The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUEIER NEWS ! Social Calendar {WEDNESDAY'S- EVENTS Mrs. W; H. Minyard hostess to Wednesday Bridge club. Delphlans meeting at Hotel Noble, 9:30 : P. -Ml Ccritral. Ward P. T. A. meetins 3 P. M,, following executive board meeting, 2:30 P. M. Bible study, Church ol Christ, meeting with Mrs. Burley Freeman, 2:30 P. M. Business Women's circle, First Baptist church, meeting at church, 6 p. in. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Thunday Bridge club meeting witlv'Mrs.. J.'E, Crtlz. ,• Armorel P. T. A. meeting • 2:30 P. M. . , ••, ' ' j.,,1 Mrs; Max D. Miller hostess "lo Thursday Luncheon club. Thursday Bridge club meeting uilh Mis. O. E. Keck. Blhgo ^party given al Catholic social hall, 8 P. M,, by Altar society. Mrs. W. u Horncr liuving Miii- Week Bridge club. Mrs. N. A. Spaldlng having bridge party at counlry club, 8 P. ni. Jewish Ladies Aid meeting with Mrs. MBS Meyers, 8 p, m, FRIDAY'S EVENTS Garden department of Woman's : club meeting at club house, 2 p.m. County Council Home DDmomtra- t'.on club meeting at Woman's club. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Children Have Birthday 1'ortles Patricia. Fred and Carbarn, children" of Dr. and Mrs, Fred Child, celebrated their birthdays yeslcr- dajvintri two,parties.' Fred, who was twor:ancl Patricia, five, had H friends in lor the afternoon, and Barbara, who was ten, had an eve- nimj'party for 12 guests. A pink and white motif was tried In the afternoon party with birthday cake served with Ice crc-im and Hie favors of flower cups. In contests Joan Kiieter and Joan Trjcsth-' man won boxes of candy. Patricia Wise iiiid Barbara Child assisted Mrs. cliild in entertaining the children. Last evening Mrs. Child used n yellow and white color scheme and I he flower cups, given as favors, were In these shades. Tops went to Hussell Farr and handkerchiefs to Patricia Wise for prizes, ice cream and birthday cafce was served- Circles Have Royal ?• Service Program Monday. Mrs. OcUs Shepherd was Jeadei- 01 the program in a meeting.oi.all.cir- cles of the \V. M. u. of Ihc First. Baptist church Monday afternoon, • nt the church, when the theme, 'Lifting the Banner of Clulstlan lure which dealt • with "Christian Education." There were -18 members and one guest, Mrs. W. F. King, present, Junior Ambassadors Meet, Tlic Junior Clirlst Ambassadors met Sunday evening, in addition to a voice solo by Thcada Jo Davis there were several trios and miur- lets. Children between the ages ol 5 and 15 lire invited to attend these services on Sunday afternoons al 5:45 o'clock on West Ash and Seventh streets. Have 1'arcwcll 1'arly. Mrs. J. w, Butner unit Miss Elizabeth Foster entertained members of the orchestra, their wives and employes of the Silver Moon Night club with a dutch supper last, evo- nlng. The affair was given as a farewell for Miss Foster, who for the past four months has been headlined In the entertainment, prl- grnm of (he club. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Bul- "er, Mr. and Mrs, George Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Newell Burns, Mr. and Mrs Mackio New-ton, Mr. and Mrs. Roger pallon, Larry Guard. George Gray, D, Cox, Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Ulm, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Johnson, Ales Shelby, cleatus Ballgy and Miss Foster. • * « ilavc Dinner Meeting. Members ol the Business and Professional Women's club were the guests of Misses nellc Whttsltt, Era Wright, Kitty Bell Newman and Bllllc Hurst and Mrs. S. S. Sternberg for a dinner meeting nt the Sternberg home Just evening as the first of a series ol Interesting events planned for the week's observance of National Business and Professional Women's week, With n theme of "Live nt Home" taken by the local group for the week, this thought was carried out in the program and in the three course dinner served nt banquet in- bles which were decorated in garden flowers. The club colors of green und white were used There were 23 present. Mrs. sternberg was leader of the program. Mrs. Howard Proctor discussed parliamentary lu«vs of special interest to the group, Mrs, Oar- " *-v«i»)i; >iiii^u tllU Is taking this season with re. Morgan as chairman, a t;ilk by Miss Cor:>, Lse Colcnian on "Keeping tcr a visit with irlcnits! "It. ' rrVlrU'C /If t})n V^nAl..- >*«•_,.. lit,..- i^~i^- \a*.r*i.~~ ... i. cra of the books, KANSIENT Ily Helen Welshimcr have ,-! house \vhero lie could go H I-: did not -_ —,. -.,,_,„ « , v VVUHI ftj(j \\lict. it was niglit-wliei, olhcr men went down Small sli'eel.s wlierc children walchctl witli eager eyes'li one assured of shcllcr in Ihc lown, ' 'J'/ic Clirisl sotiuhl refuge, anywhere ai all. A house, nn inn, Ihc roadside, or a slalll J-J1> borrowed the IwM in wliidi He rode thai day lie Inlkcd lo Ilirongs along Ihc liaslcrn lake; II \v.ns 11 rcnlcd room to which lie called The chosen twelve Hie ui^hi lie hid ihcm break The loaf witli Him, and He rode, unafraid, Another's coll in lhal Iriumpli-n.irade. ^ MAN from Arimalhca had a lomb Where Christ was placed when nails had done Ilieir deed, Nol ever in the crowded days He knew Did I Ic have coins to satisfy a need. They slioiiltl not mallei—Ilicsc tinal) Ihings I crave. Al;ikc ?nc foigec Ilicju, Faliicr, r.i:d he brave I ^TUESDAY, aiARClM9. J935 Bits oj Mostly Personal Mines. TChnan Bukcr, John llur- -- — n—,., .,.10, V.HI- gctt und CUty Burke spent yestcr- laiul Morgan pave B lulk on day in Hiiyti, Mo., as guests of •Charm" a course which the club Mrs. Siliis B. Nation^ Mrs. Robert Pearce has returned to her home In Paducjih, icy., uf- Mrs. Kate McOhce, who under. -•-, ii,«.»., ul u, e OOOKS, "New Airs. Kate Mcunce, viio under- i rentiers," Henry A. Wnllace, "Wine went n nmjor operation Saturday ironi These Grapes" Edna st. Vin- nt the. Blythevlllc hospital, is-now cent Milley ami "A House Divided" greatly Improved. Pearl s. Buck, ,\rerc given by Mrs. I Mr. mid Mrs. Paul Iluckins siv, if. P. willtn^Iiain nhrl Ai•-•- c.n n ... l\.>i> n *•„*.,.-,*,,,i » ,-. n.-i.. i. r.: nnd Mrs. ir's co; the Business anct Professional Women's mag- Service study. A poster, depicting this theme, had been prepared by Mrs. Lloyd . SlickmoH and with this as a bach- ground, these talks were made: "Baptist Schools in America," Mrs. John Buchanan; "Home Mission Schools," Mrs. Shepherd; "Foreign Mission Schools," Mrs. Leslie Moore. Mrs. Murray Smart played a piano solo of negro spiritual "Deep River" and Mrs. Leslie Moore offered the closing prayer. For the devotional Mrs. W. A. Black used Hebrew 1 for the scrip- azlne. Mccl have returned lo> their home; Oklahoma : City, Okla., after si..- eml days stay with Mr. and Mrs Paul Hueklns Jr. • Mrs. o. H. Drear, ivlio underwent a major rhc Royal Neighbors will have a mil meeting this evening, 1:30 o'clock, at the home of MIB J D Barksdale. went a na or «oi Friday t "- «=- she «"' " lls » the Memphis Methodist hospital, i» '°°'' e ™ "« c 'n", aft « < Is resting very well. Mr. Orcnv and ifif- . '' '' 5 " 31111 wl11 1: •lauBhlor. Miss Kath o -n, returned R' e "-''? m hornn Snl.l.rrinv „„! X,,* r,L.£ Wr - C * RAD1SSON, Wts. (UPl-Cicorge , a trapper in vicinity , s vcny for •>•! years, trnlltcl a 175-poimd wolf for more than « niontli this winter hsfovc catching It, -n broiiglil dow Interval, Hueggcr said. , si x deci- diirliiH wolf Courier News Want Ads Pays CONTKACT BRIDGE ^Effeclivo April-1st, 1035' J RUBBER BKIDGE'" 't i'tfk \ HiUCS Chilis or Diamonds, each Irick Hearts or Spades, cacli tricK Ko Trump Hirst trick) (caclr. succeeding trldO I'mlbld. 20 :io •in 30 Uonlikil 10 CO sn' CO- . - 1 JU-ilbUi.. - t* , su • ' 1 •]•'()' 160 I— ~no^j Premiums for Overlricks (. — 7\"ot Vulnerable - YnlnoriblcV "VtMM. | Dblil. IHriitiltl.1 irmliiltl.' 1 j>bM. | licmT],) Trick value | 10D | 200 ( iTrick valuo'lTon—i—TciO~" :.- i - Premiums for Honors Held' 4 in one hand (at a suit) 1 in one liaud (at no trump)' 5 la one hand (al a suit) 'i- 'Vulnerability does not alti-d. poitils tor odd lm-ks nor' ——-^- Points for honoi'H. : Premiums for Game i2 iainc rubber "" ~ 700 vointa" _ •> same rubber' _ _ 5 rj 0 ,, oill t s rubber—Wiuiicrs'of ouc'gamc score 300 poiuls. " \ricmiunjs for siahis bid and made Xot Vulnerable Vulnerable' 000' ' I 750 100 U_ j UQ'J Premiums for honore, game anil stiimsTre tbc siimcTwhellior" > ' tlle contrat-fis.undoublod. doubled or redoubled. Small Slim>. Urand Slam cl.) can be used lo pay tile rcuaHy ~ ' •>DUPLICATE J3R1DGL ^\D PARTY BRIDGET /(An sconuj, wept fi> tlie following same less-tlmi-game premiums, is tlic E-MUO' as. rubber Lcss-tlian-game contract..: ',..'• Ctime coiitiscl (d«claicr"^ sldo Hot vulnerable)'•' I' v " "• Qame Contract (dcclarev's side vulnerable) .... .*."' " Icacliev Announced STEELE, Mo, — Announcement was made over the week end of the marriage, of Miss Knllicrine Marie Taylor, member of steele . high school faculty, to Mr. V. W^ Cole or Memphis. The marriage took place December I, 1034, ut flic Methodist parsonage at Hernando Miss. The wedding was aniioimcec by the bride's grandmother, Mrs Auro Faucett, of Searcy, Ark., with whoin sho had made her home until she came here last year to teach Mrs. Cole is a graduate of Searcy high'School and M Central college "oaiyay,., Ark., where she was out- many college activities,' is u graduate.of State college, Memphis. Tcnn Mrs. Cole is the daughter of H S Taylor, of Steele. she will finish her June - <!.,,. ••-•••»/ s. ?j * ^ leacheu i, Tenn., where- losen as director of athletics at Gibson high, school. A number ol interesting social activities are to be held here in the ensuing weeks bride. In ',.1101101* of the home Saturday and Mrs. a rear's sister, Mre. J. Allen Webb, of Wdaht City, Mo., is with her. The Rev. Mr. Webb, who accompanied Mrs. Webb here ii week ago returned to his home Saturday. C. A. Cunningham has returned from a week spent in Little Rock nud Hot Springs. . Wyalt Virgillo, who lived here a number of years ago and now resides in st, Louis, was in the city today attending to business and H*£J* M^nd* Mrf'sanuiel, Hayli iunaV'iTSon'^lh Mines. Uyron Morse, n, !•'. Klrsh Steele Wins Honors at Associational Meeting nor Memphis Ilre '" . . Miss Nolle Lee Dorroh and her cousin, George N. Orccn, of 0«-ensboro, Ky., Imvn returned home after a brief stay with Mrs. Ohnrles F. Wood. Mrs. Fred Rutherford underwent an operation Monday at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Her condition is very Bood. Mrs. Allan Walton went to Mem- „.. — ^...^.^..^j banner went to the Steele juniors while the Attendance banner was awarded the Steele Seniors. Several songs were sung, led by " Cecil Franks. Ihc chorister. Rev. The devotional Slcele-Cooter Society — Personal Mrs. Elivood Brown wllj entertain the Sunny Susan club at her home Wednesday afternoon with a party. The club that was organized last week when Mrs. Aubre> Earls entertained. It has :i membership of twenty and will meet on Wednesday of each week * * » Several ladles met In the lioint of Mrs. T. A. Haggard last week to organize a study club. Mrs Haggard was elected president and Mrs. Pete Colcnian secretary- treascn-cr of the club. A committee com]»scd of Mrs. H. G. Mc- Danlel, Mrs. B. C. Steele, ST., and Mrs. Gerald Brooks met Thursday afternoon and made plair for their study work for the coming year. Wednesday afternoon (he club will meet with Mrs. Oeralc Brooks. * * t Dr. J. E. McDaniel and daughters have returned from Pontolcc Miss., whero they have been ut the bedside of their grandfather who passed away last Monday. Fred Kelley, Lon Moore, A. T. Earls and A. A, Kelley have returned from a business trip to St. Louis. Miss Roberta White, who has been attending college at Jackson, Tenn., ha s returned. lo her home near Cooler. If. B. Spcnce is confined to his home with the malarial fever. Mr. Turner, of the Mlchie- Turner coal company, spent last week-end in St. Louis on business. He was accompanied there by Mrs. Willard McDaniel, who visited her husband. Mrs. Sims Michie was hostess to Circle 1 of (he Womans Missionary society of the Baptist churcli at a silver tea at her home Thursday afternoon. The St. Patrick scheme was carried out in the decorations. Mrs. Mike O. Kelley, of Savannah, Tenn., who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charjis Southern, underireiit an appendix operation at the Methodist hospital in Memphis last week. She is improving rapidly and is expected, to be returned (o the home of her parents here this week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Northern and Mrs. Viola Marshall spent last week-end in Memphis as guests of Miss Helen Marshall. Mre. I), s. Brown of Kemietl Is spending this week with Mrs. Joy Williams and Mrs. May Buys. OJarence Prince has rsturned home after a visit in Dycrsbur", Tenn. Berlon Woody who has been seriously ill with bronchial pneumonia, is recuperating.• i • ^Jtrs. .Knmifitt Vates ,of -M?iiipliis will leave ' soon for' Nashville, Tenn., where she has accepted a government position: Mrs. Yatcs is best remembered here as Miss Chrlstone Wliitneld, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Whitliekl. '>: Miss Missouri Garner spent last week-end in Osccola, Ark., with her parents. nobert Williams and Virgil Williams have bought Dick's Cafe. Mr. Williams and his family moved here from Blylhcvllle Monday. Miss Robbie Wilderson. senior in Cooler liigli school, is confined to her home with the mumps Mr. and Mrs. Rcl;b!e Johnson siient last week-end with Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs! J. W. Bomar, of Paris, Tenn. Hev. Boldcn has returned to Cooler after a visit In Texarkana, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Cole have returned after spending the weekend in Searcy, Ark., with Mrs Cole's grandmother. Read Courier News Want Ads 'Osceola Society — Personal Circle No, 1 of the W. M, u. met Monday at the home of Mrs. Christine Strange with an excellent attendance. Mrs. B. N. step- hens was leader and Mrs, Walter Immune! taught the lesson on "Personal Service". » * * Circle No. 2 met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. I. 3 Burton \yith Mrs. Burton presiding. Mrs. T. J. Rhodes gave the Bible study. • Mrs, n. H. Jones taught the second chapter ol the •study hook, "Women and Stewardship". • • • John Ulackwood and Dwlght •Biaekwbwl have gone to Little Rock on business. They expect to return Thursday. Mrs. Belva Martin of Kennett, Mo,, is spending several days here with Mrs. W. L. Moore. Miss Virginia Blackwood arrived Monday to spend several days here with relatives, i Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White, :companied by Mr.' and Mrs. Aubrey Conway of' Blytheville, have gone to Diloxi for several days. Before returning home they are going to New Orleans for a ys' days. Hale Jackson was a Memphis visitor Monday. ,. . em- plus today for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Berry B. Brooks, and family. Miss I'ranclso Rosenthal has returned from n week's visit In st Louis. Mrs. Ella I/-vy will leave loniRhl loi- Chicago ivdcrc slic will visit her sister who is in. Miss Virginia Martin Is Beauly Contestant Miss Virginia Martin, buincltc daughter of Mr. and Mis. Tom Martin, has Ixxm selected as one of Ihc two entrants of the Delta Delta Delta sorority in the anual beauty contest ot tile University of Arkansas. Photoglyphs of the 13 girls selected from the six sororities have been sent to Arhtur William Brown, illustrator for Ihc Saturday Evening Post. Cosmopolitan. and other magazines, who will iudge them. The. winners will be announced when the annual is issued Hie last, 'of May. Miss Martin, who Is :i trsehman won several beauty iwiiois while in Ulythcvlllc high school and in representing Blytheville at various eveuls. led by Rev. Patterson, who Is missionary for Dunklin county. A very interesting program was given with Miss Anna Mac Khourie. of llnyli, ami Rev. p. K. Foster. of Carulhcisville, taking part, The meeting was dismissed with prayer by the Rev. Cecil Franks. HlythcviJIe School of licuufy . Culture Open .Scon 1st Niil'l. Bank Blrig. For Details See Mrs. Berryman At Elaine Beauty Shop Tired, weak, run-down ? Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling aud soothing Blue Star Ointment melts on the skin, sending tested medicines deeply into norcs wnerc it.quickly kills itch, letter, rash, eczema, foot Itcli, riagn-orm, etc, Monty tack if ilrst Jar fails, nuy be tho causs of your weakness, your severe sulleruag at monthly irerioiis. If so, Cafdul may help you as thousands of. .wornen liaye said it has helped them. For over 50 years, women have been taking Cardul to stimulate the appetite and strengthen, their resistance to the'straln that nature periodically puts on their system. Many give'Cardul credit for helping them to gain Improved, health and new happiness. Try Cardui.. It may bo just what, you need.•• Get a bottle Jrom.the druggist today, and see If a month's use makes you teel better. II Cardul does not help YOU, consult a phj&lclan. Hold Services at Hayli for Victim of Accident H/VYTI, Mo. — Funeral services were held for Albert Kcrmit Sorrell, 25, Sunday afternoon ut the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs Dee Sorrell. Services were conducted by ttie Rev. J. R, Bullington. Mr. Sorrell was one of the three persons killed in an automobile accident near Hayti, Saturday. In- teiTiient was marie at the little Prairie cemetery. Iry of Communications (n fo]nm . j lion with Its two year p" OB1 " Cf or the linking by lelcpho,?'„" ^ . I principal cities of north an ? ' c J tral China. Awakened to u« , 0 '" '\> merclal at well as military i,,"'"~ ' bity of extending the cxistlns idw distance teleplionc facilities u,n (•overnnicnt has adopted an expansion program which would make Nanking the .eventual center of a nation- wide network. Cliln.i Extends Phone Service NANKING. (UP> — Nine British nianufaclurers of electrical equipment are.'sharing a $i;oOO,000 order placed by the Chinese Minis- Ruptured? Then come and : see our xr Triiss litter hero' for one day, . Robinson Drug Co. There Arc MOHB : GOOD CUPS Of Coffee In Every I'mmtl Of Four Leaf 4 The newest thing in furniture and bedding by Simmons Jubl Rc(t ivcd A Solid Car oi' SIMMONS Ticdb - Spiings Sludio Couelit's Baby Cribs Porch Gliders the mattress that gives you . . . it It's easy to own a liciiulj-resl iiniv. Come. 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