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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama • 2

Montgomery, Alabama
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SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1971 PAGE 2A flnntgomgrg Afturrltflrr ALABAMA JOURNAL 600 Retarded Youths Vie in Special Olympics Antihunger Marchers Collect $1.25 Million More than 150,000 for Development," can- medal. At fie end of the day-long competition at Samford Univer BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP; -More than 600 mentally retarded youngsters, cheered on by iwme of the nation's top re-Ichrilies, compelled Saturday in V'fM most of them young-iceiiea auor less man eignt marched an estimated total of miles, two million miles Saturday andj The demonstrators set off raised narlv 11.250.000 to the United Nations bn a sity, the visiting dignitaries placed the medals around the necks of the youngsters to sis- the Alabama Special Olympics, bat intornational hunger, a that would have taken 'dinating group said. Ithem uptown to Harlem, down- i Similar anthihunper walks are town to Washington Square and 'planned in another 103 cities back uptown to Central Park, nify that they had taken part in (the second annual event. The participation medals iwert in addition to numerous i across the country Sunday, ac- GOP Leader Proposed for awards given the youngsters who won in the track and swimming events.

Those on hand Included Mrs. cording to the Washington-based; American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, which coordinated the marches along with the Food and Agricultural Or- Marchers Ask Victory Ethel Kennedy. Coach Paul Mobile Bench Brvant of Alabama, pro foot- ganization of tht United Na I ball star Lee Hoy Jordan, all- lnVictWar (Continued From Page 1A) tions. In addition to the marches in the United States, the foundation estimated another three million persons In foreign coun- Brevard Hand, mobih lawyer time track great Jesse Owins, and Mobile County Republican! pro football player Tom Banks, chairman has been recom- football ace Buck Buchanan, mended for the U.S. District I former Mr.

Universe Bruce Court in Mobile. Randall, baseball's Joe Scwell, The position is expected to Ben Chapman, Frank House, open in August with the an- Norm Zauchin and Frank Bol-nmmred retirement of Chief; line, and George "Goober" bridges and ping pong games. Fury of a Tornado The inarches ralM money pped-u youths have throueh contributions from ner- screamed power to the people -AP Wflrtpnota more than 100 in the west Tennessee community of Huntingdon Friday night. Dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed. Damage was estimated at more than $2.5 million.

sons or businesses sponsoring' only to give tho Communist Onlv the foundation remains of this house, rip individual hikers-at so vuiumuniw ped by a tornado that killed two persons and injured per mile. Judge Daniel II. Thomas of the Lindsey of television fame, ho Southern District. 'served as chL' watcrboy. Dick Bennett, state Repub-i The aim of Special Olympics; 3 countries have no power." The Rev.

Wcs Auger of Greenville, S.C., a march coordinator, denounced the Vietnam vetcr- "The youth walking today were demonstrating their posi lican chairman, said Satur- is to give the youngsters tive convictions that they can Attempt to Send Mariner change the world while working! ans who demonstrated against in Montgomery that the chance to take part In some-slate patronago committee had thing in which they can excel voted to recommend Hand for and to call attcntiqn to the need Cheerleaders Selected at Alabama State within the systm," Robert the war. "It's a good thing Nathan, president of the founda-i they're here in the United States tion said. instead of in Vietnam where To Orbit Mars Is Failure While there have been similar they could have shot their bud-walks for hunger in the oast few dies in the buck," he said. Cheerleaders for the coming academic year at Alabama ywrs, this weekend marks the Amid the speechmaking, or. first time an effort has becn'cunizers of the march naf.rf (ConUnued From Page 1A) will not be days to detect atmospheric, surface and appointment.

for special physicia training If president nominates him for handicapped children In the! the appointment must be con-state's school system. firmed by the U.S. Senate. The 600-75 from each of! In addition to Bennett, the eight districts represented! GOP patronace committee more than 4,000 who took part; consists of the six other mem- in preliminary Olympic across1 Sen of the executive commit- the state. Bryant, the honorary tec, the chairman of the finance head coach for the day, said:) committee and the national kno these children enjoy committeeman and commit- competing and it's simply great.

State University have been se of favorable position, and lected. seasonal changes. made to coordinate the fund-Wound containers for contribu-raising ventures. i0Mt gaying the money would The largest single croon of be used for rally expenses. The are Dierdie Appleton, Constance Owens, De lores Brown, Diane Williams.

Llllle)aaiuroay wafers was in mii- mere were a tew aisorncrty-Thomas and Mattie Wilkins.auee. w'-. 'here an estimat-conduct arrests after disturb-They will represent the athletic Z0-000 ct off on a 31-mile anccs in the rally crowd. Usmi anI AthAi ITnii0i-ftitv' route in hoDs of raiSinC Jmnnn thorn wora throo lnn. that so manv people gave of teewoman.

and each of them lc.1 with a their Urr.e to be here and help them" I oriented activities beginning in223-000- It was the city's third haired young men, and two men iiiai artn njuim, dentified as members of Ih. the fall. I'X' National Socialist White Pro. Making the Mss. Caroline be'foreDng the AmCr' Iliuitsvillc Child Is Found Dead In Refrigerator Mrs Kennedy, widow of Sen.j Robert F.

Kennedy, wid. "The' finest jalit.e; we have in America are the ones that bring, us here love and courage." The head cach for the Jordan, Md ftat the people who came to hclo out are the i adviser; a visiting selection available for a target again until July 1973. No decision on Mariner 9 is expected for several days. Us Atlas Centaur rocket is sitting on a launch pad adjacent to the one usr-d Saturday night. Total cost of the two missions is $153.6 million.

The Centaur stage was to have fired for seven and one-half minutes to thrust Mariner 8 toward Mars at a speed of 24,600 miles per hour. The spacecraft was to have traveled 237 million miles to reach the planet next November. With two space ships orbiting Mars, scientists would have been able to conduct different but complementary missions. Mariner 8 was to have performed a broad reconnaissance and mapping assignment. Mariner 9 was to have photographed six selected areas every five The two were to have relayed a total of about 8,100 close-up photographs as they swooped to within 530 miles of the surface during their expected three-months orbital lifetimes.

The pictures, plus data obtained by sensors, could determine if primitive form of life might exist on Mars. Officials emphasized the satellites were not equipped to find life but could detect conditions In which some form of life might exist, such as microbes, bacteria or rudimentary plants. It was the first planetary launching failure for the United States since Mariner 3 failed in 1964, also because of rocket malfunction. That spacecraft was intended to fly past Mars. Since then Mariner 4, and 7 successfully flew close to the red planet and Mariners and flew by Venus.

team of cheerleaders from Huntingdon College, and Mrs. 0. D. Patterson of Loveless 2 8-mile hike. Two cows, escort-' fc ed bv 1 000 vouthi made a 21.

Thcre were "Rns in the Ctmi XVUnToTM of yjft There were marchea in about 'am J4rv of half a dozen New Jersey coun-i murdcr leal 22 ties, drawing from 500 to 1,000 Vietnamese civilians In My Lai. persons each. Rain hampered1 At one Plnt durlll the rally, the marchers and caused some the demonstrators were urged demonstrations to be called off; to come to the platform and de-midway, posit in a box there petitions HL'N'TSVILLE. Ala. (AP) kind who oS.i "do anything The body of 5-year-o'd Andy they can to rr.eke thee young! Walton has been found in an people it a little bit unused refrigerator in a patio more." near his home, authorities said Owens said tie was "happy 1 'Hospital Week' Is Proclaimed Heavy rain in New York City, urging the release of Calley.

f.H Walla. Saturday. invited, because tht pro- The body was found Friday gram gives children opportu-night after a four-hour search nities to express themselves In has proclaimed May 9-15 s0 Planned M-nille'Many of them did so, "Hospital Week" In Alabama, i lie noted that the 15 0: hospitals across the state) Illinois Woman Pilot Wins by some 300 persons, including pehaps the only way they know Military Police from Redstone how." Arsenal. Lindsey, a native of The youngster was the son of said: "If the kids get asj S. Sgt.

and Mrs. Andrew Wal- much thrill out of me a. I get; Bedstone Arsenal. out of them, it will be a big employ some 40,000 persons, "thus, the role of hospitals in the economy of Alabama cities thing for me. International 'Angel Derby Rains Pour On Parched I Everglades is aa Important one.

In conjunction with nhtitrvanr tha Vftterftna Ait i lfiVlffT4 mi'L, i .1 The torch to begin tha ceremonies was brought Into the stadium by Randy Bcasley of the Birmingham Opportunity School. Maxwell Group To Bridge Gap II 1 1 I In ministration I I Out httitmi Rf i'nf ll(CI. rj.i x'j 'jl ciV' llrAxt fim tfcw Mli Umfum Ufvt4 t'V' I Vj Her copilot Is a flight Simula- i Montgomery will have a com Mrs. Marion P. Jayne, a Palatine, mother of nine tor instructor for United Air plimentary coffee session In Alabama's first year In the Lines.

Maxwell Air Force Base will MIAMI (AP) Weathermen; Wednesday for the patients and1'ared, employes. become a testing ground for gW' fnl said Saturday cloudbursU bridging the "communications 1 isplashcd rain at the rate of five I 4- ioS per hour on the parched, The winners' average speed was 201.690 miles an hour. Their handicap was 187 mph and they wound up with a score During the week, the i ill nrM.n m.vmp -rvlr. Vln. tne An8cl Derby.

Her copilot in present 30-year service pinii a Piper 30 was Miss Corls heart of the Everglades where will to Mnntgomerians who have served the hospital In caring for Langher of Denver, Colo. of 14.690. In second place was Mrs. Mrs. Mary Stewart Relfe of Montgomery, and her Judy Wagner of Torrance, Ca- the sick.

These persons Include iJoc Baxter. Beverly Boykin, jjames D. Fail, David Terry Jr. Weather Forecast the Noncommissioned Officers Bill th Ablation holds it, Hrst To W.r Neighbor social on pi) jca, Kjl tha date at Hoppers Lodge. ione eedj jca, mneB in'd 'We want tobrlng active duty CM pro(tVom It Is the and retired NCOs together in an R-entaHy retarded." informal, congenial atmosphere) He ant Mjgg Avalce Will-so tliat ideas affecting the NC0 oughby 0f samford were in Corps can be thrashed out," charge of the over-all program.

copilot, Alice Fuchs of Lock who won this derby in 1967, Haven, flying a Piper Twin 1968, and 1969. She flew solo in Commanche, placed 10th with a Bonanza Becchcraft and an avcrago speed of 190.263, wound up with a score of 40,000 acres of grassland were besieged by fires. I Meanwhile, federal weather! scientists on cloud-seeding operations said .7 inches of rain was squeezed from a hugej cloud flouting over a fire at 40-mile bend, about 35 miles duel west of Miami. John Boyd of the National; Weather Service said the heavi-i and waiter R. Williams.

A 25-year service pin will be awarded to Mrs. Mary W. Hopkins. miles an hour and a handicap! 14 467. Rain is forecast for the Northern Rockies, Northern New England, the Panhandle and parts of the Southeast.

It will be colder in the Middle Atlantic states. speed of 188 mph. Seventy-four Third place went to Cine women pilots competed in the Richardson and Marion Banks ASU Honors 350 Students est showers fell "in the middle TEMPERATURES But'oiq. '0n CO'imiod. (louAy Chgriottt.

ron II saia Air rorce ny Morgan, Boll Weevil Chapter chairman. I "We are more than interested in the young active NCO and' the Job he is doing in the' Child Is Killed Crossing Road ii .71 "I of the Everglades in an area Hour. dir 4 m. am s. equidistant from the south; Alabama State University snore oi uaxe uKcecnooee.

tmoi i mourlv TEvPt RATunrs i military while at the same time By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS, Miami and Everglades City, 1 00 m. OuMK, floudy I 00 m. held its Honor Day program this week in Hornet Arena. Honored were more than 350 students for their achievements OO 71 ..7 Port Worth, couOy 00 A 0O p.m... race.

lot Yakima, and San Mrs. Relfe is the wife of Diego, respectively, with Montgomery physician a score of 13.030. Conyers B. Relfe of 2060 S. Hull! Other pincers in osder: St.

I Bcrnadine Stevenson of The derby started in Co-! North Hollywood, and lumbus, Ohio and wound up Florence Stanton of Tarzana, here a distance of 2,740 milcs.jCalif., with 11.876. The race began at 9 a.m. last; Shirley Tanner of Newport Monday from the airport at Beach, and Claire Wal-Ohio State University and end- tors of Los Angeles, ed at Managua's International Virginia Britt and Hclrne Airport on Thursday. MrsJKrumhoIz, both of Plantation, Jayne was the winner of the Fla. Angel Derby that ran from To- The winner received a trophy ronto, to Nassau, Ba- and $2,000 in cash.

.01 1 Houiton. (loufy maintaining rapport wun our a m. uair uwmy youngMcr; retired counterparts who are In was struck and killed by anj a position to give us advice and auto while she was crossing a guidance because of the roles in road to visit her grandmother I Ira enopein. ctor Hlark Mayor To Speak Here I'O 00 I I Tl 1 00 I Oft 00 74 iunfflU, now Konioi Clv, dtar 7 00 I no no id OA II 0 I) 01 Sunwl ..47 the oca communities." he ad-iaiufayi auinuniies IBiu. Rk.

dwidy I The death of Jeana Gail ded. VrCro Ihn flrtl1 1 00 pm James II, Louitvuip. tlor "iVprpiittl. m' 1 Uan.nfc.. Smith ainhr nf Poll Pilu r.liKiH 4 41 Jl 40 74 JO 31 SI iS 3 4 7 4) 71 40 .17 SI si SI SI 41 47 54 scholastlcally and in various organizations and hon-w or societies.

I The Inspirational message was given by Robert Lawson, principal of East Highland High oi School of Sylcauga. W'w SSJ 0 m. lAiih. ma-vor o' Dayton. r.

crldpnt 01 uayion, unio.lR.vtr vo 4 ...41 ...7 ...74 ...14 ...4 ...17 ...57 ...70 ,...7 ,...71 owl. citor VMMukP. tit1 MinncoMlll SI Clpor NW O'lMIH, COwdV toll to at least three. I "uL, ,7 1 I Officers said the girl was Pride hm ii in wKlge No. 3l of the Imnroved.

Across the U.S. Police Arrest Four Men Here near Pell Citv ana rroieciive or-'aihw, douoy Vort, ro.B I PiMioddphio. rain CIHf 4 p.mtHifgh. tir Portland. O't cloudy 1j RKhmorH), cltar 'ki, Loui.

eiMr Sail lot City, rO'fi 41 Si 1 fi 71 SI State troooer. said one Tot Elks' liZTZ'Z' Montgomery police are hold-l)ion w( kmi a shb The occasion Is the fifth an- Ing four men charged with Counly wrcck Salurdayf but do. nual Athletic Award Banquet buying, receiving and con- tails were not Immediately 'or Athletes providing a ceallne stolen nronerty. and auniinhu ifour-ycar scholar 11 In lAinmortk. 71 Spiiian.

clpudy One hour Wathingion, cloudy violation of the drug abuse act. 1 Another child was hit by a Maotma slate University. 00 MUimo. TfOft Rr)fnA, rpin Police said Billy Moody, Friday night. State troopers Billy Ellison, 23, Terry James.lsaid Douglas Glenn Merchant, 24, and Larry Hastcrf 22, nil 4, of Alberta was killed on a of Montgomery, were arrested Baldwin county road nar Fo- 'mwnnTinmn about 3 a.m.

Suturday when ley Minn i Btiibiu CMTIPtli DRIVI-IN All LOCATIONS Cases Listed In City Court The following cases were wicuam THE M0ST DRY CLEAMINO police snld they found the four In possession of Items they believe were taken during burglary In Prattvllle. Tolice said they later found the men were carrying narcotic drugs. No bond has been set. The men were arrested following an Investigation by Detectives R. N.

Lindsey and L. G. Rutland. EstablUhed 1911 disposed of Friday in Municipal Court: LADIES1 or MEN'S 2-pc. Suits i MOTHER'S DAY DINNER Soup: Chicken Noodle Soup or Crab Gumbo a la Loulslannc Salad: Combination Salad with Fcta Cheese "Elite Poppy Seed Dressing" ENTREE Baked Lamb a la Greque with Rice -Prlwi WMH, 41, 12S, ouoult and bfliKry Jomti I.

Croylon. Titui. 175. lor. ctny.

O0'0t MM Ooddt, 74, ol 1111 Hor. tltnn Rd I7S, oiooult and holUfy -Rotihy Dunton, 3S. ol IS Ponomo SI 175, oiwull flnd halUry. -Irwi McGhtt, 22, TulktaM, I 00, lor. cany -Win Cowling Sr.

of 401 Hull SI US, attault and oalltry, aoptol. Cow Thiirdoy Included -RoM'l Mornt McGhM, 41, Nolatulno. $100. rrki drlylnt raducatf from driving wftiii InloiicoHd. Final forttituri of Vto 0014 try 0an Sondint Co.

in co of D'Ona Shloldt, II, ArtlVstivalHrt The Auburn University Afro-American Association Is spoasoring a Black Arts Festival Friday and Saturday. The festival will feature exhibits, entertainment and a number of guest speakers. $000 FOR 2 A Roast Turkey with Dressing Baked Ham Steak wRalsln Sauce Prime Roast Rib of Beef Au Jus Roast Duck wDressing Fillet of Trout Almondine wrice and "Caper Sauce" 99 M-IATS EXTRA VEGETABLES (Choice of 2) Men's Sport Coat Trouiert Counted At Suit LEARN TO TYPE SUMMER CLASSES FOR ELEMENTARY, JR. AND SR. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

IMPROVE YOUR GRADES In Juif A Fw MoBfht You Could to Typing tf TimM As ri As You Con Wrlfo! Save Tim And Cumplvle Your Work Neatly! STEPHENS-SPEAR SCHOOL 2530 f. Jo. Ild. Ttltphon. 211-0920, Itnlni 272-I8IJ Spinach Tie (An Elite Special) Macaroni Au Cratin String Bcana Baked Squash Cream Style New Potatoes Peach or Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream wTopplng Plant No.

1 419 Clovordolo Rood Plant No. 2 1121 Atlanta Highway Plant Na. 1 417 Watt FaJrvlaw Ava. DESSERT n.5o A special child's lamb, turkey, fried chicken or shrimp plate (Served with a soup (2) vegetables, dessert, drink).

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