The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, N.OVEMJ3BU 20, 1937 BLYTHEVikLE. (APK.)' GOiUIUKR WANT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dolly rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line ....... ..... lOc Two times per line per day ...08c Three times per line per day . .06c fix times per line ner day ....05c Month rate per line .......... 60c Cards of Thanks ...... 50c & 15o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three .or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num- ter of limes the add appeared and Welding Acetylene 4 Electric WELDING Delta Implements, Inn. Foi- Sale WAJIN1N0 ORDER IN T.HJ3 CHANCERY COURT, CHiCKASAVVBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI CpVNTV, ARKANSAS. Ktoylc Ciinnlnghnin, Plaln.tlff, vs. No. C5JO Edward Cunningham, Defendant. 'Die defenlant Edward Gunningham, is warned to appear within of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Mitaniltcd by persons residing out- tide of the c)ty must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be Easily computed from above table. Advertising: ordered for irregular tsertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified 'ad. Set "World Books," $10. Cost M9. Call at Public Library, 2 to G] thirty days In U\e court, .nomccl In PM ' ' n-ck-22ithc crtplion hereof nud answer the .; {complaint of the plaintiff, Etoylc Good feather bed at a bargain. Mrs. B. F. Potter, call 246. 10-ck-tf Cheap. 1936 l'-i ton IOIIK wheel base Chevrolet truck, with hlijh stock rack. Fldl tarpaulin cover. A-l condition. Phone 127, Blythe- Gene E. Bjadlcy, Atly-Ad-UI. 30-G-13-20 IN DARNING THE CHANCERY COURT, PJS.TRICT. ARK- villc. <J-ck-0 Cunningham. Pated this 28 (lay of October 1937. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk By A. Y. Smith, p. C. C. F. Cooper, Attorney Goic E. Bradley, Atly-Ad-l^l. 30-0-13-23 Strramlino COAL 4 by 2 egg 56.00'per ton 6 by 4 lump $G.'.!5 per ton Kim Phone 41 Business Directory Have your Mattrcs; rebuilt, made like new. Our plant has the best equipment and our workmen are experienced. ' Our prices arc reasonable. B'VILLE MATTRESS FACTOKV Phone 58D 200 Sycamore WALLPAPER i New 1938 IM I terns. Some bargums in 1937 still left. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 TEXACO GAS Nice Fresh REEI-FOOT CRAl'RE ;i5c and 50c COAL Delivered in BlyUievillc foi S'1.75 and up. AH Coal Guaranteed. HARRY BAILEY'S At the State Line Phone 5-F-4 A 878. MODERNIZED COAL Washed. Waxolized, Dust Treatct Four grades: $350. S100. S5.CO and $S.25 per 1000 pounds. Phone ICO fov a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. IN WARNING ORUEK THE CHANCERY COU^T room modern hoiise at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. W. Infancy, Clark and Railroad Sts. Standard Reference Books. Complete 10 volume set with'Loose Leaf Binder. Call 239 or 792. 29. ooo CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI' COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Millie Maiie Willis, I'laintUf, vs. No. 0551 Elmer Willis, Delendiuil. The defendant Elmer Willis, is warned lo appear within thirty days i nlhe court named in liie days in tlic court named in the caption hereof, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Millie Mavir Willis. Dated this 28 day .of October, 19937. By A. fl '''Smith, D. C. II. M. CRAIG,' Clerk V. Cooper, Attorney - WJSSISSIJPPI AN6AS. ' Mildred Anderson, PlalntilT, vs. No. 05M George Anderson, Defendant. The defendant Gtorijc Andcrs-iU Is wfinicd .(o appear ji'Jthln thirty days in the court named .in Ihe caption hereol und answer the complaint ot the plaintlfl Mildred Anderson, paled this 28 day of October, HOT. II. >M. CRAIG. Clerk By A. F. Smith, p, C\ 0. F. Cooper, Attorney .•no. E. Bradley, .Star Gaze In Own Observatory NKW YORK (UP) — Students ol Hiuilcr. College are seeing .stars, r.eal ones, not the motion picture variety; through the tolcscopcs oi ,u " new astronprmciil obserynlory. Sixty students are iatMf i course. The equipment, which was set up by WI'A workers, consists of two 1-liici)' llxcd retnicUng telescopes, which ' lire ecumtorially mounted und elock - driven to follow the stars, unit one single movable telescope, Carnegie JnsUUi'e professor (ItnC the GiiHKl Canyon )n- dlcalca the enrlh Is 200,000,000 5'i^ire old. | ncilrucllve lute foods ni' earwigs. Insects wbk'l) po!- ; the main .diet ot Among the lixi'Rcst of nil loaves are ihose of the Guniuu'H plant of (he Jtmn Kemnndci! Islands'. Ladies' & Men's Tailoring V'uv Coat AUcnitions I tidies' Custom Tailored Suits Alterations of ill! types I'lumc r>;i HUDSON'S SAVE MONEY < on 11SK1) TIRKS and DATTl'UMKS K. M. LARK1N I'hOne 105 & ACKXYUJNK WELDING AT DF.RT PRICES For Rent Furnished house on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Slcrnuerg at 984. 12-ck-tf Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. GH W. Main, Phone 280. 1-ck-tf Small store on Ash Street near railroad. Reasonable rent. Apply Goldstein Hide and Fur Co, 10-ck-tf •We Specialize In IJpilv i^ ''\nrter Repairs Cpnip Jii and Sec. ,Us Lee Motor Sales, Inc. • frtsttmei Heaters Uefroslers Well located stone business building, living quarters included, 01 highway south of Manila. Rent] reasonable. Sec owner, O. M. Bish,( Manila Star Route. 'London has more than 32,0 30-6-13-20 factories and 22,000 workshops. FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS (>ivcn Away U"(il Christmas Only a Short Time Left to .Prepare for the STATE AUTO TEST Kitvc Money jOn .^ I'urts iuut Accessories 507 \Vara HDIKkl BIJTH DflfiTC 1!B i; ' M arulhcrerille flKlflll AU I U Y AK I O Wlhcvl We Special!/^ In ^PRESCRIPTIONS^ Phone 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE $f>vbe«ns - W/iNTKl) - Soybeans We Pay Highest Ivjiirkct Trices For All Varieties MALPJBN GRAIN CO. VI. JO. Ucevcs, A?cnt So. It. It. St., Next to Magnolia 1'lant—lllyllicvillc, Ark. DAY PHONE 555 'NHllIT Drs. Wort & Wert OI'TOMKTKISTS Ovtr Joe Isfuir.s' Storo "\VK MA.KK 'KM Sli.E" 1'hone D«) W. TRANTHAM CQAL CO. COAL PHONE 964 Now Ixwateil at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON JiDJVARHS, 1'rnprictw All makes oi Ucbuilt Typowrllcrs. Adding Machines anil Calcnlators—Keji^irirg—1'arts—Itlbbons Used Trucks & Cars , ft tvunuraiv-AL HAUUNG .•Wifl POWER FOR SALE Tin- < nicks jiHted licre «r c ready for your tough winter Chev. 131" W. I!. I 1 // Ion tr.uck.. . Kurd V-R iHj'/j" W.' U. '\y t .l.Q.n I ruck — new mo- S475 1D30 ClHSVinlJl plck-np ..$1115.00 tioml Tlrvi. 1931 l'-j ton Clu'Vrolcl 155" W.B. a take body $ro,00 This Lruck is a Rood buy 133" W. 11. 6 I nkc Doily 6250.00 A-l Mechanical condition. Al.l. TRUOKB GUAnANTEED TO I'ASS S'l'ATB INSPECTION Delta Implements, Inc. FARM LOANS' 1500 and Up Arkansas anil Missouri lowest rates—lowc'l ciliciisf Also city property* PON H. KASSKUMAN Thom.iH Lniul Co. OlVlce P. O. Box 470, Phone 527. Mllili V f . M. C. t.rtic)< Klllti J)otlRe truck . II. C. N C. terms available. ^'oiir preyi'tU triu 1 ^ w|ll iilily make ,tljc ^f\\ pay- menl. Kce ur call Phillips Motor .SJ» ,y.r ijj) It's Time To Order PHONE 76 GAY & BILLINGS .li\L9r|)prat(!^ Tailors Koom adjoining bath. For couple. Call G3C, 818 Chickasawba. 26-MD-tf TRADE yoUjR- OLD SlU^T IN ON A NEW ONE GEORC.K I,. 'niUIR "Blytlievillc's ,pnly Tailor" On'Railroad south of Main St. Furniture New and Used Furniture at Rock Bottom Prices. •>y.u KUV, SEI..I, & TKAUI; A/ian-Morris Furniture Store 12S E. Main Phone 17; Batteries 3ATTERT SERVICE J. Ben Clune ?hone 8 at Tom Jscluon'n Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO PHONE 155 Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable for warehouse. Vill remodel for right party, 'hone Mrs. S. S. SternbenT at 984 before iO a.m. .9-ok-12-Q 2 or 3 furnished apartments reasonable. 914 Hearh St. Lost Lucllan setter. C months old. R«- vvarii for return. Call 065. 10pk23 Jtrscy Coiv. Phone 245. 16-r>k-23 |S Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers consiIpAt'on real , ActiVc Liver PUIa pel at thf c.-iuse of VOUT slucgishnDs* ana make you .'eel like f now iierecm. Kid •onr ByGtem of Rtirjilua uoiioni Activn T.i-rer Pilla. HarmTrs?. Ke •^tilci at «ll Kirby Dme Storca. The man r left my suitcase wirt ccat with plcHSO send address and bill. A. Murry, Anue.v Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. ' n-pfc-24 FOJL- Trade Slioe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain in shoe repairing is Quality materials & v.-orkniaiisltip. Rubber Heels, 25c ii]). Soles 50c up. Dyes. Polishes, Inces. Any shoes dyed black. 35c. Free Delivery Phone liO IT. B. Campbell Glas; l!13, r ) Chevrolet for pair of good uniles! and farm tools. C. G. Alexander. O.sceolii. Ark. )D-pk-;26 Real Estate Phone AUTO (JLASS Kxpcrl Workmanship \\'P. Deliver JJIvlhevilk- 1'ainl & Wallpaper Co. We Cut & Iii.stall UTTI.K MONEY—LARGE VAU Tlin Herd "bargain" is alien uscrt anil (Icesn't mean a lliinR. Think cf what U means when yen .apply il to tlie follcwius farms. Near Gcsncll I'er Acre 40 A. nil in cultivation, price WO.W « A. all in cultivation, price $S0.03 KO A.. 35 ncrer. cleared. 1 lion srs. near Clear .Lake $42.50 157 A. mnrc than 'i in crop S22.SO •10 A. 35 in crop. S. E. Mo. S55.CO 78 A. near Parma in crop S30.CO £0 A. gravel read, in crop S47.50 ISO A. gravel road in rcop S52.50 111 S. Second Announcement OEN ?.5c 1!INE KUKKE HDW. CO. ICC A. Good road. 140 in crop S31.50 Several thousand acres. Tine lands well impvoved,. x any size tracts desired and prices that 1 make "bargain" mean «-Jiat it says. W. M. BURNS 'AGENCY I'licnc 213 Glcncoc We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARD.S GROCERY 1011 Phone 673 Wanted Mo.dern Beauty Shop Gloved from Glcncnc Hotel In 121 r> W. Main, ''hone 2J9. One uood set of used blacksmith tools. C. O. Alexander, Osceula. Avk. 19-pk-M Wanted, experienced cook and housekeeper. Call 250. Press. Franklin 20-ck-2U Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. M. Damon. 315. E. Main. Trees for Sale "Plant early fruit trees fccariny ixxan now. Catalog ].{(.'!-! an CHOP EUFY. Mack's Restaurant, next to theater. Joliur. Ark. and | ADCRESS ENVELOPES AT HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Expcri- Bass Pecan Co.. Lumtcrtovi. MLss. 1 i Portunity. Active volcanoes st'ldoin tounci far from the s?a. frce.l C11CC "imcccssavy. Wcndcrful Evcrythinf Supplied, dtiiU'ly fov Vra 1 linls. Xulionwictr Dis;r;;jutoi's, Broadway, N. Y. f WHAT?VO(J t LEAVE HIS MAJESTY /SURE' WHY NOT? POWN THERE,ANP AN 1 SAY/ TAKE THE TYRONE GAM BE YOURSELF ^ ) GR^NP MO ALL RIGHT, MOHURRY—SAY, y I GOT AN IDEA' HOW ABOUT THEM BIG BIQO GOOF SPOTS >VA GOT LL O vuM SHALL I GO &ET A L1M£ AM PULL OUT? QH,GL)7ZiE. f . ARE VO.U DOWN "THEeE?AR'E VOU ALL A5KMIM\ RIGHT? POWN ,HEEE! 'S ABOUT 'Tl(y\E vbu SHOWEP UP •Y ABOUT ALLEV .OOP 'AMP ' FOGZV. BOOTS ASP RE$ OH ,S« WE COUMTRV 50 WASH TUBBS A.N LlSSEN, BREEZE. 'I'M THE SUV -WHO ALL THESE I'LL SHOW) HEX, BOVS, CAN VOU CAERV WTJNMA THE &I WITH THEM WE WON'T NEED A RA]LreOA0, VVg' DON'T FRECKI;RS ANI> HfS FRIENDS 'MAYBE IVE MISJUDSED YOU,FRECKLES....AMD ILL GIVE YOU AHO7HEP- "TRY .' PLEASE LET ME GET BACK IN THERE, COACH 1 WE'RE BEHIWD, AMD THE GAME is NEARLY ^HERE H-kS BEEKJ SOME TALK, YOU KIJOW, ABOUT YOUR SELUWG US OUT.' j YOUR GOlWG WITH THE COACH'S PAUSHTER. /.VAKES- IT LOOK. BAD...TO SOME PEOPLE., V I DON'T .WANT TO A MAW WHO CAM PROVE HI IMMOCET>;CE

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