The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1950
Page 13
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, m,TTHBVriJ,E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ?AGS IHIHILBN Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOWEA 1 You Don't Say By J. R. Williams Vino's GoitflTi •fb StE US V% ABOUT AT q\ioJzr AS FRISKY 1NTU1TIOO IS- STRAJ-JGC/ TOLD ME TO UP HIGH WHEW THAT HUWTER FIRED, BECAUSE SHOTS AT RABBITS ARE LOW--BUT /OURS TOt-P DUMBNESS-- BUT THERE'S MO sewse TO IT AKIYWAY/ V11N6 TOLD MC TO GO UF? BUT NOT S6WSIBLY, YOU'LL APPEAR AWts P6PPV DELWER YES,I'MS*U.Y FOOTH, T On, i JUST LARD& COUSIM--MOW GUESSED. I HOP* DID WU KNJOW ? ^ YOU'LL. LIKU VOL) TO DROP LM AS YOU GAXJ LOW/ WHY? A^V «pc* i TNoueur WWEM A' GIRL. 6 "PINMED'; If MEANS SHE'S ENGAGED — OK AT LEAST, GOIMG STEADY/ HOT POT BUSINESS = plain these thlngE lo Lloyd and FOR bALE "When I say you re looking younger every day, I spoak as an old admirer—when I say you're not as young as you were, I speak as your physician!" y FRANK R.ADAMS / COm, 1950 IV H(A SltVICf, INC. Concrete culverts, )!i Inch lo 48 Inch, plain or recnforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheap er than lumber (or barns, chit-ken houses pump houses, tenunt houses, loo) sheds. We deliver- Call us (or free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 69! WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FARM LOANS Cl**ig Cales Wiggs C«. REALTORS Phone ,1751 BtTthcrilte ' - KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 ire 11 did w lirn On-y 1tn«t Ihrm- rlvrx fnu'k humi- In \S>J,tvu.v^i,, :» IN r i*n I; 11 rif I i vt«jsf r r«-n i u rr :HN srr Ihrtu—I-^J.lit-'* «in|( Duke. XV WHILE Eddie and Joe were still killing time around the pool room the final edition of the West way go News was brought in by a paper carrier. Eddie and Joe read tlie headlines over the bartender's shoulder, YANKS I,AM> ON AGU "Say Joe," asked Eddie, "ain't Agu where we was this morning?" "Yes, that's II." The bartender was reading another column, "The St. Louis Browns beat the Tigers today," he told a customer, "Six to four. Detroit's lousy this year," He sighed •"So I lose two smackers just for bein' an optimist," Eddie saw no particular irony in thai. Ue said wistfully, "I't like to see a good ball game, wonder how long we'll be here." "Not long, I imagine," Joe toll •him, "You notice we don't mec up wilh soldiers of any other wai hanging around," | "That's right. I wonder when •they are. 1 * "Probably the mystery of lif and death IK n serial story, jus one installment after another "Somebody said, 'We pass this wa; but once.' Most likely it won kin 1 .be near so interesting to keep o iwilh anything forever," Presently other members of th •squnrl dropped in. Most of thei reported that there was not muc of in torest to do a round bom after they had laken a look at thei families and found lhat they wer alive and kicking. Mostly kickir, —about rationing of grub, lack o gasoline, new (axes, Ihe way th kids were acting and troubles a Ahe boatworks where most of th Shirley Hipp 'TOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR * Phone 3170 filo Chickiisiiwba ien and many of the women were n ployed. Lloyd Nelson had dropped (n to ec his fiancee. "We ain'l engag »y more," ho informed the gang. "Why not?" asked Eddie sym- nthetically. "Did some other guy ut in while you were away?" "Nol thnt J know of anyhow, aid Lloyd and then decided to lell ie truth. "I was up in her room nd she hadnU made her bed and very thing was messy." Joe laughed, "The trouble is our girl hasn't had top-kick like ou had lately." ' Lloyd disregarded that. "And ne way she bawled her mother ut for' her to help wilh the ishes. I'm glad I found out' in ime." "Just what dn you moan, ime,' Private Nelson?" Inquirec oe. "You've got all tho time there s, plus eternity," Private Lloyd Nelson lur that over in his mind with sudden stunned realization. "Even it iave, I'm glad anyway." I don't know if it's quite fair, said Eddie, "for us to find on what people do when they thin 1 hey're aloneJ' * • • f LOYD was still dwelling on hi shattered romance, "Sh swiped her father's shoe stam she was going to buy her self a pair of slippers with fane buckles. Arid she's got six pairs o shoes in her closet already." "You peeked, you rascal," JD accused, "Why not? The closet was dar untidy too. Dirty clothes all ovc the floor. And she had the ncr to tell her mother she didn't ha any stockings to wear and so she have to borrow hers, just to go i the movies. Who sees a girl's lej at the movies?" "I've often wondered," said J< agreeably. "Won't .some of y< gentlemen with more experieni "My dad," said Jake Snyder, old my sisters they couldn't £o the movies every night on r.c- innt of he nacin't any money left ler paying income taxes and jylng war bonds. And he won't I my brother—he's in high school —use the car but one night a eek." "That's t o » g h," sympathized oe. "Having to miss some etiter- linment }usl because G.I.'s likr s need gasoline and stuff." "Maybe there's angles we don't now- nboiit," argued Eddie, He !lon disagreed with Joe on gen- ral principles. "Maybe they real- y are having it kind of tough back ere. I've heart! lhat all the best rub is shipped lo the Army and "avy. H * * * "JTIMAN BERGLUND laughed. "Yon should have seen the luff my folks had for supper while was at the bouse. And I'd fig- red from the letters my kid xotner wrote that they were 'radically starving." "I wonder," said Oscar Maloney, "if they would actually mind giving iip things to help get lie war over or if it seems more mportant to keep working for the high wages they're getting." "Don't try 16 write nn editorial iboul H," suggested Joe. "Leave :hat to your o!d man. He runs the :own newspsper. The way I figure it most everybody would go the limit If it was put tip to 'em but .here's a good many trouble-makers who haven't got kids of. their own in the service who go around hooting off their faces about how wrong everything is and after a while even the good citizens begin to believe it arid maybe repeat it. They wouldn't if they'd sit down and think. Most, people don't. It's in one ear and out of their moutha before they know it," "Say," declared Oscar admir- tofllYi "that's a good editorial rijjht there. 1 * ' "Listen, gang." Kdtlic held up his hand for attention. "I hear drums. Anybody-else gel it?" In the hush of silenced conversation came a throbbing beat. It was drums all right, (To Be Continued) IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . IT'S PATRIOTIC ... to keep your shoes In good repair * • « . because SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR HflLTCRS i |tj«UTY SMOC SHOP 111 W. M fl i M ST. ^V S "1 Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POEIZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plan! — Promised Land PHONE— 2089— PHONE » / V FRIEND FARMER Owning ami operating An aulornobUe affords a lot ol pleasure, bul llicrc h much r Linger on llu* rnari (fie hnrarri is too great a risk—with vonr life, rstnic. and savings Hi slake. Why run the risk wlirn wr pnilrrl vmi Tor S-"V.000/10,000 Liability, $3,tHK> Property Darmge for only S23.38 per year. Just Call W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 F/owcn tor Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NEW 150D \V. MAIN LOCATION PHONE 6002 ARGUS CAMERAS We've jnst hern appointed rour f.xclnslT* • gene; in filylhcville for Ar^B-i C*mcr»m See flor complete selection. Inclnrlinit the fumed Arpui C3 and Arjtoflei. Come In lodar BARNEY'S DRUG Wfsl Main I'hnnt 3fi17 SHEET METAL WORK•— OF ALL KINDS Custom work tor gins', alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651' 'This string around your finger if o reminder that most any purchase can be financed by GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORTORA- T/ON." E>RISCLLA'S POI V BY AL VERMEER MARCH rCR/MGlVT TO "THE BATHROOM! ' 1 HOPE YOU REALIZE WHY I'M WASHING SOUR MOUTH WITH SO AMD WATE SURE! TO KILL THE CRUMMY TASTE OF THE CARROTS HY MM'NA.Hl, O'MAl.I.KY and RALI'H LANB 'M LOOtON' fEK VK;,M\55) ME 5AI(7 HE'P LAMS. HE AIW'T IN BY I.ESUB TURNER CAPTAIN EASY rtiolhcr .1. P.! DON'T WORR.V, DEAR..,. I WfcSM'T ! VOU'E& 5O \Z6 B6£G STKOWd DELIGHTFULLY FRAW<~i BROTHER MW AUW* , WMJTEt>™J.f? AFTER THE USUAL om. 60 MIMI H«JE HE6M ARRESTED HIM 1 . HO, HO! EASV WAV BE SO FURIOUS YOU'RE (JWTE d HE TR.V TO PREJUDICE VOU ReSOUECEFUL /AGWWST HER'. J6AIOUSV LITTLE GIRL!_X C6.M MP.KE PEOPLES VERY . . ,LJMREASOHABl.e t GET ZEPMMTIHG TKWW HE (AEiVMT TOO JEALOUS TO HWJE VOU JCfcTCH BURS BUNNY V/MATSAMATTER, BRING TH- 1 SVl-VESTEFf? VA HURTT> FIRST-All? BUT I'M fiUM i CAN CUM IT WITH THIS COOFI4H V^NDWICH I PUT IN H«R» ••FORE TH« l-EG? I'LL FIX VOU UP GUVNOR. I EMPTY WOW! WE DIDN'T MISS SMACKIN' TH' MOON BY VERY ALLEY OOP AMD OSCAR BOOM, BOUND FOR THE PLANET VEHUS.HAVE JUST PASSED THE KOON IF Y'AS< ME, I'D SAY OUR COLLISION ALftRM IS A BUM GADGETI AT BETTER THAW S?fg> f fr\\ BY VER ^ 25.000 MILES X-dE^y.-fV MUCH/ BOOTS AND HBR mJTMMKS VOOUfe ooou svi^cv«.\vi t . \.00\< % .

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