The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1968
Page 3
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Mytrwvm* (Art.) Courier Newi - Tuwday, April 1», na - Page THrfi VIOLENCE erupted in more than 100 of the nation's cities as a result o£ the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Army- and National Guard troops have been called out to control looting, burning and sniping which has brought death to some and injury to others. Arrests have run in the thousands and property loss in.the millions. These photos were made in Baltimore; Md» top left: Washington, B.C., top right; and Chicago, 111., above. Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) - Jumping to conclusions: }t costs more today for a man to buy his.French poodle a good hair trim than it does to pay for one for his wife-but look at the results he gets. It is often a betr ter investment. A wife comes back from the barber looking like a French poodle does before it'goes. , : Age makes cowards of most of us. Few people over 40, r" matter how much they enjoy simple pleasure like an ice cream cone, will eat one unless they are accompanied by a child. Then they can do it without .feeling self-conscious. Any doctor will tell you that 15 minutes a day in the sun are all you need. But the parks are studded with nuts who sit on a bench all day with their eyes closed and holding an aluminum reflector under their chin in order to get a tan that can only help ruin their skin. Wide neckties are back in style once more among well- dressed men. How about bringing back spats, too. There never was anything like a pair of spats to make a fellow feel like a dude. Pheasant raider glass is supposed to be one of the delicacies regularly enjoyed by the wealthy, but most of them actually .would rather have corned beef •hash, topped by a.leering yellow egg. To most of us, pheasant under glass, is a symbol, a culi- 'nary rumor. I've traveled in 65 countries, dined in some world-famous restaurants, and haVe •'yet to see it-either ordered or •served..' •; ".. . • .'".' Nine but of ten people can't tell the difference between -a daffodil! ,and .a .crocus. Can -you? Whenever a guy at a cocktail party meets a flashy blonde who . tells hini she is. taking karate lessons, he usually leaves her within 30 seconds to talk tn a mousy brunette in the corner. Many people today laugh at the idea we'll ever have another great business depression. But nobody over 55, who can still remember the last one, laughs. A modern child is one who becomes bored during a jet plane ride to Europe, but gets a real thrill out of walking around the backyard on a pan- of stilts. In the old days he would have made the stilts himself. Now he buys them—as he does all his toys. ' * Actresses are more likely than secretaries to chew their fingernails. That's why BO many wear false nails. • Topf business executives' are always proclaiming that they are looking for enterprise, initiative and daring in their subordinates. Yet there isn't one in 10 executives who has the daring himself to appear in public to a plaid raincoat. ' Nothing reminds us mors of the brevity of beauty in this world than to discover in the home next August a hidden Easter.egg-the kids didn't find in.April. Money is the :secret ingredient that enables a man to'be reckoned a success despite poor posture, bad breath and. dandruff. SALES MANAGEMENT TRAINEE METROPOLITAN LIFE INS. CO. has r a career opportunity due to expansion in Mississippi County. Extensive home office training program. Salary Opan: Contact Mrs. Diggs at PO2-2035. COMPARE THIS MOWER with any other mower regardless of price! NO OTHER MOWER HAS ALL THE •' - • FEATURES A SNAPPER COMET GIVES YOU. Snapper Comet mowers are un- lexcelled for ease of handling and comfort for the operator ... and they are unexcelled in mechanical features, too. Big 5 to 8 HP gasoline engines (some with electric starters)) all steel construction; completely enclosed transmission; 5 speeds forward plus reverse .... and lubricated for life. In* slant cutter height adjustment 1" to 4". 26", 30", 41" sizes. We Invite you to compare Comet with any other ririing • mower* GENTRY'S GARAGE 617 W. Art POMI89 The oilbird, is so-called, because it can be rendered to provide cooking or lighting oil, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. World's largest known exposed granite is Stone Mountain, east of Atlanta, Ga_., which is 800 feet high and, seven miles in circumference. War Vignettes By GEORGE McARTHUR Associated Press Writer DONG TAM, Vietnam .(AP)- Snatohing an Army payroll is hardly the way for a sergeant to win a medal — unless the payroll belongs to the enemy. Slow-spoken Platoon Sgt. Lawrence Nine wasn't thinking about anything of the sort when he; cut down a Viet Cong with a burst from his M16. • It was near the end of a hard day's slogging beneath a sweltering Mekong Delta sun. The 33-year-old-marksman from Columbia, S.C., was content with bagging one of the elusive Viet Cong and capturing his companion. , • "I went up to make sure he was dead and pick up his weapon," Nine says. "Then all this mpney fell out and I yelled 'We got a paymaster.' We bundled it back lip and got out." When Nine- brought the money back to battalion headquarters the staff in the squad tent erupted like college boys after winning the big game. There were shouts and corny jokes and- everybody gathered around the battered olive-drab field/table where the money-was dumped —neat bundles of notes adding up to 358,000 piasters, equivalent to more than $3,000. ' \'* * • * U. Col. William T. Leggett; Rocky Mount, N.C., commander of the 2nd Battalion, 39th Mantry, 9th Division, . happily jumped the radio network to brigade with the good news. The money would be heading back along with the prisoner and a stack of documents as soon as a helicopter arrived. By, nightfall the prisoner was being questioned and the brigade commander, Col. Henry Errierson of Milford, Pa., who won the name "The Gunfighter" during a previous tour in Vietnam, was cooking up an evening's skullduggery. News Bri HONOLULU (AP) - The Honolulu estate of the late industrialist Henry J.'Kaiser is for sale for $2.5 million. The property includes six houses, all occupied now, and covers 308,950 square feet of land. The main house is marble-lined. ' ! Extras include sunken "bathtubs, built-in television, private 5arden, radio-controlled gates, telephones located ..throughout he grounds, intercom system, stereo music and Olympic-size swimming pool. Mrs. Kaiser is in New York and is expected to make that city her home. Kaiser died Aug. 24, 1967, at the age of 85. COVENTRY, England (AP) — The role calls for a henpecked husband who drowns his woes in beer, and producer Rog-1 er Redfarn ruled out cold tea as a substitute for the real thing. So .35-year-old actor Peter Needham guzzles seven pints of brew at each performance of "Saturday 'Night at. 'The Crown.". On Saturday, when there is a matinee also, he has to-pat away 14 pints.' "I drink wine myself,"' said Needhain. ". "All those .pints of beer, made .-me. tipsy on stage, but it was authentic, I suppose.!' First, Union victory: of the Civil War was the Battle of Philippi, W. Va., June 3, 1861. "G8t 'em where It hurts," chortled the lanky, .ex-airborne soldier who takes as much pleasure in oujbrharting the Viet Cong as he'does in outfighting them. V , The documents showed the money'was the payroll of the 514th Viet Cong main-force battalion, an outfit Emerson's men had been working on for weeks. Before midnight, Emerson had .a psychological warfare plane lazily circling above the Viet Cong's marshy hideouts. "You're not going to get your pay this month," a Vietnamese voice boomed from the plane's powerful loud-speaker. "We killed your paymaster this aft- - • f , , v Next, day leaflets were pared to spread the and spread discontent. "That's the kind of operation Ij like," beamed -Emerson, a "Something hard;. Something : those guys can understand." s" Nine's commander put him &„ foramedal. DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? Don't Uve Uj fear of,ralM> torts . loosening, wobbling or dropping itui'i at the wrong time. For more Mcurlty,,; and more comfort, Juit sprinkle * little FASTEETH on your pl»*rtju^ FABTEETH holds false teeth firmer. Mates eating easier. No pasty. goBtT-" taste. Helps checK "denture breath r.-i Dentures that, .fit are essential^ health. See your dentist regularly. - 1 * Get FA8TEE7TH at all drug counters. .. for girls who've always wanted to wear pierced earrings} SELF-PIERCING* . OPEN, AN •ACCOUNT EASY TERMS You say people are afraid ...not everyone Swtfw B* ExMM « JlinhMbW».*mMoalt Over the years, telephone people have made It a tradition to get involved in other people's problems. In th9 process, they sawed more than 200 Bves, often risking ibeir own safety to do It For their efforts, 240 Sooffiwesfem BieB employees nave been awarded one of the Bell System's highest awards, the VaHMedaL Nan^ in tonor of Theodore V^ a tomer pre^^ the medal is intended as tangible, .testing recognition dap act which telephone company te butt. Among our Van Medal irfnmm are *mpto|Besi»to v .po1Wa mother and her son bom the waning wateHfC*»twbutentiiw8r..« carried a baby from a blazing traHer honw . . . BtecMheataxMt UMeat body of a la-year-old girJ from ft» depth» cU«»ky bkB^r ajnanandiwnanfcomabqwinBeafc • • ' • TtaMgoMooandon. •.' Afcatd to gattrwotad?Mot Mien HJaptMW pecpH. Thay'w 8w

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