Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1896
Page 1
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THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL YOL. XXI. INDIANA, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 20, 1896. NO. 148. AN ATTRACTIVE DAY. '. ' For these knowing people who always make their Dollars go quite a bit further than their neighbors,; will be IFTEETHE BATTLE =•:= TODAY =:= At that riecca for these people. Timely Merchandise! will be offered at about half. We append just a few, of the Items. Crowd of Delegates and Visitors : V;-. Desert the Convention City, ^Speculation as to Make-Up of the . - 'Cabinet— McKinley Deluged with ' Congratulations.. Clioico of ">0 pieces real w.-ii'p print taffeta ribbons in. ten ue\v designs, first quality vibbon.-?, boujrlit at tlio recent groat trade unction and at Just half. No. 0 All Silk., -\o. 12 All SJIfc.. No."GO All Silk.. No. 40 All Silk,. .JSo . .2Sc ..33c . .'iOc Choice of 100 Dozen.Ladies' and Children's plain and fancy lieiu-stitclied, liandkorcliiof*. worth up to 23 COIIK, find choice of all for Oe Many new shirt waists just received. The new ?2 ones Cor ?1.2.">, The now $1.23 OHM for OSc. Beauties for 7Dc. Tlie best' ii.ido waists In Hie city for ; 4Sc Entirely now effects in Organdies, Lawns and printed goods, worth 15 and £0 cents, for '. .100 400-411 BROADWAY. Muca Cotton Vests with short sleeves, or sleeveless, ribbon trimmed, two Cor 25c, now IOc and 7c. A new patented shirt waist sot, iu 1 pearl, six pieces worth -iDc, for 2uc. All Silk Garters with ribbon bows ami gold buckles, worth 50c, for 20c, Choice of all Sterling Silver Gold Bolts, worth ?1.50, ,?1.75 and $2, lor DOc. Some special bargains Iu Leather Belts up from luc. This week we offer choice of-100 silk umbrellas, steel rod, natural wood handle, tassel cover?, worth ifS.OO and $2.50, for ?i,4S Lot 2, your choice of ?2.25 umbrellas Cor $1.23 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one hag a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than ours, fmportant[Features in ;tbe make-up of our clothes work their superiority. not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the beat. Carl W. Keller, \Ve are Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street:-' ' ' We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment :of- second hand bicycles which'must be.' sold. Call and make an offer. ,.''St. Louis, June 19. —.The seething-, /Struggling and packing, crowds thnt .have surged like hunion waves through 'tic wide corridors ' of the Southern ]hotel for a week pii.st, 'have literally '•melted away, and Friday morning that 'great caravansary, which hiis been the 1 'political storm center, of.; St. Louis, i« ^eomp.irntively deserted; The capacity ''of the out-going' railway trains IK taxed ,.to its utmost, mid I>iday n'jrht will see the last of the convention'visitors, with few rxerptions, en route to their respective homes. ]\tr, M;i.rk J-lanna, of Cleveland,.0:, who luis •ruined such prominence as the lender of the ilcKiiiloy 'force's, still re-' mains. He received several hundred telegrams ol uonpra-tulutions Thursday night from various'parts of the country. AVha.t gratifies him in'this connection is the interesting- circumstance: that the sunders- were in mmiy eases leading democrats, men who have boon prominent ns dcmocratic'leaders or iii their private capacity ns liberal sub- Bcribers to the democratic cumpa.lgn fund. These gentlemen express their gratification at 'the financial policy adopted by the convention and assure him of their hearty cooperation in the approaching; contest. HoliHrt Leaves for Home. Mr. I-Lobart, who was nominated Thursday for the vice presidency, left the city at an early hour Thursday right, accompanied .by a few of'hisXcw Jersey friends. He gave assurance before his departure" tho.t Xew Jersey could be relied upon to. remain in the republican column, and Ti.is. principal purpose in leaving- St. Louis so suddenly was to, beg-in at once the preparations looking- to that end.' . •••..•• . Speculation on McKlnl«y'» Cabinet. The politicians who . remained Friday were discussing\the personnel ol McKinley's cabinet, In.'the. : ev.entj0f,hl;; election. As a vigoroUH foreign policy would be one of the essential feature* of Mr. McKinley's administration, h« vo.uld manifestly give much care to the eelection of his secretary of state. Gen. Benjamin F. Tracy, of New Ybrk,who was President Harrison's secretary oi the navy, is well regarded by some ol the men whose Influence with McKln- ley will be very great. Gen. Trncy is a brilliant lawyer, and It was an open secret in Washington that at the time ol the Chilian complications, growing out of .the "Baltimore" incident, Gen.Tracy wets the president's trusted adviser on c'li.the Chung-ing- pharos of that em,ba'r- fussing problem. It should be stated ii) 'tJiis connection that Jifr. BJaine^ who the secretary of.state,'was during ' the variety, .of.'th'ese is simply amazing. Opposite the McKinley residence a big tent has beeii'erected, under which the hungry and thirsty wayfarer may find refreshment at the hands of a committee of church ladies. The McKiuley grounds presented a desolate appear- once Friday morning. The beautiful lawn, the pride an<l beauty of Cantonese homes, was bare and brown as ;t prairie swept b}'/Ire. A stream of water was played upon its surface with the hope .of preserving- or restoring it to its former sightly appearance;, but that were a viiiu hope for months to come, Maj. mid. Mrs. MeKinley rose Friday morning- much refreshed by a good night's rest and feeling none live worse for Thursday's fatiguing experience. During 'the night a mass of telegrams had accumulated covering n. large desk, and running into-the hundreds in number. Immediately after breakfast the mnjoyaddressed himself to the perusal of the.se;ind while thusengfiged received a member of the committee in charge ol the preparations .for the local demonstration 017 the 27th inst., in connection with the Tippccanou club ol Cleveland, mid which 1 will be really the opening of the campaign. Among t.hc dispatches received was the following- from the vice presidential nominee: Nevada. "."'.'.'.' 3 " New Hampshire.... 8 New Jersey 20 New York 72 North Carolina . 1$4 " OAU North Dakota 3 " a Ohio 25 '6 15 Oreson 8 Pennsylvania fri Hhode Island South Carolina 3 IK South Dakot* 8 „ Tennessee , zi Texas .' 11 ;. S Utah 3 .. i Vermont S Vlrg-inla Washington 8 TVcst Vlrfflnia 12 Wisconsin 3 ., jn Wyoming $ Arizona 411 New Mexico ., § Oklahoma 4 ,. z Indian Territory.;,. 6 Dlat. of Columbia.. 2 .. '. Alaska 4 Total.. C35"£ 39 277% Vn-cmla'.i 24 votes were cast for James A. Walker; Rhode Island's 8 votes went to X-lppltt: Reed'received 3 votes; Depew, 3; Thurston, 2;'Fred Grant. 2; Morton, l. Total vote.^SO.v Necessaryxto choice, 448. WITHIN OUR BORDERS. KAMA HONORED. McEialey's Manager Elected Chair* man of National Committee. His Speech of Acceptance — Empowered to Appoint an Executive Committee of Nine. The <]u«n of hearts in all iheie p»ru, If you can EO by rumors' II on« who ridei a wheel, and glidei About in dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. 302 Sixth Street Invitations. Are always appreciated and especially so when they are • tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty of .NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. " LETTER HEADS, WOTE HEADS, BILL HEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.'ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. the greater part of'this period .1)1 at •Tiis home in Augusta,'which'left th.? «tate department practically.,without fclicad for several months. •'' ' "' ,l, Tullt of -,Sljerin»n for Treanurjr. , " .-.',There., is also talk of Senator Slier- |JBan accepting again the'treasure port- •IpMo; but to this the objection is made tbint the work of that department, un•tier a new administration,'is o'f too try- ^ng- a character for-a.iuan.of.Mr. Sher•Brian's age, notwitlistauding-'hc is still '|n the full possession of all his mental 'nnd physical faculties. Mr. McKinley's friends also feel that the administration should have a strong champion on ."tfie floor of the senate, as Mr. Sherman Hvould undoubtedly be, and this is nn- 'btlier consideration which militates . ng-ainst his selection for cabinet honors, "Mr. .Henry Cloy Evans, of Tennessee, vjjsill, it is thought, be tendered the post 'office portfolio in the event of hinfail- "tire to be elected next autumn as gov- |.ernor of Tennessee. He has had tftcpc- Hence in the post off.ee department, '-having filled the office of ftrst assistnnt 'postmaster general under President Harrison. The McKinley managers also think well of Senator Mitchell, of Oregon, who has been a staunch supporter of their champion, and It is freely predicted that he too will be tendered a cabinet post/presumably that of attorney general, if the legislature oi his state shall fail to return him next whiter to the senate. ''••'•' "St. Iiouls, June 30.—Hon. \villiam McKinley. Canton, O.: Accept my hearty congratulations and those of tl)e New Jersey delegation. Garrett A. Hobart." • To which the major replied: "Cnnton, O., June 19.—I-ion. Garrett A. Hobart, St. J^onlK, Mo.; 1 send you niy cordial congratulations and wish you ml£ht visit me on your way home. "William AfcIClnley." Other TcleKFumn. "Hon. William JloICInley, Canton: I wish you ft happy and prosperous administration—happy for yourself and prosperous :'or the country, "(Signed) Thomas B. Reed.',' "Diibuque, -la., June 38.—Hon. William McKinley: Accept my sincere and hearty-, congratulations upon your nomination. •• • ...' "(Signed) W. B. Allison!"; 1 Senator-elect •' Wellington, Maryland: "Maryland will give you eight electoral vnteg in November." j S. A. Parkins, chairman national committee American republican college: "We will do everything In our power to roll up a bis majority 1'or the advocate ol protection."' F. W. Peck, Chicago: "Our party has an ideal candidate." Col. and Mrs, Fred Grant, to Mrs. Mc'Kinley: • "We send you ancl our future lu-eskluiit 1 -. .hearu'elt and Joyful congra.tu- huiohy." . • Russell. B. Harrison, Terre I-lautfe: "Please-uccept my hearty congratulations on your, victory, which surely means success In November." M, Q. Bulkeley: "Accept the hearty congratulations, of the . Connecticut delegation." • •' 'Charles \V. Parish; "Or"eson delegation t'0i)£ratulate» the nation on your nomination,"' ••••••• Albion Lit do, '-Portland, Me,: "You are clearly the choice of the people." • M. H. Eusti.i, Minneapolis: "Congratulate our .country, our party and yourselt on platform and nominees." %Y. J. Wilson, New York: "You have my •head, heart and pocketbook for president." ; M. B. Camplln: "Wyomtngr la happy; the nation will be redeemed and workmen will work," , JWIa Dent Grant (widow ot'Gen. U. S. •Grant): "Accept congratulations for your- .sel£ and Mrs. McKinley." News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. Two YOUIIK Women Diimppcar, Lebanon, li;d., June 19,—Miss Fannie Eden nud M-is-s ilinnie Eundlemnn are missing-. M'iss Randlcman, whose home is in .Denver, arrived here about a month ago to visit her uncle, Rev. Frederick Orr. On t.'hc train, it is said, she made the acquaintance of a traveling- man. The latter visited this city a few days ngo and w.as met at the depot by the preacher uncle, who attempted to shoot him. Wednesday afternoon the two young Indies boarded an eastbound train,.paying they would never return. All efforts to locate them have been fruitless.''.Miss Eden has always been prominent in Leb;!no;i society circles and her Midden disappearance -bos created a profound sensation. lioml Jusue Dcclnrcd Illegal. ^-Indianapolis. Iccl., .Tune 19.—During the attempt to remove the county seat of C'lu-rk county from Charlnstown to Jeffersonville the latter city took upon itself the charge of the purchase of grounds and cost of erection of a new jail and courthouse and issued bonds in three series for that purpose, the last series being'for $37,000. EccOntly it wns determined to refpnil these bonds at a lower rate of interest, and Newton II. Myers, a- citizen, brought, suit to enjoin the authorities, alleging that the issue was illegal. In a decision by Judge Hackney the supreme court sustains the view taken by Myers and declares that the. issue of $87,000 in bonds it illegal and^uDcollcctablc. VOTKS TO BURN. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. ,Th* well-known Specialists ot New York have appointed D. A. HAUK us agent tor their celebrated Spectacles » nd Kj Glasses, every pair guaranteed, ». A, HAUK lias complete assortment sad Invites all to satlsfr tJiemselyes ot the great superiority.ol thesegoodaorei 1 an/ manufactured, at the store of D. A. HAUK, Sole at eut lo Logansport Ind. IKo Peddlers Supplied, . TO CANDIDATES. 'The Two ComxnitteeH.l'iz on the Dutes of June 99 »tod : 'July 7. ' St. Louis, June 19.— The two committees that were appointed by the convention Thursday to hotify,Messrs. ilcKin- ley Hobart of . their ' nominations as president and vice president, respectively, met Friday morning. The first-named committe'e will notify Mr, McKinley at Canton on_ June -20,i«ad the committee appointed, to .notify the vice president will perform a similar sen-ice at ilr. Hobart's home on July 7. AT. CASTON. The Presidential and Vice Pronlapntlal yooolnee* Exchange Coiurratu tuition*, Canton, 0., June 19. — Canton was awake bright and early Friday morning-, notwithstanding .the fact that a large proportion pC the population did rot cease celebrating- the nomination oi JlcKinley till nearly down. The- town already takes on 'the temporary commercial aspect peculiar to the scene of larger gatherings. Fakirs with campaign badges and fans for sole, throng the streets, -hawk.in a tliaiv v The Ilullot* for l'r«Hi<lont aud Vic* l'r«»- Idvut Iu Detail. St. Louis, June 1'J.—Following is the revised and official vote us cast for the •president und vice president in. there- publican convention Thursday. I . For rriiKldent. Following Is the official detailed vote for president: ' , McKln- Mor- ' AlllStates: ley. ton. Quay. Reed. son. Alabama .'.' 19 1 ., 2 Arkansas 16 California IS Colorado ; Connecticut ..... 7 .... 5 .. pulaware S Florida -. ' a 2 Georgia 22 ... 2 2 Idaho.... • .. .. .. .. Illinois 46 . 2 Indiana 30 .. ,. Jowi.'.' , 25 Kansas 20 Kentucky 26 .. , Louisiana LI % 4 > Maine 31! Maryland 15 .. .. 1 Massachusetts.. l . ..- ,. a> Michigan 2S J Minnesota.. 18 Mississippi 11 .. 1 M!«sourl 34 Montana , 1 .. ., Nebraska ........ 1C Nevada 3 New Hampshire. .. .. .. • S New Jersey 19 ,. .. 1 New York-:-.. 17 55 -North Carolina.,, 19% .. .. 214 .. North Dakota... 6 Ohio ,.- 46 Oregon .',. 8 1'enr.sylvanla ... G .. BS Rhode Island 8 South Carolina.. 18 .. ., South Dakota 8 Tennessee 24 Texas 21 ;'." .. 5 a Utah J 3 Vermont ....-...- S Virginia 23' .. .. 1 Washington S We»t Virginia.,. 1J Wisconsin H .. ,. Wyoming 6 Arizona.........,'.. 6 ., .. ., ,, New Mexico..,;,. 5 i Oklahoma ....... 4 .... 1 1 Indian Territory. 6 .. Dlst. of Columbia 1 1 Alaska 4 Total ..........661« 68 81% SiJ 35% Montana R-ave Cameron I: blank. 4. Necessary-to a choice, 454. Total number of deleeatea present, 906. • Fo* Vlo«-President. Tho 'following Is the detailed vote (or vice president:. States, Hobart. Bulkeley. Evans. Alabama 10 1 U Arkansas '10 ' 1 £ 'California. :'..v. 14 1 8 Colorado .. .. Connecticut 12 Delaware .>..,.;..,.. 8 ,. Florida 6 .. s Georgia 5 ., 21 Idaho ..' Illinois 44 .. ' 4 ' Indiana' .'..12 . .. '18 Iowa ...;..... B 10 •'•• S Kansas ..-. ...• 29 ., . , Kentucky 1 .. 8 ,. 17 Louisiana :„ 8 .. 6 Maine... -;;.-.., 2 3 I Man-land 14 1 '1 Massachusetts ..... 14 * 12 •Michigan/...; — ...,21 .. 7 Minnesota 6' .. 12 Mlesluolppl ........... 13 6 I'»rdo;ie<i by the Governor. Indiunapolta,Jnd., June 19.—Tntereal in a case whichXcaused a profound sensation throughout northern Indiana in 1893 was revived here by the pardon by Gov. Matthews of Mrs. Nellie C. Payne, of Benton countj", who was sent to the female reformatory for four years for seriously shooting her husband. Payne was a prominent druggist of Fowler and one night he was shot while asleep in his bed. The investigation by the grand jury brought out the fact that Mrs. Payne was insanely jealous of her husband and, though reluctant to testify, ho was forced to accuse her of his attempted murder. Friends have been urging- her pardon for some months. Curious Jicnnon for Ulni-rlngc. La Porte, lud., June 19.—A telegram irom Detroit says that Miss Beemnn, of Berrien county, Mich., and J. S. Applegate, of this county, will be married today in St. Louis. The marriage of the couple furnishes the sequel of ri unique proposal. Apple-gate has been devoted to Miss Beeman for n number of years, and their marriage was stipulated aa .conditional on the nomination of Maj. McKinley 'for president by the St. Louis convention, Mr. Applegate left for St. Louia last week ncd wos followed by Miss Beeman Thursday. They will rotum to the home of the bride mau and Narrow En rape from Death. Xotre Dame, Ind., June 19.—Michael I'resho, a teamster employed by tho contractors who are buildinp the facsimile grotto of Lourdes on the university grounds, was all but killed by nn unusual accident. H'e was hauling bowl- ders weighing cnch. between two and three tons and just as he dumped off 'one ot the two that made up his load the other tipped up the wag-on and flung- the man SO ieot in tho a i r. He fell acros* one of the front wheels n:id was badly injured. •'.'•, x At Roue Polytaolxnlc. Terre Haute, Ind., June 19.—A class of 27 graduated at tho 12th annual com mencement exercises of the Rose Polytechnic institute and advanced degrees were -conferred upon three alumni^. One of these is Taro Tsuji, of Tokio, Japan, and it is the degree of civil engineer.. Hei.flllcd ft prominent position in the recent, war with China. He graduated in 1890. Missouri i - ,10 •Work of Notre Unmo. : ,;,South .Bend, Ind,, June 19.—The 52d annual commencement of the University- of Notre Dame, which began last Sunday with a sermon to studint.s by Rev. Dr. Kilroy, of Stratford, Ont., tho oldest living- graduate of the institution, has come to an end with the awarding of diplomas to a large class of graduates. WasHington, June 10.—Speaker and Mrs. Heed left Washington at ten o'clock Friday for New York,, It is understood here that he will go directly to his home in Maine. St Louis, June 19.—The new republican national committee met Friday morning- at the Southern hotel for tilt purpose of org-jinifcing and becoming acquainted with each other, there liar- ing been a. number of new men placer} upon the committee by the various delegations'. Secretary Manley, of the old committee, called the new one TO order, and i'owefl Clayton, of Arkansas, presided. On motion of Mr. Scot.t, of We«t Virginia, the fc\v vacancies found to exist, in the committee were filled, witb the exception of The territory of Alaska und the District of Columbia, which, owing lo the difficulty ii) making-n selection, was left to the executive committee. The members of the committee having been sounded on the subject, it was determined to eloci the chairman at tin's meeting, instead of leaving- it open until the meeting that will probably be hold in Xew York two or three weeks hence. Mr. ITanna was nominated for chairman on the' motion of Mr. Payne, of Wisconsin, seconded by Pennsylvania, Ohio and Xew York. He wns elected by the unanimous vote of the committee. Mr. Hanna accepted the nomino- tion in a short speech that was received with applause. He said: Spnech of Mr. Jfrtniia. "I certainly apprecio.t'- the compliment »nd the confidence which poc-s with It In offering me this position, which under or- dlnfiry circumstances I should be compelled to decline, l)i;t under the present conditions of affairs my loyalty and fciy love for our candidate Induces rne to gq one step farther and see the consummation- of this great victory for the republican party. "The task which I have had before mo In this present campalRn was arduous, but its conduct was In accordance with strict business Integrity, honor and fair deallnr. I wish to say further to this committee that If Ma]. McKinley Is elected president of the United States he will be elected owing no man promise that will embarrass his administration. What he owes he owes • only to his country; and what he will do will be for the welfare of the republican party. If a pure life, patriotic motives and a firm determination to do his duty • will make his administration a succesfl. tho United States will have occasion to thank God for the nomination made In Thursday's convention." [Applause.] Mr. Mauley was made temporary secretary, and James F. Burke, of Pittsburgh, temporary assistant secretary. Col. Swords, of Iowa, the sergeant-at» arms of the old committee, was kept in that position temporarily. It was agreed that Chairman Hanna should have full authority to select all the officers of the committee, including tin treasurer, which was not even filled, temporarily. At the instance of Senator Thurston, of Nebraska, the following resolution w:is unanimously agreed to: "Resolved, That the chairman ot thl» committee is hereby authorized and empowered, after consultation with the candidates for president and vice president, 10 appoint an executive committee of nlno members, who may or may not be members of this committee, and that the chairman of this committee shall be chairman eac- olllcto of the said executive committee.", Mr. \V. H. Andrews acted as proxy for Senator Quay, who early Friday morning started for the cast. No successor was elected to take the place of Mr.Ho- bart, of Xew Jersey, who was nominated for the second place on the ticket. The committee adjourned subject to the call of the chairman, and it is understood that the next meeting- will be held in Jfcw York city iu about two or three weeks. Mr. Cornelius N. Bliss, of Xew York, has been asked to serve on the committee, and he will doubtless accept. The executive committee will not assemble for three weeks. Mr. Hanna proposes taking- a brief season of rest, after he shall have met Mr. McKinley at Canton on Sunday next, before opening headquarter* aud outlining the campaign. Notwithstanding the strong pressure to which Mr. Hanna has been subject, he will, it was said Friday, establish the headquarters at Xew . York. Wliilc many objections hare been urged against Xew York, for tho obvious reason given in dispatched Thursday night, there is still much to be said in its favor. It is the great commercial and financial center of the country; and in a campaign where liberal contributions are expected, the political managers regard it ns wise to establish themselves in a community where they can keep in touch with the men who manage great moneyed interests. Objection to CloTelmid. The principal objection to Cleveland is based on the circumstance that the presidoaitial candidate is an Ohio man; that his principal manager is an Ohio man and .that the selection of an Ohio city for headquarters would be considered as {riving the country nn overdose of what the politicians regard as the "Ohio idea." It is not unlikely, however, that branch headquarters . niav be opened at Chicago in order that the doubtful western states may be. brought into more intimate relations through such a medium with the eastern nmnaffers of the oaatjxuga. This. was the policy pursued by the demo-, crate in the. c:i-mpflifi-n of 1S32, and it was fruitful of results, one being- the capture of tie slate of Illinois by the lernoorats for the first time since tie •stabiiKhment of the republican party- The native population of Ma*e-bele» Innrl lo estimated nt 160,000.

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