The Morning Sun from Yuma, Arizona on February 19, 1925 · Page 1
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The Morning Sun from Yuma, Arizona · Page 1

Yuma, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1925
Page 1
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C 0 T T 0 N · Q3y Auocl»t*d Pre««) Xew York spot cottvii, 3J.70. Futures: .Yarrh, 24.47 to .«; Mav, 24.81 to SI; 3u\), 54^9; Oe«l*'r, S4.W to 25.0*; December, »5.«5. '*w Ortaius spot cotton, 24.65. W E A T H E (By-Associated Prt-ss) Fair Thursday arid Friday, IHOe change lu temperature. VOLUME It. THE MOHXIXG SU, YBSA, A R I Z O N A , THURSDAY, FESRUARY It, 1925 NUMBER 43 FATE AGAIN TAKES TOLL OF AIRMEN · -H- * AFTER DELAYING A YEARS. P. GRANTS RIGHT FOR PUBtIC TO USE PRISON1ANEMOSSING '· After sitting in consultation with City Attorney AVupperman nearly all-day Tuesday and the' greater part of yesterday, Attorneys S. Singer,' of -San Francisco, and J. Hartman, of Tucson,; who. .f o.u-ivd ·themselves-up against.a r stone-wall In -.our respected- city official · agreed to grant to the city of Tuma a.perpptual easeiuent-for the.'c.o.n-' structlbn^. use and maintenance. of" the street or' lane known'as-.Prison' lane extension. for ; vehicular^ and every' kind . of. public traffic- upon and .across that particular, portion of land. ·:, XI ··'.'·;.-', . · . - · - - , '-..; : .''·'For:-over ^ year flie: city has-been wlljihg to'inake::.ever'y-kiud of.coh^ cession.: to - the,- ..Tailroad -. to,- .ghtn wlial.Is npw ; .grahteu--asTiglvt for the city to gain access easily to the hill to the..east.of,the,track.. And it has come · about because, 'one hard-headed^ attorney put all. .the city cards on- the .table, and aBked WALLACE GORDON FORMS HABIT OF DRAWING CHECKS Oscar Luzier, of: the Yiuma Valley, suffered, from a great disillu-r slon Saturday, when he woke np to j * find that -Wallace Gordon, a man! * whom he had,employed,/had disap-[X ""^c i,iii,c.ona msui. oum-.tiuu . p'eare'd overnight taking with him:*-wife, didn't "draw .sore w.'ants several /things. .Mr: Luzie'r fortified '*.'one. like it next, meeting S. .P,. himself'as well, as he could- ·against' * hotel nineteenth twelve fifteen · Goes Into Nose Spin and Pilot Garrett is Killed STATE LEGISLATURE ILL m COLORADORIVERTALK · h * * * * * * * * * * ^ * * * I'EUHAl'S THIS IS * CORRECT, BUT IT . * READS LIKK ***** * t * . . .Yuma, Ariz., Feb. 18, 1925 * ·I* Fellow Kiwanians: *fr * Max 'says "Make it short;*. ·i- and save .tho paper: Vat you * 4- don't.write. I.will tell it. Talk.* * Is cheap." .. :. · . · . y'!" .*'·: Well here's; a."night letter: * * Had a fine 'time Thursday * * night" twelfth, account :ladies'.* '*'· night .celebrated with banquet .* fish turkey ice cream and beef^T presided gave ladies' .attend-'* :tho;loss,:'.decided/it. was not : 6yer-- whelmtng,;aiid that the bird of pas- sage.'coutd hot fly very far on those wings!.;:':"'.;.- · · .·· ' . ··' .'.;' - ·. .-But Mr. Luzter's' philosophy dim-'- lnlshqd.and.'.his disillusion increased .as' check'after check"drawn on his 1 name and · forged --by .Wallace Gordon cime drifting "in: . .There are at present $60 -worth of them.. . ; .Npt only has Mr. Lazier equipped his hired ,-roan with, an -.outfit for an .phting and a -hunting, 'trip;; but evidently wlthVan.;thc other ."makings" : 'as well. ' Mr. Luzier. is · not , doing this 'willingly, in -fact so un] willingly that the: police are on * sharp Max. "presiding - stop *. while he.ikeeps .still H: B. Ire- * * land will .discourse on "hoys" * * and Jimmie Mansfield will tell * what'he-saw at. other. 7 KiwaniS'- *-.clubs to help us stop when..lie ·-. * 'gets through" Max .will .speak ·*'- * with his hands . to save .'time .*! *.while the--· secretary' reads .*! * communications · and reports -i V on the Kiwanis signboards re- * * commended, by Sol-two weeks'* * ago sO'we : want every member * to come out to this interesting * *. meeting: -the railroad attorneys what, they [Wallace Gordon's trail; but he has were going, to do, and .they: said, managed to :keep ahead of them up * * Horizontal-- : A. D..COX, Scc'ty. Warm in four letters. they w.ere going .to grant the city's wish. '··" - ·'.- · ' · · · . · ': - . ' - ' ' · · " '.- As the majority of the city council had-.gone to Phoenix-;for. tlie purpose of,'titrating GoVi- Hunt; for highway:funds,; .they-left the city, attorney'tb attend'to all the details' of the 'settlement of-, th.e contror-. ersy hetweeh.'the S. P.-and concerning the -crossing ; of the. railroad' at the base of Prison Hill.,With Lease Agent Leavltt: in'at- . tendance yesterday', a complete legal and satisfactory . settlement was arrived at whereby both the city's and Uie' railroad company's rights indefinitely "will; be: .protected.. .. - · ' · . . · · . ':'·-.,'·'· A new road.-has.been'granted- by the railroad company to the: city connecting' Prison lane with Pent- to date. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4- 4. 4, + * AND WHEN NOT VERY BUSY. HE FARMS J. E. F R A N K L I N Pres. Yuma National . . Bank . . ' . . J. K. . Franklin is ^president :of . the -Tuma National bank which e - y : a contract · ° ° ·· . . . . - · . . . fpr .the .erection of . the. f. nest. tentiary avenue in lieu . br. closing building ever -constructed ' iii. the track" running along the west-, Yuma - 'This building will bo " ern.- line: of Prison Lane. ... - . ; nf th b - t bank nuildings in All proposals have been appipv- . . . . . . . ; ·· · 1 cd and ills now up'tothe.officlals the -state. .-Mr. .3-anklm--is-:alsp I of the railroad company to sign the { n ' e president - and - manager' .of. · proper papers, and the company .the.B. G. Cariithers ; State.banlt will begin to complete a t Somcrtori, he is vice-president its program '-of · Improvements, on. " a ,,rt (itr^ctor of the Arizona In-. . the. levee, including. the constr'uc : . Aiistrlal C6ngress.'ari"d treasurer tion of an eiaborlite : passeng.er_ de- a nd director of the Yuma cham- · ppt . - - - * · - . ' . · ·' - h e r of commerce and takes an " As shown on the plan instead of nc ti vo part .in all civic. activities. Prison lane coming : straight flown jj e . ow ns a fine ranch a few the hill, it turns on the 100. feet. of m n e s west of Yuma in Clie upper the 'S P. towards. the bridges on val]e y pn w hlch he resides. the right, thus avoiding a direct . . . . . . opening to the , bend leading t o j . . : · · · · . . · - First street. . . . . '·"·-'. ; . · i . ; · · ' . ' - · · " · · Further, the agreement restricts an(1 .ji anO ney. of Phoenii, Arizona. the railway to a double track at . *plie new bank building will have that point, so that there will be no two . s t or i es . The bank itself will great wiflth of trackage to cross at OCCUI)y ;. tue major portion of the ' " · · - -- · NAVAL LIEUT. INCINERATED AND MECHANIC BADLY BURNED MEN AIR CRAFT PLUNGED TO EARTH : : Making too short a turn preparatory to landing;at rhe Yuma aviation field yesterday, shortly before ndonr Lieut, W. S; Garrett, 29, piloting plane t Avalori^'ia \yhich was Mechanic .Ghrjs A. Funk, "dropped 150 feet to his death, he being nearly cremated in the restiltiri'g blast. :of-; flame which shot', from the broken gasoline ta.rtki'Furik jurnping"frorii,the plane just .before it,landf. ed, ; and.though', badly .burned, his life was saved. - . - . ; . ··--Funk's escape-was nothing short of a miracle.,When the. plane -nosed down i n - a tail spin he^:threw himself sideways, frorri the aircraft * " falling' twenty': feet... away' froni the machine, but; the explosion-'.of-.the .gas .'tank poured the.blazihg.gaspline over. his'.face', and /hands and~legs, and - by-; fotiiftg away from the plane .in the * * * * * * * * + * * * * * + * .j. -4. -4. * 4, 4. ' * 4. 4,,* 4. 4 (By Associated Presa) PAGE BH. ! SUX YAT SEJf sand he flame. obliterated the ·GENEVA; Feb. 18.--An amount' of ^134,000,000 worth of arms : nnd munitions sold in iriternatipnal" trade during the three 'years ehd- .ed in 1922 .remains unaccounted for, according : to. a -Tep'ort .presented today to the disarmament - committee,"of the league, of na- 'tIp'ris.;'Russia; Turkey and Greece furnished no -report of their-, importations , during these years. OVERLOOK; TAIL SPINS SAK DIEGO,: Calif, Feb;,: Went."Harold ; Brow, naval 'aif-V maiij fell info the bay today iVhllc flying; Jri a Boeing plane, bhttiyns IN G80UP FORMAT! RAMIREZ, JR., DIED YMERDAY OF PNEUMONIA - Alfred .Ramirez,;.junior, the-son of Mr. and Mrso Alfred Hamlrez; died o f ; pneum-onlii 'Wednesday, af- tprnqon'-at. six. o'clock; · : . :: - : - . ' Alfred .Ramirez was.a Yuma .boy. He' was bora, here -July; 7, JS02, and has/lived here.all-hls'life;.' .He'was a -graduate of. the Grammar .School and " v "'·' "-'···--'·-- .-------·- fr: . (By "Assoclntefl Press) PHOENIX;, Feb.' IS.--The-.state ' senate today mapped out an orderly program to expedite the cohsidera-. tipn of.legislation.dealing wjtlrthe .' Colorado "river, compact arid-adopt-^.. ed the. plans as. a special rule. '·' '·' , ':. .The'different proposals hearing phy.the.Colorado .river. siBiatioh. are''.- placed;.in."fotfr, groups with the rm 7 derstanding that.bnj.groni).:will. bp; : .:;.disposed of before, group'.is : Brought. Up .'foiv cpnsideratibn:'";, 7 ,' J ; ·11T111U-111 It OUU1UK -IWiUlC, UUL. TT«^ I · i' ' : r · · ' " - - mf~ 'f ' ' ' , -iinhnrtJ. This Is a n e w type. ^ '"to.pneumonia The .funeral. I»I,IT ..Id,,) *i th« nnrhl n'vlhtlnn I take "place this afternoon too great, to. pull up in .the .prescribed area, rose again and circled. At the. west "end-'of the ground, and still in the circle-the plane banked (Sharply to the · left,. spun round : in a downward-'direction, and crashed, a column of Bm'pke immediately'leaping up from the spot following, the; sound' of. a loud report..'' . , :.; : .; - , · ',-.- · - ·', .V 1 At the couclusipn .of the evidence the jury immediately, returned"-'^ verdict of death by~ accident, '·'. and the.members of the flying squadron returned to the field and left, shortly- after'four .o'clock on the return" louriiey-'to Sari.Diego. : . . : : -. , Squadron Returns '···' . .The squadron leftSan-'Diego yeSr terday morning at 9:30 a.m:-arid landed, here' about ll':30, when the accident occurred. The personnel was Lieut. Commander M. B.'Mc- Conib, -O.C.-, Lieut. W. S. Garrett, cently added to the -natal aviation , force, 'and' this is the second ac- ^cldent of its Tdnd^attempUuj? to recover troni.a tail spin. IVASHINGTOJf w; days, ago, which developed be in\'the'whble'house:'.-, the,prpce.edings: carried Jn- full-:'-. . Norman C.. Gonway,;,en- gineer o.f : -Yurna,,a friend',qf Lieujr. "Commander'...Ralph Wood of.the yisitiiig squadron' of. six. airplanes from San Diego, reached : Funk first, and after, hasty attention to his bums he Was rushed to the'Yuma hospital, where '.he ^received prompt and careful attention at. the hands ( of T)r. W. C. Cain and 'the nursing second, in comnumdj. Lieut.'T. C. Longquist,_. Lieut. V. . Schaeffer, ·Lieut. It. Seligman, Lieut. S.. H. O f Arthur, all pilote, and Lieut. Corn-- nrades' to atteniut :a' I1 i i '. nder 'Halplf Wood, obser *" would' have, been non-cpmmissipnert': officers gi any time In the future.- C. OLCESTER SUCCESSFE CONTRACTOR {first floor and alLof the. basement. ]Tho Eagle Drug company will lease a store location on the remainder · of the first floor. The Knights of i Pythias will, lease the second floor ! for the 'lodge and reception rooms. 'The offices, on the second floor ·have .been leased; - - - . · 1 From many ^places in Arizona iand California contractors came lyestcrday to nfaie their bids. Tne firms who submitted bids- .were: For the general construction-- Me- . The firm of Sanford. Charter and McPherson. the new lessees of the Gandolfo Hieater,' hopes to be ready Ginty Construction Co., of Phoenix; to re-open'the big theater on the : Kriox Construction Co., of San , hill by Saturday night of this week, 'Diego; Wurster -Construction Co., j though the date cannot be definite- Los" Angeles; Charles OlcesterUy fixed as yet for the reason that The contract for the genera! con-[Construction Co., of Tucson; J. C. struction of the new "building of the steele and Co., of Phoenix; Egan Yiima National bank was let to' C t m s t r u c t j 0 h c o ., of Phoenix; Charles Olcester, formerly of Yuma! sparks Bros., Phoenix; T. B. Stew- and now of Los Angeles. Wednes- art Construction Co., Phoenix; day afternoon. The contract of the -j a hpe Construction Co., S_an Diego, plumbing was let to the Sails Co. Tnc contractors who bid on the a big picture is being negotiated for and no word has been received as yet as to whether it can be secured. Tho opening however, be marked by the showing of an important picture and it is expected of Ynma, and the contract for the pi,,riibing were--Sails of Yuma, L. i that the program for the event will heating and ventilating -"to D. S. T Dalc ot phoenix, and D. S. Hor- ,be definitely decided today. Horrair Plumbing Co., of Phoenix, ra |] plumbing Co.',"6f Phoenix. j In the new company, Frank San- .Arizona. The total cost of con- rp nc companies who bid on the! ford will be -manager and Mr. strnction will be in the neighbor- beating and ventilating were--Cor- i Charter booking manager. All the hood ot $90,000.' , belt Lumber and Hardware Co., o f ] members of the firm are experienc- The actual construction work is Tucson . L q- r) a ic of Phoenix; D.; e d theatrical men, and. Mr. Sanford to start in the very near future. s ji mr i o [ phoenix; B. V. Ezell. j announces, will endeavor to give and will Ie completed in six of E1 centre. I Yuma a high order of amusement, months time. ' ^~:7: ! It ls the present plan to put on a 'bill nightly, comprising half mo- Whcn finished the Yuma Na- l\Jt PICKKB UP IK tional will have one of the hand- EL CEXTRO GIVEN , i t i o u pictures and half vaudeville nf someKt and best equipped buildings STAGE HIDE HERb | ( | 10 uest order while road shows in this'part ot the country. The Having run away from his home] w i ]] | l(! p i a yed whenever attractions staff of the institution.'. Never n Ciinnca ..It .was '^possible for--any darrett's com rescue, · whicl fruitless, for 'lie must have, died almost instantly, 'and '.when .the. flames had subsided he was .lying outside the cockpit of the plane a mere shape .of a man. The.tail and n..blade of propellor were all that was left of the .perishable -parts of the plane, and .even the metal part-s. were twisted and-melted into an unrecognizable mass. ...: : All Hie; members of. the squadron rushed the 300 yards Uiat.separat- ed- their unfortunate:: companion from : the remainder of the escadrille, and though attempts were made to throw sand on the fiercely blazing aircraft, it was eaten up by the hungry element before their en r 'leavers had any effect, and realiz^ ing the hopelessness of their task', all attention was concentrated then on relieving Funk of his agony. Funk Doing Well Late last night the. hospital and his physician stated that he was resting easily, and that his condition was better than was expected. - Yesterday afternoon a jury was sworn,in and inspected the body of Garrett at Johnson's undertaking parlors to which location it had been removed. Judge Harry Smith conducted the inquiry in the county court room, and the : story told by fiye-witn*edses was as recounted above. -R. A. Plumbley stated that he was watching the flight of the aircraft very closely from a short distance away, and-his impression was that the machine started to turn and then seemed to stand still in the air, turning pn the left side and plunging to the ground. An explosion followed, a big cloud of black smoke rising, and when he arrived at the plane it was lust a mass of flame. -Funk, Garrelt's companion, said when witness reached him, that they had made too sharp a turn and that was all he could say. Norman B. Conway, one of the first on the scone, gave .similar evidence and spoke of the hopelessness of trying to reach the doomed aviator, who was dead when lite others got' there. panyliig :tbem · were Aviator Chief Bigger C. A.'. Funk, Asst. Pilot P. J! Anschutz; "Aviator Chief. Motor Mecliancian J. A. .Frostrom,. Chief Petty Officer W. F. Gallagher, and First Seainari 0. Berryman. .'··'.The purpose of the' journey here was for "a trial flight, taking observations and records, and until land-, ng a most -successful passage from the. coast was reported. : ..-Orders were left for the body of the', .deceased officer to be shipped to San Diego this morning. : ' - . 5WASHINGTON, ·I'eb.' 18.--The session, today devote'd-almpst the entire ses.s'ipri= by'discuissiug^flie advisability ot : allpwihg. a negro swimming .pool'' in-. Washington. Objection was inade; to establishing a negro.loathing, beach-: be- -tween the' Washirigtbn monument and the .Lincoln.-memorial;-, opposite .a bathing ;beach .for white ·;people, 'but after'four hours-"argument it was allowed. .at.:.4 ;: o'clock, at. :the-' home of" : Aifr'ed .Ramirez's sister,,Mrs. B. JV Caiiepa,, 434: Sixth 1 avenue.:."..;.;-. ' - . . , . /Alfred Ramirez. leaves to. mourn .him his fathejr.-.and;.bis;mpttier', Mr: and -.Mrs.. -Alfred'^Ramirez; ...three brothers," Charles, Frank and Faus- tinp Ramirez;'a Bister and.'a:br'pUi- er-in-iaw,- Mr..- and / Mr's. : ;.E..';: J.. Canepa.'-;- : ; ..:.:.:::::··.-".":·./,'~,.'.'^."- .'. '. CHJCAGO, 'HI, Feb. 19-- Wayne "Big" T Mnnn, chiimunt : to; tlie world's heiivj-neight nrestling cluimpionsltin} tonight siaiiped Mike Koninho, Italian 'lifeavy. ·ivclghr, to the flooritiiic* In Jess' than ten minutes. * . . IVHO'D HAVE THOUGHT IT . new buildins will be of mission in Mississippi and arriving at! o f ,, LINCOLN,.Neb.; Feb.. 1S.--TV use of state funds by governor or any other officer for purchase of gasoline -or other materials': : to. be sold by retail fpr the public-bene- ' fit is illegal .unless such funds have been appropriated by · the legsilature, .was ruled, today, by the Nebraska supreme court. DEATH TOTIO GADSDEN · Tjnte last night information ivas received from Gadsdcn that Thos. .1: Adcock'had died yester- - d a y afternoon of a complication of smallpox and pneumonia. He was one nf Hie oldest residents of the town. Another resident claimed by death suddenly yesterday -was Steve Cheknsh, jnst arrived from San Piego, who dropped to the floor in the Gadsden Drag slore and died Icn mlnntcs nfter hninir conveyed to the hosplta, 1 . LYNN SWANSON IS SHOWN WHERE HIS AUTOMOBILE WENT style the old Spanish architecture Yuma early In January, where he. sc( . urcl i. so suited to the present as-well as lived with his uncle, T. B. Gibbons,. the past of the southwest. The f,74 Orange avenue, John McNamee poliop. and after Probation Officer plans, beautiful In every detail, as stayed here awhile aud then went Rvranann Commander's Opinion In Lieut." Commanilnr Snip!: Wood's testimony It was shown order of merit can be : that the deceased aviator was a: j skilled pilot, of three years' trail:-: Mnp. and that on attempting lo land IIP th" f'e'd tl'o first lime 0-rro!t had secured his story ; cros-coc! north to soul! the narrow - "When Lynn Swanson lost his Ford January 17, it being stolen when he was in the tent show here, he though he would never see It again. But yesterday Sheriff Chappell took him on a trip five milos up the valley aud showed him the lost car hidden in some mosquito trees. Not the whole car, though, part of it. The engine for in- ''···K;? mid the framn nnd nno plate. Whoever took the JACK DE1TPSFA' WITNESS LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18-Jack De.mpsey was in court today, to give evidence for the state in the irial of Kid McCoy on charges of shooting anil robbery. He is 'expected to testify as to JtcCoy's mental condition prior to the killing of Mrs. Mors, for which .McCoy was fonnd guilty.of manslaughter.. McCoy, it is jnst possible, ivill be called to the wit-, ness stand himself. . KILLS AGED ' VO3y..Associated Press)/.'..-, -"·: : 'CRESCb, lowa.S.Feb: /IS^jJixr,- plainiiig. thatXhe''was sacrificing the. lives,of :hlmself. ; andihls' par- ,enis to..relieve.theijrbf, ttieii; B'uf-: firing,,'···William..Dunn,'; 45,' col-", lege, graduate".: and : fprmeri.sefyice- bfficer;,'siibt and'.~kilied his father and mother, aged about. SO.-years,' .and shot himself ; : in '.the family : home here today.' He :was: captain in the .world/war and- gave up a lucrative; position In Michigan to come.-to .Cres v cp .to look after his aged parents, both semi- invalids, a year ago. :?, !: . FOB TELLING, THE TRUTH - - (Fy Assoclnted Press) ' ·- i-'·: WASHINGTON, Feb. : 18.--The 'lions*."- aircraft coinmlltee was thrown '.Into considerable confusion today when n, report, reached it that Brig;. Gen. MJtchell.slormy center of the aircraft controversy* ? vronifl be called 1 to the iVhlte Honso tomorrow, and informed. 'by. -President': Coolldgo that he vVonM not be reappointcil assistant chief of the "army »ir service. All officials- deny any knowledge:of It, and his office said he had received no.such intimation--but unconfirmed reports stated that it was in con* temptation. : . . . - · - . KING GEORGE CJIEERFTJl LONDON, Feb. 18.--This morn- 'ing's bulletin concerning ' the health of King George states that he is suffering from bronchitis, and passed a fairly-good night .and is comfortable and cheerful today. . , . Coiilter and.ppnneUy _' ed," ' ' - . tro*ducj;'': : ', ' reBbhrces-Tpf J^e;.Qolb'fadb' riVet; .-.·-:--': i '.'..Tne.'r.erTraT : a.'',llTely. : .i|Mrniish'-'JiH;: t 5 th.6\IiqiiseV';tji.o^'',pVe'r:^-.'ppl6r^'p;':\; river/, questipn" after ..Hep:- iWiseHer.: of '.Yuma/had^Tbad 'many7 excerpts i: ';'· f coin: tlie. .192.3 :. Jbiirrial concerning the flood ."menace y.n, .f iima" and IinBerial;.y4lIeys and : .then-asked'itp-v. : ' haye.his.resplutlon on the. Cplppa^o:-*^. .riyer, compact/continued-: pli:''the;- · 'calRndar-vfor:another "day,--but :sev-. ; - |erai.speHjters-.prptestei--againsVtlie':3 TWiylleeb^ibelTigi-ixtenae^ililni^af^i;':-'?' us ^quotations.;·;·;Vv.::i.;V; : :S '^'.··'''^'i-y ^.Bp:3TTOraer.^lea'aeSaor".':]'lt'e''-* and : promised'makeAnaiturtiier.,"^ remarks, and:'it :. : was..cpntinned:.'.".: " WILLIAM G. McADOO GREETS OLD FRIENDS ·well as practical from a business to El Centro, where he was prompt- from him saw that he took a stage | or of the two ways, and in all prob- i rest wanted a whole lot of spare standpoint, wore made by Lescher'iy taken in charge by -the city J for this city. ability finding that his speed wsJ parts. William G. McAdoo, of Los Angeles, late candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, spent a few. minutes, in Yuma last evening. A wire in the afternoon to James L. Edwards, Democratic central committeeman for 'Yuma r county, stated that Sir. Adoo would Jbe on the Golden State Express, which arrives in Yuma at 8:40 p.m. Mr. Edwards notified a few of the faithful and a reception committee of about twenty were at tlie train .-to meet and greet the distinguished party. Mr. McAdoo stated that he was making a business trip to Washing- Ion and New York aud that ne wanted to stop at Yuma for a few minutes and greet his friends. Mr. McAdoo never looked better and he is apparently in the best of health. Guy McCain of Somerton and Mr. Edwards took Mr. McAdoo in their car and drove him through the city to the railroad yards where lie caught his train. In the party to welcome Mr. McAdoo to Yuma were James L. Edwards, Guy McCain. A. B. Ming, A. C. Mc- lOaiu. A. N. Kelley, J. H. We:.!i over. R. H. Ramsey, Proi. C. W. I llcOraw, C. J. Wliitmore, Mrs. Mulford Winaor, Mrs. F. S, Ming, r \VM. G. McADOO uissipn to build a toirbridge across the Colorado at Erlnherg. ..'·'.' -:: ' This-matter had been brought' to ''-· the attention of the 'governor'iri : 'a- : etter from .Rep. Haydeh,'; and tii'e ' governor .referred ...the . snje.cb .in' ; : the attorney- general .·wh'p-.rendered -.. an opinion-that: the stiite-*as with-. '/ out power, to/act.iri the matter:, but ':·· lad no doubt .that the -'county-auV ·:· thoritie sof'-Yuma.county .can- grant " a franchise 'giying snch-.permlssiou. In , his letter'.of. transmlttal of':. : the corr.esppnrtehce "the. gbyerripr' gave his reason's"tor being against... the'project, saying.the construction of : a Erinberg would immediately lead, to the revival of the : movement: to build a - highway t IDrinberg. · ·' '. COTT05 . By Associated Press) NEW YORK, Feb. 18.---Real!iiintt was aclive nt the highest levels of today's cotton nrnrttet nnd JIny Inter shut off to .2181, closing ;it Hint figure'with, the general cotton intirhet closing barely steady nt net 1 point higher and 1 point Inner. . ' miFAVORS CHy AfSocIntM FreBsl WASHINGTON 7 . Feb. 18.--President Coolidge added a new chapter today to the air service controversy by making public the report of a special naval bnnrd which found (hat the battleships remain the final arbiters in sea warfare and airplanes would never assume a paramount importance. The president also issued a forma] statement in explanation of the 530.000.000 supplementing the p.a"3l ostimntos recently submitted to conference wHch' were founded on t?v recommendations of the naval board but sharply modified. The. president m-kos no reference ns to tlio ;v';it''vo fighting value of aircrr'.f. :T-- ::hlp!i. and submnrini'5. lie adopts hnwcver ; lio hoard's viou- of liie n«d of .ii^fi^r'- 1 " 1 -' 1 ^-! ··!' I-T- !iTM!"»''i--nof In- Mrs. A. B. Ming and Mrs. C. H. txlasacock. con,, era. . of two 10,0'jO-ton c:-ui3-

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