The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 19W BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS "PAGE TRRCl A Christmas Carol Bob CrotcU oiled Scroop lor o grant fam-Cfcrisrmai Day off. "A too* UCIM* far pidu*g • mo*'t pocket e«iy twenty-firth of December!" wailed Scroogt. "Ok, very wdf. fet be hen oil the earlier next Monwgr Overjoyed, Bob ton oil the way home to Comae* Town hard as he could pert. by Charles,Dickens Grateful Captive At lost Scrooge went home. He had the shock of his life when the face of his dead partner appealed to him on his door knocker. Jacob Marlty, dead the$e seven years'. But even more shocking things were to happen to Ebeneter Scrooge on Christmas Eve! SALT LAKE CITY —«>)— Re- >ort«r William n. Smart thought le made and enemy when he aided tn the capture of an escaped Utah state prison inmate. Smart, of the 'Deseret News," and a parole officer recaptured Bertram a. Hall, convicted robber, ntter a Ilstic battle on a downtown street.. As a result, Hall spent two weeks In solitary and lost trusty privileges The ne*t contact Smart hid with Hall was a laeknite In the mall. It contained a hand tooled cowhide wallet. 'Warlike' Peace Song* VIEKNA—(«>)—What li w»r and what Is peace? Bust Europe's Communists use "peace" u the biggest, most, frequent word In their newspapers. It Is part of the Communist campaign that Russl« Is the only power, attlmt "•*. But icmeUmes the tet their word* nlxtd Up. Ttw ! garlan new«paper "tfafjwr He»- tet" recently reported: "Our compoten are wriUnf nobb, warlike pe*c* aortd lor our eonfreu.'' Cliff dwelling tn N*v Iftzic* were occupied by Indian* until »bout 350 yeari a(O, or atx d« after the arrival of UM flrit L Ish explorers In that refion. Startling Turn of Korean War 'Is•Similar to Animal Parable By HAL BOVLE WITH U.S. EIGHTH ARMY, Korea ypj—The life of the First Army to fight under the United Nations banner ts at stake In the chill hills of 'North Korea. Equally at stake Is the success of tlie entire five months' effort to unite Korea .by arms as a step towards world 'peace. Tills startling turn taken by the Korean War can be summarized by an animal parable: A terrier has long been fighting a marauding alley cat to keep her from the home he is protecting. One day he chases the cat across the cleared land toward the Jungle trees. As he nears the jungle, he sees the cat spitting at him from between the claws of a big tiger. Before he can halt, the tiger flicks out a paw and cripples one of the ' Brier's legs. i The terrier pauses. Most of the frcr's body lies in the Jungle that Is the tiger's own domain, hut Us forepaws stretch out into the clear- Ing that it is the terrier's duty to guard. Between those paws, the alley cat dares him to come on. . The terrier sees no help, but his duty Is clear. He must drive both' cats, the small one and the large, ont of the clearing. He charges bravely forward. Both cats are ready. They draw back cllghtly, then lunge at him. The blow breaks one leg ,of the terrier • nd sends him reeling back. Again he turns »nd faces his foes. What next? Choice With Tiger The immediate and decisive choice lies with the tiger, which can leap on the terrier and kill him—but to do that the tiger will have to emerge all the way froin4 the Jungle, and that might mean that men with torches and clubs would come nnd beat the tiger to death and bum down the jungle. The tiger can fade softly back into the jungle and let the wounded i terrier chase the alley cat back. However, it is a young tiger, full of pride, and rather likes the idea of having the cat remain In the clearing as a symbol of the tiger's power. The tiger also has a third choice. It can Just stay there on the edge of the Jungle and slap down the dauntless terrier every time he advances. This could go on over and over again until the terrier's owners decides either to call him off or go all-out to his aid. In soft purrs, the ttger meanwhile insists tt Is not even in the clearing. The clearing is Korea; the Jungle is China; the tiger Is the Chinese China Preparing For World War, Say Nationalists TAIPTI, Formosa, Nov. M. (AP) —Nationalist sources on the mainland today reported new Chinese Communist preparations for World War III on the side of Soviet Russia. The China Union Press, a small news agency which claims to' have four underground correspondents on the mainland, said the Reds are building hangars In the hills near Suchow under Russian supervision. Suchow is 375 miles northwest of Shanghai. It is at the junction of the lAinghal and Tientsin-Pukow railroads. Mrs. Arthur Heber, 4308 Hays • Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, Is busy little bee these days—she scurries aronu her kitchen cooking hearty meal for that husband of hers; you ought to see her finish off .the family laundry In just a mite of time. She is a bundle of energy these days and she wants everybody to share, her secret of happiness. .She found that by taking HADACOL her system gets'those necessary Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacln that it at one time lacked. ..Mrs. Heber, who had been nerv- <j]l)for some time, said: "After I got on my feet I was still unable to eat anything. I knew my not being able • to eat or digest foods properly was a result of a nervous condition.' Then my husband heard how other folks were being helped by KADACOL. I started taking HADACOIi immediately. Now I nni on my seventh bottle of HADACOL. I can ent anything I want and actually enjoy It. My nerves.are very steady and I know my nerves are all right because things that once irritated me don't bother me In the least, now. I just'can't thank HAD- ACOL for making me feel so wonderful again." Yon, Too, Will Be Pleased at the wonderful results HADACOL can bring to your life if you lack those necessary Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin and Iron element? that are so wonderful for Indigestion, stomach disturbance (gas, heartburn, sour "risings" after meals), that general run-down condition, and nagging aches x and pains, when caused by lack of these precious Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacln and Iron. HADACOL Is so successful because it acts directly to relieve the cause of your trouble when due to such deficiencies. That's the kind of product you should buy—the kind you should start taking immediately. ^piere li Only One. HADACOL Don't go through life suffering with a distraught stomach, nagging aches and pains, when relief may be as close as your nearest drugstore, If your system lacks Bl, B2, Niacin and Iron. Buy HADACOL today. Trial size bottle only J1.25 Large family or hospital S!M, $3.50. Refuse substitutes. There's only one true and genuine HADACOL. Copyright 1954, Tb< Ltlll tlo» The scene of the fights Is a 60- mile stretch of frown mountains and winding, narrow roads tn northwest Korea. The terrier Eighth Army was first mauled late In October when it ran Into a surprise ambush by the Chinese tiger during a race to catch the North Korean army's remnants. Last Friday the Eighth Army tried again. It had at its disposal fewer than ten of the 19 United Nations divisions in Korea. It faced at least 19 tentatively Identified enemy divisions—11 Chinese and eight North Korean. Saturday night the Reds counterattacked. They have shattered three Korean Republican divisions on the Eighth Army right flank, driving them back in disorder 20 miles. That w»s the blow that broke the terrier's leg. Or. as military men say, it exposed the right flank. That badly crippled army probably now, r as a result, may be at the mercy, of the tiger's choice, many professional soldiers believe. 64 Mile* From Pranryinf The enemy already stands less :han 60 »lr miles from the former North Korean capital of Pyongyang. If the Reds can slash down those last miles! 'they have an excellent chance of bottling up or destroying the entire Allied attacking force. Red China is said to have some 600,000 troops -in Manchuria. By quickly massing in & giant offensive, they might reach Pyongyang in a week. It could be a tempting prospect, for tn the small U.N/army of 110.000 men that might be thus surrounded—an army made up of Americans, British, Australian and Turkish troops—are four American divisions. These top combat outfits, the 24th 25th and Second Infantry divisions and the First Cavalry Division, represent, more than one-third of the entire' American army training striking force in the field. They make up a professional core tha< is counted on to serve as heart and brain of a vast civilian army I America ever has to mobilize for a larger war. -It would add immeasurably to Red China's military prestige to capture or destroy these divisions, but what might be the final result if she tried? A third world war may hinge on her decision, a decision aiffl also that the Reds had obtained enough spare parts from the Soviet-controled Manchurian port of Dalren to put 40. LSTs (landing ship, tank} In running order. Trie China' Union Press has become one of the main channels of Information from the mainland. Court Okays British Lawyer For Eleven Reds WASHINGTON, Nov. (AP) — The Supreme Court .although willing, won't hear a prominent English left-wing lawyer help defend America's top Communist leaders next Monday. The court, in ft brief order yesterday, told U.S. attorneys for the 11 convicted Red leaders It would be okay for English banister B'. N. Pritt to help argue on their side But the Justlces'-'refused to defer the argument from Monday to Jan. 22 or later to accommodate him. Pritt, a former member of the British parliament, said in London he wouldn't make the trip. He said he could not get here before Thursday night to begin preparing his arguments. that must come soon. WANT ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST tie sure to .\ '•* ask for- i St. Joseph ASPIRIN 36 2Sc IOOT.bUli45c I I ' No otheri coffee has ajflavor quite like]R)lgert So different... and so*w&$^* MOUNTAIN GROWN NEW ARRIVAL—The week-old Jamb held by Barbara Hamel arrived just in time for the 52nd International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. The proud mama, at left, is owned by the University of Illinois. Southern Governors Discuss Industrialization of South CHARLESTON, S. C.. Nov. 28. (>T)—"Industrial development of the South*' was the discussion topic at the Southern Governors' Conference here today. Gov. Fielding L, Wright of Mississippi was the-discussion leader. Last night, at a formal state dinner, the governors heard Gen. Lucius D. Clay call IOT "a bipartisan policy for national security as for a foreign policy, and for the honest differences of opinion which come about to concern only the execution of .this policy." Clay, New York State Civil Defense Director, is the former American Commander of occupied Germany. Earlier yesterday, the governors approved a three-fold program in post-graduate work proposed<by the Southern Regional Education Board of Control, The plan • enlarges upon the regional education prdgram launched two years ago for professional study In medicine, dentistry, nursing and veterinary medicine. It was "described as "the second major step'* in regional education scheme pioneered by. 13 of the 15 states belonging to the conference. Only Virginia and Texas have not joined fully In the program, but their official participation la expected. Trouble — Junior Grade ARCADIA, Calif. —<&>— "I'm in trouble and I need help. Come quick," the voice on tlie phone told the desk sergeant. A squad car hastened to the Address and a hunch of youngsters scattered as the officers pulled up. The lone five-year-old who remained informed the policemen that his playmates weren't playing fair so he'd called the cops "to fix 'em." The officers fixed Junior Instead. They told his parents on him. Pay Only $2.00 Weekly 5 MINUTES AT THE WHEEL OF A DODGE CAN SAVE YOU * 1.000 SHARE IN OUR SUCCESS! Trod* now for a wonderful deol. Your present tar will probably cover the full down payment on a big new Dodge I E :ND us your enrs for five minutes—and we can show you how to save $1,0001 Step inside the big new Dodge—and bo •mazed by the extra head room, shoulder room, stretch-out leg room. Get behind tho wheel-ami ho thrilled by the Hashing pickup and performance of the high-compres- »ion Dodge "Get-Away" Engine . . . the velvet smoothness of Fluid Drive. See Dodge-and you'll agree . . . yovi could pay $1,000 more for a car and not get all these extra-value features. See ui now— for the best deal in town! THATS RlGHTI YOU'LL FIND YOU COULD PAY $1,000 MORE AND STILL NOT GET THE EXTRA ROOMINESS, DRIVING EASE AND RUGGED DEPENDABILITY OF DODGE! BIGGER VALUE DODGE \/vtf » fcw 4oH»rt m»rm ffitn Me hwett-prreud tfft/ "SHOWTIME. .. U. S. A."—THE GREATEST SHOW ON TELEVISION—SEE YOUR NEWSPAPER FOR TIME & STATION BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4422

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