The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY,'MAY 31, 1950 Scouts Receive Advancement at Court of Hdnor 20 Boys from Three Blytheville Troops\ Awarded Promotions v Twmty Boy Scouts from three niylheville troops received advance, fi^eots in rating, five were presented fljerit badges and 10 received the Tenderfoot investiture last night at a North Mississippi County District Court of Honor held in the Junior! Chamber of Commerce clubhouse here. Principal speaker on the program was James Gardner. Charles Moore presented Class Scout pins and ' Dr. B p. Scott awarded the second cJas.s pins. Merit badges were presented by Fred Callihan and Percy A. Wright, advancement chairman for the district, presented three attendance pins and a Star Scout pin. The Tenderfoot investiture was conducted by Scoutmasters llandall Hawks and Kenneth Richardson, nrcomes Star Scout Participating I" the Court of Honor wore Scouts from Troop 22 sponsored by the Jayc'ees; Troop !l .sponsored by the American I.cgiun; nnd Troop 38, sponsored by the First Christian Church. Charles Hay Hall received the Star Scout pin and merit badges for rabbit raising, machinery, con.serva- linn, astronomy, beef production, home repair and animal husbandry. Receiving their First. Class Scout pins were Robin Walsh, Fay o. Davis, Charles O. Gurnow and Fred Gore of Troop 38 and Lanny Fowler of Troop 31. Second Class Scout pins were awarded to Dorane Adams, nojiald Johnson. Fred Gore and Bnb Wilf 'tain, of Troop 33; Jerry Ed- Is. Ellis R. Spencer, jimmy ipkins and Buddy Van Hooser of Troop 22; and Fred Abbott of Troop 31. Invr.slidirfl Ilrlrt Participatm? in the Tenderfoot investiture were Eddie Bakes, Hilly Simmons, Jerry Cable, Dennis Chapin and Jimmy Lum of Troop 31; and Harry Haylor. Adam Taylor. Bobby Hill. Billy Riirnhani, Billy .Imies and Jimmy Callihan of Troop Other merit badges were presented the following: Fred Gore, music, home repair and animal husbandry; Bobby Francis, music; Roger Sndbury. music; Oliver Coppedge. pork production. One-year attendance pins were awarded to Robin Walsh, Bobby Francis and Charles Hny Hall. This was the last Court of Honor to be held prior to the summer camps. BLYTIIBVIU.E (ARK.) COURJEn NEWS Economic Advisers Claim U. S. Must Get Rich Faster !!y C'lurke Israeli WASHINGTON—America is gct- tlns richer mid richer. Hut. still It isn't petting rlcli fast enough. If it doesn't get- rich faster, serious trouble lies ahead somewhere. That's the substance of the conclusions experts draw from Hie latest monthly report to Congress dy Hie President's Council of economic Advisers. Nearly all business Irutices liare been rising in rcccnl moiHhs, anil business projects look sood. So said the President, and so say Ills economists. Yet the nnlton Is nffrclcd with crcejiinij uncmiiloymcnt. if unein- ployincnl, keeps oj] rising iiirfeflil- iicly, any economist wl. agree that But the labor (orce keeps growing— Ihe body of persons working or seeking work. It totaled 62,305,000 in March 19M. Jt nas 63.021.000 In March of this year—a gain of 716.00 persons. Unemployment Increased from 3,167.000 In March 1MO to 4,123,000 In March of this year—n gain of 958.000. Those figures worry government economists. They, the ['resilient a d congress arc committed to the principle thai America's economic hope lies In full employment. That means creating new Jobs fast enough lo give work lo the ever-growing mass of persons who ne 1 It. Must Creafe Ktw Jobs ortlcr to rto this, according * ^ -- "• ™" "siLi.' viii*L in umfi 10 no tins, according a clay'of reckoning must come. A- j to the economists, Ihe nation's In- 00111" tllO Olllv IlPJll t tlV rt'fi tt rrt t \tnirl ^.,,.» ..;.™1 n ».i it i i_. ..__._ _ i has been rising ever since the postwar low of 161 last July but still is not so hl 8 h as 1. 1917 or 1<M8. riant (hill:i)- Down Expenditures for new plant and equipment are on their way down, according to the Council. They amounted to {18.120,000.000 in 1919. The Council estimates that they will be only $16.030,000.000 this ye.n 1 . The annual rate dropped more than $2,000,000.000 between the fourth quarter of 1949 and the first quarter of this year, In Hie second hali oi this year Ihe rale will be only $15,140,000.000, says the Council. What can be done to expand production and bilnx about this ever- expanding economy, One measure, according lo a highly placed economist, might be lo Increase somehow Ihe volume of small business. r l)! K business is gelling bigger air the lime and small tnuineM proportionately smaller. Another answer might he, he said, lo reduce prices (chiefly by reducing (he percentage of profits) In order lo create greater consumer demand and stimulate greater production. OAK M SUMAC .Science h»i discovered an excel- 2 nl new treatment for fvy, o.ik or sumac poisoning. It's gentle anil Si)(r, dries up the blisters in a surprisingly short time, — often within 21 houn. At ill-Heists, '> C J< Ask for ower Resource Development "Man Suggested WASHINGTON. May 31—A new mg-rangc policy for joint govern- lent-pnbiic-private. industry rtcvel- pment of the nation's power re- ourccs wa.s advanced today by 100 Derating electric, company mem- jers of tile National Association of Electric Companies. The program reiterates the com- mni&s' support of flood control, eclamation and other conservation projects that are "economically Dell Kiwonians n Breakfast Plans for a benefit pancake breakfast to be held June 10 were made last night at a meeting of Ihe Detl Kiwanls club. Proceeds from the breakfast nre to go toward the purchase of additional equipment for the Dell school grounds. At the opening of last night's meeting, the Klwunlans observed • Manzanilla Olives stuffed vib. Roquefort cheese iu pure olive oil. • "Black Devils". . .large ripe olives. • "Dillcd Onion Rings". .. sliced onions pickled with dill and garlic. • "Colossal Olives'" . . . hu.u'c Spanish olives stuffed with sweet pepper. • "Kosher Dill Olives" • "Cocktail Olives in brandy". • 'Titled Martini Olives" •VOU CAN FIND THEM ALL at (he Mixins & Fixins Dep't. L-KC THEIR CROSS REMAINS UN BURNED—Hooded Klnnsmcn inarched for the first time in ovrr ihoiC 011 " ?' , Jackson ' Mis*.. bul llic y bowed-to the local fire safely laws when it came time to bum ineir symbolic cross, ihe marchers arc seen leaving the parade ground with their 20-toot rau- ihn *™ "°,f S u " b " rnc? , tl : . Tnc y obeyed the order of Imperial Emperor I.yciir B us Spiiilts not to Innn the cross, after Police Chief Joel D. Holdcn cited an ordinance r^rnist "burning trash and olhor items between the hours of sunset and sunrise." lemoria! Day with siJent prayer, lie Rev. E. H. Hall gave the In'vo- atEon. Oral Hunmcuti, club scciottiry- reasurer. gave a report on the lub's finances and president John Jleveus. Jr., gave a report on Ihe international convention In Miami, 'la., earlier this mouth. sound and thai arc judged to be feasible." Embodied Iu a UK-page printed reply to a letter from Morris' L. Cooke, Chairman of the President's Water Resources Policy Commission. L-ht program makes rccommcnda- 31LS that would: 1. Assure adequate power at all times for the nation's growing the economy ; 2. Provide repayment of government's investment, through sale of power at regulated rates to municipalities, R.E.A.'S and iu- ve.stor-owned electric companies for transmission and distribution to consumers; 3. Make Federal hydro power available lo all citizens without discrimination; and 4. Strengthen, rather than weaken the ability of power companies to render services. • The proposals amount to a redefinition and clarification of the IM.sition of the National Association of Electric Companies and call for closer cooperation between public bodies and industry in the interest of consumers and taxpayers. Many aspects of the government's power program arc assailed in the recommendations. Criticism was aimed at administrative interpretations of statues; operation of the so-called "preference cliu'.se.s" which favor one group of citizens over other groups; duplicating facilities and transmission linn-,; lack of sound accounting methods at Federal projects, and avoidance of (axes by cu.stoir.--rs of publicly- owned facilities which are paid by customers of privately-o'yned companies. boul the only healthy way to avoid unemployment Is lo i rovltie move iuirt more jobs. And Hint's what industry Is doing. But It Isn't providing new Jobs fast i-nough. Not Al>sorbinp Labor Leon Keyseillng. aetlng chnlrman of the Council, told a reporter: 'We ate not gelling the expansion iu industry and Investment that we need to absorb tile steady In- crense to the labor force. That Is a seiion.s problem." total number ->f employed persons hiw been rising [or Ihe past three months. lint the monthly avmit'c Is .still lower Ihan Ihe monthly nvcriifc for cillici 1917 19^3 or IDJD. in March civilian employment stood at 57,651.000—sllBhl- ly under the total for March of 19-!9. whicll was 51.G-17.000. dnslrial production must Increase at Die average rate o> 2',i lo 3 per cent each year. Two per cent of Ihls Increase would be t- give new jobs to persons who have been displaced In industry because o[ Increased productivity—the ability of Industry to turn out more goods i>cr worker as a result of new machines and techniques. Thai means fewer workers lire needed to da B given Job. The oilier one-half to one per cent OE the needed Increase in Industrial production would be to provide Jobs for the new workers who Join Ihe laboi force each year as the population grows. lint In the past year industrial producllon did not Increase. The Index of production stood at 184 In March 1940. Jt was still 184 In March 1960. 11 IVY-DRYi FREE ESTIMATES ON FENCE AND INSTALLATIONS No obligation—jusl cull SS-1 and w« will come lo your home and give you a free estimate on your fence job. ... or mail this coupon lo the store. Name . Address Although the New England fish catcli increased in 1949 over 1918. ' value less because of proportion of "trash" fish. large Many cclentlsUs classify (his era of electronics, successor to the industrial turnover Hint came in the previous decade. Jim Brown Store Blytheville, Arkansas PACKED K'/TH YMLi/E AMD READY TO PROVE IT LIQUOR STORE 10f> North lirondway TAF.RYONF. \vlio has wnnlnl nnil wnitrd for a nr.w J'ljmoiuli will lie glml lo know itiai Plymouth is back m proilttcllon. Oui from Lhc grra' I'lyituinlti Jilanls. nns- cars in all body lyiic? arc "oiiifr in i| tily to Plyinonlli dcnlors. Your ilr.nlrr will welcome. Ihn opporlnnity ID stiow you jusl liow grc:,iL .1 r-nr |]iis really i?. You will find, comparing ihc new Plymouth with other low-priced car?, only Plymouth fiivcs you the ronrcnicncc. of Tgnilinn Kr.y Slnrliu^. Only Plymouth gtvr* you Ihr, c< ouoiiiy of iho Aiiliiiniilic Choke . .. the EIIIC, easy action of Safe-Guard Hydraulic Itrnkcs . . . the protection of Safcty-Utm Wliccli, for n straight-lino Btop if a blowout should occur. Plymouih, you will also fitu), is the only leading low- priced llial gives you ibe brilliant performance of 7.0 to 1 Ili^b Compression Miigino . . . naliirnl-pofitiirc Cliair-llcijjht Scats . . . ihn siiiooliuiess of Floating Power, gently crafllinj; the engine iu live rubber ,.. the 'lecp-riishioucil comfort of the Air Pillow Ride. Hut yoM make the comparison. Set your own standard?, .irk your own questions of your dealer. We believe you'll a^ree as you bear tbi: value story ibat now I's tbo lime lo onlcr your new PI) inouthl rtYHOUtH OiviiW «l CHRTiltR CORPORAtlOH il 31. Wrcft-iin TWO ~ ElUKOOM HOM Complete Except Roofing In easy to erect Sections, FOB Bauxite, Arlc. as is aj low as........ £60 .00 $995.00 Delivered and set up within 50 miles, at low as Longer distances low extra cost. Larger »iie« quo*W on request. ALL MATERIALS GUARAHTEED featuring,; Hardwood floors, insulated waifs; ill partition!, doors, windows, all interiors lealed with shettrock «r plasterboard. Complot* Set Plumbing, Cook- In? and Heating Fixtures and all pipes lo floor (in sections) witK building. Sale, only $ .00 100 Dixie Surplus PO Box 291 Bauxite, Ark. Telephone 244 Op«n 8 'Til 6 Week Dayi; U 'Til 5 Sunday* GASOLINE — TKACTOIl KUKI. — KKKOSENE FUEL OIL — 1JIKSK1, RJEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 \V. Walnut Hulk I'lanl: Promised TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Rtnl Eslalc * PH,\ United insurance Agency A. F. (Dec) nictrlrh. Msr. Isl i Main—Kcar Cily Drug Rljlhcvllk. Ark. You'll Love Our Flowers! FLOWER MART Mnnphli nlwaj Phone 8002 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR KHCtory-Tr»ined Mechanic* Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up «nd Deliver Fred Callihan I 10 So First SI.. Rlylhrrilie In Rngl.ind — M's Hie Chemist S In Krnncc — It's lite Apothecary Shop In Hlylhcville — Il's BARNEY'S DRUG KOI Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made Tlio Martin "Husky fiafnt" is U. S. Gov't. approved —-weather-proof, fireproof, ratpronf, Designed especially for soybean growers, this slorage bin contains more steel Ilian any other. The 2'/i in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blytheville Phone 6856

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