The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH ' 19,- 1935 •BIATIIEVILLB, (AUK.)'-COURIER NEWS 1 hougl and Attention lo Details Needed lo Achieve Best Results The most effective and success- Jill modernization projects are Ihe result of cni'cfiil planning and attention 16 detail, Hie Federal Housing Administration Has discovered. A modernization W), us It transforms nil entire house or room, requires much thought and knowledge of building problems. The wise modernize!- consults nu arclii-. Icct in such cases on problems concerning adequate lighting, placement of windows ami electrical outlets, proper means of ventilation, heating and plumbing and other highly specialized, departments of the business of building or modernizing with the greatest efficiency. Many o;d Humes The possibilities for modernization are evident in every city, town, or village, fn almost any community there me many large old ' homes, conveniently 'located bul loo big and lacking in con- i vcniences to be rented easilv. Even . when rented, they'frequently 'bring 1 With Insulation, plumbing, wiring, Example of Modernization Magic ''''' : '^ :a ' r ^ i ' rll ^ >IBWWKV "' v " little more return llian an amount sufficient la p.iy laws and upkeep. Cflcn such structures lend themselves admirably lo conversion into apartments. Many average 2-slory IIBHBCS with K or lu looms can be readily transformed into several final! apartments, two or more located in the basement, on the first ami second floors, and in the atlic, .Second Story Tlic OTOIKI siorj- of a jiicdium- slzcd bouse can be made into an attractive apartment with little more alterations besides a kitchen with proper fixtures and flooring. Exccut for possible stairway addi-' lions, the wall arrangement will require little charge. With equal eaje, the Jirst floor can also be made into an apartment. What the magic of modernization did to this aged building (right) is strikingly depleted in the above photograph. With only slight changes in architectural design, a new roof, open porch, built-in-garage, dormers, addition- a! windows, the "tumble-down- shack" becomes a home of dignity and refinement. kitchen and partitions aim bathroom fixtures, | interior finish that' portion of the house can also be made livable and also a source of revenue. Usually there i;; adequate t-pacc in a basement, if it is above grade, for. a small apartment in the portion not occupied by the' furnace. In many instances it is possible to construct a bath, living room, j bedroom, and kitchenette in basements, but under any circumstances there is gcneralls 1 ample room for the creation of a recreation room.' Properly waterproofed and finished, with necessary window additions, tins section of the house also becomes usefully transformed. 'Fish Pond Adds (iliiii'ming Touch To Homo Garden Winter Is the Idi'ul time lo ptnn id cany out work for major improvements to the grounds arcimul (lie home, so Hint they will tc in proper condition for tin 1 nrowlli of m-nxs nnd sluub- -ry wlu'it spring comes. Una improvement which can be roi'iucil on lu ndil beauty lo your pilvale landscape Is a ilsh point, ideally located. It makes u cliarm- Inrj and inteivsllin; spot for leisure summer moments. Since cwavatlim anil masonry work are required, these .should Ixs dene nt u t m i[. lV | m , lllt!J , W ||i not interfere with Hi? growth ol Brass and alimlis. it also Is im- porlnnt (lint the masonry have time to harden anil weather before Uic uond Is filled. BO (lint it will not make ihe water alkaline. Any water which turns pink litmus liiiixr to a blue color Is unsafe for lish. Additional prolcctkm can be obtained by covering the masonry siirf.'ice ivltli (u-o coats of water G'ass, applyinj; tile second coat 'M hours alter ihe first. Home owners are obtaining modernization loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration for the purpose of beautifying inelr grounds and ncldluu value to their investment. Q.-Ciw you give me |n(ori»n- ,lon concerning proper relation of :iolslil to leiiutli of « roam. Also, ;«n you sujecst menus ol huprov- ng tho appenriuicc of "unlinl- inced" rooms? ' A.—Tliu u|!|x>nriiuu> of the steo >l 11 room, especially Hie relation ?r the height ol 11 room lo Us iVldlh and length, Is often of con- >lderablo concern to a home owner, iVlicn Hie room Is decorated and Imnlshcd 11 inny apiwar entirety Jut of proportion to (jooil tiisto n decoration. T!ic proportions may olten bo ;eadlly altered or improved by llus ;rentiiicnt of the structural design Of the room, decorations, color effects. SJM and color of draperies "id rugs, wiillli n ml height of windows, iircheji and doors, and Ihn kind and size of furniture. Q.—What Is the best way to condition soft-wood floors? A.—Pint make the floor smooth by scraping, or by grinding with a funding innrliliip. Next 1111 the cracks between Uic boards wllli a mixture such as line sawdust mixed with powdered whiting anil glue thinned with waler, or with wood /Vdd Years IcrLifo of Douse by Clicck-iij) and Repairs COLUMBIA. Mo. — Depreciation; failure to cover rcsln snots b"fore can te checkc-l materially and many applying the prims cont. years a:Ucd to (lie useful lite of a farm building by proper attention to roof drainage, foundations and painting when the building is erected, and prompt repairs when the need becomes apparent. 'Proper spouting which .is kept ood iL'jj.iir may add as nmcji Poorly liesiuiicd' spiles joints in siding were an evident cause ot failure in the buildings studied, A common butt joint, it js said, is very ineffective unless it is waterproofed in some manner. Faulty design of rout supports also was evident in ;i large number it! bnnis. In Turkey, there arc Unfinished attics, valuable space of women working in tobacco and that is wastrel in hundred* of!silk factories for 25 and 'M cents Ileuses, require more attention, j a day. ' ,i „ „., i 1 17 ' 8 S' cara lt) tllc lifc of i{ building, | the most frequent result b?in,r thousands I pmfcr foundations •• -••----•• - EUIATIQINS To the Business and Professional Women of Blylheville upon iheiv achievements during the past year and lo ' :'s.. J. G. Barnes who will serve tomonwv as ihe city's First Wonuur Mayor BER CO. I'lioiw; 275 Main Street & Cotton Bell Railroad years, may aJd 14 i sag in the roof, painting a building i Rato of depreciation nf buildings when it is erected and i.Ucv as of-jof the same typa varies as much ten as needed may add 18.13 years, | as -3 per c=»t. tiatc uf driprccia- accoiding to a study of lavin buihl- inss in Northwest Missouri, uiatlc recently by J. C. Wooley, o! the University ol Missouri. Itciof Drainage Apparent ': Faulty Inof dra!na;rc 'was appaf- ent in the greatest number of f.irm buildings examined hi ihe study and was one of the most frequent causes of failure. The resultinc; lion for structures ot different types also varies greatly. mo:tcrn farm houses iu'vin*; Ihe lowest av- orasc of l.M per cent and individual ho;; 1-ousi"; liaviiij; the highest average of 7.f,C wr cent. ,• tlnnr Wild .Wrrur A duor with a full-length mirror convenience in a home or . , damage was evident in rotted sills' laparlmenl where there is insulli- I framework and sidings, and" in the ! cicnl ; 'i> : ™ r °' ft. dressing lablo toumlalimis where (.he soil J had been washed nivay. j popular The relative important ol (lie WMCI1 m causes contritiitin;; to the failure l)ri(1 sc. mirror, ft also is as guest-room criuinmcnf, Ciever Decoration Can Give Air of Spaciousness Much can be done through the art of the interior decorator to remove the cramped atmosphere of small livinj; rooms, mid to (,'ive 1111 air of spaciousness to those of ordinary size, llnoiifih arrangement of furniture and furnishings and the judicious of color. One of the nrst rules of (lie arl is to keep the center of the room clear, with the heavier pieces ol furniture and the rugs parallel ol at right angles to Ihe walls. Smnl pieces of furniture or round tablci may be gel across the corners. Attention should be paid lo contours in arrangement of turnltnr. nnd hanging of pictures ami othc: wall ornaments. The peaks of sue): contours should center over thi heavier pieces of furniture, llirougl the hanging of a picture or mirror or aver the cuds through plaw moiit of pedestals, screens, book cases. Grandfather clocks or simi lar items which are higher Iha.i the tables, chairs'and, settees. . Too much mahogany or olhc 1 dark wuotl gives n heavy almos Iilverc to HID- room. Much ran b done to lighten this'effect by usi of n few painted or drapes piccci Mirrors also lighten a room, am add greatly (o (he effect „/ s|Iil ciousncss. They can be hung 01 cntcrla.:js at tea or the walls, placed over the manic l,,,iir [n^ n n .,: n ..,~..t - ' . "•*., mi, mumi h building equipment, Use Allic Space An t-xtra guest room, which adds vahi3 lo n home and provides for emergencies, can often be conveniently had by constructing . charming and inexpensive room in of a, farm building'at the different if ' llcllltir<i '" n. properly impiovo- loiuts of failure are as loilnv.v '»ent project, is eligible for an iu- Sills'and comicdui- fraim.s : ' rl) ! Eur(?d modernization loan under I-ack of care of roof anil yard dr.iin- | lllc Nniional Housing Act. ,c. Cl] Foimilalions too low. 13) 'ootinss inadrqiialc in size or depth. (41 inferior or damaged siciiiv,'. Foundations: (I) Lack of draiu- !c. 12) Erosion Irom roof or yard drainage. (31 Inferior design. (•!) Poor cjunlny of workmanship. "S and door.s. (II Lack of care ol roof drainage. (2) Failure ol sills and framing. a> Lack of paint. <•!> Splira joints ivjt waterproof. (5) Injury hy stock or c'Piipment. CGI Inferior worknvin- ship. Koof covering: u, Inferior quality. (2) Poor selection. i:j] in- lerior application. Roof trusses: (n inferior design (2) Failure of joints. Joists and girders: (II Ovcrioad- "15. (2) l-'.iilurc of naiic;! joints. The increase in the lite of spouted over unspsutcd buildups was found to fc: 41 |> ;r cclt i. -rip increase in .life ol buildings witli foundations ei>,ht innhcs high <ir morc over those with foiiiidaiion-i 'ess than cijhl. indirs hl!;h n-V;' i:i Per cent. The incrcasr; ji, (hr- ii( c of building; palmed when 'built 'but not altcnvartlsi over unpaint- or paneled in dcors or walls. I'rcvcnl Slain Ulcciltujj II is sometimes noted that, aftet paint or enamel ija s |,cen applied over wood which has been stained the stain will discolor or bleed through the new finish. ,\ specially prepared sealer or a thin coat of shellac applied to the stained wood as a first coat Housing Question Box mitty. Sandpaper the ridges smooth when the filler Is dry. Then oil, varnish or painl. it you use oil or varnish, lint the crack filler Iho color of Iho wood. If you use |wlnt, be sure to use door piilnt or floor enamel. Q.—What c«n I do lo. lake the bulge out of wallpaper caused by the paper separating from the wall? A.—Take n sharp knife and sill Iho bulge siilTicienlly lo admit the paste, wlilch may bo ordinary white library paste thinned u little wllli water. A brash may be used If the bulge ts a, or an car syringe It It Is suiall. M«ko (he silt along the lino of the wallpaper design, if possible, so thai the edscs will not be noticeable when pasted down. ... ,,,, y In (he Ceilings Benmo'd. ceilings' may be eHectlvc. ly fjnLsliod to harmonize with the rest•.«.!)« woodwork Jn a-room. Nalurol nnbhcs,.obtained by coaL l"g lie surfaces' with transparent material, oil, wax, shellac, varnish or tawjuer, are dcslraWo lo many home owners. Prequenlly beams arc stained lo.gct proper effects 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. Episcopal Church Wall Is Reenforced Several homes and n cliinrli arc being improved this week. A wall of the St. Stephen Episcopal (lunch, which has been leaning for wine time, Is being braced and minor Improvements made lo the interior. The- c. J. Crane residence on Walnut St., Is Imvlni! a number of repairs made which Include a new front noi'ch, new doors down- stall's, pancrinp; and pnlnllng the downstairs rooms and painting Ihe outside in the same cream shade. Tile Tiorch of the residence owned by Mrs. W. o. Ornvcllo on aist Walnut St.. is being repaired Real Estate Transfers L. L. 'Ward has sold to Essie Heed Kooncc n lot in what Is .mown as Vick's sub-division here. M. M. Goodman has conveyed to O, A. Ouodiniin properly near tlic corner of UIIji and Oak itrccl.s. J. K Bmltii has sold lo W. 3 "Pclc" names a 5U-acre tract of '»nil near Hulfman, . A Callfornian has Invented n machine wllli' wliich lie says he is able lo diagnose ail troubles of •" automobile motor. The Magic of Mule-Hide Color WILL MODERNIZE YOUR HOME Tliis IK Uie day oC color. Homus have Ijueli liflctl out of the dralj monotony of the past. Today homes lire beautiful—cheery— • colorful. Phono 40 Vour roof oll'crli the hcsl elinncu for • c o 1 o r iriiiitnicnt. MULE- HIDE hits so many colors, types and piitlcrns thill you can chooati 11 type for any building ntlctl. You CUM Ihiiiucc a new Mtile- Jlicle roof through the FHA loan plan. • • . The ARKMO LUMBER CO. NOT A KICK IN A MILLION FEET usually will cd hHllclliijjs was found t n l>- t , Per cent, while the lilc of buiirUins painted as nec<!ccl ivas incrcussd 43,o per cjnt. raiiitinj Mistakes In regard to paint, however, it was found tint many bcildiJigs which had bsen painted several limes had secured little protection from th e paim, due to the poor quality of siding userl and to Ihr- Us Give You A Free Estimate Ou WUH 3 YEARS'PROtECTlOU DD THE 3EAIED.II,' MECHANISM FOR OKU 55 JACK FlhfLEY EOBINSON AV. Main nhn. 412 Phone 350 A HOME BK1CK - - STOM-; STUCCO - - FRAME; LCHALSELL W. Ash The above picture illustrates what can be clone at small expense to MODERNIZE an old qut-oi'-dale home. liic cutiic coi( may be financed at low interest under NATIONAL HOUSING ACT. Phone 100 for (uli information. CASH- —spent at this store pays dividends in the purchase of Better-than-the- average Furniture. PROOF- -—Cash sales 1935 to date double same period 1 1984. TERMS —may be arranged'if desired. You owe it to yourself to come to this store and talk to us about your requirements. Every Day a Sales Day CMS. S. LEMONS Household FUKMTURK Moderately Priced -fl

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