The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVKMRKK (ARK.) COURIER NEWK PAOR THRRR Jim Harrell .Charged With Participation in Crime Near Leachville. "Jim Harrell, former rc-sidcin o! lhc> K?Ut-r section and the oni) wan '.o break out ol the "break Inoof" Mississippi county jail lu-re Mill on trial in circuit court todas lor the Alleged thtfi of S825 frotr an aged cmiple livinj near L?ach- vllle. 'I'hr- thelt octurrid In Scplraitor 1MO. anil H'.'o men. 1'ele Cricler am John Anderson, 'accused jolnil; v.-llh Harrell. have already served. d larceny; Noel Pannell, sell- llciuor; Vraiik Palmer, selling icinor; Rtiymoml Dowiy, selling Iqtior. Iiuleflnlte rxjstponemenl o[ trial o.' Dewey Pusscr, youth Indicted ast year by the grand jury for murder, has been announced, with n strong indication that the case will I Suing "S&Tpb'acco- Heir strung imiicauou UIUL in? ^otx »»> > , t . ..- —. never be brought w trial. The in- Gitimnes Here More Inan definite continuance was at the r\ i i Tl t A Double Those ,o{ Any | Other Arkansas County.' iiiggesllon of the father of a youth: killed by Piihser. Denver Dudley. I pros',-cming attorney, announced. 1 Pnsser claimed self-defense ai the I time or the killing. I N ° l » r(>:it lo ^ L f ssl i>l» C0lml v s Smiib, negro, was found uaditlonal leadership in cotton Ed Smiili, negro. Bi'ilty ol iiciit larceny by a jury '.hi;, morning ami given ;\ $20 Hue. Clarence llovill v:;u i-kared of a cKiige of uansixxtina intoxicating liquor by n jury yesterday. Villiarcl i H r -r:j \v t is acrn-ltted of a charge of! ilk-'jal ix>;~e5?urjn of liquor for the ciiip:s? uf .'ink' by a Jury the :lay county jail lifter Iwiii!? brought tack hire fro:n Florida and was only recaptured again last summer in Louisiana. lilrntifidl l,y Viclini production in this stale 1.5 contained in llie most recent i;lnnlnt; figures, compiled by tin 1 bureau o; tV census, i As previously reported t-j the j Courier News ijy C. C. miifliowr i of i/.ixor», Mississippi county ginned | (ki.CM bali-s prio: lo O--loi>!-r 111. I Tiii- second coiin'.y in Arkanu.s was I Crluemlen. which i;inn?d 3'1'JKl to | ri in ihf' t i r LL \ u tin- same dale. from the ftgcd Cottonwood Man , ny ^ |w Arkiuisas prior ,„. round Dead tn Kiver octouer is was :>w»i'i. compami t« 752,175 p-.lor to the same- dale laiL Harrell was identified this mom- ___ Ing by T. W. Williamson, victim oi I The .'-en:;--., CARUTHEnSYIU.E. Mo. — Pa-• tctison. | nrral services v.ere held in tills city Cotton ginned prior lo October j '.<.:• William Ciirroll. 70. who was'n, 1933 and 1932, in Arkiiu-as toun- '.hc. M:.,slssii)r ; >; river. [.; cs which ginnr-ii 10.000 bales or I law (javfralng draining nnd lovoe mallei's. For more ihnn thirty years he l:as br-en n mftnbfr of the board Cavullioi'svillc Rng i n e e r iVfode Honorary l>v Rolarians. of supervisors of the Little Hlver ! Drainage Ulstrld, which he hfljied and for thirty years tie I lins been chief engineer for Hi? SI, Prancls U-vee District. ! Hcvewiy he lins been boosted by [Ills Irlcnds lif, a prospective «l>; point™ to a vacancy on HIP Mlssls- I i-lppi Hlvi'i' Commission, and nol I only tin- Ills friends hopeful Hint lie will be mini' d. but II seems pvo..- Drnvc ,\«uy After Somersault BOSTON. IUP)— Commonwealth Avenue residents recently reported police thai n scdtin, driven by n mnn, wltli rv woman passenger, wlilcli somcrsnuUed on the pnvo- inent, turned over threp tlnus nnd then landed uprl?lu nnd contln- CAItUTIlFllHVll.LE. MO. - For j I!..' In.-t tinse in il.s ten years of |*x:-!-:i.i-. [lie c.ii-uilii'i-svlllo Ho- 1 .l.iiv '•:':!) has confi'iixxl an I'.onor- , I ;.iy LI -:;ii).'>:>hip tin a citi/ul yl ijlli: i\::::nimity. ii. !\ itoyiuilds was! tin- i.-iip:(j'.i of thii reco^hiilon. i '! !"»:• tl'.irty or furty yenrs Hvyn-1 c.ds h.i, di-vutvil himself umiiut-1 i | u;ly !u il'.v devL-lDpmi'n 1 . of this city Ijiuui i oimly. Hi- «HS one ol ilic Kin.u nr[tiiiil7fis of the Hrst are favorable. M. Heeve piomlneni lo- cnl iittuinry. m.uU- a brief address to the cli:lj. .settins O'.il the hllth lll-hU 01 lie; nolcls 1 career. The- jiro- cnuiii^s came as :i toaipletr snr- prisi 1 li IteynolJs. 1'iilriil WUKIIII Has llcaler MADISON, Wls. iUI')-- Prison- Ht. I'ldiiiK in the Mudlsou p'jllrc Catch 1 nq COLD? p.itrol will not t-hlvei' twin the .-JK*^ ilii.:ivi;i. dUirii-ts lu'iv thai li-il wjirnit! lu-n-alli'r. A heater hns lx.-en tin,lioiimt'!U o! u'.hi-iTi nml Hi: 1 ! li.: tnlli-d l>y order uf tlw city Ttc-'-inititlun of tliuusamls ol iii'rcs | council. Mi-mlx-rs ol the council o! f.i!in Hulls Irom snainps. He | Iririiu-ntly u>:i- ths: patrol fur In«!!• u I ~.o i-onni'i-li'd wltli the or-1 s)»-L'll;n trips thv clly. [;;clii/at: n of Ide St. l-'nmcls I, 1 . 1 " Dis'.rii-. mui was co-a'.ilhor of conducted by the mm? prior to Ctel-' llu ro'juers. ;is one of ilit mt-'i who, | K ( -i. D. K. l-' pastor ol li-.e Mm. follow: |x>sln' 0 ' as oniccis. entered his haiise Ipjit llapti.-,! i-hurcli. and inU-rinenu and took tin- small failune Wil- MK^ in Map:? cemetery. | ' liamson and ills wife had .snvedl Carroll, who made his home wtih ] over a p'.-riod oi years. Harrell was! his daughters. Mrs. John Alsup, Mrs. | tn d"ny any conns'.-iion with the: Hr.msr Myei.-, and Mrs. BL-A Dayle. vobljtry on taking Ihe .stand tlil.ijh!" of CoiluaAoxl Polns c'jimnun- nlternoDti. his counsel, E. E. Alex-|iiy. was !i-:t *r;n on Pritlay, O;:t. andcr. said in his optnina stale-j 20th, when he left Mrs. Doyle's m5nt. i hr-rrx-. \Vhcn it wa.s learned the fol- Trial of Tncmas Plc-tc'ncv lx-s'.(-r,; Itwin-; Monday that lie had nol cliLireed with kidnnping three cliil-1 s-psm ilit iiiti'i'vi-niuii time wi:n ditn of a I'op'.or Corner farmer, war, either of the other two daughters, 18 th:s sra- | a iec.ri'h a-js stnrt«l. When jounrt. ho was clinging lo tentatively sat for this afternoon - alter absence of tiefenbe witnesses forced a cantinuanec this morning, a large willow pole with one hand I', appeared from progress in Har- "nci one lei;, hi-; head submer^i! in relVs iriul thai Lester's trial would | th-- «ater. not optn before lomorro*'. , Hi- was t'j'.ved down river to Cot- Ti'ial of Autrcy Wagner, former ! icnwood. Those- who hel]>ed remove " ' Missouri convict." on a chart* of triminal assault., has been set. for Wednesday of next week. Wasner him from t'r.c water said thai blaod fiCMtd from a cm and bruiffid .spai on. liis forehead. Tills indicated, it, inquest returned ti: from drownin The corc- verdif-t o: Ls alleged lo have been sentenced i «as said, that, he had cithur accl- f.vice in Missouri for crimes sir.ii- dt-;n:,l!y fallen and struck his head Inr to one he Ls accused of com-j on ihe-pole. o:- had been struck on rnitting near Corner a day thi head by someone and his bodj alter he left. lh« Missouri prison | into the river. tit Jelferson City. Next week's trial docket, aho Includes the- cases of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pruitt. ac-! ciised ol murder in the clrov.ning of an infant, girl, which have teen ; b?l for Monday. Thomas Itcpnrlcd Indldeil It has been learned from reliable sources that Sam Thomas, fcrmer secretary-treasurer of tlu- <)«funct Agricultural Finance corporation of Hlythc-viUe, has beenj indicted on a charge o! mibe//.!*-1 ineni in connection with allege d' shortages in the corporation's funds. Thomas now Hves In Memphis. It 15 hardly possible that he will be tried ai thi-s term. Among the indictments returned by the- grand jury, which adjourned ye:-'.crday, nol already announced, ars th? following:. Richard Ward, grnnd larceny; Ellis Wheeler, burglary and grand larceny; C. P. Fender, embezzlement: Ilorncc Avers. Ashley Chicot Clark Columbia ... Ccnway — Craighcad .. Crittcndcn . Uesha Faulkner .. Hempslead . Jtckson ... Jefferson .. Lafavette .. Let Lincoln — Lvmoke Mississippi . Phillips ... Poihsett ... St. Francis While 1933 12.450 12.8« 10.SJ1 ia.231 10.239 18.607 32.M7 H.004 H.liH I't.lPA 12,119 27.44C 11.72C . 11.803 . 12.1 Hi . '20.89S) . CG.tifH 15,511 . 21,100 . WJ.WK)' 12.-193 13.080 9,818 18.V28 12.517 3:1.341 37.384 12281 iti.:t82 14.4S7 ie.3'^8 30.602 15.099 15.708 H.44S 2S.389 M.COU 21.2GG 27,t;04 23.402 17,003 i Suing Itlrliavil .1. !leyn«!:!s. (,I'I:K-- i co ln-ii-, for ;i_:!.riijii uir In-.-.i-li i of rojilract is Joliaima Sti:;'-liln- ' (aliiive). danefr. who Halirni lli::i | elio Kove "t 1 a -5-ICiO-n-wftk )ol> In I I'rMRMO on strength of in-nmlix-o hy lieynolds mid Xr-d Wayburii. a (lanclne tnael.or, of a hctlvr loll In America. Tlio job, slio EUVB, inil || not uiaterUlixo. ' llllce Toinalues (;r<i\vn I GliAND K.M'IDS. Mich. tU!') — Tomntccs weighing more than two i pounds each wore grown by H'T- ina:i Eb:ling in u giirden back of his liome. They wi-rc- Hit I'ontli- rosa variety. Tin. 1 largest oiv; balanced '.he scales :it two poinuli. tevcn ouncsj. lie :5ald. Many of the high schools in Bulgaria have been closed because the students arc refusing to do the work [heir farefathers were contented to do. Good News tor Kidney SirfSesess! Ittrcis n-'irf ti.aL K<v.-s riBl:l ji.i'i if i: lints HflT rXulil.-r. M5(r |i:iililill j-Uit:. irrrii f.rk ft fur 1 tVy J'lli,- — .ranue. CI'JW Free Delivety Free Delivery SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Gly-Cas Absolute Sensation At The Kirby Bros, Drugs Widc.-prt-iu) ;incl Sincere I'niise Reins Accorded New Herlinl Remedy; •Many Say, "Never A Medicine Us Kqual" Potatoes 1 ') Pound Peck Sacks 32c Butter Golden Rod Pound 24c Pure Lard S-I.h. Carton "This new Gly-Cas did just what T wanted it to in my awful c;,?e." said Mr.v J. P. Goodman. 311 South il.lly St., Blylheviiic, inspected local lady, wife of a v.i II known rf-lired farmer. "I l.i:d bei'ii bothered with constipation for the past 7 years and was --ri CORNED BEEF 12-0/. Can 19 C BIRD SEED Frent TOILET PAPER G T,o!20 L POP CORN Me's Spei-inl Shcllrd 2 I.b. 13 C TflMATft JUICB 1 UlTiA I Uifeo - ifeoch Nul. .'{ Cans I'- & G. OCI Gimit Kars. (i for LJ Canova Ib. Can CORN No - 2St; '- mIi 1for25 L l-argc Heads Each 11. ids fill 5ai-h U -i COFFEE Four T il f <,n 28 C DRESSING-' Dainty Maid. Quart NEW CROP '^ li W:t 'yf Premier. Vacuum 9A<- l';irkcil. 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