Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on February 22, 2004 · 164
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 164

Hartford, Connecticut
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
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-4 FINISHING TOUCHES MR. DURHAM: And there was a second attempt to kill him at a rotary. MR. SALEMME: Right. MR. DURHAM: In that one he lost his hand, but there was some other collateral damage to houses and stuff. :V- JH. MR. SALEMME: There were ricochets. It was a rural area, but there was still houses around, and : those high powered weapons, they hit and they ricochet and they travel. There was some collateral damage, as John said, to houses around. So I had a conversation with Paul about it afterwards. He said boy, that was a sloppy piece of work.';;' MR. WILSON: So you had a conversation with Paul Rico about that second attempt to kill McLaughlin? I- , , MR. SALEMME: Right. MR. WILSON: To the extent you can remember, and I know it's a long time ago, what did you tell him and what did he say to you? '. MR. SALEMME: See, Paul had a way. Paul was a very shrewd individual. He'd make it like, he'd have the papers and say boy, what a sloppy piece of work that was, otherpeople could have got hurt. There were a lot of other words and a lot of other conversation in with that, but the bottom line is Paul, 1 don't have his address, he's a tough guy to pin down, but I don't know where his starting point is. , MR. WILSON: So you told Rico you didn't know where he was? . ' - , t. ; MR. SALEMME: Right. Within a day or two days he came back, and he'd just be patting your shoul-der like he usually does, and he hit my hand, I went like this, he kept walking, and there was a piece of paper with an address, and I didn't have to ask anymore. I knew who it was. It was I Ielcn Kro-nis, Punchy's girlfriend or common law wife or whatever. So I went out and started to work on that, and I put the finishing touches on that within three or four days. MR. WILSON: So you're at Revere Beach and Paul Rico has told you Robert Daddeico's going to testify. Is that correct? MR. SALEMME: Right. MR. WILSON: And he tells you to get out of town? MR. SALEMME: Right. MR. WILSON: Does he tell you anything else at this time? MR. SALEMME: I'm sure there was conversation, but I can't remember just what again, in retrospect, he didn't have to say too much to make me go.... MR. WILSON: If you can walk us through what happened next with your departure from the Bos-ton area. MR. SALEMME: Well, we drove to Illinois, to Chicago. MR. WILSON: Let me back you up here. It's my understanding you left with Stephen Flemmi and Peter Poulos and got a car from Peter Poulos. Is that correct? MR. SALEMME: I don't know if we got the car from him or my garage. I'm not sure. I think it was a Cadillac we left in, so it might have been from the garage. We had access to plates. At that time we had direct access to the registry of motor vehicles. We could go anywhere in the city and get identification, get plates, talk to jurors after hours at night in the court, anything. We had that kind of access in the city of Boston. But we drove to Chicago, and then we flew to Los Angeles from Chicago. Now, they were going to stay out there, but I didn't think it was a good idea for us to stay together. I don't know how long I stayed there. I don't even think I left the airport. But I flew back to New York, and I hooked up with a fellow by the name of William Candelmo, who was a king man with Raymond Patriarca, with our New England group, and I stayed there. Steve stayed in L.A. and eventually drove back with Poulos, and he eliminated Poulos in Las Vegas, in Clark County. Now, we got some kind of papers or informal ion from Los Angeles while we were down in Plymouth that prints of Poulos and Flemmi were found in some rooming house or some house in Los Angeles. And when they found the body in Las Vegas they put out an anest warrant for him ' and I. And lie ends up in New York, Steve Flemmi. He goes to Billy Candelmo s store. There were different places that we had around so in case of emergencies you can go to these people. ... We stayed in Billy's apartment on 8th Avenue and 45th Street. The "Man from La Mancha" was playing right across the street. I used to look out and watch the lines. That's the year it was. But I got into a conversation, why did you do that to Pete Poulos, there was no plan to eliminate Poulos. He would have been a threat, you know, he witnessed . , ; Wimpy's murder, he drove Walter there, he would have been a threat. And I said I don't even think Peter Poulos got indicted. To the best of my knowledge, he never got indicted for either 'one, the car bombing or the Billy Bennett murder. William and Edward Bennett were brothers. We didn't know he wasn't getting indicted, and that's why he earned But to eliminate him like that, Steve, you know, come on. Oh, it had to be done, he would have been a weak link, they would have made a witness out of him. That's what happened to him. .-. MR. WILSON: Just to back up for a second, . you've come back to New York, Poulos and Stephen Flemmi are still out in Los Angeles, and then : at some point after that Stephen Flemmi comes to New, York. Is that correct? MR. SALEMME: Right, by way of Las Vegas. - , , MR. WILSON: Let's leave that out, because you don't know that's happening at that point. But you see Stephen Flemmi, you come to this place in New York, and what does he tell you? When did you first learn that Poulos had been killed? MR. SALEMME: It was on the news. It came on the news. MR. WILSON: So you learned about it from the news before talking to Stephen Flemmi? MR. SALEMME: Right. Billy Candelmo found out because he used to go back and forth to Providence just to talk to Raymond, to talk to JP, Raymond's brother, when Raymond was back in ACI in Rhode Island. Joe Patriarca would go see him and talk to Billy and see what was happening, keeping abreast of things, so he learned that Peter Poulos got killed MR. WILSON: At that point did you know where Stephen Flemmi was? MR. SALEMME: When I found out about Poulos, no, but I knew he was there. I mean, I knew Poulos was with him, so it was just a simple deduction to figure out what happened. When I saw it MR. WILSON: So when is the next time you saw Flemmi? MR. SALEMME: When he came to New York. MR. WILSON: And did he tell you what happened? MR. SALEMME: Yes, that he would have been a weak link, that he had to do it. .. . That would be his way of operating. He wouldn't do that in front of her, but he'd want to solidify his safety, to travel with a woman and not be traveling alone. He got stopped, too, he said, by a Las Vegas state trooper and he had all kinds of material in the trunk. I said, what do you mean. He said he had a shovel and a rope and all that shit in there. He had a gun under the seat. They didn't hold him, but they did stop him. I don't know if there's any record of that, but they stopped him, him and Poulos, but he couldn't put him under. He said the desert's not soft. I said, what were you thinking, it's the Sahara? I said this is Nevada, this isn't North Africa. MR. DURHAM: Well, you said he wasn't a planner. MR. SALEMME: Definitely not a planner, no. The word to describe Steve Flemmi was a spontaneous reactor. If you messed with either one and two or two and one, forget it. D (S3 xJ UttUvSwfaarmats CMHrttCkMnLHn MnTstUaiyltoMT -9 Kids' Allowances 3t.bE Every Monday in Life. Sfie 2artfor& ourant. See whats in it for you every cay. NORTHEAST THE SUNDAY MAGAZINE OF THE HARTF0RDC0URANT EditorJENIFER FRANK Managing Editor STEPHANIE SUMMERS Assistant Editor DAVID FUNKHOUSER Design Editor MELANIE SHAFFER Photo Editor BRUCE MOYER Copy Editors MEG DUPONT, ANNE FARROW Staff Writers JOEL LANG, TOM PULEO, DEBORAH PETERSEN SWIFT Contributing Writer BOB SUDYK Interns SCOTT CONNOR, MARYBANAS CONTACT US BY LETTER to Northeast 285 Broad St, HarttoniCT 06115 BYE-MAI to northeastcourarrt.com. BY PHONE 860 241-3700 Manuscripts must be accompanied by stamped, self -addressed envelopes. See Northeast online at www.ctncw.comnortheast Northeast magazine is published by The Hartford CouranC contents 62004 The Hartford Courant Co. "Nickname Game" by Merl Reagle ACROSS 1 RattlerS need 6 Dusters target ,10 Fair one in fairy tales, 16 Dandy , ''. 19 Finding :, (research goal) 20 King with three daughters 21 Noted cow owner 22 Profit add-on 23 " " (great actor but not-so-great golfer?) 26 Herb you may regret buying? 27 Some pipes 28 Took action against 29 Split (up), as proceeds 31 Card hugs 32 Increases 33 " " (writer of a popular sundae column?) 37 Bank add-on 38 Presidential 39 Like some victories 40 Style of a room 43 Concerning ; 44 Shes Shirley on TV 46 " " (author with a smooth writing style?) 49 Spoil ' 54 VIPs introduction 55 Law symbol 56 Fathers 57 He's handy in the Andes 58 Space walk, to NASA 59 Chick on the piano . 61 Ms. Zadora 62 Bomber technology 63 " " (actor who's willing to work for a price?) 67 Potions 69 Where Lawrence is: abbr. 70 Wee hour 71 Kramdens sound effect 74 Geometry giant 75 Devilfish 77 Abby'stwin 78 Wizard of Oz farmhand 79 Some Japanese-Americans 80 " " (film star-turned-hairstylist?) 83 Country singer Fricke 84 Young Taylor 85 Of prisons 86 Actress who wed David Duchovny 91 Minimal teams 92 Adornment for Ho i B B p S fP P P P r"4 In liJ hJ i4 M f""T' p? ' 19 J 20 : ''1 , ) " LiJ , i ; f , 23 '4 & & . ,,.., Ua 5f 1 ; FS?r fmmtmmmmtf 31 f"- $ K U W Lj Lj . n,pjiwii.iui..rJ J r: ! iS iammf-.d LJ m .' lu.j j.j.. n . . ij 40 41 i rfj-a 44 j4, , " 4 Jy-- io- ' If! Ul :.""Ft;t:,j,a- . L1 --J St J"? : eu ffsi J7 m mm x . k- ' mumm 63 M r b! M : Ujtya Li.riT"-itf : ' ffsr-" rt-T" f""Ti fi u - pkj-- b fmfj f")' i r? .-iJj"- fj pi W ; ST Pl "it 1 1 I . LJ tat 101 llffi . i 104 rSIM 106 10 106 lis Tio iTT F ;i fj iti ; nB i Tie . I 'T? l ' U I I L-3 ' ' t-J I 1 1 1 93 " " (first guy to say, " I don't like your type face"?) 96 Slammer 97 Lit. monogram 1 00 Tony winner Moore 101 Tonys Trapeze co-star 102 Only okay 104 An ex of Mickey 105 " " (early American Who liked gettin' down occasionally?) 110 Solaris author 111 Singer Julius 112 Buster? 113 ArtistEl ; 114 Compass pt. 1 1 5 Rights slogan on 70s bumper stickers 116 Spew like oil 117 Less risky DOWN 1 1921 defendant 2 "Bless you" preceder 3 Pack animal 4 Julia's Oscar role 5 Firefighters, often 6 A suit 7 Field marshals? 8 Clumsy one 9 Panel hosts, e.g. 10 Wooden pin 11 Tom Jones hit, "She's - 12 Tweetys voice 13 Bag, in brand names 14 Long introduction? 15 Actress Carter et al. 16 Passionate 17 Body of work 18 on (victimized) 24 Numskull 25 Decide officially 30 "Danged know" 33 Undercover device 34 Arm bones 35 Hip '60s types 36 Use binoculars, maybe 37 Very alluring 38 Physicist Sakharov 40 HAL's deactivator 41 Ht. 42 Baked artwork 43 Up (indignant) 44 Quaint souvenir 45 "And .every word!" 47 On the train 48 Take a little bit from 49 Crest rival 50 Aussie gem 51 Hammer type 52 Do studio work 53 Morse bit 57 Nearby 59 20 of DLXV 60 Acid neutralizer 62 Candle holder 64 Hot-rod rod 65 KnightS weapon 66 Cousins of gurus 67 Bard's nightfall 68 Parisian pronoun C20O4 by M.Reagle 72 69 Acr. neighbor 73 Feeling fine 75 Frenzied 76 Adding up (to) 78 Teutons two 80 Malrauxs Fate 81 Elks' org. 82 Premieres 83 Write quickly 86 Husky treat? 87 Ace's value, at times 88 Burning 89 Stow throw 90 Allow 91 Where to live and learn? 92 Castor and Pollux's mom 94 Humiliate 95 Mountain cats 96 Fowl pole? 97 Staff symbol 98 Funny Fanny 99 Man of La Mancha 102 The3MCo.etal. 103 Soup veggie 106 Musical sensitivity 107 Rod squad?: abbr. 108 Delight 109 Flagstaff sch. VOL 10 IS HERE! For info on ordering signed copies of Mert's puzzle books, send an SASE to: Crosswords, Box 15066, Tampa FL 33684. Or visit www. sundayaxtsswords.com. The Flashback Contest A mystery photo from our archives xjji i ,1 V V. LAST WEEK'S PHOTOGRAPH: This 1 986 photograph shows deteriorating walls on both sides of a brook flowing through Dudleytown, a once-thriving section of Cornwall that some people claim is haunted. Most of the folks who wrote in thought this was Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam, but some people knew the correct spot. The winner is Tom Meehan of Windsor Locks. THIS WEEK'S PHOTOGRAPH: Can you tell us three things about this photograph: the year, on the nose, that it was shot; the event; and the name of the gentleman in the center foreground? Please do not enter the contest unless you have an answer for all three questions. Write to Northeast Flashback, 285 Broad St., Hartford, CT 061 1 5, or e-mail your answer to northeastcourant.com. Please be sure to include your daytime and evening phone numbers and a home address. We need to receive entries by the end of the day Tuesday, given our deadlines. Elliot Spelter's Cryptogram UJTQ TPL ZY BUMGXMPD UR UJT GTMEMPD, UJT XMUGJTP BURST MB PRU VYYTVEMPD, QRZIC GRRXMPD YRU IMEE CTGRICSCRLTL: BfilN JVKL-CRIVIETL TDDB JVST PRI TNYERLTL SOLUTION TO CRYPTOGRAM 02.15.04: IF YESTERDAY WE SHOWED NO LOVE, AND DID NOT COO AS TURTLEDOVE. FOR SURE AS SHOVE MAY COME TO PUSH CUPID WILL SHOOT US IN THE TUSH. "Slabically Challenged" R T ROA R H n ROM S AJUP RY C,E U, rLiu o o u r n1 t S I PHONE FL-j; R A T'aE?C R E AM A r L t t (J t N A V I U I OCQA L A NCT" FLjA Y MIG N O.NU I L M tl mH U L tUlT H E SNOR I M A H F T T FIIU C achSmue s l ir THECLI P SOL, S E F HCl !p Lll li e i ngHe L DHECKTOR I A L e e lCJs.tu.sCT I jH t r L A Y U I ,U v RAVE SfTE GG A P E.B.E,R TLflT E.N E T Solution to aiS04croaword a;m a snsHOTs L AM I T Y J ANE IlNO4L10Er3L,Y E B D U LljiA B B A R or i'od eEZZJ AU A HO S E ID H A I N I U M S S E A'T A CEJT U T aHTjU't e l a'g ej T e CZZr s t u A CUBA NSCAR -""Til . "'. .L ri' I yiu t GHTSOC I ETY I'EB U.TLiS NAG JI;N AS EN S E lFL'1 P P I A N S ! A L T E R ,M E T LSB.E.E R.yLaE.R.E C;004byM Reagle NORTHEAST MAGAZINE 2.22.2004 r

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