The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 1931 HIATHKVIU.B. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TURK) Militant Churchman Se;in.tional Debates Have Movkecl Career of New York Episcopal Leader. : JIV I'AUJ- -HARRISON i SKA Sirvkr \VrK?r : NEW YOKK.---Bishop- William Tiicinas Manning, of the Nci.- York ; l.::cere of the Prot?s:av.i E-1-ci.p-i! • (.-.i-rcli. Is on the very of brcwi- l i!-" embrolM in another c;ntro- vtisy. an-1 if Ihe militant champia.: , cf ri'iliodoxy falls l = tski MI: lib ! ftclesiastical cudgel ugainsl Hi-' !i:IM lll'.ie minister who his 1prc'. to clisiltn-;!' him, hi; J:i:nj; ..m' n::mlci alike v.-ill bo very much j surprised. i For clashes wil'i Low Churchmen and lib-irah have- boe:i in ilr regular order of th!n;s for nisho;- Manning ever since his ccm»:n- tlon here in 1921. In matters c; theology, sccij! p;rl;lenu;. pi-| }••. and moral? he l;as drawn I>K- mi: ed praise and denunciation :f c'.'n- _-f-. v denomination;:. As a defender of nv KDWAIIU v. WOI. Member'of I hi- National Championship Audi™ Tram This h Hie lltli of a series of 20: place any : wished. Ik- lold aldermen he WHS •ol the'known us the Vlcnr.a Coil]). It is not interested in fthni caf the most ditllciilt situation to-ivc-j ognli'-e al ttie card table and tin knew Toms Cute has most skillful lo employ. The play hern furnishing 35 cent ineab but to .set up a socxl curd In oppo- , thi'. lie cruUin'l nent's hand, Intending day tit meal time to check up NORTH—DEAL « DECLARER S-A-X-G ll-H-G-4-2 on Ihe meals served and thai out on the end play. ^ cicj'k jVM'geanlr, \veie supposed 10. !«!>'• at LT Uial end of it. | '!'•-•> ilcsk asked (he WEST 1 Kr.icil lor "jurisdiction" and Heecc $—0.4-2 dcc'.aral if It was granted the feed ||—1-9- till would \K cut In half. Th? nl- o'?uneii told Ihi- rfficevs Unit they 1 nil-Tidy had Ihe "Jurisdiction" and . i" "»o ic it." There Ihe mailer rcst- • oil. , Th" council nil ;rud Into rlslu- 1 ot-way contracts with the Arknn- '-.-is-Mis^ouri power company and Ihe Crei'inery P-'i-kKwe company arcip'.infr prt.ppily for ihe rlgbl-of- Bargains for Saturday and Monday EAST S--J-9-Y- 5-3 H—K-IO 0—9-5-2 C—Q-0-5 Hlshop William T. Manning, of !h 'i*,o faith and extirpator cf heresy, tcstanl Episcopal Cr.urch, and mi champion of orlhcrioxy. here he"has become lo many the "F-rf , u pictured as lie appears in his ccclenablicai vestments. Churchman of America." Bui while seme loaders cf '•<.' faith have me.uioned him 2< tV man who would become If.c' fir.r i : ' . . - "Archbishop cf the American Epis- £ ! lrt s " l "-'|««;| V copal Cluirch" if thai office were t- r-I mea,.h. . , , , „ t:1Kl for ''"^ Dl '- Gram sul> : '''""' I'" obscurely pira:.^ law. ".siencti on a opal be, created within his lifetime, others, comprising a group ol liberal' who met in Philadelphia \'r.a ct-) 1 : 1 day. planned to demand the ngh. of electoral recall of bishops b the same priests and laymen wh: chose them. Minister Demands Trial Bishop Manning's immeji.iti problem, however, is what lo (I about tr:e defiance of the Rev. Eli-i White v/ho, by reason of a sermD'.i of the Bishop's, declares he no-.-: stands charged witii advocatiir: "fiee love." of considering the Seventh Commandment debatable. an3 oi furthering "crass immorality." Under these charges. Dr. White demands an ecclesiastical trial-wit-V: the consequent reopening cf r. number of subjects which ore abhorrent to the Bishop. ft all started las'- December, when Dr. White, chairman of u sprakuV committee, defied the flfH orders cf Biplxjp Manning end invited Jn:lgc Bers B. Lindsey lo address the Now York Churchman's Association. Il reached a climax wh;n Judge Lindsey was thrown out of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine during a Sunday service. And White added fuel to the flames when he an- A£Vtticed that hn approved Ihe ",S:-m;nnio!iale marriage" of his own daughter. Statements contained in Bishop Manning's sermon regarding panionnte marriage are responsible I for Dr. White's demand for a church trial, since th5 latter has been ousted from his post at Grace church. But, the figr.ting Bishop sc-eins undisturbed. Ho has met such situa- lions before. Demonstrated Statesmanship Dr. Manning began his stormy car'eer uiien. after five years as a vicar of Trinity Parish, he became its rector in 1903 and found himself facing public scandal. Trinity, one of the.wealthiest of all parishes, owned considerable property in New York, and en some of it were tenements wh'c'n newspapers anci welfare ngencis declared were ivj'. fit for habitation. Manning shoved his first flare for church statesmanship when he brought the problem into the open and cleaned it.up to everybody's satisf?.ct::n. He became the leader of tne Anglo-Catholic party which v.Mnt^.1 to change the Protestant. Episcopal Church to the American CathoiU Church, but thus made so many enemies tiiat in 1919, following th: death cf Bishop Greer, he was defeated for Ihc prominent p:rt. In less than two years, however, h!? successful opponent died ar.d .\ ning was elected. Bern in England ond prc-Bril- and pro-Ally froai the b?|in- f of the war, Bishop Manning served in this country as a volunteer chaplain. Supported I'rohiuilian On prohibition he has bc-en the despair of wets and drys alike, ccn- trnding that moderate drinking r nut a sin. hut that th; laiv sbo-.iH bs obeyed as long as It, remain';! a law. Yel in 1916. at a tempeslii- cus convention, he had forced Ihru a pledge of lolal abstinence for tiic Divorce he detests. In fact holds with the Catholic icien thru there is no such thing, and has urged all churches lo unite in op- ncsing it. In 1920 lie cnga<;;d a controversy wriich hei:I the attention of the nation after th? In; Dr. Percy Stickney Grant, pacinsl. radical. Low Churchman— everything that Manning opp:s;n— preached a sermon on divorce. Manning replied, calling Dr. Gran 1 , r approval of divcrce no better than the advocating of free love. A year later, when Dr. Grant's engagement was announced n ;- woaian who had two ex-.uis!:r.trl r . living. Bishop Manning was abl? to fcrbld the clergy to perform the ceremony. After years of waiting. during which the Bishop was un- came ihe widely publicized encounter with Dr. William Norman (Juthri?. i.?clor of St. Maik's- i i-the-Bouw°rie. A radical and a showman who was determined to build ui> hi~ meaner congregation. p t -r«l,th'n-i I -iiirk Him as Dr. GulhricinvUed priests of other K - r - lUl0n LaUC1S " lm 8S s?ets, ev?n Hindus, Chim-se and Persians, to i^rform thrir rituals in h!.-; chp-ch. But when he insti- ".itcd rit'.iil dances and allowed six amply cbd ynung wcmcn to dance on li'.e Fotiyth street extension :.o.;lh- Si-orfs Alevnniler Mavor :<ei!i Heed lold the council that the mcctins had been |--";-?-ied from "lucsday ntfihl Ue- :-ivi' wi-.h oilier ctttams \v had ~;n? to Little Rock in an effort Ihe measure Insuring an division of state gas fund tuvn-back money between the two districts of Mississippi county passed by the state house. He scored E. E. Alexander, cuunlv representative, for Ills stand which ro- Eiillcd in defeal of the measure. Mayor Reed also reported on the ... mrrtir.e »f the mayors associnlion 1! hei'Vant 01 the wvral weeks ago. He said the- £ ,,. r maycrs had opnsccl the Thornc Ot HIS V-Oliniy. | power bill which eventually failed ' 10 |i.iss ihe state senate, had op- hsncstv ; posed the proposed limit of Sid on ' • *^ . . . i _ i_.,:_J V,., nl*. The first complclely successful lov|;(1 gentleman from Mbstohwl: and second i-lnss wlvre the citliens challenge lo Bishop Manning rule countv - adonlcd In answer to crit-; of Ihe cities by popular vole, elect- came when Dr. leighton Parts. ici ,. m " ' ot ,,„', MfmaAct from v.b! ed to levy such tax for adminislra- hoinc county. : tio " ! )Ur P°^ v ' A cc-mmittci raolher ef his traditional enemies. drclarcd from liis pulpit that bishops roul',1 n:t. n'biuvirlly fi:: frsi-J- t dogm.c—and that ihcre of the council was The resolution, presented oy. „„„!„,,,,, to investigate Ihe ra- am-ntr!ist do"m.c-and that ihcre Hepresc-nta!iv= Coffelt of Faulkner | ^^ n! ( .^ Maln tnerchnnts for V-.--S son" ncrip'.ural Justification county, fellows in lull: i „ Rlree . t n g ],i ..vest of the Lake, for denial of the Vircin Birth. Dr. "WHEREAS, a few citizens of: strnc , :,«.,,cction. 'th? council Fr^l s wliose parish was a large Mississippi county hove seen lit to i VQtcrt .„ | cl llle Jewish temple hold one. never was tried criticize, through statements issued n ,|- in .- 0 n t Hie citv auiUtorium ftt heresv. Bishoo Manning was to (he membership of this House. | n » cllt rat e" himself with plans for the certain actions cf their repres:nli- ; ml[ the auditortnni b' of his great Cathedral of live. Ihe Honorable E. E. Alexan-1 St. Jolii! Ihe Divine, which by now der. on one or two bills w'ni-li have | h^s riu-;i into the skies of Morn- been before this assembly that at-1 i'.iosiric Heights. , feet Mississippi- couniy only whhh j Cullectnl Huse Sums . the Honorable E. E. Alexander ' Chicot Ridge and Mrs. John Richardson Thore ngiiin the fighting Bishop been clecled by liie people of said ! and suiall daughter have relumed encountered cillicism. He spoke al county lo represenl in Ihis House: ,ir;ra a visit with relatives at Scar- n:?.ss meeting- r.f "a house of piay- and cy. er f"r all Deop'.e."rolici'.ed, and re- -WHEREAS, the memb;rship c?' "ji c=lvcd. coutrlbi'tionE frcin ev.?ry th , s Iiouse be ,, svcs in tne intE . !ri . | i:e>i honesty and abilitv of l'?.e Hen- 'iv^'hl. Mildred Mitchell spent Tuesday ;-et. Elihu Rcot. a : headed the general c Cassirty jr.. of Huffman vis- Miss Jewell Baker Saturday C-M-3 D-K-8-7. 4-3 C-J SOUTH-DUMMY S—108 H-U-7-3 U-J-0 c— ',:• No:ih with iill Hie aces which he though: we;e due him iHi'misc his imu'cdliig woilhlew hands, cures the bid al no trump. Tne five of tpiules is opened and North wins with the ace. Xorih leads the nee of clubs. an;l catches Ibc Jack. It is a general nil? j not to finesse when holding nine! cards in a suit with ace and king j at the lop. But here is a very evident exception. Dummy has no fi:re I nlry, and declarer must make sur; of establishing the club suit v. ic still holds one club in his ;innd.! Vhen (he 10 of clubs wins Ihc sec- | ond (rick, North musl imnicdiaUly j top, look and coyllate. He Uu-n re-! that continuing the club suit I may annoy him more than it can I annoy ihc opjwsitlon. Accordingly, he finesses the diamond jack anil follows lo make Ihe I queen iitul ace. Then comes the really crucial play. Having discarded a Email hcarl from dummy on the third diamond, declarer leads :hc ace of hearls, leaving Ihc ciucen bare. This Is Ihe essence of Ihe VI- i enna Coup. The declarer reasons lhat If E?.st! has the king of hearts, he will bo unable to save that and also protect his spades on the IHh Irick when Ihe lasl club is lo bt led. but in order to make the play Homli must be in a iwslllon on the 12th trick lo lead his queen of hearts if East discards Ills king to protect his spades. Tills • situation accordingly must be anticipated. It is done In this way. North must get out of the way by leading the ace of hearts and setting up the ting I The mcst beautiful play at he card table! He does that and ollows with the club. Note the con- cfruence. The lust club Is played by dummy on Ihe lllh trick. South lU'i'lilev Hli-nd Lb. Can 33c A QSi A EJ A TI1Q Hiiisdnk' nrc knm/UiiJa i-u,. omZD PfiAfHlTC ( ' onrier 1^ (; rJl'/iOniLij NO. ai/ 2 cmi 13 KONEY (:riliw ^ w IT MEAL Host Cre;im 2-i-I.I). Suck MACARONI Nt SS^,^25 c Hrown BUTTER Jloi'ris Supreme 3:{': (iokk'inlalc Lb.29c • ,-n ' (H I'iU'liitlJC t/. COCOA BEANS s ' iimli ' r(l Nl> - *f& 25 SUGAR I'ure 2-U). PANCAKE FLOUR ^.W SYRUP (:<mi all(i e;; C , c , "ndQO .1). Sack «P"*>"" I'lTri'BlUaihn SOAP ['. & G. or Crystal While 1« Bars 29c KI.OIIK I'htin of Sulf-UisiiiK /'ftC Cmtranicfd, -IK's, $1.20. 21 Lt>s. UU ;i Tal1 <)V (i SmiiH Ciiiw IMinnrcl luret "ICC l-l,b.- Can Ld committee. Jol nmiuee. Alexander to represen: . MiWrcd ^ new hLs constituents in this House to th^ni 3 ht with a new ,,„,. _____ , __. _.., ____ , . . ..... _ - „.„„,!„ Tjin Mrs. A. P. Parks of came to grips with Senator Borah tills House believes that, his sincer- by cienouncins the Lausanne treaty ity is always directed and extend as a "bate surrender of American to the will of the majority of the honor and American rights." As a people who elected him. their in- gunrdisui cf the public morals he terest and his friends' interest, his striven for the suppression of "THEREFORE, te it. resolved c.-vti'v !:'?ratiu;, announced him- the House of Representatives of th? ; ^ s"lf in favor of censorship of the Forty-eighth General Assembly of : Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mitchell were Bkthevillc visitors Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson visited Mrs. Richardson's in . . BMhevilb Wednesday. . "' >lrs. J. T. Sykes an: stage. • l!sc State of Arkansas that thenttai- Bishop Mar.nlnc has declared a bcrship o' this House extend to tr.e er.-:-::ic'.!] war asainst ths 'blasphe- honorable and beloved gentleman irons and wicked de?ds of the Sov- f rom Mississippi county, the Hnn- iets." thus inviting the c'jrision of 0 :ab!p E. E. Alexander, a unani- li';era!s who want to know when rnolls VDte of ccnfl .j enc( , anc j frljth he became a champion of tolerance ; n Mm ns ths leg|ll aut horii=ii m« or a lever of liberty. ' diilj- elected representative of hi- I ately. alons with his' disputes cmmty and tnis statc .. arising from the Judge Lindsey in- d Mrs. Louis : Ball of Clear Lake, visited Mrs. .Haiolrt Thompson Tuesday, j Mis. R. D. Akers and children I visited Mr. Akers in Blytheviile Wednesday. Miss Jewel Baker visited the school Wednesday. Miss Hazel Wallers visited Miss ,s, the Bishops has stirred a i-wide stcrm cf pretest among laymen and pas'.ors with t! : .e Etatrm-vit 'hat "the faith and NV-w X-Ray Tube Invenird NEW HAVEN, Conn.. UIPi—An X-iay t,,bc which iH^ts its -,v" Monday night. I ^irs. Cecil Mann ! school Tuesday. Vernon Gean anil Allon Thorn were visitors at- the Baker ho:n rays v.-itri the accuir.-y of a rifle instead s left with the queen oE hearts an spade. North with 'two spades. But it's too bad about East. He has ui option—lo Ihrow a spade or Hie icart. In either case it's fatal. A rand slam for North. The moral is hold the aces and play them at the right moment. TOMATOES No. 2 St;\nd;i|-(l 3 Cans 20c LARD s K. tiu , $4,92 SORGHUM ^""SE 91 DI7AC Eiirly .June Grower 15oy 11C r !1'A»3 " No. 2 C'tm 11 .PINEAPPLE Hillsdalc No. 2 ( / 2 (.'an Each 19c In Our Produce Department WOMEN'S HEADACHES Get Relief in Few Minute*! No need losuder from dislrcssing periodic headaches tEiat cailK misery every month. A single dose of Capudinc (new liquid prcscriptionlusuallystopillicpa in and brings glorious relief in a few min- ! iites. Checks all pains, too. Doesn't disturb irariiul fractions. No liariuf«l tiruss. Tlioisindssay it is theoae real headache remedy. loc,3oc, 6oc bottles atalldrugstores. Orbythedoscataxla fountains. Try ill Remcmbcrllienamt /\ 'HICKS 40 Lapudm? f fOR HfAOACHft No. 1 Red Western Lb. 2c J,iirice -18's QC Eiich J Hunch 10 C CELERY L;irge Jumbo » 1'3C Slnlk ID BANANAS Golden Yellow .Fruit Lb. 5c nrders of the Episcopal Church as 0 [ S p rca( ii n g them judged bv the standa-i? of the car- 1". undivded c'r.arch arc- funda- ii;c.'i!aliy and ("iflnilely Catholic." | [v Tl:irtce:i prominent clorjjymen. cf whom had resigned after Frank Blake spent Saturday night with A. J. and Rex Baker. ,rcn •-- the invention of Dr. Dim!- Eugene Mitchell visited Hershel try E. O'shevsky of Yale Univers- H "8hes Sunday. , Maty Sue and Junior Gean ra- • turned lo Iheir liome in Blythevill 1 ? PHILADELPHIA. (UP)-It cost aitcr spending several wcks wiih disputes with Bishop Manning, ,i v ]rtn j ust 5755 cac j, (o -: SW ecten l!lcir sis ' er ' Mrs - John Richardson. circiratert a printed protest and (ne , !ot - - m a magistrates ccmt as •S-nial. • t;ic rcsu'.t of a police 1'alrt on a pskor came in a ctnler city office You'll find it in thr- want arts. buildini'. All paid and departed. RSTEXJ5 NG KT Treatment Failed So He Finally Quit Taking Medicine Entirely Unlil He Hoard Of Lin-O'-Nine LLV-0-NLNE STOIM'EI). relenting, broken. Ihe engagement w a s Amthfr Fei:tl Meanwhile, however. Grant in a srrmon scc-mcd to casl doubt on Ihe divinity of Christ. While lib- some for me and K T siirt before i' worked like masic for n-.;. 1 recommend it to cvcrvhcciy troubled as I "'as." continued Mr Jacobs, a Wfll known farmer. Route 3. Box 137. Victoria. Texas. 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