Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 4, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XVI. -LOQANSPORT. INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNIM. FEBRUARY *^^**^ . < \ DEWENTER A COLD WAVE. It Sweeps Over the Northwest, and the Mercury Takes a Drop, The Temperature Ranges from Zero to 38 Below—WoCk of a Cyclone in Mississippi. THE HATTER. JOHNSTON BROS. " The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, ( Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. IF YOU WANT A PINE DRESS SUIT OR BUSINESS SUIT 0 VE R°CO A T, ,Fur, Bearer, Melton, Kerseys or any kind to suit the customer English 'or '.. Yankee, any Manufacture, you can find it at • - "\g?L8 BROADWAY, Silk lined and got .up in the very latest styles to suit the purchaser. Come and examine Goods and prices. Goods sold in suit patterns or pants patterns at-reasonable rates and cut and trimed to order. ' JOS. CRAIG, The-Tailor. WINTER IX THE NORTHWEST. OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 3.—North Nebraska and South Dakota are enveloped in a terrific storm. At Deadwood it is 20 degrees below zero, at Lead • City 30 below, and at Galena 40 below. Many herds of. cattle have been lost and destitute settlers will suffer. ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 3.—St. Paul is now experiencing the coldest weather of tlie season, a snow-storm in conjunction with a temperature of 8 degrees below zero prevailing, In s the Northwest the thermometer has ranged from 38 below at Miunedosa to 8 below at St. Paul. At Winnipeg 1 it was 24 below at St. Vincent IS below, at Fort 'Custe 25 below, at Huron 12 below and at Bis marck 22 below. There is no point in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana or Manitoba where the temperature has been reported above zero. WASULYGTO\, Feb. 3.—Temperature at 7 a. m., Morehead, •_»'below zero; Du hith, is below; La Crosse, 14 below Chicag-o. zero; Jacksonville, Fla., & above; New Orleans, (36. MATTOOX, 111., Feb. 3.—The sleet and snow-storm which swept over this section of Illinois Monday night and caused the temperature to drop to eight above zero—the coldest morning- of this unprecedented mild winter—will probably do much damage to the swelling 1 fruit buds,, which were in some instances almost ready to burst. LAID J,OW BY WIXD. ' WEST POLN-T, Miss., Feb. S.— Sunday evening' a cyclone passed through the western part of (ilay County. It started near the plantation of L, W. Bond, leveling- a good deal of timber on Ms place, and moved in a northeasterly direction, cutting- .* swath nearly half a mile wide. All the cabins on the west side of Quinns plantation were destroyed and a negro was badly injured. Near .Abbott a colored Baptist church was demolished. On Stevens' farm all the buildings except a barn were blown down and a negro child was fatally injured. On B. H. Grimes' and Dr. W. B. Gunn's places all the buildings were destroyed and a negro child was fatally hurt: At J. W. Walker's several cabrns were demolished. The damage done by the cyclone will. amount to many thousands of dollars. -.:••••» ' SUICIDES IN NEW YORK. Over 200 Person* Killed Themselves •taut Yenr-Tcndency to Self-D.e»truotloa Greutcr in Men Than In Women. .KEW YOBIV. :Feb. ?,.— T1 V 3 number of suicides occurring- in this city during the year ending- December 31, 1800, was 339, of \vhich_number 190 were men and 48 were women. Of the former 141 were of foreign birth and 41) were native born, while of the women 27 were of foreign birth and 23 were native born. These figures show that the total number of suicides for the year, 10S, were of foreign nativity and only 71 were natives, of the United States. When the increase in population between 1858 and 1890 is taken into account the table shows there has been a .decrease in suicides during the last five years. A monthly average for the five years shows the greatest number of suicides to have occurred during April and the smallest number during August. The tendency to commit suicide is greater in men "than in women and during .the five years under consideration the ratio does not fall below 1 to 3 in favor of women. A comparison of statistics for 1S87 and 1889 shows the similarity of talcing life resorted to by suicides and to what extent the choice of methods employed is influenced by sex. In 18S7 the order of preference by m»les was shooting-, hanging-, cutting-, drowning and taking poison; in 1890 shooting, hanging, cutting and taking poison. The order of preference among females was: In 1887, taking poison, hanging, drowning and cutting, and in. 1S90, taking poison, shooting and hanging. From 1SSO to 1S90 the majority of suicides were between 25 and 45 years of age. THE COMMONS DISSOLVED. A Great Towel Sa We will open this Morning 1 0 O D o z e r Fine hemsticlied Huckaback, all linen Towels' *• -.-» • - L 50 1.25 25 35 24x42 inches at 29 cents'apiece or $3.00 PER DOZE Not more than one dozen to go to any one parti We give it as-a "fact that these Towels c purchased in the regular retail way for less cents apiece or $5.00 per dozen. Call to-day 11 • t /* * , *^ this wonderful bargain at Ulinois Farmers and Laborers. HERE WE ARE Ready to thank you for your liberal patronage the past year. Hoping to See You . This next new year you will find 'ice at 4 1 O B r o a^d way as Usual -. With,';a large stock of Watches, Jewelry and Spectacles, D. A.HAUK, Tfie Jeweler and Optician.' LD, 111., Feb. 3.— The farmers' .and laborers' conference, composed of representatives of the Grange, F. M. B. A., Farmers' Alliance and Knights of Labor, will meet in this city February 6 instead of -February 4, as has been announced. The purpose of the meeting- is to consider the organization of the"proposed farmers' plow factory and to make arrangements to buy implements next" spring, to 'consider the F. M. B. A. fanners' exchange, and to consider a big- deal on -binding- twine which has been proposed. Alleged Settlement of the Irish. Troubles. LONDON, Feb. 3.— The London Times says that it is reported on good authority that a settlement has been arrived at between the Irish factions. Parnell and O'Brien will go to America; McCarthy will remain chairman for the present, and Dillon will surrender himself to imprisonment, the understanding being- that he will be nominated as leader at the'next session. • Choked to Death While at Dinner. DUBUQUE, la., Feb. 3.— Justice of the Peace Cooney invited his uncle to take dinner with him Sunday. . While the meal was in progress .the old man threw up his hands and was supposed to be in a fit. He' was taken outdoors, where he died ' The coroner investigated the matter and found a piece of beef lodged in the throat of the deceased by which he was choked to death. Chuutfed Hln Mind About Starving. ST. Louis, Feb. 3.— -George. Harris, of Newbern, 111., has broken his fast. with a vengeance. He has developed a ravenous appetite, arid eats every thing with- which his attendants seefit to supply him. The. chances are in favor -. of his recovery, and some even profess to believe thatavhen he regainshis strength the power to walk, lost eight years ago, will return to him; A JTew Canadian Parliament to Be Chosen March s~A Delegation to Visit Washington. •TORO: -o. Ont., Feb. 3.—The Empire, ;he chief organ of the Dominion Government, announces that, acting on the advice of his responsible Ministers, his Excellency, the' Governor General, has been pleased to dissolve the House of Commons and issue writs for a new Parliament. The nom- nations will take place on Thursday, Tebruary 20, and the polling on Thursday, March 5. As the reasons which lave'induced the Government to appeal 0 the country at this time, the Empire gives the following: 1 "It Is understood tliat .the Dominion Government has; through her Majesty's Government, made certain proposals to the United States for negotiations looking to the exten- sjpn ol our commerce: with .that .country'.' t These proposals have been submitted to the''President -for his : consideration and the Canadian Government is of the opinion that ir thess negotiations are to result-in a treaty which • must > be ratified by Parliament,, it is evident that the Government should be aule to, deal with a Parliament fresh from the people, rather than with a moribund house. It is understood that 'Canada will send a delegation to Washington ;if Ler March 4| the date on which toe life of the present Congress expires, for the purpose of diEcussini? informally the questions of the extension and development of trade between the Unite* Suites and Canada and the. settlement of all questions of diJTtrence between the two countries. This delegation will visit the United States capital, it is said, as a result of friendly -suggestions from Wash- .iagton." WILER& 315 Fourth Street, The. Sundry'CivflTstu'. WASIUNGTOX. Feb. S.—The sundry civil appropriation bill has been, reported to the House. It appropriates 884,242,970. Among- . the items is one for £300,000 for a Government exhibit at .the world's fair, and 5600,000-for the improvement of the ..St.^MaryX.riyer.' The bill also makes appropriations for a large number of public buildings. Colony of Hebrews Expected. ST^ PAUL, Minn., Feb. 3.—A colony of Hebrews from Russia, comprising 100 families, will arrive in St. Paul and Minneapolis this week. They were sent to the United States by Baron Hirseh, who donated a large sum of money for the -purpose. . THE KAMETS. CONGRESSIONAL. Senator Turpio iViuitg Senators Etccted. l>y Direct Vote-Owenby Before the Bar 'of tlie Hous«. / WASHINGTON-. Feb. 3.-—Senator Turpie (Ind.) introduced a joint resolution in the Senate Monday proposing- an amendment to the constitution for the election of United 1 States Senators by the direct vote of the people. The fortification bill was'discussed.- In the House a bill was passed extending: the .time of filling- vacancies caused by death or resignation to thirty days (the time, was ten days). The Senate bill providing- for .the erection- pf a public building- at St. Paul, Minn., at a cost of SSOO,000, was passed. ; J. A. Owenby was brought before the bar of the House and purged himself of contempt by expressing- his wiliing- ne'ss to testily before; the "silver pool" committee., lie was. however, .not re,leased from the custody of the sergeant- at-arms. It-.i For T E. F. K E L LER T a i lor, 311 Market Street. Resolution Against Bnce. . COLUMBUS, 0., Feh. 3.— A House joint resolution was offered in the Legislature Monday evening requesting Sena- afpr- Sherman to vote against the admission of Senator-elect Brice to the : UnSted States Senate on the ground that he is not a resident of Ohio, but of York. ' : , Refused a Ifew Trial. , Ind., Feb. 3.— The motion for a new trial by Woods, the attendant at the, insane asylum here who was accused (of inhuman . treatment of a patient, resulting in -the latter's. death, has been denied by the county court. ( - — v Short on TVlieitt. ST. Louis, Feb. 3.— John Thys grain commission merchant, annouh- his suspension on 'Change Mo afternoon. He is short 40,000 1 ~" 1 of .July \wheat. An afternn< pjaces his! liabilities at $200,000 ' ' " ,-• Postponed Action In Cameron's Case. ... HABRiSBL'iip, Pa., Feb. 3.— Governor iPattison has vetoed the "joint resolution pf the Legislature instructing- the " -United' States Senators from Pennsylvania to support the Federal elections .-bill. . In the House Monday evening .•Mr. Thompson called for- the second reading of his resolution introduced last Friday censuring- Senator Cameron for his action on the silver question and elections bills. A' vote resulted in further postponement. '--. . One Kil ed; Twenty Injured. .-;. PA.BIS, Feb. 8.— A train -of pass«nger cars ran'off the track while making-, the run".:between Ddnai and this city. I» •was going-, at full speed and the coaches piled up on .the engine and tender,, sev- •eral being telescoped and all being wrecked/ One ..person was killed and ; twenty werjfr badly injured. The cause ,'of 'tha«^i(B£* ^supposed to have been jhe rails. If a party of forty jopening communica- [locked villages .be- td Tripolitza, in the ve been frozen to of others have been that they are not Grain, Provision*, Etc; CHICAGO, Feb. 3. FLOUR—Quiet and lower. Spring Wheat patents, S4.60®4.T5; Bakers', $3.25®3.50; Winter Wheat Flour, H,00(a;5.03 for Patents, $4.40@4.5Q for Clears. WHEAT—Ruled [higher early, but -weaker. No. 2 cash, 8!> }j ©97c. May, SOi-icOSl.OlJi. CORN—Quiet and steady. No. 2 and No. ! Yellow, Blc; February, Sljjc; May, 53; July, SSX&HSlia. ' " OATS—Steady. No. 2 cash, nJt ^,^ 7t ^, May, •)6@48}.ic; June, 45?i©48-4c. Samples firmer with moderate offerings. No. S, 43J4Q 44'ic; No. 1 3..White, 44Ja@46)Kic; No. 2, 44J^@! 48c; Na 2 White, 46!4@4?!4c. ' • KYE—Firm,, offerings small. No. 2 cash, 71tfc; February, '2c, and May. 75&c.- barn- pics, 72@7i ,c lor No. 3, and 67 <, 69o for No. 3. BARLEY—Steady; fair'sale. Poor,. GS@60c; common 62&e3c; lair to'good, 65©8fic, and choice 70®72c. MESS PORK—Trading only moderate and prices easier: Prices ranged at $9.tJ2!^@9.05for cash; $9.80-> 8,85 for February, &9.75@9.80 for March; and 510.02^QUCUS for May. LARB—Market moderately active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at S5.70@i5.73i4 for cash; S5.70@5.72W for February;. S5.80@5.S2J4 for March, and iiG.02 : (f£§ T 07^i for May. • BUTTER—Creamery, lS®27c; 'Dairy, 12@2c; Packing stock, C@9c. POULTKY—Live Chickens, 7«©Sc per. llv- Live Turkeys, 5@8'/5c per Ib.: Live Ducks, 7~(J 9c per Ib.; Live Geese, 53.0005,50.per doz. "' 'OILS—Wisconsin Prime White. Sc; Water White, 8!6c;'_ Michigan Prime White, 9i4c; Water White. 10?i'c; Indiana Prime White,' 8iic; Water White, lOe; Headlight,, 175 test, S^c; Gasollno." 87 dag's, 14ts; 74 deg's, 9;Vo; Naphtha, 63 deg'B, Sc. LIQUORS—Distilled Spirits ruled firm at $1.14 per gal. for finished goods. , NEW YOBK, Feb. 3, WHEAT—Quiet, '/ 2 @Jio lower,, easy. March, H.lCi»@:.ll-; May, $1.07K®1.08'.4; June.'$1.037-18 ®1,007< ; July, $1.03@1.02i^; August, 9S®iSi.OO. CORN—Firm and ijuiet. No. 2, G2^©C4!4c; steamer mixed, 0214@(i4 J 5C. OATS—Quiet and easier. Western, -50@B2'/s'c. PROVISIONS—Bee'f flrm. quiet. Plate. S7.00 @7.50; family, J9.00@9.50. Pork steady, quiet New mess, $11.00®li;50; old mess. $10.00®10.50; extra prime, J9.50@lO.00.' Lard, quiet.- Steam- rendered, $0.50. : MURDERED THE TEACHl Fiendish Assault on a Young I • cause She Punished a Pupi I TVtKXEBAGO CITY, Minn., Miss Lent/, "tfee_.jou; who'Vas so b'rutally /T5f8zea iaraDy a ffcw"L_, „, from the injuries she recei-^ time. Miss Lent,'who!wa»| ' a ^country school .naa occasion to named Cruzen. The ter ran home and: parents. They became so . , they went to the school-house saulted the teacher. Mr. Cruzen i Miss Lent with a school book' knocked her down. The enraged n er then grabbed Miss Lent by the,.] which was hanging- loose over, shoulders, and dragged her around 1 room until the skin and muscles ing the skull were partially away. With the aid of her hnsl the wife picked ilp, % the prost _ form of the teacher ahd ftisgw it onlT( an open window, the head stti stone. A panic ensued and the? 5 scattered to their homes, where* reported the assault. Miss Lent compelled to take to her bed,- with i result above stated. The greatest dignation prevails. The Cruzens, ther, mother and daughter, -were rested, and gave T}ail. .; Death of a Not SARATOGA, N. Y-, Feb. S.—Dr. SJ : Strong, proprietor of Strong's St .tarium, died at 10 o'clock Monday,-] from Bright's disease, aged 78 yet * was one of the best-known phy.. in the country. He founded the tarium in 1S53. In his youth he; for the ministry and was adt the Methodibt clergy, but study medicine. DOLAN'S'OPERA HOJ ONE NIGHT . CuivnLAND, 0.. Feb. 3. PETROLEUM—Easy. Standard.vrtiite, 110deg. test, 6J£c; 74 gusolino, S'Ac; 80 gasoHue, 12o; 63 naphtha, Oiic. ' . Lire Stock. ' , CHICAGO, "Fob. 3. CATTLE — Market moderately active and prices unchanged. -Quotations ranged, at £5.00 @.").50 for choice to fancy shipping Steers ;:.$i30 @lflO for good to choice do.; .S3.15@4!20 for common to fair do.; $3.75@3.00 for butchers' .Steers; K.2fxa250 lor Stockers; J2.10@-J.70 for Texans; S3.7C®3.35 f.or Feeders; Sl.Zj.-^.TS for Cows; Sl.riO@.!.OJ for Bulls, and S3,003)5.00 for Veal Calves. • HOGS—Market active and feeling rather firm at 5c advance. Sales ranged at JB65@3.40for Pigs; $3.40@a05 for light; S3.45®3.5. lor rough packing; S3.5Li.3i3.65 for mixed, and !S.55®3.7B; for heavy packing and shipping Jots. Thursday, Febr-u< REEVES* ENGLISH OPE] BOUFFECO. REEYES & StUMWE, Proprietors. M. B. KEETES,! " F A U S B. H. Seveer.:..... llephlstop Happy Dick Turner......... ; ..........Br C. B. Ward Miss May Duryea Maud Mlsff Helen MHckaye Mis* Maude Wilmot Vals -Miss Victoria. Castellan 1 . - 1 30 ARTISTS Our Own Orchestra, Full Chorus. OranJ azEliag llareh s, Magnificent Costnn and Elaboraic ElTeets. Pruduced und sonal supervision of tne Authur, J. "W. MUNROE, Of Bos Secure Seats: Knrly. Eeserved Seati Keesilng'g Drugstore.

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