The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1935
Page 6
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All He I-l'ns lo Do Is Fill Rulh's Shoes (or Yankees nv ifAKitv fliuvsoN Sports l-ilitnr, NICA. Srrvici- " ST. PETEUSBimci, pin. — A 'group ot small toys .surrounded Geoige Alexander Selkirk us he. Jiranced from Muggins Ptctd here. Thai's Ihe wily 1(0 iln- «ribc- Selkirk's ninniii;:. lie prances. Thai's wby they cull 'him "Twinkle-Toes." The youngsters demanded 8H- "Wh.ii do yon want mine for?" "sled Hie youni! mnn from Rochester. "1 don't mean anytliinfi." - "Yon imisl," replied one liLtle Urchin. "You're \\vnrlng liabe'.s number!" ..- Yf-.s, ihere ii WILS on the back •of i-elkirk's white shirt — the .'famous number "3" thai nilorned the broad back of. the one nnd only Qcoree Herman Ruth. The enormous autynmenl of niling llm great Rutti's liirije Ino- giuis suddenly lias focused Hie spotlight on Sclkirti after more than six comparatively olxsciirc years in the minors. "•Selkirk, who became 20 years of age in January, realizes the magnitude of his task. " "I don't expect, to e<iiml Ruth's achievements," explains the Ca- 'naillan-born flyehiwicr. "I don't Believe any ball player ever will. I'm not silly enough to make the goal Ruth reached mine, I'm simply yolng out to make good for myself. ,X"I'm prepared to take the 'Jpcrs, and will be thankful for ,ftnnt few cheers are' to,swd my ••'• However, I've nn Idea the elti- ?,ms- of Riillwille, the right Held bleachers of (he Yankee Stadium, where tlic warmest admirers of (lie linvc assembled for these 'many years, will like tho young follow: chosen to succeed llirir Mol. « * - * . lias All (lie Earmarks '•• After n rather slow start. Selkirk shapes up ns quite a hall- playcv. '.lie hit .358 In 105 eamrs v.-ilh Newark in 1034 .l>?fore being recalled in July, when Bail Combs fractured his skull in charging into the cement wall in St. Loujs. Selkirk had oeen out a few days hiuiself with an 'injured elbow when lie reported to the Yankees, bill: lilt .31 :i in tile remalnlnir JQ engagements. •;-A: six-lcot, v one-incli, 182-pound lefl-lmnd . hitler and right-hand (lirbwcr, he swnls the ball hard. He. express?:; confidence in his nbllity to drive 'out -10 home rims. •Selkirk may alternate with Jesse Hill, n right-hand hiitcv in right Held for the Yankees, but is beJng counted upon more than any other ntlilclc- to replace Until. The rookie never has played the bank that Riilh knew so well in. : right- field al the Yankee Stn- dinm. but promises to practice assiduously until he has it down pat. , He';already has lined \ip. fungoi hitters for morning wofk- O'IHS when.the club makes its 1035 bo»- in ! Hie nronx-. i Selkirk *-as ID when Mrs. Hcr- bie Moran, wife of the (hen Rochester scout, urged her husband to sitjn him for the International' Leasne club in 1927. The Morn us' 1 had seen the toy win a scml-pro r fessional game with the longest home rim ever hit al. stromberg Field, Rochester, the tall soaring over the renter field fence end fi rnllroad station beyond. He caught nies on his riml then, nnd sllll nppcars nwkwiml In Din fni-deii. armgfi Alexander has n line pidr of hands, however, and broke Into professional baseball with n splendid .slnnco nnd n beautiful level swing. He !.i of tfcod speed and Ihrowt well. Can Handle Ills OnliM. Ton RclV:!ik wits born In lliml, 1 ;- i vilic, Out., but bus parr-nU ))J-I>HK)H him 10 [loolii'.slor ii» » child. lie Is n Imml.somc cliup. wmic- whal ivsi'iiiblii]'; \jii\f, Hob Men- VI In facial :ip)x'aran<l;. He wears .1 heavy him'- shin mound thi' circuit, seldom Mmvr-s and his brown li;i|r usually realms lie limits and fishes. Hi! mucl) rather would lalk about an Hijlil- iwliil buck IIP bailed in the Adl- ronducks In November iliun alxiut Selkirk wu.s » champion wrestler while a student at Tech high, ttochcsler, and starred In soccer. liepoilcd io be far handler with Ills fi.sts tluin most brill players, Oc-orse keei>s a set of texlng gloves in Ills home. Once, when u Ivrc-for-nll bioke out amon? opposinc, players iluriiiB an In- lemntional league gamo. Ocovgc Alcxamlcr coolly removed his bridBOwork. tucked it under Die bag at first base, and waded In. Selkirk married Noima l-\>x, n JJoclK-xter nurse, in 1931. There Is n year and a half old daughter, Uetty l/oii. P r n m o I e r s Bill Omar ll.'ikjm as Malman Wlio's Nevcj- Been I'i Kelim Omar llaklm, hilled hy iroriioter.s us an undefeated mat- iifin. believe It or not, and Roy Welch, kingpin of Weldi'.s wrest- inii circuit In the minds of most funs despite his defenL hy i. 0 n Chnney hero last week, mnet In the "eature njatch on |hc A;uerJca;i .CMlon card at Ihe armory tonight Mltlc Is '.snovm here of Ilakim nil promoters claim that he Is quite some sliow nnd the ' l;est Ki'appJpr yet to appear on the'ring of wrpsllltig towns and cllles That Includes Illyllievllle. Welch Is n known amount,- find llaklm. or whatever Ills name may oe, will midoiiljledly tie In for an entertainltui evening. In the preliminary nnlph Smith She .liick.son.Tenn., ncroljal uml rcc-reallonal director, meeti Jlm- mlc Black. Welch and his "undefeated" opponent iire down for two hours Uvo out of three falls, and Smith nnd IHnck for an hour or Henderson, And Pollard Are Colling Winners Doyle Henderson, Bill Pollard and n. A. Lynch won honors In a thrce-four-Ilvo tournament nl tbo BlythGvltlc counti-y club yesterday under Ihe direction of Dick Reins mil, country club pro. Henderson had four three-shot holes to lead golfers Khoolin K foi honors In the group. C. M. Buck was second with three three-stroke holes. Henderson played with his regulnr handicap of IS strolic? and Hiick with 11. Pollard and Lynch tied in their bid for four-stroke honors with eight four-stroke holes each. Pollard and Lynch each have n sis- stroke handicap. -COURIER Entry t,o Opposite, Hand An Essential for Squeeze Student Golfers To Hold Toni-noy, Starling Saturday A school students'' eolf lourna- mcnt will Ret underway nl (lie Blythevllle country club next, Saturday. u;licn the ininllfyln B ro ,uid will tie -hold. The tournament will be divided ln(a two divisions with 8 lrU niul boys i>arllei|>aUni; the slxlncn with lowest medal SCOHW on llic qimli- fyii>B romwl lu cucli division will nighls which will follow mutch piny elimination, starling next week, until Hie clmmniorusWn mnlcliro nre played. Siillnble prizes will be awarded winners. Coiirlor News Want Ads FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. PEPT. More New Equipment To better safeguard the milk supply of Craig Customers. •We have just installed a new motor driven Rotary type,; automatic bottler and capper to further protect; your P^ly ..otp^re^milk from this modern $$?M^$&^ ; .of ^bottler together 7 wltii our' Fngidaire milk cooling system, our clean, sanitary cow barns . . . and the new Cream' separator type bottle you have every • assurance of a pure, wholesome milk supply when you use Craig's milk. Try Craig's Grade A Raw Milk for a week . . . you'll Ufa it. CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 for daily deliveries And Kciscv Winners In 4-1T Tourney After a series of hard fought games Friday and Saturday l.eaeh- ville 4-11 .cHrti boys and Kei.ser Blrls won in the minis or the annual Mississippi county ^-u club basketball .tournament, Saturday night. •Tho U'liehvllle boys defeated Hatcher boys by n score of 22 to 0 to capture the silver trophy for the boys division. Kelscr defeated Yai-bro i;irls, .ID to 13 (n win the bromw glrh trophy.. Other |,oys i c:ims oir el .i n « strong coinpetitlon were Kclscr, Yiu-bro. Lone Oak nnd Lost Cane' Cllrls' teams Hint showed mi well were Rfahlln, 1 A ,( cone, Lone- Oak and Ekron. , Trophies ' .for l), c ' touniamcnl were. Riven by s. w. Ew|i> ot Manila, district manugcr of tll e Secmii.y. Benefit association. Hoover's Tip lioujhi. r 0 |f cy ,i n f 'i'^ 3 , 0 ' Tcx ' <ul> '-Arome item, bellboy al a hotel here, has bceoine.,, ni8B( .,| |,,aivUl«aii r ,t,- "hen former/ President' Herbert Hoover visited here recently ,iio handed Jerome u Collar tip j,.. ''"me said-he used the money to help buy nn insurance jwlfcy. . i Tills l s l),e llflh of a series of articles mi ll.r Tii|,rl Formula for rrrniinl/liiff :lm | I'veciillnj; a MIMPMI- play, as cvpnuiHl,.,] |,, )•. ICcll Iliuviieti 1 iir-w |j<x,ii cndd,.,! "Si)llPC/.CJi, Cfjnpi ;,j|,] |;, )( ] |i| a} ,,;.. • * . * • BY WM. E. .MeKI'.NNJIV Si'ciclary, American lirlduis 1 figin. hi previous nrtlclivi I /dlwiiwed HIP fiixt, iln,. (: elemenls In (he np?l formula for recflidilnln;; and «!eutinj; a stttiec^e play. 1. imiM h«'lwi>' ihreals <Insuret lir dllt'erent ' siiJh , (for every sfjuco?/.. 2. You niiLst. assume- Unit only mie opponent can juanl ihnsn tv:o threat, -sulls '( Yon must ] K -,!,),> i 0 | )ra j ( ,,. L ( |j ( ; piny (low;; .(o,, tn <! exact 'polia where the opponent to l w sriucen- fU will .tx, 1,1 » wmwiiing p 0 , ( . lion. ' Now let us turn our' nue,«,iwt to what happens at the sc/ueria; position. Tlie fourth and fifth i-lnucnls of UK; Tiiiicl formula at, concerned . w | t |, [),;* vny vj| , polnl. Two conditions arc necessary at the «iuce?e position. They arc- First, you miist have a nnal entry eavd In UK; opiwulte band when (he- scmeewj Is applied. Second you .must ho. able to lead a suit at the sciucMe posilioii that will force your opponent lo be squeezed nn }jls dtaennl. l*t us consider the first o$ elements, which is point four in the Tapcl formula—lhe nnal entry card. When tlic squeeze is applied you must always have- retained a positive entry into the opposite hand and an exll card to that nnal entry. Now let us see why. of what use can the squeeze be if you arc not able to. enter the opposite, hand to tnkc advantage of the forced discard tho squeezed opponent has made? N. Spades K J 7 Hearts Diamonds W. Spades Q a 8 Hearts Diamonds Clubs K Ifearts (10) Diamonds Clubs Q In the example above, South has led the heart ten and West Is sqiitc'/Ml. lie is forced to discard, if you did not have an Ib'eVV 1 , 1 * SPM1C king - Jnek '" he North hand, West would :npt be .squee/ed, because you would not be able to enter ||, e Norlh hand to take advantage of (he ttiuneze against vvc-sl. If Wesl should discard n spade yon will (hen rns) , | hm , ]( | tricks liy Jinesshif; Ihp f . JW de luck (it (lie eleventh trick You may thr-ic.forc .«t down as a dcnnlte- and positive rule that in every wiueef.e, there- ihiBt always ho a jwsltive entry card Into ">'' opliosllo hand «f t( , r t he MIUCPKC lias heeii applied. As a result, when prolrctins the play to the .sdUEezlMK rxJsiti™ JVM i iniBl be oxtreineiy careful to it-lnln the positive entry i n t |, c l opposite hand and also to i«taiu i") exit card In that suit In the -lUIH-l-O Illllld. This IB an element that must m-ver be overlooked. Without it there can IK no sqncoitc. .Sometimes [he nnal entry may W .1 de/lnits wJnnei-, such as ihe Mf in u suit, or the king or queen In n suit when the higher ranking ranh liayft alrr-ady ),„,.„ ,,lay«t out. f!o,,ictime.s, as h, u,- K ,.,.. iimple. the linal entry may be a ruiMsiug .situation, because here the spade Jack h tin: nnal entry Tho spade finesse must be lal.-i-n at all weuls f 0r you know Ihal. if the spade nncssc does not work Hie contract is doome<l .So here you are faced with the necessity of nsflimlnsr that the spade l,\, " P 05 ' 1 '™ «ntiy to the North hand., there would be no. squersc po.ssibility. In tomorrow's article I .shall discuss the last of. the five clc- • mcnU in the Tapol formula—the '• squeeze load—nnd at Die same' lime review all the (Copyrluht, 1935, NEAService, Inc.) A muskrat is no more a rat than is a rabbit; yet hotli arc rodents. licail Courier News Want Ads. -^•^•^•H^HVimBvm ROXY Matinee — Friday, Saturday nnrf Siindnv Only LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NIGHT—I Oc - 25c FRED MncMURRAY, SIR GUY STANDING, ANN SHERIDAN and \VI|,- 1-lAiH FRAWI.RY iii Society Wiknn Personal Five Wilson High School slii- dent.s, winners In a contest held rcton|ly. will attend Uu; Trl-State Jlfeli' School meet ul Riyettevlllc lu'OH "wk?" Cflnno "' nt Monette, Isat il^B r ilf"" <i Mte> Cv °"?, M ? rph1 ' n " d <M m ^', fr ™" '"«'" °iS 'nim , .,. prllles wilci 'e they wore Mr. an<l Mrs.' j. n^cmln^ ""•""" from St. Louts 'Csdav Ir. Craln was n '. MARCH -,z s K,<5 - -"w in. r^jL-iLcviuc — Wll.son Wesson wht> luv April 12 and ia. .Joyce Mann, Rum » cif '« Hi" Kuosl of his mwlier Mix' y Clali'o Murphy, i Fl "»k We.«on, nt lhr> home <'jf his mill Ifnlh,,.,, ur«n« Kl-andnilllllr.r KT.... n .,""':" Williams, Mary i^jitue rviurpny '' " >tif - wi-.^son, at the Mable Siinmu and Kathryn Wntui j ffranrlmolher, M,- S rj" arc lhe conleslom.s In salad «,„- cmi '•-• -'- •'•'•' struct Ion, family relationships food selection, mending, child's toy ami clothing construction, cloth- sole-etlon and the- club crm- Wll- Jmme in I (he A Silver Tea was 'ulvoij nl home of Mrs. Herbert Sullivan <ir,y afternoon when Mr.s. C w f t-V.i-f.nson, Mrs. 13. N. Morris,' ami Mrs. K. P. co-llo.stes.tes. The si Patrick yiptlf; was used, the rooms IJCIiiB (iMOiufntl In green. A musi-i enl program «v/fis s;ivc-n: Miss Mary Symond's. accoinpan- j ied by Miss Marine WMhee sung I "Molhc-r Machrec" and "A Wttle nil of Heaven"; Mrs. J. n. Crain played a group of Irish melodies- r ftcv. James Handle, of Joiner, snug | "My Wild Irish ROM" and "When I Irish Eyes Arc Smiling"; Miss Mary Hill rend "Shamrocks." Proceeds were given to tho. Woman's j Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. ^ * * Mrs. H. c. llowoll, who has been lh« gucsl of her mother, Mvs. n E. Lee Wilson, for ihe past two weeks, relumed Tuesday to her 1 home In Winter Haven, Ftorida. Mrs. Gordon' Lawhon and son I'aul Louis, were miesls of Mrs'j Lawhon's parents, Mr. mid Mrs YAK1MA, Wush <Ul'i - n Unify, Yaklma K oifir, Iwltev-s ho made tlie world's worst drive"TII» ball sailed slrai l; ht and H,,,, ',i rutl : n I'-ec and bounced back'stmipri- two feet behind him !1 ' Last Time Today MAT.—2: nil . !(),• & 2Dc Nl'I'K—(i:,ir, . i(| f ^. ;>r )C •JACK DENNY, NANCy CAUlvOI.I,, GKNIC ItAY.MONI) in Trans4tlantic Merry-fo-Romid' Them Are .MORE GOOD CIJI'R Of (.Vifrrv In Kn-ry I'nunil Of Four l.r :1 f nll-.s Orclus(r:i Tuesday - Weds. "CAR 99 Musical Rhovl 99- THE TELEPHONE LICENSE CONTRACT How the stuff services we tfct under it have.hclpcd us give good telephone service at fair cost lo you. • • • , - 'i I-ast year we spent almost a million dollars to find better methods of giving you good telephone service. Wc;ijMd 't W the [American ' Telephoilc S: Tele graph'Co.,' parent company of the Bell Systerii. For it we received, .-is one of the 24 associated companies of that System, the services of A.T. &T.'s great staff of telephone experts and engineers. Staff Services... al Cost The A.T. &T. has provided substantially at cost tlic many services this staff performs. In fact, in the last few years it has taken nn actual loss on the work it has done for the operating companies. The yearly fee we pay is equivalent to about 3/10 0 { one per cent of our investment in telephone plant. Stated another way . .. less than a cent and a half of every dollar we receive from telephone customers., >. \ Yet without it, telephone service as fast, as dear and as low in cost as you now receive would be quite unlikely. \Vc have passed on to the telephone user in the Southwest the benefits and savings of this staff work, in the belief that in an undertaking planned for the long run, like the telephone service, such a policy will ni the end bring us the sounder, more enduring success. SOUTHWESTERN SELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Tues,Wed.-lliurs. BANK NIGHT TUESDAY $50 GIVE-AWAY FOR AJVOMAN HE PLANNED THE PERFECT CRIME! . .. And dared the n -hole world to prove Jiim guilty of it! , &** DEMONSTRATIONS MARCEL CAMP instructor and demonstrator at Billiards Open to Only 200 Students . R egister Now NO LESSON CHARGE.NO TABLE CHARGE i Grealei (ban "THE GREATEST SHOW OM EARTH" which he croaled. — was Ihe da day show that he aclually /,Veo'.' Classes Start March 18th 3 ONE-HOUR LESSONS GIVEN FREE TO EACH CLA<x . on th«e days-Monday, Wednesday, Friday, o" Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Pastime Billiard Parlor 20? W. Main St. Now r.ncatcd at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, i'l-nprielor All makes of rebuilt Tj jmvrilcrs. Adding- Machines ami 'Cal- culalors—Repairing — I'.ivts — Rihbcms l j :irnmoiin( iYews Comedy LE presents ire with . . Helen Comcdv Are you taking advantage of our liberal terms? Half Down Balance This Fall We advertised this new policy in February and had jmeipfithe bept Pebi-uary's we have ever had. Our bus- 'lh'es'£ was nearly double .last February. • ' Now if you are interested in furniture we suggest that you come in and make your selection now as we have only a limited amount that we can furnish on these terms. IHytheviUc, Ark.

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