The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO »LYTaEV|iL},E <;ARE.) SATURDAY, NOVKMHKR 20, 1937 , Soc.iai Calendar MONDAYS EVENTS . "Punch and Judy," operetta at; high" school .auditorium by Cen-j tr«l school children, 8 o'clock. Women's Missionary Society of First Methodist Church meets 2:30 ; o'clock nt. church. ' Women's Missionary Society of. Lake Street Methodist Church i meets nt the church. 2:30 o'clock. I Circles of the SVomen's Mls- | sicnary Union of the Hrst Bnp-j list church ineet at 2:30 o'clock ns follows: Circle 1. Mrs. C. W.l AITIIck; Circle 2, Mrs. Leslie; pirclc- 3, Mrs. Shrlburni! i Brewer; Circle 4. Mrs. Guy Mox-i wcllj and Circle .6. pt th: church. TUESDAY'S BVKNTS Tuesday Bridge clul) mrcLs with: Mjrs. W. p. Chamb'.ln. -Maple Grove Comclcr/ Assoclii- • lion inecis with Mrs. Jchn Durham. 321 Ksst Rugan. 2:30 o'c.lo:k. i Black and White ]*l\ss: Keck Guest i Of jjcnar At 1'iitly i An iill-wliite iiiolif was die:-; tiv-ely carried out in the dessert tridge Mrs. Edanr Bonim flnri Mrs. O. W. McCutchen had Frl-| day afternoon at the McCutclien. l;ome Jcr Miss Margaret Keck, bride elect ol Don Smith. There_: wer? 35 guests, " The living, dining and sun rooms had been m-rnngcd for tile party with bouquets of white pom- j pom chrysanthemums in ci'j'slal i holders p.s the background lor ihet refreshment (ables. The dining' room table had a center piece of while carnations, on » mlvrovcct base in a bed' of smiiiix, >vi-ich was fianked with white tapers in • crystal candelabra. The places: were marked with tavors of white ! mit cups, witli miniature \veckUng : bells on the handles, except tcr Miss Keek's place, which hurl a favor of a silver brid; with a veil ol chiffon. i The assortment of yifts. nil i 'wrapped In • ivliite, were «rrnngeil i in an alcove seat at the tack :0f ! Die bride-elect's place at the large' table. . ; Small tables, similarly arranged, • wei'e in the living and sim rooms., Tlie same .aii-wh.ltc scheiue was carried out in the refreshments • of individtml ices, slv.ipsd .like: lady slippers, French pastries, .and .mints, served with .coffee. i The date .of the wedding, P-- cember 27. was •.umiouuc.ed on the i tand made tallies of white, will) i r. touch of silver and gold. i Tlie two hostesses .were assist-' Bits of News Mostly Mrs. J. li. Clime recovering fiam a two weeks illness. She nbli' to be up now. SAINT STEPHEN'S EPrSt'OI'AI, CHURCH Walnut and Sixth Streets Holy Coininunlpn service 11 o'clock in the morning, the Ilcv. C. C. Bujkc, .of Marlanna. olllctat- FIAPPER FANNY e y Sylvia ~~' •© Br til*. StRVICC. IHC. 1. tn. BCC. W, ^. TAY. OFF, I'lKST J'JtKS.BYTJJKIAN CHURCH | i>; II. Sulown, Faster A visitor from tlic caplln! city lllls our pulpit Sunday morning in Ihc morning worship .service at) 11 o'clock. J. A. Hnnna, of Little Hock, the one licensed bin unor- <i;ilne<l pri'fichcr ol the Presbytery j Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Snipes, of I of Arkansas, will speak for us out Mdiipbi.s. will come tonight toi.of .his r/cl.i experience with tile the end .with Mrs. I Snipes 1 parents, Mr/nnci .Mrs. H. [ I. 'Cliiunb:r.'i. Miss Alts Mne Garlingto;i and Mi-,s. IJ. A. Lynch w.ent to Memphis today to sec Miss Gaffliiiij- Annuity Fund, giving a message (hat is much needed, Mrs. R. .C. Allen \v)ll give a violin scjlu, accompaAiteil .0,11 the organ by Mrs. F, j&. joyiier. who will" also have her .custc-mfiry ptehule and olfer- ciVs mollicr. Mi's. R. E. .parltiig'- toi-y .on tlie organ. Tlic Adult i Ion, who went there j'e.sterdax.c.lioir will function for this service, frcm .lure. Mrs. Lynch w.ill re-] The Pastor will return from uirn today, but Miss Ga.rlinetoni West Memphis in lime for the oye- i ivill remain yiitll Su.i.uluy. j ning worship service at 7:30 ,o! MlHi Mary Louise Hires went ioj clock, and will preach on "Thanks, Wtmi-.hls yesterday to be will) her, giving .By tiie Q/lering of Hrst- i flhcr. G. Ci. .Hires, \yho Ls in Fruits." The .Senior .chpir will sing ! 'lie Baplist hc.spitnl, , it special number and lead the ; Mrs. Leslie Hooper and Mrs, C.' hymn-singing.' | .M. Ora.v went lo Meaiuhls this af-; Sunday .Gluircli School meets tenioon to hea.v Mrs. Franklin p., rcRViijrly at"-?:45 A. M.. and the Rocccvelt speak there tonight. j Pioneers anel the j\iniors have Mrs. B. B. Wilson, wo.rthy WB-; their separate vesper services at lien cl Ihc Blythfvllle .chapter .0^6:45 P. M"-' .Ci-dc.r of Eastern Star, .has re-; ' ti'nip.el home from jrtttle Rr«i;. TJJMPLE ISKAKL, where she attended the Biecting JMwsn Poli.aek rabbi clothe Graiui Chapter of Arkan-, i :3 p pjii. Sunday school 'classes sn '°• i followed by rehearsal of Hanniiknh. Mrs. C. M. Oliver is recovering ; ,-,««i, ,nf lights, program to be from an attack of influenza, she . ducted by the entire student Is at .her home at 715 Park street. ] O n Sunday, Nov. 28 ! James Guard, who is attending ! 3 ,,.,„. ; Prc Thanksgiving sen-ice the Chicago S:hoo .of .Optoriwlry. i wiih aop.rppriate selections to be Is spending tlie week cue! her e with j rcfl(i frp,n"i-eiigloii5 and current lit- his parents. Mr. anel Mrs. j. L. : CI . aUlrc . Thcme of scrmon wiu bc Everything Tor your enter- (ainment and comfort. Saturday Only Tlie Big Shot ol Crime! TODAY Jlust a number «>n 'The Rock'! "All -rigiu. ;;o alicail! gut ,1 .can warn you jiglii now. slit's tlic fcmi-iine kiu.cj that expects i'lvc-jicr tlic diary .out of your soda." Another liot-from-llie-hcad- Kncs scoop for WARNER-BROS. A .COSMOPOLITAN PRODUCTION A first National Picture Witli John Litc.l con- body Guard. Miss Delia Purlie is tlie week end guest of Miss Wilina Fatten .In ) Jcnesboro, having goii c over In time , for the game last night. Miss lon formerly taught hcr-j. ! Mr. aix.1 Mrs. Otlo XochUt.zky. ,ot . Cqlutnbus. Miss., arrived .yesterday to ibc the week .end guests .of Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Hughes and Itim- \»y- . . i ,M,rs, Rudolph Morris Is spending ; tlic week end in Jonesbor,o with Mr. Morris. Demonstration Club News Notes "Tlmnksgivliijf 1937." Following .the services wll be the weekly .discussion of current events. A cordial invitation is extended to the public. [•HIST ASSJvMRLY QJ' GO1) .CJIUIICII Seventh .and Ash Streets ! • N. H. RhodcE, jiaslor . 9:45 nan. Smiday school 11 a.m. Morning service 4:30 p.m. Jail service 5:30 p.m. Junior -Christ Ambassn: dor class ••6:30 p.m. Senior Christ Ambassador class 7:45 p.m. Evangelistic service ! Tlie public is cordially invited to attend'thesc services. Let us all remember to attend i (lie Lord's house on the Sabbath j Day. :d to receiving by Miss Keck, her only" a cluster of black moire flowcH at the back of the neck wo 1 ! 1 - 1 Tct >.members of the Shady Lanek,^ NEW LIt!EUT>Y BAPTIST && Ek?>2^^W- '° " «*«*> T l -in-.' -ii,, g creations ,f .,e ,&p?WS?.T £* «i ' ^$S?»*« ' man of Memphis. Mrs. Marvin' Mason—Hie binck nnel white moire gown .above. Tlie .white pane) In Bailey of Little Rock, sister of Mr.'] front sle-ndfilzcs tiie waist and hips In the htlght of fashion. AfcCutcfceji, arsisteei as hostess. j : . In the bridge games Mrs. Louis' ~ Applebaum won a white package "'O'kere, and Miss Winifred Goocl- of perfume for high score prize, • vicn lcql the devotional. Miss Ruth Butt received a similar A " ejection was lielel for all .the package of bath powder for second ° mccs exco t>t -U'c- president who will high, and Keck was present- be ^ctcd at the next meeting. ed silver. • • I Those elected ar.' Mrs. Herman , I Bimer, vice Other out of town guests werei K ^ ?1 ' VICC pfc-swciii; Mis; Miss-Keek's aunt. Mrs. L. : W. Wal-i r ', Rrt , t - socret.iry-trennircr. ters, and her cousin. Mrs. Dwight' H. Blackwocd. of Osccoia. ; Miss Laura rhc ncxl m:cl » v '! wil1 ^ a Chvistmas parly with a pot luck LeaehvLlle Society — Persona] clay to elect officers far .next .year, j Mrs. .J. T. JUpp was re.-elected ' president; Mrs. John H. McHa.fley progriim report blanks 1 to fill out pjeach Saturday Live .o'clock. I'reisperity Club 'Meets ! Vh " l«'slrs?c> served a The Prosperity club mat at the j couvsc nlul h ^ to , tl home of Mrs. Ed Simon Thursday ! iifternooi) with 15 present. ' ; ,, 8 „-„„,„, 1If . lr The first part of U K nficrnoo-.i Imlbn 1'roir >m l V fJ. s - DC . l l ln ,. w01 ^ 1 !? 01 ! tl.epro>| Forty eight were present I" 111 ."" meeting wa iW.t,,«hb« e alM^, t ^n ! ^^V5&^.^-^ • , .; account of Die illness of her' slUad ].daughter. | Mr. .111(1 Mrs. C. O. Craig visited i in Blythcviib Suiulay. I Mr. an;) 'Mrs, L. A. Rcol auei 1 ton. -Charles, kit this week foi- lo make liieiv lioine. \x;r.s electee! sec.reaar.y nn<l Mrs. .Elfa Scp^l. reporter. i The memt'rs were given ! at Home" i ,w;:ioh tiliBy w:ei;e at an .early .date. 1 T.lie next .meeting will bc held . - •.-.-,—-„ ]Dcc. JO with Mrs. .S. .Golf. Al>o'c' c ck. Christmas' program is bcl.iiB plau- neel for it. . G. A;. Fi. A.. Y. ,\y. A. ami Brotli- erhootl Saturday night at 6:30 o'clock. T.l\e ?sv. W. C. Steward night at 1:30 Sunday school at 10 o'clock morning worship 11 o'.clock. '"'training- Union Cvc.ning pipucliing B:30 o'clock service 7:31 ami Mrs. Ben Cook and; which the business i Hie Music department of the Wo- iO. The women tie-1 mau - F dub „,, , ,u • , Mrs - •*' A Uic led by Mrs* Wilson Komy. " j ravrest -I'nrkin. When their husbands .will .be i AS the women arrived tiie'.v were! P- W. DeJarnette was a recent given uToxrams of hand mude naper (visitor in the home cf Scout News Boys Girls | on :lloir - | Special TiiaksgiyinB Day sc'-l Tl-.c leagues- nwct in the .evening ; vine Thiirselay. 9am it C:45 o'clock anel the service; A cordial welcome is extended at 1:30 olclock with the, to alt. Roy. Ira A. Brumley delivering the. . [ icrmon. i ' Cur people are invited to at- j CHRISTIAN SCIENCK .SEKVIC-fS i Sunday - Monday end the Onion Tliiinksgiving ser- i-ices to .be held at tlie First Bap- List Church Wednesday evening, Nov. 24. when the Hcv. S. H. Salmon will deliver the message and Mrs. A. ?. Fnirliehl will lea;l the united choirs .in fyrnishing musi: for the occasion. 7 , U8 . "Soul and Bqdy"' is the subiec: ; of .tlie Lcsson-.Sci-inon which will be read in all .churches of Christ, .Scientist, .on Sunday, November 21 Euplia O. ijcarlcy, I'aslor Sunday school. -9:45 a. m., Noble McCullnr, superintendent. -.Morning 5er\-ice, 11 a. m., ser- uicii KUbjeet, "The Grace Thanksgiving." 1937. The .Golden Text is "My soul, wait thpu cnly upon God: for my expectation is from him'." psalms 62:5. Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is Uic iollojvjng from the Bible: "My flesh .and Jiiy liea.rt faileth: but .God is the strength of my heart, and my of i portion for ever." Psalms 73:25. Tlic Lesson-Sermon nlso includes Special music will be rendered by the choir. N. Y. P. S. 7 p. m. At the evening service the sermon subject .will be "A'strange Miisicaie." . We',\vllf .not iinve a regular uiiil- week service. Our people a,re nrg- crt to attend tiie Union Thanksgiving service at the First Baptist Olmrch when the Rev. Stuart H. .Salinpn. pastor of the First Prcs- ty.terian .chiitch, will .eleliver the sermon. the fplloNVing passages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key ta the Sci-ip.- tures" ;by Mary Baker Ecieiy: "Soul, or Spirit, is God, nnchnngcabla' and [eternal; and man coexists with and. ' reflects Soul, God. for man is'jGod's image." Page 120. ~ V .. . ^--"^--=- - ---~ —! GOSPEL Lilly and i ^'i»c Streets- J. 6. S.iiiBlclctry. i'astor Sunday school. .3:45 a. m. I -Preaching, 11 a. in. j P. Y. P. A.. 6:30 p. m. i Evangelistic service, 7:30 p. m. j Tlie meeting will continue ; through 'Thanksgiving .with the Troop 37 mcl, nwn,i r i r" "•- •"»"•- ">'" "let j-csto-:lav "t the Howard Perry spent Tuesday and i , . cided o have a Thanksgiving so- ; |, n i| for a pro s rmn on -Indian inn-1 Wednesday in Memphis with Mrs.! 1 ' 10 rlrst Presbyterian Church with " ' . - - I _.....'. (7 [_. 0 y s prqscnt. |, : IIIIUIL^II '^ UlUlr^)l£lVlUl£ ^V.IL'll LIU ill Rev. E. C. McWliovtcr speaking .-,_,• ;——.-,-.— '! each .cvGuinc. 1 TltdfCi-l'lt' ttirrlit fit _' _. 5* ____ . ay night at j Qll Thanksgiving there will be | n .Mi ou . 5l ,i p mccting wlth „ ,, asket 1 dinner. ' ,_, SI»L-II t>i"5iiviii.'> ui niinn iimui'iJii l >-.'iM '"••"ii" »" mu (luiui: ui j. u. L Alter the meeting Mrs. .Simon i tccpjcs with tent flaps that folded I Hodges. Mrs. DeJarnette accom-j n , sUml lobc S7i M" T 0 , C ° UrSC S " PP=r ° [ " i back to slimv thc pronrtvm printed i l'»'«-i .UUn to Heacr Springs for tc '"° o1 stunl vegetable plate, fruit salad, .cake! on U lc Inside. n week's visit. " • :i « l I" '"" — ^"!"f,i'' VC , rC J°1 d ^ t0 '' "" CVCI '" r A » invilation is .cxtendcel lo ev- _, D. IU B' l ™* l « te h ^ M 7 •"«! for ; ierycnc to aucm i luis chul . ch- , rr.™,,.i" St " u * to be performed .on hlch i and coflee. t- t Miss Martlia Itay IVcds Travis Brooks ft.Ii-6. Frank Martin ami ! Tlic program was -givo.u on I lie. . i singe which was set with a wis-1 Alice Fields were wain, a camp fire. Indian blankets. animal pelts and pottery. All thos? performed .on hlgh|' night. The members | liingc their regular! - vs • meeting nighl to Monday insteael i m ium i\n;>. i r „. , Monet le- ilsitors ' of . J tu '- rfilla >'Monday. ' 1 rllc scc " 1 master. IV Mr. and .Airs. H.vman Powell ol i Hi Slvlmo ". Rev. S. on map making FIRST r.AI'TIST OHURCH -U'olmil at Eighth Alfred Carpenter. Pastor Sunday: '8:30—Bible School. •10:35—Worship service. Special -LUTHERAN Sixlli anil Wa.lnut Streets Jjl. J. Kleiueiicnst, Paster Simriny school, a a.m. Morniiig worship. 10 a.m. Sermon theme: "The Litttle 'filings mid the ,Great Tilings in Lite." Tiie Luthu-an Jlour, 3:30 p.m. T,mic in and write in to KLON. A Christian Science program"*.!!'broadcast each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. over KLCN. Also 1' Ciir(?cu "I'rotcx. Hie Wealtcrlsr and inusical sl.iorl, "Ficin the Minuet (o tlic Bi; lip^.Ic." Continuous showing Sunday. Admission Sunday Mai. t Night Adnnssir.i Adniissicn Ancient Egyptians used the Iiu- manrlike eyes of cuttlensii for their mummies. TETE : PHONE 103 FOR THE PLUMBER ROKY Adiiiissfon Always lOc & !!Cc (vj Show every nighl. Malinees i ri- ), <!ay, Saturday A Sunday .Only. Friday & Sunciiiy Matinees slarl 2:15 SatmUay .Cantiiiuous s,hoivhi B from J lo 11:30" p.m. shows slart 7:00 |i.ra. \\liy Kiiy a Pliato-Coupon from Jfincrant crp A ws wlicn THK SOOTHtVORTli' STUDXO will issue you one ABSOLUTELY FREE, givins you BKTTEI!, PHOTOGRAPHS, QUICKER SERVICE AND "DELIVERY and an absence of IIIGII-PRKSSLlItK to increase your order. 1'ATRONIZK YOUR HOME INSTITUTIONS SOUXIUVORTII, Maker Of Fine Photographs. Last Time Today THEY GfiftVE ACTION ' m is employed in Kcnnett. was their only attendant. Thc bride wore a rust woo! crepe dress witli black accessories. Mrs. Brooks is tli; .chief night . opsratcr at the .Sputluvestcrn Bell telephone .office here. Mr. Brooks is employed at Phillips Molor com- corn, followed ty n vocal | Mrs. Ell Mitchell, o[ Blythcvillc • j (no conniosecl of Mrs. Kusscll Farr. is spending n few da>'.s licre witli ; Mrs. Paul L Tiptcnnml Mrs. George : i Datives nnd friends.' i Mr< e. who san s "Dove Song", j Lester Mayficld transacted busi- '' was " ! Miss .Grear then played ; , 1CSS in vvaliuit RW BC Turedav Officials Are Advanced;' Pliss. "Dance of the Msdlciue Men" an.-i I Monday: 2:30—\yonmns Missionary Soc- iV-scmbly They arc at horn; at 601 West Main street. °- f "lo .Grand .Chapter of Arkim-l -J.-OO- Workers Hie trin «m» "^.-onnrtr." nii« ' ^"'" CS of K; " 15(ls i- sas - Qrclm ' of .Biwtcrn star. Wed- , supper Mrs Henry then road Uie cpi-i TcTc^i''^^ h<1 ''° " • thc : " CS!lil - v at l "° - stilt - 111Mti "S hM ' •.Wednesday; „.„„„,_., 7;3fl — Community 'Thanksgiving .and .dungli- °i Osccoia Chapter > T " ' n ~ -* — - ' its K. P. P. ,CI U 1> 5Ieet s '.*"!_ P _ I L B 1" 1 ^™ PP ° <1 l - rc:>m nntl '.Oivcn .Blue." °' "'' *"* M>> ei^ortlir.Grand Chf •Eetty Dodson entertained the members of the B. p. p. club and „ Riegs spent Wednesday one -visitor. Evalyn Jordan. Tiuirs- fcrn " cru - in KcnneU. e!ay at her home on Walnut street, i '' sc " Klts bar " '° Jl1 '- «»tl. Miss Neil Puce spent \v«lncs During -the business session, pre-! Ml ' s - Ro >' Ashmovc. of Wlkou. In' day In Cnrdwcli. sieted over by June -Workman. Si-' " 7P Bil l' li} > 1 hospital .in Memphis j. R. -Wallace, son Jackson -nui rah Lu McCutchen made a talk in I jesterday. 'Freddie Heise ,pf Moncttc \vcrc' in : Lcnchviile Thursday. Mrs. W. V. Ricgs and Miw Billu- a "<l served ns deputy grand Icc- aftomoem i. She was regards to making the club a school. organization and having a sponsor j for it. This will b e voted upon at j the next meeting. Mrs. Dodspn served chicken so lad! sandwiches, stnffeel celery. Jiotj chocolate and cookies. * 5 C Methodist Business Women's' Circle Mspls The Business Women's circle 'of Tomato News Vcrnon Co'.eman returned home ay frcm Rirtgle-y, Tcnn.. where •from then to promoted each -year until her election ns worthy grand matron. Fred Stuckcy. of Lr-panlo. was elevated frcm .deputy gr.inel niiwlcr to gratxl : ni,ister .by (be Grand Lodge of Arkansas. Free and Ac- Charles Alters, pf Cariiwcl]. WH.K cc l'.tcd Masons at the same time at Lcachville Thursday niglii Dorct'r.y Robinson. ' f. i, Haney and iiillie Riaas atti-i thhe basketball their annual convention. Service. FJ"RJ,T MKTIIQDIST CHUUCII ' II. Lynn \\.\Ac. ,1'a.stor Sunday school, under the lead- crEiiip cf S. K. Garratt. mccti iy moniin.^ at 9:45 o'clock, prcacl-.ini; service begins at 10:55 o'clock and will csst over KLCN each .fourth SuiKl.iy. . ; The service tomorrow will be ill : 'jt'hc i « thutl relatives IV.c svcdncsday night. ho liar, been -visitin; past week. Mrs. J. ,C. Prince Is improving after an attack of toiisililis. ,^. Tnlma;lgc .Colcninn anil famiiy Robert Fulton invented ti-j At-least 99.9!) of all marbles manufactured in the United .States j- a;-; made of glass. FinU Tugboat in Ubjiutr ALBANY. N. Y. 'UPi—Alihoncl- Si'iowslice rAbbits turn wliiic at the .beginning .ol winter, by lht> pro- [ cess of molting their brown fur. : Wanted Pecans Highest 1'riccs I'aid WOLF ARIAN 128 E. Main rhonc the-First Methodist church met allspant the week end witli relatives boat he'ion'a UK chtirch Tlnirsday night with I«-RUJglcy- Tcnn. years ago i-cfini-diiig a'p'.uont tor ^{rs. Pr«I riccman and Mrs. O. E. I -Carol Nan. infant daughter of Uie pre.sent-einy tiiKtoat n,M,i-!. QuelmaU as hostesses. Twenty two! Mr - miti Mci - Paul Ballcw. has -- • •• -•• • •-'M-'a. were present, . '... covered from a severe illn&ss. Mrs,'.Rudolph -Mon-is gave the i Mrs. -Elmer is vi^ii Mudy.'oii "Mow .Can I Find GexlJ"., rclntivc.1 in Alnltauin. Miss Mcnt.,1 Hughra led Uic pro-1 Mrs- J. E. Co'.aimiu ,c. r liuli; Sfnsi which Has ab;,it Scanitt ,co\- \ Tcnn.. Is ..vljsitlng ieintirr,';.in Icge, a training sehott fo.' church mate ?nd Double Bridges. ,ol the -lltlgntlon arc .containrj m a recently eiiscovc-rcel docmnciit in H\" .Stiilc .Ubiwy here. ,\^oton;t,-i I'lli'nisU i.iu -.1;, -\,;i,n, • at Biinhiid 1 .'-. total national n v . i i-iuie from taxation. ladies' Small Hod Caps l&c ilubbcr Hcols ,1'pr Men. Women ;& Children ' 25c When Bolter L'.athor Ts Tanned. Smith. Wli! Buy It. SMITH SHOE SHOP -Your Next Smidiiv Dinner Wilh Us DELICIOUS FOODS SPECIAL DINNER 75c ice Of: Half Spring Krcsli .(Irapjiic Fisli Ftcnvli 1'ricil 1'olatocs .mil italnd CcfTct- or .Milk MERCHANT'S LUNCH 50c I-'ruit Cqektail . I,:»mli Hakcd Chi^kr Fript) Chirkcu .& Ciran) Gravy ,l)rcv>in; uH-d 1'olalocs Fried Corn V.n.!;lisli Tapioca I'liiliHns C'ofTcc or Milk SiMPSON'S STATE LINE TAVERN S.P.ECIAI,— FRESH OYSTERS JIi'.H l>czen Fritd willi J-rcnch I-'ricd J'.oliUocs nnil Salail .Coflcr or Jlilk 50c Stair Cewoliers ,of ! the» cactus country—al-. ways ready for a fight or o frplfcf greatest most exci : ing yoinl A REPUBLIC PICTURE Aisn carlnon i srrwl -Radio I'a- , Irnl-' with (Jnml Willinrs. Conliu- Sunday - Monday); tmm m ivmn m GOINS v. \m »»-« Sana taj t, tfirti" Wi'H 111 t w c, at .. * 'Jilli.'ilir.ilfictnc.rnuiiil trmnn nos .>!.'.? !-('.\ N'cii-f A I'mucdy

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