The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Czechs Begin 13 Person Trial Defendants Accused Of Organizing Huge Underground Group PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia, M a 31. (#)—The C/ech government. U day begins the trial of 13 person accused of organizing the bigges underground organization discover cd here since the Communists seize . power In 1948. The group was aided by Wester diplomats who were accused of gh lug the Western powers vital In rilistrlal and military information Three Are Women Three of the defendnnus arc wo men, all former deputies of the no 1 outlawed National Socialist Part 1 They are Dr. Milada Horakova Frandska Zeminova and Antonl Klelnerova. These, the indictmcn said, received instructions from th former chairman of their party, Dr Petr zenkl, now in exile. The underground was organized the Indictment said, by forme leaders of the National Socialist Social Democratic and Peoples (Ca tholic) parties. Defendants Listed The indictment listed these othe defendants: Dr. Joser Nest aval, former factorj owner. Dr. Jirl Hejda, former factory owner. Frantlsk Preucil. Jan Buchal. state police officer Dr. oldrich peel, former owner of mines. Zavis Kalandra, former newspaperman. Dr. Zdcnek pcsta, university professor. ' Vojtech Dundr, former centra secretary of the Social Democralic Party. Dr. Bedrich Hoslicka. Dr, Jlrl Krizek, Lawyer. Construction workers on the steel •framework of a skyscraper wear metal hebnets similar to those of tin; first World War to protect ^themselves, from a possible mis- thrown hot rivet or .other injury. ALY'S UP — Still on crutches from last winter's skiing accident, Prince Aly Khan managed to attend the races at Epsom Surrey, England. His horse "La BaiUe," failed to place in' (ha classic Oaks race. fine lor flavoring vegetables Ucrc'a Our New I'hone Number 6817 CITY DRUG CO. You'll Love Our Flowers! BlylhevilJe FLOWER MART Memphis Iliwaj Phone 6002 Delicious PLATE LUNCH 3 Vegetables & Choice of Meat Every Day 50* TOM'S CAFE •HO West Ash (ARK.) COURIER MEWS LONDON SILVER MARKET PROVES "GOLD MINE" - Under this unimpressive m^s al rubble of a bombed out safe-.leposit building i,, Lomlo., lies a fnrlunc i,, silverTil's a UM vil markcl fcr an K , ue silverware. The unique business, which look over the unborn bed strong rooms hTs maSrilMl-T alt , raCti °" for American visitor, to London because the devaluation of the "om.d has made fiuUsh antique silver a " K ood buy," and no duty is asked on items made before IB'o Brooklyn Teen- Pistol Shots on NEW YORK. May 31. W—Two ;angs of Brooklyn teen-agers traded id pistol shots yesterday in Mem- irial Day gun-fights before police onld get them under control. The junior gunmen used both real istols and homemade "£ip guns" he latter put together with pipe nd springs, and strong enough to ire small cartridges. The gangs, Negro groups from the ough Bcdford-Stnyvcsant section were the "Nits" mill the "Greene nue Siomi>crs." Despite the hail of lead, casual- les were light. One boy was nicked ehind the car with a bullet, and lie forehead of another was crens- d with a flying slug. Showdown Advertised For at least two weeks the ".ings ad advertised their plans for a lowdown In Propect Park on Mem- rial Day—a traditional dale for nng grudge fights, and police had aturated the area with 105 patrol-en. The feud had reached the killing •Agers Swap 40 Memorial Day stage last April 28. when a 15-year old stamper, Raymond Wilson, was slabbed to death In n six-block battle that brought 17 arrests. Although police were pretty well prepared ycsteday for the park fifc'ht. the first outbreak started on a street about a mile away. 10 Slrrrat it Out Sixteen youths suddenly began .shooting it out in Lincoln Place between Utica and Schcncctcdy avenues. Women screamed, apartment dwellers ran to the windows, and passers-by caught on the street dived for shelter In doorways and glitters. William Sicgfriend. nn off-duty patrolman, was walking into church with his three-year-old daughter, Joan, when Ihe shooting started! Shoving her into a doorway, he drew his gun and badge and moved into the fray, ordering the boys to disarm. He arrested one and a traffic patrolman tackled another, but H escaped. 'arnell Thomas Appeats to Truman WASHfNGTON. May 31. (,!>)—J. aruell Thomas, former Congrefs- lan convicted of padding his office ayroll, has appealed to President ruman to' free him from prison nd cancel nn unpaid $10,000 fine. Under White House routine, the etitlon was sent to the Justice De arlment where a spokesman said esterday that there has been no ecommcnda.tion made on it. Wll- nm H. Collins, who represented homas at his trial last December, old a reporter the petition was ent to the President "quite some me ago." Thomas, a Ncsv Jersey Republi- an, was convicted of defrauding le government by putting on his ayroll persons who did no work nd arranging for them to kick back 'leir salaries to him. Sentenced to six to 18 months In rlson and fined $10,000. he will be- come eligible for parole on June 6. If paroled, however, he still would be linble for the flue. Collins said he understands Thomas is not able to pay the fine. Polio Halts in State LITTLE ROCK, May 31—^/p)— Tile state health department said today that no new case of poliomyelitis was reported in Arkansas last week. Two cases were reported the week before for n 1950 total of 25, compared to 28 for the corresponding period last year. p !rt£fJBu3ht new cases of measles were -S'por ted last, week against S3 the. previous week; 4fi new cases of influenza, against 91 the week before. Mai! Service May Be Cut Even More WASHINGTON, May 31. W) — There may be still moro cuts In mail service unless Congress • restores some of the money The House pruned from Post Office Department appropriations. Postmaster General Donaldson ordered reductions In service last April IBiafter the House Appropriations Committee voted to trim the funds. Among the cuts was n reduction to one mail delivery n day in city residential areas. There also were some reductions lu service to business firms. Then I] IP House, n pass,,,,, [.„,, $29.000.000,000 general appropriation bill for the fear bminnlns July I approved a cut of more than S'>00000,000 for the post office " ' Yesterday Chairman Mayhank (D-SC) of a Senate appropriations subcommittee handling postal funds disclosed thru Donaldson hurt written the committee that such a cut would "seriously disrupt" both the trnnsporlation and delivery ,,f mail He said it w 0 ,, W restrict service for both city anil rural areas. Attorney Freed Of HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. M;, s , 3 ]_ '.Tl— Morris Hccht, disbarred Hot Springs attorney, has been Irced of a charge of subornation (Inducing another lo commit perjury.) . The charge was dismissed by Circuit Judge Clyde H. Brown on recommendation of Prosecutor Julian Glover, A charge of subornation against States Righters Fail in Alabama ^Democrats Take Committee Places In Runoff Primary BIRMINGHAM. Ala., May 31 '/?>, —Alabama Democrats loyal to the party have cinched control ot stale party machinery thev wrested from States Rlshters Regular Democrats won five of seven places on the state Democratic executive committee In yesterday's rmmff primary, on the basis of unofficial bin apparently conclusive returns. loyalists captured .18 seals on (he /2-mnn committee In the May 2 primary, but four places were contested by states righlers. By taking five places in' ||, e sixth district runoff yesterday, [he regu lar Democrats were assured of 39 seals—for a majority even If the contested seals were lost. Stales righters added the two runoff srats In the ninth (Birmingham) district to the 20 won In the first primary. One other winner May 2 was committed to neither 'I'lie majority membership on the stale committee thus reverts to regular Democrats. The committee controls party machinery in Ala- bnmn. Kenneth A. Roberts, Anniston attorney, apparently won the fourth district scat in Congress In his runoff with Probate Judge Wilber B Noien of Ashland. Rep Sam Hobbs did not seek renominatlon because of ill health. A count of 190 of the district's '1A3 boxes showed: Roberts 12.700: Nolen 9,709. Pour Alabama Congressmen won nomination May 2. The other four were unopposed. Use of microwave circuits for inter-mmpany communication purposes is increasing steadily. W.' n, Elerkson, New York attorney and s charge of perjury against Mrs. Anna Cook of Hot Springs also were dismissed on Glover's motion. All the charges grew out of the clivurce ca-e of a New York couple. The Arkansas Supreme Court criticized (he action as a "fraud". Hecht voluntarily surrendered his attorney's license and was permanently disbarred by the supreme court. LUXORA NEWS By Mrs. G. C. Driver Mrs. T. B. Renfro, Sr. was called to Elizabethlown, Illinois last week because of the death ol his brother. Tye Adams Is in Enterprise, Alabama for two weeks visiting his mother, Mrs. Nannie Adanus. MemphLs visitors last week Included Mr. and Mrs. Rnsscl Bowen, Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Pcrmenter and children, Mr. and Mr.s. G. C. Driver, and Mrs. B. L. Houck. T. D. Wilklns was a Little Rock business visitor Thursday. Mrs. Sam Bowen spent the weekend in St. Louis visiting friends. She wa-s accompanied , by her daughter Miss Frances Reid Bowcn. Jone.sboro business visitors last week included Ferman Rogers and O. G. Driver. Miss Diane Stevens Ls visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Robbing. In Shannon, Mississippi for several weeks. . Mr. and Mrs. Murray Richardson returned home Friday night from M three day business trip in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Richardson, who was dismissed from Methodist Hospital In MemphLs last n-eek, received further treatment while In Cleveland. The couple travelled by air. Mrs. Grover Driver, Mrs J 1 Mlffltn. and Mrs. R. T. Ballew 'accompanied by Lee Utlcy of Camden, travelled to Snmckover, Arkansas last weekend, to attend the graduation of their nelce. Miss Martha Claire Terry, from the high school there. Mrs. Driver returned home Sunday, accompanied by Mr.s. c B Wood and Mrs. J. s. Dillahunty of Blythcvlle. Mr.s. Mifflin and Mrs Ballew remained In Smackovet as the guest.1 of Mr. and Mrs W D. Terry for several weeks. Mr and Mrs. E. A. Dorris and daughter ot Memphis spent the weekend here aa the guests of Mr and Mrs. o. c. Driver. They were accompanied home Sunday by Mr.s. S. Franklin of Moscow, Tennessee who has been the guest lor the' past two weeks of her sister. Mrs Sue Brown. Mr. and Mrs, I. M. Caxtllo were hast-s at their country home Friday night to the Luxora Canasta Club. and Mrs. G. C. Driver. The hosts served a sandwich and salad plate at the conclusion of the games. Teachers in Ihe Luxora school who have left for their homes include Miss Emma Lee Kennamer to Conway, Mlfs Gretchen Barnes lo Rclnze, Mississippi, and Mr.s. Raymond Pate to Parkin, Arkansas. Mrs. I. M. Casllio was hostess Wednesday afternoon to her two- table bridge club. Mrs. Ray Whlt- morc was the only guest. l'hz» tin- ners were Mrs. C. P. Crawford and Mrs, G, C. Driver. The hostess served a salad and sandwich course after the games. The Wesleyan Service Guild of WEDNESDAY, MAY K, W*> ^ the First Methodist' Church Is sponsoring o. breakfast Wednesday morning with proceeds to go toward furnishing;'the church room». Mrs, c. B. Thomas is general chairman of the event. Mrs. Thoniay announced thai due to farming operations i» "-Ms locality, meals will be served from as early as 5 a'.iii. until 9- I-aciies ol For Improved SIDNEY Jn a majority ol cases investigated In several hospital t and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced afler the use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doclor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral v/ater may be very beneficial. Try il for a few weeks. It is delicious, pure-tasling, and may be consumed freely. Crossfown Whiskey Shop Main & Division ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. GARDEN TRACTOR DEMONSTRATIONS AT YOUR HOME Just call 581 and we will brintr O tif a 2 HI' or a 3 HI' garden tractor and demonstrate it for you. No tion, of course. Jim Brown Store Hlylheville, Arkansas WITH HIGH-CONTRAST £» So. IK, „,«„, i«t.,;,;on achievement vovr.,11... a lrem,ndov,ly J<a big Pi'lvre in amazingly 1;,,|. !po<: «. 6*1 Hew Compndness! s«, ,h. diff,,.,,«t *>„ „.„ Haife 0 (i.o II O'v»» you oil pi 0ur . •„„ „ blg , 4 . rnd) ,„!,._,„ „ MUr>il || •» lorg.r Inon 10-inch wl, ju,t ons y.or ego. "Ringside Viewing" H..I K S .M,, «,, ™,, k , „•„„.,, , m for b<Kl, from lt,t "balcony" ,o to , peo l. Hollicraften advanced engineering permil, -rlngiij.- vtewin,, a. clot. ai 8 l<et—fully cpproved by leading oplldom 3$ „. .v_ ._.,-. ?:J Long Dislanc* TV Y«. Hafcaft.r,- ,„.,„ ....IH^ proyH<1 area reception lurpcming any clher Itrl wi:h!n Ihe pric, rongt. Fir,, ,„ ' R '"8 no additional o^Ienna in normal lignol °rec,, Mallicrof!.,, „„„ prov j de , ,,,, ,„,.„ ,- mprovK , on ,, nno Ho M |,r D . comecfc, ne.rferf-ne. .»„«,, for In.lollalion church assist as CO01: - 5 and MIXED PERT RESULTS OF COLLEGE EXPERIMENTS Results of careful experimentation by colleges show that: • NITROGEN in fertilizer promotes plant growth. • PHOSPHOROUS hastens maturity. • POTASH keeps the plant healthy, prevents rust in cotton, prolongs fh« period of productivity, helps bolls to open well. That's Why You Should Your Cotlon Now It's not too late to use mixed fertilizer on your cotton . . . and phosphorous and potash are important to your crop. Plan now to side dress for an early-maturing, bigger crop this fall. All Regular Grades of Mixed Fertilizers Ar« Ayoilabl* BLYTHEVILLE FERTILIZER CORP South Highway 61 Blytheville, Ark. REPORTER QUESTIONS..* By KOLAN!) BROWN ,(tfere are more trut experiences of people* wfiu suflrtt'J deficiencies in vitamins Iti attit lit, i ron °'"' niucin and who wish lo lielp others.) THE QUESTION Are you taking the remarkable new HADACOL medicine and what has been your experience? THE ANSWERS Mrs. Willie Mae Hays, 218 Booker St., Sebrlng, Florida. "I've been suffering with my stomach for quite some time. There were . things I couldn't • eat. And when I did, I'd have to take a dose of '• soda. I heard .so l -•much about UADACOI. over the radio I decided to try it. Since taking HADACOL, I haven't had to take one- dose of soda. I sleep well and cat well. Anytime r eat, it digests well." Mr? W C Owens Opp, Alabama. I had neuritis paliisinmy hand so bad I couldn't lift anything. Nothing seemed to help. I thought I'd give HAUACOL a trial. I've taken 7 bottles and am going to continue because ft did m» more good than anything I've ev^j;, taken. I feel fine and keep storeSF.' days a week." Marcus Matthews, Route 1, Tan- zant, Ky. "I had r been bothered | withmystomach. , Everything I ate disagreed with , me. But after taking 3 bottles of HAUACOL T can eat anything and feel fine at all times. I don't- have to take any more soda after each meal. I sure can recommend KADACOL for your stomaclL" Louise Jackson, 48414 Mitchell St S. W., Atlanta, Ga. "I had been to the doctor about my leg and he said I had neuriiis pains. I took one bottle of H.mum and H stopped my leg from hurting I used to be unsible to eat anything because I would have indigestion. But now after HAUACOL I eat anything and it doesn't hurt me. HADACOL Is uonderful ' Ray Ashbrook Route 3 Falls.Texas. "I m 17 years old. Be fore I took HAD* COL, I was a thin. puny runt with out. energy to keep up with the other fellows of my age group I've taken HAD*- | COL !',{. months * - - - n.nd have shown remarkable improvements. I'm now strong and ull of pep. HADACOL has done won- .irrs lor me." •NOTE: Do you want your name to 'ppcar in this popular column long with other prominent folks? hen drop a line to The LcBlanc 'orporation. Lafayette, La, mid nil your own experience in taking nut amazing new HADACOL mcdi- ine. Remember, there's only one .ermine HADACOL. Trial size, $1.25. -jarge family or hospital size', $3.50. J'Jiotos nj profpMlonRl models. : £) I'>SO. "I I.e I.rHE^nc C'lrnnr^tllln FOR SALE Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! TRUCK $275 Hauling Cotton Choppers 503 EAST MAIN GROVELS BODY SHOP Clear Lake Avc. & Clark SI. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto fainting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled mechanics Every Job Guaniulee'd |6 Owned & Operated by rover Canada I'hone G981

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