The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE srx BLYTHEVIIJ.,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 15)37 Blvtheville"Snow^^der a ^jQnesborQ740 To 6 on n 25 yard run Just before the,' whistle blew. During (ne intermission the Jone.shoro senior and Junior high school bands paraded across the Ik'Jd amid snow flurries, but the extreme cold made music and drills difllctilt. Some of the musicians found the valves pf their horns blue!: from the freculng of the moisture Inside the insU'Liments. Sewn alter the opening kickolt of the third quarter Durham brought the shivering fans U) thdr feet when he went olf tackle and elude;! the entire Chick secondary on a beautiful 25 yard run which ended dramatically wnen his ; feet slipped on the fro/en ground Oh, Ohio! Oh, Ohiol! EflEJlfl Jonesboro Scores First In Game Played On Fro/.en Field Blytheville 10. Jonesboro c. : fe(M sli l'l >p 'i on tile frown around That's the story the record books llllcl lle fell on lilylhcville's 20 v I '.ell of the Chicks' smashing >' nrii ™ ! 'rt- P , Ji^l when it uppc.ired v'-v.r.v in Northeast Arkansas' own cfilain he was to score, little annual eric! classic played Worthy of special mention was !•••". iii-^hl on Woodland Field in Biythe\lllr:'s old-time "Statue ol i l' a 'f. whon Earle ran over Joncsboro. But unfortunately, fig- ! Uijcrly" play, which \vn.s executed Scinmoles Go Slronc; Inj Firsl Half; Earle Stout-' t-r In Second OHCEOM. Ark., Nov. 20. — The O/;«'olii Indians dt-fcatwl Eurle In | a hard-fought Homecoming i/amc! hpi-fr Friday night. |, v the score!' of 19 to 8. They out-plavi-d the 1 visitors the lirst h,i)r, scoring Dirts 1 touchdowns and one extra point, j but were out-classed (he iires don't always tell the whole ' perftclly by Mask.-) 1 , WHO ill pmil story, and such is the case on the formation on me thli'd down fak- touchdown from their own H yard line and .scored later on a .safely. Osceola's vaunted passing attack wns not clicking, hut thev made occasion of this particular renewal ej a kick and slipped the ball to of football rivalry between two Hes!:arse who sprinted around the j substantial gains through the line, schools that have been battling U, end for 20 yards and a first down, ! ?' Aycr.s and Blui-kwooil carrviii'i ' out for so many years that Die : Carey interrupted Blylliuvlllc'M gante has become almost as ti'a-: touchdown march, however, by dIUonal with them as the ouscrv-: erabbini! a Chick pass on his 41. ance of Thanksgiving. Jonestioro was unable to yet 1111- The record books will ret-all none i dcrway and Mosley started 1111- the ball. The 'first score came in the first quarter on a pass from to fiam.say. nliickv-.-ood of the dramatic setting of the I other diive from his 15 game, or how^some 2,000 or possi- ! mark to which McCai ty hud bly 2,500 followers of the rival tennis punted. Uesliarsc, Mosley and braved, freezing winds and huddled i Drown made three first downs, around glowing charcoal buckets I Roberts was fed the ball on an for the privilege of -witnessing (he C ii:l around piny and accounted clash between the highly rated j f cr another first down and Brown Chicks and the underdog Golden j : -|,ished through tackle for la Hurricane. Even the final score | yards and a nith first down. To ~~ 'climax tr.e inarch Wnrrington rar-ed 15 yards on ntiotlicr cud around play to score, and Drown converted. In Die fourth quarter Blytlievillc gained ]>o;session n|;aiii carried the. ball over for the extra point. In the second quarter they cannot erase the spirited competl-1 lion throughout the contest or the' flame of excitement that swept the stands ns an Inspired Jonesboro team, badly crippled through the loss of its de luxe uall carrier, Willard Tilley, carried the fight to the ^_ vl , r< l ] scored twice, niackwood carrying) the ball over the first time and Ayer.s the second. Both limes they failed to convert. Turner Js Karlr Star Turner of Enrle went Into (he game the second half and proved to be a serious threat, both as a passer nnd ns a runner. Earle's first tally came In the third period On n 40 yard pnss from Turner to Pcacher. who then ran fiftv virds Chicks in the first quarter and took | J°»e.storo wns forced to . . a surprising six point lead which i M0£ '''y tiiaking a nice 20 yarc] 'when punt, they did not relinquish until Ely- theville mustered. Its power and 1 ashed out In the second period to £ count three touchdowns. Game Highlights K'.In attempting to describe the the kick to his 35. However, Mosloy «-,is /orcej lo punt and kicked into the end /one. the ball being put in play on Joucs- boro's 20. After two plunges Pharis passed lo Alexander tor iine a few things stand out as [ m ' s t down. Another pass ivns bat- ighliKhts, the gallant running of.ted down and Durham lost two "i" a try at the line, then Mosley intercepted one of Pharls' heaves and pulled his thrilling 05 yard touchdown run with Brown converting. It was only a 'couple of minutes before the Chicks had another score. Wise recovered Alexander's fumble on Jonesboro's 20 yard mark. A Chick pass was incomplete, but cm the next play War- ilngton scored again on t>;e end around play and Brown converted. The Jonesboro team was visibly weaker but little Durham kept (he spark alive with his stont-hearlcd off tackle smashes. His tries'were not enough, limvcvcr. and the Hurricane appeared in no danger of ;<-orliiB in spite O f the fact that Durham nnd Alexander made Iwo :ucccssive first downs just before the final whistle. The line-ups: B "Woody" Durham.'a mile of Sa fellow who became n human projectile that bombarded the big Chick Jine and kept Jonesboro In ( the ball game offensively, the great : pass from Huss Mosley to Dab Roberts in the second period tint was good for a 10 yard gain and a touchdown, the effective passing of Jonesboro's. "Flingin 1" phnris •vyho suffered four broken ribs in ithe game', the place kicking of Lc- Roy Brown who converted uu four of six attempts, the brilliant pass interception and 65 yard touchdown "run 'of iVfosley in the fourth quarter, and the hard luck of Durham who slipped and fell after he was entirely through the Blytheville secondary in the third quarter with a touchdown almost certain, th* .severe 30 yard penally against Jonesboro when J. Osment slugged. • - t,h e all around hard piny of a bunch of unsung linemen including Jonesboro's Fontaine Dreher> Black. Coker and Pemberton and Elythcville's "Tear" Wise. Dan Warrington nnd Bab Roberts, all of whom were Ipatfticulnrly outstanding. Tile n reworks started enrly in .!• T. s t -»—i<id ifls*- Coker recovers! a Chick fumble on Blythe- v:i!f's 13 yard line. Opportunity )•••-• ''*:-"\ '»"•) Jonesboro .opened the door. Durham ran the end to pick -^lio two yards and big Mutt Alexander tore into the Chick line to be down on the one yard mark. It was litttlo "Woody" Durham who carried the ball over for li.o O np nnrt on!;- Jonesboro score, with Carey's attempted placement being blocked. ">"••-lly Siarts Chicks The battle was anything but Blytheville's until John O.sment drew •1 • —\r*\ lennlty <half the dis- ' •• i|i« -roan and was removed from the game for slugging. Then on three successive plays Brown Besharse and Mosley made a firs' down as the quarter ended. Warrington skirted, the end on his reverse play for eight yards. Brown added five for another first down then.on two good plunges he scored tying the score. His placement was a fiz2le. Blytheville added another touchdown quickly to take the lead when Roberts recovered the ball deeu in Jonesboro territory on the klfckoff after Alexander toucHed it but failed to pick it uo. Roberts made first down on a reverse and Brown wen' off tackle to score, but he again failed to kick the point. The third tally for the Chick came after Jonesboro was forced to kick and Mosley took the ball on his' VI. Mosley gained two then Blytheville got a 15 yard penalty for holding. Mosley faded back tc pass, and under perfect prelection by his teammates he waited untl Roberts was well in the clear before he let fly. Roberts took the bal over his shoulder on a dead run and outdistanced the Jonesboro safety man to score. Brown con verted with a place kick. Jonesborb's offense perked u •when Alexander went oft tack! on a sparkling 40 yard run t place the ball on BlytheviUe's 35 He added four yards on anothe tiy and Durham slashed off tack! for a first down on the Chick 23 It looked bad for the Chicks a Gaines, a substitute halfback to Jonesboro. made eight off tact! to place the ball In scoring posi tlon. Jonesboro went to Blythe vllh's four in spite ol a 5 yar penalty, but Alexander fumblec and Blytheville recovered to ha the threat.: As the half ended j Jcnesboro Black ... Drehcr . Rliea Wliidtlen McOirly Coker ... Cnrcy Durham POS. •. L.E.'. .. UT. . ... C. .. . . U. O. ... R.T. .. Q.B. .. R.H. F.B. Blylhcvlllc Roberts Wise — Moody Bunch ... Burton .... Justice Warrin^O'i .. Meredith Mosley .. Besharse Brown for n touchdown. They failed to In the fourth quarter Earle kicked out of bounds in "coffin corner", Osceola petting the bull on their one-foot line. Itamsay was tackled behind the line for a safely, adding two moro points to Earle's score. Three times in the third period the ball was kicked and recovered bv the same team, twice by Osce- oln and once by Earle. In the first half Osceoln made five first downs to Earle's one, and Enrle made five to Osceola's one in the second half. Four times In the second half Earle canie into scoring territory, but lost the ball on downs. Trie game ended with the ball in Earle's possession on Osccola's 18 yard stripe. / Outstanding players for Oseeola were Ramsay, Blackwood, nnd B. Avers; for Earje. Turner and Sample, pnss receiver. Starting line-ups were as follows: Osccola Pos. Ramsay R..E. Cramer R.T. A. Avers .... R.o. Balloue c. .. Schrelck L.O. Edrlngtou ... L.T. Bryant JJ.E. Robcrson Q. B. Blackwood ... R.If Jones Bowen uu. ... VJickerson B. A,vers p.B Sample Officials were Turner of Wilson, referee; Slack of Luxora, umpire; and Lnpldes of Osccola, head linesman. Earle Astin Madden Insram Basse ... Isabel (c) 10 SOUND OFF IN M[ '•World Cliampion Will Bej |of the rice-growing prairie in the' f easti-j-n section or Arkansas for the ; fowls attracts millions yearly. i The conditions under which' ri-je I grows and the food value of the • initial-vested grain, so easily avail-! ahlo to Die ducks, profit!;; a Ijeek-; onlng setup for both the fowl nnd the hunters. ; Coat of Arms Crowned Nov. StiiHoarl 26 At | (trappi lly llllICi: WOK'I'UINCJTON. .Ir. I i-ili-d lYcwi Ktalf Corri'snoiliifiit KTUTTGATIT. Ark,, Nov. 21 An clement of mystery will be injected into the American Legion's j Monday night ivrc-iiJiiij; .show at tin- ! North fifcomi .street arena when } :i masked performer oniv Small wonder that Jim McDonald scored a touchdown In the lirsi four miiuiles of Ohio SUnc's game will] Illinois. ,Just bsfore lie took the llelil. the Buckeyes' co-caplElin nnd Qunrlerbaek wns Riven a rousing seniioffby pretly K 11 c n M o r I e y of Cleveland Heights, homecoming queen. Mosley Is Alabama's 'Star Sophomore Back UNIVERSITY. Alft., tNov. 20.— Horky Mosley. Alabama's star soph back, hns,. been doing same fine booting tor the Tide in games this year. His long distance, us wcll'as well placed punts, have hiul a lot to do wllli keeping the lido In the mi- defeated and untied class. Against Georgia Tech last week, standing on his own three ynrd line, he kicked G7 yards. This boot took a lot of (.he pressure off' of the Alabama eleven. Mosley lins n .scnson's average of 4G yards ]icr try this season. Mosley is also n nifty ruimi'r mid 1111 export passer. He Is one of the ... Cox ! lightest backs in the South, vvcisjh- Pcnclict• l"g but 157 iionnd.i. .. White! Mosley is expected to be in good southern zone. In furl,, .StutlKdii, which is noted '<»• its •lui.-k hunting, will iuivrt t;cv- cral events on the day before the opening of duelj season to aid huni- i'K in sharpening up for the .sport. Jieshle.s Die duck'calling contest - which attracted several hundred hen- year—an all-day skcet shooting contest w ill be held. Tl events will murk the last day before (he state joins the South in tl'-clarinst open war on the waterfowl which will draw the bead of olher towns W , 1M . C he nas sl) spoilsmen's attention for a month 1 ,, „„,„,,,„ n ,.«,,,,i»,. beginning Saturday. hooded terrors h;iv<. long been a favorite stunt with wrr-sliiiv/ ]>'-o- moters and it « r ;is more or lr-ss | inevitable- tluil a masked I should be brought back to uiylht'- ' ville niter an c.str-mlfd .ibsem-e. ! Of course will] the identity of j "The Bat'' a mystery then: is no i means of judglii!,' what, kind of per- I formance might lie cxtiected, but lie Is certain to have <i ivorthy opponent hi Malone. who is rapidly making a name for himself in thc- mat gnme und who is regarded hi JfOKIXO.NTAt, 1 Coat of arms ot - , pie' tured here. 11 To ex is I, !H Melody. H Yellow finch. 15 To unclose. 11 Cavity. 1 8 Sleeps. , 20 Bron/o. ;U Half iin cm. '22 Aulo. iUThc tip. "• 31 Freiuy .'i.'i Above. 3C .Moist. :','! Nov.'. •10 Pistol. •i 1 Spigol •it TJn.'j islaivt .John W U.ita. CO ?.'.-.:.!ii:-:-.:: 1C PJI-. Ml. Id Sun );iid IiJTo.ip|H\.r nail. value. M To i'omprc.--£. . r >!i To put on. X'ICR'I'K'AI. 'l liiu-k (jf ruH- ailThis u.l.-ny ha,-; iT'l'tJ>0(l lo juin ---30 To n,;.l:.' 4" K.iln-j'. -IK Wurl: of s'-.ill •«/ \Vino v.-^>.-L SI To :u 1 :i.s inoilcl .V.'Tu mi-pa?-; in ft Fiber l:m,(- di.rmg, 7 r>i>:der in r>fi<k<-an . I'irtlh 1 . (( ;,jd Ul This is 8 Cimihu- v.-iill. M Cull l.--at-hfr m-rii' C';jiKtd;i. \i Alxmt. rjfj A'OU-m ^':ik» fi-2 It is the in'i'a .•ler.implish 57 1,'jxni Knglish (C.I- 11 Kt'd ve;.,c-U:bH\ 5B KU ony. 12Behij<. (jo Pn-r/xrikin. form for the iVailrtcrbllt game on Turkey' Day. Read (no courier News want ads. Caruthersville Works For Game In Kennett Runaway Hill Cracks Paving CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 20 —Coach Jnck Hopkc today nn- nomiccd that Ihp Tigers, who this Sustitiitcs: Joiipsboi-o—.1. Osm»-it "' eck enloyed an "open date" on '.. Osment. Onines. pembcrtoit. | " lc gridiron, would be in fine shape """""Ille—Clodwin. tn r Ihc niinual Thanksgiving Day First Downs—Jonraboro. is- Bly-' gnnle nt.Kennett. provided the boys hi'inli'. I'l. Kiss's ... Joni'storo I do no1 - receive injuries during V--HM :i = nt of K, n!lv j r g nno i scrimmage sessions nest week. nlylhorille completed' Cimithrrsville nnd Keiinell have ne out of 5. having two Intt-fcep 1 d. Penalties Jonesboro 5 for 50 •'if'- RKthfvtllc ;i for 25 yards. 'co<-mir touchdowns — Jonesboro: Durham; lilytiieville; Bro'ii 2, Roberts. Warriustoii a. Mosley' Mm points—BlyllH'ville: Brown'4 placement). Score liy Periods lonesboro c 0 0 0— 6 9lylherillc 0 in 1 14—40 Officials: Referee. McCubc (Tcnnl /moire. Walker (TcmU; Head Linesman, King iWest Tenn. Tea- chcrsl. 'Stables Begin to Arrive For Florida Racing MIAMI, Fia, (UP)-SiRail birds at lialeah and Tropical Park race 'racks trcse early mornings Imvc heir eyes on i, million dollars work of thoroughbreds rounding in shape for the opening of tin winter racing here Dec. 20. Both Miami tracks opened thcii stables on Nov. I, permitting own- 21-5 and trainers to ship south 'arly and thus have more time to get their horses in racing (rim. Hialeah has 28 owners already represented on the grounds. Reservations for all its 1,200 stables have been made. Tropical Park has 27 owners on hand anrt likewise all 1st 838 stables have been claimed, with a waiting list of several hundred. Tropical Pnrk opens Dec. 20 for ^ days of racing. Hialeah Park opens Jan. 12. closing March 5. Tropical Park will reopen for a Spring meet March 1. dosing April 9. Hialeah's tola! purse this season has been boosted $25.000 to S425- COO. Caruthdsville "either >osi a conference "file i" the southern division of the Sonth- iast Missouri High school Athletic Conference, and the game Thanksgiving will decide the winner of the southern division. The winner ot this division will meet (he winner of the northern division, probably Jackson, in n play-off Mine for the chnmpionshto high school title oi Southeast Missouri. Camthersville and Kennett hfive similar records for this year, with the Tigers going into the Turkey Day game on the short end of the i (lope sheet. Kennett last Wednesday night ran roughshod to beat Chnffec C6-0. while the best lhc Tigers coulct do was 10-0. Dope has never played an Important part In tills game between the'two strong rivals. lo\v scores usually, resulting in a number of lie games and scoreless games have Iieen played. Football Results There is a left-handed sugar (lev-' ulose) and a rijht-handed sugar (dextrouse). Little Rock 43. Fordyce 0. North Little Rock 2G. Clarksvillc 7. Russcllviile 7. Little Rock Catholic High 0. Cotton Plant 12, McCrory 0 Pine Bluff 18. dladcwalcr it C. Walnut Ridge 25. Harrison 8. Viggott 13. Marked Tree 0 Palesvlllc 27, Cotter 0. Beebe 26, Bauxite 0. Helena 14, Memphis Catholic High C. Searcy 7, Conway 6. Augusta 20. Paragonld 2. Blylhcville 40, Jonesboro G, Searcy 7, Consvay G. Wynne 6. West Helena fi 'tu>' Hope 33, Blcvlns 0. Camcicn 26, Malvcm 0. Fort Smith 26. Hot Springs 7. Forrest City 6, Mariannn 0 The lust-minute practice session —similar In many ways to a football team goin" through its last tunint'-up session before the big game—is being sponscred bv the Daniel Harder American Lescion Post No. 48 at Stuttgart. Kveryonc Is l-'ligible According to conte-st rules re- bused bv the sponsors, anyone of cither sex—any age—is eligible to fTinpot.". The duck calling contest will be oiren to anyone "who can make a noise." Prizes will Ue awarded lo winners of the first three places, with the best caller be-in^ proclaimed "world's champion duck caller." And last yonr'-s clmmpion will be back to compete in this year's fracas, officials have indicated. Thcmns E. Walsh. Greenville, Miss., who without the aid of any horn or manufactured caller won the contest in 193G, will defend his laurels. Walsh uses only his hands in calling. He attributes his successful calling to his hobby—raisin; wild ducks. He has to call them all the time, he says. The pre-season activities here will sound a warning to the wild ducks which might have migrated ahead of time. They will serve as the cnll-to-arms for the duck hunters. Good Puck Country By Nov. 26 the chill days and ! colder nights of the first month of j winter will have lurecl the fowls' southward. The rice belt, of which Stuttgart is the "capital," e.ach i year is the destination of innumerable grain-preying mallards. It will bs a truly declared war : when the season opens. Forma- i tions of ducks, flying in tiers simi- ; lar to army airplane squadrons,! will make their appearance, damaging rice lands in thUs vicinity Sportsmen from all sections will take out their light artillery for the counter-attack. ' For the rice country duck hunting is considered a necessity. The convenience of the lanrls and Die Up* of the crop attract doubly. The clucks come for food; the hunters come for ducks: they meet .in the rice belt. In maiiy cases local farmers have been forced lo obtain special permits to shoot ducks before the hunting; season opens. They must shoot the fowl* lest they ruin the nnthreshcd. shocked grain in the fields, which the farmer has not had 'time lo nut under shelter, i Fit'lcls Sometimes Devastated 1 Ducks have been known to destroy in one night almost a whole crm> of rice. Rice farmers often awaken lo find their fields, which | wer e ready lor the threshing ma- cl\'ne on the previous afternoon. ! an-oear as though a mowing ma- 1 chine had just ;] field of hay. -;i [ shocks of the evening before hav l\ been found scattered all over the fields, all grains from which hav- ip? been plucked clean by the ducks. Although the wild fowl is considered a menace to the rice crop each year, farmers have estimated that a fairly large percentage of tncir grain losses results from the taking ways of the avlans. 1 The marshes and tablelands of ' the rice belt, in which slopes arc X, I regarded as hills, are ideal feeding places for the ducks. The suitability a, capable grappler. Gorilla Dugnii. the DCS Moines. la., meanie is scheduled to trade strangles with none other than the- favorite villain of local mat fans. Charles Sinkey. Both matches are to go for the ties! two out of three j falls, 00 minute time limit. Alabama Scout Watches Chick-Hurricane Game Perhaps one of the most interested spectators at (lie Blytheville- Jonesboro game in Jcnesboro last night was "Flippy" Campbell, talent scout for the University ol Alabama. Campbell is understood to have mad-: the trip to Jonesboro for the purpose of seeing in action several of the seniors en Ihe Chick learn, ten of whom will wind up their high school foot- l:n. : ! careers at Forrrst City nextj Thursday. Pastor Jailed on Old Charge Fighting cxtradilion to Illinois as a parole violator, Kcv. ilav- Icy Croucher, pastor of the Southern Baptist church, at Alomosa, Colo., where he is pic- lured above in a jail cell, doesn't let his troubles interfere with run over a huge • llis enjoyment of a baked rabbit 'Hie neally stacked dinner provided by tho sheriff. The minister, who hns admitted ho wiis sentenced for forgery, declares ho has led a blameless life rincc he -became an evangelist seven years ago. Little Rock In Easy | «?<">'«>• passed over the goal line ^ I to Frvc Win Over Fordyce, 43-0 i FORDYCE, Ark.. Nov. 20.—The tie Rock Tigers beat the Fordycp Rednugs. « to 0, here last night. It was the homecoming game for the Bedbugs arid played before 400 fans. It was a case of a good little' Its hood, team against a good big team. Nineteen thousand silkworms are .needed to make the summer outfit of a Japanese woman. A set, of movable fibs near the head enables the cobra to spread ! **<; Ii/v,.( Forrest City Defeats Marianna Eleven, 6-0 MARIANNA, Nov. 20. — With spectators apparently mire interested In the half dozen or more :cn fires along the sidelines than in the go me, Forrest City defeated Marianna here last night, 6 to 0. Forrest City, outweighing the local team considerably, scored in tiie second quarter when Main- Pecans Wanted WE WII.I, PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hitlc & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Slore Phone 265 Blytheville. Ark. Get Our Trices Before Spiling !l 1 Rend Courier News Want Ads. TLING Monday Niffht, 8:l!i ?THEBAT? EDDIE M'ALONE GORILLA DUGAN vs. CHARLES SINKEY American Legion Arena ;,; !« A FINANCIAL PLAN FOR EVEHY MAN THE HAMILTON TRUST FOND Prospectus Available J. C. Evans Box Mi Blytheville. Ark. WHAT IT COSTS mil TO I'KKl'AKK'LHK AUTO FOR .COLD WKAT1IKR DHIVINCr ,.?3.00 to S70.00 ..S'15.00 to ?100.(W The sun will be good for 15 bil- This six-inch crack, shown ing measured by amazed young women, opened up in n paved road through Los Angeles' Klysian Park when a 2,000,000- ton hillside under it began "running away." The huge landslide, movipg about an inch a day. already has crushed a be water main and thccilcns a Blytheville had advanced the ball In the area of Greater London ' enlists. into JOnesboro territory with Be- Ihero is cne church to every 1810 slipping through. th« line persons, lion more years, according to scl-! nearby railroad yard near the' business section. Old settlers insist it is caused by cnvinrj-in ot FIJO/RN RADIATOR FK02KN KNGINK R[,OCK KROXRN WATRU PUMP Sl.OO to $12.00 BURNED OUT TRANSMISSION S30.00 to S200 DISCItARGKD IUTTRUY SI.00 to $2.50 RUINKD HATTF.RV S.'i.OO to 830.00 TOWING RKRVK'K SI.00 lo $10.00 Don't Let This Happen to You! PU1PS MOTOR COMPANY PHONE 810 Courier w»wt AJ» ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortfiage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Sccuritie? OSCEOLA, ARK. tf £ ' "<!

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