The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1937
Page 8
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PACiR KICHT m,YTTiEviTJ-E ( COURIER NRWS Blvtheville School News Exclusive Education Tracer? Reunite mooncrs Long lonty- ?artcd By Ocean Tragedy This is Die .second of :i ?.c- i:o.s of excitln; stories gleaned from the- flics of the skip Tracers Co. in New York City. l ; .!icli .siory is from real liie, i>b r 'it real neonle. Names of i»v- .•ons ami places are fictitious nr.rt if tiie name of any actual |:~-rson is mentioned here it is purely a coinoVlcnce. !IIC;il SCHOOL j)i//.in Thompson; "Masniliecnt Ob- I'iind Jlaki'i Inithl I'criorniiince • session" by Lloyd C. Dauijlas, Mnry The Blythcvllle .senior lil^h school j Jo Hiichaiinn; "Yang iiiul Yen" by Imiul. iinrlfr the direction of! Alice Tiwlalc llobnrt. Bonnie Jeanne Charles Moorehcart. mnde Its initial ] Hiichminn; "Clnodbye Mr. Cliips" uopcaranc'' in uniform Thursday, j by Jumcs Hilton, Jewel lirooto; when Its members formed 11 section I "The Greene Murder Cause;" by S. ill Hie American Legion panicle. | S. Van nine. Glen Ila McLi-oil. Win- After the parade (In 1 loeal lil<;h I !f»".l Crawford aou-u as -Iriirmaii. •••hoa! baml was joined by the! The program was by Parn;'ould MK'li school hand, wlilrli Mis. 1 ; Amy Hiillcy. librarian. In pro- is uU:o under the supervision of Mr. Mooietu-a'l. The two bunds played tlie program Miss linlley | \,',. was assisted by I be members of! lime <il I Mi' 1 "- Banner Hmfland'.s. .senior class football i in Mi^lih t-ompo.SLtlon. tOfclhrr diirliv- the enllr the liiytheville - Searry game. ! nurlivj the intermission b'.'lw<"-n CI-NTKAL the first nnd MH'on.l holt Ihe Hlv- Education Week was observed in theville bund led ,bv the dniin- Hi's M'honl hy post''' 1 maklnn, spe- maiors, K. M.Terry Jr.', Mury .leaiine ; <'iii! wink in the rooms, and by Afflick, and Winifred Crawford I'" " pu'jlle iif.s'Mnbly progrum. imnrdioj lo the football field and; Mr.'. Ira Gray brought some Ini went lh»iu!!h a series of drill U»'<-'ini! new children's books from ?,., 1 maneuver.'-. . • "''• llbrnry mid talked to the ehll- nv nicic Mi'CAN.v Ml! A Servii-e Sl;ilf Wfiti'i' They were Hie most griniefu couple on the lloor of the shii * ,iil ii u . luipuiest. "It seems so funny, f/irry. to h;iv people calling me Mrs. Lawrence urosram Stamm," she was saying, eyes can Lesion. sparkling up at him us ihey ijlkled : rcss the floor. "I don't, tiilnk I'll ever get used to It." i Larry Just smiled down at his | bride of Iwo days. Slie chattered • f'ri. L'irry, dea]', we'll be F.O happy, together, won't wo? Our life will be Just one big honeymoon, wrn't if, dear? .I'm bavins such a p.rand time now and yet I Just can't wait until we get back and open u[) our little home and . . /' There was <i horrifying, deafening blast. The ship shivered. Things tumbled down. The si>'nu was full of fire. And frenzy. Women screamed, men ;,;-'jni'.."d. Terror everywhere . . . Aftermath of Ifoi-rtir Lawrence Stamm found himself awake with everything around htm white. Someone was bustling nhim' . . . "Now. now, everything will be all right." a voice was saying, "just lie slill." "My wife, my wife," asked L'irry. "where is she? Lcl me nu, I must find her. Lei me up, I tell you,, let me up ..." "Your wife, Mr. Stamm. Is all light.'She's here In the hospital in another room. She was rescued aloii£ with you." "The ship? The ship?" "It sank. An explosion in the boiler room, they tell me. Now. jus you and you'll sec your uife soon. Maybe tomorrow." The iiriclc Who Vvantcd lo Hide Joan didn't want him to s-.'e She lay between the covers, bandages completely covering her heat! and face. She could not. talk, bill Larry could tell thai she dldn' ! want him around". "What's the Hinder wldi her. doctor? .Is she badly hurt?" The doctor was curt. "This is no time to Uilk." he sakl brusquely, and walked away. -Day after day. Larry came lo the hospital but not a whit of information could he get from the doe- tor, and his pretty .loan, bride of only a'few weeks, seemed to continue, to resent his presence. Still wearing a hood of bandaees, she. couldn't talk but Larry knew that she wanted him to go away and stay awiu'. Rut dfiv after day h" came to sit hour alter hour beside IMS brltle. And then— One day she was gone. Without a .'.vorcl. Without a Irare. T.irp' came to the hospital usyal that day and found her room empty. No one knew—or would so —where she had gone. Tlie nurse the internes, the doctor, the doorman, and even Ihe police. None o them knew. Sl.nrtiug Alonir Trail Grown Cold "That was 20 years ago. Mr. Ki senberg—20 years ago last month.' sighed Larry Stamm. now gra around the temples and a bi .patn.T'hv nround the waist. "I'v Has Half Holiday | Ml'is t'tudmis of Bi'.'UiCYilli' senior I Hi' 1 H; •',h srhonl were ulven ;i half hoi- i Mr. j ichv Avmi.sU-r- nay fa thai th"y I celled ' ml'.'hl iKi'lleireile in Ibe Armistice j (o tin ll/out Diem. Turner toltl the story of e mill work of Horace Mann, i Mr.Uhirkln .showed a ean- school bond and explained 1 chihlren I'.ow schools are bv liie Ameri- : linaneed. i A I'l'.is:. I'nciiUy I Ins I'njrc'ssmnal Ali-i'lln^' ''Planning and Supen'lsin.; a Hocreiitkuutl Prngrum" was lh~ ,o]>ic: -studied by the junlor-s'inln: \ —•— ibh .sc-hool fuelilLy al Its proles- • 'j'::n (jrst grade had >loiuil meeting Monday tiljtht, No- ' ins; visitors l-Vlrlay ember 1C. ! Mrs. Joe Trlcuchnnin. H. K. Ciarrett. prini'ipal of junior : Hiown. Mrs. R. C. ilgh school, presided at'the men-I MIS. H. L. Gahus. . 'I'alks were made by Miss Mlvee Nelson and Mrs. Clcorgc Palmer!. A report oil the most important things done nt th2 Arkansas Stale Teachers' meeting in Little Ro-:k wus mnde by Miss Rosu M. Hardy. nave the Junior HI',;!) un inti'i i.'slinsi program oi: inukin;; of the Constitution, Miiny |,limits visile:] the schoo {luring the week. the followafternoon: Mrs. I'aul Allen, and Fve v iimen I'resenl 1'lay "Lot's Debate" was the uliiy i"0- senled by member. 1 ) of the fre^h- innn class of Mrs. George Palmer's '"•me '''"":m. These rulldpalim> In the piny werei Dili Chamblln, judge; Betty fsaacs, clerk; Charles Moore. Mr. A. Run-around; Vera Ooodi'ieh. Miss Attentive study; C'liirn Jean Moslcy. Miss Cnrr-less English; Betty Dodson. Miss Correct Speaking; Harclcl Wood, Mr. Laziness; Patricia Wise. Miss Industry; Fred Rutherford, Mr. Indifference; June Workman. School Spirit. National Hook Week Observed The first of a series of programs observing National Hook week was given in the .senior htyh school ~.i.i- Motxluv. November 15. The program consisted of reviews of r....n ne'v and interesting books which are available in the high school library. The hooks rcviewi>j nnd. llieir" reviewers were: "Life •vitt) rnth'ev" hy Clnmice Cny, rryman; "How to Win The second grade .visited the local post olllcc Tuesday morning. The children are studying this subject and wished to Iciirn as much as possible about it In order to build H post ollicc In their room. Yiends nnd Influence- People" by I Maf }ule Carnegie, Patiicla Wood; North t» the Orient" bv Anne .indbcrsrh. Alice Sallb-.i; "If f Had 'our Apples" by Josephine Law- juce, Marjorie Warren; "Gone Vith Ihc Wind" by Margaret Mil- hell. Uella Faye Sykes; "I Wenl Pit College" by Lauren Clinitsin. Bendona Huey; "Uucluirled Ways" Cai'olint; Dale Snedeker. Lou- The puiiil': of the Third Grade were delighted to have so many visitors dmint; Amerlean Education Week. They were especially glad to huvc two fathers spend tljrty minutes in the room. Ann Callls has ben nbscnl two weeks on account of Mary Lou Joyncr and Gerald filomeyer won jirlzcs for Ihe Eduealton Week posters. In an arithmetic speed and accuracy lest given the fifth grade Shirley Durham ranked lirst nnd Maxine Evans second. The girls nrc fur ahead of the boy.s in keeping their health chore chart. Billy DcLong Is buck after several weeks illness. For lust week's club program Mary Frances Nuini, program chairman, presented the following Maxine and Nathalccn' Evans voenl duet; Jtiiinlta McMullin and Dorothy Crawford, tap dance; Lavcrne Bussell. vocal solo; Edna inbrov, jiDcm. and Becky iMcCnll, story. Helen Holbrook has withdrawn from this class and will attend (he Manila .school. most interesting 'talk 01 ! the Sudbury students. 1-ANOK CIIOOI, Friday was "visitor's day" "open-house" at Lange School. A j of alumina, number of parents and friend-j vMted the school. T]ie pupils and teachers thiink U:e speakers who spoke during the assembly periods last week. They were Arthur Nelson. W. D. McClurkin, Mis.s Winnie Virgil Turner and G. W. Barhani. The pupils and teachers are beautifying the .school yard this i week by pinning lrer-s mid shrubbery. Sycamnre trees and .sumiic'h bu;:hcs have been planted and ! other kinds will be set out during i (lie week. Lange School won five dollars in ] th; .singing contist at Ihe city hall j ijn Armistice Dny. They v,on Ihe dollars on trie .siiisini; float. \ Tne fourth jiiade at School hail three nc-v: pupils last j week. They were Jimmie AnUcr- i I son. ICdwin Dm BW and Joi; E»- | I pin/.o from Memphis. Friday \ve Jh.ul :;3verul visitors, among them were Mrs. LamV'rt, Mrs. Mlnick, Mr.s. Sanclidse, mid Mrs. Uurks. frnoiJene Joiie.s hus enrolled us ii liew pupil in liie third grade. , The first ami second grade ' teachers o] the city schools m.'t i n the first grade room of Lange chool, Tuesday afternoon, for 11 horl meeting. A demonslration es.son in rending was conductcJ ;y Miss Eli/iibc-th Halstead with icr room participating. A discuss- on of general methods of teaching •eading. led by Miss Turner, con- -Juded the program. Martha Esplnoza entered the first grade, coining from Riverside :chool in Memphis. to j Precious stones are composed ot | ! very .simple elements. An opal, for j j instance, is flint and water, while j 1 the blue sapphire is the chemical I or j acticn of one grain of Iron on 100 Of the children of school-leaving age in England, less than -ID per cent schools. Tow-haired DarreV Ifadley, for lie is the only pupil at the Bolton rural -school in Montgomery county, Kansas. At Ihc start of the term, Teacher Roy Ncedels had no pupils, then Darrel transferred from another school and saved Nccdcls from coming daily to a completely empty schoolroom Photos show Darrel and his loaclur both inside and out of the one- room schoolhouse. Note the rows of empty desks. were practiced lo be sung for Ihe I iod was spent In playing "Initials' regular chapel program nnd tile in which the children reviewed the uame.s of the The sixth grade has lost an old member and gained a new one. Helen Burton has moved to Missouri. nnd II. C. Hoover from Ar- moial h;us joined the class. icr face had-been horribly mutinied in ttie ship explosion. She didn't want him to see her scarred cheeks, she wanted him lo rcmeiii- KUDBUIIY SCHOOL The pupils of the 4A. grade had Miss Carolyn Kalcy for Iticli teacher while Mrs. E. F. Fry nl- her her only iis Ihe gay little girl j tended the stale teachers meeting had hel;l in his arm's Ihe nlijht I" little Rock last week. The boys of this hev wallreil around the salon. ''I slill don't she sobbed ' lo want to see him," the investigators. "Please don't tell him where i am, Let him love me as lie remembers tne — dou't let him MH' me now anil hate me.' 1 j But the investigators had a hunch j . "We'll take pictures of you. ask \ of this grade serve;' punch iUKl cookies lo the girl? after a month'.s contest for per feet attendance in which the girls, weie highest with an average 0' B5't and the boys 91 r ;. Dorothy Uiemer moved to Har rison, last week. Jimmy Arnold was promoted ti i-.,r ni^ n <, 0 find h:r for me, Mi Eisenberg—please." Th'years that had passed ha been good to Larry Stamm in otlie Honeymoon will wavs. He had risen from clerk to ,,„„ „.„;! „,,„ ,,\.. executive and he wanted 'his Joan to share his wealth. He wanted lo finish that honeymoon wilh Ihc sparkling-eyed little seamstress. =o he had come to Daniel Eiscnberg's him if h c Ihinks you are his wife. I the fifth grade, nnd if he loves you as von arc he'll | Mary lirock. Pandora Whit come to you." I wort:;, Bobby Ilollomau and Davi Mr. Lawrence Stamm, sitting in j Sylvester have missed school be the offices ot the Skip Tracers, look- ' cause o! Illness, ctl at Ihe pictures, on,, by one. When | During American Kducatio he had finished he rose, pulled on \ Week, the sixth grade class oh Armistice Day Celebration. On Thursday morning the social studies class was given to, the study of a play "Drafting the Constitution." The pupils wrote letters to their parents inviting them to visit the school on Friday. Mrs. Fred Fleeman's third grade group received n 'certificate from Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, ,'e.le- icntary supervisor, tor the lilgh- ;t per cent of attendance last imilh. ' This room Is keeping a spelling inrl. The following children have inde perfect scores since the be- Innlng of school: Allen Copcland, lury Evelyn SmiJ.h, Jack Greene. auline Wicker, Joe Hester, Har- loi) Holt, Maxine Forbey, Bob 3radshaw, Pauline Dalyrimple, irginia Cnntrell, Tom Brown, J. D. Anderson, and Rosa Lcc Haiid- cy. George Ann Stlllwell has brought larcissus bulbs to the room. This group has several new ibrary books thnt have been add•d lo Ifie' reading (able. They are: 'Milliners can be Fun." "Grammar 3an 13e Fun," "Peg O'Wcc," 'Across The Colton Patch," "All Aboard," and "Chubby Benr Wonderland." .Joe Mack Hester surprised Ihe •com by serving apples and candy on his birthday. Flora Mae Sncll has moved to Le.ichvllle. Jewel Wheat has moved to Tenne.ssee. Eileen Hoggs transferred from Lunge Pupils of Ihe fifth grade have just completed a study of the western states, Friday's class per- S his hat, and said: "Come on. Mr. F.isenberg. lead me lo her—hurry. 1 want lo finish bride." She was slill his pretty little sweetheart of W years bsfore. NEXT: "Who am I T Hived (lie general program of th week by talking about suggeslcc ideas. Each morning liie lopi for the day was discussed i round-table fashion during morn me exercises. During Ihe week palriotic siongs uatne.s of the states, cities rivers, and mountains in order ti play the game. The following pupils of 4T3, roon 201 have not been absent no ardy for the months of September and October: Ben Goff, Rich- u';l Faught, Lineard Mulllns, Billy Shearln. Don Singlctary, Morris ting- Thompson. Lois McGlothen, Myra Ann Neely. Frances. Marsh. Colleen Reese. Jane Shelton, Earlene Sullivan. Tlic JB gi'oup. room 201 ccle- linitcd birthdays coming in' September by going to see "The Ete- )hant Boy" and rtie birthdays :hat came in October by going to see "Heidi" at the Ritvi theater. Tins group had five visitors on Fi'iday, November 12. W. D. McClurkin made an interesting lal kon school bonds to the StTMbury students. November 12, 1937. Mi's. Ira Gray, also, made Pecans Wanted WE WII.I, I'AY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY GulilstcinHide&FurCo. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blythevllle. Ark. Grl Our I'rires Before Selling for help. "We'll rlo all v:e can, Mr. Stamm. but," said Eisenberg. "I'm not holding out much hope. Tlie trail is old | and cold ..." ' j ••"' ("n old uov too cold. | Forty-eight hours later the Skiu Tracers had located Mrs. Lawrence Stamm. It was all sa .simple. They knew she had been a seamstress, j they believed she .still loved her i huband. and Ihey thought she'd 1 slill have to work for n Hvinj. So | they put one and two and three together. If she had to work for a living. she would be a seamstress, and if ] she loved her husband she would ; want to be as near him as possible [ •x) that she could steal glimpses of ] him. • j So they went from shop to shop j in the neighborhood of his home ; and. sure enoush. up came a little ' lady who. after much questioning, i sobbed out an admission that she i was Mrs. Larry Stamm. • ; Bridegroom j Put lo the Test ] She had fisd" "tnim him because A FINANCIAL PLAN FOR EVERY : MAN THE HAMILTON TRUST FUND Prospectus Available j; C. Evans Box 001 Elythcvillc. Ark. . & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mnrtRaRC loan company doing business .in these stales. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Sccuritio? OS('KOT,A, AUK. Announcement! Bernard Gooch Now Manager New Ford V-8 Truck and Commercial Car Dept. Including New truck trailers, truck hotlies, school hissos, new house trailers, Firestone Truck Tires, Usctl Trucks, etc. Call 810 for Gooch PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Read. Courier News Want FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting •BEKNAT" KNITTING YAKNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Chickasawba Phone 792 FROZEN RADIATOR SS.dD to- 870.00 FROZEN ENGINE BLOCK ....S-i5.00 to §400.00 FROZEN \VATER PUMP 81.00 to $12.00 BURNED OUT TRANSMISSION SSO.OO lo §200 DISCH A R G E D B ATTEK RUINED BATTERY TOWING SERVICE Don't Let This Happen to You! neiffe respected nd me of s"*.' *-. ' > • BIH BtlflK.tKC. BOSTON,MASS.

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