The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1950
Page 6
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PACT MX (ARTC.V COURIER NEWS TUE'SDAT, NOVEMBER, «, Homes Should Be Modernized For Safety's Sake Main Object Is To Comfort, Safe-Guard Home-Owner's Family It's smart to modernize your home Tor fire safety whenever, you tackle a remodeling job. This 'isn't »o much of a business proposition, of protecting your Investment — since part of it will be covered by Insurance—but it Is mainly a measure for the comfort and safety ol you and your family. One point to watch is electric wiring. More and more electrical appliances are used In households these days, adding greater burdens to electric circuits. An average house built as recently as fiv«7 years ago will no 1 have adequate wiring for many o: the high-powered appliances, etec- - trie ranges, and food-freezers which need special power circuits. Electrician's Advice Urg •• Get an electrician's advice. sure all installations are cordance with the National Elc//- trlcal Code. Check up on your fuses. ' Discard any that are rated heavier than 15 amperes, sufficient for ordinary home use. The fuse Is designed to be the weakest, point of your wiring, to give warning when it blows out that something Is wrong. It Is a safety valve. A heavier fuse In place of one that blows put can pass too much current, allowing a wire to heat without your knowing It. It's a good Idea to Install electric Hghts in closets and storage Jniform Roofs Recommended 3y Engineer No particular kind o! roofing Is best for any particular farm bulld- uncler all circumstances, says J. L. Strahan, member of the American Society of Agricultural En- ^tneers and technical director of .he Asphalt Roofing Industry Bu- •cau. The style of roofing selected for the farmhouse should affect :he choice of roofing for all otf:icr buildings, large or small, which are grouped together in the same farmstead," Mr, Strahan explains. "Uniformity of appearance is highly Important for buildings In a group. Location Determines For instance, R poultry laying house or machine storage shed located near the farm house or other major buildings will rlgluly call for an asphalt shingle roof which conforms architecturally to the larger structures, while roll roofing might be (]Uite suitable if the building Is In an Isolated location." The agricultural engineer calls attention to the usefulness of color In enhancing the appearance of farm buildings. Real Estate Transfers H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to j George M. and Helen Lee, Lot, 3 In \ Block 2 of Country Club Drive Addition, $10 and other considerations, Ideratlons. James C. Elijah L. and Viola Thompson to I Jane Parish, Lot 9 In Block < of I Hol!lpet«r-Shonyo Addition, $290. Charlie and Mary Garrett to Jes- I sle and Hattle Oates, Lot 10 Block 5 of Sunnyslde Addition, $ I and other considerations. St. IxmLs Southwestern Railway I Company to Blythevllle Warehous I Company, southwest quarter o Section 10-15N-11E in Chlclcasawb I District, $1.303. J. F. and Maude C. Lent! to I George O.' and Essye Yates, wes and Prancine Walker to E. R. Shannon, Lots 28, 29 and 0 in Block "E" of Smith's Addl- ion to town of Leachvllle, $2,500. R. H, and Ellen Ezelle Hinsbn to James Vincent and Bettle ktttany, lx>t 11 In Block 7 of Highland Place Addition. $6,800. Hubert A. and Bessie Berdlne Taylor to R. E. and Nona M. Shaw, soulh 61 feet of the north 180 feet of Lot 5 in the Irregular division of the SE'4 of Section 9-15N-11E, M.OOO. George M. and Kclen Lee to A. and Pearl Vance. Lot 1 In NWM of Section 16; a'nd Lot 1 of the NEtt; and NEW of the NE',4 of Section 17-15N-13E containing 80 acres more or less, $10 and other considerations. Nomll and Ocraldine Lansing to City of Blythevllle, plot of land 16 by 151 feet In north»e»t corner j of Lot 4 ,ln, Lansing Addition, (1 and other considerations. O. J. and ZUlah Heuter to Leroy and Odessa Carter, Lots 1 and 3 us Block "D" of O. J. Heuten First Addition to town of LeachvUl*, $180. , Kemp E. and Mary Whtsenhunt to George A. and Mary E. Yat« Lot 4 In Block 2 of Farrls Simon Addition, $9,200. • Garbage Disposals New Garbage disposal units, one of the newest home equipment Items, are being installed by builders In 22.2 per cent of all ne» r homes, according to a survey. rooms so matches and candles won't be used. And here are some don'ts: I>on't hang extension cords over bare nails, which will gradually cut through the outer wrapping of the wires. Don't run extension cords under rugs where people can walk on them. Don't string extension cords through doorways where a door can close on them. Such constant wear will break the insulation and cause a short circuit. 200 feet a! Lot 4 In Block Country Club Area, $2.500. F. B. and Cecilia Margaret Joy- TltADITIONAL BEAUTV, COMFORT—Combining the beauty and dignity of traditional architecture I ^^ "oo'^Lof'ir/in'Block: Sl'of with moclcrr. Ideas, this house Is nn Interesting example of how classic lines can be retained in a compact I Dtiv ' w ' Acres 'subdivision, »1 and small home designed for maximum Jlvablllty. Bedrooms are arranged for utmost quiet, and privacy. Exterior other considerations, beauty Is enhanced by a well-proportioned chimney, red cedar roof and the use of gray clapboard siding Elizabeth Piles to Guy C. and combined with stone. All trim Is painted white. Walls and root are Insulated lull-thick with mineral wool to 5J»' Insure both summer ami winter comfort. Heat Is sup plied by a warm-air system with aluminum ducts. This O f'' UHJ Pr , 5co railroad rlgrit-of- attraetive Illinois home was created at a cost of $15,000, An attractive feature is the huge floor-to-celling way containing 12 acres more or bay window in the living-dining rcom. Also notable Is the harmonious design of the garage door. This helps less. t5,500. to disguise the garage and unify the two structures. > The greatest known ocean depth Is over 35,000 feet. HAVE YOU PAID LEVEE TAXES Will be in Blyriieville At Sheriff's Office For The Lost Time This Year All This Week Including Sat. Nov. llth. Osceola At Court House November 13th to 30th. November 30th is LAST day to pay Levee Taxes. Sea m« at those places or mail your check (with exchange) or Money Order (without exchange) to me at Wilson. EMILY P. TRAMMEL Levee Tax Collector Drawer 358 Wilson, Ark. Only 2 Permits Metal Furniture Finds Way Are Issued Into Varied Interior Types During Week Only two building permits representing S6.000 In building coste were issued last week at, the of flee'ol Joe Carney, city engineer. They were issued to the following: E. B. Chltvrood, to construct a six-room block house at the rear ol his residence at 501 N. 6, 'to be used for rental purposes. $5,000. Malcolm Doyle, add 2Vz rooms to residence on Lot "Q" In Block of South 21 St.. $1,000. 12 Sealer Now Developed for Covering Knots And Preserving Point A knot sealer to prevent paint over knots Irorn discoloring, peeling, checking or "alllgatoring" has been developed by the Western Pine Association. When applied over knots before painting, it stops \eachlng ol res- Im and makes knotted lumber suitable for many painted and enameled use*. This permits the use of common grades of lumber for economy In construction coats. The sealer comprises bakelite varnish, butyral resin and alcohol and Ls being manufactured by more than 50 paint »nd varnish , firms. Metal furniture, which rapidly Is hiding its wny Into almost every possible type of Interior, has cer- ain qualities which mnke it the deal choice wherever the situa- ,ion demands durability us well as jood looks and smart styling. Always popular In the home, either in dinettes, on terraces, In the yard or, lately In the living room, metal urniture's greatest use is in rooms where chairs must take a lot of use and abuse. That's one reason why you find so much steel furniture in offices, -restaurants, shops, even on military posts, where durability gets prime consideration, above all other factors. Beauty, Strength Combined The strong steel which goes into metal furniture usually is plated with chrome or with colorful baked enamel finishes. The outer beauty, plus, the Inward strength, makes these chairs and settees ideaJ for interiors where a lot of traffic can be expected, but where attractive appearance and design are still quite important. A great deal of metal furniture is found on military installations Naturally, the long life of meta furniture is what's important there But you also find the same pieces of equipment in the smarter shops where styling gets preference over durability. Tlie answer is, of course, that well-designed metal furniture will find a home just about anywhere. It blends in with the most luxurious settings. The new square tubed chrome furniture is especially harmonious in modern scenes, for it reflects the clean lines and simple structure that is typical of better design today. Anything as versatile as good metal furniture, which combines smartness with good appearance and prnc- tlcnl utility. Is bound to be In style, at east in any Interior. Oak Floor Specialists Frown on Soap, Water Oak floors, famed for their matchless beauty, show to best advantage when they are properly cleaned and waxed. Floor maintenance specialists disapprove of using soap and water for cleaning. Such treatment, If repealed frequently, may mar the finish, raise the ( grain of the wood and cause a rough surface. Special wax-base preparations which "dry clean" the floor are recommended. Jim and Mary Harry to R. E. Shaw, platted Irregular Lot 5 in SE'A of Section 9-15N-HE. S2.45Q. J. F... jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to Max John and Bessie Lee Mattes. Lot 21 In Block 9 of David Acres Subdivision, $6.750. Max J. and Bessie Lee Mattes to Thomas Earl and Willie Smaltey, Lot 20 in Block £ of David Acres Subdivision, J6//50. W. C. Gates to C. O. Eagan, Lot 5 In Block 5 of Wilson Third Addition, 1425. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to C. E. and Euapl Robeson. Lot 20 in Block "B" of Jolin B. walker Second Subdivision, $900. Buford and Bernlce Martin to M. C. and Iva M. Robinson. Lot 1 n Block 5 of Maybell Subdivision, j $1 and other considerations. Holly Development Corporation to Bertha L. Leyser, Lot 14, In Block 1 of David Acres Subdivision, »6,700. Clay and Elva Matthews to Homer Nunnally, Lot 14 In Sam Barnes Subdivision, $1 and other considerations. Claudie and Audrie Smith to Homer Nunally, Lot 14 in Sam Barnes Subdivision, $1 and other considerations. S. L. and Lizzie Mae East to WW. and Madriad McKemie, two and one-half acres in NWVi of the NWK of Section 15N-9E, $1,000. C. F. Pinkley to G. W. Potter, half acre In southwest corner of (HE AMERICAN DISIIUING CO., INC. N.«r York. P.kin,III.. Son F.oiulico.OL east half of SWV'i of SW'/. of Section 36-16N-10E, $1 and other con- Water-a Good Remover To remove old wallpaper, wet 1 with warm water. The water softens the wallpaper paste. Several applications ol water might be needed. St. Helena, where 'Napoleon was exiled, Is a south Atlantic Island. 30 GALLON ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Nationally Advertised Table Top Models \AJedinqhoii&<> $ O Q 50 ouAe Reg. 134.95 Value ORATER LAKE Named for its location, the crattr of an extinct volcano, this unusual Uteisknovm for the extraordinary Hucntss of its water. It is 2,000fe*t deep- has no inltt or outlet- arid whilt it is fresh water, it his never known to freeze.' PLENTY OF PEOPLE 1 U.S. water supply utUibti "" BOW serve over 85Mil!ion $7050 Reg. $100.00 Value 79 Builders Supply Co., Inc. S. Highway 61 Phone 2434 WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ..:USE IT FREELY! v Blythevllle Water Co. Blythevllle Ark. 9 QUALITY SERVICE FINEST MATERIALS DEPENDABLE SERVICE MODERATE PRICES "PETE" THE PLUMBER Phone 2731 These New Radiantube Cooking Unit* are the fastest in Ftigid- aire history I They're designed to put more heat into ulensils ofl over al all 5 cooking speeds— from "simmer" to" high." Cook mare evenly, faster; with leis current. And each unit tips up for quick, easy cleaning. Fatter than ever befor* — clean, cool and current-saving — that's th« newModel RM-27Frigid- air« Eleclric Range. Hat Frigidairt'J Exclusive Cook-Mast«r Oven Clock Control—and rnony delune feature* that make il the buy af th« year. See all these features! • Lifctim* Porcelain intid* and out « AticMUsiiting Porcelain Cooking Top • Double-Duty Thermiier • Twin-Unit Even-H»at-Oven • High-Sp««d Smok«l«»»-Typ« Bral1«r • Cook-Mait*r Ov*n Clock Control • Automatic Tim«-Signal • Fluor*»c«nt Cooking-Top lamp I i Adams Appliance Co., inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 W. Main.. .SALES & SERVICE.. .Phoiw 1071

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