Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 23, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER ON HOSIERY! Tbebj8those for the money ever ihown ID Logansport, we buy our hoee direct from the factories lor cash, so you have no jobbers proStto pay- Please come at once and oblige. DAILY JOURNAL Pnbli.-tied even day In the week fexcept Ifonda j) DT tue juwAKmtmr JODBKAL Co. flMCOHPORATKD. [Jtatered s» second-clam mutter at the Logans>a*i foal Office, *«brniU7 8, 1&8.1 WEDNESDAY MORNING. JAN. 23. State lational Bant logausporf, Indlnun. CAPITAL $200,000 J. If. JnKHSOIVPlIKH. S. W. ULLXH*, VICE PllKS U. T. ilKiTBHiNX, CASHIKH. —UIUKLTOKH,— J. If. Johnson 8. W. Ullory, J. T. Elliott, W. M. Elliott, W. H..Snldor. Boy and soil Government Bond*. Loan ruone.y on personal securit) »nj <solltiter<»ls. IHSUO bpeoial oer tlfloateB of deposit bearing 3 per oeni when left one yercr; 2 per cent pej annnii) -when deposited -6 months. Boxee in Safety Dooostt Vaults oi thlsbank-for the deposit, of deeds, insurance policies', mortgages anfi other valuables', rented at from fJ to $15 pur yeur OfBKCTlONS for u.-liii; Cream Ik!in. Apply (i pnrtli'U'i'f tin 1 Btilin wull ill 1 In o tin 1 nu«trll>. >tttT a ..-u m*nt draw sfrnn^ br*Mith chjoimh tin- noun I'Hr tMvt> times ndiiy, nfttT iiH-jils p n ferifd. and br*l'oro I-M- tlrln , ~ KL-'.S CHEA5I BALM Oi.en.H mid c|p,'iiiH«i the Misiil PiiNsiiKH*, r»m P4 U. LIE" A n Ailiui- Hutu iinii iii-LL'"-'-' ^ ilE./'UJ fliun ntlnn, "fills llin Snrcs, Protects UIH MHIII- brnnt* from Coin.*, Restores tlm SHUSH of Tliste •nrtSmHl. Tlu< B.ilm Is quickly alworlwd and •IVf." roller nt onro crlcn Soc-nts Ht Druculs 1 or by mull. »LY BRuiti., Mi Warren St., iN'. Y. THE iuoiciary committee of the lodlana House of Representatives has reported favorably on a bill Intended to make it more diffli ult for runaway couples from Kentucky to be married in this State. . Jcffersonvllle h'as been the Grelna Green for Kentucky eloping couplea and many youthful pec- sons under legal age have rusbed there to be rashly joined in matrimony. Tbe bill Is intended to prevent irresponsible [.persons from signing applications for marriage license in order to secure a fee for magistrates a«d for themselves. Many girls of fifteen years of a^e and young men who lacked several years of their majority have been able to marry by the help of these irresponii- ble people. The bill to remedy this evil requires applications for marriage licenses to be signed by at least one rjsldent freeholder. The present state of affdira is adlegrace to.-Indiana and ibo bill which was iniroduced by Mr. Swuenberg. should be promptly puasea. Several years ago there was a war on at Jeffersonville between the runners of tbe different magisterial offices, and fights were frequent on the steamboat landing, tbe runners seizing couples and quarreling over the prey. Those who havo read the da. UKhtful story by Walter Besant and James R.co entitled "Tbe Chaplain of tuo Hoot." will recognize the similarity bstween this condition of affairs and mat In London ID olden times. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder AB&QZ,UTEI.Y PURE FED BY MACHINERY. Expe ditious Method cf Fattening Fowls for Market. A l-'rcncli FroccHu bv \Vlilcli Chicken* DudCH Are Speedily Ilrousrht tti :i Llich State oS Perfection for the TubJe. lake Erie & Western, I'tiru 1'nlon Station, points In tu« United Depart. 7:00 > in 11:45 am 3-3 P in 10:?2am 4:45 p m 7:COara State* und CUMIUIIL. SOUTH. Arrive. No. 21 Jnrllnniinoll.i Kx.. I) No. SBJ Hill <t Kxprewi S ...... 11:28 am No. 'Si fulodo KT iires.1. S ...... No. iiO ivt'iiliiK Kxprcis S ..... 8:10 p m SOUTH. Arrive. No. 20 Jtnll A Exi>rf»s S ...... 10:l2ain No. i2 Jlliii <an City 0« ....... -liiO t> in NoiM firtnilt frx 1 nw S ....... !).55p m No. ISO Accommodation s».. D. Dili'} 1 , ri. Dully t-xecpt Sunday. •No. 22 fl us not run nortli of IV uSumlnys. •Huns iloiuluyM, Wcilnesilnys V. Itluys und Sundays. Ui In' denot connections lit Dloomlngton nnd te. 'In t"r p- Int.* wost, .»miihw<>.si und iiortbwost. |)lm t conni'i'tloiH madn a 1 Limn. i'osiorlH, FfonnMit or Minun.-ki tor nil polniy enst. Ini'i'i'd-i'tt'coimi'etloiis ;it Tip on with trains on Jlnln T.liioniKl 1. A M C. Dlv.. fur till pjlnts North, foudi. >usi ami »>st ifor ticki'is. r.-ici'd iintlKdi t'l'-'l Infor" ntlon cull on THi'S. TOLLEN, TIC-.H iRi-i.t L. K & \V. R'y Peru, Indliinu. C. K. 1ULY («>i 'I i';\s.<.. Afft. INDIANAPOLIS, USD. THE fluiiuuitii uoi.Qii.iuu uf tho govern oient fjrowb ivorsu every week, and tao uauilnlslruilOu Ims utterly funea la its atti mpts to belief H. Dun'n WeeKly lievitw of TraQo summed up me si.iuu.tioa Satui-d»y ua follows: Tuura ttru auine poud signs, but they uu noi jot exiend to Dusinoeri f;out>ra.ily. whiuh hcsHwits mucti sis U bus duuu fur tnjut.Ds. Gulu coailnQCfi .o go ubrj<.cl, !?D,5UQ OOU huvmg gone this wcetc, ana U.IB dtticit of revenue la a*ready over !?9 -1UO 000 for tne tnonth. This siiuu of facis, with the (allure- of congress to muke provision for burrowing Or for increasing revtnuo still operales to retard a tvoolesa-le recovery, and the volume of uocuestlc trado represented by ex changes through clearing houses Is again about 7 per cont. larger than 'a8' year, is it was In tho first week or the month, but is 837 percent, i-maller than two years ago, a higher rate of decrease iban for sometime p«i8t. Toe industries are meeting a larger demand for some products since ibo new year began, but rather less for others, and no definite improvement appears in prices of manufactured products or in wapes In the nmln it is a waiting condition, with much hope that positive improvement IB not far off but not very satisfactory evidence of jt »s ypt. ONLY S2<> ONLY BIG "4" MILEAGE. Accepted For Passive By OC 00 niFt'KttKNT TRANSPORTATION C05IPAMIKS. Be sure.ind buj-ii"Els Hour" Ticket. Vou will save time and monpy. FREE AT laet tbe Gorman-Wilson tariff law has found a friend. It pleases a Canadian editor who congratulates his reader^ iu thn province of Ontario thai the new Uflited States tariff law will give them £04 000 more for ihoir horres. $288.000 more for tboir sheep, $140,000 more for their wool, $238,000 more for their barley and §18S,(00 more for their hay than they received for the same quantities under tbe McKinley law, While the Canadians will be enriched nearly a million dollars the treasury of the United States will suffor accordingly. Open Day and Evening TIIE e.xpenee of ihe present Legislature for employes will bo $123-a day less than that of the last Legislature This means a saving to the Stats of $7,3SO. and more as the clerks -and doorkeepers of the last Legislature were allowed mileage while ; lhe. Republican legislative caucus decided that this allowance should not be. .made by tho prp?pnt Lpg sKture. • 616 BROADWAY. Welcome To All, WANTED. A 0KNTS1IAKE t& Bally Marreloas Inwntlon BeUili y> (xnta; 2 to 6 sold In » boot*; sample •.-••llMt FHiE. iorshee A McMtikln, CincuinaU, 0 AGAIN has H Deen luuua necessary to call out the militia to preserrti order at the scene of a strike. The street railw ay companies in Brooklyn «re datot mined to protect the new employes who ' took the place of strikers. The frequent necessity of the mililia to subdue strikers is, far from pleasing to all who' have the welfare of the country nv heart. THE annual meeting ot loe Indiana .Republican EditorlfU Association on Thursday and "Friday of this week promisee to unusual both ID attendance and interest^ ' Among other things that will' be considered will be the adoption of A nor coHBtUution for ihe Associaiion. . ,, There is a poultry-raising establishment in Baltimore county at which all the modern appliances for hatching and rearing chickens are in practical operation, says the Baltimore Sun, and whore the "stuffing" process of feeding known for many years in France as en- graissement, is used in fattening both chickens and ducks for the market. About five thousand chickens and as many ducks are annually fattened by this process at this place. The owner of this establishment is an American who has spent rnany yoars of his life abroad, especially in Franco, and ho has made a thorough study of the methods followed in the land where gastronomy has been reduced to a science and where the inner man is more assiduously considered than anything else in the world. And it is because 3 f ears of experimenting in Prance have proved that poultry fed by tho process do 1'en- frraisscmcnt are more toothsome and less expensive to the grower than poultry fattened by tlie ordinary processes of nature that he has established this place in Baltimore county upon an almost French basis. Incubators are now by no means the curiosities they were a few years ago, when the public paid an admission fee for the privilege of seeing one in operation. Many farmers have improved upon the old- time more or less careless methods of raising chicks or ducklings, but there is no other place in Maryland where tne ''stuffing"process is in voguo with all its modern, binviu.nc and economical appliances. Tho process is based upon the simple principle that a fowl will grow fat most rapidly when it. is givon tho rnaximnru ot food and allowed the minimum of exercise. Fowl.', i'ed by "1'er.- graisr.onx.'iil'' arc no*, only given sill tho food (hoy oa;i out but ail they can hold, and they arc- not given any exercisi'. When tlii; work of focuir.g fowls in this nianni'.r is being pul in practice— which is uot tho case at this season of the year—tho interior of tho fecding- house is an interesting place. It looks like a largo prison on a .small scale,' with tier upon tier of tiny cells reaching from the floor to tho ceiling. In each of these colls is ti bird being prepared for market. Its quarters are rather confining, for it hasn't room t-o turn around in and scarcely room to rise to its feet. lUuming along in front of these cages, which fit their occupants as if they had been made to order, is a trolley track, high up near the ceiling, nnd from this is suspended the feeding apparatus proper. It may, by xneans of weights, be put at any height, and may be moved along the trolley track' from one end of the building to the other, thus enabling the feeder to put his machine in front of any cell he may wish. The feed, in the form of soft mush, is put in a reservoir holding a gallon or more. From the bottom of the reservoir the food runs through a rubber tube iuto another receptacle, the capacity of which is regulated by a screw, according to the extent of the meal to be givon to the fowls at that special' feeding. From the second receptacle protrudes a tin tube about four inches long nnd as thick as a lead pencil, and this tube is thrust down tho fowl's tliroat and into the craw. This done tho pressure of a lever empties the contents of the receptacle into the fowl and it settles down to rest, digest and grow fat until meal time comes again. The fowls do not take kindly to this method of feeding at first, but after a day or two of it thc3' seem to relish its novelty and.luxury, and begin to crow aad cackle in anticipation as soon as the footling apparatus is brought into use. I/engraisscmeut has been practiced in France for many years. Before the improved appliances were invented the operation was carried on in several ways. One of these, called engraisse- rnent aux patons, consisted of inserting little cakes of dough into the fowl's mouth, and forcing them down with the finger. In another case, engraissemcnt d'leutonnair, the food, in liquid form, was poured into the bird through a funnel. A third method, still more primitive, called garage o, la bouehe, consisted in the feeder's filling his mouth with the food and blowing it down the fowl's throat. As soon after the hatching as they are able to determine, the sexes are separated, and when they are three and one-hall months old they are put in the li pens of plenty." Fowls thus treated have been known to double in weight during their,confinement in the pens. Their meat is far tenderer and sweeter than that of fowls raised in the ordinary manner;, and is devoid of all objectionable stringiness. They are, the owner of the Baltimore county establishment avers, more suitahle for table purposes than capons, and do not have to be fed and cared for more than a quarter of the time that capons require. turc; and veins, which inust bo woll defined before tho cutter begins his work. JI. Antoino, one of the best- kuown jewelers of AnUvorp. has. after many fruitless attempts and three years of arduoiis. paLieut toil, at last s-jcot'cdod iu cutting a whole ring out of a block of diamond. The ring is perfectly round, with a diameter of nineteen milliters (about three-quarters of an inch). It was exhibited for some time in Antwerp, and was very much admired. Its value is not given, as the maker will not sell it. Outside of this ring there is but one other ring known to be cut out of one stone, and that is the beautiful sapphire ring in thy Marlborough collcc'tiori. lone Reserved! GIBRALTAR AND ITS DEFENSE. Fnailbilltlei In the Event of Attack bj * Uontllo Foroo, Experiments at Shoeburyness have shown that an Armstrong shell can be be thrown 9,170 yards—about five and one-third miles—says a writer in Temple Bar. It is therefore absolutely dear that if all the fleet were temporarily absent, either on some special mission or depressed by a storm, hostile ironclads taking 1 up a position within four miles of the eastward of Europa point might with impunity send shot and shell into the outlying parts of the fortress and cause much destruction of life and property. On the other hand, the governor of the fortress would not be idle, and the experiences of the lato civil war in America have abundantly proved that the cannon in fortresses, if they strike a ship of war with their projectiles, even at long range, may do considerable mischief; while, on the other hand, many shot and shell may strike a fort and only do trifling- damage. It is practically impossible to throw shot or shell over the high part of the rock, near Spain, and the cannon ensconced in the unique rock galleries, with their royal artillery guu detachments, would be absolutely safe. Even .if the neutral ground between Gibraltar and Spain were occupied by a hostile foe, comparatively -little damage would be the result. During the writer's Stay at Gibraltar it was considered desirable to try the experiment of firing upward from the plain on the Spanish side into tLe galleries, dummies being placed to represent the necessary gun detachments. A regiment several hundred strong was accordingly placed in position aud supplied with ball cartridges. The range, however, was unknown, and the lire being directed upward, it was fully an hour before any of the dummies were hit, after the expenditure of much ammunition. In actual warfare, of oourse, the British rifle sharpshooters must have picked out their foes by firing downward from the galleries. J>omb-proof barracks and hospitals are potent factors against the horrors of bombardment, and there is little doubt that there is ample room at Gibraltar for some amendment on this head. Everyone of our Overcoats and Ulsters must move, price no object! A Golden Opportunity is now offered to save from $3 to $5 as we must have room for large orders placed for Spring Purchases. Rspecifuly, HARRY FRANK, TO BE, SURE,. LOGANSPORT. DELPHI. , FLORA. NEW YORK. A FAMOUS CODFISH. Rlngi. Cat from Diamond*. Everybody knows how difficult it is even for an expert lapidaries to cnt diamonds, not only on account of their AD Emblem In tuo JVIii»*:iclinscttM Sf-ute- honan for Over a Century. The famous codfish which hangs from the base of the dome in the ..Massachusetts statehousc, and inside the old room in which the representatives used to meet, will be absent u-oin the chamber in the new extension which tbey .are soon to occupy. Just why this cm- Mem, which has always attracted the notice of visitors aud sometimes moved them to ridicule, should be ignored in the transferor movables from one room to the other is not explained, aud, according to the New York Post, it is even said that the codfish is doomed to figure in a museum, presumably historical. The following account of its origin is given: "In 1SCG Charles W Palfrey, editor of the Salem Register, and a member of the house for several years, undertook to gather all the facts I that could bo learned about the placing ' of the figure iu the chamber. After extensive research he found much concerning the fish -vliich, luckily, had ' been preserved. It was by Mr. Palfrey's efforts that the actual facts were got from the records of the great and general court, and while many links are missing, the chain is nearly complete. On Wednesday, March 17, I7&J, John Eowc, a member from Boston, moved permission to hang the codfish in the house as a memorial to the importance of the codfishery to the welfare of the state. The motion prevailed, and'-shortly, after the emblem was placed in position, and there it has remained undisturbed through all the vicissitudes of the rears which have intervened. Once it was -painted, but it has never been taken down from the iron rod by which'it is held in position. Mr. Rowe, who presented the figure to the commonwealth, was a well-known citizen of Boston and a conspicuous patriot, being associated with Samuel Adams, James Otis, John Hancock and other leaders of the period. He was interested in commerce and was an extensive property owner along the water front, Eowe's wharf ana contiguous territory being among his possessions. He died on February 17, 1757." police signals and communication oe- twecn station-houses at present in use. Although the perfection of the veteran- captain's suggestion lias yielded a great manufacturing firm a fortune, not a dollar of it ever came into the hands of the real inventor, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In the early days of the war a rough gang of men and boys frequently took possession of the Hudson River railroad depot and committed lawless a.cts. The police station was located in the town, quite a distance from the depot, and before n. messenger could summon assistance the law-bre.i kers would have disappeared. Capt. ilangan thought the matter over and induced the depot ' agent and telegraph operator to run a wire from the station to the police of-; fice. 4t tho police end a bell and a ' dial were arranged. The latter ha-d painted on its face two or tlirca short. messages, such as "send au officer," . "trouble here; send a fuX force," etc. | The indicator on the dial was made to move by a scries of short jerks, caused by key tnos, to tho desired point on the dial. A practical electrician saw this crude apparatus at work one day. Six months later patents were tivkcn out on the apparatus now in use all over j the country, which consists of a box with a dial fa,ce upo:i which are indicated a number of routine questions and answers and the letters of the phabet, by which any message may be spelled out, a crank being used at one end, thejndicator showing at the other. AN INDIAN DEMON. tho 1'hn Formidable I.yiix r»trollin(r Alalnu Woods. Moose and deer stories are insignificant compared with the recent adventures of an experienced hunter on tho top of Chairback mountain. lie was all alone and came upon a place where a large deer had been eaten and not very long before, for tho blood was entirely fresh. There were large tracks around the place, and it was'not many minutes before the hunter found bigger game than he cared to tackle, for one of the most formidable Indian demons that ever patrolled the Maiae woods was before him, says the Banger Commercial. The hunter is not given to woolly yarns, but he says he actually believes that the animal could stretch himself fifteen feet. lie would jump and clasp a limb fifteen to eighteen feet from the ground, and go into a big tree with the ease and grace of any cat. Entirely alone and a long distance from any help the hunter dared not fire at him, knowing from long experience in tho woods that if he hit but did not kill the THINGS THAT GO ASTRAY. A Peculiar Slory About llio World'*- Pnlr. The a.iinal.s of "things that go astray" contain no parallel to the caso | which, appropriately ctiough, reached I :is from UK: L'nitcd States,. says tho ! Orimsby (England) Express. -It appears that eighteen mouths ago the Spanish government sent, for au exhibition at the Chicago world's fair a- priceless collection of objects connected with Columbus an<l (he memorable voyage I or di.M.-ovvry which first placed the new 1 world upon the map. l!ut the collection no\vr reached the exhibition authorities, and it is not the least astounding detail of an astounding story that this exhibit of surpassing interest wr.s never missed. All through tho summer no one asked inconvenient questions about the missing curiosities, and in due time the world's fair closed. A fortnight ago a United States warship arrived at Cadis to return the rest of th'/ exhibits. Then the outcry arose: Whore was the Columbus collection? Xo one knew anything about the matter on board the vessel, therefore \varm expostulations were addressed to the United States authorities at Washington by the Madrid foreign office. The affair of the missing antiquities was well on the way toward 1L j_ j causing an international misunderstanding when, Eureka! the precious case of objects came to light in a bonded warehouse, where they had been carefully stowed away, not only 1 from dust und damp, but also from the eyes of the millions who went to Chicago last year and to whom they would have proved one of the most interesting features of the show. That such a blunder could have been possible cast a flood of light upon the chaos and disorder which reigned supreme by tho shores of Lake Caramet during last summer. TORTURING ECZEMA Editor Iowa Pl.-un I>c;iler Cored, of In- suffi.-rablc Itching and Pain by tile Cuticurn No Less Tb.-in Five Physicians Cca- guli«d. Their Coinbined \V!»d<jm Followctl %Vithoui Kv.ic'iit. THE FIRST POLICE SIGNAL. Aid . Crude De fice Tried in Yonlcers to In Apprehending Doodlnms. Thirty-five years ago Capt. Mangtm, chief of the police force at Yonkers, for his own convenience rigged np an elec- .tric contrivance, out of which grew the elaborate aad conprchensive.systern oi lamsjstv-six years old In Angusr, I>st'i,-r.is troubled wiili thei>eculi.'>rriiiii<ljMS-v: to which people of JJiy a^e are subject, known amonff medical men as eczema, lw Jir.-,; aintcarajice wan near the ankl&s. it rapidly i-xlcmicd over the lower extremities until my le^ were nearly one raw sore; from leps the ttnulilc extended : , across the hips ehotilUers and the entire k-icth demon he (the hunter) would be in luck j of i if he lived to get home. The strange and powerful animal followed him for quite a distance, first being three rods ahead in the old logging road and then suddenly appearing in the rear. But the hunter plodded steadily along, keeping his weather eye on the ugly beast while not appearing to notice him or quicken his pace. In about a half hour the big lynx disappeared and the hunter breathed a iew sighs of relief and didn't waste any time in looking up his traveling companion after that. r tlie arms, t!ie le^s and arras pjtaily.' iW <" ! * a •ith an itch]nc,l>uri>i)!2T>aiii. without C">vitloii- AltbouRlj theiwstmeiJirai!a<lvic;:ui<aiiiai.!(MVSS .cmplovtnJ, no Iciss. than live ).hy>i;<:!an* fu thtf nlaoc "hem?; consuliwl a-nl ih.: ]-rf."< r:]p:i«ns (Mjinjj tlie result ot UK*'r co!^')i'H..'l -wi^iioiii.'be discaxg, thou^l' appirnji'ly eii«';;:-d, v.-.n:li) r..'c.:r in a. few days a=t bnd a-s cvr:,-; »,'-r:.v r ::* j r»:r7<.>s mv wei£lu'f/;ll away aliour. t"iw:K>-!i>c I <>uun*. As an experiment I'lic^an tho rs:-of ctTicrnA, following the simple :.:i-l ;•'•:'•-^ in->:ri:<.-.ion-s Riven with the r:i:v.i-:M^. J.n.l in j'our weeks foun«< myself veil, with n',:iit *oft and natural In color, the itthrji^ ,V)d r:i:.i p::cin'!v relieved, \V. IL >1KAI), Editor lov.-n J'lain j;ci!er, Crtico : Ji. A wonderful natural cavern was discovered in Lafayette county, Georgia., j in 1S9L It has the usual complement j of "rooms." i; gulleries," "domes, "pits," j etc., but its sole title to being some- ' thing: out of the ordinary in the cavern line is a well-like ahyss in one of the ; rooms, Tvhich, as far as anyone knows, j may once have served as the chimney : of hades. It is knorwu-.localJy tis ' v the ; bottomless pit.^ Stones of large size j haTe been thrown into it-with a hope | that they would bo hea.rd to strike bottom after awhile, but, accordingftb reports, "there were no reverberating' sounds borne back to the ear Jby which its enormons depth conld be ganged." CUTICURA WORKS WONDERS and rli.sfo.se of ilic >kin, ffsiip, anil htoni, Joss of bair, whclliar iicliinj:. i.":ni:nr, c lolohy, wh'':lK'rv!mpl<?, soroful ioius. whtn i-U}.siciJi:i£ I was operated on two • r;:r* r.:r; fornnibscr", TFhich lefc u ruiin:rjr MI;;.*, v.3ij*-ii iivc d«>cco™ said couW oalv !;c hXj.i'i! ! ;• srw.JiiT OI«'ITU:O;II ilnxHt p3.ve "uji i:i .lir;.; ~,f. .V3.» worJi of tlie CcnccTUi RKXEOir.y <-.;re.l v-.f. :>n<l I .1^1 now •well and nu-onpr- Mi"- AXXIE KULEX, •jiOl La-ATcaci; St., Denver, Col. Sold throughout the norld. Price, We.; SOAP, 2:*.; Ki>oLvi:.vr. S'. . . I'-TTKII Dnr'j jjra CHZX. CoiiP., Solc Prcisric'ons Eobton. jy "IIow w Care Stic Dirc:ue«," tr.nilra !t*-c. ihKids, chapped cad oily eldn v CCTiCCWA MiDICATLI* (5<JAl'. PIM $ FREE FROM RHEUMATiSM. • Ja oms jnlnntu lh" Cuti«-ara Anti-fuln l';aMPir relieves then-

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