The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1933
Page 6
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JSLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1,:'1933 Invade Jonesboro For Game Friday Night Old Football Face? in New Suits Chirks, Leaving Hom<i | First Time, Have Chance "". For Sectional Honors. - Leaving their own hunting Grounds for trie first lime this s?a- ccn the' nlytheville Ills'" Clilvkd-j raws, will jomncy over Into CrniR-' hetid county l-'rlilay where they will •meet the JotiMbcro Iliirricano In their quest for iionheas: Arkansas .football honors. ••-' Tli5 Chicks, undefeated by an • Arkansas team, and the Hurricane vail' meet at Kays ricld (U Arkansas StMc college at 7:30 o'clock Friday night. ".The Blyllwvillc team will enter '.'t'h'i gamc'ttilli a chance to • ' fls prospects for a northeast Ar-1 fcam-as championship while the| ' Hurricane, defcate:! last week by Ehnwncc rind now all but out of ' aiiy title race, will be fighting des- •paralcly to stage a comeback. Tlip Hurricane, paced by Roachie Smltli, ' vvon 32 to 0 last 'year. v On paper Ihc Chicks rmd the '•Jonesboro griddcrs stuck up on about even terms with if anything n slight edge in favor ot ihe Hur- iricane. \joncsbDro sent a good V Memphis Tech team down in de- jcat early In the season and the same Memphis team, with thc'nd- - ditlon of Lewis Young, co-captain who was out of the Jonesboro 5<i»>e, beat Hlythevillc by n llircc tonch- :.down margin later in the season. ; , On Ihe other hand Blythevillc lurn- ' .ed Shawnee back by a one point margin and the Joiner consolidated, school grlrtders beat Jonesboro •lost week by a p° lnt - wilh lh= "paper dope" putting them on about even terms whatever edge might cx- - 'isl .ipinrrntly will favor the Hur- : rlcane", playing at Jonesboro. However, neither team will be in a \>i•'- silion to have any alibis to offer after the game is over. A nip and . tuck battle is anticipated. •'•••. 'The chicks have been indulging in only light workouts this week, Coaches Kramer and Pucketl not • wishing lo lake chances on increasing Injuries before the Hurricane .'-tilt: While all the Chick regulars r will be able for service by game time several are guarding minor . Injuries during the week. Including - Moslcy, quarterback, who has a ••-. pulled'muscle and Wilson, end, who lias a sllff neck. ' Twenty-two men. will make the Irip to Jcnesboro, consisting of Iwo fiill teams. Puttie will probably start at center, Fisher and Ums- ford at guards. Lindsey and Pcnd- ler at tackles, Wilson and Tipton at "ends, Beck, Blackwell, Morse and Mosley in the secondary. Others :'•-• making tlic trip and who will likely get in the game are B'.acknrii • center, Hood and Moore, guards, '.. Burns and Alley, tackles, Lay and Johnson, ends, Brogdon, Salibn. Locke and Hutcliins, backs. A large niiinbcr ot Blylhevnic fans are expected to make tlic trip. The drum and bugle corps of the Dud Cason American Legion post will also make the trip. are aiccndinrj n new peak of Chickasaw Chattel Grid News and View!) From B. II. S. Backs Who Arc in the Spotligh liobert Fisher, whoso wnsk. at the uiiard position In the Para-1 KOiikl «nme was very pleasing to. , the nlytheville Coaches, hns Ijet-n I | nnined Cnplaiti for this week's i game witli Jonesboro. [ Charles Brogdnn and Marshall | Blnckard, who were out of the I'aiagould game because of injuries, will l>e ready for action In (he all-lm]iortnnt' encounter this week. The outstanding tnekllnif, block- In 1 ;, and ballcnrrylng of Eugene Hlackwell made him n serious contender for honors in last week's game. Bud Wilson, end and pass-calch- er. deluxe, sustained a twisted neck in the Parapnilrt giime which. Is I'lvlns liim niiitc a bit of trouble. Jlowevir. Wilson will be able to plav next Friday. Mr. Kramer and Mr. Puckctt, rn;ich aiul assistant coach, rcsin-c-1 lively, are verv well pleased with J • i,,, shiv'iii; of Ihe team in Ihe j lust three games. However. Mr. I Kriuncr says Hint, he noticed rev- oral thiims In the Paragould gnme which will tie brushed up before , the game (his week. A plunging, clawing -fnlloack, Rlcrious in defeat, and a halfback who is running himself, into All- America honors, arc slw.n above in action. Tue fullback, Don Elser. shown above at left going through Pitt's line, was the one bright spot for Notre Dame in its defeat by Piti..At right, is Her~.',n Everhardus. Michigan halfback, racing for one of the WoKurine touchdowns against Chicago. Friday night's game, except the .'-core, was the crowning of Mary Alice Freemen of Dell as the Foot- Queen. The event took place | din-ins the half. The truck, decor- The Chickaraws' chances of .ln-!" leci in white ami red, bearing the IftU"" Jonesboro have been boost-1 Q UC F" an(l " er rour attendants, Jed quite a bit since Jonestaro's „" , yn W^l 5010 . Ruth Jenkins, !l to G defeat at (he hands of ? hcl D «k, and Margaret Shaver. a short time ago, (he increasing attendance at professional contests. Left I'mil Moss~ All-America end of r-iirdue last season who, iilth Angel llrovelli, center, former si. Mary's halfback, Is playing for Hie Pittsburgh I'lrales. At right Is Harry Newman, now playing wiin (he New York Giants, who made All-America last year as Michigan's rnmierback. Herschcl CakUvell "Day" IP Held At Duke University DURHAM, N. C.—"Herschcl Cald- wcll Day" was cclcbratetl at Duke University Friday in honor of the youthful coach of freshman football, basketball and baseball. Caldwcll, wno starred under Wallace Wade when Ihe noted football coach was putting Alabama on the prld map. preceded Wade here by one year to Install Wade's system. Ai a result Duke has risen to new football heights with the preliminary training given by Caldwcll and the polishing up touches by the master grid tutor. Caldivell starred as a member ot the Blylhevllle Chlckasaws gridiron machine for three years-and was also a star track performer here. German Book Exports Show Big Decrease BERLIN. (UP)—The export of German books Is declining. In August, the value ot exported books Amounted to 1,031.000 marks, as compared with 2.200,000 marks In July and 2,208,000 marks In June. During tit; first eight months of the year, book exports totalled 18,713,000 marks as compared with :>2.(i:>5.000 marks during the corresponding period of last year. Despite this decline of the book export trade, Germany's book trade balance still Is highly favorable, as exports between January and August, 1933, exceeded Imports by 13,538,000 marks, as compared with favorable 'balance 15,647.000 marks during the llrst eight months of 1932. I-osl Coins Furnish Uvinr REVERE, Mass. (UP) -^Charley Anderson, "king" of Greater Boston beachcombers, earns a coin- He was an outstanding all around | fortable living salvaging coins and alhlelc here. Jewelry lost by summer batherj. The ITALIAN liner HEX made th» fastest trip across the ATLANTIC. About one-fourth of the HABITADI.F. Inml oil earth •In under BRITISH 'control. ;MILK considered Shawnce Friday. However, Blvlhp- vilte's winning margin over shfiw- nre was nnlv one poinl, the score nclnp 13 to 12. which makes Blv- Ihevllle two points superior lo Jone.sboro-on paper. But, with intense rivalry between tlic two -schools, anything is liable (o hap- 'ii. Bvron Morse, half-back and last week's captain, has been one of the most consistent performers on the football team this year. Byron has played every minute of every game except the Shawnee game when Byron sat on the bench for n part of one quarter. Ho has nlaycd hard, steady football and has not been injured so far this year. One of the most thrilling tackles of Friday's came was made by Bud Wilsnn. left end. Bud hnd piled up three,.interference runners on an end run and as the Para- could snccdstcr circled the end. Wilson, lying on his back under three men. reached oui with his one free hand anil sullied the runner. It Is plavs like this that make a real thriller out of n mere football game. •.. J. W. Purlle made one ot the drove onto the field In front ol the i lcaehel ' s scene with- n view of Ihe entire crowd. Byron Morse, in football uniform, leaped onto the float and crowned Miss Freemen as Football Queen after which the float drove away. The Queen and her attendants were dressed in white. Girl Dram Major Finds Jobs Has Its Hazards F low SAIL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES 'nearly perfect food because lia» the HICHKS7 FOOD VALUE. most hardest tackles of the game Fri- Girdens Defied Weather ALLIANCE, (UP) — Despite adverse weather conditions,Alliance poor relief yafdftis yielded 25,000 ears of 'corn, 1,000 bushels of potatoes, and 30,000 heads of cabbage this year. day night, paving Ihe way for the Chickasaws' first counter. Moscly punted and Purtle was oui (he Paragould receiver before he' hardly moved, tackling him very.hard and causing him to drop the ball. W/U.THAM. Mass. (T)Pl-Even dnim - majoring has its hazards Dorothea (Dot) Slamin warns. Dst, who handled a baton for the first time four years a^o, bul who now holds five drum major championships, t^vo of them national, discussed her art on her return from Chicago, where she won the National American Legion dnim major contest. The baton witn wnich this 18- year-old girl has won her titles cc-31 her $15. Regarding its use, she says: "It has to be perfectly balanced so it will 'feel right' pass it from one hand to the other. You have lo be careful of the sfecl ball at the end because when you get the stick spinning good and fast it is liable to become unbalanced and thn ball will strike you in the face, or the stomach" Wilson recovered and Beck and Mosiey made the touchdown the two plays. The most Interesting event of the bag when the going sets tcugh. It is n good ground-gainer «r.d a» cxccllsni goal line play. This play, Notre Dame style of offense, is based on deception and •fry often gets away for lon<; gains. \fler the- backfield shifls to the ight. No. 2 receive.-, the ball from center, then fakes giving the tall o No. 3 who hits into tl'.c line as le does on n slrong line plunge. No. 4 fakes ix.'liind No. 3 and blocks he defensive end who has crashed n to stop the apparent line plunge. No. 2 circles back for about three hides with his back directly to the Ine and keeps the ball hidden, he hen circles outside as No. 1 blocks ;i!t the defensive halfback. The play Is diagramed for use igainst a diamond defense. Panama disease 1ms caused great loss to the banana industry in the past few years, but now a new type of banana, immune to tills blight, las been developed. I IT/» last Time Today Matinee 2:30—Iflc - 35c Night C:4b—lOc - 35c An average of 20,000.000 people | attend the movies every week in at ;£ngland. Pete Grain Has ."Arrived' 1 * Says Knoxville Writer Pc-ts Craig, lormer Blythcville Chick, is makinj a nr.iue for hhn- 5.elf in his rcphomorc year as *i meml>er of ilx Tennessee Vols' gridiron squad. Here is whal Bob Murphy. Krmi'ilY Journal sports editor, has to say aiout Pete in his column, "Heard ui the Sporlrola": "Rising from the ranks of the in:knoisn, Pete Craig, an Ari:an- rsr, !ine-crfisher. today stands as tiw man most likely to 'rat; an cmial rating with Dick'-Dodsor. Mid Breezy Wynn. two of the great- rr.l fullbacks Tennessee has known durini the "N?yland era". . "Admittedly one of the best dc- t"nsiyc back: ever lo step on Khields-Watkina field, Craig wa.s iiic.r; or less shoved from varsity considerallcn because of his offen- . ^e weaknesses. •'The shrewd NeySand took a i<x>k at the boy last spring and .csmc out in HID public prim that "Craig Is one of our be?; (Wensive backs." "Ncyland went even further than th'at. He figured if a man couiv.". b'ock and tackle, there surely must b* some other qualities In his . fcoltall makeup. But Craig didn't come along as expected. N'cy- Innd shifted 'him to .guard, and thcn'vhen thp mighty Wynn went rjown, and was hauled away with a broken ankle, Craig was called bacX lo the secondary. . '.'Craig ripped and.roared against Alabama. The yardage that was chalked.opposite his name gave the Ark^nses rammer jammer confluence.' He wliuzcd along merry t ;' fanciful heights against Florida -,;:?'It all. means that Pele Craig, the ':••*' fophomore, has arrived. , , "Craig has; been the most sur' prisms performei of all the Vols ' ' He runs like Wynn, is a denroi on defense, and blocks most cffcc ' thely at .all times." -'. 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