The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1S3S Nearly $2,000,000 Loaned for Refinancing Home Mortgages 17ic Home Owneis' Loan ucl authorising $2,200,000.1)00 in bonds ami easli for Ihc: ivlier of distressed houie owners was slsned hy Hie prssidc-m. June IS. IKill, and on Auensl 10. 19311, dLslrlct offiee.s of the corporation wsre rfUibUsliril in Jonfalmro • l.o sorvr the following northeast Arkansas counties: Clny, Cralghead, Cril- U-iulen, Cross, Cirrene, Ijawrence. Lee, MIsstRslprii, l'oin«eU, Ran- dolpii, St. Francis and Jad-son. Iinnipdiiitely jirecotling I lie rush of distressed liome owners to the offlor-s of the ivn'poi'ailon :irter the Jone:il:oro district office was n] tailed, opijieatidni reached '.i liiSli ixiint of Kl'2 during the period from September 12 lo Octolwr 4, 193:1. or mi uveiaKP of -to per day, aecordirjg in JHS V . N. Mrif. tin, dir.niet malinger. V/hen the filiiig of furlhor .applications was slopped nn November 15, 1934. the district, office htid'ieceived 2,0f)2 applications for $3,na'f),050.38. Of ihis numljpr 1,280 have cither been withdrawn, refinanced with their present mortgage, or found lo be ineligible. Since the beginning of operations In this district, die corporation has concluded 1.203 loans amoinu- int! to Sl.S08.87fi.IJ8. More than ninety-nine per rent, of these ( tvansnclions were effected by Ihe NEW YORK, March 19. (Ul'l — exchange, of Hie fully guaranteed Collon closed steady. (ARE.? COUSER XB^ Pyramids See Nile Harnessed by Progress Munlor Cusp for Trial \V«ck ant) ; on TIlCK Nt-xl Duckol This Plus year, for Ihc last time, Hie Great Pyramids or Egypt gnw down on- a phenomenon which mode nossiblp (heir existence. A now canal. shown cmsilne the plclmv al ccmcv. will Irrigate land In Ihrt . Nile valley mul end forever ihc annual Hooding of the great river, a Ixion lo Egyptians since un- • •• ••"• """"i" iii*>iuiig in me great river, a ixion lo Egyptians since un- clfni times. It was across these (louit waters. In n bygone crn, linn 2,:iOO,i)mi separate blocks ov stone, (iverngliif; 2(4 tons, v.ewi Iraiispwted from quarries neur CalmTnr use In l,iillilin E Hie firenl Pyrninld New York Cotton Mar. bonds of the corporation. Emphasizing the social and economic benefits In the preserve- .. lion of the existing structure of Jll 'y • home ownership, Mr. Martin stal- Ocl - • ed thai benefits of equal import- Det - • once liavc accrued to depositors of closed banks and building and loan associations, to municipalities whose taxes were in arrears, in contractors, repairmen, and building material men, and of course, to mortgagees who received liquid for non-liquid paper. Al the close of business on March 1, the corporation haci paid to cities and counties In this district $195.917.75 in Ihe form of delinquent, taxes. !n addition, $70,777.:iH' was" expended for repairs and maintenance to. contractors and building material firms. The laller cash disbursement covered tire repairs on 417 hones and provided work fov 1.251 men throughout north- cast Arkansas. Tills distribution of cash has; served the useful purpose ;of the purchasing power of Ihe people of th'eir 1 respective communities during an emergency and sll of It should b« returned to the corporal Inn t.hroiich the liquidation of its loans. • • • • A comparative new feature of I he Home Owners' Loan corporation is its reconditioning nnd modernization department, which is in charge of Ohas. L. Thompson, Jr. The facilities offered by Ihis department are designed to safeguard the home owner against questionable. workmanshin and materials and to R.iitle contractors i" recondilioiilii!; the homes which are security, for loans granted by the coi-]xiration. The reconditimi- IHR operations of the corporation are not permitted lo .serve :is experiments ,with untested ideas in architecture, building materials or construction but the object of the work i s | 0 set standards which .will be. an incentive to those home owners who lire not served by the corporation to make their homes mere valuable and more ntioyiiblc through efficient, expenditure of money for repairs and rehabilitation. The men chosen lo direct and administer the reconditioning program arc thoroughly familiar with building designs and economic use of the hest available materials. Thev nre likewise familiar with recent trend' >n the mixlpriifznUon mid rehabilitation of homes, particularly of threw owned l, v people of limited mciiiis who ran least, afford rx- Imvacnm, expenditure for unknown or inferior alterations io their Pi-cncrtv. At the present, time the July . 88:'5-8. 89 1-8 progr-v; throughout Ihis territory •" lolis \vhjch 10 IS5 men. It is emnliasi/cd by the corpo i.i'trn that 'the iir,,,,« i • fo r modernizMloti ts lo ihe Home t ralion. which mainlv with _ rather I ha ^' Loan corpo "rented to difficulties fl]H. i n high lo\v close I03G 1043 1053 1017 1030 1073 1010 1043 Texas Business Failures Sh(nv Slight Increase AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) —Although 1036 lOG2b business" folllim, 'in' Texas' 1043 IOCS) " 1050 1015 1017 1039 102G '1050 1024 104G ....... 1029 1053 J02fi 1048 Spots closed .steady at .1095, up 30. Veiv Orleans Cotton NEW onijBANS, March 10. (UP) --Cotton closed steady. open high law close ... July ... del. ... Dec. ... Jan. .. • 1023 103!) 1040 1015 10'22 1030 1008 1075 1042 1041 1023 103S 1045 1015 1022 105 Ib 1005 1070 1037 1042 10-iGll Spits closed steady at 1090, up 35. Chicago Wheat May 91. 02 low close 01 91 5-8 88 1-2 88 3-4 Chicago Corn May July open high 77 71 7-8 12 1-8 73 5-8 low close 16 3-'l 76 1-4 72 n-8 t3 1-1) "losing Stock Prices A- T. and T •... 1007-8 Anaconda Copiier g r,-s Bethlehem Steel 23 3-4 Chrysler M 1-8 Cities Service 7.3 Coca Cola ...; _ Gen. Am. Tank Oen. Electric Qcn. Motors Int. Harvester McKesson-Uobblns Q 3.4 Montgomery Ward ..... 23 3-8 New York Central is Packard 3 ].•> Phillips Petroleum".'!.'".'." 15 Radio Corp ;.. 4 i_ 3 Simmons Bed B 5-8 Standard of N. J '.'36 1-2 Texas Co 17 i_2 U. S. Smelting ...... 114 1-2 U. S. Steel ' OB 1-2 Zonite " "3 !_•> New Beverage Makes Hit WiHi New Yorkers NEW YORK (UP) _ Fvoin the Vest Indie.-, comes a new afler- 10011 beverage which has taken ncir city hy storm. It i.s'liot rfa liken with nun... , ,''., " This drink, which serves i as ' a ........ 'as br.ought. ; ovcr by a group of Work !i-avelm who were i.iiterta.inud i by British sophisticates, on.i, decent .'rmsc. . - -'•.,., u t Uie University of Texas liuvraii of research. There were 24 business failures during the month. This wa.s 7.7 per cent fewer than for January, CAlil)TlimiSVII.I.K Mo.~Tiii> iMineti term of- circuit coun ,,.,„. veiled here Monday. Most ol Uu; day wiis inken up with )i:uole niM-s and disposing uf other cases In whleh niiW'i-mi'W. hml bi'i'ji jvaohed. Today iiiarkcd the ncliiul heglu- !"« at the erliuliiiil dix'ki-t, on whlrli there lire -15 case.?, sevon of •• Mug mimlei' trials There HIV 18(1 civil eases, nn,i -|!)ii MV; ; ; iiit nises. The trial of Monroe Uv];, cluu,:- «'d willi uiurdor, bus lurn .-vt im- next Moiidny. Hi- i;: ehuriicil will! Hie slu'vlnn of John .lon'.'S, elderly MeCiirly cmmumilly deiit, who was shot mid l;il|,-d I" u uanijio- heiv nboiit u vear iSiio, 'Uu. .stale U iji| ailniut! 11" urovi- ihc killliiK was piv dl- [liili'tl, us Jones sereinl yenrt; ui;o '••>hin. and knird i.,.,,(;'. s 1,'m,,,,. I Tin- r;<sr u f W, t. Ui-nUiii, I'lrcr- liil! fannci,. I'liaincd \vlili it'liiiiKiuu H iiti A. C. Ihnklns, Is iilso on the ducket, llnnklns war, seriously wounded when Hemmi tued on him with a shotijim niter Ihe two luul iiumreled over a " 'W, Two felonious assault trials Wciliii'.sdny ivin hold local attention. They are lhosi° of Karl Cjood- niiii mid liob Austin, who made a knife ullack on Day,- Collins here. ewer for January this year than for the same period, a year ago they showed an increase over December according to a report of £AGB OUR BOAHDTNG HOUSE By Aherw * -M 'RAWD AU, AQOLf? "RACl: 'ORGrV Mr; '-AMU, iio YOU KNOW WHA'f t S TO 'i'ttym'.'H.L'TtrU. /AA&O?,'OOPIE O HIS I-ICEJHG HI|Y\ I—.ITS -vSUST LIKE , \ — - HAVEN'T SEEN H1IA •DOWN OUT OP AM f BELOW THE OWLS Aust, M , 1 , Auslin Inter jHiiimnl bond, bin «ii.s iciiuned heir liint week from ;;diedul«l In a hospital several weeks rn- li'nm Ihc; HItutk. of ., -, French-Canadian catholics. .. wAKI'.HF.I,D, MUSH. (Ul>)—The Tilt Easter ceremonial Is 1ml one Oilier immli>r hearim;* ivhlrh me Wukcllolrt police asked twonsfolk of scores lo be observed hy Cniiii- •'••'' ' lor llils term ol court " lul "'Hhorlllcs hi oilier cmimiu- dlun Catholics during the. yeni II I \f*r. In llnltl Iblik,*, I..,.,,<.. I. ' • m u court .................. .v? of I.erov Johnson Weil- nlllp!; '" '""'I' ll>ei » tint H.3 more limn for December. . The grass-green emerald.Is found In an almost inaccessible locality In 'the Salzburg Alps. " ,. . .................. «. - |....»i, y iy C.m.lcr. char,;cd will, an ,,1-jJm,,^ ' anil . - rliiBion. Tlmr.dny, „ ck on ConslabK. John U W H of 'n «),„„«« of re ,m<' from New HIP I'e.ich Orclmid vicinity. Thu : Mndrid Coimtv. and of liom-H attack occurred lust clccllon day, 'siu-hon and Jim Kluvinns . Sluv- r ° , fourth In Cl'lll.S- Ironi nl MONTHEAU cjue. ,(UI'l-Thim- siinds of iiH|;iims and tourists will Hock to Quebec April 21 to view Ihe old-world I'lcnch pnueiuit of Enslrr Siimlny ii« It | s observed hy new discovery this a new drink. It ac- , , ' aSt ccnUlry - , affinity re-nDrtiwI Pclirnnry 2 ^ r , complete the Ivor):' on ti.^' ™ rlH-atlons which wero on file when Die stop order was received Mn vember 15, 1931 Paje Paul Bunyan SHELTON, Wash. (UP)—A Douglas fir co,ual to some handled ty the legendary Paul Bimyan was nil near Shelton for the Sfmpson mul. It. scaled 16.6SO board feet ihe 24-foot, but cult measured 14 feet in diameter at 'the base fret at the op 10 Students Earn Their War DURHAM,.N. H. <UP)-Accord- Ilig lo President Tyler Dennelt ot Hie University of New Hampshire two-thirds of the students thnv are earning pail of their way, of ' ''"rdy sea- th«r had picked it up a.s cargo in Tndi:, and the pungent rum without which no ship ever sailed. Eastern and • Russian epicures fiavc long taken tea with rum, some even substituting brandy with gratifying results. The recipe, as followed today, is simplicity It- i self:A cordial glass full of'ram! or brandy Is poured into the teal after It, has been brewed for a full' Ivc minutes. Then drink it and like it. NASAL CATARRH ... Just a few drops up each nostril _ __ CUAR5 HEAD QUICKLY Yon fuifl me.ihr \velromethircl. Iain always tin: saim:., always niijd, mellow, fine- flavored, friendly to your iliro-.u. I am made of raitrrleavc.s, only, '('hose small,'" .sticky lop Ifavrs are sharp ami hitler. Sand and .urit dcsiroy (he'llavor of tliri bottom leaves. Hm the choice center leavcs'grow to mellow ripeness, preserving every bit of fr;i",r:inl lolwcco llavor. 1 am made from ilicse frai!,ni[it, expensive center leaves, f do' nol irriiateyonr ihroat. This gives me the to sijrn myself "Your hesi friend." Average weight of a Pullman ca r is about 72 tons. Expert Truss Fitter here Saturday, March 23rd. 10 A. M, until 7 p. M. come In. Fico. consultation Robinson Drug Co. 1UCKIES USE ONLY CENTER LEAVES CEMTER LEAVES. GIVE YOU THi|Mii|isSl SMOKE

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