The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
Page 8
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R rnnriiTCG UiHtSIha .Stately Mouse and Slave Mills Will Be Prejerw for Future SAVANNAH, On.—When llenij Ford sees n building that lip run- cles, whether H's u southern manor house, English cottage or the lust of the little roil school houses he buys It, has the hand-hewn timbers and stones, f>vcn the hinul- v.roiight nails, carefully taken down, packed In boxes and burs and carted to wherever ho wants U set up. Pretty soon \ )f exhibits it (ill complete. In the niV loen tlon, f , ll} Mr. Ford's most recent exploit along this line was buying f o , S1G.OCO (he Hcrmitiige mansion house, slave ImLs. outbuildings nnd enclosing mill near here which he will set on a bluff In th ( . niitlst of a grove of oaks nt his Richmond plantation, thirty miles avray. The land O n which th| s „„! home of I lie Henry McAlpin family stood will become tin- site of a factoi-y. llnuscil Mansion Was Decaying The mansion (mil not Uetn livoil In for years and wiis fust clccay- ing. Engineers had warned iintl- qniirlans Hint soon it would be fieyond repair. Mr, Ford expects lo restore it. so that every historical detail will be faithfully preserved . This is the thtriy-fli-si ancient plantation that Mr. p oll |. ], ns bought in Hits county mid vlcln- • Hy. Certain of his purchases dale tack to earliest Colonial days. The Detroit automobile 'manufacturer began his collection of antique buildings twelve years nun when be wqulred the Wayside Inn ol South Sudbuiy, Muss made famous by the poet Longfellow , nils was not tone; after Mr. Ford 'md doctored ihnt "history wnt bunk." ; Pcrhnps he meant that history ns it was taught was bunk Ai any rate, ever since Hint, declaration which aroused n great storm of protest, he has been busily engaged in gathering relics of the past .and putting them Into such shape that they can he preserved for coming generations Tills Inn Laud With Ox Team The Wayside Inn Is filled with valuable old furniture. The old kitchen Is there Intact and some of the land about, has been tilled as In olden days, with a pair or oxen Mr. .Ford bought for atmosphere. Mrs. Ford once said thiil she niver knows when,Mr. Ford leaves home in the. morning what he'll come back with at .'night, For instance, there was the (toy (list. !ic bioughl her' the: bVicks from her own-girlhood home. He used these to make, at, his Dearborn mnseun> The school house there, Incidentally, Is the one which ho nimseli attended. On another occasion In; bought up one of the last of the little red school houses He also.has stones from the school , attended by the Mary of the poem -the one who had a little lamb that followed - her •• to school • one day. '' ' .', I; , - l.lkes fteilcs ,' 'rmttj. With a story • ,' 'i-rtw Amoiig the varied buildings that MI-. I'ord has commandeered entirely are the late Luther Bur- banlt's .branch office, the late Charles p. SteininelzV shack-M- oratory, n cbtldee - from Oxford England, more thnn four hundred years old; an old silk mill from ••Mansfield, Conn.; _a wood" carding mill from Weave." N. !].; n urlst mill from Massachusetts, "the Postville, III., courthouse In which Abraham Lincoln practiced, and an ancient toll -stiitUm. Sometimes natives who like their rustoiy kept at • home, protest when the relic-minded manufacturer begins to remove lib prizes 1 alter his custom. Virginians, for instance, objected to his taking to Michigan one of their proudest manor houses.-.And the lilinoisanx didnl want to lose trie Lincolnian court 1 house', either.; • Mr- Ford likes ills acquisitions M> -.have, good -stories back of them He has a legendary one.hoss shav, a prairie whooner with a.hlstorV a coach'ilia}. Washington-and La- fay.elle rode (n,. a ' cioub(o-dcrk hand-tub that had"Men one lum-- dred years of service, a locomotive Uiat had made record runs nnd jjaoafactnrer Preserve^tately Hermitn S e v . "V w, ;/}*<-,„ >.'* **? issum. x .TM.,-/U ^.r^:,-rr-- •— , (A**) COURIER Forcing Lead Is Telling Play in Squeeze Formula •-T v-s ~ rvJ£T^£«' wtai ta ««»'» Pension Plan Political Scheme, Centenarian Say ...-..- - Wash. ..(UP)-Erne.<i Miller, active, quick-eyed am quick-hearing at 103, thinks th Twnsend old age pension plan Just an electioneering scheme" ••Towiiscnd wants to boom him self for president, but a v - work." said the whiskered Mi who attributed his long hf c to :act he never has shaved "The nrst thing I'd do if I $200 a month," he •wouW be to buy n little „ for a cough Ive haa since I mv '2 yean, old -fhat alnajs helps It ; •Is won't iller. the did added, whisky Italian Somallland is the se o( It «lvs rol cond ™" 1-lay, us osu'iumira h, if. iilii«/es, floujis ami i;,i,l I'l «Y WSI. li. JleKKNNKY ccrotary, American Hrldgc !.i: : Before raiiside-rlng the llnnl sinent in Hie Tape] formula Ihc squeeze play, let me 'review the mnln points In the for- In. are as follows: In every squeeze there must two threats in different suits. These must be a one-card threat a trnm one suit and n tivo-or-tnore card threat in another suit. 2. You must assume that only line opponent is able to aunrd jour two Ihrciils. be cither m«"<l M . the spade seven at the llth since West holds i-o , he Is compelled to discard (he club jack or the dla- Jack No llmUw wh « hrttaor he chooses to drop, he will " L "' o ro automatically cs i nb | Lsll Yon must be able to project its play down to the iicitni. where K.I * W) V » 107 19 winner for ihc declarer. When the squeeze is ented, the opponent Is l.c "e cunnot prevent creation or e.xt.a irick for the declarer 1 110 .Sn[[pp?n tr.t,,l . i " „ !" , " Ot In mast :hn hand of the opponent lo bo •qiieezed contains only the necei- inry cards to p.imrd tile two hreat suits. 4- At the squeeze position you niis| have a mini entry rnrd Into •lie opposite hand. 5. At the squeeze position you inisl. mnkc n squeeze tead-liiat s, ; yon must |,-. nt i n s , m of , vl) , ch .he oppoiicm to be squeezed is loirt, therefore forcing hlm to dL'cnrri his contiol over one of n. n V °, "\ rel>ts ' thll£ transfoi-ni- ng that threat (loser) into a winner, the tlccded cx( a "ule ss an these five elements J'e present, there can be.' no qm-ezo. -They are -interdepeiirtent- ,!„,,-, c <"«!dcrctl.ns n'sin-: 'If unit if .-my o; m ' 5, ; t , - • M » ^^ let us ronslder the 'last t whirl qu,™, "' C lea " nf;k ™* " °^ m> ™> to be ihorci> "ice your opponent's hnnd con(„ ' " m - v «>ii!ro! cards over vour Expert Truss Filter '«c Saturday. M nrfll .,„.,, PO.W. p] lone g^ the last trump generally is the squeeze lead. The squeeze lead may bo any card of which the opponent to bo squeezed is void. This Is the Important point (Copyright, MS, NBA Hm vice, Inc.)' Firefighters Pd~Rlccoon Is Rail Enthusiast MASON ciTyTi^. rui>) - jo,. 1 Coon, pet raccoon of the Mnson City fire department, is rapidly lennii,, B the tricks of the trade. Joe, ,v) 10 S)K)I ,, (1 hc hlbcmnt| his time of W nr. frolies at stntlon houses instead/ »<-"iiun When Joe first became the rire- liters' ofTleml pet, they o»ried' liim o bed-with them, and in the morning s,,,, domi lhc « necentlj- one of the firemen In- alnut, „!„.. na . Agnew end Mrs W !•' Of Blirdcite ' l Pmy Rs) ' i5 Mrs. Tom SmitJi i, a .' need 1ms rctmncci irom Ibe Dlyihevliie 10 nih trt Ud '! a<i l ™ "'«« ai "pu d, and is progrcssiiiT ,, lc !,| v Mrs. fells Willie | 3 Ul e I w- , 'of ier mother. Jfrs. Roy At the Ee election ht-ld e» t . ay new members I.|»,I,M wo <• Jiiir Aslrabrnimer. to rep'ne" l rrammcl, and Wlllinm Kloik'. Hill Prayer meelln K will 1,,, iieid lie home of Mr. and M ra . cti-,'-- lijs Ric lardsun Sattmlay i)i g)H nu(i at 3:OU o'clock Sunday : iflern<«n. _ TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1935 Gehnnan, of Kansas City girted a taarch for his child A 4-.:. advertisement f oun ^ •'„•" mian Is'coming to vl^ii! l-i< (laiighter, May i. g| )e ^ ...."', her husbiiii.l Imving been l-ill'.'" 1 )'-' an jnreriirlian rsi- iasi wini™ sin Linns iJisiippenring EACHAMENTO. Cnl.(UP)-Pred- atory animal limners mr "gettiin; Hie- bett" of mountain lions in Calitornla. Only 215 lion scalps weie turri- «1 in for hoiinty last year compared with nn average nf '*70 for the post, several yeui-' Inilr-ml of bi'llt-vhig hunU-; s wen' IcsliiH ilii-ii- uii,,, officials of .,[', s ; lnte " s!l "'"I EaiiK' illvlslwi •aid here Ihwe was rer..=on to Ij... linvc thai In , u . ai ] v nu ,, am of the lion coimiry. hunters were Miniliij; out iii tlieir Ion of tl Ewryone iv invited Cleave . villc, WHS il, c g,,e:u 01 his l Mra . Jlm . of j, lylhl ,. •I'lH- Ladles' sewing club held n, weekly im'ininjc at Hi.- -liniue ,,| nieiuters puv.pnt, Tlmrsdny JJomt-r M,;.s:i,.-y siient ihJ \ve-l-- end at Driver Cinnv witli i^^ (! |. r. W. (), Mosc-lcy. «hn 1,'as n Hi lor nome time. '' Woman to See Father For First Time in Life MECHAWCSBURG o (uni- For the first time she can remember. M,- s . Annn Scotl f near here, is Bo ing to SC e her r"- i, M ,™, Sco "' s l^'en's separated m 1B(M, when she was an infant it'll years ago. her fniher, Mmtm !1- 1 advmlnntly left Jon behind HP peered cautiously from the edne of till! floor around tlie rail, then iSMf,." 111 Wilh "™ "»«*• °»" Now he gni'.i down the rail like a veteran smoke-eater. Sometimes ne does it several times in succession just, for Die practice. Chivalry was at, its height from lino and Huo. Now Located at 101 North Seeomi ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU - - 1 -...mijjj IllllUilllJ culaiors-lfcirairhigr-rarLs-rtibi,,,,,,; ANTE A NAME! made. The Sanders, for Ihe ato O f " . statc iii ,u ' ts fo ™ al °P eni "S will he. Sin 1 ' 0 "' , W J J ' Wm ^>^ and James wil " 0 " 1 UlCm SGlret °"° ? As a ""«» FREE -10 GALLONS OF TEXACO GAS AND 5 QUARTS OF OIL iMalincc — Friday, Saturday and Similay Only WEDNESDAY - One Day Only Holiday For Wives Husbands Entertain Your Wives! The Wife Is Admitted FRKt With Husband With On Paid Admission. WEDNESDAY - . One Day Only Holiday For Wives fs Enlcrlain Your Wives! ir ! Admitl «i ™RE Ifiisband Witli OUR "aid Admission. Tues.-Wed.-niui-s. MAT. & NIGHT—10c - 25 ' BANK NIGHT TUESDAY J50 GIVEAWAY Closes March 26th ACT NOW! I FOLLOW THESE RULES, Pt.EASE »• no not i, w n,, tra(]c „.,„,„_ ' I ACT NOW! Bring or Mail Your Re pUes to Courier NewS Office Tuesday - Weds. MAT—2:00 - A'lTE— G-A5 - <3;eals: than "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH 1 which ho created — was the clay-by day show lhal he \ actually lived! ' CARL LABILE presents A Charles 1 Helen if Pnramounl News Comedy COW SUNDAY HIG STA«K. SHOW POT POCRRi REVUE ''. S—HIG ACTS—S ' ' And Regular Screen Show

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