The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1933
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Served by the United Press BIYEHEVIELE COIHOER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 195 Bly'hevllU: • IJaily, Nf»». BlytbeTUIe OoorMr. UJs/Uailppl V»U«r L»»drr Rivih^vtlk Herald. BLYTIIKVILLM, ARKANSAS. \VHDN KSDAY, NOVHMRKK 1, ISM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OMA CITY OIL WELL IN FLAMES CULL mm ID IESTIF1 IN British Off For South Poln. Too Slnie Seeks to Recover on La\vrr-;ice County Collector's Surety Bond. WALNUT R1DOE, Ark.,. Nov. I. i UP I— Subpscnas for four stale officials and former Governor Ilp.rvev ! : :irnel[ were issued today hy J. T. Alexander, Lawrence county circuit court clerk, ordering them to ap- prar in circuit court here December C. They will testify for the state In the case ot State of Arkansas vs. 0. W. Webb, Consolidated Indemnity nnd Insurance company, and Ohio Casualty company, which was filed several months ago by E-'l j;umelt. Little Rock attorney and; special stale counsel. Suit was brought to collect S41,- Ott.Sl, plus n penalty of $22.574.18 which it is alleged it owed the stale hv \Vchb, who was tax collector for 1-n.wrence county in 1932. The surety companies were his bondsmen. More than a year ago Webb sent a check to the state treasurer for $10,000. drawn on a Walnut Hidge bonk. Although Webb had the money on deposit the institution could not pay. Later the bank was ekscd. Others summoned to testify Inclfde Griffin Smith, slate cemplroller. Hoy Leonard, state treasurer, Hal Norwood, attorney rrneral, and Oscar Humphries, stale auditor. Refuses to Obey Order to Give Up Blue Eagle BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Nov. 1 IUP)—E. p. Scharfenstein, prop- Farmer's Wife Holds Strike Pickets at Bay WAUKESHA, WIs., Nov. 1. (UP) ' —A revolver held In (.lie steady] lililit hand ol Mrs. Charles Kiel-] cher, a fanner's wife, cowed n mob | or 150 angry him strikers today. !.,... . Tile strikers attempted to dump Willie milk ftom a dairy Iruek In the FlHchcr farmyard. Mrs. Fletcher held olf the turbulent crowd until deputies arrived. House * Observations l.v (!. R. B.: Places $100,000 Value on Love Must readers of this pa|H'r luuv l"":itll 'unit [)[!(' to' II IhoU-^Ild v limes tin- complaint llinl Hlyllu:- '• vllle nnnjle won't Mip]K>rt home , ,, . . . . . i liislltutlons, that llicy just natnr- ' '.nllC.'Sm of mv not loyal to their own cnmimmUy. I 'Ihe amipliilncrs con cite you book mid page, nnd sonn>tlmi.-.s tion Georgia Troops Guard Negro Killer of Girl WASHINGTON. Nov. (UP) — Pix-tidiNtl Roosevelt made clear today In th? midst ol developing trll- leiMii ihni lie feels thai the drive — l : l<Jr recovery Is progressing both lu ATLANTA. Nov. 1. <UI>>—A|iu monetary nnd recinpluymetU picked company "f national irunrds- • plmses. men was assembled toilay to escort] Tiie While- House reaction lo the Mack James, negro, to Hc:ncr. Or ] utovery program's status came as he will go on (rial later In governors ot farm bell states has- the day on charges of assault and tvncd here tc appeal for aid In ll'e murder of a white girl. direction of currency Inflation nnd Governor Eugene Talmadgc was as financial circles remained nn- tcld that feeling was running high lv rtaln as lo Ir.c success of the ad- In Banks county, where thc trial mtnUlrattOM's gold buying policy. will be held. Tt'.e president hopeful, the V7hile House said today, that gold liun-iinses abronil will raise the general price leVel. nn<l Hint while a they s^em lo make nut it mvliy linod cuse. bill I wonder If In most InsMiici's the I rouble docs not lie in least xi much with the local In: Illutioii as with the folks who it'll lei supltoit It. : For years lUythevlllc bakeries : implied mast of the broad mid i other bakery floods comumcd here [iinl In this vicinity. Then Memphis nnd other out of town bak- • ••',.. y|..'-i(. ( i to make truck deliveries here and gradually limy obtained a huge purl of thc business. IL was sttld that it wns slin- nly liupor.sllile for a local bakery lo comiicle, that the folks here would just naturally buy mi out nf Inni product In preference to shift may occur In re-• one made hero. And this seemed cii.plnymcnl. that aloiij; broail lines turn \vill continue upward. With expeditions from America and England bound for the bottom ot the earth, the Antarctic promises to be a busy place for scientists this year. Embarking on a venture similar to Admiral Richard E. Byrd's expedition, the British Royal Research ship, Discovery II, Is pictured rle'or of Sunshine Goners,..which t (tclow ) at London''before 'leaving for the'south pclar. regions.; Cap- it! S ~Mi^"HSe 0r on r grounij UI U. el ria e d ln * N ' Nclson ' commander of thc Discovery, |j shown (top, left), failed to comply with NRA slipu- with J. H. Thomas, Dominions Secretary, making a final Inspection. lations, today refused to turn his ?JRA emblem to local officials. "The order to surrender our Blue Eagle is unjyst and unfair, said Scharfenstein. "We consider that thc local board has discriminated against us." Asks Refusal to Bid at Nebraska Tax Sales LINCOLN. Neb. — Gov. Charles W. Bryan today appealed to residents of Nebraska to refuse to on rropert; offered for sale next Mcntlay by county treasurers tr pay dfliiuiutnt taxes. LERD1 FflR FIFTH TEM Renort of Lake Street Church Shows All Obligations Met in Full. The Like Street Methodist church will report to the meeting of conference Isnujht at Jonesboro that '. Prf f*PQ' "^ conference claims antl ether ob- 1 * ' tl ' ca ligalions of the church yenr havi A. T. and T 110 5-8 Anaconda Copper 145-8 Bethlehem Slrel 283-4 Chrysler 39 3-4 Cities Service 21-4 Coca Cola 06 1-4 General Amercan Tank 28 General Electric 18 3-1 j been paid in full. Al a meeting of the church members last evening all reports were submitted which slxwed that the church had "gone over the top.' About a 100 members have been received into the church in the past year. The board of stewards has as'ned General Molars 271-8| tm , conrcronc! . to rcturn t) le International Harvester Middlcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward f>'ew York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum 'irtdio Corp Simmons Bccb' ot. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N 7 J Tc::a- Co :... U. S. Steel 35 7 ' 3 ,tor. Ihe Pev. W. J. LeRoy. lor his ., J, fifth year. 10 '"„! Officers installed for the new 20 5-8 . 3 1-2 14 1-4 0 5-8 15 7-B 2 1-2 40 7-8 HI SEEK LOCH Former Officer Receives lo be true. The last local bakery, went rapidly down hill nnd for n I.ovo of Harry JOG llrown, film director and producer, who recently married Sally HLlorK, l line last summcY nu bread made I coittly married Sully hllcm, la in Jllvlhcvllle could be bought In 1 vulniMl at $100.000 hy Minjork Hie stores of this city. j Wliltcla. above, known nu tin Describes 'New Deal' .as 'Rewildenngly Contradictory.' . NEW YORK, NOV. 1. (UP)—Al- ficci E. Smith tcday termed Ute N'HA "all very puzzling" and questioned the legality of certain NHA slate laws. His opinions were in an editorial in the November issue of his magazine, New Outlook. Smith said President Roosevelt's new deal was unwarrantably* optimistic and bewllderingly contradictory. He pointed out that "while General Johnson thunders optimism . .. t through a-thousand-voices of th" in connection with an accident NRA. the 'comparatively still small * ; voice cf Mr. Hopkins, the federal relief administrator, warns that, there is tough sledding ahead and that government relief resources are Inadequate to meet It." Smith, suggested that some NRA Then n new management look screen its Marjorlo (lay. Murjorl.. over a local baking plant, wcnti * M B ' Ctl " Ulllm 8 "" uS'ilnS'l mildly to work, put out a hluh 1 Urown, alleging- lie asked her. In quality product, and gradually' i'J 2 '. lo marry Mm nml luis luilli ttu us business unlll now renewed liU nmrrluKo Blylhevllle, bread, retailers tell mo,| ' IS the biggest fuller In town and iiii some stores outsells all oulsHc brands combined. tliLietj. f ; 11 Is not necessary lo point this 101" story's moral. oOo The Courier News has always urged Its readers lo patronize their] home business houses. Every dol- TO PRDBE Minimiim Penklty Driving While Drunk. O=car Elliott, former iiolice office:', was found guilty of driving, lar spent nt home heljis pay local j while intoxicated by a Jury In clr-1 taxes, provide employment for lo-j . , ; ., r • . cnli court here this afternoon and! ml people, and keep the wheels of Al KallSai> IVlall WHS JOIIH hi*'punishment fixed tit a fine of! local business turning. In thc long M., n '. 1(jo r nf <fc 10 000- S100 the minimum for the oITcnse. I vim It Is wise policy for Blythc- Manager Ot $iy,WU, Elliott was convicted of thc'oflcnse vljle people lo spend their, money which occurred last spring when he wns a city police officer. Charts I'nlitleal Persecution Trial of Elliott was marked by bitter exchanges between counsel onti was featured In particular by ... _ „ . - heuted argument of Neill Reed, tor- state laws conflicted with previous- mer Bl'ythevllle mayor, who clmrg- ,ly adopted laws still in force. He cU prosecution ot Elliott was "po- .•,'pointed out as one the prohibition! littcal persecution." Elliott was a 11 against taking properly without due j police officer under Reed at the process of law. time the accident, which resulted li<re even when .(hey might do a little .better, buying j' elsewhere. Many local people realize tht? and practice a trade at home jwllcy to which they make cxceiitlons only when they require articles unobtainable here. Bu^ that reflect* a degree of civic consciousness which is not possessed hy the great majority. It does not follow that they are disloyal to Blylheville. They will trade al home In preference lo elsewhere If satisfied they are getting an even break. Blylheville Contestants Be Selected at Theater Tuesday. Who will be "Miss Blylhcvills"? This question is foremost in the mti d' of evcryi:i:e today as selections being nadr- for tin contest at the Ritz theatre next Tuesday eveniii*. "Miss Blythe- villc" wjll rcpifsont this city in the bear.ty contest for qi:een of nmtheast. Arka!j; Missouri in the Ainiislice Day program here Saltnday, November 11. Already ten pretty girls have l-cen entered in the local contest. They are Missp.i Mary Elien Stevens. Othus Brackin. Virginia ISeefrf Candida, o^o^T^I: £ "tJSL 'E^ticm' OF BfiSSETI DIES about a month after the accident. Eecd invited members of the jury to his office to hear thc "rest of should ask Itself, therefore, whether It is doing everything Rites Held. Yesterday for IIFTEIiIUHJJ Millions in Property En- 'fonncrcd as Flames Leap Beyond Control. OKLAHOMA CITY. Nov. 1 (UP) —Uursllng Into flnincs following; a mvstciloiis exnloslon at daybreak, 'lie untnncr one Reno oil well of F'rii'k Rus*elt Petroleum comnanv, *. nliant a mile from Ihe city linll.ww . out of control here, lodny as 150 flrr-mcn foucht • the llould^flre. Tlirce oil tanks adjoining. the • ; well were In fltinies. About 50 other wells nearby were ' shut down. • Camp house fninlllcs were vacated nnd guard lines set up as the flames shot Into the air rind henvy black smoke rolled over thc cn- ttr" eastern half of the cllv. • Millions of dollars of oil company property was Imperiled. Thc • "•".][ Is located In the norlh end of the great Oklahoma Cllv field. An hour after the explosion the flumes melted away the surjports of thc 100-foot sicel derrick and It crumpled n round thc mouth of the oll ( furnace. Storare Tank F.xplotlrs TIVERSTON. R. I.. Nov. 1 (UP) —Three men were killed nnd a do/en Inlurcd In the explosion- of a fuel oil storage tank at the nlanl of thc New England Tcrm- innl company hero today. The huge tank, one of eight on the reservation, was being tested when thc blast'occurred, fire which followed clouded thc skv wlth- tlitck hlack smoke, visible for miles around. . 000, Svndicatfe. -.; . .-'-r-orvV-. WASHINGTON, Nov. ,, ;~. (UP)— A S10.COO.000 railroad securities syndicate; of which Hnrvey C. Couch, now a director ot the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, was joint manager, shared the" attention of stunt* stock market Investigators today with Albert H. Wiggin's profitable private corporations. Couch's syndicate was in Seaboard Airline, now In receivership. It was organized January 29, 1930, before Couch was ap|>olnted to the R. P. C. board. CanithfrsTilU Fanners CARUTHERSVTLLEj Mo.. Nov. 1.. —The Cariilheravllle Production Credit association has been organized here. R. O. Johnson of St. Louis came here to assist farmers In organizing and In making ap- '. plication to the Farm Credit .'Administration for n'charter. The application for llic charter was signed by 11 farmers wlio'wlU become incorponitors of. the' association. Tliey are: S. P. Reynolds, M. R. Rowland, M. F. Curry, O, P. . The Arkansas utilities magnateiTilghnion, H. A. Tlstadt. Otho and former director of tile Chase| Pierce. G. R. Gllllland, S. F. Fraz,'J i n ccl"that coiiipe'tliioir.l ua "k twice previously lias figured her. R. C. Mullinlks, N. F. Avis and_ Tlic second ciuestion Is whether. Ifjln ttw senate Investigation. - i iiv M:uuuu mu.;»uuii L.T rtjivnivi, *. ••• — - •-•- "-• the story" after he Imd been told [h( , nrst qllcstlon c!ul \ x n ,iswercd| He was on J. I>. Morgan nnd to stick lo tin-record. | |n lllc n [[| rmrv tlve, ills acquaint-] company's bargnin stock list nnd Denver Dudley, prosecuting attor-, |r potential customers here with the Dillon, Rend and company in- ncy, replying to the defense accu- L,,,, (ftct Umt lhcy cnn do ja ...... ,. rations of "ijersecutlon," declared, wcll here fts t]1 Memphis or that had his deputy had political j Villcrc . Veteran Who Fouoht in! persecution In mind he would have r = forced Elliott to trial before thc France. mayor's race wns decided instead BASSETT, Ark.. Nov. 1— Funeral services were held yesterday for John Hill Harrison. 35-yjar-old World war veteran, who died Monday at the U. S. Veterans hospital at Memphis. Tenn. year are; P. B. Jarrctt. charge lay leader; Ivcrson Morris, siiperinten- dt-nl ot Sunday school; Bert Mayo, recording steward; W. L. Green. H. E. Tinker, J. M. Murray. Harry Wcidman. L. E. Gay. Lafayette May. C. J. Cox. Bert Mayo. Ben Wi^iivs. Alma Maloncy. Mrs. A. M. Church. Mrs. Harry Taylor. Mrs. of wailing until later. The first explanation of the RC- cidcnt frcm the defendant's viewpoint was given when Elliott look the stand yesterday, lie said that he drove up beside a car he was chasing in Ili2 1000 block on West Main and that, the driver of the other car turned into his machine, forcing him to strike a car parked Wliitworlh and Marjoric Stewart, east of Bnssett. Thc Swift Under-'] half way off thc pavement on the Anyone desiring to enter a contestant. wh[ch rosts nothing, is asked to call Mrs. Tat O'Brynnt. chairman of the committee which passing upon all contestants. Blotneyer. Irnm Lnnra Barnes.] The Rev. Paul Galloway offlci- Virginia Terry, Anne Morris, Mar-1 aleri at the services, held at the l't:ret Crass. A.icen Fields. Rtilli|hoinc of W. B. Burkett. three miles The' local institution that meets outside prices, quality, and service Is not going lo suffer from outside competition unless II keeps Its ability to meet that competition a secret from the iicople of this community. Selections made in two other towns tu'lay. Miss D:anu McKinnon. daughter of Mrs. E. A. York Cotton i George shanks. E. II. Crook of' '•^Kinnon. will te "Miss Armorer. | New Liberty, and Mrs. J. W. Fields Mlss McKinnon. • of Lcnc Oak. 5 1 trundle, is employed at the Lee miry showed Couch borrowed S3CO,- OW from that flrm In 1928 and still o\;cd $150,000 so fur as the record showed up to December 31, 1931. Ferdinand Pccora, committee counsel, said he would return to- dny to Wiggin's short sales of Chase stock. Thc Investigator wants to know how much Wlggin mtide by Jumping the gun 31 days ahead of the October. 192D, market crash. Wlgghi b3gan selling his own hank slock short on September 10, 1929. Wlffgin lokl I'ecorn thc short transactions were profilaule but pitKo r _Jn_I aw of "' ' ' B. L. Buchanan. It is expected that the applied-. .Ion v.-'ill be approved, and the charter granted within ten days. When It receives Its charter, thc Saruthersville association will make loans for the production of cropsr llte loans lo be made from three to twelve months, depending upon. the type of loan, and. at present, they Vtll bear Interest at 8 per cent. The loans will be secured by mortgages on the crops finnnccd. NF.W YORK. NOV. I (UP) — Cot I on cUwcd very steady. .tsin ?'.irch f.iny Ji-ly Pc 1 ' Spft<: OlJC'l OSS D5J !)72 987 aw 1013 high 03C 902 07C MO 1C04 1019 low close MO 955 947 901 976 Waterworks Loans for taking company of Osccola wns in . left side. He said he continued the charge of funeral arrangements. [pursuit, caught and passed the car Harrison took part in battles ofjlw was cluslng almost at the Dithe Argonne. Mcuse. Verdun and vision street intersection, and was others. He enlisted as a youth and ! preparing lo slop and arrest' the i r was a member of Ihe 115th Field 'driver of the other car when thoj Man Is LxneclCa to race Charge of Murder. WILSON, Ark., Nov. 1— Clarence Morris, 25, of Carson Lake, died talc yesterday from wounds infllcl- c.-l by his father-in-law. Austin By- Artillery, 30th Division. ! Intter drove into him from behind. Three months ago Harrison wns; shoved him across Division street, advised by physicians that he had; nnd drove rapidly awny south on a lung disease and was admitted lo the Memphis hospital. store at Armorcl as cash- He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. Division. Elliott said he was tempting to turn around and continue Ills chase when he slreck a Her sister. Miss Magdalene Ella Harrison, three sister. Mrs! J.!second parked car on thc left side i McKinnon. was declared "Miss W. Miller. Mrs. W. B. Burkett and j of the street. Arkansas Approved. ^^ ^L'"^ 1 net!. contest since mar- closed ilccidy al 975. un- i,;; *^ y ASHING10N - Nov 1 (UP)-; Mlss Orl( ,, ia Hircs . daughter ot 975 987 I Public Works Administrator Ickes! Mr . and Mrs j. D . Hires " of U|X _ , tt "!r™l d .,,^ ,J ™™ l;™-S 3 |"' a - vvl " «prc.v:-t that town. Miss '""" n n """ " I Kircs, who is well known through- 1 oitt northeast Arkansas, was se- jlicfd by thc l-c.iuty contest coni- nitltep, ps was 'Miss Armorcl". 989 1010 1003 1019 Or/cans Cotton had been allotted to 38 non-fed- ernl projects In 22 states. The Arkansas allotments Inchid- and NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1 (UP>- .giant, water SbU.uw. I«. . . r I Junction City. Ark.—Loan and "ITS. Annie IfOtlS Cctton closed very steady. open high low 917 050 933 951 058 947 967 980 995 lOllb Dec Jan March Kny July Get 873 986 close 948 958 972 • 986 998 i grant, water system. $38.000. Victoria. Ark.—Loan and grant,] nalerworks, $36,000. Japanese War Minister Denies Plans for " . . . Mrs. Jim Young, the latter of Black i Smcllert Liquor Contractors Win Suits' Over Gasoline Taxes •imc inn, LITTLE ROCK. Ark. — Trinity lii,s not revealed the si:m involved. Farm Construction Co. and T. -A. Griffin, contractors on levee work In Mississippi county, were granted federal cnurt orders here Monday permanently restraining Fred Watson, state commissioner of revenues.' from collecting tax on gasoline used by them in levee work num. Bynum surrenderee! soon after Fish, and two brothers, Ed Harrl-i It was when Elliott's machine the shdotlng and was to be charg- son and Will Harrison, the latter! struck the second parked car that cd with murder. •- -- Morris WPS fired upon by Bynum as he drove his car into the Ford a captain in the U. S. military ser- 1 Dr. Max O. Usrcy. who was sitting vice in south America. The deceased was a son of Dr W. K Harrison, who died in 1913. in thc car. and Mrs. A. O. Aitkm. rlnnding nearby, were injured. Elliott also sustained injuries. During the trial Dr. Usrey tcsti- i Ted that he smelted linuor when j Iv: went up to the window of El- of Huffman Is Bright Baby Dies - , ". t.l '"'*** LiJI H1U.T UlU LIUfltlfJJI.. I"' !'• James Lowerv Bright, year old] L - Hllstand . who trestcd E llictt af- '?j°I. iv , i, S ^ J ' B ri e Vi'er the accident, and Sheriff Clar- Companions oi Robber Wanted in Alabama CAIIUTIIEHSVILLE. Mo. — In- vcftlgalton of the al tempted rob- prior to October 30. tery of the Coitclt store last Sat- Their suits for an order re- ttrdny night when the wo«ld-bj ! rtrntning collection • 'of gasoline tax robber was slio'. nnd killed hy Toy fill-sequent to October 30 were dis- Cottch, owner, has revealed that Milton Bonds and a woman who gnve her name ns Mrs. George Holr missed without prejudice. It is understood that thc companies reached an agreement with Mr. Watson . r v« .... ..;,.•—•— --. — comb, wife of thc slain man. are for the refunding of gasoline tax both wanted in Alabama for jump- Ing $500 bail. Bonds is wanted in connection with a robbery there similar to the garage and salesroom here yester- one hero, and the woman is unde payments which they may make .subsequent to October 30. day morning. Bym:m leveled his shotgun .it Morris through thc rear window of his son-in-law's car, fired once and then walked around l»nd for participating in a fight there. Prosecuting Attorney Robert W. Hawkins and Sherill S. E. Jttdcn ^ Cuban Regime Tacing __ ^ __ ^ llctt's"car after thei accident. nr.~F.I to the side of Morris' car and fired I report that the wcman is not the Mrs. Annie Crotts, 55. i dav morning, wife of | Funeral services were held Tins- j Lee Crotts. died at the family j day morning at the home of the home near Huffman at four o'clock I rtev. P. Q. Rorle pastor of thc ^,.,. J ... ,_„ „„ rf .»,,, ,„, Methodist church here, off! TOKYO «.- n i i«_»ixiv^, R,x>ls cle«d :Uady at 945. up 3.1 si 1. (UP)—Aggres-i Araki, Japanese Tuesday morning. Her death fol I lowed nn stlack of pneumonia. ' Funeral services were held Tues- at A 1101. m^Liiuui^i, i:iiurcn iifit:, uni „«„»,, j . n .i . dating. Interment wns made at c ° n ' cn(1 ^ "' °f in -lEimwood cem-^ry. The Cobb Un-!'^. 1 ™" 1 ^ ^ * Chicago Wheat May Dec May 0|Kin S6 1-2 88 1-2 high 87 1-4 89 1-4 low 81 5-8 34 close 83 85 3-4 Chicago Corn open 43 5-8 49 1-3 high 43 3-4 49 3-4 low 39 7-8 45 a.j close 41 3-8 47 i-a ln cliargc of funcral SlR m' The deceased Is survived by her husband, several sons and daugh- pletely," the leading militarist of the island empire said. : ters. CONCORD. N. H. (UP)—A- re- Preparedness, he intimated, com-1 cent ruling by the State Fish and pels Japan to build Its army to par- ! Game Department provides that Ity with Russia and Us navy to ap- thc same dog cannot be used lo pioximate the United States naval nag more than 10 raccoons In n ' ' " . MMWi . _,_!_!_ ' dertaking company was In charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his parents and one sister. Litvinoff Sails CHERBOURG. Prance. (!fP) — Maxim UtvinofT. commissioner of foreign affairs lor Soviet Russia failed today JOT America to discus.? v.llh Presldenl Rooscvell Ihe recognition of his nation by the United States, cpuld not say that Elliott was or" was not in- tcvlcatcrl. Raymond Rutledgc. a felloe- officer, said Ellbtt was not drunk. A. G. Altken said he "acted queer," a statement (he defense with Elliott's was dazed in the accident. Elliott was fined SIOO and given SO-day jail sentence In municipal court, where he offered no defense to the charge but appealed. Kidnaping Case Tomorrow Trial of Thomas Fleleher Lester, alleged kidnaper of three Poplar Ccnicr children, will open tomorrow. again. There had been ill feeling between Morris and Bynum since last spring. Funeral arrangements v.-cre Incomplete today. The deceased is survived by his 16-year-old wife, Bynum's daughter, two sisters, Mrs. Emmett Speck and Mrs. Leslie Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, and two brothers, Lawrence Morris of Osceola and Odcll Morris of Osccola. He Is also survived by his father, Jeft Morris of Osccola. wife of the ,s!aln man but Is the wife of George Buchanan of Oun- :ersvllle, Ala. Alabama authorities have' asked that Bonds and Mrs. Buchanan be held for Alabama officers, but local officers Intimated that charges of accessory to the robbery attempt would probably be preferred against them here. Lester is accused of the children away from their home during Iho absence of their father 'and (Continued on Page Three) Increasing Trouble HAVANA, Nov. L (UPl—Signs of imminent disintegration of units supporting Ihe Grau San Martin povernment multiplied today as authorities took- severe repressive measures against opponents. Bombings In the capital, strikes In thc provinces, arrests of soldiers, labor men. and politicians in. the provinces, and supresslon of two newspapers and a radio station, Indicated a growing storm. Gold Price Up Again WASHINGTON, Nov. 1. (UP) — The government today raised Its price on newly mined American gold to $32.26 an ounce from the $32.12 cent level of yesterday. The price was an overnight nd-ll.rre he killed his wife In a Seek Husband in Murder of Atlanta Stenographer ATLANTA—The mutilated body of Mrs. Peggy Still, young Atlanta stenographer, lay In a morgue today while law enforcement officers searched for her husband, Floyd WEATrlER Arkansas— Increasing cloudiness tonight and Thursday; Slicwers and cooler in northwest portion. Memphis and Vicinity — Partly- cloudy tonight and Thursday, n4t much cbsnge in temperature. ; Still, 25, former school teacher,! The maximum temperature here V.IRCK of 14 cents an ounce. who revealed In n note to a friend tilled his wife In a nt of anger. yesterday wns 83, minimum 67, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official w«alher observer.

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