The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1933 BLYTIIfeVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE [LLIOJT GIT! Dietrich Aspires to Garbo's Crown as Queen of Films ''Continued from Page One) taking them to Mount Vernon. 111. The lather finally localcd Lester, 1 , bis former hind hand, and the children niter se.whms for them ever several siaies and exhausting i his I;:n:';. I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pruilt of Aimorel, charged with ilis ; murder of an infant niil horn lo Mrs. Pni- it'.'s 5i;!cr, Miss Opal liaKell. will fne. 1 trial Monday of next v:oek. 'l.:e Rrarsd jury, which adjaurned I tli: 1 ' nlifrncnii. found ,\ no Iniej 1:11 in Us investl'jalion of charges | aj'-in.t Miss Hasieil in conn»clioni «;th Ihc iiuby's death. Nn true' l!il!s were also rpturncl in in I'sili'i' of] .clvjrjos against Frank 1 .Sinnn. Tke Kriglit. Argo Hinvs. Dr.' A. K. li'ibinson, Belly Williams. Tlmias i-init'n, Mow Brcwn. W. D. McUinnls and Coren Mall^ge. IS Iiidietm-nls Vnled A (o'.nl of 43 i:]diclmcu'.s were fouml by.the jury in its three day res<rn. Bench waria:its have ncl Ixfrii tcrvi-d M .sornr' defundants named in (rite bills -m'l ilv..;r • namos were not revealed bin sever:]! defendants already in jail were atraij-ned in court yesterday after- neon. I-'fcndnnLs orraigncd, charge.':, :-!id |:lcas ?nt<-r::-(i. wrre as foliov.-s: l-'i>i rest Cliisho'in. bcr-ih-ry and l-Kiiid larcc-nv. not gciliv; .Jack VaujhH, distwiin? of mortgaged rrc'prrty, nol tjuilly; Eriic.'it Blue, i'lnntl itirceny, nei yuilty; Clarence Tnr.mrjsoii, yr.i:irt larceny, not i;i:ilty; Paul B.iiith, robljery, not [•Hilly; Tommic Ixs -Madison, ue- r:f., imrrder. m,L guilty: Thomas i".ter. Kidnapiau. not guiltv: Vil'.! 1 ; CnilchfMi!. ne^ro. nssaelt lo 1 ill. nol guilty: Jim Harrcll. buri;- Jury and rn>)t»;-.-. not suilty, aiici Mrs. liaymond J'niiit, murder, not fttilty. Paul Ncvins Wiiis State B. aiulP.W. Poster (Ionicst The Rev. A. M. R. Branson Editor's Nctr: The following trl- I Station. iniyi-01; floklcn Lake mid and Hon. Fwd P. Branson of Mas- kogee, OklB.; « tUUr, Mrs. Jessie , Adams of Home, Oa.; and live grandchildren. His funeral. service was conducted from the family residence Monday afternoon, July 3, by his pastor, Itev. Paul Q. hiiio in (lie lite Kfv. A. M. K.| Wilson, 1002; Nelllcton Stnllon, I R " rl °i ° f Rrs! - Church, Blythcvlile, • jj llrimsnn of (his clly Is reprinted I"'"- Clnrondon Station. 1904-05' I nsslstod by Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pas- • firm llic Aikniius MclhiMllsl; Amoiie llic mcmlicis of the old Wl,tk< Illver Conference xms one who .stood several inches above six . /.-• • -ta Station 1DCC-07- niythc- 1 tor 0[ Lnkc slrtct Church, Blythe- vine Station. 1003-00; Joncsboro I vlllc : Rev. J. H. Nelson of Lux- Ulslrlcl. 1010-11: Wynne Slnllon>f«./'f ««. W,C. Davllson of "12: .mil Ha.-rlVmn-g Blalion. 1013- i st °' u H. At |1,.. Joint session of . feel ami whose wel K hl Mid eeneml -\itansa-, and White River Con- 1 «*« <"•«>'• proportions corresponded with Ills j fer.-nce.s In lialesvlllc. November .'\ 00( /"" pveullurml height. In early years; )9H. he retired, linvlin served ," axlason ' his luilr wi« black ns a raven's I Ihlrly-one vears. At Ilalesvlllc ho ' wliiif. He wore n heavy mustache ' was rnvlvod on dial. :ind It was :n>il n eoalco wlilch accentuated | fiHIni; that here he should i-ellrc, llu- slrlklvm apiicariuiCi- lio made laud (ho mare so as Ihe While Illv- ln nny company. His large brawnier Cnntereiirc, In which lie had 1 eves and- sunny face cxnvcssodisnenl his entire ministry, was be- kli'diiws, couiiesy and gentleness. 1 , !n« mcmcd wllh the Arkansas This handsome nnd plclurCMiue I Conference. henceforth to IK liveaclier was Ihc Rev. Alexander! k'Hwn as N'mlli Arkansas Confcr- Mfl)uffii> Held llrnnson. ! cnci-. . , ervant. ~ He was born near Rome, Georgia | a nrmclicr llr. A. C. Millar, 21 .\ 1855, tile son ol I.evl | eillmr of the Aknnsas Methodist, nnd .lane Ur.insim. His early train-- """i h 1 "' llin following worthy Irl hut was in his home ami In the|'"""' "Cultured nnd studious Tiro. fliools of (he clly at his nntlvily.j llranson pave more Ihnn ordlnnrv !M= i> melons mniincvs and eulliir-l etlenllnii to Ihe nrcrutrnllnn ol his cd snccch. ns well ni hl.i sntandkl fprnmns and wns recounted ns "hvslQiic. veflrclcil the goodly her- "n'nii ornlor ef Ihe old (vne. He llnue coi'fi'i-'Ml hv Ills noble pur- i'"''"sliivi n volum Milk' Shakes Brought " on ;.| jVleart Attacks in Con- A'icl's Family. ,• -.-. IlENO, Nov.,. Nov. I. (OP)— Con- . diction o( milk shakes 'containing n :•' ' sleep producing drug nnd. a,' deadly poison was studied today by hives leaving Georgia he was licensed j «*o. lira. !»-„„,„„ n.subllshcrt his I f*». "I™;!. 1 ? 1 " 0 '' C;l1 " °" a Braml .'':. lo preach by lilshoi) McTyelre. In I hrim' at IHvlhevllle where be, t<- Arkansas nnd wns j "ir" 1 " himself useful ns n teac admitted on trial Into the While | hi ihe Rni"lnv nnd In nihcr Marlcne Dielrich she aspires to -snatch Ihe from Garbo's head crown of iiiovlcUom Gretn Gnrbo gazes scornfully frum her all she b'.irveys." Paul E. Ncvins, of this city, won honors in the slate jwster con- icfi sponsored by the Arkansas Fe<!erntion of Business nnd Professional Women's clubs. HLs poster will be sent to national head- cjt^rters for the contest to obtain an ofTieial poster for National Women's Week in -March. 193-1. The nward in the national con- Icsl will lie S50 nnd the winning poster will be shown in the De- comber issue of the Indeixmdent Woman, official magazine of the NsiUonr.i Federntion. L A jiofteri is:: siught which, will emphasize the contribution that the business and professional women are making lo present day progress anti will thus lie In keeping with the theme of National Business Women's Week. 'Xcuii!; Ncvins has won numerous an honors, among which was recently winning the stale poppy poster contest of the American Legion Auxiliary. German Actress Is Swedish Star's First Dangerous Rival P.Y n.AN THOMAS In facl. she seemeii lo take uride Moss Bryan Has Won Popularity i'lhe following year he wns n|iixilnt- led (o Mnrlnnna Station. In 1880 he was af-'lancd to the Osccola Circuit. 'Mils proved to 1« n year of interest. Amonn the families nder his ministry wns thai of a vcll-(o-ilo plnnlcr, In the nelgh- xirhood of lionise Chapel, n well :nown church on O.sccoln Circuit, n this plnnter's splendid home he young Itinerant met Miss Anile Uzzcll, the cultured nnd rcfln- i d daughter, who on December H, tii-.iile with Phyllis Harry, who Is niTV- hi ll-.e movltL. n-| swi'n 1'.; was featured In the "Chit) chalclln" of U:s',on and tr.; "Vcym Club" of Allaullc City. . Kmoi:!e ho:n? for his vaeniio'i | was !!ie headiiner al Ihc "103 Cluh" Eastern columnists write favor-•. o; Chicago f:r a two weeks en- , which is the ,ren- ge nnd screen pco- -f Rarely did ihV fail to atterd • Called "king of the impression- v llvrjv III HVJI VIIV:tl^l. nllMlllnllb tllllli i. he k,M,l close nt homo after suu-! ?«•?• Plwr Conference nt Hnlesvllle.-wavi. As his mtnWrv wrs almost Tiishno U. K. Hargrove presided, vhollv In Nortlienst Arkansas and His nrsl anooliitment was Sprln* Creek Clrcnll whose headquarters wns Spring Creek. Eomo len miles west of T.nGrnngc, In Helcim U.">- ,trict. which he served one year. ln- vcsllgtitcr. msntlcmcd the deadly rrannunllnv, Bin Branson al Ihc Hinc of Ills death, was not widely known, but he win: loved and hon- r.rctl where hn had served ns pallor and will be mourned bv innuv lo whom he mhilHlcred in the days of his slrciiRtli." As the writer had sonic things hi common with him he feels a personnl interest In him. The writer bcrmn his mlntslry In part where Bro. Bnui.son beijau his, namely. Spring Creek. He also followed him al Bccbc Station, nnd \vns his urcsidlmr elder when he was stationed In Clarendon. In this way the writer wtjs brought Into close 887, became his bride. The mar-| relallonshln with him nnd came riagc look place In Ihe home of he bride's prandmothnr, where licr larenls had been milled In marriage. An Inlcrestlng feature wns Ihe bridal tour 'upon which the young couple embarked the day nf- icr Ihe wedding. H was n trip by n Mississippi River steiimcr to Memphis, and. thence by rail, tc.Aug- ustn where the groom was station- I' lo know the warmth nnd kindness of his brotherly heart. There of his brolheriv heart. There wns no more •modest or unselfish man aincng us. He wns n perfect, KCII- lleman. While lie wns admired as milk shakes while Iw was Invesll- g Ihi! strange death hero ot -• Carrie Wae Porler, weallhy mid cccenlrlc California \vldow, who : died October '1(5, 1031.' :;' Cllne, who accompanied the woman hero, also was questioned nt San Bernardino about the heart attack deaths ol his wife, Ills brother- in-law, nnd a preacher friend. All died officially from "heart disease," but polio: believe, lilpgim said, thai they may have died fronr ovcrsllinulnllon ot Ihe htfart. The milk shakes described by Hiygins would produce ovcr.illmu-. Inllon, the Invesllyalor claimed. Their wills, Hlgglns said, allmndc: Cimc the beneficiary. Hl^glns claimed he had unearthed developments In the cnse. Quadruplets Bnrn cijAUKsnuna, w. vo. IUPI —" Quadruplets, the first on record In West Virginia for many years, were born lo Mrs. Grovcr Bcnc- . n preacher, trusted and loved as a <""» » M C. ' rllc four babies weighed pastor. It was in the home Hint, his 1 " l»iinrts. The father is a miner., light showed brightest. As n hus-1 bantl nnd father he was kind nnd v:nys rireads Ibe riav when nnolher ; _ _ __ rlar shall ri=e and make a bid figure at.many of the more Impor- for her own particular'rung on Oie:t nn (. soc lal gatherings In the Ir.dder. c"lonv. Sometimes personal dislike adds Rivalry at fuel to the flame. Sometimes per- WACO, Texas (UP)— B. T. B-an ed during 1887-1888, His marriage uffr-cllonalc. His' home life wns a wns n fortunate one, To the very | circle of mutual respect nnd dcvo- cud of his'life she was his Joy andjtlon. A slrong and kindly tiinn In! Inspiration. | the mlclsl of clinging nnd atlmlr- /\, He wns ordained deacon by ing loved ones mnde his home >A Bishop Gallowny at Joncsboro, in beautiful nnd attractive. • . I r> December, 1880,' nnd elder by! Al the end of a long and.'uscful Bishop: Fll7gcrald nt Marlnnna In ministry, .''nnil lira quiet nnd pence- December, 1890. He was n trustee fill old age. he passed to Ids re- Children's Colds ^^.^k Yield Quicker to Yield quicker to double action of an osprcy with a ists" by critics, he gives impres- fice-toot wlngsprend which he shct sions of famous stage and film stnrs. cut of a Iree near Lake WncD. He was in the Broadway produc-' Clutched In llic flsh hawk's talons on I l ° f r™dsirbe™lhe -rlv: ™f ™* Tv^^ "^ ^ ™ ™ ^ V ^' «*» * fen™ a hve l^nch iSeta Sl.ltai: 1 Tic V.'!PU* hut cannot stoo Ihe 1rall!rl Ior F1 weniac\ came n 'enij( mml( , nurante and Lunc Vclez bass, li-an" lnt:ndo to moinit the RIdec Stntioii. "oiuSition. P ' I^^VnoVInd IrSeS*S glam!d - """ **nl a year'hi vau- o.prey lioiding the n.h for display. Plant and Howell, of Ilendrlx College from 1891 lo ward from Ills home In Blylheville, 1897. He also served the i-Sunday, July 2, 1933. Ho Is survived following by his wife, Mrs. Annie Uzzell dinrgcs: Newport Stntlon, 1889; Prnnson.- and a son, Uw.ell _S. Auvergnc nnd Weldon, 1890-SJ1;' Branson, of Blylheville; n 1882-93: Walnut fcr, Mrs. Wade H. Ewnrl of Ynzoo 1894-97; Cotton City, Miss.; two brothers. .Ucv. 1808-99; Argcnla Tbos; J. Branson of Decatur, Gn., Grfadi! A Haw Milk Grade \ 1'nsteurized Milk , I'hono 7ii CRAIG'S DAIRY Methodist Committees at Caruthersville Named CAT7UTHERSVILT.E. Mo.—T h e newly elected bor.rd of stewards of the Melhodist church has organized for the new conference year Thi.' executive committee namd wrs: C. G. Shepard. chairman; E G. Roland, vice-chairman; "VVymau Diilman. secretary-treasurer. The exec'.itlve commitlee author-" ix,:d the follo«-ins standing com- iniitecs for the new year: Finance—W. B. Bernard. R. L. Ward. Guy Michie. L P. Limisden. and Wymnn Diilman. Usher—Wynian Diilman, cbair- inriii; R. \,. Tinsley. Clarence Mal- lourc. Ben p. Roscrs. Ef.rl Bernard, li. P. Lnmsden. Ralph Bnker. B. O. tcnnelt. Gordon Wright. II. S. Har- I-ev. and L. L. Crocker. Fi'l:owsrii|>--C. G. Shcpard. R. L. TInsley. I,. T. Crcckcr. Mrs. Ellen fTmvtlij, and T. J. Medlln. Music—Guy E. Michic, J. w. Dav:>. Mnrrav Zarccor. noyd Eani- h-"-l. mid Mrs. Guy Micbie. Proiwrty—Floyd Barniiart. W. B. Bernard. Wyainn Diliman. and R. G. Roland. Evangelism—C. G. Shupard. R. L. Tinsley, an.T Mrs. D. P. R^nlph Landershlp Traininj—Mr?, w. A. Prinre. J. n. Fir-raw, and E.ivl Berlin I'd. Sometimes there is no personal relationship at all, but the rivalry for miblic favor stoes to such lenaths as to he only a notch be- hfnd llw Trojnn war. hr.vinff Rcmlien Mamoulian direct her new picture, "Queen Chris-! tinn." Mamoulian had directed Marlcne in "Song of Songs," her lalcst, pic-] Row. Chatterton and Pickford— oii'.ian these are Ihc sreat opiwsing Ren-1 nl r,i }n t. Garlvi and Dietrich. Vclez and t ure . nel Rio. Crawford nnd Shearer.| The facl that Greta was a Met- owanson anrt Bennett. Harlow and, ro-Gnldsi-vn-Mavt-r flar and Mnm- und'T conti-nct to Par^i- Tnnde ro difference. She in the war lo capture King. told sludto officials verv plainly, ^-'blie. I that they either borrow Mnmoulian Qnpcnriom at Stake i for her picture or-she didn't work. The perfect exnmplc of a ven-, "Oueen Christina" was just about, clct'.a to the death, ivilh IM to KO inlo oroduction when Mar-1 Ihrone of Queen of the Movies as lem returned from her vacation Hie disoulcd prize, is the rivalry a mj immediately started making nf Orcta Garbo and Marlene Die- - nrnoarations for a similar picture. Inch. They dent even know each. "The Scarlet Parade." If Garbo iMier personallv. but. the rivalry could be n queen on the screen, between them is terrific, and grows she could, too. As n result, shortly '— ^\ f.».^ ps time EOCS on. Until Dietrich wns imnirlrd from ••—-m-nv Onrbn held almost un- s^ay over the film world. after Garbo is seen in the role of Queen Christina of Sweden, Dietrich blossom forth ns Catherine the Great of Russia. FULLY PACKED CIGARETTE e v.-ns Ibe hie foreign star, so Close Race Again >ptal!v herself that none of Hollv- 1 And that's where the situation xvocd's actresses could give her any. founds today. When both were; •"•r'il'cn. here and work ins tlicv were on a- vn'ic. glamorous, and aloof, she ] pretty even footing. When Garbo j n.'kcd no o.uartcr and gnve none, returned to Sweden for a prolon^- . Shr- the OREAT GARBO. However. Dietrich's entrance the picture. Here was an- ed vacallon. Dietrich stepped into j the leading spot. Then she went to; Europe and Onrbo returned, thusi .'2835 Bale* Received mher foreign star, also exotic and • making herself the bis; figure.- elnmorous. And she was something And how that Dietrich Is b,T-l:.' rev.-. Eves were turned townrd her. it i la5 become a neck-and-neck OT)IO in Her r.ith race again. . So. it wasn't Ions before Dielrich ^_^^______^_____' i—"c T i tr, CPO fj»rbo as the only ^^^—•—^—^^^——— . obstacle between her and the com*'°~IF. r i;5p of fihndoui. If some- Ihing could be done to eliminate the Swedish star. Flic could rule. This thought was civcn ndded im- r\ w «r i ' pslus last year, when Garbo left ft 1,OmpVeSS Last VVeek for a visit to her native land. I Mirlcno thus was left alone un- \ The Blvl.l-.cville plant of Ihe r.n Ihe Ftasc. That was when sbc Federal Compress nnd Warehou-sj Flirted wrarine omits, apparently] fompnny received 12.835 bales of i with the lliouglit of launching rolton last week. 3.CCK) bales more ll'.rm were received at any other Arkansas coiiipre^s. according to the weekly report of the Arkansas Cm ion Trade assoeiallon. Compress receipts for the entire state last week were 00.840 bales, compared to 105,537 the same week a year ago. HecelpU so far this season lolal 525.321. compared to P54.470 to the same date a year ngo FolloKint; are receipts last week aiul for the season at Icaclin Arknnr-ns- nnd Missouri points: West Meiy.phis Pine Blu'i Liltle Rock Walnut Ridge Fort Smith Balcsville Joncsboro Caruthersvllle Hayti Maiden 3.408 9.«G 7.778 4.280 3.609 3.5-41 3.4!18 3.450 54.C8S S9J1D •16.300 24,434 10.513 12.975 14.670 10,313 23,791 S.9S5 21.190 3,007 1.(m now vopic. It wns a nublicily sensation, but it didn't last. Oarbo-Dletrlch rivaliT slartr! ed with completion of Dietrich's first American picture. Up to that point Greta hadn't given the German star much thoucht. regarding her Elmoly ns "another foreign Imporlnlton." But when Marlcne's first picture v:as riveri a colorful premiere at the Chinese Theater and not only Hcllvwood. but nil the world, start- I cd talking about "the new Garbo," thnl was a signal for battle. Contrasting Tactirs It Is Interesting to w'atcli the campaiaiis waged by tlwse two liars. Garbo continued her policy "f remaining alr-of from everyone. She refused lo talk lo anyone except her own extremely small i;roup of friends. She would not tell even studio officials where she lived. She continued to remain conspicuous by her absence nt all social functions, _ Choice tobaccos— and no loose .ends —make Luckies burn smoothly Tliis young lady is one of a small nrmy of inspectors. Her joins to examine Lucky Strike —to make sure that it comes up to the exact staiularils we set. Every Lucky Strike she passes is full weight, fully packed, round and firm — free from loose ends. And no Lucky that she examines leaves without this o{{ That's why each and every Lucky draws so easily—burns so smoothly. CC7|ilshL 1133, The **H's toasted" FOR THROAT PROTECTION-FOR BETTER TASTE ALWAYS thcjincst tobaccos ALWAYS llic finest workmanship ALWAYS Luc/tics please I

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