can never stir, while it can be easily drawn along when one stick has been cut off. The sawyer has the advantage of standing- on both feet which is much easier than to beir the weight on one foot with the knee on the wood. —D. M. Havens, in Farm and Home. Protect Your Health. CH CoW and moisture combined have a torpor- Isl.ng effect upon the bodily organs, and the dl gestlve and secretive processes are apt to be more tardily performed In winter than In the fall. The same is true, also, of the excretory functions- The bowels are often sluRglsh, and the pores o the skin throw off but little waste matter at this season. The system therefore, requires opening up alittle, and also purifying and regulating, anil the safest, surest and most thorough tonic and alterative thatcanbeusedforthe.se purposes Is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Persons who wish to escape the rheumatic twinges, the dyspeptic agonies, the painful disturbances of the bowels, the bilious attacks, arid the nervous visitations, so common at this time ol the year, will do well to reinforce their systems with this renowned vegetable -tomachlc and invlgorant. It Improves the appetite, strengthens the stomach, cheers the spirits, and renovates the whole physique. t0a Has Joined the Throng. DAYTON, TKN-N., a beautiful town of 5,000 in. nabitants, locntcd on the Queen »nd Crescent Route, 293 miles south of Cincinnati, his hitherto inexhaustible supply of coal, iron and timber, and with cokeing ovens,blast furnaces,factories and hotels in operation, were too great to escape the eye of the restless capitalist, and a strong party "of wealthy men from Chicago. Chattanooga and'Nashville, in connection with prominent banking firms in New England, have formed a company to be known as the Corporation of Day ton, for the sale of town lots, the establishrnen of industrial enterprises, etc. It is an assured fact that within six months Duvton will have another railroad from the bouth-cast, which will make it an importanl tion to th is it is located on the C^. and C., one of the largest and most important of the Southern Trunk Lines, It is in the midst of the fertile and beautiful Tennessee Valley; has already an r*. tablished reputation as a prosperous and s. t manufacturing town and some additional strength as a henlth resort. The strongest firm at present located there Is the Dayton Coal&Irci. Co., an English Corporation, who have built a standard gauge railroad to their mines, and own 20.000 acres of good coal and iron and timber land, just West of and adjoinln^Dayton. Itis proposed to have a Land Sale December 3rd, 4th and 5th, and special trains will be i-jn frorr : New England also't'rom the important cities of the North and North-west, which will undoubtedly be a great success, as tie plan is to discourage extravagant prices and put the property in the hands ofthe people atapncc where the) can afford to hold and improve it, Excursion tickets, Cincinnati to Dayton and return, will be sold by agents QUEEN AND CKKS- CENT ROUTE and connecting lines North, Four through trains daily from Cincinnati wilhou; -hangc of cars. A Spring Medicine. The druggist claims that people call dally for the new cure for constipation-and slek headache discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while In the RocKj Mountains. It Is said to be Oregon grape root (a great remedy In the far west for those complaints, combined with simple herbs, and Is made Jor use by pouring on boiling water to draw out' the Btreneth. Itsells-at60 cents a package and Is called Lane's Family Medicine. Sample free, leod For Over Fifty Vears. An Old and Well-Tried •Remedy.-Mrs.' Wmslow's Soothing Syrup has- been used lor over Fifty Years by Millions of Mothers lor their Children While Teething, with Perlect Success. It Soothes 'theChild, Sottensthe Gurna.Allays all Paln;Cures Dlarrhcea, Sold by druggists In every part of the world. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no other Kind. Twenty-live cents a bottle. 1une20d<!cwly Miles' Xerve ami tlver Fills. An Important discovery. They act on tne liver stomach and bowels through tae nerves. A new principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and cdDstipatloi Splendid tor men, women and children. Smalles mildest, surest. 30 doses lor 25 cents. Samples free atB. t>\ Seesllng'ti. l Bucklen'w Arnica Salve. The Best Salve In the world for Cuts, Bruises Sores, "Ulcers, Salt Rheuro, Fever Sores, Tetter Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, ana positively cures Piles, or no pay remitted, It Is guarai iteed to give perfect. .S3.t- Isiactlon, or money refunded. Price 25 cents pe' box. FOR SALE BY B. F. Keesllng. (ly) THE REV. GEO. BL THA'TER, of Bcrar- rAn, Ind,, says: '.-Both, myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consump live Cure. Sold -by.-B. F. Kees- li-no-' 6 CA.TAKKH CUBED, health breath secured, by Remedy. Price 50 ce jeotor" free. % Sold ing . - Pain and dread attei tarrh remedies. Liquid: pleasant as well as da Balm is safe, pleasant, t. nasal passages and heals t giving relief at once. CROUP, WHOOPING- chitis immediately r^ Cure. Sold by B. F. The Jumping Bean. One of the curious products of Mexico is the jumping- bean, a vegetable curiosity, whose freaks of acrobatic agility iave never been fully explained by the scientists. They, grow in pods, each sod containing;. ; three beans. Each segment is rounded' on one side and A- ohaped on the other, greenish yellow in color, and in circumference about the size of a large lead-penciL _ When placed on a, table they roll over and skip abrfut, sometimes actually jumping- a g-ood two inches. When .held be- Sween the thumb and forefinger they are felt to beat as strongly as the throbbing- of strong man's pulse. The Agricultural Department at Washington has been acquainted with the rarity since 1«S4. SCROFULA It is that Impurity In the blood, which, accumulating in the glands ol the neek, produces unsightly lumps or swellings; which causes painful running sores on the arms, legs, or feet; which devclopes ulcers In the eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or deafness; which is the origin of pimples, cancerous growths, or the many other manifestations usually ascribed to "humors;" which, fastening upon the lungs, causes consumption and de.ith. Being the most ancient, it is the most general of all diseases or affections, for very lew persons are entirely free Irom it. CURED By taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, -which, by the remarkable cures it has accomplished, often when other medicines nave failed, has proven Itself to be a potent and peculiar medicine for this disease. Some of these cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. " My daughterMary was afflicted with scrofulous sore neckfrom the time she was22months old till she became six years of age. lumps formed in her neck, and one of them after growing to the size of a pigeon's egg, became a running sore for over three years. "We gave her Hood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and all indications of scrofula entirely disappeared, and now she seems to be a healthy child." J. S. CARLILE, Nauright, N. J. N. B. Be sure to'gct only Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldbyalldrugglat,. «I; .!*** «5. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar Attractive and Promising Investments CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, IO2 Washington St., Chicago, III, . Establislied.1875.Reference IstSatl, Bank, Chicago. We also Collect Kent», Pn.y TioceK.Xeirotl- nte Flr»t Moi-licuire I-o»n», at no cost to .lender, und Munittre E»tate> fornon-rastdenti). Correspondents Kollclted and given prompt attention. Map? und full Information sent on appllcntlon. We offer lor sale a number of acre tracts in nmountafrom 55,000 to $200.000. Terms generally !<£ to Wcush.bulunce 1, '2 and 3 years, G percent interest. \v e Imve for snle woll-lociitcd business properties, and other aufeRenl Estate Investments. A number of desirable first mortcnpe loans for sale, drawing [> per cent semi-annual Interest. 130 acres near Desplulncs,~Ste(fpe'raci-e. Inside Income-Producing Business Properties. CentrjtllylocatedOtflce Bldff, paying" per centnet. Also State St., near 3Gth, business bloctt, pays" per cent net, SW.OOO. Elndon Avo..ttndClyboum PI. Stores and flats paylOpercentnet. Price §15.000. CottaueGrovo-ave.. near Mth-st. Stores and Flats, pav 8 per cent, net, 555.000. Also vacant corner In best wholesale dlst, 5235,000. Chicago was never Qrowiny fiLRtf.r than nsmi. JufJA- civus investment* ioi/1 produce litni<l*mn-c returns. We •believe we a, thoKragli knowledge. . of the' ins and outa of newspaper advertising, gained in . an experience of tweuty-flve years of successful business: •we have tie best equipped office, P, RoweS! Co. Advertising Bureau, far . the moat comprehensive as well as the most convenient system of 10 Sprace St., New York, placing 1 contracts and verifying their fulfillment and unrimled facilities in all departments for careful and intelligent service. We offer f our [ services to all irtio contemplate spending S10 or $10,000 in newspaper advertising and who wish to Ket tie most and best adverMsing for the money. BABY CARRIAGES! We mnKe a specialty of manufac- a^FS luring Baby Carrlanea to »ell UJ- JWBifc^r rcctto private partleo. You can,.therefore, do better with 03 thanwithafiesiler. WesenaCar- 'riuneetoail polnCflWlihlnTOUmtloa of ChlcaBOfrcoofchurite. SCDO for catalogue. OKAS. RAISER, Mfr., 62-64 Chfeouniive.. » ; -ago, III- Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Minutes TIME OF THE YEAH. . t NEW ENGLAND cHHlMlKGE MEAT. apcrboxesj enough for two l ready-; easily prepar HOLESOME, CONlff-NIENT. BY ALL CROC W WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,, ACTING LIKE MAGIC on the vital organs, strengthening the muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health The Whole Physical Energy of the Human Frame. Beecham's Pills, taken as directed, will Quickly RESTORE FEMALES to complete health. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Price, 25 cents per Box. Prepared only by THOS. BEECEAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, England, B, F. ALLEN CO., Sola Agents for TfnitKd Slatm, 3GS &307 Canal SI., Wew Yorh, vjlio (if your i-rtuiffi.it does not keep ilu:m) will wail JBcecJiam'a-FiHs on receipt of price — liut inquire first. (Mention Ihispapftr.' ^-XX^s^i^X/^J'^^^^^^^^^O^^'^^N^Xy^y^v/^y^^^^^^^^^^X^^S^^^^XXXXXX'sX^C^V^ TAXES FOR 1890. N OTCiE Is hereby given that the t:ix dui>llcates lor the State and County tiixes for J££0 are now in my hands, and that I :im now readyto receive Ihe taxes thereon charged. Thefollowlngtableshowfi the rate of taxation on each one hundred dollars worth of sropeny, and also on each poll, In the several townships in Cuss county, Ind., for Llie year ISiW; Townships. Eoyal Cen;er Harrison Bethlehem ^ .ToffprsOH Noble ...... Clay Miami Eel Clinton Tlpton •ffalton peer Greet... Jackson Rate of Taxation on Each 8100 Valuation. Cn ff $ V. 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 12 12 12 M c? 1 o £ 3 F 16 IB. 16 IS 16 16 16 IG IS 1C 10 IB 18 IB JO 16 3G W C. i § x V2 v» 1 1 v? n !'•> v] V' 1/0 V2 ¥.>• n o g X 7oy> 7U1/S 7(>V» 7015 70(5 70I/., 70l£ 7i'lii 70$ 701,41 im/., 70V» 7lil/b 70Vj -niC 701A 70V? o vj X 10 10 10 10 10 '0 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 >-3 o 3 E. « s X ; 14 "05" 25 15 08 08 10 10 01 01 08 IS 10 'W 30 02 o_ Cfl c^ 5 o, H a 35 30 25 20 30 12 10 10 25 50 16" SO 40 16 85 50 >-3 c cT H * 20 21 25 20 IS 17 15 25 20 10 15 1C 17 25 20 15 1 H 2' V- 20 "25" 20 SO 2-5 30 SO SO 30 20 20 20 25" 30 ^. p. a o S: H X 10 "io" JB 10 07 10 05 10 05 "05" "ib" 05 3 g 1 t 208 1 00 1 89 2 04 2 12 .1 81 '1 79 1 94 1 99 1 CO 1 00 177 1 88 2 01 150 211 2 19 Hate on Each Poll. a? £ TJ o^ 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 56 50 50 50 50 50 50 56 S S % 1 *a o. 50 50 SO 50 !0 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 5050 50 i 0 ^ i 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 80 1 00 1 00 1 08 1 00 100 1 00 i oo 100 1 00 1 00 <£ 1 as 1 £ "50" o c[ 200 2 50 200 200 200 200 200 206 200 200 200 201) 2 00' 200 210 200 200 In iiddltlon to the above there Is charged to each person owning, keeping or harboring within the county, one male dog, 81,00; one female dog, $2.00: and each additional i.og, S2.00. The taxes as above stated, can be paid at the office of the county treasurer, In the city of Logan- eport, until the third Monday In April, 1891, without penalty. EXTEACT FEOM THE STATUTES OF INDIANA: That each person or tax-payer charged with taxes on a tax duplicate in the Sands a county treasurer may pay the full amount of such taxes on or before the third Monday In April, or may, a3 hlsoptlon, pay one-half thereof on or beforesaid third Monday In April, and-the remaining one-halS on or before the first Monday In November, In the manner prescribed bylaw. All road taxes to be added to the first Installment. When the first installment Is not paid prior to the third Monday In April, the taxes for tot whole year become delinquent. The treasurer is not responsible for the penalty and charges on delinquent taxes resulting from any omission of the person paying to state definitely on what property, la whose name, and In what township or corporation It was assessed. persons owing delinquent taxes should pay them at once. The late law Is of such a character that there Is no option leftthe treasurer but to enforce the collection of delinquent taxes, however mHchbeimav regret to collect the same by sale of property. . The owner of property on thefirst day of April In any year shall be liable for the tares ol that year. The purchaser of property on the first day of April shall be considered, as-the owner on tfcat ES-The treasurer Is compelled by law to charge the penalty on taxes allowed to go dtllnaaent. Tax-payers are particularly notified that air the road tax Is due and payable with the first Installment,: Head reclepts will not be received In payment of second installment of taxes. County orders will not be cashed to any one owlug dellnqent taxes, and all 'persons^ are warned against purchasing encb. • The annual sale of delinquent lauds and lots will take place on the second Monday in Feb- ruaiy, 1831, at 10 a. m. ' . PARTICULAR ATTENTION. Tax buyers should examine their receipts and change before leaving the Treasurer'! office, and see that they are correct. Those who have lands or other property In more than one township, must see that they have a receipt for each township. 'If yonr receipts do not mention personal property or allot your real estate, it Is not paid. ' . . CHARLES L. WOLL, Logansport, Ind., Jan. 1.1891. Treasurer Cass County, Ind. W. J. HUGHES & SONSGO. WHOLESAJLR DOORS, SASH, f j BLINDS, i LUMBER. R. W, Cor. Fourteenffl and Maple Sis:, r LOUSVILLE, KY. / Mention this -paper. REMEMBER! When You Want JOB PRINTING On Short Notice, Call at ffie : Journal Job Rooms, aesday7 Feb. -.

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