The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1937
Page 1
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\ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMIHANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 211. Blythevllle Courier Blylheville Herald valley • BLYTIIEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVKMHKK 20, HOT SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT8 ONE URT IN TRAIN DELftlS OF II. 5. Minister's Sudden Decision To Remain In Nanking Comr )liqates Matters NANKING. Nov. 26 (UP)—Wang Chung-liul, foreign minister of the Chinese government, announced tonight that he would remain In Oils besieged capital despite steady evacuation of government departments. Foreign embassy staffs suddenly cancelled plans to move to Chung king. Many of the embassy staffs already were loading archives and personnel on boats preparatory lo moving to Chung King, 775 miles up the Yangtze vlver to the west, when Chung-hill's unexpected announcement was made. Presence of the embassies in Nan- king threatened lo offer complications for military author- Hies, whose armies are 125 miles east and southeast of Nanking. SHANGHAI, Nov. 20 (UP) — American embassy archives were loaded on the gunboat Luzon at Nanking today and the embassy personnel prepared to leave as the Chinese government announced formally its abandonment of the republic's capital. In maki.nj thfc announcement, tile government said that its removal was made only in order to seek a more advantageous place from which to prosecut the war against Japan. It was promised that government and people would resist Japan to the last man. At Shanghai jCold Wave's Peak Is Due i Early Sunday , lly United Tress A cold wave wliicli lias enveloped the south from the northwest, will reach its peak with low tcm]>ci i- tures of from 12 to 28 decrees above xero early tomorrow. Untied States weather officials said today. The intense cold, most severe of the winter, will begin a gradual Dr. Da foe Puffs Into Gotham dissipation tomorrow, with the rise of the sun. SIT fll If PLOT Strikers Leave Akron Factory But Situation Still Is Tense the Japnaese an- » noimced the capture of Soochou", 45 miles west of Shanghai, by a strategem reminiscent of the"wood- rn iiprse>' with which the Greeks '• look Troy. - >'-."'Surprise Sleepy Chinese Fifteen men, it was asserted, obtained entrance to the city gates from sleepy Chinese sentinels, and, making their way to a. pagoda, hoisted the Japanese fljig as a signal to shock troops in concealment outside. They stormed the ill kept gates and took the city. At Shanghai, also coincident with the government's announcement of the abandonment of Nanking, a statement was made public from Mno Tse-tung-, political chieftain of the Chinese Communist army— now the eighth rout army—Issued at his hcadciiiarlers in the far northwest. The statement urged a complete change in Chinese strategy from passive resistencc lo active attack and the massing of every able bodied man and women in the country lo fight. He promised the loyal support of the Communists to the army but said that it was the AKRON, O., Nov. 20 (UP)—Sit ctowii slrikers evaculatcd bolh plants of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company today as national guardsmen in 20 cities prepared for a possible march on Akron and as comuany officials announced they would open the plant sates "as usual 1 ' tomorrow for work. John House, president of the Goodyear local United Rubber Workers said that union officials had urged the sit downers lo abandon the plans. The URW which officially sponsored the sit down strike Is a CIO affiliate. Sit down strikers in plant One began walking out shortly after the manager announced :thc plant- gates would be open as usual ftt midnight tomorrow for the fourth shift work. Workers of Plant Two follCjWed later in the morning. Though a storm of Queries swirls about him, Doctor Allan H. Dafoe, medical guardian of the Dlonn miintuplets. patiently pnlfs at his pipe and genially makes his jrolnls in a mass Inlcrvitw dnrin his visit to New York. WILL TEST ILL ON New Artesian Well Expected To Double Water Supply Here Little Rock Window Dresser Is Missing LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 20 (UP> — James A. Kerr, 35. local wlndoyr dresser, was reported missing today after police, at 3 p. m., found his car stalled against tht; railing of the Main Street bridge over the Arkansas river. Fear was expressed that Kerr fell into the Icy waters of the river. capacity test of the Blythc- elcgates At Brussels Conference Ci'itici'/.e Stand 0( America tered today that they realized cuts (local manager of the utility corn- might be necessary but objected to pany. their suddenness. I Preliminary tests indicate that (the new water source will provide Youthful President of Auto Workers Union Is Having Troubles about 1,800 gallons per minute, i winch would double the capacily ' if the local system. The company now has in opera- lion two wells, one with a capacity of LOGO gallons per, minule and another with a capacity of 800 gallons per minute. The new well I | will also be placed in operation I Monday after the lest lias mcen FSnJFRClf Will Have. Responsibility Of Administering Tenant Loan Measure i cement on Hie outside. Complele- government army which must (he victory. win Damage S'ight In Fire ' At Beauty Shop Today Slight fire damage to the Grace- Ekanor Beauty shop this mom- ing was caused by an oil burning v.'ater heater. The heater "flared up" and the wall was smoked and slightly scorched at about 7:45 o'clock this morning. ly equipped, Ihe well proximately $25. company .said. co an Is o e! LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 20 (UP) — T.. Roy Reid, regional director of today uniiouhce'd appointment of Thomas B. Falheree of Stale College. Miss., as regional chief of farm tenant purchases for the FSA in Arkansas, Mississippi and DETROIT. Nov. 20 (UP)—Homer i The Layne-Bowman company of Martin, youthful president of the Memphis were contractors for the United Automobile Workers mi- drilling, which required about 80 Ion. today summoned the union's clays. It is located on the water rencral executive board of 24 into!company's property about SOO feel emergency meeting in efforts to 1 from other wells which have been -estore industrial peace to one supplying wnler. General Motore plant and to avert oossible strike action in two others. Faced with a definite threat ! to his leadership of Ihe C. I. O. union on three fronts, Martin telegraphed the board members in all the administrative responsibllitj for operation of the Bankliead- Jones farm tenant, loan Pronounced "Complelel Recovered"; Goes T Georgia Next Week WASHINGTON. Nov. 20 (UP) — President Roosevelt returned to active duly today and White Housii aides pronounced him .J'corhpletely, recovered" from- extraction of an nbcesscd loolh and n minor intestinal disorder. Presidential Secretary Stephen Early said "Mr. Roosevelt's temperature was normal" and the swell- Ing in his Jaw hud been reduced almost lo normal by use of ice bog applications. ( ' The president's condition led Early lo say thai Ihc president "certainly" will go lo Warm Springs, Go., for Thanksgiving. His trip included an appearance Thanksgiving morning in Gainesville. Cla. Rev. S. H. Salmon Will Preach At Memphis The Rev. S. H. Salmon wil BRUSSELS, Nov. 20. IU1')--T|10 nlts'il Stales' strict policy of culnilHy 111 nil foreign win's* has Hied Inlerniillonal elforls to nic- tate the Chinese-Japanese war elcgntes lo the far eastern pciieo onfcrenco asscrled today. The 10-power conference will re- ouvenc Monday, probably only lo Ive formal approval lo » dc- iiniclnllon of Japan, nnd ll (IJourn sine die. Any pracllcnl measures for ap- ilyhiB pressure against Japar lave ben thwarted by the Anierl :i\n "Isolationist" ntlltmlo, dele jalcs said, From this, contercnce source ;Il.scloscd, It, was gathered lha Britain nnd France now Imv definite Information that the Unit cd States will not Join In apply Ing pressure against Japan. Without the full cooperation o HID United Slates. It wns agree Britain nnd France and the olhe powers nre willing lo go fnvthe with proposals lo supply Chin openly with arms nnd apply cc onomle saiicllons against Japan Some delegates said the Enroi can powers might "blame" 11 United Staates for the incffcclui results of the conference. Escape Injury When Car Is Side Swiped Friday Mr. and Mrs. Ui H. Branson, lelr duuyhliii'. Miss Mitininc, and llss Muiuiuel Wllllums. narrowly iciipi'd injin'y Into yi'slerday afl •noon when Ihi'lr car was Mde- wl|ied by nil approaching nui- ilne. drlvi'ii by .li. A. Tuylor, »l ioni'tto. The acdik'nt ori'inml nt Uik* ILy. They were cnvouto to the iinisljoro-Hlythevllli; football nine at Joneslroro. Mr. Ilinnscm ild that the iirconil car, which on (lie left hand side of thi Hjhvmy. struck his car alter he ad driven ovi'r Inward Hie .slioiil- >r lo avoid a huad-on collision Th» entire rlRlit Bide of llu ar iviis Ijiully .smn.S'ht'd. belief Agencies Act In Typhoon Swept Philippine Island Provinces Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Willie Wilson BY I BOB BURNS _ LEACHVILLE. Ark., Nov. 20. Mrs. Willie Wilson, age 24, died sections of the country, informing j here at Ihe home of her mother, each that his presence was Im- . Mrs. William Edgin, Monday, after peratlve at a Sunday meeting ofj ft short illness, che board. 6-lon Bulb Will Honor Ed ison Tlie only way you can expect to hsve a successful partnership in marriage is to take your wife Into your confidence. How in the world "do you expect her to help you work out your financial problems unless you put your cards on the table. I had an uncle who had an cx- Iravnganl wife but he didn't mind as long as his business was good, but Anally he had a long run of hard luck and one day he went to his wife and told her point-blank, he says "Dear. I'll have'ta ask you lo watch the nickels." The next night, his wife came to him and says "Honey, I went down to get that $14.00 hat you promised me and the only decent lookln* dress I could find lo go with it cost $114.00—so I charged It." He says "Well, that's gonna lilt me pretty hard—why in the world didn't you call me!" and she says "Well, I would havo had to use a pay phone and you lold me to walcr. tlio nickels!'' She was the daughter of the lak' William Edgin and Mrs. Edgin. Mrs Wilson was a member of the Church of Christ. She attended the local school and was prominent in social and church affairs. Besides her husband, she is survived by her mother, one sister and four brothers. Funeral services were conducts at the Church of Christ by tin Rev. C. W. Brannam. of Monctte Ho'.vard Undertakers had charge o the fimeral arrangements. Interment was made in the Ma nlla cemetery- York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 20 (UP)— Cot ton closed steady. open high low clos Dec ......... 767 718 766 7 Jan ......... 769 781 769 78 Mar ......... 775 787 774 76 May ........ 781 793 779 79 Jul ......... 785 795 783 793 Oct ......... 795 804 795 803 program preach al West Memphis tomor- lon Sis. ' row at services to be held nl the the three states of Region Falheree is general secretory of Criterion theater. MANILA, Philippine Islands, Nov. 20 (UP)—A typhoon, which raged through- 14 southern provlncsc Thursday and Friday, killing more than 100 persons and causing crop damage estimated as high as $5.000,000 hovered over northern Luzon Uxlay. Authorities In the fertile prov luces of Pampunga, l j angaslnau ant Mountain province took emergcucj measures lo check the threat, a flood. Torrential downpours wen expeclcd.> In Manila Reel Cross nnrt othe relief expeditions wevo preparing l< send food and medical supplies I' the devastated southern area whcr It was estimated that 20.000 home were wrecked. Scores ot persons were missing. Al Lcasl Five Arc Belicy- ed To Be Dying at Blue([old ULUHl'TELl), W. Va., Nov. 2», (UP)—Pour cnrs of n Norfolk and. Western passe|i!jcr train were derailed In n blinding snow storm, eljjht miles west of here, today, At leust one man was killed and 7B were Injured—live seriously. The dead man was n negro not Immediately Identified. The Injured verc laken lo the Bhieflcld sanl- orium and 61. Luke's hospital here, vhcrc it was said five were dying. The four cars 'left the track after rosslng a small stream near Key- ilonc und.-sliil down a 25-foot embankment. One of the cars, n passenger coach, rolled over twice aii« crushed when 11 came lo rest ,iear lh c cdgo of the stream. . . Trappn! in I'asscnjer Car Most of the Injured were trapped. In the car which rolled over. Two ot the cars which left the rails were baggage or express coaches. The second passenger coach did not turn over and was not heaVIIy damngcd. . .. . . . - --,.. The Iraln, Number.24i ciirotitc to Norfolk, Va., from Columbus, Ohio, Y. M. C. A. and dean of icn at Mississippi state college. Utility Firms' Lawyers Want To Reveal Justice's Correspondence CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Nov. 20 (UP)—Attorneys representing 18 Southeastern iitillllcs today sought (o Introduce correspondence between TVA, officials and Supreme Court Justice Huso L. Block while he was a United States senator for evidence In a Mill In which the utilities charge the federal "yardstick" power agency Is unconstitutional, The power • company attorneys asked for Issuance of a subpoena for Ihe correspondence between the TVA and Black. The requested subpoena nlso listed a great mass of other TVA correspondence nnd communications. 'Hie three federal judges hearing Ihe case which challenges the valld- Jilted Suitor's Heroics Lost On Sweetheart FORT WORTH, TOX. (UP) — A Fort Worth suitor who hail been turned down flashed a revolver anil told his sweetheart he would kill himself. The "C on (he lloor and Ihc sweetheart had the weapon. She commented: "He's a pretty (.•cod «uy — except when he Is drunk. 1 ' ivas mndo up of six cars. Trapped in wreckage of one pa5± ccnger car many of the Injured lay for more than nn hour before rescue workers were able to remove them'from the debris. J. W. Dickerson of Bulcfleld, n railroad employe, was pinned In the wreckage for three hours ber fore he was removed. Physicians at St. Luke's hospital were forced to amputate both his legs. Rescue crews, huri'lcdly organ- ised here, believed that ull the in-. Sirred were removed within three hours after the wreck.. A relief train •made up here still was working however and was checking the debris In search nf other Injured or dead. thing he knew, ho was The Pncsbyterian congregation| ity of the government to operate In is building a church there and. the electric power field, had Hie He will arrive here Monday loj until It is bulll and a ^resident 1 ,subpoena motion under consldcra- •siune his duties. Allotments totaling $1,505.041 ave been made available lo Ark- nsas, Mississippi and Louisiana nder provisions of the Bankhead- ones measure to loan to care- selected tenant fanners,, on avorable terms, lo enable them o purchase and properly Improve mall family sla; farms. pastor Is procured, each Prc.sby-j tlon today while the court, was In terian minister In this district is. recess, devoting one Sunday to services) there. Spots closed steady at 791. vip 7. Stock Prices NEW YORK. NOV. 20 (UP) — Stocks rallied sharply today after an early drop lo new lows for two years. Net gains, ranging to tlirca ., replaced losses as the market met support. A. T. & T 148 Anaconda Cop 27 3-8 Assoc. D. G Beth. Stesl Seeing Air Chrysler Cities Scrv Coca Cola Gen. Elec Gen. Mot Int. Harvest. Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet Radio Schenly Dist Simmons Socony Vac Minister Sees Popular i Songs Teaching Creed SCHENECTADY. N.' Y. (UP) — Popular songs are teaching and preaching doctrines that teachers and preachers dare not mention. The Rev. Uernard C. Clausen, pastor of the Pittsburgh First Baptist Church lold the Eastern Zone convention of the New York Stale Teachers' Association, three songs: "Did I Remember?," As illustration, he mentioned "Plenty of Money and Yon," and Caruthersville Makes Christmas Parade Plans Persons living In the torrid ami', find the sun directly overhead^al noon twice each yenr. Mfalfa Bill's Hat Is in Ring New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 20 (UP) — Trade buying lifted the cotton mar- Throe tons each of glass and steel ket ogt of early declines today and have gone into the construction; all months closed three to seven of the H-foot electric light bulb.j P omts above, that will surmount the ^ $100.000 tower at Menlo Park, N.'i Jen] '. J., ments of the late Thomas Inventor of the Incandescent trie bulb. commemorating the achieve- Mar. ... *« f.1 »V.~ 1«»n Tn*««lnr tMtc/1,^ . Pl3y . . . onen . 788 783 . 788 . 789 792 801 high low dose 795 780 795 793 786 793 786 789 792 800 797 789 802 80S 797 799 801b 807 Spots closed steady at 797, up 7 8 1-4 "Pennies from Heaven." 47 3 -*i He praised "Did I Remember?" 23 3-4 as "during to Indicate a practical 58 5-8 technique for living." J "Nine-tenths of moral failure ' Is due to failure to remember," he ; announced. "Dogs can be trained , so thai at the sound of a bell . ' certain fundamental physiological fi i g processes lake place in them. "Boys and girls, men and women, could'be trained to do the "IJ ' "jright thing always by remember 26 1-2 ' n B the consequences. We could . •u •> 5 i.g ' CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 20 -The parade committee of the junior chamber of commerce, which annually sponsors the .Christmas parade here, today announced that plans for this year's jwrade, to be held Friday night, Dec. 10. beginning at 7:30 p.m., were completed The parndc. one of the city's biggest annual events, will be approximately two miles long, consisting of twenty-two units, bands and floats. Last year between seven and eight thousand people witnessed the parade and this year Ihe Jaysces expect an even larger crowd, since Haytl and Steele arc cooperating with the local organization, the Lions club of Hayti and the Rotary club of steelc having each sponsored one float. The theme of the parade will be "Fairy Lnnd", with ten large floats depicting well-known nursery rhyme characters. iare Legged Girts Irk Merchant of Palestine 22 1-8 15 Oil N. J 45 1-2 Texas Corp. ..., 38 U. S. Smell 55 1-2 wollld darcd ~ Chicarjo Wheat Dec. May low ciosc 901-4 923-4 ftO 1-8 931-8 901-8 025-8 open hlgl( 90 1-4 93 1-8 take the minds of our pupils and train them 50 when danger presented Itself a bell would automatically ring in the back of their minds." Chicago Corn open high low close Violin Marked "Slradivarlux" WYNNE, Ark. (UP)—An old violin, believed lo be one made by the Italian master. Stradiyarlus, is owned by R. H. Stephens, a fann- er living near here. Inside of the ! violin are inscribed the words "Antonlus Stradlvarius Crcmonen- ils, Faclebat''Anno 1721." „ ,.. .... Begun In the 12th century, Nolri Dec. 531-4 547-8 531-4 543-4; Dame Cathedral, in Paris, never ha: May 5« 1-8 573-4 561-8 57 5-8 j been completed. TEL AVIV, Palestine (UT>)-Snm- uel Levy, shopkeeper, docs not like to set- girls wearing shorts and golrig about with bare legs in the| streets. He warned two girls not to pass his shop with their legs bare. But they did. So he threw ink over] their legs. The magistrate fined him $5. Working- Girls Quit Dicls MINNEAPOLIS (UP)—The American "while-collared" working girl rapidly Is losing interest In the once-popular reducing diet fed, a survey by 2.600 workers sampled in 22 cities by Northwestern National Life Insurance Company has revealed. Only Murder Case On Pemiscot Docket Delayed CAKUTHERSVILLE. Mo., NOV. 20 —The first week of the reauljir November term of circuit court was" brought to a close here today, not very much Interest being manifest In the court due to 'the absence of minimal case.?. .The, single murder hearing, from this county, of Ezra Cravens), of near Hayli, charged with lhc slaying of his wife, Mrs. Edith Cravens, sometime ago, was again continued. Ten persons have received s:ii- tcnccs lo prison for various crimes, all of'them receiving/two years each. Those sentenced nre W. B. Plunk, Jack Williams. Bob Walton, Elmer Jones, James Weaver, Richard Schull, Cecil Duncan, Elijah I McCollum. A. D. Davis received 'r< no-day Jail sentence, and Henry Gullctt, 17. was given four years in prison for ransacking nn automobile. jB. A. Lynch Will Speak To B. and P. W, Club n. A. Lynch will speak at the icgular meeting of the Business and Professional Women's club Monday night at 7:30 o'clock In the Rose Room ,of ; the Hotel NO- blc. His topic, "What Controls Business." fits into the "Town's Business" program of the club Tcr this year. Mrs. Frank Whitworth is In charge of the program to which the public Is Invited. With his inevitable halt-chewed cigar, scraggly mustache and dusty, well-worn clothing, William H. ("Alfalfa Bill") Murray, self-styled "Sage of Tishomingo," has emerged from political rellremenl to announce he will run for governor of Oklahoma in 1938 on a "reform" platform. Bill, shown above in a recent picture, was governor once before, and gained so much fame lor his unorthodox ways that he •ought the Democratic pvcsiden- f. tlal nomination in 1932. ;, Harry W. Haines* Car Damaged In Accident Harry W. Ha hies' automobile was badly damaged yesterday afternoon when It was struck by a truck at the intersection of West Ash and Tenth streets. Mr. Haines. who was drivSnj. escaped injury and 4he truck was not damaged. The truck, which was owned by Lee Duncan, was driven by Henry Thompson. Mr. Hames' car was struck as he was turning from Ash into Tenth at about 4:15 o'clock. The west bound truck struck the side of jjw car. crushing the front and rear fenders, and caving in the running board and door. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, not. qutte^ so ccld in northwest portion tonight. Sunday\ fair with slowly rlstns tenrpe&tures. Memphis and vicinity—Pair to- night'and Sunday; continued cold tonight, lowest temperatures, 24 to 28; slowly rising temperatures Sunday; Monday wanner. •

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