The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2T, 1»M XLZl'HEVTLLE. (ABK.) COTJUTBR NEW! The Nation Today: Diustor on Hi* Move Disasters Take Over the Nation's Headlines /rom Political Activities Bj MAX HALL (For Jamej Marlow) WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. Congress starts a short session today but the major domestic news of the last few days nas not been political. Rather/ the big black tBrillnes have had to do with dls- First. the nation was appaled by the rear-end collision on the Long Island Railroad, one of the most sickening train wrecks In American history. . Then, while the investigations of this account were getting' underway, the eastern third of the country was ravaged by one of the worst cold-weather storms on record. The death toll of this storm has reached at least 200 and the property damage was steadily growing. It was an unusual storm! not only tn violence but in Its character. Terrific wind banged the northern seaboard but It was not the "northeaster" that often strikes In that area, for it blew out of'the east and southeast. The air was warm, and there was no snow. Snow Falls Inland At the same time, astonishing snowfalls occurred inland, in the region . of western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. There, the air was icy cold. Stiff winds rushed out of the north, northwest, and west. The storm, in this region took on the character of a blizzard, though the Weather Bureau says it wasn't n "typical blizzard," which fillF f 'r with snow blown from the ground. How Mis i:, ,ound like two different storms, but the Weather Bureau says it was all the same storm caused primarily by a big area of atmospheric pressure which feed up from the Carolinas and svTcked air inward from various directions. The storms that kill the most people In this country are not cold- weather Storms at all. They are hurricanes and tornadoes. September is the height of the hurricane season, and May is the height of the tornado season. The nation's worst death-dealing hurricane was the one' tha struck Galveston, Tex., in • 1900 driving a huge wave out of the gulf About 6,000 people died. The worst tornado was the "tri- state" tornado of 1925. It slashed a path through Missouri, southern Illinois, and Indiana and 'killed 689. ' = The worst flood, In' terms of deaths, killed an estimated 2,200 people at Johnston, Pa., in 1889 though other floods have cause; more widespread damage to pro- 'perty. Forest fires have been known to kill more than 1,000 people, ant the San Francisco earthquake and lire oJ 1906 killed hundreds. Bu' the greatest fire toll In'a singli Wilding occurred In the ' Iroquols leater. at Chicago, In 1903. when ! people were, either burned or trampled to death. 1943 A Dluster Year The year 1947 was a year of dis STORM CENTER^— A Senate ^jrfit is brewing over confirmation of President Truman's appointment of Seth W. Richardson, Washington attorney, as chairman.of the new Subversive Activities Board. Although he is a Republican, Richardson has been under hot fire from some GOP quarters for his adminis tration of his previous job, chairman oi the Federal Loyally Review Board. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens But one very small caroler matt a v«ry large miilake. He got as far « ."God rest you merry, centlcmen, let you dismay ..." . .. wlwjt Htt dot* flew «ett«. A* tfcc sight of Scrooge, the lirti* <oral«r fW, diunoyed. Christmas Eve ts a tim« for sUigfrtQ, and of course the carolers were out. OILY TO BED — It isn't likely that two-year-old Anthony Kochever will grow up to be a sucker for oil' woll stock salesmen. He's pictured in a Chicago hospital with nurse Ann Hudak afier being pumped free of the fuel oil he drank from a can, using; an old piece of rubber hr^? n^ n "straw. 1 * New Senators To Take Oaths Smith, Clements Will Be Sworn In Today, Twelve Others Later WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. </]•}— Two freshmen senators! — Willis Smith of North Carolina and Earle C. Clements of Kentucky—arranged to take the oath of office today. Both are Democrats. They are the first to begin service of a crop of u new Senators elected Nov. 7. Three other new faces will appear in the Senate shortly: Prank Carlson, 57, Republican who resigned as governor of Kansas after his election, will take the oath tomorrow or Wednesday. Richard M. Nixon, 37, California Republican moving over from the House, probably will take his seat Dec. 5. John O. pastore, 43, Democratic governor of Rhode Island, expects to resign nnd come here after Dec. 5. The other freshman Senators are scheduled to take their places in the new session starting Jan. 3. The date on which a senator starts his service is important because of seniority, or length of service, is a controlling factor on choice committee assignments. Committee chairmanships are normally given on a basis of seniority. asters In the u. S. In March, a coal mine explosion at Centralla, III., killed 111 miners, n April, a ship explosion at Texas 3ity, Tex., look a toll of 512. Then here were four major plane crashes, In which « were killed at La- uardia Field, New York; 63 near Bainbrldge, Md.; 50 at Lookout Rock, W. Va.; and 52 near Bryce Canyon, Utah. Those aviation disasters were exceeded last .June by the death of 58 persons In a plane which fell Into Lake Michigan. The largest death list in a u. S. train wreck was 101 at Nashville, Tenn., In 1918. Motor vehicle accidents are not usually classed as "disasters" because the deaths come In'ones and .wos, but the victims are just is dead—and they mount to a fearful annual total. The record year was 1941, when 39.969 were killed. The National Safety Council says this year's total may be about 35,000, a post-war record. AfkdhsasCities Ready for Start Of Yule Season By The Associated Arkansas' chief resort city. Hot Springs, officially opens its holiday season tonight with the annual Christmas parade. The Hot Springs' cirlc observance will be climaxed with the annual pageant and carol singing on Christmas Eve. Camden got the season off to an early start when the south Arkansas city turned on its Christmas lighting Saturday. DeQueen and Jonesboro will get the observance underway with parades next Friday. At Magnolia It'll A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomulsionrelievespromptly because it go. right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ !aden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heat raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded, Creomulsion hai flood the test of millions of users. CREOMULSION rtlitvtl Couffcl, CMrt Cold*. Aeut« *fM*cltit!i Saturday w;ith arrival of Santa Glaus by special train. Other Arkansas cities, which have arranged to have a visit from Santa or some other formal opening, Include Harrison on Dec. 7; Malvern and Warren, Dec. 8, and Rogers Dec. 16. Bremen, the German port, Is 46 miles inlan dfrom the North Sea on the Weser River. IN TUB CliANCKHY COUHT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Cl'ICKASAWDA DISTRICT T. J, BETTS COMPANY and JOHN P. AUSTIN, JR., Trustee PHfs. VS. No. 11,304 A. O. POX and MAGGIE MAE FOX » Dcfls. NOTICE OK SALE Notice Is hereby given -that the undersigned Commissioner In Chancery will, pursuant, to the order of the Chancery Court ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, Chick- nsawun District, rendered on the 13th day of November, 1950, in a ciuisc therein pending wherein T. J. Ucltes Company and Jshn P. Austin, Jr.. Trustee, are plaintiffs and A. C. HK nnd Maggie Mae Pox are defendants, on the 30 dny of December 1S50, offer for sale at public auction at, the south door of (he Courthouse in the City of Bly- Iheville, County of Mississippi, and Slate of Arkansas, to the highest nnd best bidder the following Innds and property In the Chlckasaiyba District, Town ot Manila. County of Mississippi, Bt'Alc o£ Arkansas, towit: All of !hc West 50 (ec't of the East 100 feet of Lot Two (2) In Block "D" of the Osborne-Mc.- Klnnon Addition to the Town of Manila, Arkansas. Said sale will be held between the hours of nine o'clock In the forenoon and three o'clock In the aftcrncon ot the dale aforesaid upon the following terms: CREDIT OP THREE MONTHS. The purchaser of said sale will ue required to give bond with approved surety to secure payment of the purchase money nnd a lien will be retained on said Innds further to secure such purchase money, WITNESS my hand this 25 day of No*'. 1050. . "DID FASHIONED ABOUT THE WAY YOU GIVE ASPIRIN TO YOUR CHItDl Children "balk" at chalky taste of ordinary aspirin. The modern way Is to give SI. Joseph Aspirin For Children. Or- RIIRG flavored, tablcU are 1/4 adult dose. Buy It today. Keep handy. 35c. Harvey Morris, Commissioner in Chancery Revealing Facts .On Fistula FREE Ltarn About Dangers of Radical Treatment The Thornton Sc Minor Clinic, Suite 2372, 811 E. Linwood, Kansas City 3, Mo., hns a new Illustrated FREE BOOK on Fistula, Piles, other rectal or colon disorders and associated ailments. Write today. IOES WHEN A COLD STUFFS YOU UP! from coughing sposms, stuffiness with every single breath I S i ere's a special way to relieve the worst miseries of colds with the same Vicks VapoRub that brings such grand results when you rub it on ... it's Vicks VapoRub in steam.' Every single breath you take carries VapoRub's combination of time-proved rious relief I Then, rub Vjcks VapoRub on throat, chest and back. It works for hours to ketp up relief I Just put some VapoRub In . Then breathe in the vapors. Relief comes in a hurrv.' World's bwt-kiMwn horn* remedy to r*lnv* miMrnt «f coldal Carl Schaffrin, 217 Perry St., St. Charles, Mo., says there are some folks In this old world who feel good and there are other folks who feel bad. The folks who feel good he wants to. congratulate, but lor the. folks who feel mighty bad he says he wants .them to read what he has to say and then take a word of advice—take HADACOL if you suffer from a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Nlacin and Iron. Here Is what Mr. Schaffrin hns to say about HADACOL since II overcame the effects of such deficiencies in his system: "I have been a shoe cutter for over 32 years— I jiow work for the Boyd Welsh Shoe Co. in St. Louis. For quite some time now I haven't had any appetite at all—seemed like I didn't have enough energy to do my work, I was tired all the time—and really didn't enjoy doing anything. It affected my work too. Then I heard how other folks who took HADA- COL had increased their appetite and seemed to have a limitless amount of energy. I tried HADA- COL and It Is amazing what r a change It has made. Now I feel like eating everything on the table, my disposition Is 100% better and my worlc—In fact, everything I do I now enjoy. For an entirely new outlook on life I recommend HADA- COD." Whj HADACOL Glr« Such Fine Results HADACOL does not bring symp- lomallc relief. HADACOL now makes It possible to actually relieve the cause of nagging pains, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and & general run-down weakened condition when these are due to such deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, B2, Nlacin and Iron In your system. HADACOL not only supplies deficient systems with extr» quantities of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, »nd Nia- cln but also helpful amounts of important Calcium and Phosphorus- elements so vital to help maintain good health and physical fitness. Why These Vlt»raini and Minenb Come In Liquid Form . There's a very good reason why HADACOL comes In special liquid form. These precious Vitamins and Minerals are easily and quickly absorbed Into the blood stream thU way—ready to go right to work. A big Improvement Is often noticed within a few day-s Now don't keep on wondering If HADACOL will help you. If- you have such deficiencies—HADACOL WILL HELP YOU-just as It h»s thousands of grateful souls who wei so troubled. GIVE IT A FAIR TRIAL! Remember HADACOL Is •old on a strict money-back gu»r- • ntee. And so Inexpensive. TrtiJ- siM bottle, only S1.25. Large family or hospital size, 53.50. Ui*. Ik. UBUac Cttftn- SPRY AND MIGHTY POWER WANT HfHfi a proud,pedigree H ERE you behold the up-to- the-minute version of a high-compression engine that has taught a whole industry something about fuel efficiency. Fact is, Buick pioneered the deep-breathing valve-in-head engine 47 years ago—and thus blazed a trail that aircraft engines—and more recently automobile engines—have followed. But don't let that ancient lineage fool you. Today's Buick engine is not simply a valve-in-head. It's a Fireball—which means that it uses fuel-saving, power-peaking principles that are found in no other motorcar on.America's highways. • • ' Ihis is all. very well," you say, "but what does it do for me?" Mister, that's what we'd like to show you. Come settle yourself at the graceful Buick wheel. Gently press the handy gas treadlc-nnd feel this spry and mighty motor come to life. Then head for the open road, and discover what a whale of a lot of fun it can he to have Fireballs under your hood. Better come in soon, and get acquainted with tlic engine—and the automobile—that have won more than 200,000 owners of other cars to 1950 Buicks. fuel charge strikti lh«Turbo- Top pi&ton—swirls into a liny cyclona of terrific turbulence that gives a mighty power-push to the ignited fuel. No other motorcar engine can match those features TURBO-TOP ptiton fctarfi roll /fie Incoming charge of fuel into a vthirliny "Firmoall" . MICROfOISt BALANCING offer assembly Ite.p, Buick engines within tt of on "ounce-inch" of'per- CtcJ balance HI-FOISID MOUNTINGS cradl, th, tngint tor jmoo/fier acfj'on CYMNDER BLOCKS are wper-precition-boted and doubfa-honed far ptrlecl cUmeriliom'ng RINGS snug up agofnrl cylindtr walfc, increase off economy DUftfX BlARtNGS provide irruurpoued blaring Kl» ' . FIITIWUGHT WSTONS combin. Mbieu w«i narcfneji and strength CYtfNDERS^ar« /ndividual/y cooled la prevent distortion roam fmtcx fm* In HfHIrr I. 7AYIOK, ABC Hthmilc. «v«;y MonJuy f Better Buy Buick J /fib YOUI KtY TO G«(ME« VMUS \ LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut at Broadway; Phone 555 WHIN inm AUTOMO.IUS AM »UIIT IUICK win «imo THIM;

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