The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1935
Page 1
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Served by tlUs United Press KXTHEVIECE VOL. XXXII—NO. 3 ft' Mievlllo Courier Hlylheville Dally News n'llle Herald ttflssisslppl Viillcy Lender THE DOMINANT MEWSPAPBft OPHORTIIBAUr ARKANSAS AND UOimiRABT VII.LR, ARKANSAS, WKDN'KRDA Y, MARCH •>!). i <);«-, K1NOLK C01MRS P1VR CKNTS TEST OF Flood Fight Won Unless Additional Water Should Come. I -*<fSU»" ,, K Demand Five Billions More for Work Relic WASHINGTON. Mar. 20 (UP) — Senate progressives nttaekcd tin work relief bill from the let loday with a demand for an nd- dllion of $5,000,000,000 to the appropriation and invocation of llatlon to finance it. Senator Robert M. LaFollette Progressive, Wisconsin, risked tha .the total money to lie spcn through the bill be doubled— raised to Ihe tremendous sum of $10,0(10.000,000. Senator Burton K. Wheeler Democrat, Montana, immediately prepared a proposal to finance the program tlirouyh lunation of the currency. Wlieeler said he would press for action on the inllatioi lealure loday. WASHINGTON. Mar. 20 (UP) — The NRA was "gotten up to help Htributed failure of l]l6 tailless," Clarence Darrow reach the indicated (!cc)nri; d today as he testified in - • - blunt and homely phrases before the senate finance committee. Darrow was outspoken In Ills criticisms of NRA. "I found that NRA was gotten up to help big business and couldn't help big business unless it took business away from (lie small fellow." he said. Darrow told of the work done pointed by President Roosevelt, and said that "when I felt I wasn't wanted, any more," he returned the unspent portion of his C l ty appropriation mid "went home." traffic. ' It- is< 'tinder' water' to-a depth to make automobile travel impossible at several points be- . . -. --------- -„ ...,.„ <..„„.,, tood in the " would lessen the abilily of the - flSl Big Lake-Little River levees, in which upward of ISO men have been employed for a week and' which has involved the use of thousands of sandbags and oilier material, has been high. Mr. Meyer estimated yesterday that it was running abou tS150 a day, shared about equally by the Drainage District n, the FERA, and the army engineers. In view, however, of the fact that a break would have resulted in the inundation of cto;:t 75,000 acres of thickly populated farm land, the 1 expense is amply justified. Wave Hcraci N c; t r TOmnlo To the eastward, where (he Mississippi river is' overflowing low land on the river side ol the levee, a trip of investigation by O. A. Cunningham, cimirmsn cf Hie local lied Cross chapter, and n disaster relief representative of the National Red Cross, confirmee) reports that a number of families had been forced to leave their homes near Tcmato, Another result of high water on the Mississippi has ' been in- definits pcstponBiuent of plans for reopening,' the big government cast- Ing plant, near Osceola. The plant, which manufactures con- prete slabs for revctm?nt work. had been scheduled lo resume operations Monday of this week. It would have given employment to 300 or -ICO men. It will not open until danger ot hish water is over. head, plenty of money, can advertise iii tlie lending newspapers, on 'fences and barm all over the country.; "Little business is supposed to pick up the crumbs thai fall from the rich man's table. Little business has small capital. It can't- take a page in the Saturday Evening Post. It can't broadcast over the land the storv of good values." SI. "y United Francis river flood waters «eic backing into the towns of Mone He and L<ike cily i,i eastern traiRhead county loday whU! , n" ^n" Ka in '*"*" ««*s on the White river Major W. M. HORC! Mcmpj.fc (!i ,. rict engineer, was no , „,..„, lo say whether the risln» st Francis would Inundate Mon-ttc wives out to lunch, many housewives were down town for lunch and others will have dinner out and Lake City. The crest was nol e:<pected. before tomorrow. Meanwhile 1 Red Cross officials """ UUIL-I* nm nave dinner om warned of dangers from sickness before going lo the show, so the In the a [reeled areas. Severn! ""sbands have promised them. This aflcrnoon members of the Iccat Business and Professional cases of pneumonia acre report ed, Tlie While river slowly receded Women's club were visited" by a at Jackson Bayou today and 700 number of other local women" in levee KTO-kn-c h« n ,- n ,i n ,:~,. .. answer to the public invitation 'o visit them, leyec workrrs heaved a fish u, relief ofter several days later and vigil lo keep UK artificial walls from cracking. Tlie next danger spot on the Wlnte river w.v. at Clarendon some distance below SALT LAKE CITY, tttah (UP) -Mrs. c. w. Smith had her twin daughters fingerprinted. Now all " As Big Lake nearei) -a stand today at a gauge rending of slightly above 249 fcet_en'4neer.s who have directed the fight lo hold its waters within bounds turned their attention to _ -weather forecasts. The fight ''36 hold the levees has been won so far as water now in prospect- is concerned, bu', a heavy rain would put a different aspect on the situation. Rain' is predicted but if it Is light it will have no material influence upon the 1 Hood situation. The singe of the lake this morning was exactly 249, uu .351.,.-,, .-, .. in 24 hours. If rain holds off NKA hstablished to it will crest today or tomorrow n- n i i T n at about 249.3, falling short by! Cl g UUSIIiesS, He 1 Clls several Inched of the estimate i " of 249.5 to 250 made by government engineers on the basis of gauge readinas higher up the slream. J. W. Meyer, Drainage District 17 "engineer, attributed failure of (he lake to Etage to a more rapid run-on" as a result of enlargement of the flcodway in Polnselt county. The current at the south end of Big Lake is more rapid Ihnn in previous high waters. At Stand at Hornersvlllc Little River was virtually at a stand this morning at Horncrsville, Mo., at the, head of Big Lake. The rise there in 24 hours was only a twentieth of a foot. ' It was expected that the water there would start falling today or tomorrow. ' ; .Highway 18 between this and Jontsboro remains closed FUTIEIi VETOES When ihe Sun Met; Its Mastei by his NRA board. ap- Itj was an overflow session of committee hearings preparation" for holding framing of new NRA legislation. Acls lo Pi-elect Slate's Highway Bond Refunding Program. LITTLE ROCK, Mai'. 20 (UP) — Ctov. J.' M. Pulrell vetoed llv:- Wai-field'county turnback bill today, the second of the measures mifipprcved because bondholders protested they would wreck the slat's bond refunding program. Lasl night he vetoed (lie controversial nowell-liye bill, which would have laken over the Indebtedness of certain bridge districts. Only one more measure is under consideration for veto, it was understood. It is .the bill exempting tip to.three per cent evaporation, of gasoline from . taxation. Refunding of the slate's bonded indcbtcdnsss is expected to be resumed as soon as orders to halt : work ctm be rescinded by bond- lOldcrs in principal market center;;. Refunding board members interpreted the. vetoes as saving the state's credit. .The Warflelti bill would have returned to counties n per cent of . .revenue over S10.000.000 annually. : In vetoing the bill Governor Ftilrel! said: . "All along it has been my idea l!>at ilic so-culled turnback bill would not seriously offend againrt the relundltig law. , lyiany people have disagreed with '1113 on this point ivJio have no personal interest .in the issue-.- they pointed out lliar in the heavy stages' of payment of bonds and inlcrest in excess-of $13.000,000 ivould be required: The so-called turnback bill would permanently take till. 1 ! away when 'In excess''of $10.000,-' 000 was rcachsd. To t)),' s OF cm psi OFF Respond So Woman "Mayor's" Proclamation of Holiday. Blytheville housewives had a good time today as they went atout their holiday-, declared bv Mrs. J. G. Barnes, mayor for the day in observance of National Business and Professional Women's week. This is to be climaxed with a theatre parly tonight at whicli the wives will be Diesis of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Me Cut chen. A number of visits and telenhone calls were made lo Mrs. Barnes a.s she spent the day in the mayor's office, at the city auditorium. In reply to her request for suggestions lo improve the city she received n number of proposals which will be turned over to Cecil Shane, mayor. Some of these were minor and Till take little time and money while others suggested extensive improvements. In answer to the proclamation issued urging men to tflkc their May July CJncttf/o Wheat open high low close 92 93 3-4 91 7-8 93 1-2 89 1-8 91 1-4 "89 1-8 91 'lot to Blast : Kansas Prison Walls Discovered LANSING, Kan.. Mra. 20 (UP)— ?ivc desperate convicts at the iansas state penitentlnrv were placed In solitary confinement la- day after prison authorities discovered a plot to blow up the n-lson walls and effect a wltole- '.<ile prison delivery. , e ciir hin. n the ctis Insloiy. lives ,n the state, a ™ ra n, n' ™" nrt « bl ' I '" clure -» 1 ™?'«'l1'«l, « .trltlng view of the worst dnst storm Ihe second calsmily of Us kind in two weeks, the u-hour ,i or ,n took four boy being lost and suffoe.t ed and three persons killed in cU „" when ' U>™UH. the dust clouds brought "mud s .on,,s" „, IMB ", • Lmte * Great -Slorm 'Sweeps Eastward Into Missouri and Iowa. By Uniled 1'rcss One of ihe worst dust 1 storms In lid-west history rolled across Kansas and Nebraska lodivy, blut- tlng 'out "the sun. luiltjng trnlflc, and forcing peo'p'lc To stay within their homes. - At neon the - dust storm swept, into Missouri and Iowa, the easternmost point (lie s i orm tmA reached Ihls year, There were no 'clouds in the sky in Kansas city nt noon but sun was completely obscured. Condition of Roosevelt Secretary Grows Worse, WASHINGTON. l\far. 20 (UP)— All. White House social engagements were cancelled until further notice today as tile condition of Secretary Louis McHenry Howe' grew steadily worse. . = •.. . Mrs. Roosevelt cancelled a ten for (his afternoon when attending physicians informed her that Howe's condition bad reached tho critical stage. Howe' ls..'suirerii)g n heart ail- jnenl arid has been gro\vin« stenil- lly weaker in Die last <!8 hours. whrm ,1™ , When sleeping, dang head down by their claws. Warns Against Cost of Payment lo Veterans WASHINGTON, Mar. 20 (UP»— Payment of the veterans bouiLS will'trebl? fixleral c.\ «!;lcli already arc so great Hint the New- Deal must deceive the people nbout tl!c ccst of government, Rep. John woodpeckers Taber .fiep., N. Y.I toilnv w.inied the house KILLER PIBBLEB Hayli . !\1an Pleads Gtiilly to Manslaughter and Receives Light Penal I)', CAIUmiERSVILI.E, Mp. Mar 20— Jim Sln'vliiss, chnrgctl will manslaughter In connection will (lie death of Everett Baird, :hi< fal.hcr-ln-lnw, tifler a plea ol guilty in circuit court here Tuesday was sentenced to three months in jail, fined $100, and Iher paroled. EliwIiiEs was held fallowing Bnlrd's death in a Dlyllicviik hospital about a year ago. Baird succumbed lo knife wounds received In a llflil will! Slav-lues A family <|iinrrel. it wan said Chicago Corn -B » -a . 7.1 S-S 74 3-8 7^ 1-2 14 3-4 rp -="-— IWE 8LYTHr?viuE BAKIWC co. Hf\S ONE OF THE MOST MODERN PLANTS IM THIS PART OF THE C.OUMTRV-AND DOES THE LARGEST Uf\KlM£ BUSINESS BETlHEE'Nl MEMPHIS AND ST.LOUIS. HAMOLP A COM PLETE UME OF FINE AND was repre-,enled E. Hooker. Nfurder charges against Matt! Johnson, negress, were dlsinlsse by Ihe slate. She was held i connection with the death of her husband. Another necro, Kirbj t'e.ils, wns given dro year forgery charges. i H was intimated by counsel fo the plahilifr yesterday thnt. th (iamage SMI fileti tiy Clanncc Ppiey would be taken' to ancUie •ilitrict. Poscy is suiui; Wnlter ^ Holly, cooler lantlowiier, an others of that vicinity, for SHO. Millinj) Dollar Kidnaj) Plot Discussed hy Gang ,V\\ I'Alll.. Minn,. Mm. ;-o ail 1 ) A (ilnt lo klillin]! two HI. Paul ni'ii [or u -11111111111 dolhir raoswii- IllCilll'Sl in |||i< nulilin 1 ;; hi.;- .iisi'd liy llif Harl.n while I'Muiinl o. lu-lij i' ( i]i(| v ,. ,n i',,|\, i-iii'ly hisl. yi-iir, liio Irarncil tudiiv. Till' v!i:llin-i we'll 1 In In- l.ijiii-. W. Kill, si 1 ., Mm uf tin' tiiinou:, inplri' Initldc-r, mid ItUilmrd 0. Lilly. pivsliU'iit ,,f the i-jun. M.,_ Uiinfc ul :;(. I'inil, tin." !:u- (; nani'iul in.'.tltuHon ,n uu< vi'.st. Unili-il !TH ill I Woild \V,,i , ,, <l[l ! <" i "" »n linos in Hi, I fu 10 nine ,,.],( lu „ um nt ol tin culm lu ,t> Hi Vui>.i> a shu down 1 i i,, |, t j,t. E II j I c- i ol Ni liuu i k' | I "til liMiiu •, i pri "-LiUilltoiu to h " K ' ' ii i mumo nt to in ep- ' lv w >l. mid Hie note to Ewllti, tvhJcii Wiseman Receives Applications Bui Is Nol Ready lo Issue Pcnnils. LITTLE HOCK, Mar. 20 <W)_ Coiinnlssldiier ol Revenue Knrl Ii. Wlmtian bri;nn roiwlvim: applications lit noon today fur pi-null:: lo deal In Mcnuir. Uoth whnUi- snle and retail appllcallons .in- being received. There Li doitbl, however, If llq- nor will be sold legally by the week-end, breaking the stair's 10- year "drouth". Dealers must have pel-mils fmm federal nU'otml Oiin- triil niithorltlt-s bel'oti: they c:in operato, Paul summers, deputy commissioner, sukl. Applications for the fcdi-rn! permits must bear Ihe number of ths slale pcrmil. he exphilii"d. Federal papers are helm; Ir.Mied rrom the -olllce at New Oi-lcaus-,. • Whole: Hers niust make $l0.i!!M stnto' bond and relntlers $1,000. Every application will be Investigated thoroughly before license.-: nro Killed. Suiinncrs raid, - "U'l! arc not snlng fo L"- 1 riish- cd, 1 ' he said. "We nro imxloin lo yet the : sale slarlcd as soon as possible but everything Ir, go- Imf fo bs right before we begin." Applications, flird wlih local revenue agenio outslile of Little Rock miist be mulled lo Little Rock for approval. , : • ; While this revenue commission'.'!sot his new oranljstlon Into operation, Ally. Oen. Or! E. Bailor pondered (ivni- a new lic|\ior problem. He sought statutes to dr-lL-r- mlntc whetlicr the new liquor laws, piiHcteil by the fiftlp!li K( -n- eral nsscnibly. excluded all win.i makers exc'opl ftnte mnirufm'l'ir- crs from tnxiitlon. Anparemly, said. Dip ' ibi ) di,[ id tndi'iv wld're'i n i in n i pi Ci nun, ) in in Inumd Uu ti <\f limttt, 'it Unltid Pic It-iuiul Uu I ilion lini bn.ou 1101 I />M II n \ hen iei, rveu Bnlalii note of prolejit •fin lii'i- milder • u l-lerlln. liuiiui upn uitiitloni to tho I< i ui \>ill nut In mule until h<n nulc lo B.'rllii has biion delivered. Hie note jmibably vjlll bo dellf-^, 'red alxiul 11 tomorrow Hi (lu me or the nolo is that, tinnuin by Adolf Illtlus proc! nut lion o! a (uniiilpl iiiinj, not onlj dlubivs Hi, vu illiej tieaty Imt uiiudliiti tin li»ir undci- Hilin' bj \luch Gcnminy agreed «' IItuli loi put luc (Uu, n Ititiij iLliui) of tin Vnsnilic tri'iUy a niilllury si.Uute to be lie- oil uul mil r n untril igiee- 'iit fin- mutual security in Eu- Vallran Orgim Asks 1'cacc \ \1ICAN C11Y rtanh "0 (Uf) O i iitnic Rctmno ofTtclnl '•'i!' iih (ii in made \ Jioim olei :odfiy for ponce in Kuropc. in H.-i iii'sit rommcut diiiee'Gcr- !'i)H i a:/:Mii(nt 4a'»on ui P^ttii- -luN O nnitcit ikf Tilt OLinun ji tino unfortunately has not clarified a situation d.i>lei In the pi t fe\\ weeks tit u hi PL n icn of re i|K)nsibl!ll.y will in.ike clvHlzallo'ii mindful of iiic Invotiitlon of peace often made -|jy tile Pope. Poll's Approve Treaty WAHSAVV, Poland, March 20; IU1'» -Ii4hl nid lift win' oppo- iiiu i ]<"idn-> \ehcincnlly ai icketl tie ^cvernmLiu today for its policy ot fricnrtsliip toward Gcr- °!1 ,'ri"g n doll n bnwgl.1 itaut the tight Staves f" M ', llle C] "^ W " !B ^^'-\ was represented by AHon e O "•""•'»• v.-«.s IntenM lo B l«. P |,(e r. »T__, J *«"-v-"<-j w. piniiiilcif.tiic,,..,. .... rtm.o] „,,,,„,,..,, I ..i,. i. „ ,j,. i\|.IJ.HI UIILIV, |[:' '" ."• . J i • 1 II II Ul J. H-, Olcrjet wlnn le-jnll:;,-"- " "" nt - '> i > Git inn-Puns)! U idc ' ' manufacturers nn equnl opporlun- ] ity with out of state mamil.ictiir- c-rs. in , > PI'L t'ic tn(>. volo at CCO. Posevhas named Holiy 7nd r™^" Hubert Utley. proprietor of n Hoiland madhouse, as two who attacked him last election day, be.H- !ng and slugging him so badly that he was several clays In a hospital at Blylheville. recuporjit- in«. Tills atlack on Poscy wns I suited In' numerous fights ,, IK | drath of two men. , The trial of w. I. Denton former Blyiheville aiitoinofcilc d»nlcr was in progress Ifldr.y. Dcntoii j is charged with ftlonlous assault ! 0:1 A. C. Hankins of Iterir.t : where Dcnlon has r. farm. l>n~-' (on fiivii on Hankins with ;• sliut- trim after the two had become embroiled, in a quarrel ov.-r a cow I ?.i!thoritl»s raid. N'o Local Apnl/calinii'; A numbfr of Inquiries have !•<•"" received at tlie regional olliw of on His stale revenue rtep.nrlnwnl linr,- from pro.-pi'c;ivc- liiim,,- Uiiipuiiw:-, to be licenced under the n-,-\v .{::;:• law legalizing sale of inlovtcc-.tiir: liquor.;, No applications have Vojn filed here. i!no principally |o di'U'-v:- Incldcnl to the forming -of ren'i- ladons eontroilini; application': ' it Hie opposition's attack .1 i)\ i •, ippioved by 'JOJ to 120. A copy of (lie new !-.-)i:or \ has ijnrn rcrjived nt li'c oiric;- :l is fcciiii,' studied by revenue i', nartmeiit. ouiotrs. it pnv.icl liw.vy penalties for violations Youths and Girls Fresti \ r\ « i ni 01 b ,*>n; n? !• •o youn;: men and their foni- ju (] - iiu'tvh 1 1 the t " 1 Rev, Full v-j,. < ! I ' n I 0 P II nc. Ini cliurch \er t r L n MI., r cl- %'ub Stock. Pricesl Carutlievsville Boy Held for Attack on Little Girl CARTJTHKRSVILLE. Mo. — Opal Irfc. 17, is bri;r; held in jail here pending preliminary hearing on charges of the attempted mpe of a 5-year-old girl. Kirk's hcarin<' «',,! IK before Justice A. Elliott and will probably be held as soon as the justice Is able to preside he luring been indtsposd for a day or so. The altack was made Saturday "Ight, according to authorities «'iio said Kirk enticed the child . BWTXEWLLE BDSJNESS E V6RYGOOD. A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Beth. Slcel .... Chrysler Cities Service .. Co:-a Cola (Sen. Am Tank Gcneiv.l F.kcliic Tut. ifarvov : ior" New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum | Radio Corp Simmons lied Standard of N. J, Tcxiis Co U. S. Smelting .,. I'. S. Sicel NEW YORK. M:\vrh 20. — Cotion clo.-:c;l slCiidy. .,..., . " ---^.. ...^ L..IUI open hiiili ]o\v wall" n'loii" *"' • LC ''° R '' th ° " SCa Mn ' C ' 1 '••• 1C7 ° :07 ° mn 100 3-4 - . 8 3-1 . :;:t i-s . 33 l-l 7-8 183 . :U 1-X . '.11 3-1 36 1-4 . G 3-1 . a :i-.j 13 . -t i-:; . 0 :i-l . 37 ;i-s 17 1-2 11-1 7-8 I ill I i > i"li K i m chief u r t inlliv lo < > h 'i , < 1 ' - n > t I ') <]n i 1 t i > i Mf ir riri^t 1 ^', for cn'ored picas of < o c^rn [ 1 10 ind. c i -o i! s ions i v ^SL lid fc \ ' I n 11 tli t is i •i ill New York Cotton | P>IIC'UI >i I I lit' , i Another girl saw the attack, and ran lo alarm the child's mother who frightened the boy away. An-' liiorlties said the girl war, In serious condition. Oct Doc 1081 1C81 1045 I01:> 1053 1051 1052 1053 ItWO 1031 1010 1013 , (UP) 11172 1073 I 1010 U 1013 1052 O't 1 1~ ^0 i 11) I-) cnfcic i 1 ' s \ i nl \ -'t I 1' 1 ,1 1 ly 1 A' ( t'c ^-1 ti ip- 1 ( ) I l 1 C1T c Of 1 i irl ...... .„„, .^ ,„, 1U , Spots closed steady nt 1100.' up :V ' n , ! aj \1r - C mil \icn i >n cool r, FH X f Cold t"r' 1

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