The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY.^NOViatBEK 22, 1037 nfifiEiv "' PBH FOR Bl,YTHEVn,I,E. (ARK.) -lilni-Soinchocly Else Will Shoot "Em! Pme Peace Man Only Ceaseless Struggle Oi Forest Service Keeps 'Em Alive Chalk up another thankless task for the government—the jo'j of tlie Forrest Service In restockinj wooded regions with, wild turkeys—the same succulent , fo-.vl the, Pilgrim fathers established (is the official Thanksgiving bird. Killing wild turkeys was natural two or three centuries aso. will) millions roaming the woods. Now Kiev are rapid!r disapocarin-j. Forrest Service officials never have been able to persuade residents o? hack-woods areas 1)7,1 the bird should be protected and J!ol killed indiscriminately. Establishment of closed seasosn. they have learned, means almost exactly nothing to most of tlie rugged mountaineers, w|io. when they feel like a mess of turkey meat, just go out and shost "n turkey. One Bright Spot j So the government breeds and i i-aLses wild turkeys In eaclivitv, •' (hen uses them for restocking • puriwses in the forlorn hope that some will survive Ions* enough' to mate and Increase the supply. . The one bright spot in (lie For- • esl Service's problem is that wild ' turkeys, hounded bv hunters and ', with their nests and eggs attacked i by animals and snakes, arc becoming considerably more wily and harder to find than in the oltlcn days. : So far the best efforts of conservation officials io halt indiscrimi-! mto slaying of turkeys have been unavailing, in the backwoods areas i where they roam, residents cannot, be reached with conservation education. ; Farmers Need Them j For generations, these residents j and their forbears have had the right to hunt where and when: (hey pleased. Many don't even; know about the game protection • laws and wouldn't obey them if tlicv did. In mam- mountainous regions such as in the Ozarks and the western ranges, gamp wardens admit that it is impossible to enforce the protection laws. I Officials point out that protection of the wild turkey supply Is! important not only to prevent ex- j Unction of the variety but also to j aid agriculture. Biologists consider I wild tnrkeysito'be one of the bes^j control elements against grass-'! hoppers.. crickets, Ip=usts and other crop-destroying insects. In some regions even their first con- sins, the tame turkeys, have been drafted by farmers to cat insects which were threatening crops. iluioh .-.rivift' m Iliii'ibl/iny, pa Aug. 7, HW2, mid slnti-d Ills life M 21. Kiitvlliiii losldenls recalled l!un- kln us one of Wyoming's pioneer ranchers. oil' i> wall. Adults have co.,t mo a r .£S"u«c £• a (hoy ruined by Jnlis wllli ke-plcks." Mnrston ntldctl Dint lio miglil reserve the new building lor fmnlllM M-llli children. PAGE T^FfREE The Onliecl l&iws oi.-c which protect government mall, from rats anil mice. This u. s. Forest Rangor has a thankless job, for mountaineer families probably will shoot most »t ;he u-llcl turkeys iviil, which he I* i,reiiariii s (o ve-tcck the Bravi-i- Dam Garni-' Ktfyc in Vli- ?mm. The turkeys are Urecl i» captivity an,] periodically, the forest service never losln- hop"! .hat .some clny it may get ahead of the gim-tolitig moui.tninem who defy gn n lc | ttws „,,„ s)lo ° ot ,j', c >irds. While visiting in New York. Viscount Cecil of Cliclwoocl, former Uritish cabinet member anil one of (ho principal drafters oC the Lenfltie of Nations covenant, received word that lie had been awarded (lie $40,000 Nobel Peace prize (or 1937. their birth, they look fond memo- in books that have, liecon Jriui. Ilannn Funeral Home was cliaiyt 1 of the arrangements. ries them ami were always I "Book lice have happy when they coulti return and •' or moldy. exchange greetings 'pals'." been damp known with oU-time Several Farms Figure i In Realty Transactions ever since there have been cnlo- mologists, tlie scientist said, but only iiiic,'. tlieir increased Invasions of 'home ntid ninirlinenls have they attracted much attention. Entomologists blame in o d t r n structures because they "contain much scaled dampness—just the Much property has been bought i 'ype the "book, louse" seeks. and sold in this seoton recently, i Technically, the insect is a Among Die larger farm deals was | psocld. 'he purchase of 205 acres by Fred ' Warren from widnerynd tlie sale of 560 acres by Ben H. Harris. Mr. Wan-en paid almost $20,000 TL i. VJ n for the land purchased from J. w.; I hat Kidnaped DOV Widner, which is north of Blythc- ville between Yarbro and Numter Nine, near another farm owned by l!r. Warren. «ct(ln» to be old men." so wrote Commander George E. Frlssel of the George H. Ward Post. O. A. R.. lii announcing discontinuance of Half Moon News the eight living members three live ouLstde the city, and tliree oth- ITS are confined to their beds Down Strike At Body Plant Is Ended IT- 1 Ci II J A D- i tagle StUtted AS bird Mr. Harris sold a Cochran of Reiser, a tract nar Morehouse, VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP)-Dall Tom. a Mayne Island Indian, once had the experience of being kid- naped by an eagle, according to legend. Mo., which lie had purchased from One day in 1888, when Tom was E. H. Nash, of Memphis. W. M. a moss-wrapped papoose lyiim on Burns was the agent. - '— - •• Mrs. Joe Alexander, Jr., has ymr- leased the lart^e residence, on Ash Hreet near the Greyhound Bus station, from Mrs. Eula Rutledge, who Hns owned this house foe many years. Mrs. Alexander has operated n rooming and boarding house there for some time. Among the smaller farm acreages sold has been the 30 acres Joe >j-i-r bought from Mrs. Lucy Clark Ledtetler. a seashore Indian encampment, a giant bald-headed eagle swooped down and flew off with him to the accompanying- wail of the squaws. A white man named Collinson rushed to the scene with his rifle, according to the legend, with the eagle circling higher and flying ever the water In the direction of Galiano Island. Collinson ordered the Indians to follow the bird in their canoe. Tlie white man fired a shot to frighten the eagle. Inking care not to alm'too close for fear of hiltlng the .-•,.-.,. „.,. , .-, _ . . 'Science rears Kapid '"'••~i • nf <n i i • ic T^ 8 startled eagle dropped Dan Increase Of DOOk Lice | Tom into the sea, where he was picked up minutes later by a canoe. Ohioans Mourn Harry Of Tom and Dick Trio RAVENNA. D. (UP)—To the nation the death of Henry jlf. Robinson was the i)assln a of a friend and confidant of Presidents; to Ravcnnans, the loss of one of their most illustrious sons. Robinson, one of three sons ot Judge and Mrs. George P. Robinson, was-born and reared in Ravenna. He was "Harry" of the popular Roliinsou brother trio. "Tom. Dick and Harry." Thomas L. Robinson, and Richard H, Robinson. "Tom and Dick.' arc now in New York and Minneapolis, respectively. The Robinson brothers' earl; lives are well remembered by Ra- vennans. "Tom, Dick and Harry." were popular for their good fellowship anct. common .'democracy," their old friends recall. "Although long removed from the home of MEMPHIS. Tcnn. (UP)—They loii't bite, they don't infest col thing, and they don't carry disease. Still. Dr. E. A. Back, who attended the pest Control Association convention' here, said "book lice" soon may be s r,ited us "Public Pest No. 1." The tiny, almost transparent 1n- : ect does little if any property tlamage, according to Dr. Back, but it's "annoying quantities and qualities'" already have warranted i Department o[ Agriculture investigation. Dr. Back said the "book louse'" " uol related to the "book worm," However, it oiten is found on or Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON Succeeds City Dnij Store We Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 2014 W. Main Phone 20 . Dan Tom Li now ti man of about 50. The caile. which was shot immediately afterward, has been stuffed, and is on view in tlie provincial museum at Victoria, G. A. R. Post Has 8 Now; Once Largest In U. S. WORCESTER, Mass. (UP)—"Our youngest, 89; ow eldest, 07. We are Mich,. Nov. 22. (UP) —Five hundred sit down strikeVs in the closed plant of the Fisher Body Corporation terminated th?li- six-day strike today after Homer Martin, president of the United Automobile Workers Union, had pleaded with them for more than .in horn- to return to work. Misses Hole ••";! line Polf sj)t IJo.vil poff. Harry Buck Is visiting relatives in Senath, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williams of West Helena, sjient the week-end with Mrs. Williams' mother, Mrs. John liichanlson. Jesse Brake of Bells City, Mo., visited'Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexander lust week. Miss Thelma Evans, of Memphis, 'lie week-end guest of- her sis- Owner Of Flat Seeks Renters With Children! HEKKKU5Y. Cal. <U1>>—OIU U. j Miiniton. anailmcut house owm>r here,\reversd (he usual order of things when he advertised for tenants with children. i A styii hanging before <i touiul »<•«• nuiirtmctit house building here said: "Tor llcnl. Children Prefer-! red.' ' Miuston, n properly owner ' for inort- than '20 years, revealed that' he hud finally convinced himself lhat It Is more uiuliluble to rent mi apartment. [Int. or homo to ft 'ii"U' w|M> emlciren, ''It's ttikcn in a long (lino to rnl»,e llmi children iiren't liulf so j destructive as adults, but now I know It's true." He explained; ''In my experience* all the children have ever done I was scuff n Htilc iralnt or plaster YOUNG WOMANHOOD Q ROWING i;irU x arc often sufferers frnrn female ir- rfuularilicj, pains, I rt> in nervousness, uritalnlSty unit ills- comforts associated with fimclional ilis- t (i r li a ti c e s. Dr. I'icrce's I'avurile Pri'Scrijition is the vcudabk tcnlic I" Ive )oor ilauxlitcr ai null tltup*, Hra*l •liat Mrs. M. llyi.l nf l»l tlalMdun SL, lfi^(.'ixcf, Okl.i., j.ilih ".Vty dA«iRlitrn *--• il llr. I'ir ' '• - - ' • The (|UllLs of licil^choas arc used lor anatomical pinu by Knsllsh surgeons since lliy arc rustproof. A FINANCIAL 1'I.AN l-'OH HVHKY MAN TIIK HAMILTON "rilUSTPUND rrospectus Avullnble J. C. Hvans nos CO! lllylliovllle, Ark. SPECIAL 40c HOTEL NOBLE Merchants I'Jalc Lunch "Where HospKallty |« 'a Icmlc „_-.. o icll^e ime of uliiur liiiiillinal ilMiitluncrs." iJny ncnvl Nc\v si/r, uhkU 5(V. H.W antl ?I.3J. UIUK iCoecs mrywliti ter, Mrs. E. B. Walker. Civil War Army Paper Unearthed In Wyoming Mrs. Willie May Glover HAWLINS, Wyo. (UP) — A Civil VVnr army discharge, nearly 75 years old, made out lo Private James O. Rankln, Company A. 135th Saturday Morning! Pennsylvania Hcglmcnl, wns found (jtlll legible, although jiellowcd with age, the document revealed its original owner had entered the Funeral services were held yesterday at the Manila Baptist church for Mrs. Willie May Glover, 24, who died Saturday morning at her home on Route three after a short illness. The Rev. W. P. Flowers, ol the Little River community, conducted the service. •She is survived by'her husband, C: A. 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