The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1935
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Served by tlte United Press SVIEEE VOL. XXXII—NO. fitylhevIUe Courier Blythevtlle. Herald ntylheville Bally News Mississippi Valley Leader TinMiOMTNAOT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEASTMWs'oURI HOME EDITION BI.YTIJRVn.LE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MARCH ' 19, 1935 TURNBACK TO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS iilei-'s Defiance of Vcrsnilles Treniy ;."'H Frisco Railroad Bridge Under 22 Inches of \Vnlei- West of Here Levees still held loday as flood waters of Big i^te slowly niount- ed toward a c-tr-sl, e.vpc-cred hiio Thursday. The gauge at Ihe Hlgli'.vay 18 bridge showed a slagc;pf 24B.V at 9:30 this morning, a '.Hst of .55 of a foot In 2-1 hours. At Ihe crest the stage probably will be n foot higher. The Jcvpp.5 are showing even promise of withstanding the strain, C. G. Redman told the Courier News this morning. About 150 men, including 100 FERA workers, are placing sandbass wherever any sign of weakness develops. No serious slides or oilier difficulties i have developed and confidence Is maintained that the fight to avert i a break will be won. A strstch of Highway IB between the west end of the El? Lake bridge nnd the levee is umlei- walcr but is not closed to traffic. Automobile travel between Leach- viltc and Jonesboro Is being rout- ed'by way of Parasjould because a section of Highway 18 between Black Oak and Lake City has been dosed by flood waters from the St. Francis river. Tracks Under W.ilcr The Frisco railroad bridge nt Big Lake was under 2'i inches of water this morning. The electric "moose" was forced out of service as scon as the water covered the rails. Service has been continued with steam locomotives but a further rise will probably result in a. complete suspension. It was said today at the' Frisco station here. "'Little i River was expected to • ''cach-a island^ at flofnersvlllc',: Mo., •; at the head of Big Lake"today' The rise there in rhs 24 hours ending this morning was,,only-.15 of a foot. •:••••""•." " While/attention has becri'iceii't- ered chiefly on (he swollen St Francis and Lictle Rivers; flood waters from another direction have begun to menace Mississippi county residenls. The .Mississippi river has left its' banks and while it is not. expected to reach a stage tliat will constitute a menace to lands protected-by the levee It has already driven a number of i-Jvor from dwellers from thesr homes. The PER A and Red Cross cilices here have received appeals from the Tomato com- rnumly, where a number of families were reported In-need of assistance. MEMPHIS, Mar. 10 (UP)—While farmers in eastern Crnighead county watched crest waters of the St. Francis river back over additional farm .lands 'loduy, about cOo levee workers labored to pre- rent (he Jackson DFJUI Jevee from cracking on the White vlver nt Biscoe. The White river was cresting on he Jackson Bayou levee this afternoon. Water bad neared the top but workers kept building ,,p (he levee with sandbags and Maj W M Hoge. district engineer here believed they would hold It. Major Hogc announced (he light boat Recs. stationed at DeValls muff had been ordered up the river to help hold the Bayou levee and also t|, e Prairie. Woodruff and Monroe County levee. Pressure on (he stW ^ 0(v ~ ve ''' was Iessc n"'S. The wiv or ,, GI ? or 8 |!t <™-''. "^ut mid- 11fcpf IeVCC ' " acl <ir °W e " -3 ! ° *' fcc '' stage al. Clarendon •'•' •' ^V: : :"i:i;.:.::s/"'^cr/../^':j-, r .^.ilVWyji':«'liS««&5ffi j " -"' ~ •""" •'"-'.», 1 IIP Slqo/j 1n day was 248.7. 6 I0 ~ Workers today began strength emng the SI. Francis Lake »« '„ above Marked Tree. The rivV ,™ expected to crest there late in Hie Manx Cat Praised By Seamen for Voyage NORFOLK, ^a77uP)-.The crew 01 the steamer cinlrlon thanked a x cnt for a spccdv and si JJiyagc here from Liverpool Manchester. The bob-tailed kitty long has been regarded as a carrier of good luck for seamen. This particular Manx boardec the Clalrton surreptitiously oj Liverpool, made friends wlll'i the and rrinv. and received "St'lUWV," the name Relief Official Testifies 16 ,Demand He Raised 10;• COLUftfBUS, A., Mar. '13 (UP) —Contents of one of the affidavits >n which Harry L^Jffcipkins, fed- sral relief adminis^t'bk based his •liarge of a "shak'fef'fdq^n" 'against Gov. Martin L. Davcy's- campaign committee were revealed today on receipt of the document from Washington by Ohio's attorney general and by county prosecutora it Columbus and Toledo. Tiie affidavit, sworn to by Wtl- iiam R. McNamara, of camp Chase. O., director of commodities distribution for the state relief administration, asserted tha McNamara had een requested by John McCombo of the Democratic campaign organization to collect $10,COO to meet a deficit and to Insure retaining his job under the Davey idminislration. McNamara stated that he In- stnictcd two of his ussisiants to make the solicitations and told them It was understood the money would be obtained (rom firms ueal- \ng with the surplus commodities division of the relief administration. $50 Fine for Reckless Driving Suspended George Grear,. 1C, was fined $50 in municipal court yesterday, on a charge of reckless driving. The fine was ordered suspended during good behavior. The defendant was forbidden lo drive nn auto until further order of Ihe court. The arrest was made by Bill Armstrong, highway patrol officer of the state revenue department, who said thc boy was speeding his car back and forth on Chlckasaw- ba avenue in front of the high school. Robert Taylor was fined ,$5(1 on a charge of illegal possession of Intoxicating liquor. Wallace Edwards was arraigned lie." for preliminary hearing on a burglary charge. The charge was re and Ihe negro fined S25. Byron Cooper, negro, entered Crisis Finds Britain in Disagreement wilh France; Paiis Turns lo Moscow LONDON, Mnr. ID (Up) — Europe's arms crisis look 11 new Brave turn today with Great nrllaln and Germany as well as Great Britain and France apparently In disagree tnenl. Developments were: 1.—Britain and Germany took divergent views ot the basis on which Sir John Simon and Adolf Hitler should negotiate legalisa- tion of del-man rcarmnmcnt. 2.—French sources bitterly criticized Britain's procedure. ThD French government drafted a strong protest against Germany's army service law, to. be dispatched to Berlin after a "cabinet meet- in? tomorrow. 3.—Simon, Britain's foreign secretary, was reported to have refused a French request that he visit Paris before he ROCS'to Uer- lin to sec Hitler Monday and Tuesday of next week. 4.—France was said to consider rnrm ,vi™» semil "8 Fwelgn Minister Pierre coips. whose Lavll , (f) Mo5pmv J]m n , Mk (o '-trained men bring Russia, the world's most formidable- military power, Into the crisis on her side. 5.—Italy WHS understood to be ulamiliur. to hack France by scnd- llng a strong note to Berlin. Germany nisannolnteil BERLIN, Mar. ID (UP)—German allsfactlon over foreign reception f thc compulsory service law Uimcd to anger today over-an apparent. British diplomatic inaneu- The first impression' had been that Great Britain was ready to negotiate an the tba^iV thai-.Ger- man rearmament ...was nn accomplished-fact. - , - •*, v .^ : •Russia Threatens •'' MOSCOW, Russia, Mmv 10 (UP) -A. warning thnt- If."(lib; Soviet nilw is attacked'the workers will 'blow/the fascist bandits' off! the .'ace. of the earth," .was made today 'In a' : leading editorial 'In Pravda, chief organ of-the Coin munist party. : The editorial did not refer specifically to the. present, diplomatic crisis, caused by Oennany's rc- Although Germany, has been restrained by terms of the Versailles Treaty from openly developing a strong armed force Ihe small Reioliswehr forms the nucleus of a modem army. Modernization of the Reich's military establishment is shown in this picture of cadet, officers lined up on motorcycles at the cavalry school-a hint of .(he speed with which the new German army could take the field Raymoncl Hamilton Abducts Man to "Gel My Story Before Public" Increased Allowances for -Widows, Children WASHINGTON, March IS. (UP) —President Roosevelt today Sfined and sent to congress four executive orders amending existing regiila HOUSTON. Tex., Mar. 19 (UP) —Raymond Hamilton, southwest- desperado, kidnaped a iiews- veterans. . The orders involved war time and peace time service-connected casss. As to war time eases, widows 50 to 05 years of are received an increase of »5 a month and over 65 on Increase of Sio n montn. widow.'! t-*n ut^jtmoo. Kjanapeu a news- v '^'" 1 - "» »ii> n mown, panennan last niaht -to get my: Previously have .received , , .,.,,,. mi-iiL i_u g(;i. uiy side of the story before the pulj- $30 a The. amounts for children were t . «j *"i LIILIUII/II wurc The outlaw was accomreinied bv i " lc f asf:(i *Uli a provision 1 for'a alph Foltz, former convict. " I " 1! ?" er rate f °n Children over .in iaij cnarge. me cnarge was re- Ralph Foltz former convict I '"B"t,-r raie lor: children ov" .in riuccd to disturbance of Ihe peace The newsman was Hnrrv McCor-' Voars cf 35e ' Children from 10 to nllrl IllA ntlor/l filing «^^ ._J.,_ . .,.l>., .vv«» i in ... »nn«:.._ A.. mick. reporter for the' Houston 1 1' ^ ... . --•-'« Pr<--« who paid In a r-nnvrl«hl«i a 2° lnst th e fonnsr SO. now rece 've $15 a month as ^-.. u wu r ^^, .i k >,> u , •.mvi'-'.i *» * iLw, WilO F31C1 III Q COtJVriSnied .of guilty to petit larceny story today that he was hc'ltTpris- (cliickcn stealing) and was fined oner most of the nleht T^^oi U L" nt tr 520.and sentenced to 20 days In Hamilton and Foltz talked to' reat 'W* 1 Man Alte thc county jail. McCormlck for more than two ...^ , ( ,. lv .^, UJ (nu,^ tui inure lllaTl UVO men were fined on public hours, then bound and °ac?cd him drunkenness charges. One was and left him locked in" hi's auto- discharged. j mobile on a country road between Youngsters Jailed for Attempt to Enter Store Three boys, of about 10 to H .years of ags, nero jaifcd by police last night after they allegedly attempted to break into Hfoore's Broccry store at Franklin and Cherry streets. One of the boys said he held another up to a window while the e ui tt Miter smashed a wiin n brick , quoted Hamilton as saying. Approximately 5.000.000 trees are cut annually in the United States to be used for leleRraph nnd telephone poles, IWead ami Sk™££, w^ of J™ ^* McCortnick wan found and released at 7:30 a. in. C. Waller, a fanner, said Ihe two bandits lenin;. to harm him. "All [ want Is to get my stoiy before thc public," McCormick . ' - -"• ^- t. vlUEIlViUl Ul his city, who has been hiccoiiRh- . . o., for further med IMUHUH, mo., ror further med- ""• "°y win j treatment. Ills daiiRhter nnd a 1 ' cfor m school. irmament.- It .conlained an oratorical ap peal for national- patriotism and was replete with phrases of damnation' for capitalists, fascists and the bourgeoisie "in general. School Warrans Not Valid for Texas LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A bill "assed at the recent session of 'he general assembly was declared "nconstttutlona! by the attorney general yesterday, before the measure reached the status of an act, In response to an Inquiry from G. C. Floyd, director of school 'aw and finance for the department of education, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Fitzhugh held that House Bill 115 by Chll- ders, to authorize county collectors to accept school district warrants In payment of school taxes of the district, is In violation of Amendment 11, the 18-mlll local school tax amendment. Proclamation UHRliKAS 1, Mnir appointed milyor or niythevillo for Wfdncs- y. March 20, »3t. ns a part of the nullonal' otorvam'e of nns w» and Pro f,. M lo,,al Women's week, ! do proclaim (hat , On this day men of the cily are urged to c a -oi« ra i. In giving lw»«. «-o7k " " y ""°" lnB lhWB """. llnj ' frc " fro "' Members of I he niislne.w and Profe.^lom.l Women's club hnv- IHR compiled these sugnpsllous for cntorhUninR the wlvo s 1 nmiminco llu.l, men are asked to luko their wives out to 'eal (hem spend the day visiting members or Ihe dub uml' lake them to the show. i Signed) inns..). G. , President of the niythcville liuslnc-ss and Professional Women's club and mayor of Dlythevllle for Wednesday, March 20, 1935. Day OM for Local Housewives Proclaimed by Mrs. J. G. Barnes Wednesday has been declared n holiday for housewives ot Blythe- vllle as thc first slep taken by Mrs, J.'o. Barnes, president of the Business and Professional Woman's clubs, who has been ap- Bolntccl by Mavor Cecil Shane lo serve as mayor tomorrow ns a feature of the observance of National Busin"ss and Professional Woman's week. • It Is truly to be n big day.for them.-For one thing, they can talk all they wnnt. Mrs. Barnes will be in the mayor's office at the city hall-to listen to sugircstlons which nave IOIIK been In (he henrts at women as io what will help Ely- thevllle, '!'• -.-.'.- *., Then, In n proclamation Issued by the- mayor-elect, Mrs. Bnnics i.i- asking nil - men to take their wives/out ;-tb'-lunch 'or dinlie'r 16- morro!y^-6r: 1 .bpth;-jriea)s.''lf.possible; so' there.vyill; be little> Housework'. 'Mr.Jttiid- Mrs. O. W.'VMcDutciiftn have; Invited the wives' to be guests of'honor at the theaters' \Vedncs- rtay evening, each -wlfe : beiiiR admitted free If with her husband. The house wives are also extended special Invitations • to visit, members of the Business and Professional. Women's club In their offices, shops and other businesses. Wll VI •• L, I I Boy Admits Attempts fo Rob Postoffice STEELE, Mo.—A 12-year-old boy nas confessed to two attempts to rob the Stcele postomcc in the past '.wo months. R. R. Marshall, postmaster, had been on the lookout for the party who entered the post- office on February 28 and March 6 Nothing was taken the night of February 28, but on March 6 two Mickey Mouse watches and a small amount of change were stolen and a mail package was torn aran. liv n^ t IP "L- Tllc boy traded the watches with UX UajTS Ot tllCCOUghing s °™e school students and this led vS hl$ ca - oiurc - H<! confessed lo , !A X TI ' Mo -—O. P. Sullivan of ^° th entries of the postoffice and said that he had also entered several business houses and homes here. will probably be sent 'to War Drums COLUMBIA, p a . (UP)-Ralph Fleming, of Catawfea. felt two KU.VIU Mar iq ITIPI tt.n. s|lngs_the sting of the bee, and consuls in Ea'st Africa v7c,e n face, marked -will, numerous bee slnia asTa Sgnal "or general n o ibtings, w»3 eviaence against him. blllzatlon, UK Hnnse Aporoves Doxey Rill. Amending Bankhead Cotton Control Act WASHINGTON, Mar. 19 (UP)— Tlie house lotlny nassed the Doxny hill cxemntlng farmers growing 'hree fcalfj of cotton or less from terms of the Bankhead cotton control act. Tlie measure now goes to the senate. II orlulnally contained nrovlslons extending the Bankhead act through thc crop year 193C-37 but thcs ewere deleted under an nareement whereby Republicans permitted Immediate house action on Ihe bill. It sets up county arbitration boards composed of one member appointed by the growers, one by the county agent, and a tlilrd chosen by thc first two. to which farmers may appeal with regard to allotments. Provision ats6 is Made for the sccretnrv of agriculture' to hold referenda through v.hicli farmers may exoress their preference between the Bankhead plan and n domestic allotment plan. There wits no record vote on passage of the bill but a motion to recommit It lo the agriculture commlltec was defeated, no to 273. Damage lo Wesl Main Street Store and Slock Estimated at $7,500 Fire of unknown origin swept Joe Applcbaum's Famous store, 231 W. Main street, last night, causlns damages estimated nl about $7,500, partially covered by Insurance. Fire Chief Roy Head placed the dnmage to the store's stock at about $6,000 and damage to the building nt approximately $1,500. The Guard Jowclry store, located on the west side of the dry goods store, sustained slight smoke and water damage and a vacant store room on the oust side was slightly damaged by smoke. The building is owned by Mrs. J, a. Smlbury. . The flro was discovered' shortls after. 10 o'clock) It had apparently gained qutck'ltoadWay as a 'meetlhs of the Famous soft ball league squad, In the building, had been brought to a close only an hour 01 nii'hoiir and a half before the fire was fllsco'vor'ed. '; 'Smoke wns rolling out of the building from three store rooms when firemen fought their way into the Famous store with streams of water and succeeded in halting the fire before It had spread Into the adjoining store room, Applebaum desnlte (he heavy loss he sustained praised firemen for their promnt work In bringing the fire under control. • Apulebaum had only recently received n large shipment of sprint; merchandise nnd his store was well stocked. He had not renewed substantial amount of Insurance coverage explrln? in Febnmrv. Immediate plans were underway to renatr the building the store. Currency Issue Forces Belgian Cabinet Out BRUSSELS, Belgium, Mnr. 10 (UP) — Tlie cabinet of Premier Georges Theunls. after placing Belgium on n modified gold standard, resigned today because it found lack of sufficient support tinue Its campaign for economic recovery and prevent devaluation Efforts were begun to form a Clean-un Crews WiU Enter Second Ware Joe. Carnev's surlne clean-up crews, now onerRtlne in the sec- Mmt nf thc citv cost nf the Frist railroad and south of Main street will move over Into the second wm-d late this week. The northern section of the first ward has already been po: over bv thc clean-up crews with (heir trucks, nicking uu rubbish that has accumulated over n neriod nf months nnd has been deposited In the tillevs by residents. Tlie cleanup drive, crosslnsr Into the second ward, will proceed westward until the entire city Is covered. Judge fGilmiprri (Jnahle to Preside at Osceola OPOEOLA, Arfc—The crimiilf!) ^vision of circuit court convened nere yc^terdnv. Jud^p Nell I< loner, was 111 and unable to b- nre-scnt and Jud^e S. L. GladK" wns elected special Judye to h'oW court In his absence. After Ivv- InR a number of misdemeanor cases court adiourned until \Ved- ne.=dav mo'rnlne as the grand jurv did not make a report ami wa' exoectcd to be busy all day Tuesday at least. British Troons Fire Upon Indian Moslems KARACHI. India. March 19 (UP) —A platoon of the Rovil Sussev rcslment fired 49 rounds Into a moh of more Mian 20.0M rlotln? ? todav. anin» 23 and woundine Tlie flrlne- occurred In a last Derate effort Ho prevent, n M would be represent- 70 " "ion. r the, city and attacking FlilfKT ONTO Advocates of Briclpe Aid Measure Release Governor From Promise IiTTTLE nOCK, March 10 (Up) -Oov. J. M. Piitrell will veto the mi providing for a turnbicX to ranitlc.s of state highway funds and wo olher measures believed, tq copardize the state bond refunding program, close friends p'jdlctod Tlie vetoes were expected late today or tomorrow. Hep. John Rye, of Pope county, co-author with Rep. Hendrir Rowell, ot pine Bluff, of a bill foi'ald lo bridge districts, said he felt certain the bill would be vetoed R>e .vrote n letter late yesterday releasing Governor FulreH from a promise made not to veto the measure If it passed.. Tn similar phraseology \v N Trulock, of Pine Bluff, another of the group (o .whom the promise was made, advised Governor Futrell to velo the measure 1C he thought, Uest. • • • • . Representative Rowell and his fallier, Alec Rowel), were Ilia oiily ones who have not released the governor from his promise Releases will not be sought; from these 1 two since they emphasized earl\ lu the controversy they could not icl"a?e the governor because the promise wns not made to them but to a'del- csatlon that called on him. Velo of the two pthei Hieisures nlftc-tlng the refunding program is certain if the Rowell-Ryc bill Is yelped, close friends of the governor said., . One of the bills would turn tack to counties 15 per cent of the hlsh- way revenue over $10,000.001).annually 1 and the othcv'.would giant a 3 per .cent tax discount for evaporation of gasoUne* interruption of the state's highway bond refunding, program had been thrcnjcncd If the bills law. nontlholders contended that they constituted a brepcri of the state's refunding- agreement With the refunding matters out of the way Governor Futrelt was OKoacted to beirln si?nln« appro- Drlatlon bills that did not lecchc Ihrce-fourths majority in both houses. Bills with less than those malorlties must he siged first in order to be certain of sharinf In available funds. Futre.H Selects State Police Commissioners LITTLE ROCK, March ID, «jp) —Governor J. Mqrlon Futrcll signed the state police bin. todav and involuted the three commhs oiers, insisting that (lie oreanlzatfon must be free from comical InfliiTiPc'. Tlie commissioners named are' John P. Wno-!s nf Fort Km'fch g i,. Co"k of Msrvell and W. B. Thomnldns of Pre'-cott. In letters notifv'n-r the rnnn of their annolnlmant Governor Piitreir snid thi>v \v»rn bsin» selected v?lth- out political drought. Blue Closes Garment Plant LITTLE ROOK, Ark.— Tlie Mald- "Tll Onrnifnt comnanv of Fornist r ttv cro.wl It 5 pis n t yesterday °f!er if, faiifid to obtain an order 'rom Federal Jiid<?c Mnrtlnsnu re- strnlnirjE Arkansas NBA officials from enforcing en order of the regional NR.A ofTIcc st Dallas uro- hlMtin'g use of the Blue Eagle by the Rarment manufacturer^ The ord"r. l=sued March 12 at Dallas, called neon the eormenS "omranv to pay nncroximateiv $5,"M back uav allc-tred due former nc'ro emnlovcs snd charged vio- 'r.tion of the cotton garment code. The manufacturing partners, Ed Ash. Mrs. Ssle Ash and Edmund Ash. fald the plant w?^ closed down because it could not ta> ooerated without the Blue Basle, most of its customers ref;:slns~1o buy garments without the BIus Eagle label, WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudv. showers In east portion tonisht. Wednesday mostly cloudy, warmer. Memohis enti vlc-nlty—Oc^sio^i- ol light rains tonight' and Wednesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday m»s 63. minimum 38, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official u-emhof .obsener. i

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