The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
Page 6
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f&GB Rookies Are Scarce As Financial Status Cut? Squad lo Bone LT»TOI1'S NOTIi: Tills Is ari. cthfr cf .1 srtlet- of artldr.s a' Hie big league (Mining KIJIIIIS. I toils 11 Illi Hie Bosion Biavrs. HV HARRY CiliAVSON Sporlr, Fidllnr, NKA Sml™ ST. J'ETERSBURO. Fla. - ;'!>; . unusual feature Hint smiicks jV n between the eyes us yon ivnti'li the'Boston Braves cul tliflr cnp- MS on the (jre;nswnnl here, K llio fact, liuu, nutxicl» or lour or live yowiB'ims sluinlilliie around on (lie field, there arc no rookie;; In ramp. nils imitates that Miimigei Bill McKei'hnle Is going to sumd pal more of less on his 1,1,1-i from. ' Tills Is not. :i imiltM- of choice; it. .simply ts u necessity brought nn by the finuiifUil plight of the Braves which ulinast resulted In the icnin's lioini! grounds iioiug lo ilie doss Inst winter. With this situation evlilh'iil, otic hazards a gites.'i that Ihe loyiil Tiemitown fnns ar? going to bis a rikappolnfml lot by mid-July, Tlielr linpes built up with the iiildttion of n.-ilh. U Is pro)>ab|e that those hopes will Ire rudely shattered because of' the lack ol youngsters In the lineup to ailcl fight mid pep to the tenni nflor the olrtstMs will In tin? hoi summer .sun, Ruth's declaration that Jie'll play 100 games this hns provoked many a laugh among noted observers. They can't niilto . see the tottering Bambini), whos.* quaky limbs kept, him on Hie bench for mast of lost, season, , Betting inlo that, number of cou- trais. V • • Ualil'lt's Comeback Fight Kulile nabblt Maianvillc's comeback, loo. Is highly problematical, Tlic plucky little second sacker \vho 'is attempting o return nfter n broken teg forced him out of the eame during spring training last .year, is making a remarkable try to oust Lns Million from his old job. The liraves have given up on the nnbbit. Talking with MeKecbnle, we observed him look at the little fellow limping around second base ami rwnnrlc: "Poor fellow, a' dime." .'. Earl V. -painter, trainer of U.,. Yankees, who also are quartered Beantowners Slave as 1936 (?) Beams A$ t '••'**<'-''^',*'• v^) 1 ^"'<- • Here are Ihrce members of the noston in nls new inilform, watches (He »^^'L^ ?''"""" "' """" S ] ™ f * " l RL ^^burg, PI"., while Hate Ruth, vHll uuircd year, when the present, pilot l.s supposed to'ho nmdo ' S J,T "i "'""' '"' ^-^ '" ""° '" !i " c ' c ' !l " 1 nnl MuKechnle a.s Braves . -.• * " l *"* L' iicKi]^ mull jijicr. By Harry Gray son ST. PETERSBURG, Pla., March 8.—In nil Ihe huWjub over what 'as going to happen lo Balie Ruth, t Is plain to me (bat the boys nve muffed n story no less In- cresting. Unless 1 tun bn.lly mistaken, Icnry LouU Gchrli;, hiime run , Ittlng partner of llutli for 10 ' ears, will be the next manager nf ' IP. New York Yankees. Joe McCarthy, whose three-year contract expires this season, ud- mlts he ts cm the spot; that the. Ho can't get nil Ynnk < ! es must win the pennant il ho Li to retain his Job. Every sign points to Gehrlu, if -- .., "° l . "> 'MO. Jhen the nrst lime here, has been treating Martin- "'•' Jncol) , Rl| Pl«rt decides upon u | vllle's lee;, lierc'.s what he life to clla »Ee. ,• .say about R: .'Til have the swelling and sUfi- IIE.SS out of bis m.kle ami foot beiore the club j>oes -nortli, hut I PREXY PITCHES; rioubl-ilial *»-• f n was nothing new to Gclirlg lo lavo Imeii all Iho disunion In regard to the fVUtire of nirth. Generally conceded to ba ball plnyer (illve, Clehrie lever 1ms. received ihe 'gold o will be fast enough to play nrajoi "A year's layoff would be liaiull- enp enough m n player 43 years M. »BC and, In my opinion, the injury hastened bis finish us n \ "ig league performer." ; The most promising of the new rookies, who arc In camp ts Jne Coscamrt, HID youngsicr oblnincd from. Seattle 'In return for Dick Qyselman, Clarence Plckrcl and Diclc Barrett. Twenty-three years old, Ihe rookie Is u flnshy third liaseman, arid mny oust" Pinky the modesl German youth was content with whtit comparatively :evv superlatives were left when rooters and writers nnlshed rant- Ing about the mighty Bambino But everything comes lo him who waits. Ruth, who openly Whitney from 'the hoi corner. souglil the manageiiienl of e Yankees mid who merited it in the- opinion of the vnsl majority 1ms gone to the Hoslon Braves where- next year h c | s expected to realize his ambition. And Gchrio. who ,so patiently stood in |h° 0 ' Oulfield liook Is Snifrh HIIICI- Another kid who may stick Is Johnny (Ty-Ty) Tyler, a switch- h tune outfielder, if the Babe'.s ailing limtn pull hi,n ofr the active duly list, the youngster inay eel, sv chance to piny n)on° with Bergcr and Hal L-e In the garden. with Harrlsbnre last year, Tyler hit .319. A couple of other rookies who may get a chance to further display their wares are Bill Lewis and Elbtirt Fletcher. The former", a catcher, hit .313 for Rochester last year, and the latter, an infielder, played eight f&mK Jor SHJH!.?? '."*••. C0 . mi "S «P f ™> _ , -..,.,,„ win, ( |,> 1] U III 1 ! candidate for wlint perhaps Is tl foremost position In tho game. Whys anrt Wherefores Is headed for the Yankee for t "" kcd tllr " lp Little change is cxpectad in"- (he P n l" S StRfT - Carr Ving the load Mil be Ben Canlwell, whose whip a little sour last year, seems to , seems o be better than ever; tYed Frankhouse, Walter Belts, Ed Brandt , ran Leo Maiigimi, PHnt Rheni Dob Brown and Bob Smith McKechnle Li keeping his optics on two young luirlers and they r^-,h arriC u al ° ng for » wlllle further pbsen'ation. one smash. 15 a southpaw with ° f «T il »-«'«l the Braves a southpaw like ham. needs A d , _„. 0f|g (Jjy SaUtday, March 23rd. 10 A until 1. P. M. ' Robinson Drug Co. United States o{ Ameilca, Eastern District of Arkansas, Jonesboro Division. Be it Remembered That p.t a Dislrlct "Conn of the United States ol America, In and lor the Jones- toro Division of the Eastern District ot Arkansas, tegtm and hoM- r-n 1111 Monday. Hie 2Bth day of November Anno Domini, One Thoti.'siKl, NJne liiinclnd ami Thirty-Four al Ihe United estates Com I Room, til HIP. city of Joncsboro, Arkansas, Ihe Honorable Jchn E. Marlhiean, judge ptesldiiig and holding salt] Court | HID follosviiiB proceedings wei-j had, (o wit: February 7th, 1D35. In the United .Stales District Court, Eastern nislrlct of Arkansas, Joncsboro Division. United Slates or Amcr icii, No. 7l!(i vs. At Lav/. 323.03 acres of bind hi Mississippi County, Arkansas. Older of Piilillratton Upon application of the ;>Jaln- IIH, United Stair;; of America, duly verified, It iipiirarlng that liio United States of America has co;n- mr-iUTd in Ihis Cfliiri. a siili ti cAiiilemii find enSoree u Ipgiil <f|nim lo i-ertain traeis rj|' laud lying 'E. 11. Hoffman Tn;cl.s (Nas :«| :«la)--1:18.04 ncres. All iliosp pail; of UK- SF.',; , K«;. :i5, T IT, N. n .9 E, and (he swti NF',i RE 1 ; 'NW'/i. K'.i «Wli, Hoc. •!,' T I-I M, tt 0 E, lylnis westerly ol ih.- eastpriy side of Drnlnut'n Dlslrlct No. IV niglu-ufWay. i'oni!iinln(< ISS.M ni'i-es, more 1 or IKS. estimated a;; In viilui" at 3-1,51) poi . aero, ur n icial at yHI is Parcel Thrpp—Tim o. H. Kirkland I Tract i No. :MJ—5S.U8 acres. All j I hat part of the W 1 .': E 1 /, Sec ;27, T 1C N, R !) I?, lying west and norl luveslcrly of 1ln> east anil soulheasu-rly side of Drainage: District No. n Rlght-of-Way, containing K.titl acres, more or, estimated ii s to value al $5.00 per aero or a total of S218.-10. Parcel Pour— The Marvin Dllldino Tract INO. :ti . . —31.57 awes. All Uia?e psrts of Mil' N',t NEW and SE 1 /, NE'.l See. 14, T If. N. R U E, lyliij, south and west of the north and Commissioner ( >f said court, will east sides of Drainage nistrlct Mo i offer for sn:j n; puWic vcndiic n RiglU-oMVuy, contaliiiiii; ;HKI to the hlvhest bidder, ul th: acres, more or less, estimated a. 1 South door or entrance of the ] to value at $5.fio pc,- acre, or a County in the City I tol(l1 or SI57.85. Parcel Pive—Tlia Unknown Owner Tract (No. 28) — 12..4U acres. All that part of the Omar Hakim Just Another of Blythevllle. In the Couniy of jMJssfssIpjjJ. for ihe Uiylhevlllc . Ll.'trlct, within thp hr.iirs prc- i scrited by lav; for judicial sales cn Sal>ll ' T E l on Saturday, the 13th day of " n „ . . .April, 1835, the following described tO Koy; Jmilll jreol t'staw, to-wll: I rims Blnck ' Sclirn Omar Hnkim, provided lie was "imdefeatcd" a.s promoters hilled him prior to last night's 011- Kiiecmcnl with Roy Welch at Iho armnfy here. Joined the well-filled ranks of ihe beaten when Welcii finished with him last night. Hakim, who probably lays claim to Turkey or some ncighborine; country as his native Iniul, tinned out to be a pretty f»h- .snc( (,f ibowman and staged u mm mtn The Nortli Tl-,[rly-uvo 1331 acres of Ihe Northwest Quar- ler (NWW) of the Northwest Quarter iNWtt) of Section Twcnly-lhreD (23) Towasliip Kilierai US) North, rtimge Eleven ill) East of Ihe Pifih l'rinr:lp:il Merlriinn, in i1!l«ls'.l;;pl County, Arkansas TEHMS OP SALE: On n credit of three month.s, the purchaser . HW 9 E, SWA, Sec. 10. T n N nortli and west of the eiistcrly nnd southerly side of Drainage District No. 17 rtir;|it- c-f-Way, containing 12.« acres more or, estimated as to value at $10.00 pur acre, or a total of $124.80. Parcel Six— The Nicl; Gin-now Heirs Tract. (No. 32) — 51.83 ncres. All r>( Lois 1 2 3 and -1, Sec. 28. T 15 N, li &' R containing si.8;i acres, more or, estimated as to value HI SIO.OU ]Kr nere. or a total nt 1518.30. Parcel Seven— The M,s Mary E. Cady Tract <No. 12)— 3.7S as raiuired h y law and the order T ' fillli (fl'rJ'f^ nf en l/l i^«,. i., __r.i I N. ighial survey in Sec. 2u R 9 E. lyliiK east ol ln s ;ii<l! Drainage' District" No. dale per annum from m look the first fall ,ind nnexcil Ihe second am! who What's gnnil for inajnr i hall iilayr-r.i Is K (Hii] inr ilic Sireslili'in () [ t| l( . ,\',,,ional Leugue, loo. llBiirecl Ford frlck head of t|> ( . loop. «n in; !,top|ied on nl CacillTiii lahiiui on Hie way hack from :i nip t () i), B I'aiiiumi Cai,,,| zmi<>. „„,) ( eitr .,| out hh polling arm Bt lllrt ramp or (I,. Chlcajo Cubs. Hero IlL" IS ill OCtidlL Is more aggressive •• than ever. Unlike Ruth, Oehrlg never has given Colonel Rutipcit any trovibtc. Ont- sltle of his first two years, when lie was fanned (o Hartford. Gohrltr never has played professional Inli for any other club. >' *• He fs equipped for II. He aspires to it. He LS Colonel Rupert's net bnll 'Inw. The niultl-mlllionalro owner has implicit faith In ni m l^ Xt to'°tl« llh- "° °" e h " s morc Lou reveals that the main reason he has risked his health lo keep his consecutive game record — i( reached ir.oi last fall-inlncl was because it pic.isea Colonel Sup- pert. "Formerly, when I signed, colonel never failed to the ager of the New York ,,. , o .-III..IM.-U, uec let like to have a chance that." It was the first Intimation tha thr \ g wnmed to manage Oehrig is a keen student of th game. McCarthy always ask, h , ™ d •™ « young players. Gehrlg Broaca the nrst. "t»p«ctaclcd right-hander him hi baltmp practice laslied into the cmbhonsc and McCerthy that If Uic Vnlp pvotluct h«d control he wj rc \"iy . _ - T ->.«... uuc is p " eh '" U >0 American League Jerry Grtmewald. a'st. Louis boy _.. n * * • who was brought to the club last pe 01 year when Jewel Ens was Me r!l>h '-'" — Kechnle's first assistant The v»« ' S f M1kC Cail1 ' from Webster, ^fh'£ r '"jom Worcester was n n « n g T nr now, T going Lou. "Noiv he says, 'you lo keep on plnying, aren' Oehrig has nil the ingredient.'? required by an outstanding playing manager, and what could be more fitting than iruu the Yankees be guided by this gracious chap Ivom the sidewalks of Mew York? 'I'olessor Ralph Smith, TO 11 ganiluye ( o bi s n cnliure stmtent.s at Jnckson 'ivnn J""HW in his car a ..... mniedly rals his supper whHl , , lls I lots the machine here, defeated •"''"'«>• Black, ft was also ; , j.vvo nut of uiree fall affair win, l)r fainith inking die Ihial two falls nlpl r"°'! C1WV<I S1U '" '"> tIK nlghl s .show. paid, i helm; rftRltiRtl on iho iivcm- i .sold to secure the payment, the purchase nmiii-y Clii-cn un-'.cr . day of \iarpl), my n nn(I lhls ,„.,, RiBhl-of-Way and westerly of Lot 2,'. mors; particularly described a.s follows: Beginning at', d. L. o. inpfliicfrr corner A. p. U common to Ihe west sitie of Lot a Sec 28. T IS N, R !) R; |l, m ee N 20 degrees W S chs. to o. I,. 6. corner A. I'. 1; Ihcncc N 43 do- and being. situate in MiKslssipvrt County, Arkansas, said lands lie• ,,, ••, ., m Chnncwy. | in g specifically describe.! in plain Mississippi Conn,,,., for ' NOTIOI; or .SAI.K Notice Is hereby ifiven. Hint In linraiaiice of D, e authority and dn-ecliciis rontnincd in die ( i r . crelal oiiler ,,f ( | JC Court ol Missi Uic Rlyilicvillc District ',,,,,(1,. and entered on Ihe 27lh dav of February, 1M4 , in „ wrtntll ^ NO. r,5W) then pcndins ,n m -ln between The Federal La,id Bank o ill. Louis. „ corporaiio,,, com- plnhiaiil. ami itnrry Taylor, el nl.. \\K DEI, IV Kit ANY AMOUNT ()\f COA Tr .v lillh' X-C'KI, as SflO ll, s from Alabnnia . , nest In hold fire, full of THE SUPERIOR PHONE Ton the -.-. come Fbsx with the .,„ ---•--. a pencil salesman ' Spears the ball with onc hand "" sells pencils with the other", ilns the Yankee luminarv h«t i makM a hil witn I1lc "OVA, UUt 1 VO SCCn tr\n tvtnn,, i,_ii_ Courier News Want, Ads Pays always has been extreme- y P°P" laf wJH» ItammaWs, and a K,Uplured? eme- Then come and see our Experl y P°P" laf wJH» ItammaWs, and a Trass fitter here for one dav 8reat cha " Be can >e over him a year f' ° 8 ?' Ruth 6r »o Rulh, lie came • out ot his shell-commenced to ^ M ". himself, intimates give Mrs Oelirlg 'much of the credit for this' Now, with Ruth removed, Oehrig GEORGE U. SUTTON The HniKll(>s Wonder Watch ihis demonstration of skill liy a muicr! Perhaps never againwill you be able to learn iliis Uscmating gimc wiihout onc cent of cost! Tree instruction for all.youngandold.mcn and women No entry fee. Nochargc of any kind. Conic in an j get acquainted with one of the oldest md most interesting of games. MARCH 20" Pastime Billiard Parlor 201 W.' Main SU Exlilblllo,, 8:30 - 9:30 P. M. Jmlructlon 0:30 - 10MO r. M, ERSTER PflRflDE Styled by Nnnn-Bue-h 17-50 SO-SO O. Woll (Ivpsseil men ciinnot help but recognize Uie siiperiov (liiiiliLy of these tine shoes! I'Yn- I own or country wear. Edgerton Shoes I'orlnne . Hughes & Co. 3 Doors West of Rit?. ttJESDAY, MARGK 18, 1935 --Ps complaint as follows: Parcel T-? t? e lrl L ' n <5sey Fisher Tract ^ti^T^BErBp./^T find E'/ 2 NEIJ, Sec. 23''T 15 N' ance to this suit, above thar. ail sid '. 1C Rieht- degrcc 10 v.'iili pasi Iheneo n ntoW't -•-""sc District No. 11 night-ol-way, containing 2S130 acra, more or less, e.stimatrd as o value at $5.00 per aero, or a total of $116.50. Parcel Twn-TH 'I'fei W 4.55 chs. to cf-W.iy; thence S \ E 13.4 \ chs. ?ldc of .said Right-of-v, „, M 10 <|p Z iw,-i R 7.03 chs. 10 Bc- t-innlng; containing 373 no . t . s '"ore or, estlinnKHi as to VHluo at J20.00 JJPI- ncre, or a .ot:.l of S74.UO. All of said tracts ir; located in Mississippi Coimiv Arkansas. Srtitl suit being mi ae- IlK) of the Uim W | stales of Aiu- trlca lo condemn sal<l html for Ihe use ami benellt of Lho United Stall's of America for public purposes in the- usr: of n National Hird Court that tho following named defendants, tn-wli: Mary R Caiiv; bell, Tnist..p; c'ihs Oavis, Jr.'; R n. Davis, Rozell Davis; .1. 'r. Bran, Jr.; Lucy B. Urun; O. p Dean, Oiin p. Dean; Mary tiiirnow Oriiry; II. W. Dniry, lrl I.iniltey Fislif-r; Irn fc Rolen K. Foster; Lllliun Giniiow Fester; Marcus L. rosier, ,],-.'• Mary A. Foslor; Mary N. Poster; Annie May Fisticr; I. L. Fishor; Aniilo V. Hans™; unknown heirs of Mary ]•!. Maiircr; K. D, Hoffman; Edward Daniel Hoffman- Lydla Hoffman; C. II. Kirkbnil-' Clinrlcs II. Kirklancl; Mrs. Cliniles II. Kirkland; Arliini- K. Prince; Aslilpy B. RozeJI; liozler Thornten; Charles B. Wyatt; Margar- etle .1. WyaH; u. o. Hanson; New England Securities Company; Banters Trust Company* of • si. Louis, Missouri; Big Lake Shcxit- iiiB Club: Ratlan Mound oiuh; Union Csiitral Life Insui-ancc Company; Paepckc fjplcht Lumber company, are not iuhubitaiiLs of and arc not. found within this District, and lire noii-rc-slclcnis ol this State. And It appearing to Lie Court that the unknown heirs of Ella M. Brown, deceased, nf BlKCk Davis, deceased, of ,1. T. Denn, deemed, of E. E. Driver deceased,, of Win. C. Duimavtml. deceased, of Leslie Gurmnv, deceased, of Nick Ciimiow. deceased, of Cleveland Gurnow, deceased of Virginia c. Hunt, deceased, of w Isaac, deceased, of N: Johns, deceased, of Andrew P. Jones, deceased, of A. B. Rozell, deceased, of Ora Lee Rain, deceased, and of S. T. Schneider, deceased, should be made parties defendant in order that they may assert any right, tuto, or interest they or any of them may claim in and to ttip, said lands; Hint none of the defendants Hfcnvo named heroin have voluntarily entered their iipjwfir- WJ [:r,ov.!i'-> 'plead, answer or demur' "o^th' ,sa!d complaint (lied by tho ..,.'„ |»ff, the United States of Amen",' on or before the 2flth clayof Mircl,' 10:15, and In default thereof Hint lilt! conn, will proceed lo the hearing and adjudication of Enid mit, and that Nils order r.e publish?;! hi 'a newspaper of general circulation in Mississippi County, Arkansas once d week for four consecutive weeks. This the 7th day of Pel), ruary, IMS, John R. Ufartinc.iu, l/nfit'd states District Judge for tho Eastern District of Arkansas. A True Copy 1 Herewith Cerlify. Slil B. m-dtling, Clprk. By Pr-« Matlies. D. c. District Court in the United stales of Am:-rif Eastern District, of Arkoma;:. ,lcn-' e.rboi-o Division. 1. Hid n, nctWini;. clerk of the Dis- for Ihe Eastern District of Ark'sn- corlify ihal the foregoiii"' \irllini> annexed lo t |,| s certificalo' is a inn-, correct, ami compared iopy of I ho original remaining (! | fjr . cii'd In my office. Hi. Joni'.sl'tj'in Arkansas. IN WITNESS WuVttt.- OP I have hereunto set niy h-ind P:» IIP , w «| or said Court. m is !>lh Hii" ot February, in i) 1( , v ,,. n . . ' "' '';'"• ""''I one thousand nine A' iiirun-Ed ami thiny-rivp and c.l ^~ thf Impendence of tlie tinned i States of America, the one m>n- nfty-ninth. AIIPM- Sid KOTK'l: OF SALE Notice Is hereby given .Hint the nulcrslgnstl, as cummlssioner of the Chancery Courl for tlw chick- usnwba Distriet, of 'Mi.ssi<sippi Coinily, Arkansas, acting under mi- tlionly of a dscree rendered f">b- ruary 25, 1D35, in a cause ending Ihcrpln. wherein L. I. \v.:rd el "1., ivere plninlills, and T w' Smith and Dcllie Smlili were defendants, No. 5704. will, at the court house'in niythevillc, on the 10th <iay of April, 1935. oirer Tor sale to the highest and best bid- tier, upon a credit of three months Ihe Bust, Half (EUO of Hie North Sixty (80) acres of the Southeast Quarter (SEW ) of Section Twenty- seven (27). Township Sixteen ilfi) North, Range Eleven (in Kast located in said District and Conn-' ty. The purchaser will be rei/uired to execute bond \villi approved sccurlly, and a lien will | re retained upon the property, until the purchase price is paid. WITNESS my hand as .such commissioner this March ID, ]8:»r>. A. P. SMITIf. Cecil Shane, Solicitor for Plaintiffs. l (o Udly!) and Wa Hn»'_ about a netv set of rooms for your fcome? Dingy wiilU, shabby, floors, nicked wowl- work TBnish in bne. Hay wiih these Famous Four One-Day Pittsburgh l*ninl Protiacts: Wallhide, Flurhldc Enamel, Walerspar Quick-Drying at covers spaf Quick- ryng arnises do the job In half (he time and hilf die mess. And at u dei-itlcd eroa- omy loo! - , Brinjj new life • Jo, old rooms vfiih lovely pc&il shades". ' Visit us anci (earn iow ccouotiucaUy il can Lc dune. Do it with an NHA. remodeling loan;' rr Ask ycnir banker about tliis. " TURPENTINE Absolutely highest (Trade. Gallon LINSEED OIL Alisolutely purest boiled 51 in Linseed Oil. Gallon .. '• Beautiful high gloss isea PLASCO PAINT Suitable fur interior or cxlerior surfaces Biuslics cvrnly;liastxrfpiicn.-ilrovrnn|;qiiality.2i cn i ors . Gallon SCREEN ENAMEL High grade utility brand. ' Will not clog mesh. Quart IVz in. Enamel Brush Famous Gold Stripemm pure bristles set In rubber Quick-drying clear WATERSPAR VARNISH F.xlti durable. I-'or Sntttiot.o: eslctior use Will nut mm ivfiitr. Drirs fast. '/^-gallon WALLHIDEOr^ brings One-day Painting /% lP EnJs ihys of ITOKI Vnm oinains r.nd fir- \Jt ^9 W lures rai be liunff the same day walls am! "dings we nainlnl wiih WallHJci Onc oil ART mil is mmlly.-rough. 15 msluble color;. * , Quick-Drying WATERSPAR ENAMEL Brings nov b e ., u , y to f, lmitutc Jnil W1K)< | work. Dries m 4 l, 0 nri. 2-t ii c b colors. Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCV

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