The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS irf Holland News Notes Everotle Milts arrived here Sun. • day from Siirtell, La., where he li'ns been Hie E»esl ol his inollicr, Mrs. J. M. Smith for live month:. ''.' , He will allciKi hl?li school here, *f' making homo wi'.'n Mr. nnd Mrs. J John Colioon. » Miss Helen Cohoon, daughter of •* Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cohooii, rcUirn- Jj cd Sunday from Cn)K v Gir.irdrau •V where she visited her''slslcrs, Mrs. Uiissell Devore and Miss Huzel Co-.. hoc-,', students at Southeast Missouri Teachers college. Mrs. D.u-e Lovoll o( SI. l.ouls Is here visit livt her husand, who J)r .will remain wilh Mr. and Mrs. M. •* ** K, Bailey until January. He- i-s connected with n SI. Louis land company. • Mrs. Frank Henderson aceom- '*<' ;pan'.cd Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cor- 1 ' 'rcll lo Spring Creel; and other points in Tennessee Thursday where they visiled E. I.. Philips nnd [laughter, Mrs. C. M. TtintnT- lakc, nnd olher relaties until Sunday. : » Mre. Joo Lester and son nnd, daughter have returned from n j week's visit with Mr. inul Mrs. L.I Ii. l.e.'IC!' at Poplar Bhiff. .John Hfirt, and li!s father. James j Hrirl, returned to their liomc ai j Evamvlllc. Tnrt., list wcvk after r. few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. j Jim Cohcon and family. ; Mr. and Mrs. Hubeu Ut:ey drove , to I'adurah. Ky.. las: week for a I short visit vitli Mrs. Utiey's moth-' cv. Mrs. M. Samuels. Gvm-'Tlay" ,11 Y.I Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hnwcrn have ' relir.n?d to Iheir !io:n;> In Delroil . after u brief vacation with Mr. Howcrn'5 father, W. M. Howcrn. ! John Oates. Raymond Atkins nnd; B. Wllford arc in Calico Hork. Ark. where they will be st/ittm'.cd for six months In a C. C. C. camp. Miss Evangelinc London and! Wilbur Head of Puxico. Mo., were | week end guests of Mr. and Mrs, • Ira Zaliner. | Mis. Mvrlle Rov.'c of Dowajine, ] Mich.. Mrs. Raymond Oliver of : Cape Ciirarrtcau. Mrs. Lcllu Ko'.ve of Chicayo atu] Mrs. Opal nhimer ; of Cape Oirarcleau, the Ir.lter n! dnughler of Mr. and Mrs. Tod j Bcsl. were quests of Mr. mid Mrs. ' Bc.'l Inst week. : (all from 25 t o 15 «nts. W woo tack husliuwi lost when 3.2 tors t|K-ni':| in El I'uso. _THURS1UY, XOVEMBRR 2, 1933 church Tuesday nfter- eu'iiing. of ll'.e Four Hayti — Personal cicli, LI memb-.'r of the club wim i^ to leave .'.cjii, Tuciilay vvcni:i3. , Km. niunili-i: was tr.e rcc!j):em ot. ;il!lCL ' the de;iar!inei!l Mclhcxlbt noon. The seventh grade class enjoyed I n y rt sc c!nb cavt a surprise mis- ]a Hallowe'en p.uly at liie iiamc ol | c '. c • I1 ; !ll;;oil '> i-.niverjrr MM. M. '.'icn-, ••• • ---^^====- = ===~:r==-c:-.zr--r=- , Jojni .Mlichcl] Trslnor. Ksllier Bar. kcvll?. and Mary D.ivis received i|.ilncs Icr high score in the tianies. ' 'I iie sc-nbr higli school cLisa held '•a H.illuwe'cn ( at tile BJ'III- :i:.'.:iuin Tuesday evening. There • '.'(-ix alnnt forty sludviils present, v/ho enjoyed gamm ar.J contests Lriny the evening. Ail catne cos- and the pri-a-s for the tv;o McDon- 1 ICC Million Free Trees i llAlililSBUIlc;, pa, (up>_ The & IH'paitmciit of I-'oV-K' has distribulcil P' ^F _\. .. .. t . e^t and Water:; lOli.WU.OOO trees "free :: Cimiilnxliai a:-' of Mrs. V cl-i-s rn-l Utility lov.'ly Ki Mrs. violet flcpkii,:; of Cliiiil v.'as the giifSv ui iu'r mother, M U. ii. Hsiye.s Tiusday. foreslratton state. chnrije" i ian its i'j. I movement, in the'* ^^ rs. Kl!m ,^ "-d and C.le,, Martin. Canada was reported at a mcet- Hev. J. W. Cininina- ' Miss Marguerite Bimnuidier en- ' ju 5 O f the Dominion Executive of! , ''•i-latiK'd a number of her friends the Canadian '-'H' a parly at li?r ImaiL' Tuesday I :-o:-lallon here I:.::; I. • V.'iiiiKiii's llisslonnry .society i-t ill; Mi':hi:j:.ii cli'.jri'h surprised! .•>::.,. IU-e liryant v,ilii a farewell W .'i:o»o:- at lit.-;- home 'niesday eve- fc* Hill's. Ti;c liotiurt-cl RUCSI was the j K ntl]:.!'i;t i:l many luvely B His. >!is I. I). Hrashsr was lios'.e.s lo I!'.. WwiunV: Mi.-..ilo«3ry Union in ):!•: liom? Wednrsda; nfterncon' v. 1th fiiiu-n ni'jinl'er.s and oiw vi»i-i t In.', V.n. W. K!:ourii'. • ! Mis. Jai'i: i>hill!pi w a s l-.c:;lr.<s to' I t'.'.e Ai:ii rulosrlson class at the Manufacturers As-' Kidneys 'i their favorite playmate., thi-- little kitty, but the Walton twins of Philadelphia arc [joins to he :i iL' wary about sendins him;; atom the lioiise hereafter. When Jimmy I'hi.sed the pel from Hie kitten Jump:d on a closet shelf, dislodged a shofgin; \vhich dlscliargcd head. She Is shown at left recuperalinB at a Ills bcUnwin ll'.e other day, or. fallhrj. (he biicks'iol woundin.; sister llclrn In ti:e Plilhiilclphlii hos]) That's Jimmy and the "playful" kitten at riglu. Sleclc Socicly — Personal i Miller o! 'Jrunlli! City spcnl shining example oT"\vhal persev- v.'cek end iicre with their sister, eiencc will bring in the way of -Mrs. w. 11. Little. reward. She entered a bcH in a Mr.s. Dick Michk' was hostess "BlBKcst Beot" sugar conlst, spon- 'I'ut'sday tvniliit! at her home In sored by the newspaiKr here. The Cooler in the members of the i bret welched 15 pounds giving her •"'• lead in tlie contest. Jjhn Oarl- riimuncr-U'ilsoti IX K. Kellcy of JnckMni. Mo., is N "'- "»d M™. W. here for an imleflinlie visli with' IlilVL ' aniinur.ced the Sum. and Mrs. W. I. Myers. l !ici >' d:r,ii;hlcr. Miss Mrs. N. Knrrens nnd sons ylsli- TU. Plunnncr inarrl»f;c of Orphla Mac, to Mr. Oille Wilson. Tlw ceremony performed October 21. . The bride attended high school ! l-.en Youni; Midiuiii club and llielr! llic- j husbands al a Hallowe'en party.' Mrs. Kaye Wtille won the high Isnnrn nvlvt> al bridge and Mrs. cd Mr. and Mrs. Norman Saturday nnd Sunday. : -'Dnllas Hirdin of Flint. Mich.,! 1 '- t1 ' 1 ' a "d is r.tlivc in Ihe Bapllsl airlvcd Monday fora week's visit i church. Mr. Wilson Is the son of with friends. Mr. and Mrs I Mr. Leonard Ricliard 1 and ion Charles Ho.ud were In Hayli Sunday lo s:'e Mr. and Mr.s. L-. Jolly of mint. Mich., who arc visiting relatives (here. Mr. and Mrs. Jolly left Sunday evening for Bloomfkld. Mo., lo visit Mrs. Jolly's inolhcr. Mr. and Mrs. ThroJorv Kifc: 1 i retjijncd\^'ursi}^yi\oj Kc-w.Vlton', La.. I after--a ; short ivislp Oicre vltli Ihelv parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. McCor mick and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kifer. Miss Ovn Kifer accompanied Ihem and will be their guest, un• lil December. ai\:l Mrs. Waller Wilson, who live on a farm near Slcele. He attended school here. seore John prbe McClure won brl<lgc held low score. Perseverance Won Beet Prize for Woman I.OVKt,AND. Col. (UP) — Amanda Carlson. Lovclair.l, son, a nolgtibar, entered a licet weighing 15 pounds H ounces. Mrs. Carlson went back In her field, dug over Iwo days, and tuu nc:es o( ground, and tiirncd up a prize winner weighing 17 pounds four ounces. Juarez Seeks Itridjre Tull Cut JUAUEZ, Mexico (UP)— Juarez Mi's.: business men arc .-eeking a rcdue- 1s i\ltloi~ in the Interinitionnl bridge Over Grown rigs Ruined 1933 Crop MEKCED. Csl. (UPl—If incllvi:!- tial tips hadn't grown IDO hirge lor (heir skins. Hie fin crop in tins section wouldn't liave been a 70 ]»r cent failure. Agricultural Commissioner D. P. Whi'Dlcr said. Tlie figs, he sMl were over-fer- Uiizcd to the extent liial liiey ix.trst thrir skliu and b:can>e valueless. Miss Marlon Wright spent last week end in Memphis with Irlends. ] l.e^ler L'.iU'j, Ic-cal incrchiiul. who j has been In Campliell's Clinic for! £lx weeks. Mas brought, lo the liome of his parents In Blylhcvllle Sun- He; is much improved. ,, v ....s. ' Ellis -( Hodg& 'returned .loj 1,1. [her hoinft 'here Sulirtny after an | i'Mcmied visli wltli relatives In I Clnrksjlnle. Miss., and Memphis. | and Mrs. Jack MeCraii; of i Nclhcrland, Mr. and Mr.s. Leonard Mc-Craig of llailsvillo. Ala., were dinner Rnesii of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rlckard Sunday. Mr.s. Albert Jordan and daughter. Miss Patty, spent Sunday in Lcpanlo with the ialler's sisler, Mrs. Dun Poili) jr. Mrs. II. A. Spruce and Ihc Misses Jane Boyle and Margavet Q/.- iH'.-nt spenl Wrtlnescliiy in Osccola with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Rhodes aiul Mrs. Rebel Jolinsun spent Sunday in Memphis. Miss Effic Miller and D. W. LET Us KEEP YOUR FORD LIKE NEW NE\V FORD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN . Ask about our Special Inspection Service Here's jus; thi: thinj; you've been !<vj!;ini> for— a periodic "check-up" of your auturaoiiilc at a low price. For a small charge, ux-'ll give your car a thorough inspection and icll yen exactly what the car nccth to be ktpt in the bcsc possible condition. 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CAUTFIl'4 I.1TTI.K I.IVKll J-II.IS (o C « U.CM t.o pounds of lule flo^ri.ff [ntly anj make yo^ lnl "i.|i ml c].." Tiny ccNliin woixlrifo!. h-f[n!.5a. ti-nlle Vi-rlablp ciiiacts, air.aziiw »^rn it romrd to making tho bila flow ftctly. Uul don't s^kfwf livcrjiilia.AsklorClrtet'i I.iuk- l.ivi-r l'L!:i. I-«jV [or Iho r.ano . l' 3 ,i.,t'.'-l,. l.iv,., 1'il'i 0,1 d.» red ]a!-il. Urjtclm5ubititiiu..2acaldnM "loin. 0 1231 C. M. Co. «CK e're proud of our V><UlJli (IT'S BEEN ON THE JOB-SUCCESSFULLY-SINCE 1902) JJfjr '5 '' Ntw Deaf" fun'iW I fiat utt inttfhamlisr f>ass inifttclinn. Today scitnlifictesls hike the pface of thamb method's and rnntinut ;£kis; tradition—an that you sort safely ul i That's one reason why thet. Pehney Stores stand so squarely b&hiiid the Blue Eagle and the "New DEAL' A "CODE" of fundamental principles on which the management of every Penney store would be based was set down when J. C. Penney established his first store just thirty-one years ago. Though it never had that designation, this "code" or set of rules was founded on principles surprisingly similar to those symbolized by the Blue Eagle insignia of loday's "New Deal." Wages should provide for decent standards of living. Child labor was smelly ruled out. Employees should have not only a voice in management, but should he given an opportunity to sliare in ownership ns well. Every item of merchandise had to be plainly marked . •. sold for exactly what it was. Wasteful piacticcs would not be tolerated, strict economy nnd operating efficiency were to keep selling costs down, the s.ii'/ngs tverc to he passcc/ on fo the buying public. These arc matters about which we hear much today. In tfie mercantile world of 1902 they were almost unheard of. THE PENNEY IDEA—many merchants of that day called it "suicidal"—proved to be founded on foresight and business common sense. It worked.- Customers found that the lower prices ot Penney stores actually meant better value, not cheaper goods. More and more stores were established. Today there are nearly fifteen hundred of them, cacti locally managed to seive the local needs of ils community. But c.-ich store enjoys the advantage of a central purchasing staff that not only knows good values, but knows where to fmd them. And every Penney customer enjoys the lower prices which this, skillful management and buying on a national scale make-possible. '-• THE "NEW DEAL" at Pcnney's is in effect'now. as it lios'lsccn for thirty-one years. It offers values to meet the requirements of every member of the family. XC. Penney Incorporated * • The"NK\v ORAL" for Every Family The Penney "New Deal" has brought direct benefits in millions of people through vhrcc ecnera- lions. These benefits- -direct saving* in money and the satisfaction of honestly maiic merchandise—aic yours Tor the taf:ing. . The success of the Penney idea wos not won overnight. Difficulties, prejudice, obstacles liad lo be overcome- But they were overcome . . . through solid cooperation, through organization. . No wonder that these Penney fissocialcs — today more than t wen I y-one t hon sand — st and squarely behind the national "New Deal" and have confidence that it will biing better conditions to every Family. Today Penney stores offer specially attractive values, martc ix>*$ib!c through purchases rr.adc before the present high levels were reached. You arc iiwHed lo inspect these values, compare them with what you can fcd elsewhere. You arc invUed, too. to.visit an organization which has proved through three decades that the principles of today's "Nuw Deal" arc entirely sound and practical to carry out. and see the new Fall USES Jersey Kainenal- In Ihc brsl I'M shades: Checked flanrcf backing'. MISSES' IU.ANKKT KOI? Fpncy dcsljns. 'i- pcfket;; Haven girdle, billions lo Ol ()O milch: Siie; 8 to JG O-i-.-'U, -2.-19 1'S SilKtrt! Comfortable! Flannel Pajamas $1,23

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